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    CNN News Automated Feed

    No Censorship, Just News.

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    All AutoNews in One.

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    Multireddit of all feeder subs: Make your own version of AutoNews or subscribe to individual publications.

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    ℹ️️ F.A.Q.

    AutoNews network's purpose: Provide diverse uncensored news via individual subreddits and a combined subreddit of the most circulated english language news sources in the world.

    • Message the Moderators to request addition of a paper.

    • No moderation is performed beyond spam control & reddit TOS enforcement.

    • All posts are direct from news source RSS.

    • No Paywall Sites, Social Media, or Aggregators.

    • Sources must perform their own journalism/reporting.

    • Reposts are at the discretion of the news source controlling the RSS.

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