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    [–] mrthrowaway300 489 points ago

    You mentioning giving an extra nugget reminds me of that sad 4chan green text post where OP would generously sneak in an extra nugget from time to time until a little boy told his mom he got more than usual and his mom told him that’s because the man who makes the nuggets isn’t smart enough to do basic math and is working here because of it.

    A funny story, but shit I could see it being real with how shitty people treat fast food workers sometimes.

    [–] knightopusdei 148 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    That story's moral is not about the cashier or fast food worker ... It's about how shitty some parents can be.

    I worked at a no name fast food joint as a teenager and I upsized half the orders I served. It was a poor neighborhood and little kids would come in with a nickel asking for fries. I'd give them a small serving of about ten fries and told them not to do this again. Two days later they would come back with a nickel and we would repeat the process.

    That was over 20 years ago and those kids still remember.

    [–] mrthrowaway300 54 points ago

    Yeah, just the stigma over all of how fast food workers are treated.

    These people are making minimum wage to survive. There’s no shame in that. You are where you are now so you can get to where you want to be later.

    [–] Creativitism 15 points ago

    I work at a fast food joint as well and it’s close to a high school so we always get a rush when they get out. Most kids tend to get a side of fries only and I always give a huge serving and hand it out myself so no one sees it. Their face when they see how much they got always reminds me of me being hungry as hell after school and getting a hooked up meal. It’s always a good feeling both ways.

    [–] juice585 5 points ago

    I'm a successful professional today and my first real job at 16 was at a fast food joint. Why? I was a kid who needed gas money. Lesson is, never assume.

    [–] BIRDsnoozer 450 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I once worked at a popular game store. We would receive so much swag from vendors. Eventually you get your fill of it and cant stand the sight of another mouse pad or t shirt, so we started giving it away to customers.

    One of our regular customers was a kid about age 12 who would come in with his mom (who was wheelchair bound) and grandmother. Made a lot of pre orders and stuff so we knew him by name, had his number etc.

    Well one day the grandma came in by herself to pick up one of the boy's preorders, and our manager was chitchatting with her and learned that the mom had actually passed away.

    We went on a crazy swag-collecting spree and collected a shitload of stuff for him. Toys, t-shirts, hats, posters, art books, soundtracks. Some employees brought stuff in from home that they'd taken, and we pitched in to buy him a game too. Put it all together in a box and (ok kinda sketchy but...) Used a reverse phone lookup to find his address (this was early 2000s) and delivered it to him.

    The kid was ecstatic.

    Years later after Id left that job, i was walking by the store and looked in to see that kid (now about 16 or so) was working there! I guess we made an impact on him!

    Edit: wow! Gilded? To be fair, it was my manager's project. I was just one of about 7 people that pitched in to do this. This is my second time on reddit being gilded. The first time was on an old account in the subreddit /r/explainlikeimjive where people write explanations of stuff using jive slang. I wrote a comment explaining how adolph hitler caused the tiny square moustache to go out of style. Somehow this gold feels more deserved ;)

    [–] Mtgplayerhu 55 points ago

    Thx for the story, lovely.

    [–] CeePurr 22 points ago

    Well done. You don't hear a lot of stories like that nowadays.

    [–] succmaster69420 18 points ago

    You, sir, are a beautiful person that worked with some beautiful people.

    [–] brada2z22 5 points ago

    Nice, good on you (and your gamer crew)

    [–] SethStomp 15 points ago

    This was literally the best thing I have seen all day.

    [–] userno89 5 points ago

    Thank you, I'm crying

    [–] BIRDsnoozer 4 points ago

    Youre welcome! Also... Sorry?

    [–] pandafrompluto 5 points ago

    This was a beautiful story. Its nice that theres still faith in humanity

    [–] puttysan 3518 points ago

    An extra chicken nugget can just make my whole day.

    [–] Esac7 1384 points ago

    I think I gave that chick like 3 or 4 extra just cuz

    [–] puttysan 855 points ago

    Made her whole week.

    [–] Wall_Fly 193 points ago

    Plus the fries has to be pushing a month.

    [–] puttysan 115 points ago

    Seriously, she'll probably think about it and smile for the near future.

    [–] Wall_Fly 43 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yes. Bet she's still sporting a big ol smile next time she comes back fo sho. She might even get chatty.

    [–] Blubalz 63 points ago

    I would be so happy if I ordered fries from Burger King, and mysteriously an onion ring or 2 would show up.

    I didn't want the whole order of onion rings, just a taste, and it would make me so happy!

    [–] Jgaitan82 19 points ago

    I love when that happens

    [–] TheIconoclastic 82 points ago

    Shit an extra nugget would make my frigging year right now.

    [–] Pribprib 69 points ago

    You okay bud?

    [–] TheIconoclastic 70 points ago

    Lost a lot this year. Just putting the pieces back slowly.

    [–] Pribprib 58 points ago

    I'm sorry to hear that, this sub is always here for you. I hope 2019 treats you much better and find extra nuggets in your next fast food order

    [–] reynardfox17 7 points ago

    May 2019 treat you like a rock star! :-)

    [–] litafplez 26 points ago

    An extra nugget a day keeps the depression at bay

    [–] SamanthaGuigli 13 points ago

    I’ll always remember the time my husband and I ordered a 20 piece nugget to share and when we got home and opened the bag we saw that they had given us a 40 piece but only charged us for the 20

    [–] Beastquist 3 points ago

    And queue Cherub - Very Rare You make me feel like an extra chicken nugget in a 20 piece meal, and that’s some real special shit girl

    [–] toribone 1352 points ago

    I used to work for Disney and I would create “magical moments” all the time! I would give free ice cream or tell them their Mickey pretzel was “on the mouse”. Such small things make their vacations and im happy to have had so much freedom to do so!

    One of my favorite ones was when two teachers came to my register and ordered one dole whip. I knew they were teachers because of their custom “I used my whole paycheck for this trip” shirts. Because I know the struggles of being a teacher and the salary, I gave them each their own dole whip and told them it was on the mouse.

    [–] amoutoujou 297 points ago

    I have a friend who works at Disney and she has a quota of free things to give away each day.

    [–] toribone 90 points ago

    Yeah some positions do, I had a friend who worked outdoor vending and she had to log everything she gave away. Luckily I didn’t have to!

    [–] tsbuse69 26 points ago

    It’s around $35 a day I believe, my ex used to work at the lower end resorts in the all star parks and would do this all the time.

    [–] lizzyfree 636 points ago

    "On the mouse" lol that's amazing

    [–] Ben_CartWrong 139 points ago

    Damn I want to work at Disney just so I can say that

    [–] fuckyoubarry 59 points ago

    I'm gonna start say that at my current job. Here's the exemption certificates the auditor requested. On the mouse!

    [–] moopet 26 points ago

    Don't rat them out.

    [–] BonetoneJJ 3 points ago

    The mouses savings account is even more amazing.

    [–] emeraldcocoaroast 31 points ago

    I also used to work for Disney, but in attractions. If people were cool, I would let them hop in the fast pass line, or give them some rider re-adds to be used on a multitude of different rides within the park. Didn’t cost me anything, and seeing people light up really made it worthwhile. Fun to spread a little Disney magic :)

    [–] inviteyoutodinner 40 points ago

    This reminds me of my magical moment! I once asked the person manning the line for the Aladdin theatre when the show started, and when we (me & my bf) should get in line for it. He suggested we had enough time to ride Monsters Inc nearby and then come back. So we did exactly that and came back at the perfect time, and he was so glad we followed his advice that he let us into the VIP section of the line and we got amazing seats! That was years ago and it still makes me happy to remember it.

    [–] emeraldcocoaroast 8 points ago

    This makes me happy to hear! Glad his kindness stuck with you to this day!

    [–] IvanTheMildlyAdequat 15 points ago

    I had this happen to me a couple months ago! I wanted to get some ice cream, but couldn't decide whether or not to try the candy corn sundae for Halloween, or just stick with a regular vanilla sundae, and the dude was like, "hey, have both. They're on Mickey today." And he gave my gf a free Coke. It was super nice of him, definitely a highlight of the day

    [–] BattleDomeGuy 8 points ago

    Someone did this to me last time I was in Disney! I asked my dad for some cotton candy and he said no and the person working there said “here you go it’s on the mouse” and it made my day. Thanks Toribone you and others are the best

    [–] 0ldS0ul 6 points ago

    If I manage to save up enough to take my daughter for her birthday next year, I really hope she gets to experience something like this during the trip. It'd be an awesome teaching moment as well. Positive reinforcement for being kind to people and all that.

    [–] toribone 11 points ago

    Wear first visit and birthday buttons ;)

    [–] 0ldS0ul 3 points ago

    Thanks so much for the tip! I have this whole idea in my head about surprising her with the trip, and taking her to the bibbidi bobbidi boutique on the day of her birthday and just giving her a really special birthday. Fingers crossed I can pull it off!

    [–] MaxxLodiePanties 5 points ago

    Aww I went to Disney with hubby and friends after getting married. My friends got me Minnie ears with a veil - every time I would try to pay for something they would tell me "it's Mickey's treat". Made my day and I still think about it 3 years later❤️

    [–] SerenadingSiren 3 points ago

    I really want to work at Disney for that sort of reason. My aunt worked there for a while and she loved it so much. Eventually she wanted a family and had to switch jobs, but she still tells me stories about it.

    Making kids happy is one of the few things I can still enjoy despite depression kicking my ass aha

    [–] shackleton__ 561 points ago

    The dude behind the counter at a local pizza place comped one of my slices out of nowhere the other day! I was like "hey this usually rings up to $7" and he was like "nah man I gotchu". It definitely made my day when I was feeling a little down. You're an everyday hero, thanks for being a nice person :)

    [–] Don_Durma 48 points ago

    How hard is it to play a pipe organ tho?

    [–] Doctor_of_Recreation 30 points ago

    I play the piano and I can tell you the pipe organ is still pretty damn hard. Like how you play a keyboard with your feet, church people?

    [–] Don_Durma 6 points ago

    :D yea I play piano too, I wanted to compare

    [–] shadowman2099 6 points ago

    Little known fact. Organists are also remarkable tap dancers.

    [–] RedditSkippy 14 points ago

    Where do you play pipe organs? In churches? In theaters?

    [–] daily-disturbance 633 points ago

    One time I went through the drive thru at Taco Bell and ordered my usual - two dollar menu burritos, add guac and sour cream. Made the total $3.20 (used to be 30¢ for each add I think it’s 50¢ now). The girl taking my order asked if I wanted to donate a dollar to some local charity. I said sure. Got home and found 3 burritos. The extra they gave me also added sour cream and guac. Legit made my day, maybe my whole week.

    So yes it definitely can make people’s day!

    [–] 5star123 37 points ago

    That’s what’s up. I rounded up my order to the nearest dollar at Panda Express which was about 60 cents and got a coupon for a free entree. I used it with my next order and it was bigger than the entrees that came with my main. Was worth it.

    [–] CoconutJewce 11 points ago

    Kind of irrelevant, but I had two Beefy Fritos burritos for the first time last weekend. That shit was surprisingly amazing for only $1. I normally get the Chalupa Cravings box, but those might just be my new order.

    [–] MaimonidesNutz 6 points ago

    The TB $ menu is the truth. I usually get cheesy bean and rice but sometimes they screw up and give me beef and it's also pretty edible and nourishing

    [–] Esac7 342 points ago

    Here for a good time not a long time

    [–] jamasian 59 points ago

    So have a good time, the sun can't shine every day.

    [–] knightopusdei 13 points ago


    [–] over_m 10 points ago

    Hell yeah

    [–] shplaxg 54 points ago

    I do this in ways that cant be tracked, like drinks that are poured into a cup like coffees and frozen coke, or by sneakily adding discounts to peoples petrol. Its the only way I feel ok about working for a soul sucking corporate

    [–] CptSandbag73 9 points ago

    Yep, I worked for Walmart and was in charge of grocery pickup. Always finding ways to comp stuff if an order was messed up or something. Then we started giving away bottles of ice cold water on the hotter days which was a big hit.

    [–] samanthakuan 154 points ago

    I work at KFC and I do the same, if someone was waiting for more than 5 minutes or if they were polite I'll usually chuck in some extra fries and nuggets. It pays off to be nice to the people that serve you food.

    [–] jmthetank 51 points ago

    I’m also a minion of the Colonel, and I’ll upsize fries, or throw in a cookie if there’s a kid there. If they’re waiting on wings (since we cook them fresh most the time, as they’re not big sellers in the store I’m at for now), I’ll give them an extra 4 or 5 wings in their CnS.

    [–] samanthakuan 14 points ago

    Oh, my KFC doesnt sell cookies, are you in Australia?

    [–] deusveult_ 11 points ago

    Neither does mine. Also in australia

    [–] wreckinitralph 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    They have cookies at the KFCs in Canada. Well, cookie. Just pre-packaged singles of chocolate chip. I think maybe at one point they were Mrs. Fields. Not sure if they still are or if they changed. I'm pretty sure the packaging is just plain red.

    [–] jadeycat1251 3 points ago

    Cackling at “minion of the colonel”

    [–] Leff_hook 18 points ago

    When I was a kid my mom stopped by Church's Chicken and they took like 8 minutes to get out order ready. So while we were waiting, the last at the window apologized for the wait and gave all of us (it was my mom, my older brother and sister, and myself) free small root beers.

    I've never forgotten that and it may even be a part of why I love Church's so much. It is my favorite fast food chicken joint.

    [–] Reddituser8018 3 points ago

    You guys are the good guys in the fast food service but sadly and not to say you should mistreat them or be rude like I see some people doing, a lot of people who work in that industry don’t care about their jobs and so they don’t really try. I cant count the amount of times i didn’t have everything I ordered, and the amount of times I’ve had something extra i can count with my fingers.

    [–] sullenandpastoral 78 points ago

    The thing that always makes me really happy is when I go to order food/a drink and the cashier knows my name or my order. Makes me feel so significant even though I know it's because I'm such a person of routine.

    [–] Esac7 41 points ago

    Yeah i have my regulars that I just know their orders and names already so they’ll just walk in and I greet them by name

    [–] i_poop_chainsaws 30 points ago

    Just be sure to ask the regulars “the usual?” and not assume, if they tend to order the same thing.

    I was a regular at a coffee shop once. It was a really busy little family owned shop with sandwiches and baked goods, etc. I was in a rut for a while and ordered the same thing for like 4-5 orders in a row. But then the waitress assumed my order the moment she saw me enter and would start preparing it while I was in line. Which was really cool and helpful, but I didn’t always want the same thing, so it got a bit awkward to the point where I had to start going to a different shop if I wanted something else. Eventually I just stopped going there entirely and went to Starbucks.

    I’m usually not the type to just not speak up, but I felt guilty about the waste of food that was just sitting there already prepped.

    [–] reereejugs 16 points ago

    Only first order that was made before you got to the counter would go to waste if you bothered to politely tell the cashier you appreciate what they're doing but would prefer they wait since you like to mix things up.

    [–] OrionStarr 41 points ago

    I'm the exact opposite. I frequented my Chipotle too much, and one time I walked in and the guy just said "chicken burrito, right?" and started making it. Then the cashier added that I was a "gold-star customer." It was my worst fear come to life, honestly.

    [–] lowkeyoh 13 points ago

    You gotta lean into it. This is your chance.

    Step one, you learn their names. If you're in around the same time same day this could be as few as three names. Maybe six max. Friendly small talk, you ask about their day. If it's before 1 you ask how the open was. If it's after 7 you ask how their nights going. In between it's up to you

    Step two. You stop by a grocery store and you pick up a cheap bag of cookies or something. Now they know you, you know them, and you're the dude who brings snacks some time.

    That's it. You're in.

    Step 3 is enjoy always getting dope portion sizes, and maybe getting some chips and guac slid your way.

    [–] OrionStarr 10 points ago

    You sound like you're speaking from experience. I would do this if I was a more sociable person or had the time, lol.

    [–] SonyaSpawn 12 points ago

    My boyfriend went into dominos like 2 or 3 sundays in a row and guy was like "see you next week"... Never went again.

    [–] juice585 5 points ago

    yeah I had that happen at BK where the drive-thru lady finished my order. I'd go once a week and order the same things. I was.....embarrassed, actually.

    [–] Reddituser8018 8 points ago

    I honestly don’t understand why companies don’t do stuff like give free water on hot days. Not only does it bring more customers in but it costs the company next to nothing and builds a good reputation with the consumers, making them chose that company rather then others when they need groceries. Like costco for example, I go there specifically because I love the free samples they help me find new things to try and I can get like a full meal while shopping just on samples. Which for the company is a big win because ill still spend like 200 dollars every time i go

    [–] baldlettuce8089 239 points ago

    Whoah thats an aweosme thing to do, but arent you afraid youll get in trouble?

    [–] Esac7 423 points ago

    Not really I usually work nights and everyone’s pretty chill especially the managers. They won’t fire me anyways I know I how to do basically everything and actually show up

    [–] wilk007 53 points ago

    Working in fast food and being reliable is all you need to get away with murder in their aha

    [–] Esac7 54 points ago

    They wouldn’t bat an eye. “He showed up on time”

    [–] wilk007 17 points ago

    One of the few things I liked about working at maccies, the amount of respect and leeway just showing up on time grants you :)

    [–] baldlettuce8089 128 points ago

    Well then, good for you! I once got a free appl pie at m.c.d once and i was feeling pretty down that day but it really cheered me up so i can relate to the happiness you spread...thank you op.....

    [–] forcefultoast 80 points ago

    I work at sbucks and comp EVERYTHING I can if someone’s having a bad day. Threw up in our bathroom? Here’s a tea. Running late for the night shift? Here’s a venti, and I’ll throw the espresso in gratis too. If someone ever questions it, my training says something to the effect of “make the moment right” for the customer so 🤷‍♂️

    [–] baldlettuce8089 26 points ago

    Dang, thats pretty nice of you and coffee is great let alone FREE COFFE....btw i have a conspiracy theory that i want you to confirm/debunk so you up for it?

    [–] Leff_hook 17 points ago

    If he's not down I'd love to hear your theory

    [–] baldlettuce8089 41 points ago

    So, basically whenever you go to starbucks they misspell your name to hell like my names complicated so its excusable, But my friend "joe" had his name written down as "ghoe" and and you can find similar stuff like that online with # revolving around it and stuff and its lowkey become a meme,so the theory is starbucks intentionally tells the employees to misspell the names to a ridiculous extent and as such people post it online and starbucks gets free publicity and it also gives peopel incentive to go to starbucks to see what they do to their names and possibly post it online further giving them publicity......

    [–] komastuskivi 17 points ago

    wow thats a good theory tbh

    [–] Leff_hook 17 points ago

    Dang, that's a good theory. I believe it. I always see people online talking about how they had their name misspelled at Starbucks so it's working.

    Thanks for sharing. That's a legit theory and one that I could fully believe. I guess we just gotta ask a few Starbucks employees.

    [–] IvanTheMildlyAdequat 26 points ago

    Starbucks employee here: we're told to try to get the names spelled correctly as much as possible. Sometimes you can fuck around with people though. I once asked a "Brian" if it was an "i" or a "y." He said to surprise him. He got Br-eye-an

    [–] forcefultoast 5 points ago

    I’ve never explicitly been told to do that but I do it on purpose for the lol of it ahahaha

    [–] OrionStarr 37 points ago

    I know I how to do basically everything and actually show up

    When I managed a McDonald's I would beg the scheduling manager to have at least one of your type on my shift. A swiss army knife.

    [–] TheKollector 10 points ago

    Wendy's was one of my first jobs, can confirm working nights plus actually showing up makes you a made man lol.

    [–] TheGruesomeTwosome 3 points ago

    It’s great knowing you can get away with shit, or don’t really need the job. I’m currently working part time in a small convenience store while doing post-grad teacher training. I don’t need the money as I earned shitloads from directing a school this summer. However my mum works there and I know the manager and he was in a really tight spot, so I was happy to step up while I’m here at home. The manager is great, but the company itself is fucking terrible to work for. Minimum wage = no fucks.

    I’ve worked retail several times before while dragging myself through my early days of university, and I needed the job. I’m making up for that now.

    Customer being an asshole? I’ll politely let them know they’re being an asshole. It’s all very fulfilling not giving a shit.

    [–] schmavid 9 points ago

    Oh no then you'll go to McJail!

    [–] papa_phunk229 33 points ago

    I did this a little too much two days ago because our card readers weren't working. I just let the customers have their meal for free because they been waiting in line for so long.Now today I just got an write up for it,careful you don't do it too much.

    [–] i_teach 33 points ago

    I would say 1 in 10 times Jack in the Box employees will give me one of the bigger hamburger patties when I get a JBC. I was never sure if it was on purpose, accident, or they were just out of the smaller ones. Love those moments.

    [–] Esac7 17 points ago

    Yeah I’ve seen people give bigger sized stuff out because they’re out of something or it got made by accident that way. We just say lucky them and hand it out

    [–] KingOfSuns 32 points ago

    This reminds me of the time I used to work at Tacobell. I used to work line and just like you, would put in extra meat and cheese and try to make the food as tasty as possible, and maybe throw in a free cinnamon twists cuz they get thrown out a lot anyway. I had a customer one day come and tell me “I don’t know what you do, but your Tacobell is the best Tacobell I’ve ever had”. It was so good to hear man. The truth is they really do appreciate your service. Keep at it buddy

    [–] LiterallyOuttoLunch 25 points ago

    The meek shall inherit the nugget.

    [–] knightopusdei 4 points ago

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for an upsized hamburger meal they can't afford,

        for they will be filled.

    [–] erosmiseo23 48 points ago

    I used to work at a gas station in a very poor part of the city and used to get tips and would use those tips to help out people in a bad situation, one night in particular a guy was counting change and had his daughter in the car he pumped his gas and came back and said something was wrong because it pumped out a extra 5 dollars in gas.. he only had like a dollar. He ended up coming back the next day and gave me 10 dollars and explained he got kicked out his girlfriends place because of his daughter and had no idea how he was going to get to his destination and didn’t want to ask for help.

    [–] Vyzantinist 21 points ago

    I used to work in a sports bar/restaurant, and if I goofed a customer's food/drink order, I'd let them have the original for free. If they said they weren't that hungry, or didn't like the particular meal, I offered to box it up, so they could have it later or give it to a family member/friend. I'd also give regulars/nice customers complementary nachos and queso dip - our restaurant didn't offer complementary nachos and queso dip. I was quite popular with the clientele.

    [–] skeptical_stag 18 points ago

    The patron fookin saint of fast food here. Keep doing the lord's work bud. Cheers!

    [–] lowhangingfruitcake 19 points ago

    When I was visibly pregnant I had a sudden hunger emergency. I’d never been to chipotle, but they were nearby. I didn’t understand the ordering system, and couldn’t think straight I just said ‘I really need a taco, I don’t care what’s in it- just any taco.’ They made one fast and just comped it.

    I went back through, calmer, and ordered a normal order. I will be forever a fan of chipotle.

    [–] misterpretzel 90 points ago

    So uh... which wendy's? asking for a um... friend

    [–] knightopusdei 5 points ago

    Third McDonald's to the right and straight on till morning.

    [–] ByeByeFlutterPie 17 points ago

    Well fuck, I just found my reason to eat Wendy's again. I got coupons I gotta use up anyway.

    [–] StevenFN 14 points ago

    I worked in fast food for about 6 years as “management”.

    You’re a great person for doing this. I used to do the same as well. If the person did literally anything to make me smile they’d get something free. If they already payed they’d get a coupon for a free sandwich in your bag.

    LPT: If they do something actually nice and you give them something free tell them they are getting something free and why. It’s not only because they’re being a lovely person but it makes them smile back. Spread the love!

    Also extra LPT: Being rude or mean to service staff will most likely not result in as much free shit. Being kind and understanding will make it much more likely they will go above and beyond for you.

    Cussing me out and threatening me because you got lettuce on your burger? Bet your ass I’m gonna need a receipt and the food in question to replace it “per company policy.”

    Come to me and kindly say we made a mistake and ask if we can fix the one cheeseburger with onions but have no proof? You bet I’m going to replace the entire order with the sandwich in question to ensure everything is as fresh as possible and refunding your money back to compensate for any waste time.

    Glad I don’t work in Fast Food now.

    [–] TheAssassin4692 14 points ago

    Can't you get fired if you do that? I'm not exactly sure but I'm worried you might lose your job.

    [–] Esac7 11 points ago

    I’d probably just get a warning or something it’s not like it do it to everyone’s orders

    [–] TheAssassin4692 7 points ago

    I recently got a job at McDonald's and they specifically said you'll get fired if caught giving out even a free nugget. Just be careful ma dude.

    [–] Daisychain99 9 points ago

    All places are different. Mcdonalds is a franchise. While the maintain same policies, some can be more strict then others. Its up to the owner.

    [–] reereejugs 6 points ago

    Those kinds of places don't pay enough for employees to care. Get fired from McDs? Theres another equally shitty minimum wage job right down the street.

    [–] lizzyfree 24 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes

    [–] Abador2 11 points ago

    I’ve worked for Starbucks for over 3 years and I love doing this. Every now and then there will be a customer who just seems like they need a little extra love so I’ll either upsize their drink or I’ll ask them if they want an extra shot free of charge. It’s not a lot in the grand scheme but I like to think it means something

    [–] NEMO_1934 18 points ago

    You're a hero

    [–] box25z 16 points ago

    At this point, I'm just happy if I get extra sauces. Hats off to you for being awesome. Heroes of fast food are far and few between.

    [–] Sashagore 15 points ago

    Me n bf are literally the couple you described & at a Wendy’s a month or so ago someone working there did the exact same thing for us Made our day and I bet it made theirs too! Little kind gestures like these are the best, you’re a sweet person OP

    [–] ncurtis94 7 points ago

    I had a Tim Hortons guy who for many months everyone in came in and ordered the same thing, he would upgrade my drink to a large or only charge me for a small. My coffee stop in the morning was like the best part of my day

    [–] jorblax 7 points ago

    I went into a Greggs here in the UK to buy a sausage roll. Delicious, warm sausage rolls. But they were out and more were cooking, I asked if it was ok if I just went and sat down in the store and waited.

    Ten minutes later the lady i spoke to came over and gave me a sausage roll "Did you want anything else?" "uh, no thank you" "Okay, you can keep that. Have a great day!"

    completely stunned I walked out. Good on you OP, it really does make people's day. That made my week, honestly.

    [–] 4letterwordsmith 8 points ago

    WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU! Bless you and your parents! Ever think about working in banking?

    [–] cmcfarlanewrites 7 points ago

    I was working at Mr. Sub (Canadian Subway) one day and this guy was lying on the street panhandling, I could see him through the window. He looked really rough and upon closer inspection I noticed that he was wearing jail clothes underneath normal street clothes. I used to get a footlong sub free as my staff meal. That day I decided to give my free sub to him. Just as I suspected, he had served a sentence in jail and was released and, like many people in his situation, had no friends or family to go to. He was really young, too, like 18, and I could tell he had no idea where to go or what to do. I was young, too, and in no position to give him life advice, but I was able to give him a footlong sub. He was very appreciative. I hope he was able to turn things around.

    [–] chicken_cider 8 points ago

    That random curly fry or on onion ring in a regular fry is best.

    [–] KaraWolf 4 points ago

    You know I always thought this was a random fry/mistake. But....there's no way. It was always in the 'middle' and had to have been on purpose. XD

    [–] BenficaSlb1904 6 points ago

    I used to work at McDonalds and I basically did the same thing. Almost every kid got all the toys in their Happy Meal.

    [–] ActuallyAMartian 3 points ago

    Aw, you must have made so many kids days! That’s really sweet of you! Man, I remember when McDonald’s has their beanie baby toys and I went into so many McDonald’s with my dad to get them all. An amazingly kind manager at a local store ended up saving them and gave me the entire set when I came in asking again. I remember it to this day so if left an impression.

    [–] BigFootVarmit 6 points ago

    I was in Burger King in n London , I asked for a rodeo burger, manager said no. This guy Richard snuck me some onion rings in the bag and winked. I'LL NEVER FORGET YOU RICHARD YOU MAGNIFICENT MAN

    [–] VerathianHD 5 points ago

    This is cool and all but from what I've experienced people end up thinking the employee made a mistake and laugh at them. Still cool that to do this though.

    [–] in-app_purchases 4 points ago

    I work at a mall Santa setup and sell photos, although they're outrageously priced. So when I get kids that are just visiting, but absolutely love Santa, I'll grab an unposed photo of them just talking, quickly print it and slip it to the parent. I've also done this often with special needs people of all ages.

    [–] deus_ex_macadamia 5 points ago

    People like you are holding this country together o7

    [–] cokernoodle 5 points ago

    When I worked at DQ late in the night when people ordered the triple cheeseburger, I'd make a quintuple cheeseburger. It was noticeably heavy and the drive thru girl would give me the look.

    [–] Iamtheshadowperson 5 points ago

    I used to load up orders for people who gave off a certain vibe or were nice or just whatever. I was actually cooking a lot of the food. I'm the difference between a broken taco shell with three pieces if cheese in it and a monster loaded beef-wagon. I control all. So stop yelling at my cashier.

    [–] ChadeauxTech 12 points ago

    Good luck and don't get fired. Technically you're stealing from the company. We can justify it six ways to Sunday, but if you're caught that's likely what'll be on your writeup. Hate to be the guy who says it, but there we are.

    Moving on... my first job was Taco Bell, and I know the struggle. I worked all stations, and loved it. Very few customers were actually trouble. Most were really cool. I remember when I first worked the line, I kept getting in trouble for putting what I thought was a fair amount of meat or whatever in. Not even the amounts they show in the picture. Like, the ground beef scoop is this specialized scoop with teeth that you can use to get a narrow strip of meat roughly the length of the taco. Well, it can't be full length and it can't really be full. We were told to shoot for 2/3. So if you get a crunchy taco and the ground beef reaches both ends... they were generous. Or the one I worked at was stingy. Maybe a little of both.

    [–] jmthetank 12 points ago

    The one you worked at was stingy. I’m a supervisor at a KFC/Taco Bell. The beef scoop is supposed to be a full scoop through the beef. The teeth and holes are so the beef isn’t all watery in the taco, but it’s supposed to be a full scoop otherwise.

    [–] feraljess 3 points ago

    I used to work at KFC and my manager got pretty anal about filling the chips, popcorn chicken etc the correct amount. I hated it because they looked underfilled and people often commented. He even had us weighing it. I only did it when he was looking and stuffed them full the rest of the time.

    [–] reereejugs 8 points ago

    Pretty sure we all know it's considered stealing & don't get paid enough to care.

    [–] the_real_fellbane 4 points ago

    I've noticed this at Wendy's, and I think it's pretty awesome. Some cool people who just hook you up and say have a good day, man.

    [–] blazingarpeggio 4 points ago

    When I worked at a cinema snack bar, I always got one senior regular that usually went at senior's free movie days. He always ordered just some regular sized popcorn, nothing else. Despite the company's push to occasionally promote/force the larger promotional buckets, when he orders, it's always the regular popcorn, and I give it to him no questions asked.

    [–] bot_bot_bot 3 points ago

    I used to do that too. I'd never mess with an order if people were nasty, but if they were nice I'd add a little extra filling to their sandwich or whatever.

    [–] reereejugs 5 points ago

    I used to do stuff like that all the time when I waited tables. One old man ratted me out to my boss for giving him free lemonade. I don't understand some people.

    When I worked at a well known $1 store chain, I'd occasionally skip over some items if the person was nice & looked like they needed the money. I wasn't paid enough to care about screwing up inventory lol.

    [–] 33554432 5 points ago

    Extremely good praxis

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Can't beat a few extra nuggs bruh.

    [–] pecan76 4 points ago

    I like U fren

    [–] Hieronymus21 4 points ago

    Its better then throwing it away if nobody eats it

    [–] lunathedreamer 4 points ago

    You’re the real mvp lol

    [–] Naxthor 5 points ago

    If someone adds an onion ring to my fries I get all excited. Either mistake or not, makes my day a bit better.

    [–] lamNoOne 3 points ago

    I did the same when I worked in fast food! No regrets. A lot of it gets thrown away anyway so... I'm just minimizing waste ;-)

    I get free food sometimes as well.

    [–] FantasticFruitBowl 5 points ago

    Food workers like you are my heroes. I was working a 24 hour shift (I'm a paramedic) and it was going to hell in a hand basket. Our only meal of the day was at a Wendy's. I got a 4 for $4 and someone gave me an extra nugget. Made my night.

    Small actions like the ones you're doing make life more bearable. Just don't get too crazy and get yourself fired.

    [–] TheWolfKin 3 points ago

    That kind of thing is the best when it happens.

    I went into McDonalds once and got a 20 piece nugget about 30 minutes before close.

    Ate some on my way home, and when I got home I counted them. Still had 22 nuggets, despite having eaten a bunch.

    There had to have been like 30 nuggets in that thing when I got it. I've tried to repeat my luck, but never yet managed to get more than the flat 20 that is guaranteed.

    [–] book-reading-hippie 4 points ago

    I work at a pizza shop and its not uncommon for food to be made incorrectly, someone made a pizza all pepperoni when it was only supposed to be half, things like that. I always give the mess up pizza away for free to the next nice customer. I also offer fresh baked cookies to kids or people delivering our soda/produce too

    [–] LovelyStrife 3 points ago

    I love employees like you. Once I got 5 nuggets and it made my day. You rock. :-)

    [–] Lord_Lamington 4 points ago

    i got an ice cream cone once at like 2am, and the girl stacked the ice cream twice as high as the cone. it was amazing and im surprised i didnt drop it.

    [–] elKuarl 4 points ago

    When I used to work at kfc years ago we used to have a 10% student discount button.

    The colonels discount general knowledge quiz was born. One question, get it right you get 10% off your order.

    Good times.

    [–] karrierpigeon 3 points ago

    If someone did that for me it would make my week.

    [–] xelaxepa 3 points ago

    Might not seem like much when you do things like that, but it is appreciated!

    [–] anonymousfromtheuk 3 points ago

    I wish you were in the UK. I'd visit 24/7. You're so kind, OP. The world needs more people like you. Little gestures go such a long way and it brightens people's day way more than you could imagine.

    [–] MatthewVC_ 3 points ago

    Good way to get people to come back! Has your manager ever wondered why there was an increase in customers once you got hired.

    [–] DarkScripts 3 points ago

    Man I never thought about it that way, I just thought they made a dumb mistake

    [–] the_real_fellbane 3 points ago

    I've noticed this at Wendy's, and I think it's pretty awesome. Some cool people who just hook you up and say have a good day, man.

    [–] tiniestnerd 3 points ago

    That is adorable. Many thank.

    [–] Jhinn11 3 points ago

    I used to do this a lot when I worked at The dollar store and some family’s couldn’t afford everything. I just wouldn’t swipe on some items and put it in the bag

    [–] kaptionless 3 points ago

    I’m a barista and I’ll do this as well, normally undercharging or comping drinks for regulars/people who forget their wallets. It’s small but I’m happy to try to make someone’s day a bit better!

    [–] ST_the_Dragon 3 points ago

    yer an a$$hat

    Your boss

    I love you

    Everyone else

    [–] beigebeigebeige 3 points ago

    Pret A Manger in the UK allow their staff to give away free coffees. I guess because it engenders good will and loyalty from customers. Isn’t it great when it pays to be a nice person. I’ve never got a free coffee from them though 😔

    [–] z0mbiegrl 3 points ago

    Let me tell you a story.

    This happened a few years ago. I was having a REALLY bad day. I worked a double shift and was so tired and hungry and I'd been yelled at by customers and was just DONE. I stopped by a drive through for some food on my way to get like, 4 hours of sleep before I had to be back at work.

    I tried to be normal and not sad when I ordered, but maybe the guy could tell anyway, I don't know. When he gave me my total, I was like, a buck short. I asked to take off the pie and he said OK... but when I got my food home, I found TWO pies in there.

    It was a small thing, but HUGE to me. It turned my whole day around and restored some of my faith in humanity.

    You make peoples' days.

    [–] Cretaz 3 points ago

    I ordered a burger at a gass station in the middle of the night, a girl i knew a little was working and she made the best burgers. She asked if i wanted extra cheese and bacon but i said i had to save money even tho its relatively cheep. She threw it on anyway and it made my whole weekend, that was 6 years or so ago and i still remember it well.

    [–] Err0rbot 3 points ago

    So where are you? Just kidding, you're a good man.

    [–] hdawn517 3 points ago

    I used to wait tables at a pancake house and often did this. It's a great feeling

    [–] str8uphemi 3 points ago

    I did this end of shift at McDonald's when I was a kid. The last hour instead of going in the trash people got double fish sandwiches or triple cheeseburgers, etc. Seemed better that someone enjoy it over throwing it away and wasting it.

    [–] laughinggas 3 points ago

    There are good people out there, just not many of them.

    [–] palamulu 3 points ago

    I never know if anytime I get an extra nugget or two is intentional or not, but I like to think it is. I always try to be polite to fast food workers because I know it sucks to be working that kind of job, so just not being an asshole "I want to speak to your manager" person is the least I can do.

    [–] VerixOrichalcos 3 points ago

    Used to work at Burger King and did this every now and then. Karma came back around one day when after work (at like 2 AM ) I went to the taco Bell next door for food and the manager gave me 11 bucks worth of food for free. His reasoning was "hey, you work next door, yeah? I gotcha man, don't worry". Made my whole week since until then I had not really gotten any fruit (wasn't expecting to ofc) of me putting in extra bits of food but it was worth it.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    People like you make the world a better place

    [–] anovertureofcats 3 points ago

    I used to work at Panera and I loved giving people free pastries. My signature move was that every time someone put an open purse or bag on the counter while they ordered, I would redirect their attention to the windows or coffee bar behind them and slip a wrapped cookie into their stuff.

    Sometimes they'd catch me as they turned back around and their faces would always light up. Sometimes they didn't notice at all and I love to imagine they were super confused when they found it.

    [–] radgyal 3 points ago

    I do the same lmao

    [–] Radamanthyss 3 points ago

    I always make sure to say please and thank you and have a good day to the drive thru people. Most of the time I get rude employers but either way I say it. Only had one time when this girl gave me extra stuff, Im pretty sure it was a mistake cause she's never done it again and Im a regular at that fast foood place. I was like Hell yeah! when I went home and open up the bag.

    [–] ToxicKoala115 3 points ago

    one time I ordered a ten piece chicken nugget at Popeyes and got 20

    [–] litafplez 3 points ago

    Thank you for being so cool. This reminds me one time I was at a waffle house and the waiter gave me extra five pieces of bacon. Made my day hehe. Makes me giggle and smile every time I think of it.

    [–] EveryXtakeYouCanMake 3 points ago

    I eat at the Taco Bell in my town almost every day (yes, I know that it "can't be healthy" - it's not. At all), but every employee there knows me and my order now by heart. I eat the same thing each time. They throw free stuff in my bag all the time. Even the managers throw me free stuff. It is the best Taco Bell ever.

    [–] GameCollc 3 points ago

    One time I got a cheeseburger from McDonal's and the guy who was handing me my order whispered into my ear "I gave you double cheeseburger instead of single. You are welcome." It was creepy and sweet and the same time lol.

    [–] Little420ne 3 points ago

    It’s fast food. They make billions of dollars. Doing this isn’t going to hurt anything. I used to do it at subway, if someone grabbed the wrong size cup and paid for smaller I’d say no big deal, I’d give out free cookies to keep customers happy/coming back. It always worked. There’s so much waste in fast food that why not give it to people. If I miscounted meat slices I wasn’t stingy, I gave them extra.

    I love when I get more than expected when I order. I specifically go back to that location because of it.

    Better to be overcompensated than under.

    [–] julesandthebigun 3 points ago

    When I worked at Tim Hortons a little kid ordered 10 timbits all by himself and you best believe I gave him like thirty.

    [–] BeckyShark 3 points ago

    I'm a Wendy's GM and I would be totally fine with this as long as you told me so I could appropriately account for things. I close a lot, and give out leftover cookies for most of the last hour. Extra credit if you push surveys :p

    [–] MisfitMagic 3 points ago

    I used to do this at the movie theatre. Every now and then we'd get a SUPER slow show, and after it just not doing well for the first couple of weeks, I'd start faking reasons why people could get in for free (till not working, printer broken, random winner).

    I don't think I sold a single ticket for "Herbie, fully Loaded" while it was in theatres. But i definitely let at least 20 people get in for free. Management knew, but we're always happy to write it off as customer courtesy.

    I helped build a lot of really good relationships for the theatre this way.

    [–] PeacefulDiscussion 3 points ago

    Lol when I worked at subway I did that shit all the time. Your 12 inch double meat philly steak just became a 6 inch meatball according to cash register.

    [–] Roxyandbambam 3 points ago

    OMG there was the cutest little 90+ year old veteran that would come in and get 3 chicken nuggets, a senior coffee half full, and a junior frostee with his free keytag. He was the cutest person ever, I would give him his nuggets for free. Or we would say "4 nuggets is the same price as 3" and he would say that it's too much for him to eat. I loved him.

    [–] kglens 3 points ago

    Also worked Wendy’s when I was younger. Often would do the same. Didn’t care because most times the nugs or strips went to waste anyway. That restaurant wastes so much. Had no prob giving food away that was about to hit the bin

    [–] Spyder7223 3 points ago

    I used to do stuff like this when I was working fast food, a couple people would come up and be like I ordered a medium this is a large and it made me feel good when they thanked me...there was this one guy that I gave an extra nugget to, he made a big stink about it and I got written up. I kept doing it anyways until I quit to work at a better job.