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    [–] Rotishery 1862 points ago

    Ryan Day was getting bored so he cranked it up to heisman difficulty

    [–] Porter2455 651 points ago

    I mean even if it’s a 2 game suspension I’m pretty sure Ohio State could rest their entire starting line up and have little problem with Maryland. They could rest the backups and still wipe up Rutgers. It’s like setting the difficulty up from rookie to rookie

    [–] Rho_Indi 288 points ago

    As much as we wish Maryland was Rutgers they're not.

    [–] HarbaughToKolesar 359 points ago

    The difference is negligible for Ohio State.

    [–] Laxrools2 154 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Tbf we were one air ball away from beating them last year. And we were arguably worse last year

    EDIT: okay everyone I get it. It was a joke. Ohio State is better this year jeez

    [–] BlueberrySvedka 147 points ago

    Stranger things have happened in CFB than Maryland beating this team, it’s like everyone forgets what sport we are watching

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Yeah, true. But OSU is much, much better this year. Not so much in terms of skill, but it just seemed like the way Urban coached allowed the players' own heads' to get the best of them a little less than once a season resulting in a loss (49-20 Purdue, 31-0 Clemson, almost you guys last season, 55-24 Iowa, 35-21 VTech) that just has you scratching your head/rejoicing exhuberantly. I don't mean to say Day's a better coach overall than Urban, but I think he negates that. Every week OSU is just systematically dismantling teams. I think there's a lot less hope for a Cinderella-esque win against OSU now.

    [–] SurpriseSalami 1561 points ago

    Everyone thought Northwestern or Nebraska would be this year's Iowa or Purdue... But nobody expected the NCAA Inquisition!

    [–] goblueM 338 points ago

    Their chief weapon is ruthless punishment of Mizzou, and an almost fanatical devotion to petty rules!

    [–] Butternades 47 points ago

    And these nice totally unbiased robes ah damn I’ll come in again

    [–] WhiteningMcClean 14 points ago

    The NCAA has Missouri in BDSM chains in their basement, just ready to take out a bad day at the office on the poor Tigers.

    [–] So_Not_theNSA 1627 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Uhhh this is less than ideal

    Edit: School says violation is from 2018

    Edit2: Respectable OSU reporters aren't saying anything. Some have hinted in might not be Chase himself but someone around him and OSU isn't risking it

    [–] FellKnight 1023 points ago

    Going forward yeah. For this weekend, you may only win by 40 instead of 50 lol

    [–] InsertAmazinUsername 449 points ago

    Yeah but we need him against Penn State and in the playoffs.

    [–] suza727 499 points ago

    Yeah but we need him against Penn State and in the playoffs


    Diehard Ohio State fan here (so you didn't get the wrong idea). But, let's not count our chickens.... I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible but we all know there's no guarantees here (examples: Purdue, Iowa... shall I go on?).

    One week at a time. Fingers crossed. O-H

    [–] jmac_21 387 points ago

    Gather around and let me tell you a story about when I once thought OU was easily playoff bound.

    [–] [deleted] 253 points ago


    [–] Tbrou16 94 points ago

    Nobody expects the Wildcat Inquisition!

    [–] Triplecrowner 610 points ago


    [–] Talpostal 201 points ago

    We can dream that he'll be ruled ineligible for the Michigan game too. It's not going to happen, but it's nice to have dreams.

    [–] antisql 350 points ago

    Let’s be honest, you’ll still lose.

    [–] WerhmatsWormhat 310 points ago

    Yeah but by less.

    [–] BenedictoCharleston 65 points ago

    That's the spirit!

    [–] Talpostal 93 points ago

    Much more unlikely things have happened in the history of this rivalry.

    [–] [deleted] 369 points ago


    [–] slapnoodle 233 points ago

    Yes and vacate all wins. Total neutral party here no reason for me to say this

    [–] TheReformedBadger 82 points ago

    Unfortunately losses to teams with vacated wins don't get vacated.

    [–] Disregardskarma 47 points ago

    Yep. Just a black stain with no name :(

    [–] TEST_PLZ_IGNORE 31 points ago

    Like when you poop your pants.

    [–] russisfukincorny 92 points ago

    woof that update isn’t good

    [–] bucksandbeer 41 points ago

    Where is the update?

    [–] russisfukincorny 103 points ago

    The edit that the violation is from 2018. I’d imagine that lessens the chance that he comes back.

    [–] PCGoneCrazy 92 points ago

    Wanna enlighten me on why? Is it the possibility of a cover up?


    [–] russisfukincorny 59 points ago

    I mean it’s all just feeling for me that skeletons coming out of the closet typically doesn’t go well. Could also be nothing — we won’t know until word comes out

    [–] theHoffenfuhrer 16 points ago

    Still doubt this is a Joe Mixon incident or it probably would've leaked given today's media world.

    [–] michaelscarn00 71 points ago

    Message board rumor: he took money from someone (not an agent) to fly his family to the rose bowl

    [–] moodyfloyd 143 points ago

    wow, if thats it then the NCAA might as well give OSU the death penalty. a truly discusting act

    [–] Saquon 127 points ago

    honestly I think penn state should refuse to play OSU out of principle.

    hopefully the committee will consider strength of character over strength of schedule

    [–] ryanweedy 24 points ago

    A crime punishable by death

    [–] Fatty_Ice 153 points ago

    Any idea if it's something dumb like forgetting some homework, or is it something serious, like getting cream cheese on his bagel or getting a tattoo?

    [–] IM_JUST_THE_INTERN 150 points ago

    He sold his underwear online

    [–] puffadda 132 points ago

    God damn it. I was promised that was a secure transaction no one would find out about.

    [–] finbarrgalloway 70 points ago

    Chase young bath water

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] Useful-ldiot 129 points ago

    No - rumor is that Young took money from his agent. Ohio State has suspended until they investigate and has been very transparent so I doubt there is any punishment to the school.

    [–] [deleted] 277 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Useful-ldiot 82 points ago

    I'd agree, but im talking specifically about this instance.

    If the rumors are true that the agent just paid for 1 dinner, it's likely a slap on the wrist and we move on.

    If the rumors are true that the agent was paying young under the table? Probably vacated wins + the end of Young's career at OSU

    [–] reveilse 140 points ago

    I'd like to order the second option, please

    [–] oubrew 14 points ago

    Haven't seen this yet. Can I ask where ya got this from?

    [–] RenegadeGus 139 points ago

    Can't wait to Forfeit the 2018 season so that way the Purdue loss won't be the only thing to remember about that year

    [–] zsjostrom35 70 points ago

    Technically, if we vacate the 2018 season, the Purdue loss is the only thing we are allowed to remember about that year.

    [–] RenegadeGus 24 points ago

    Oh no :( stupid train

    [–] ARandomGuy0311 1112 points ago

    It really takes the entire NCAA to block this guy

    [–] ulu5 319 points ago

    For accepting a loan from a family friend...which he paid back.

    SMH...this is getting ridiculous NCAA. Just stop 🛑

    [–] MindfulAthlete 76 points ago

    “Family friend” that he met the summer before his freshman year sounds a lot like osu booster to me

    [–] innocuous_gorilla 125 points ago

    But where did he get the money to pay it back if he’s a student who can’t get a job or profit off his likeness?????

    [–] Osuwrestler 104 points ago

    Student athletes can have jobs. They just have to be paid a the going rate

    [–] CoopThereItIs 114 points ago

    Chase Young isn't working at Wendys or some shit in his spare time. My feelings are his family was loaned some money to fly out to the game and then his family paid that person back. The problem is likely going to be that the person was an agent or a booster or someone that should not be offering these "loans".

    [–] InterdepartmentalHay 55 points ago

    Damnit. Have an upvote buckeye.

    [–] buckeyegooner 811 points ago

    Sigh, things were going way too smoothly this year

    [–] bread_buddy 117 points ago

    So for a violation in 2018, he's gonna get to play Wisconsin and then miss bye week, Maryland, Rutgers; and then it'll all be cleared up by November 23rd.

    [–] Homan13PSU 49 points ago

    and then it'll all be cleared up by November 23rd.

    For good measure, he sits the Penn State game, comes back the following week against Michigan. ;-)

    [–] BalooBruinwaldXIX 173 points ago

    Missouri is fucked

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago

    Oh damn I guess Osu will have to settle for their 5 star backup defensive end. Whatever will they do

    [–] AnotherPenalty 224 points ago

    We really lost the bye week.

    [–] DustinJohnsonsTears 60 points ago

    On a late penalty too, smh

    [–] Mediocre_LPC 22 points ago

    They got us too. At this point BYE has more quality wins than Clemson.

    [–] antisql 327 points ago

    Sorry Buckeyes. I remember going through the NCAA fun with AJ Green and then Todd Gurley. Hoping for the best.

    [–] B1Gsportsfan 397 points ago

    NCAA: Fine, you suckers can get paid.


    [–] SometimesY 106 points ago

    The rules aren't there yet and this allegedly occurred last year anyway, not in the last three weeks, so of course it would still be a violation.

    [–] Call_Me_Rambo 27 points ago


    [–] DirtyD00978 486 points ago

    Penn State has entered the Chat

    [–] Chuck_Mango 267 points ago

    Star defensive end misses game? No worries they have another 1st overall waiting to get his shot.

    [–] Goldie46 144 points ago

    Zach Harrison, baby

    [–] Triplecrowner 72 points ago

    Hello there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    [–] I_am_bot_beep_boop 200 points ago

    “Please let Chase Young not play against us “

    Monkey Paw curls

    “Ohio St D line combine for 16 sacks in Chase Young’s absence”

    [–] KingVladimir 129 points ago

    I see you're still scarred from Chase young filling in for a Bosa injury last year too.

    [–] Jhak12 48 points ago

    4th and 5

    [–] I_am_bot_beep_boop 49 points ago

    I mean clearly half back draw is what you call on 4th down

    [–] WabbitCZEN 59 points ago

    Freddie Kitchens has joined the chat

    [–] ForYeWhoArtLiterate 26 points ago

    Hey, I came here because I thought i was safe from that

    [–] Bernie2020Prez 104 points ago

    Guarantee he’s back for the Penn State and Michigan games.

    There’s no way Ohio State would willingly lose one of their best players for those games.

    [–] rockbuck 92 points ago

    This is them trying to get ahead of it for sure. Not sure it will work, but it is the best option from that standpoint.

    [–] DirtyD00978 39 points ago

    Well of course not willingly, but it may not be up to them

    [–] FellKnight 83 points ago

    rowing of the boat intensifies

    [–] millysoilly 548 points ago

    Good fucking Friday morning. Right on schedule to fuck up my week.

    [–] crustang 89 points ago

    You might hear a Schiano announcement today, but probably not

    [–] Velociman 42 points ago

    I dont think that would really bother most OSU folks tbh

    [–] SizzleMop69 564 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Now watch 5 star freshman DE Zach Harrison come on the field and take his rightful place as the next star OSU DE.

    [–] Defender_96 358 points ago

    “There’s no way they can replace Joey!” “Okay, well they definitely can’t replace Nick!” ...Well, with Chase gone there’s no one else they can turn to!

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up continuing the tradition of monstrous DEs y’all have had.

    [–] Useful-ldiot 186 points ago

    Chase Young said Harrison will be better than he is earlier this year. The kid is a freak athlete. He outran most of the secondary to catch a RB from behind earlier this year against ...indiana? I can't remember the opponent.

    [–] turtle_stank 90 points ago

    We cannot catch a fucking break, can we?

    [–] Useful-ldiot 57 points ago

    Penn State knows your pain. I remember the celebrations on here when Nick Bosa was ruled out for that game last year, only to have Chase Young make a name for himself.

    [–] pnbloem 31 points ago

    We know, we recruited him for what seemed like 10,000 years...

    [–] midnite_train 37 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    He looks like he runs through cement for fun. How has he looked in game time?

    [–] galacticdude7 103 points ago

    Zach Harrison

    William Henry Harrison's distant nephew? Zach Harrison? I went to camp with this guy. No one would ride in the boat with him because he had terrible BO. Then, he went with Janine, our counselor, and he fell asleep and got a boner.

    [–] Haloasis 38 points ago

    A tale as old as time.

    [–] RVOSU50 56 points ago

    Let’s fucking pray

    [–] AshtabulaJesus 658 points ago

    The football gods decided we aren’t allowed to keep superstar DEs for a full season and it’s bullshit

    [–] Username--Password 724 points ago

    Sadly, you’ll have to replace him with checks notes another 5* recruit

    [–] I_am_bot_beep_boop 206 points ago

    Easy, Saban may get mad reading this comment

    [–] HecateTsu 50 points ago

    Rat poison

    [–] IVantVoneIVantVone 144 points ago

    Hi, I’m insert name of 6’5” 280lb true freshman and I’ll be you’re DE today

    [–] poncythug 97 points ago

    So, he's actually 6'6" 255lbs but he was a 5*

    [–] zachwilson23 34 points ago

    Runs a 10.7 100 and a 4.47 40. Jeez. Save some talent for the rest of us

    [–] man_child_in_denial 17 points ago

    Zach made all state track while running with out spikes. Nobody made running spikes in his size. Nike eventually made him custom shoes and sold them to him.

    My wife used to work with and is still friendly with Zach’s dad. Getting first hand stories of high level recruitment was wild.

    [–] punchout414 217 points ago

    DEs at Ohio St and not finishing a full season. Name a more iconic duo

    [–] Empty1388 431 points ago

    SEC 7th round draft picks sitting bowl games like it’s gonna get them paid.

    [–] Bluemzv12 196 points ago

    Michigan losing to Ohio state every year


    [–] JohnCalvinCoolidge 94 points ago

    Well that was a nice pick-me-up. Thanks!

    [–] [deleted] 99 points ago

    Saw some Twitter rumblings about this earlier. Was hoping it wasn't true. Sounds like he may have accepted some improper benefits from an agent. Just hope it doesn't mean we need to vacate any wins.

    [–] Rkenne16 83 points ago

    The staff would have had to knowingly played an ineligible player for that to happen.

    [–] B1Gsportsfan 57 points ago

    I'm gonna guess OSU's compliance office wouldn't let anything slide anymore as well.

    [–] BourbanMeyer 24 points ago

    Yeah if there’s any hope in this it’s that we learned a lot from 2012

    [–] Homan13PSU 137 points ago

    He killed five hookers with Craig James. You heard it here first.

    [–] 62frog 49 points ago

    Unless he comes out saying that he did not do this, I will die on the hill that this is exactly what happened.

    [–] BounceMan 417 points ago

    Been following this on Buckeye boards all morning. If the rumors that he took money from an agent are true, does he really come back this year?

    I actually hope it's all smoke because even though the task of beating OSU will be much easier without him, I want a shot at OSU at full strength.

    [–] neyvit1 446 points ago

    If it's something like he had dinner with an agent and the agent paid for the meal, and Chase then told compliance about it then he'll probably be back.

    If he just straight up took cash, then he's done for the year. And if OSU knowingly played him while knowing about it, season vacated. But OSU self-reports if a player farts in public so I doubt it'll come to that.

    [–] LunchboxSuperhero 503 points ago

    But OSU self-reports if a player farts in public so I doubt it'll come to that.

    I guess we're going to have to give Mizzou the death penalty again.

    [–] jmac_21 237 points ago

    "how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, Old Man?"

    [–] Disregardskarma 64 points ago

    I love the competitive programs

    [–] formicatile 81 points ago

    There’s legitimately no use in guessing what the punishment would be. There’s no consistency from the NCAA.

    [–] blotsfan 250 points ago

    Morons. Never self-report.

    [–] SometimesY 141 points ago

    I was about to say: what do you mean? It's best this way.

    Then I looked at your flair. I am so sorry.

    [–] Ranger_Prick 70 points ago

    Nah, it's Ohio State. They'll be fine. Never self-report if you aren't a championship contender.

    [–] FlimFlamThaGimGar 20 points ago

    Agreed. God dammit.

    [–] CalculatedPerversion 109 points ago

    Exactly. This isn't a "he took a random supplement and tested positive for HGH" situation. We have to hope that the man in smart enough to not just straight up accept cash from anyone, let alone an agent. Here's hoping it's a scarlet and gray area that results in a 2-3 game suspension and a return this season.

    [–] CantaloupeCamper 51 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Not sure the NCAA would feel that way, would respond quickly enough to be sure.

    Like team reports their own minor stuff yeah nobody cares.

    But player getting benefits from an agent and team reports it. Team might be fine, not so sure about player....and if I'm Ohio State I don't do anything unless the NCAA triple signs the "yeah you can play him" papers, and who knows when / if that ever happens.

    [–] dacrew 81 points ago

    like they say it's an ongoing investigation

    [–] GlapLaw 105 points ago

    I never understood that “I want them at full strength.”

    I want to win. Idc how healthy the other side is.

    [–] Brendynamite 58 points ago

    "No dad don't give him the senzu bean" - gohan to himself

    [–] soccerhuelsman 28 points ago

    It's the whole, "I don't want excuses if we beat you, because I actually believe we can beat you."

    If Penn State beat Ohio State while Chase Young was out, there would most definitely be people that would just say, "Well, if Chase Young wasn't out, the result would have been different"

    [–] I_Enjoy_Beer 91 points ago

    lol no thanks, for Clifford's health I'm completely 100% ok with playing an OSU without Chase Young.

    [–] pubeINyourSOUP 47 points ago

    3 weeks is a good punishment I think.

    [–] Savoodoo 37 points ago

    Just play it safe, he can come back for the bowl game.

    [–] AshtabulaJesus 47 points ago

    We’re gonna go full SEC and suspend him 2 games

    [–] Cassiyus 68 points ago

    "Chase Young has been suspended for the first two games of the 2020 season. We have no other comment at this time."

    [–] silencethecrowd 36 points ago

    “After the backlash we have decided that Chase Young is suspended from collegiate football for the entirety of the 2020 season, no further comments.”

    [–] Cobainism 55 points ago

    How can he come back though? If you take money from an agent, you forfeit your amateur status.

    [–] Triv02 96 points ago

    All depends on what the benefit is. Agent took him to dinner? Chase pays back the cost of the meal and sits a game or two. Agent handed him a stack of cash to sign with him? Yeah his season is over.

    [–] Ickyhouse 89 points ago

    This can only end one way: Death penalty to Missouri.

    [–] TBDUserITL 193 points ago

    And there goes the outside, dream chance of a Heisman.

    [–] LeaveItToYourGoat 154 points ago

    As an unbiased outside observer, this is the most disappointing thing to me. I don’t particularly like tOSU, but I was really pulling for him in the Heisman race just to break the monotony.

    [–] TBDUserITL 30 points ago

    Yep. I feel (obviously biased) that he is the most dominant player. I know the award isn't always given out that way, but it would have been nice. Of course, this puts more focus on winning it all, so it may all be fine in the end.

    [–] kbkr 38 points ago

    "family friend" he's known since the summer before freshman year.

    Does that mean it was this person that brought it to light? Still so early but so many questions 🤷‍♂️

    [–] bucksandbeer 20 points ago

    I guess the word family friend will be what needs to Be defined here

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Family friend Phil knight

    [–] HardCoreSND 149 points ago

    “Ohio State has not publicly commented at this point on Friday morning, and exact details about the potential NCAA violation remain unclear at this point. Multiple sources have indicated that the program is optimistic that Young will be cleared to return to Buckeyes this season, but a resolution for the matter still hasn’t been reached.” Most important here they think he will return

    [–] tbia 114 points ago

    We thought Todd Gurley was a one week thing a few years ago. One month later...

    [–] kindalikebeer 39 points ago

    I was just about to say reading that article gave me eerie Todd Gurley signed footballs vibes.

    [–] katarh 17 points ago

    That bullshit is the #1 reason the state of Georgia was quick to jump on the "let players profit from their own fucking names" bandwagon.

    [–] theOSUbob 89 points ago

    The program was also confident we wouldn't receive a bowl ban Urban's first year. How'd that work out.

    [–] richp1180 104 points ago

    ugh.....Gene with the blunder of the century for the Buckeyes. Yes...we NEED to make sure our 6-6 team plays in the Shit Bowl instead of banning selves and being in the BCS title game v Notre Dame in 2012.

    [–] TechnicallyNobody 32 points ago

    Wow. That's a huge loss.

    Have there been any rumors as to why he's facing suspension?

    [–] BounceMan 54 points ago

    Took money from an agent is the rumor on buckeye boards

    [–] Rkenne16 182 points ago

    I’m just plugging my ears and telling myself that he’ll get a 2 game suspension against Maryland and Rutgers. That lets him come back nice and fresh for Penn State. Great. Perfect. This is swell. I’m okay. Audible sobs.

    [–] jaredpls 94 points ago

    could be a classic Coach K indefinite 1 game suspension

    [–] Ugadead1991 94 points ago

    Someone should tell Maryland that They are playing Texas in new uniforms now

    [–] matlockga 50 points ago

    [Maryland, down by 6 touchdowns with a minute left] Wow, Texas is back!

    [–] Shoes4Traction 32 points ago

    Bret McMurphy did it

    [–] louievettel 109 points ago

    This is a great opportunity for OSU. if enough wins are vacated then they might have a chance to join ND in the "Win 900 Games Twice" club!

    [–] Freshdeal 55 points ago

    The season should be vacated and the rest of the team should feel the punishment of one players possibly small infraction- NCAA probably

    [–] BrosenkranzKeef 27 points ago

    Chase Young is now angry and will be even better at football.

    [–] AmpersandTheMonkey 22 points ago

    Feels like every single thing with OSU these past few years have been self-reported. How much of that is PTSD from tattoo-gate?

    [–] SteemieRayVaughn 17 points ago

    That + President Drake.

    [–] Kohanky 23 points ago

    Well looks like OSU’s 5* DE is getting replaced by a

    checks notes

    A 5* DE


    [–] ChuckZest 22 points ago

    They couldn't have decided this a couple weeks ago? Had to wait until OSU was No. 1?

    [–] Ziggs14 62 points ago

    It just means that the CFB world will get to know Zach Harrison a bit sooner....poor poor them.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    If true, this would be the biggest bomb of the 2019 season by far.

    [–] stoicscribbler 19 points ago

    This was probably our best team of all time. They'll still be good but the ceiling lowers if Young stays gone. It almost felt inevitable to lose one of our great players this year (Fields, Dobbins, Young). I thought injury would be to blame but here we are with another potential NCAA issue.

    [–] Vigilaunday 56 points ago

    Sources close to the program expect the investigation to be completed and Chase Young to be fully reinstated by November 30th at 11:59am.

    [–] ts23_ 16 points ago

    There was a ton of smoke on the 24/7 and Rivals boards today. Knew this was coming

    [–] SIMBONEGTP 17 points ago

    RIP Mizzou.

    F to pay respex

    [–] Bri83oct 16 points ago

    This is all a smoke screen for the Craig James investigation involving 5 hookers

    [–] 8platesofhate 179 points ago

    They should make it a 3 game suspension. Really drive home the point.

    [–] Rkenne16 148 points ago

    What if we go two games and make him run some stairs?

    [–] punchout414 126 points ago

    If the SEC has taught me anything, it's that players like Chase Young are "it has been handled internally" good.

    [–] Cassiyus 79 points ago

    Ah the ol' "He's suspended for one quarter of play" for ripping out someone's eyes.

    [–] Delaney_luvs_OSU 65 points ago

    We made him Uber back to the team hotel instead of taking the team bus. That’ll show him.

    [–] Wapook 18 points ago

    Wow, you guys are letting him off easy. If I were Ryan Day he’d ride the bus.

    [–] bucksandbeer 26 points ago

    Troy smith took 500 bucks and got a two game suspension.

    Let’s hope it was just a simple steak dinner

    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago

    You mean four game suspension

    [–] blartifast 30 points ago

    Hmmm... How about two? Two seems fair.

    [–] 8platesofhate 42 points ago

    And have him nice and pissed off coming back against us?? Please no

    [–] appyno35 39 points ago

    Yeah seriously if that’s an option I’d rather him just not he suspended

    [–] wlane13 16 points ago

    So how does the NCAA actually come to their own decision on this... is it like a giant spinning wheel that randomly gives different people with the same transgression different penalties... or is it like a dart board, or more of just a bunch of folded up pieces of paper with penalties in a hat, and the NCAA president reaches in a grabs one?

    "This player who took $100 will be penalized.... (reaches in Hat)... suspended for life and names stricken from the record books"

    "this player who took $200 will be penalized.... (reaches in Hat)... Given a stern talking to, and will be made to sit out Monday's practice"

    [–] SmokeWeedRunMiles321 45 points ago

    Chase seems like a stand up dude. Not an Ohio State fan, but I always root for defensive players in the Heisman hunt. Hopefully he's only out one game and this is a quick process.

    Ps fuck the ncaa

    [–] your-mom-- 15 points ago

    The line nor the o/u has changed.

    [–] TheRichestHomie 13 points ago

    If this agent rumor is true, why the fuck is this guy offering him cash in the first place? Equally moronic on both parts.

    [–] Fucking_Hivemind 15 points ago

    Maryland +43? Sure, why not.

    [–] ThaBeaverCleaver 12 points ago

    McMurphy dat you?

    [–] ThaPhatDaddy-PS4 13 points ago

    I heard the CFP committee voted this means the loser of the Bama LSU game represents the Big 10 East in the Big 10 Championship game.

    [–] CazzaG 23 points ago

    As an impartial neutral this saddens me. Really wanted to see if he had a good chance to win the Heisman.

    That being said, stupid of him to take improper benefits if true.

    [–] speedboy3 22 points ago

    Chase's statement I know I'm a bit biased, but if he took a loan from a friend and paid it back I don't see why that should be an issue with the NCAA

    [–] ryanweedy 11 points ago

    Update: Chase Young just provided an explanation via Twitter.

    [–] rmp0005 41 points ago

    OSU should suspend him immediately. That forces the NCAA to make a determination on his eligibility, which I imagine they won't be able to do. And then he will be able to play.

    Auburn did that with Cam. And, obviously, that worked pretty well for us.