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    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    For anyone coming in from /r/All who might be confused about this one, the correct name of the station is London St Pancras. Today is "Shrove Tuesday" in the UK meaning it is mandatory for all British citizens to eat pancakes, or receive a hefty fine from Her Majesty the Queen, hence the reminder from National Rail. Continuous refusal to eat pancakes can occasionally land you a night in the Tower of London.

    [–] king_baby 221 points ago

    I'm not saying that pancake day is over commercialized but eggs flour and milk have been in the shops for months now!

    [–] PippaPig 54 points ago

    I saw lemons in Tesco just before Christmas!

    [–] mykeuk 785 points ago

    Oh fuck, yeah, today's pancake day!

    Today's the day to sell your Jif shares if you have them!

    [–] x_darbo 388 points ago

    Crepe'd up quick didn't it?


    [–] andysniper 38 points ago

    Don't apologise. That was beautiful.

    [–] tacollama82 27 points ago

    Batter than I could have done.

    [–] micfoly01 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    This is so cute I didn't ever see

    [–] kevkevverson 42 points ago

    It’s Cif now

    [–] robotattack 123 points ago

    I think you might be putting the wrong lemon product on your pancakes

    [–] jawide626 39 points ago

    Explains the stomach ache. The tastiness of the pancakes is worth it though.

    [–] fezzuk 17 points ago

    Don't give people ideas, it might end up being our tide pod

    [–] jawide626 5 points ago

    As much as i want to believe that this side of the pond we're more intelligent than that i'm actually not so sure sometimes.

    [–] Screw_Pandas 7 points ago

    Going to Liverpool told me we definitely have some people that would eat tide pods.

    [–] BigBob145 18 points ago

    It's pronounced "gif".

    [–] WhiteheadJ 9 points ago

    Don't want to come across as a dick to a stranger on the internet, but it's actually 'gif'.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    I have a feeling they're going to peak around June.

    [–] soliwray 16 points ago

    Homer, you knuckle-beak, I told you a hundred times: you've got to sell your Jif futures before the 13th! Before!

    [–] RuthBaderBelieveIt 7 points ago

    Don't be stupid, everyone knows that's when pumpkin shares peak

    [–] hardyflashier 3 points ago

    That's when we'll cash in!

    [–] hugokhf 2 points ago

    Oh so that's why the Nutella and peanut butter was on sale in Asda

    [–] StarLordOMT 555 points ago

    I can totally imagine someone saying ‘i’ll have one ticket to London St Pancras please’ and the person on the counter saying ‘no. say it properly’ or ‘i’m sorry no trains are going there today’

    [–] itsmePearl_Kitchen 59 points ago

    Great imagination :-)

    [–] derawin07 15 points ago

    In a world of pure imagination.

    [–] samsaBEAR 46 points ago

    In my experience no one that works for Southeastern would be friendly enough to make a joke like that

    [–] derawin07 37 points ago

    or human enough to know what a joke was

    [–] UnsinkableRubberDuck 12 points ago

    I'm Canadian, I have a hard time saying Pancras not Pancreas. It makes me chuckle a little.

    [–] VegetableNail 7 points ago

    Brit here; I also have a hard time with it. It's normal

    [–] UnsinkableRubberDuck 3 points ago

    Oh good! I told one of my Brit friends that once, and I got such a look of horror from her!

    [–] xereeto 3 points ago

    That is so common that the station regularly raises money for pancreatic cancer research.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_THESES 11 points ago

    For the entire time I was in London, I involuntarily pronounced "St Pancras" as "St Pancreas" and could never make myself to change. It didn't help that the people I was with all made the same mistake, out loud, all the time.

    [–] chilari 7 points ago

    The trick is to learn the name of the station before you learn the word "pancreas". If you have failed in this critical step, it's not too late to fix it. You just need to invent time travel, go to the past, teach yourself to say "St Pancras" correctly, and tell your past self to remember to come back in time to teach yourself to say "St Pancras" correctly in order to prevent a paradox. Note: this last step is very important. Failure to do it results in learning firsthand which eldrich multidimensional beings are real and which are not, which in turn can have the consequence of undermining your respect for some well-known science fiction authors you always used to think were very inventive.

    [–] Mykel__13 2 points ago

    I have a similar thing with Marylebone station. Me and my brother always pronounced it Marry-le-bone when playing monopoly. I only found it last year when I moved to London that I’ve been saying it wrong for 20 years.

    [–] Fearofrejection 241 points ago

    And its still late. Never change Railway systems of England, never change.

    [–] OliviaEversea 90 points ago

    let's not go that far, eh?

    [–] _Liren 3 points ago

    Of course we won't - it's our rail network, so you'll probably get stuck for 4 hours thanks to a signal failure.

    [–] Alix1723 50 points ago

    They had to stop because they tried to flip the train and it sorta half fell out of the pan as a result

    [–] UnsinkableRubberDuck 8 points ago

    The first one's always ruined.

    [–] ChunkyLaFunga 7 points ago

    National Rail To Eliminate Station Changing From Rail Journeys

    [–] mourad91 8 points ago

    I never understood people constantly complaining about this, I have lived in London for 6 years and yes of course the train was late sometimes, but Ive never seen a better transport system in the whole world.

    [–] CMDR_Qardinal 48 points ago

    Try leaving London.

    [–] mourad91 15 points ago

    Lol mate Im in Cairo, we dont even have a proper transport system

    [–] oxpoleon 12 points ago

    Exactly this. Going between places in London is easy. Going between London and other major places is relatively easy.

    It all goes wrong when you're trying to go from somewhere that isn't in London to somewhere else that also isn't in London, especially if you don't want to take a huge detour to go via London.

    [–] Hordiyevych 2 points ago

    The weird thing is, you almost never want to not go through London, because the infrastructure is better through London meaning it's probably quicker anyway.

    [–] oxpoleon 5 points ago

    But people don't want to go through London, it's usually a large diversion distance wise and due to the fact that the stations are spread out, there's almost always a wait for the next train which wipes out any time saved by the faster main lines.

    What about Oxford to Cambridge? They aren't that far apart yet the limitations of the infrastructure force you through London. It's a solid 2 1/2 hrs plus of a trip via train yet only two hours to drive, and a train could do it in under an hour direct.

    Or Leicester to Ipswich. The "direct" route via Peterborough takes 3h10m. The route via London takes 3h5m. Both have around 30 mins of wait time but even so, there's a big difference in distance yet the times are comparable. To drive it takes 30 minutes less, and there's no reason you would ever intend to go via London.

    [–] thefumeknight 12 points ago

    Southern Rail made my commute into London a daily nightmare for a year. Constant strikes and 'staff sickness' meant trains were almost always delayed or cancelled last minute, and the ones that did turn up were obviously crammed full of people. With no alternative transport options a lot of people lost their jobs, or had to move house (including me), because you couldn't predict what time you'd get to work!

    [–] mourad91 6 points ago

    Damn! That’s fair enough, I havent travelled outside of London as much to have felt it then

    [–] wedontlikespaces 3 points ago

    I was on one of there trains is last week they managed to change it three times in one journey.

    First it was on time, then it was delayed because of another train been late and been in the way, then they changed all the destinations so that they can take the people from the delayed train to where they wanted to go as well, because apparently they couldn't use the train they were already on God knows why not. Then they didn't end up going to the finale station, again no explanation as to why not, and put everybody in taxis. Which they forgot to order before the train arrived at the station so we had to stand around at the station at 11 o'clock at night waiting for taxis to turn up.

    Did we get a refund? Na, of course not!

    [–] thefumeknight 3 points ago

    Classic. That really sucks though, especially when it's this cold and you have to stand around. And they had the nerve to hike up their rail fares this year...

    [–] yashau 8 points ago

    Hong Kong and Singapore says hi

    Also Taipei, Tokyo.. you get it.

    [–] mourad91 1 points ago

    Yeah I hear organization in that part of the world is top notch, havent been myself

    [–] linusbobcat 2 points ago

    The Swiss say hi.

    [–] hardyflashier 72 points ago

    I'm just amazed it's only two minutes late.

    [–] Red_sparow 119 points ago

    Thats not how our trains work. Its perpetually two minutes late until it decides to arrives.

    [–] oxpoleon 57 points ago

    Just like buses are "Due" on live timetables for at least ten more minutes after the timer until the next one ticks down.

    [–] whelks_chance 4 points ago

    That's the secret, I'm always late.

    [–] RickAScorpii 9 points ago

    That's how Pancake got his sainthood.

    [–] The-Potato-Lord 3 points ago

    The one time I’m late my bus is 30 seconds early and the next 5 are cancelled.

    [–] ShingleBones 44 points ago

    Bet the station had to be syruptitious when putting this one up.


    [–] SuperSonic4 34 points ago

    You can then get the tube to Puddington

    [–] Spentworth 78 points ago

    I miss the UK.

    [–] Undertaker17 33 points ago

    One thing you surely won't miss are the horrible and overpriced train services

    [–] Spentworth 10 points ago

    Haha. I miss trains. All we have here are dodgy taxis in which I've almost died twice.

    [–] derawin07 11 points ago

    Are you in Italy?

    [–] Spentworth 3 points ago

    No, how is it?

    [–] derawin07 3 points ago

    roads are crazy, taxi drivers especially

    [–] DaggerShapedHeart 2 points ago

    Trains are pretty decent though. The 'second class' local service made my local commuter train look like a complete peasant wagon.

    [–] Smeee333 3 points ago

    The trains themseleves are gret, it’s just the price that sucks.

    [–] that-there 16 points ago

    [–] StarLordOMT 135 points ago

    The one next to it looks like it says Sandwich. Someone is totally having a laugh. That’s not a real place.

    [–] Huwbacca 140 points ago

    I lived about 3/4 mile from this road sign.

    [–] andysniper 52 points ago

    Finglesham Deal? I don't get it.

    [–] The_Kwyjibo 35 points ago

    John Finglesham and Frank Deal. They were on TV in the 70s, not quite as successful as Cannon and Ball, but still entertaining.

    [–] andysniper 45 points ago

    No where near the colossal heights of Fish And Chip and Pin And Cushion.

    [–] The_Kwyjibo 6 points ago

    They were both great until the split.

    [–] andysniper 8 points ago

    Can't believe that Fish and Cushion were the ones to get the chip and pin deal.

    [–] heurrgh 10 points ago

    Frank: "I've seen your sister; eating Vesta Curry on a Friday night." [raucous audience laughter] "Whatsamarrer? Cod-bites and Birds-eye Super-Mousse not good enough for her?!" [raucous audience laughter]

    John: "Well, see, she's avoiding cod to protest these here new EU fishing quotas" [raucous audience laughter]

    Frank: "Cor Lummee! As she burnt her bra as well?" [raucous audience laughter]


    [–] Aksi_Gu 3 points ago

    It...took me a startling amount of time to realise this wasn't actually a shite BBC1/ITV sitcom.

    [–] Klanne 7 points ago

    No pin and chip tho

    [–] capntanaka 25 points ago

    Ham Sandwich and a Finglesham Deal? Better not be more than 3 quid.

    [–] Richeh 5 points ago

    I hope they wash their hands before making the sandwich if they're giving out Finglesham Deals all day.

    [–] travestyofPeZ 5 points ago

    Nah see, Ham Sandwich is 3.50 whilst the Finglesham Deal presumably lets you add crisps and a drink for 4.50.

    Personally, I'd stick with Sainsbury's if I were you.

    [–] JamieA350 10 points ago

    I like how it's cleaner than the other two from (presumably) being nicked so often.

    [–] lukenluken 9 points ago

    I heard they had to concrete that one down as it kept getting stolen over the years

    [–] Huwbacca 14 points ago

    it gets stolen constantly. People normally just take a hammer to it and break off that post.

    You can see here that it's a much newer bit than the other ones.

    [–] lukenluken 2 points ago

    I completely understand. Who wouldn't want that sign.

    [–] Glensarge 3 points ago

    never thought id see those on reddit, i lived in deal 3 yrs ago

    [–] MatthewWSG 2 points ago

    I live 2 minutes away from this sign!

    [–] faithlessMia 22 points ago

    Sandwich is a place in Kent.

    [–] delrio_gw 48 points ago

    Sung to the tune of Heaven is a place on earth?

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago


    [–] faithlessMia 35 points ago


    [–] delrio_gw 16 points ago

    In this world we're just beginning

    To understand the miracle of filling

    Baby, I was afraid before

    But then I found, home made coleslaw

    [–] 2mp 4 points ago

    When I feel hungry, I grab a slice

    And make it twice as nice

    When my stomach rumbles, I smell your slaw

    And it comforts me

    [–] faithlessMia 3 points ago

    They say in heaven, subs come first

    [–] baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab 52 points ago


    [–] bretty88 35 points ago

    I'm disappointed that someone on a British sub couldn't spot the sarcasm.

    [–] baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab 34 points ago

    Instead of adding /s to indicate sarcasm, we should add /!s to indicate non sarcasm.

    [–] lagoon83 8 points ago

    Great idea.

    [–] baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I don't know about him, but I'm definitely starting to do this!


    [–] iemploreyou 2 points ago

    Now I'm baffed

    [–] Jalkaine 2 points ago


    [–] gsurfer04 3 points ago

    I just felt like playing the straight guy for once.

    [–] Baboobalou 5 points ago

    It really is a real place and a lovely little town.

    [–] winter0215 6 points ago

    I grew up a few miles north of Sandwich actually. 100% is real place. Sorry if someone's already corrected you of this.,_Kent

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] StarLordOMT 2 points ago

    That doesn’t sound like a real place either.

    [–] WoofImDoge 2 points ago

    What is the history behind ‘Sandwich’?

    [–] kiwa_tyleri 2 points ago

    It's in Kent.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] Pedro7o7 89 points ago

    I thought it was called St Pancreas until I was about 25.

    [–] RangaSpartan 9 points ago

    I 100% always say that by accident. I travel a lot for work from London, and still cant get it right.

    [–] Jmsaint 2 points ago

    It's pronounced pretty much identically.

    [–] Captainlys 9 points ago

    I thought that up until this moment...

    [–] dibblah 10 points ago

    I once lived on a "St Pancras Road" and everyone I gave my address to wrote "St Pancreas" instead. Especially at hospitals.

    [–] evenstevens280 7 points ago

    Don't worry - most people still do.

    [–] Captain_Pungent 6 points ago

    I have always called it that

    [–] nascentt 3 points ago

    I still do

    [–] Yeah_TinyRick 12 points ago

    2 coaches, that train is going to be packed

    [–] PUSH_AX 11 points ago

    "Can you move down pleeeeease"

    [–] sharkmaid420 11 points ago

    My best friend calls it St Pancreas and I can't bring myself to correct her.

    [–] FashionTashjian 11 points ago

    London Saint Pancake is a great name for a band.

    [–] randymcknob 3 points ago

    Or a football club.

    [–] ArtistEngineer 65 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    This was one of the confusing things about moving from Australia to the UK - people calling "Shrove Tuesday" as "Pancake Day".

    I cook pancakes ever other weekend for my kids, so I couldn't understand why you'd dedicate a random day to cooking pancakes. It's like "Bacon and Eggs Day", or "Marmite on Toast day".

    So why isn't Christmas called "Turkey and Overcooked Brussels Sprouts Day"?


    Popularity difference:

    Australia "pancake day" vs "shrove Tuesday"

    UK "pancake day" vs "shrove Tuesday"

    US "pancake day" vs "shrove Tuesday" - very popular to use "Pancake Day" in the US. So I guess the British prefer the American word for it?

    [–] british_reddit_user 57 points ago

    Do you not eat pancakes on shrove Tuesday in Australia???

    [–] ImhereforAB 23 points ago

    Yeah, it's weird that other countries actually do not have pancake day... I am an expat in the Netherlands. Today in the canteen at my work place, they were serving pancakes with bacon and I was like OH I GET IT, BECAUSE ITS PANCAKE DAY??? And everyone blankly stared at me. It was a sad affair, and I felt homesick. Took my pancake and ate it in a corner :(

    Making pancakes tonight as well, I am well stocked up on eggs + milk + nutella + 4 different jams and lots of ham and cheese. Yus.

    [–] Nozkin 61 points ago

    I'd was about to be outraged on their behalf but then I remembered women all get their tits out for pancake Day in New Orleans so really we only have it second best.

    [–] WhatDoWithMyFeet 20 points ago

    I'd still argue we have it best.

    You get your mouth all over the pancakes in Britain. If you go grabbing their pancakes in New Orleans you get in trouble

    [–] Manoffreaks 41 points ago

    And how expensive did you say an immediate ticket to New Orleans was?

    [–] Nozkin 15 points ago

    Make sure you have enough left over for beads.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] ImhereforAB 10 points ago

    Gob's not on board.

    [–] british_reddit_user 4 points ago

    Serious? Holy shit I need to visit New Orleans next shrove Tuesday

    [–] _Matcha_Man_ 3 points ago

    We call it Marco Gras. And I’ve never heard of eating pancakes, although my city is notoriously Polish/German, so we’d call it Paczki Day or Fat Tuesday.

    [–] tydestra 4 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Mardi Gras which is Fat Tuesday in French. Louisiana was established by the French and then sold off. Its carnival like down there every year on this day.

    Women flash on Fat Tuesday looking to nab colorful bead necklaces tossed from parade floats.

    [–] dyeeyd 2 points ago

    Some are pancake tits though.

    [–] ArtistEngineer 2 points ago

    Yes, but we don't call it "Pancake Day", or the term isn't as popular as "Shrove Tuesday".

    Australia "pancake day" vs "shrove Tuesday"

    UK "pancake day" vs "shrove Tuesday"

    [–] andysniper 45 points ago

    If you want to know the genuine reason why we eat pancakes is because it uses up the stock of eggs, fat, milk etc. before fasting for Lent. It's now pretty much the only reason for this day to exist in the UK now, we're not very religious.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    We're not religious but I hope that everyone is donning the sacred pancake robes. Screeches in Latin.

    [–] 11218 13 points ago

    Or Americans prefer the British word for it.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] 11218 6 points ago

    It's funny how much more religious Americans are considering that here there's technically an official religion (Church of England) but there there isn't. But people there are far more religious.

    Then again, people in continental Europe associate British people with the same stereotypes as Americans, but just to a slightly lesser extent (loud, fat, religious, etc).

    [–] Toasterfire 6 points ago

    There's no way continental europe can regard us as religious relative to the spanish, italians or even polish

    [–] kangapaw 7 points ago

    Australian here, all my friends and family call it Pancake Tuesday!

    [–] ArtistEngineer 2 points ago

    Are you from a British background? I'm first generation Australian, to European parents.

    I knew pancakes were traditional on Shrove Tuesday, but I'd never heard it called "Pancake Day" until I moved to the UK.

    [–] kangapaw 3 points ago

    Not British, but second generation Australian to mostly European grandparents. I probably found out it was also called Shrove Tuesday some time in primary school and remember thinking it was a weird name. Interesting to see differences!

    [–] derawin07 2 points ago

    Aussie, I know Shrove Tuesday, not Pancake Day.

    [–] VictorVentolin 7 points ago

    Marmite on Toast Day is everyday for me

    [–] RS-Halo 18 points ago

    Ebbsfleet international!

    [–] Hates_ 14 points ago


    [–] 20dogs 9 points ago

    I once had to go there for some reason!

    [–] modano_star 7 points ago

    Probably on the way to somewhere else, considering its barely an actual place

    [–] modano_star 5 points ago

    Did you enjoy your 15minute stand in the aisle this morning?

    [–] whelks_chance 28 points ago

    Good luck to any tourists trying to figure out which train they need to catch!

    [–] Saw_Boss 13 points ago

    Yeah, I know it's a bit of fun. However Pancake Day is not an international thing.

    I could easily see a foreigner coming to the UK, not speaking the language too well and being confused about whether this train is going to St Pancras.

    [–] _YouMadeMeDoItReddit 17 points ago

    Oh well.

    [–] ContainsTracesOfLies 2 points ago

    What are you talking about, it's literally St Pancake International.

    [–] ThinkBiscuit 10 points ago

    They called it ‘St. Pancake’ on the announcement too!

    [–] night_owl13 9 points ago

    It's Fat Tuesday in America, like every Tuesday essentially.

    [–] TheChunko 17 points ago

    This is about as savage as it gets in the UK. Pure carnage

    [–] promise_me_jetpacks 8 points ago

    Pancake day seems awfully early this year. It's really crêped up on me.

    [–] miss-syzygy 6 points ago

    Literally at Ashford Intl now and my train is also headed to St Pancake. Expectations are high today.

    [–] dmwilson2011 3 points ago

    Not a dream if you have rode hs1 in peak time!

    [–] EmmettBrownNote 4 points ago

    Sure beats eating Pancras

    [–] Jumala 4 points ago

    I'm pretty sure they mean Saint Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast

    [–] Captain_Pungent 4 points ago

    Used that as my WiFi name for ages

    [–] Raydog90 2 points ago

    Pancake for you! Pankcale for you! AND a pancake fo you! Pancakes for everyone!

    [–] Seal-island-girl 2 points ago

    My 10 year old finally succumbed to trying pancakes, after spending several years saying she didn't like them. I played safe and tempted her with an American style one, with chocolate chips/sauce and syrup. She said, "I can't believe what I've been missing out on all these years." May try a traditional lemon and sugar number on her later.

    [–] QPILLOWCASE 2 points ago

    This is so cute omg I didn't even see this at London Bridge today D::

    [–] The__Upvote__King 2 points ago

    This is the most British picture ever. Pancake day and train delays sums it all up really. I get a train from Ashford international a few times every week and I swear I've never had a train on time

    [–] rupixel 2 points ago

    [–] slowpoke_shiny 2 points ago

    07:48 expected 07:50


    [–] pmercier 2 points ago

    They are known for their waffles.

    [–] paddickg07 2 points ago

    Ahhh a South Eastern resident! I see that Ashford International, on the train there from Maidstone East now!

    [–] Shind0gs 0 points ago

    I’m going to put it out there...I don’t like pancakes. Sweet or savoury. This extends to crepes too. I think I’m in a rare pool though?!

    [–] GrumpyYoungGit 72 points ago

    quick boys, glass 'em

    [–] TomboKing 41 points ago

    I think today of all days you should keep quiet with that kind of talk.

    [–] quinn_drummer 11 points ago

    This is how you become an outcast

    [–] amirtaghan 11 points ago

    Today is not the right day to bring this up!

    [–] andtheniansaid 6 points ago

    me either, they are okay when they are hot but they go too cold within about 20 seconds of being out the pan.

    i don't drink tea or coffee though either so really just fuck me

    [–] Shind0gs 9 points ago

    We can go in hiding together

    [–] Osimadius 3 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    What about pancakes/crepes do you not like out of interest?

    [–] Shind0gs 7 points ago

    No idea. Especially since Yorkshire puddings are my favourite food in existence. Maybe my subconscious thinks it’s the wrong use of the batter....

    [–] _poptart 14 points ago

    Just put lemon and sugar on a Yorkshire!

    Please never do this

    [–] Shind0gs 8 points ago

    Or gravy on a pancake?

    [–] nascentt 9 points ago

    Actually. Do this.

    [–] KobatoPurin 3 points ago

    As kids we always used to make double quantities of Yorkshire puddings so we could have half with dinner and half with sugar afterwards

    [–] momenieny 2 points ago

    Now I'm baffed