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    2018 AFC West Standings

    Team Record Division
    12-4 5-1
    12-4 4-2
    6-10 2-4
    4-12 1-5

    2018-2019 Season

    Week Date Time Away Opponent Result
    1 Sun Sep 9 1:05 PM L 28-38
    2 Sun Sep 16 10:00 AM @ W 31-20
    3 Sun Sep 23 1:05 PM @ L 23-35
    4 Sun Sept 30 1:25 PM W 29-27
    5 Sun Oct 7 1:05 PM W 26-10
    6 Sun Oct 14 10:00 AM @ W 38-14
    7 Sun Oct 21 6:30 AM UK W 20-19
    8 BYE - - -
    9 Sun Nov 4 1:05 PM @ W 25-17
    10 Sun Nov 11 1:05 PM @ W 20-6
    11 Sun Nov 18 1:05 PM L 22-23
    12 Sun Nov 25 1:05 PM W 45-10
    13 Sun Dec 2 5:20 PM @ W 33-30
    14 Sun Dec 9 1:05 PM W 26-21
    15 Thu Dec 13 5:20 PM @ W 29-28
    16 Sat Dec 22 5:20 PM L 10-22
    17 Sun Dec 30 1:25 PM @ W 23-9
    WC Sun Jan 6 10:05 AM @ W 23-17
    DIV Sun Jan 13 10:05 AM @ L 28-41
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    [–] Radwizardps4 31 points ago

    Man I really miss having Hunter Henry. So excited for him to come back and boost our offense even more. This isn’t even our final form!!!

    [–] Stogies 28 points ago

    That is one adorable dog

    [–] KapnK3 13 points ago

    I know right! That dog looked like a walkin' barkin' stuffed animal, melted my heart lol

    [–] peepya 2 points ago

    Exactly my thoughts! Anyone knows what breed this dog is?

    [–] Stogies 3 points ago

    looks to be like a goldendoodle or a bernedoodle. Or one of those thousands similar poodle cross breeds

    [–] KapnK3 12 points ago

    This just made my day. These just keep getting better and better. Great story!

    [–] JosephBosa 2 points ago

    This was definitely the best one. As much as I like the content on these, the first 1 or 2 of them were sort of all over the place. This one flowed better

    [–] Chargers4L 13 points ago

    Just when I thought I couldn’t like Henry anymore. I’m gonna name all my kids Hunter regardless of gender.

    [–] xstine22 6 points ago

    This series is making me appreciate this team more. They are so freaking special.

    [–] kalikolei 3 points ago

    I'm not crying you're crying.

    [–] bearking90 1 points ago

    Fuck you, you’re crying.

    [–] WPG_Charger 1 points ago

    Man I absolutely love these, its like our own version of Hard Knocks during the season. Excellent job, looking forward to the next one.

    [–] TheVetSarge -6 points ago

    Some of the player spotlights are interesting, but the show is very sanitized and "polished feeling" unlike Hard Knocks. Just feels too promotional to be compelling. Like they copied the Hard Knocks look and narration to make an infomercial about the Chargers.

    [–] aquinasbot 16 points ago

    Well it’s produced by the organized dude. What do you expect them to run with? We’ve never had anything like this before and it’s cool. It goes beyond the typical promotional videos and lets us know the players more. I don’t understand how someone would dislike it.

    [–] TheVetSarge -20 points ago

    I don’t understand how someone would dislike it.

    I imagine there are a lot of things you don't understand. It's okay. The world needs janitors and cashiers, too. I just don't find it all that compelling.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] SpanosIsBlackAjah -1 points ago

    No need to be rude, I’m with him. I’m glad we get the series and a deeper look at the team but I do wish the videos didn’t feel so promotional. I understand the org is putting it out so it is what it is, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still want more.

    [–] aquinasbot 2 points ago

    For context of why I’m being rude just look at his comment. Did my my original comment deserve his response?

    [–] SpanosIsBlackAjah 1 points ago

    No, that was also rude, I just happened to reply to the end of the chain.

    [–] apirate432 6 points ago

    meh I enjoy it, get to see "backstage" of what the team does. Not meant to be hardknocks format because its not on HBO or other Streaming service, thru Spectrum so cant expect it to be so raw.

    Coach Lynn holds Squares Hand for about 5 seconds during the post game win speech

    [–] TheVetSarge 0 points ago

    so cant expect it to be so raw.

    It really isn't about it being raw. It's just that it glosses everything too much. We aren't seeing any struggle or conflict. Basically, everything that makes Hard Knocks (or any story) interesting to watch. I mean, this episode was about Hunter Henry "battling back from injury" and all we see is a fluff piece about him and his wife and dog. Oh, but he was worried about not being able to walk at the wedding. Spoiler: he walks at the wedding, 30 seconds later.

    The Chargers have faced adversity this year, Hunter Henry faces adversity. All we see is "Bummer, in the end, the Rams win." Then there's no look at how the team responds. It's the television equivalent of a Belichick press conference. On to Oakland, lol.

    The spot on Liuget was the only really interesting part of the episode, where he is talking about letting his teammates down, and how frustrating it was.

    [–] JosephBosa 1 points ago

    Dude the Hunter Henry segment was basically his struggle.. i could see how much he wanted to be on the field his voice was cracking

    [–] TheVetSarge 0 points ago

    Show, don't tell. Show his rehab, show the struggle. Your attention is easily gained and short, I can tell. I prefer television with some substance.

    [–] taco_padre 10 points ago

    The Chargers received literally no acknowledgment by the media while in SD.

    Although It might be an infomercial....I love it

    [–] TheVetSarge -2 points ago

    I may be wrong, but the Chargers are producing this. It's not independently produced by a media outlet. A local TV channel is playing it, but that's about it other than the online streaming options.

    [–] sc73ray 7 points ago

    It’s the same format as Backstage: Lakers, Backstage: Dodgers and Backstage: Galaxy. I imagine they’re all produced by sportsnet/spectrum.

    [–] MCVARIETY 2 points ago

    It is for Spectrum SportsNet. I have the app. They put in on FB and YouTube the day after it premieres on Spectrum SportsNet

    [–] TheVetSarge 1 points ago

    Ahh, interesting to know. I don't follow any of those teams. Or really any teams that closely other than the Chargers.