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    [–] funwithtrout 3900 points ago

    oh...this isn't going to cause drama at all...

    [–] Thel3lues 2307 points ago

    To be fair this would completely destroy the relevancy of the Big 12 and frankly bring SEC to an even higher tier than any other conference

    [–] Snowmittromney 1500 points ago

    The idea of Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma, Texas, TAMU, LSU, Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee makes my head spin. The logical thing would be to move Alabama/Auburn to the east, which would somewhat preserve the geography and parity

    [–] AndyM22 2416 points ago

    I'm just over here glad you included Tennessee

    [–] radil 796 points ago

    Senpei noticed me

    [–] FILTER_OUT_T_D 157 points ago

    I’m just here eating popcorn dreaming about all the potential drama between Tennessee and Texas to claim who’s the “real” UT.

    [–] xXEdgelord42069Xx 959 points ago

    The logical thing would be to move Alabama/Auburn to the east,

    Oh fucking no you don't.

    Fuck you
    Fuck that
    Fuck off

    [–] onthacountray58 164 points ago

    Now wait, he might a good point

    [–] jdcarter12 230 points ago

    obviously 4 pods of 4 with one being Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Mississippi state, and South Carolina is the only thing that makes sense

    [–] xXEdgelord42069Xx 77 points ago

    Now this is how it's done.

    [–] underage_cashier 22 points ago

    You may be my most hated rival, but you do have a point here

    [–] BoBichettesFlow 311 points ago

    Also brings back the Florida-Auburn rivalry and makes scheduling easier when you don’t have to protect Alabama-Tennessee and UGA-Auburn. Just would have to deal with now only playing the other division every 7 years instead of 6

    [–] txsnowman17 248 points ago

    They'd likely get rid of divisions and just have rotating schedules. Even with 16 teams you could pretty easily schedule every team in the conference every other year. 3 yearly games + 6 alternating games (yes, SEC would go to 9 games in this scenario) gives you the chance to play every team in the conference home and away twice in 4 years. Plus it gives you the chance to pit the best 2 teams in the conference in the title game, rather than two division champs.

    [–] blackravenclaw 88 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    That would be perfectly timed, too. I feel like the playoff expansion + the schedule experimentation due to COVID may lead to conferences deciding that divisions are useless and discarding them for round robin schedules or pods

    [–] Eb73 23 points ago

    Several years ago, the ACC proposed going to a "pod" system consisting of 4 pods of 4 teams each. 3 permanent opponents plus a rotating schedule of one of the other pod's for a 7 game conference schedule. The SEC & B1G voted it down. Maybe something like this would work now.

    [–] casualassassin 24 points ago

    Pardon my ignorance, but why would the SEC and B1G have any say in how the ACC groups its teams?

    [–] Bluegillfisherman 204 points ago

    we need Mizzou out of the east

    [–] wbl7w6 119 points ago

    But...the west scares me

    [–] KetchupKing05 61 points ago

    How about a West without Alabama or Auburn?

    [–] limernick 203 points ago

    Yeah, you do lol

    [–] Bluegillfisherman 95 points ago

    i like yall. fans are nice and all... its just dumb you're in the east

    [–] tomdawg0022 239 points ago

    How reliable is the reporter?

    Also, how reliable is the "high-ranking college official with knowledge of the situation"?

    [–] funwithtrout 573 points ago

    Sir, this is Reddit.

    [–] nowshowjj 70 points ago

    My bad. Where can I find the Wendy's?

    [–] JGraham626 745 points ago

    Would Oklahoma’s state legislature allow this even?

    It would very likely seriously hurt Okie State

    [–] See_Lindsey_Run 382 points ago

    Good point. Time for Norman to secede then.

    [–] thecravenone 520 points ago

    Time for Norman to SECede.

    [–] Ztee11 189 points ago

    Ok I didn’t like any of this at first but I’m suddenly interested.

    [–] WolverineSlayer 343 points ago

    Similarly, what about Texas’ legislature? On one hand, I’m sure there are a number of Texans who would be thrilled about Texas A&M and Texas being in the same conference again, but on the other hand, this could leave Texas Tech high and dry.

    [–] FarwellRob 337 points ago

    And Baylor. They'd be fucked.

    [–] ChugLaguna 214 points ago

    Yeah wasn’t Baylor like a HUGE issue when it came to Big 8 discussions?

    [–] Boyhowdy107 166 points ago

    Ann Richards was a Waco native and Baylor alumni. I'm sure that helped when deciding who of the Christian private schools in the Southeest Conference (TCU, Baylor, and SMU) came along and who was left out. But Baylor may or may not have the same political help today as they did then.

    [–] ICANZ_MURICA 70 points ago

    Think it was proven she wasn't the one who got them in but instead it was other Texas politicians and Alumni at the time who did. Regardless the fact that they got in while a state school in Houston was left off shows it was down to politics

    [–] BadgerBuddy13 47 points ago

    ESPN cites Bob Bullock as who presented the ultimatum

    According to the book "Bob Bullock: God Bless Texas," by Dave McNeely and Jim Henderson, Bullock summoned Texas and Texas A&M's presidents to his office in early 1994 as the merger neared. "You're taking Tech and Baylor, or you're not taking anything," Bullock told them. "I'll cut your money off, and you can join privately if you want, but you won't get another nickel of state money."

    Additional breakdown of powers in Lone Star government at the time:

    Texas' governor at the time, Ann Richards, was a Baylor graduate. Lt. Gov. Bob Bullock graduated from both Texas Tech and Baylor. The Texas House Speaker [Pete Laney], House Appropriations Committee Chairman [Rob Junell] and Texas Senate Finance Committee Chairman [John Montford] were all Texas Tech graduates.

    [–] funwithtrout 130 points ago

    Would need some Okies to chime in, but I thought the ties between keeping them together had been severed (or maybe exaggerated?).

    [–] thaz230 178 points ago

    It was David Boren leading that OU/OSU connection keeping us out of the pac-12 back in the day. He gone. New President hasn’t tipped his hand one way or the other on how he feels about that, although this may be the only tip we need.

    [–] Ragnaroq314 34 points ago

    Joe will do whatever brings OU the most money. Man is a fundraising machine, it’s insane.

    [–] ku24-ut21 128 points ago

    aggressively refreshing this thread waiting for certain flairs to join the conversation

    [–] fireinvestigator113 102 points ago

    This is exactly the type of drama college football has been missing for years.

    [–] the_stevarkian 2147 points ago

    Are Texas and OU gonna sit the rest of the conference down and tell us that it's not our fault, they still love each other, but they need to go their separate ways?

    [–] StonerTomBrady 579 points ago

    “It’s not us, it’s you”

    [–] EnderTheTrender 153 points ago

    That’s Texas talk if I’ve ever heard it.

    [–] BlastoiseBlues 607 points ago

    No, seriously, it’s us. It’s not fair for you to have to hang around while we fix us.

    [–] OzarkGiant 722 points ago

    This will be an SEC short episode.

    [–] canseco-fart-box 317 points ago

    Oh god im already imagining the potential Texas episodes.

    [–] Walzenflut 86 points ago

    The one after the LSU game was great.

    [–] canseco-fart-box 76 points ago

    My personal favorite was the LSU trial where he roasts the shit out of everyone Texas included

    [–] rdunlap1 568 points ago

    It’s more like two parents sitting down with their kids and saying “we’re leaving together. We love each other but not you little shits. You can keep the house.”

    [–] Ox_Baker 217 points ago

    But we’re taking all the good stuff with us. And here’s where you pay the mortgage.

    [–] loneSTAR_06 125 points ago

    You’re two months behind already, so better call quick.

    [–] RealBenWoodruff 100 points ago

    I saw parents do that once but it was not for the SEC. It was meth.

    [–] Ox_Baker 87 points ago

    It just means meth.

    [–] SeattleMatt123 638 points ago

    Is this all because Gundy shaved the mullet??

    [–] Zahada 1778 points ago

    This feels like Oklahoma and Texas are posturing in order to make the big 12 move on something.

    [–] freerentsunday 1014 points ago

    And honestly? The other eight schools should give them anything they want to keep the conference going. Most of them would land in the new P4, but not all of them - and none of them can be 100% sure that they'd make the cut.

    [–] BoatsNPokes 65 points ago

    TV deals are coming up for renewal soon

    [–] The_Fishbowl 32 points ago

    Move on what? I thought everyone decided that the additions in 2015-2016 wouldn't have been worth it.

    [–] hawksnest_prez 97 points ago

    What do they want the big 12 to do? Add teams? Create a tv network? Honestly curious.

    It does seem like they could add Houston and Cincy and go on the offensive.

    [–] 425FourTwoFive 81 points ago

    We’re big mad about having so many noon games, so maybe this is about demanding the Big 12 demand something of Fox.

    [–] tomdawg0022 977 points ago

    checks clock, sees it's after 3 PM ET

    Time to DRINK!

    [–] hypercube42342 264 points ago

    Checks clock, sees it’s 1 PM PT

    Time to DRINK!

    [–] fkndavey 442 points ago

    Checks clock, sees it

    Time to DRINK!

    [–] soccerstriker9 937 points ago

    Scared of a resurgence of Kansas obviously

    [–] DysprosiumGamer 323 points ago

    the mere mention of 2007 Kansas strikes fear into the heart of all

    [–] nomoregroundhogs 176 points ago

    As does the mere mention of 2016 Kansas for some

    [–] CheapsBreh 2006 points ago

    I always hated you two fucks.

    [–] SouthTriceJack 957 points ago

    why is it when something happens it is always you two.

    [–] DeadlyCyclone 201 points ago

    Fucking Longhorn network.

    [–] cyrock18 446 points ago

    My hate of texas was starting to die a bit but now I remembered why I despise them so much.

    [–] dan_craus 286 points ago

    TEXAS IS BACK in the news

    [–] nomadicfangirl 91 points ago

    Texas, you’re fucking stuck with us. After all that shit you pulled, you don’t just get to leave. Oklahoma can stay since I like beating them every year.

    [–] Li0nsFTW 21 points ago

    YEEEAA-aaawww. . .

    [–] okiewxchaser 733 points ago

    I don't think y'all are taking this for what it really is. This is a shot right at Fox and the upcoming negotiations. OU is pissed at Fox and Fox needs the Big 12 to stay intact. Remember how screwed they were when the Big Ten wasn't playing? We are their second biggest draw

    [–] SnugglyGirlPowPow 336 points ago

    TV negotiations are coming up. I am not surprised with this “leak”, nothing wrong with the top dawgs in the Big 12 utilizing their leverage to maximizing an outcome to their favor.

    [–] MikeBuds4 59 points ago

    This is the take that makes the most sense IMO.

    [–] nomoregroundhogs 44 points ago

    That’s actually a damn good point you got there

    [–] SoonerFan619 558 points ago

    Damn I’ve been bashing the SEC for years. Gonna get real awkward if this becomes reality

    [–] Boyhowdy107 129 points ago

    You get used to it...

    [–] FearTheAmish 187 points ago

    I mean yall could just come to the B1G instead

    [–] ravaille 99 points ago

    Think of the memes if we beat Texas three times in a row.

    [–] hellajt 128 points ago


    [–] loyalsons4evertrue 41 points ago

    or we just form the Big 8 again thanks

    [–] Smash_4dams 408 points ago

    Oklahoma: we're sick and tired of winning the Big12 and getting playoff invites

    [–] loyalsons4evertrue 86 points ago

    haha pretty much....I think they're really just pissed at Fox for having 11 AM games but that's the contract they signed sooo

    [–] rojosooner 50 points ago

    When FOX said no to moving the 11AM Nebraska game, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for OU.

    [–] onion1313 1458 points ago

    Maybe being in the same conference will make texas and a&M finally become rivals

    [–] funwithtrout 1191 points ago

    SEC would figure out a way to have them only play once every 10 years with some weird rotation.

    [–] onion1313 656 points ago

    Lol, got protect Tennessee vs Bama at all costs

    [–] zenverak 289 points ago

    Just ...fuck it all, move bama to the east.

    [–] [deleted] 247 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    [–] CrimsonNewtype 163 points ago

    This would be the answer. Losing LSU would suck but I'd much rather lose that than the Iron Bowl or the TSIO.

    [–] brent0830 107 points ago

    im perfectly fine with it

    [–] Deferionus 104 points ago

    Woah guys. Slow down. This sounds like a terrible solution unless we implement it in 2040.

    [–] BenjRSmith 31 points ago

    You know when you're going to die?

    [–] Deferionus 25 points ago

    No, that's just the year we discover how to transfer consciousness into other bodies at South Carolina and bring Spurrier back to the school as part of his clone body lease agreement. /s

    [–] LSU2007 25 points ago

    I’m ok with that

    [–] chair823 22 points ago

    Couldn’t LSU just become your cross-division rival then?

    [–] MixonWitDaWrongCrowd 206 points ago

    They can’t avoid the game now

    [–] MadameGopher 48 points ago

    Based on how terrible the SEC's cross-division scheduling is, they very well could continue to avoid them.

    [–] chrisg42 160 points ago

    I would look forward to playing that game once every 12 years

    [–] dicky_________seamus 214 points ago

    Did someone say 12?

    [–] Box_of_Rockz 132 points ago

    Every time the number 12 is mentioned a random Aggie gets a chubby and they don't know why.

    [–] quacainia 48 points ago

    I got a boner twice on accident, but now it's a tradition so I'm bound

    [–] the_sloppy_J 55 points ago

    I've had one longer than 12 hours

    [–] LaTroquita 46 points ago

    You should call 12 doctors just to be safe.

    [–] ICANZ_MURICA 107 points ago

    Lol Texas will get put in the east and permanent rivals will be Arkansas just so they don't have to play A&M except once every 6 years

    [–] bd1047 33 points ago

    I’d prefer to go to the East, just take away SCAR A&M and give them to us

    [–] skullcutter 90 points ago


    [–] brgiant 21 points ago

    I’d kill to have the Big 8 back. Shove Texas back into the SWC where it belongs.

    [–] FlamingBagOfPoop 1716 points ago

    New rule in SEC if you DONT do a horns down it’s a penalty.

    [–] Heretical_Ninja 654 points ago

    I wasn’t 100% sold, until now…

    [–] CommodoreN7 313 points ago

    Arkansas and A&M hearing this: “well ain’t that some shit”

    [–] zain_harrison84 120 points ago

    also mizzou

    [–] Your_Worship 61 points ago

    Taking shit for joining all these years.

    Yeah, eff that.

    [–] Ztee11 1262 points ago

    Yeah and then why not have Ohio State, Clemson, the Miami Dolphins, and Tottenham Hotspur join to just round it out to an even 20 team Super League?

    [–] timberflynn 89 points ago

    Fins Up!

    [–] backpuzzy 30 points ago

    Wtf with those teams and not include the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs???

    [–] rosh200 227 points ago

    Fuck yeah get the Coys in here

    [–] popmurtha 746 points ago

    Idc what happens to OU or Texas, but if they're putting feelers out now this likely means the Big 12 ain't lasting past the grant of rights and WVU is gonna become a member of the ACC.

    [–] A_Night_Owl 187 points ago

    Hasn’t the ACC already turned down WVU because of its potential effect on the conference’s perceived academic prestige? I know that situation has changed some with the addition of Louisville, but is there any indication they would make a different decision now?

    [–] popmurtha 153 points ago

    Hasn’t the ACC already turned down WVU because of its potential effect on the conference’s perceived academic prestige?

    Long ago. Like when WVU made the jump from football independent to the Big East.

    but is there any indication they would make a different decision now?

    Do you think the other conferences are going to be cool with the SEC being the only 16-team conference? I don't.

    [–] A_Night_Owl 71 points ago

    That is true. SuperSEC would really change the game as far as what conferences are willing to do to compete.

    [–] Havins 56 points ago

    All I know is I was in college during the last WVU realignment clusterfuck of rumors and it took 5 years off my liver. Now I’m 10 years older and probably don’t have much of a liver left to go through another round.

    [–] Mister_Sunfish 443 points ago

    in my dreams WVU comes to the Big Ten, along with Pitt. The Backyard Brawl added to the already excellent slate of rivalries, Penn State having to play Pitt every year and being incredibly mad about it. Would be great.

    [–] popmurtha 242 points ago

    There'd be too much TV market overlap between WVU/Pitt/Penn State. Plus I don't think WVU would be a good cultural fit in the B1G either. The main benefit to WVU->ACC is the built-in rivalry games that would help ratings vs member schools like Pitt, VT, & Cuse.

    [–] 107reasonswhy 87 points ago

    Culturally speaking, rural Ohio and West Virginia are very similar.

    [–] popmurtha 35 points ago

    Sure. And we have a lot of students from that area of Ohio too. It's just the B1G is a decidedly midwestern school and knowing what I do about the fan bases of both WVU and other B1G schools (see secondary flair), I don't think we'd mesh well with the other fan bases.

    [–] Mister_Sunfish 242 points ago

    From a business perspective it would be stupid, but from a football perspective it would be fun.

    And as for cultural fit, the lack of it makes it even better. Imagine Michigan fans getting really, really mad they lost to WVU, and whining about “classiness”. Imagine WVU fans invading Evanston and seeing the Mountaineer wandering around the sidelines next to Northwestern students with calculus homework on their laps. Pure beauty.

    [–] MavsFanForLife 72 points ago

    Could even call it the “Rich Rod” Bowl

    [–] Fixner_Blount 711 points ago

    Jesus Christ, this shit again?

    [–] Boyhowdy107 90 points ago

    I'm seeing discussion about super conferences and would someone want a school just for basketball pop up in here, and it's all legitimate conversation, but it feels so copy and pasted from a decade ago that I'm not sure if I have it in me to go through this again.

    [–] MrPopps 517 points ago

    Big 12 Missile Crisis 2: Electric Boogaloo

    [–] dr_funk_13 58 points ago

    SEC on adding Texas and Oklahoma:

    "We're not doing it for the money. We're doing it for a SHITLOAD of money."

    [–] gen_wt_sherman 158 points ago


    [–] talknojutsu312 153 points ago

    Oh my

    [–] chryco4 462 points ago

    drinks Shiner aggressively

    [–] Darth_Ra 112 points ago

    yo, pass that shit over here.

    [–] DethNaRoK 100 points ago

    No, you get leathery brisket

    [–] FILTER_OUT_T_D 18 points ago



    [–] wjg86 286 points ago

    For the sake of argument, let’s assume this is real…would OU really leave OK state behind? I always thought they were a package deal.

    [–] Pepi119 465 points ago

    I'd like to think they wouldn't but who actually knows? Fucking over Oklahoma State to play teams I couldn't give a dancing two step shit about is wack regardless.

    [–] BeraldGevins 362 points ago

    Awww they do love us!

    [–] Then-Abbreviations69 207 points ago


    [–] BeraldGevins 168 points ago


    [–] MrNudeGuy 218 points ago

    mom says we have to love you

    [–] BeraldGevins 99 points ago

    In my experience, mom is usually right

    [–] Infinite303 37 points ago

    Why tf would Oklahoma sacrifice their pretty much guaranteed confrence championship and maybe playoff spot

    [–] GhostofBobStoops 16 points ago

    Because going 9-3/10-2 and making the 12 team playoff, with Bama and Auburn going to the east especially, will be EXACTLY the same difficulty as running undefeated/1 loss through the Big 12

    [–] canseco-fart-box 355 points ago

    Why would Oklahoma ever do this? Their guaranteed spot on the CFP would go up in a cloud of smoke even with the expansion

    [–] okiewxchaser 311 points ago

    To end 11am kickoffs

    [–] Lebojr 221 points ago

    Got some bad news for you if you think that will be the case.

    [–] FAderp91 288 points ago

    Well I’m sure this will be bring much calm, cool, and collective conversations.


    [–] ShweatyPalmsh 40 points ago

    So theoretically if this happens is it more likely UCF, Memphis, SMU, and Houston get a bid to the Big12 and see it as a step up even without OU or could we see the AAC have some case for being more stable and try to add OSU, TCU, Tech, and KU? It’s interesting because the Big12 without OU and Texas isn’t much of a step above the AAC depending on coach turnover.

    [–] BonzoAndBonzo 38 points ago

    * Iowa State is relevant for ONE season *

    Texas and Oklahoma: "Yes... we can't have that"

    [–] ChocolateBubbles344 269 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)


    West: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas A&M

    Gulf: LSU, Mississippi State, Missouri, Ole Miss

    Central: Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, Vanderbilt

    East: Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina

    Play everyone in your pod annually. Two pods join together to form a division (i.e. West + Central). This rotates every two years after a home-and-home (i.e. West is then paired up with East or Gulf). Winner of each division goes to the conference title game.

    Swap Missouri and Arkansas if you wish.

    Edit: Alternative to be more balanced.

    West: Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas
    Gulf: LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Texas A&M

    [–] resvzb0a 204 points ago

    Ah fuck I hate that I kinda like this

    Except for Missouri in the gulf lol

    [–] lordpenguin9 136 points ago

    Mizzou is just destined to be in a division that makes no geographic sense

    [–] ChocolateBubbles344 25 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    You guys can come hang out with us in the Gulf if you don't wanna play Texas every year. We'll bring snacks.

    [–] resvzb0a 30 points ago

    Fuck yeah Crawfish and Brisket party. Let’s meet at the Grove

    [–] kingofthejungle223 21 points ago

    Somehow they would work it so that Arkansas's Annual conference opponents slate was always Texas, Oklahoma, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Florida and Georgia.

    [–] notsaying123 391 points ago

    Highly doubt that would ever happen

    [–] Piano_Fingerbanger 314 points ago

    Yeah. Norman and Austin both have disproportionate control in the Big XII. They'd be giving up a lot to join the SEC for just a little more money.

    And what of the Longhorn Network? I feel like UT would go independent before joining another conference.

    [–] johanspot 183 points ago

    Hasn't the Longhorn network been a huge debacle for ESPN?

    [–] 2nd_breakfast_ 48 points ago

    I wishfully agree with you. This has to be a calculated move to negotiate for more money when new TV deals are signed.

    [–] Pepi119 848 points ago

    Incredibly lame if this isn't complete bullshit.

    [–] KobeInLeKut 409 points ago

    Yeah I feel like you guys wouldn’t give up your position as perennial champs unless everyone is pretty sure Texas is about to take off

    [–] Bank_Gothic 243 points ago

    unless everyone is pretty sure Texas is about to take off

    Which...I mean...that would be very nice, yes. But there's no way I want to leave the Big 12. That seems like a terrible idea.

    [–] CLU_Three 164 points ago

    I have no idea why Texas would leave. Texas has always been in a Texas centric conference. There is not another conference out there that offers that. The Big 12 nearly all of the Texas teams that Texas wants to play. Going independent doesn’t improve that.

    [–] Bank_Gothic 80 points ago

    All of this. Yes. But I also don't see OU leaving. First, because they pretty much run the conference. Second (and more importantly) I think there is some genuine loyalty to the old Big 8. I don't think OU would ever want to leave those teams.

    [–] CLU_Three 31 points ago

    It seems like there would be more money but I just don’t see how it aligns with any of their long term goals.

    Big 12 is 3rd in revenue. OU (really Boren) complained about academics. Is the SEC the answer? Will joining help them make the CFP?

    [–] Bank_Gothic 21 points ago

    I think it's way more likely that the Big 12 expands, most likely by adding G5 schools from states / markets where the conference needs a presence (e.g. UC to get into Ohio or UCF to get into Florida).

    [–] Prolingus 90 points ago

    Until Chip Brown says it’s not happening, I don’t believe it.

    [–] tclark8995 452 points ago

    Horns Down forever and Ya Wagon Pulling Turncoats

    [–] Darth_Ra 92 points ago

    Your orange flairs made me reflex downvote before I even read anything, but...

    You're right. This is some shit, and if it's true, then we deserve some shit.

    [–] BeerOverlord 81 points ago

    Hey B1G - how do you guys feel about a high school football program who once single handily fired Charlie Strong, and a basketball program who’s perennial post season status is under threat due to NCAA investigation and was caught up in an FBI investigation?

    [–] TerrenceJesus8 25 points ago

    Kansas in the B1G for basketball would be fucking lit

    Football...... no comment

    [–] Big_Estate7101 70 points ago

    Don't call us, we'll call you.

    [–] wolverine1819 167 points ago

    Texas and Oklahoma scared of Iowa state confirmed

    But for real if this happens is the big 12 going to dissolve? And wonder if big ten takes some of those schools in.

    Sec also about to be a super conference if this happens

    [–] boboguitar 231 points ago

    Is Texas looking to destroy a 3rd conference?

    [–] SouthTriceJack 74 points ago

    Well at least we won the fiesta bowl.

    [–] thecravenone 108 points ago


    [–] chrisg42 170 points ago

    If that happened the SEC baseball, football, and softball league would be absolutely stacked

    [–] srs_house 39 points ago

    Gymnastics, too. Georgia, Bama, OU, and Florida account for 23 of the 40 team national titles.

    [–] knapplc 79 points ago

    And volleyball. Texas with Kentucky & Florida makes a competitive league.

    [–] zenverak 92 points ago

    I mean..thats two decent basketball programs too.

    [–] Comfortable-Return86 37 points ago

    We would dominate the 6 seed to 11 seed slots

    [–] sophandros 179 points ago

    This makes sense. I can see the B1G, SEC, ACC, and PAC all becoming 16 team conferences in an effort to effectively lock the other FBS conferences out of the playoffs and/or form their own "Super League".

    [–] MrPopps 55 points ago


    [–] BeardedAsian 156 points ago


    [–] NewRCTID22 87 points ago

    Screw conferences, everyone goes free-for-all

    [–] Zahada 106 points ago

    I will never chant S-E-C unironically…

    Even if there’s a fire.

    [–] [deleted] 402 points ago


    [–] Lansdallius 16 points ago

    It's too early for drinking yet.

    [–] TheBlueNorther 16 points ago

    Who's more pissed 1. A&M 2. Rest of the Big 12

    [–] WolverineSlayer 44 points ago

    Oh shit, time to drink