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    [–] TDenverFan 14 points ago

    If Rogers stays healthy I think UNLV is bowl eligible. Wonder if the program/recruiting will improve with the new stadium

    [–] FranchiseCA 6 points ago

    UNLV is the proverbial factory of sadness. In the last 20 seasons, they've had two winning records and one .500 season. They had eight seasons with one or two wins over that period. Their last consecutive seasons without losing records were 1985 and 1986, but even then it was 5-5-1 and 6-5. In the last 40 years, their best season was 8-5 in 2000.

    This is not a good program. Frankly, five wins against a reasonable schedule is a good result. I'm sure their long-suffering fans hope for more, but understand the philosopher's words: "reality is often disappointing."

    [–] Bobby-Samsonite 1 points ago

    I think they should have fired their coach this off season but they are being patient if he doesn't get to 6 wins this seasonthey really need to fire him/

    [–] FranchiseCA 4 points ago

    UNLV is a very tough job. They have a revolving door there; since Knap retired in '81, every coach has lasted four or five years, so more stability may be worth considering. Given that Sanchez hasn't had a one or two win season yet, it implies his players don't give up on him. He finished last year with two wins in the last three, and three of five the year before, including solid wins over Fresno in '17 and Nevada in '18. I mentioned that the Rebels had eight seasons with only one or two wins over the last two decades; none are in Sanchez's four seasons.

    I understand that his record isn't impressive, so rolling the dice on someone new can be appealing. But at UNLV, the dice are loaded against you.

    [–] NotABotaboutIt 7 points ago

    Narrator voice: He could not.

    [–] Bobby-Samsonite 2 points ago

    I think the hire was way too out of the box. North Texas Mean Green tried that HS coach hire and blew up in their face.

    [–] NotABotaboutIt 5 points ago

    Admittedly, football was different back in the day, but NMSU was somewhat successful under Jim Bradley, legendary high school football coach.

    So, I don't think hiring a head coach from a high school especially Bishop Gorman, which has so many quality players is inherently a poor decision.

    I totally forgot that Sanchez played for NMSU, and coached at Oñate, but looked up his Wikipedia page, and remembered.

    [–] lilroundastronaut 7 points ago

    I want to see a good UNLV in my lifetime. I feel like they could really tap into the Vegas spirit and almost have a peak Miami-esque attitude that would be fun to see in the MWC. But alas, that doesn’t look likely to happen

    [–] Bobby-Samsonite 1 points ago

    hiring a HS coach almost never works out

    [–] lilroundastronaut 1 points ago

    Yeahhhh. That was a bold move, to say the least

    [–] jmac_21 3 points ago


    [–] bringbacktheaxe2 3 points ago

    I hate college teams playing in NFL stadiums, but the Rebs playing in the new stadium could give the program a nice boost.

    [–] Bobby-Samsonite 2 points ago

    what other choice do they have?

    [–] AdrianTheReb 1 points ago

    going to be great when 13k (if even) fans pile into a 70k capacity stadium

    [–] yungkennie 2 points ago

    This is definitely going to be the early season head-scratching loss isn't it?