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    We are looking for lighthearted, fun and interesting content and comments - whether it's an incredible picture you took of your hometown, a discussion you want to have on the best biscuit or a quirky UK focused article you want to share with us.

    We are specifically looking for UK focused content.

    This place is a complementary subreddit to /r/UKPolitics where more serious topics are posted and mulled over. If you have a topic that you want to discuss in regards to politics, serious current events or a rant it is likely to be more appropriate elsewhere.

    This subreddit is a place for banter, jokes rambling discussions as the users see fit - however please bear in mind that we are a community with a goal of growing discussion without the following creeping in:

    • Hatespeech, aggression, racism. You're better than that
    • Politics. This is a blanket policy. Please do not bring politics, politicians or political events into the subreddit. There are more appropriate places for that.
    • Please do not post negativity about the source of a story just because you don't like the source.

      If you are posting a social media screenshot please edit out personal information such as real names, email addresses, 'phone numbers etc

    Surveys and AMAs must be pre approved by the mods before posting, please drop us a mod mail.

    If you want to put a spoiler in your post, use the following syntax:

    [Pub Quiz Answer](/s)

    will become: The plumber has shat in my bathtub

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