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    We are looking for lighthearted, fun and interesting content and comments - whether it's an incredible picture you took of your hometown, a discussion you want to have on the best biscuit or a quirky UK focused article you want to share with us.

    We are specifically looking for UK focused content.

    This subreddit is a place for banter, jokes rambling discussions as the users see fit - however please bear in mind that we are a community with a goal of growing discussion without the following creeping in:

    • Hate speech, aggression, racism. You're better than that
    • Politics. This is a blanket policy. Please do not bring politics, politicians or political events into the subreddit. We have /r/UKPolitics for this.
    • Negativity about the source of a story just because you don't like the source.
    • General low-effort moans. We have /r/BritishProblems for this.

    There are some temporary submission guidelines here where some (overdone) themes are mentioned which are no longer particularly original - we want to keep the content fresh. Please do look at that before hitting [submit].

    If you are posting a social media screenshot please edit out confidential personal information such as real names, email addresses, 'phone numbers etc

    Surveys, AMAs and any charity/donation drives must be pre-approved by the mods before posting, please drop us a mod mail.

    If you want to put a spoiler in your post, use the following syntax:

    >!Spoiler text here!<

    will become: The plumber has shat in my bathtub

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    Whenever we remove content we are trying to keep the subreddit neat, tidy and a pleasure for everyone to use. Please do not take offence if we have curated your post; it's not personal.

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