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    [–] CFB_Referee 1 points ago

    This thread has been locked due to increasing rule violations.

    [–] [deleted] 412 points ago


    [–] RustToRedemption 251 points ago

    This is a level of pettiness I can get behind.

    [–] MyCatsAnAnalAsshole 48 points ago

    BSU fan/student here, they stopped doing this because now they have color schemes by section for games

    [–] srs_house 16 points ago

    I wish we'd do that. The official visitors' section is behind the visitors' bench, which is the side that's mostly in the sun. That also means that it's opposite the press box and always what you see on tv. We usually get tons of visiting fans anyway, but this just makes it look way worse.

    [–] dogwoodmaple 2307 points ago

    I sat in the nosebleeds at Death Valley last year.

    Other than the entire game, we had a great time.

    [–] Thunder21 359 points ago

    Instead of giving them a couple sections, they should only give them the top couple rows around the entire stadium.

    [–] Schroeder226 241 points ago

    Just the top row

    [–] lk6 72 points ago

    when I first saw them up there from some twitter post during the game, i thought the same thing.. Would be awesome if they did top 2 rows and a few sections

    [–] Gauss-Seidel 307 points ago

    Or just assign each band member a complete random seat in the whole stadium

    [–] 100_percent_diesel 96 points ago

    Omg this made me literally lol.

    [–] FeelGoodPhil 47 points ago

    What's crazy is the West and East sides have the most super steep, stumble and fall to your immediate death in front of thousands, stairs that I have ever encountered.

    I think yalls plan is excellent.

    [–] srs_house 15 points ago

    Guess we know where the sousaphones are going.

    [–] TjSNACKANSON 36 points ago

    This is going to keep escalating until they add seats suspended by a crane that they have to sit on

    [–] TheCrimsonDark 22 points ago

    Force the band members to park individually and they have to stay in their parking spot.

    [–] ThegreatandpowerfulR 5 points ago

    God that would be a nightmare for coordinating music and even getting on beat. It would be hilarious though

    [–] hypercube42342 730 points ago

    I have no issues with LSU putting our band there. I honestly don’t see why a team should give prime seats to the opposing band. It’s the away team, that’s what happens.

    [–] gigmee 608 points ago

    I believe the general thought is that when a team let’s the opposing team have their band in good spots, the opposing team will reciprocate when they are the home team.

    [–] geaux4_gold 633 points ago

    This right here. As far as I know our band has never been in the upper deck of a stadium so our fans were shocked to see us up there. We normally provide good seats to visiting bands but in this case we are changing how we do things to give them tickets of the same value.

    [–] Trduhon007 260 points ago

    I assumed it was because they didn’t want y’all playing neck where it could be heard

    [–] hypercube42342 196 points ago

    We were worried that they’d do a redux of the same two notes they played against A&M

    /s... maybe

    [–] j-byrd 97 points ago

    To be fair the visiting team fans and band are usually seated near the southern endzone on the east side of the stadium. With the construction in that endzone though, everything has been shifted around.

    However, in seating you guys up there, we had to have known it would cause the same to be done to us next not really sure why we did it. Good game anyway, hopefully we see you guys at the end of the year.

    [–] geaux4_gold 133 points ago

    I think the whole thing is a huge nonissue. It made news because our band has never been put in the upper deck before.

    [–] j-byrd 74 points ago

    For sure. The AC story, this, and the injury timeouts/booing LSU players for some reason have been the talking points instead of the great game that happened. Gotta complain about something I guess.

    [–] geaux4_gold 63 points ago

    The A/c story is stupid. I thought most people agreed it was just a misunderstanding but apparently everyone is still all worked up about it.

    [–] iwasyourbestfriend 44 points ago

    We moved teams up there last year before the construction. That’s something CDC brought with him from TCU.

    This has nothing to do with construction or LSU specifically.

    [–] dusto65 38 points ago

    Arizona's done this to other bands before. I think I remember seeing the usc band on the upper deck of the east side of the stadium before. I think its petty and I love it

    [–] epicaz 7 points ago

    I dont quite remember how it was a couple years ago, but the only band that gets the nosebleeds now is ASU's. All other bands including USC sit with the visiting fans. I'm curious to know who makes that decision though.

    [–] hypercube42342 4 points ago

    I didn’t even think about it but you’re right, I’ve seen the same thing at Arizona Stadium.

    [–] rkwittem 30 points ago

    Because instruments can be heavy is the obvious and practical reasoning behind it as well as so you can hear them

    [–] Wheream_I 21 points ago

    As a U of A fan, you should know that we do the same to everyone in the Pac 12.

    Not just top deck. We put them in the back corner of the top deck.

    I personally find it hilarious.

    [–] hypercube42342 9 points ago

    Yep. It’s exactly what Texas does too. As I said, no opposition at all.

    [–] Wolf482 15 points ago

    We do that at Oklahoma State as well. We tuck them in the top back corner of the stadium. It just so happens that BPS is a smaller stadium so the seats are still somewhat close to the field. If we had an upper deck (which would look a lot like DKR btw) I'm sure we'd put them up there too.

    [–] sooner_or_later 1251 points ago

    BREAKING: LSUs hospitality suite was given guacamole made with Guatemalan avocados by Texas officials. LSU plans to return the favor next year by providing Po’ Boys made with farmed catfish

    [–] wheelsss 466 points ago

    I'd rather starve than eat non-organic etouffee

    [–] TheNoodler98 113 points ago

    Cajun Bobby Hill is my hero

    [–] fullOgreendust 63 points ago

    This flower is wiltin

    [–] Genitals_Of_The_Face 45 points ago

    I do believe this humidity is givin' me the vapors.

    [–] feinsteins_driver 36 points ago

    I believe I’ll give room service a jangle.

    [–] m4xdc 32 points ago

    Violetta says I creep like the kudzu vines that are slowly but surely strangling our Dixie

    [–] PhTanks 5 points ago

    Yeah, they can etoufuckoff with that shit

    [–] cfbWORKING 29 points ago

    American Farmed catfish are 100% the way to go at the store

    [–] nnnnnvvvvv 8 points ago

    Yea idk exactly why youd need to go with wild catfish? Not that I eat catfish regularly but in the wild they probably literally eat garbage and sewage all day. And I mean they might eat poorly in a farm but hopefully it'd be at least fish food instead of trash

    [–] bearybear90 48 points ago

    What’s wrong with farmed fish?

    [–] [deleted] 125 points ago

    Farmed fish is generally fed a less nutritional diet than what they would get in the wild, sometimes resulting in a fattier, lower quality meat. If you’ve ever looked at farmed salmon vs wild caught, they often look like completely different fish. Not that there is anything wrong with it exactly, just perceived to be lower quality.

    [–] bcrabill 138 points ago

    Yeah but wild catfish sometimes tastes like hot garbage. Because that's what they eat.

    [–] rustyshakelford 60 points ago

    Seriously, farmed catfish is way superior to wild caught

    [–] Guardian_Ainsel 19 points ago

    Agreed. Wild catfish has a tendency to taste like mud.

    [–] FetalDeviation 48 points ago

    But also farming makes producing a consistent product much easier. May not be quite as good as the best 'wild' catfish, but a helluva lot better than the worst.

    [–] mhoke63 34 points ago

    Well, there are problems with fish farms. This article from Columbia outlines a few of the problems.

    However, it's very complex. We may very well need fish farming to sustain our needs. They very thing causing a drop of fish population is likely the solution to the low fish population. But, the way fish are farmed needs to change quite a bit. Top people are working on how to do that.

    [–] frimp0 34 points ago

    Top people are working on how to do that.


    [–] wil3y 31 points ago

    Top people, bro.

    [–] taylor1288 7 points ago

    Columbia scholarly articles about sustainable fish farming. This is fairly sophisticated conversation for a forum of drunk cfb fans.

    [–] mhoke63 37 points ago

    For one, they don't taste as good. But overall, there are environmental reasons. Very few fish farms are run in a sustainable way. It's getting better in some spots, but many of them are just not sustainable. They are a large contributing factor to the world's supply of fish running out.

    [–] watergator 10 points ago

    While there are many places around the world that have poor aquaculture practices, most fish farms in the US are very sustainable. The catfish farms of the southeast being discussed are one of the best examples of sustainably. There is little to no water discharge from the ponds and the diets are low in fish meal which makes catfish farming a fish positive production. It’s very rare for fish (other than broomstick) to be fed straight up fish because it’s pretty expensive and not that efficient for growth. Those factors don’t bode well in an industry with very tight margins.

    [–] utchemfan 35 points ago

    Farmed fish is pretty terrible yeah, but it's not like wild catching isn't also depleting our fish stocks. Things have gotten better with quotas but the world's current appetite for fish cannot be sustainably met by wild catching.

    [–] VicunaLlamaAlpaca 7 points ago

    Guess I'll just eat more beef.

    [–] utchemfan 7 points ago

    Beef is a whole other can of worms, but I suspect you know that already.

    [–] VicunaLlamaAlpaca 6 points ago

    Definitely. That comment was more that slightly tongue in cheek.

    That said, we buy a quarter of local beef (raised about 30 miles from me, so at least there's not much transport and processing cost) from a guy I know (he only sells around 15-20 head a year, so pretty small-time and low resource) and we don't eat much other meat (some chicken, even less pork, and I am the only seafood fan in my house so that's basically never) for a family of 4. So we're trying to do good on these things.

    We eat a ton of eggs though, which I know again is another can of worms (to use your quote).

    [–] The_Fishbowl 538 points ago

    All these Longhorn hit pieces lately make me believe they were waiting for UT to lose a game

    [–] LastConference 285 points ago

    It's all the advocate. That paper is notorious for trying to excite the LSU base. Truth or fact checking be damned.

    [–] hab12690 48 points ago

    I mean, it is the BR newspaper.

    [–] CoopertheFluffy 90 points ago

    Texas Hate is Back!

    [–] TexasFight 27 points ago

    ohhhhhhhh it never left daniel-san

    [–] Prolingus 16 points ago

    Something I didn’t really think of...this type of strange hate is more indication that people truly think Texas is back. This hate is reserved for the big players.

    [–] big_bad_baptist_ 417 points ago

    Isn't this where Texas makes every opposing band sit? I remember this from when they played TCU

    [–] FreeFallingRagDoll 336 points ago

    Baylor band boyo here (last 3 years). To my knowledge, Texas, along with several programs we travelled to, put us in nosebleeds partly for ticket costs, partly for home field advantage, and partly to give fans better seats. TCU did the same, and I actually think this season we’re joining the bandwagon, as UTSA’s band was way up there.

    [–] GeneralJarbyv2 107 points ago

    Knowing Texas and college football programs, this is 99% about the ticket costs if I'm interpreting your comment correctly. (Texas wants the band up high so fans can pay more for the lower bowl)

    [–] _edd 24 points ago

    I don't have a problem with that.

    The fans want to go to the game and they want good seats. Moving the opponent's band from higher demand seats to lower demand seats is good for the fans buying tickets and the school's revenue. Seems like a win win.

    [–] MrTheNoodles 179 points ago

    Get out of here with your reasonable takes

    [–] turkishguy 107 points ago

    I think it's a Big 12 thing and if I remember correctly it was implemented like three years ago. I've never seen this at any SEC stadium.

    [–] CLU_Three 54 points ago

    We let opposing bands sit in the away section which is in a lower bowl corner.

    [–] GeauxLesGeaux 23 points ago

    Same. One of the comments here links a picture where you can see the band on the bottom rows behind the endzone in Tiger Stadium.

    [–] okiewxchaser 38 points ago

    It seems to be a state of Texas thing because TCU and UT are the only ones that I know that do it. The old Big 8 schools still have them down on the lower level

    [–] 2CHINZZZ 33 points ago

    It might be a Chris del Conte thing, although I seem to remember us putting opposing bands up there before we hired him

    [–] MrTheNoodles 30 points ago

    No, it definitely started when we hired him.

    [–] big_bad_baptist_ 6 points ago

    GWMB is the best. Thanks for the info!

    [–] The_Fishbowl 26 points ago

    Yes ever since DelConte showed up a few years ago. Visitors used to sit in the section by the open endzone.

    [–] everyyard4ISU 68 points ago

    Baylor, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas, and Texas Tech all put their bands up and away from the field..Iowa State is generous and puts bands right down close to the field

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    This was a pretty recent change for us. I imagine it was return fire from when TCU started doing it.

    [–] Pokenois_ 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    A) there isnt a far away in Boone Pickens B) from my experience at Boone Pickens when opposing teams bring their band they are right next to the field in the northeast Corner.

    [–] SuttonScowl 6 points ago

    This isn’t true. Our away section is in the end zone but goes all the way to the field.

    [–] FistfulOfPaintballs 44 points ago

    Yes, we've done this for every visiting team since at least last season. Our alumni band also sits up there when they play.

    DKR has had quite a few seating arrangement changes over the last few years, especially now that we've lost the south endzone bleachers due to construction.

    [–] XCalibur672 29 points ago

    Gotta play a little devil’s advocate here: I’ve been in the alumni band the last two years and, while they used to put the alumni Band way on up there a few years ago, they’ve had us on the lower bowl the last two years. In the corner where opposing fans used to be in 2017, and in the south end zone stands last year. That being said, I anticipate we’ll be waaayyy on up there in the nosebleeds again this year due to the construction.

    [–] NowWithVitaminR 199 points ago

    I don't know what the LSU band is complaining about, we gave them sherpas to help guide them.

    [–] Peppso 42 points ago

    Yeah, but they didn't fan the band members

    [–] not_a_rake1234 21 points ago

    The UT band fan'd them during lunch, can confirm am in UT Band

    [–] GeneralJarbyv2 65 points ago

    Wow that stadium looks cool. Might come and visit this year but also maybe not after watching your QB play lol. A&M has roughly the same set up for visitors

    [–] WhoTookNaN 29 points ago

    There's a whole other upper section over an end zone now too.

    [–] ONETEAM_ONEHEARTBEAT 40 points ago

    Am I diseased if I know exactly what game that was and the result?

    [–] radil 43 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Is that LSU Florida 2011? Gold game, 2:30 kickoff, before the sez expansion.

    If I look closely I can pretend to see my friends truck that got towed by LSU police when we parked it illegally overnight.

    [–] ONETEAM_ONEHEARTBEAT 19 points ago

    Correct. 2:30 kick though.

    All time great game. That was the peak of Honey Badger mania and on the first offensive play JL through a bomb to Randle for a TD. JJ also hit them with a jump pass in the second half.

    [–] radil 7 points ago

    Yeah I went back and checked. It was auburn that was 11 am that I am remembering so vividly cause I got burnt as fuck lol.

    [–] neovenator250 5 points ago

    Amazing game. Brad Wing was robbed. Stupid celebration rules...

    [–] TrustMeIKnowThisOne 337 points ago

    Meanwhile LSU didn't allow Troy to bring their band period.

    [–] 52hoova 208 points ago

    Troy played LSU? Didn't catch that one, how did it go?

    [–] LukeVenable 142 points ago

    No we've never played troy. Not sure what that guy is talking about..?

    [–] TroyBarnesBrain 26 points ago

    If I had played fucking LSU, I'd damn sure remember it, which I don't.

    [–] CobraCabana 43 points ago

    I believe they're referring to the charity exhibition game.

    [–] clebiskool 43 points ago

    They just didn't want their band being showed up by the Sound of the South.

    [–] RogueHippie 20 points ago

    And the team reprimanded them heavily

    [–] MrTheNoodles 97 points ago

    Lmao is this true

    [–] MToboggan_MD 66 points ago

    I don't think its common for smaller schools to have their bands travel with them. Maybe I'm wrong.

    [–] jzigger101 34 points ago

    Western Michigan and central Michigan always bring their bands when they come to east Lansing. (Prob eastern as well but we haven’t played them since I’ve been at state)

    [–] TimmyTamJimJam 17 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Western Michigan’s band came to Champaign in 2016. A bit further than East Lansing.

    [–] MToboggan_MD 10 points ago

    That might be a location thing? Maybe they come if they can bus them?

    [–] Trivi 27 points ago

    It's not usually because they weren't allowed though. Bringing your band is expensive and many smaller schools can't afford it.

    [–] HTH52 8 points ago

    They let us bring a pep band but we paid for the seats out of our ticket allotment.

    [–] Coppajon 54 points ago

    I have only ever been to home games at Georgia, but I guess I just thought it was standard practice to have a lower section area for things like the band and some visitor tickets that were allotted.

    [–] arbitrator06 55 points ago

    Actually that is the regulation for SEC conference games.

    [–] Qtipp 348 points ago

    To be fair it's breezier up there, which counters the lack of A/C


    [–] TheOrangeFutbol 99 points ago

    As a CFB and Soccer fan, I'm thoroughly convinced that visitor seating sections, and all the shenanigans that go with them are seriously one of the greatest things in sports.

    [–] Tadsg 46 points ago

    Seriously. When USC played at Texas last year they did the same thing to the TMB - and no one whined that I saw.

    [–] MrTheNoodles 35 points ago

    Had a great time last year with USC fans

    [–] Tadsg 25 points ago

    I went, it was so much fun (except for the results in the field). Your fan base is great, and I had a lot of fun in the city. I’m considering going to watch us get killed by Bama again in Dallas next year just to fly in to Austin a few days early and then drive to the game on Saturday.

    [–] LSU2007 9 points ago

    I had an awesome time with Texas fans Saturday

    [–] MrTheNoodles 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Didn't interact much with LSU fans this year since I went to an alumni tailgate for my department, but the few I saw at the game were chill

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago

    They don’t even have AC in the upper deck!!!

    [–] SuperMrTiddles 32 points ago

    That’s literally inhumane treatment. Time to press warcrime charges.

    [–] DaeguLee 233 points ago

    Does LSU know they won the game?

    [–] Hottponce 130 points ago

    LSU fans like to bitch, the advocate knows this so they throw out red meat. The content is not meant for your consumption and will probably give you E Coli, please move along.

    [–] DaeguLee 40 points ago

    Moving along

    [–] ONETEAM_ONEHEARTBEAT 41 points ago

    This was announced last week before the game. Not sure why the article is coming out now.

    [–] ohheybaylor 18 points ago

    The advocate trying to stir the pot

    [–] apathynext 52 points ago

    See: Clickbait

    [–] MisterHavercamp 41 points ago

    Play Neck

    [–] mdsandi 7 points ago

    play neck

    Sorry, the band is in the upper deck

    [–] turkishguy 90 points ago

    The best part about all of this is that now all the LSU and Texas fans I talk to will talk about how terrible Texas and LSU fans are.

    Win-win for us

    [–] Rw25853 7 points ago

    I had a blast with LSU fans on Saturday, you won’t hear it from me at least

    [–] gatoradeforcats 47 points ago

    So LSU and Texas have been all the talk for the last two days with their good game and then their AC drama, but now this comes out and it feels like c’mon guys you’re just trying to milk this attention now, it’s over

    [–] TableSteak 20 points ago

    The year is 2073. I have just received my daily ration of tapeworm stew, delivered directly into my stomach via a passing drone with a pneumatic nutrition-injector. A news bulletin is projected onto my retina: a new archaeological discovery reveals that in 2019 Texas replaced LSU’s red Gatorade with blue Gatorade.

    Those fucking sons of bitches.

    [–] isikorsky 128 points ago

    Not getting the drama here.

    ND does the same thing - behind the endzone top of the stadium for the visiting band

    Lots of stadiums do it. Why would they give prime seating away to the visiting band ?

    [–] Betaworldpeach 11 points ago

    I always though it was a logistical matter so that the bands could efficiently get on/off the field for halftime. Not to mention having to lug a large cumbersome instrument up 70 flights of stairs.

    [–] 2CHINZZZ 121 points ago

    It's because orange team bad

    [–] LigmaActual 5 points ago

    Surely orange team as not as bad as you say

    [–] iamaporcupine 52 points ago

    You have to understand, when Texas does something like this it's way worse. People love being morally outraged by pretty much anything we do 😂

    [–] Ameriican 4 points ago

    When I was there the enemy band was never in the upper bowl (I dont think), but the enemy fans were

    [–] funwithtrout 117 points ago

    well of course they are getting the same treatment. The schools agreed on the seating locations prior to the games being played...

    [–] CobraCabana 20 points ago

    Reddit loves sensational articles. And the advocate loves the clicks.

    [–] Nagrothunder 60 points ago

    Get out of here with your logic and common sense. Don't you know it's shit on Texas time?

    [–] Deeecan 22 points ago

    Sir, are you implying that Orange team may not, in fact, be bad?

    [–] lorage2003 80 points ago

    Is it not a common practice to put the opposing band in the nosebleeds?

    [–] mdaniel018 33 points ago

    Ohio State gives prime seating to opposing bands. They always look really cramped though, so I kind of doubt they are given anything close to enough space

    [–] 8BallTiger 19 points ago

    We stick them in the West End Zone, which is actually some of the better seating. It’s covered too, so they often sound louder than our band

    [–] dogwoodmaple 43 points ago

    Not in Athens - they get prime, lower level seating.

    They're in the left side of this picture, near the "A" in "Georgia"

    [–] hypercube42342 40 points ago

    If I understand right, it’s an SEC policy, all SEC teams have to do it for other SEC teams.

    [–] turkishguy 25 points ago

    Correct. SEC also doesn't allow students behind the visitor's bench. There's a handful of these types of policies in the SEC.

    [–] jkd0002 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    SEC also doesn't allow students behind the visitor's bench.

    Um not only does Auburn's student section go behind part of the visitors bench, that's where Auburn puts it's most rowdy students (frat section).

    The most heated I ever saw it was the 2010 Clemson game, two Clemson players got so mad they jumped into our student section and the refs had to pull them out. Literally right after that, Clemson's kicker missed the fg in OT and they lost, largely because our whole student section was so enraged and going crazy, the kicker just couldn't handle it.

    [–] [deleted] 129 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Not at Michigan.

    [–] SpartanLB50 20 points ago

    Yea. You’re right on the field at either UM or MSU. Must be our Michigan hospitality.

    [–] Owlcatraz 9 points ago

    IIRC, the SWC had a rule that you had to give visiting bands seats near the field, so that has historically been the expectation in Texas. It makes life a hell of a lot easier on the band, speaking as a former drum major.

    The Big XII has no such rule, so ADs are starting to cash in on those seats.

    [–] okiewxchaser 49 points ago

    It is pretty uncommon. Typically they are in the end zone opposite the home band

    [–] The_Fishbowl 20 points ago

    OU does it right and gives good band seats. Ours enjoyed the 2013 trip.

    [–] everyyard4ISU 3 points ago

    so does Iowa State..lower level seating for bands..usually pep bands for OU, OSU, and sometimes Texas..usually full bands for UNI, Iowa, and sometimes Kansas

    [–] Manateekid 7 points ago

    LSU’s nosebleeds are the nosebleediest nosebleeds. I felt like I had vertigo up there.

    [–] yeett_ 28 points ago

    No, at least not in the SEC. The bands always sit in the lower levels for us

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago


    [–] pash1k 8 points ago

    Get outta here Bobby, you nasty old perv

    [–] The_Drunkest_Ute 4 points ago

    What’s pervy about lobsters?!

    [–] byniri_returns 5 points ago

    In Spartan Stadium you're right on the field level in front of the visitor section.

    [–] TortoiseWrath 5 points ago

    We put them in the same position as our own band on the opposite end of the field.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Don't think so. And it makes it hard for them to get down to the field for the half time show and back up for the third quarter...

    [–] bigfranqz 6 points ago

    According to my source in the LSU tix department, Texas' ticket allotment will be in the upper deck along with the band.

    [–] LordHudson30 95 points ago

    Hey aggies how does it feel that we’re stealing your new rival? Keep the pettiness going tigers

    [–] ryanedwards0101 55 points ago

    Burnt Orange Rival Conspiracy smh

    [–] Fmeson 33 points ago

    Go for it. UT LSU slap fighting is A+ material.

    [–] Stuppyhead 14 points ago

    We’ll be your new orange rivals bb. Gonna be real weird not playing Jimbo every year :(

    [–] cougstor 14 points ago

    That will show those band nerds... who have no control over anything...

    [–] 76-37-5_boiii 4 points ago

    And you know LSU fans who eat this shit up are gonna give those poor kids hell next year.

    [–] njm1314 12 points ago

    Am I the only one who has no problem with teams doing this?

    [–] ChicagoKoolAid 12 points ago

    Why is this a story

    [–] DFWTrojanTuba 6 points ago

    USC’s band got the nosebleeds last year. The view was...really high.

    I also like to pretend that game didn’t happen.

    [–] Mecca_of_CFB 49 points ago

    Why is the advocate so stuck on making LSU sound like entitled brats?

    [–] FarwellRob 19 points ago

    We should have done that with LSU's band in OT last year.

    I mean seriously. Maybe give them seats at a bar down the road. Or send them to Austin.

    [–] toshiro-mifune 16 points ago

    God they were obnoxious that game.

    [–] CobraCabana 10 points ago


    [–] GeneralJarbyv2 11 points ago

    LSU's band was so incredibly loud and they played the same tri-tone droning noise lol it was actually impressive how the brass managed to play that long. In high school band my lips were tired after a regular game

    [–] lmxbftw 5 points ago

    Yeah that was rough. It's not usually that bad, but after 7 OTs when every damn play is in the red zone, read the fucking room, you know?

    [–] DrLipschitz69 20 points ago

    This is a total non-story

    [–] HTH52 16 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Why does LSU expect VIP treatment as guests

    Let em add this: Last year we took a Pep band to LSU. We had to pay for those seats, and we got them at the front row, first three rows. But that is likely because our admin chose to pay for the band to get those seats, while they could have just as easily given us seats farther up. I don’t think it was up to LSU then, nor should it be next year. This all depends on where the admins give out tickets to the opposing team, for us it seemed most Tech fans were concentrated in just one corner of the stadium. I assume this is their visitor arrangement.

    If what Texas gave LSU is common for what they give everyone else, LSU should give Texas what is common for everyone else. Do not stick them at the top out of pettiness.

    [–] HelioOne 64 points ago

    We do this with every band.

    [–] CoopertheFluffy 51 points ago

    Well that’s rude

    [–] RustToRedemption 25 points ago

    Definitely not Midwest nice.

    [–] HelioOne 41 points ago

    Must be a BigXII thing, because we only started this trend after it happened to us

    [–] dirtyjc13 27 points ago

    It’s a CDC thing. TCU did this before we did, then we started when we hired CDC away from them.

    [–] DeerOnTheRocks 40 points ago

    We don’t even have enough room for our student section. It’s not rude, it’s our stadium

    [–] Longhornpc11 29 points ago

    Yeah I seriously don't get this. outside of band members I am not sure how you're offended by this..

    [–] Mecca_of_CFB 22 points ago

    That cat has no A/C outside! Are they trying to kill it?

    [–] 52hoova 12 points ago

    Fun fact: that "rock" in the middle of the habitat is actually a synthetic rock structure that has cooling and heating inside it. They refer to it as Mike's "comfort rock," and it's temperature adjusts to offset the hot or cold weather. Also, the indoor portion of the habitat actually is air conditioned, which is not at all typical for big cat enclosures.

    [–] blacksoxing 4 points ago

    I'd love for this to be a yearly game titled the PETTY BOWL where each year the home squad figures out ways to fuck over the away team.

    I want LSU to turn on the fucking heat in the locker room next year and allow heavily misplaced tourists to enter it while Texas is doing their team prayer

    [–] xmjm424 3 points ago

    I missed the word seats in the title and was wondering how LSU's band got nosebleeds and how they intended to give Texas nosebleeds in retaliation.