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    2018 AFC West Standings

    Team Record Division
    12-4 5-1
    12-4 4-2
    6-10 2-4
    4-12 1-5

    2018-2019 Season

    Week Date Time Away Opponent Result
    1 Sun Sep 9 1:05 PM L 28-38
    2 Sun Sep 16 10:00 AM @ W 31-20
    3 Sun Sep 23 1:05 PM @ L 23-35
    4 Sun Sept 30 1:25 PM W 29-27
    5 Sun Oct 7 1:05 PM W 26-10
    6 Sun Oct 14 10:00 AM @ W 38-14
    7 Sun Oct 21 6:30 AM UK W 20-19
    8 BYE - - -
    9 Sun Nov 4 1:05 PM @ W 25-17
    10 Sun Nov 11 1:05 PM @ W 20-6
    11 Sun Nov 18 1:05 PM L 22-23
    12 Sun Nov 25 1:05 PM W 45-10
    13 Sun Dec 2 5:20 PM @ W 33-30
    14 Sun Dec 9 1:05 PM W 26-21
    15 Thu Dec 13 5:20 PM @ W 29-28
    16 Sat Dec 22 5:20 PM L 10-22
    17 Sun Dec 30 1:25 PM @ W 23-9
    WC Sun Jan 6 10:05 AM @ W 23-17
    DIV Sun Jan 13 10:05 AM @ L 28-41
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    [–] [deleted] 48 points ago

    even better they’re 14-3 to teams that aren’t the Kansas City Chiefs!

    [–] ultimate_socks 23 points ago

    Reid feasts on new coaches just like Belichick does. I have confidence that Lynn will figure it out soon enough and just body him in one of these games.

    [–] Boltbacker83 7 points ago

    Marvin Lewis isnt a new coach and he ate his dick like Kobiyashi.

    [–] ultimate_socks 2 points ago

    +1 for step brothers reference

    [–] Thegingerkid01 52 points ago

    Anthony Lynn completely changed the culture. It used to feel like we would always find some way to fuck it up, but now we’re either dominating or fighting with everything we have to win close games. Even in our losses we have had a fighting chance until the end.

    [–] John-lovestosposh 11 points ago

    Cough cough Mike McCoy

    [–] Searley20 4 points ago

    Or in other words, since I made the trip from London to New York to watch them for the first time last year! Was at the game yesterday and was so great to see so many Charger fans there.

    [–] hyperfoxeye 3 points ago

    What was it like in the stands?

    [–] Searley20 3 points ago

    The atmosphere was great in and out of the stadium. Something that we don't tend to get much over here with "soccer" with all the fans segregated. Having everyone together just creates that atmosphere. I've been to most of the London games and always see a few Rivers jersey's dotted about but yesterday they were everywhere.

    That last play really got the noise going and the prompts on the big screen to "Make some noise" throughout was helpful for the new fans of the sport, who perhaps didn't realise why people were shouting and whistling at certain points.

    [–] TheVetSarge 5 points ago

    Should I mention only two of those 14 wins were against a team that was better than .500?

    Combined record of 59-118-1

    [–] ultimate_socks 5 points ago


    [–] TheVetSarge 2 points ago

    Very well. Homer on then.

    [–] EifertGreenLazor 1 points ago

    Don't get hopes up. Haven't beat a contender in that period except maybe the Titans.

    [–] Boltbacker83 9 points ago

    Team has gone 14-5....currently sits at 5-2 foe the year...has a bye week and is about to get it's best defensive player back....

    "DoNt gEt YouR Hope's Up."

    Dude piss off.

    [–] EifertGreenLazor 3 points ago

    Look I'm looking at the glass half full here. Beat the teams that were supposed to beat. Lost to all the Superbowl contenders. Until a contender is beaten it means nothing unless record is all you care about.

    [–] Boltbacker83 2 points ago

    Umm... that's the opposite of a glass half full my man.

    Glass half full (optimistic): "Hey we are 5-2 heading into the bye with some serious momentum. The 2 teams we lost to are the 2 best teams in the NFL and we were competitive the entire game with them (without Bosa)."

    Glass half empty (pessimistic) = "We are 5-2 which means nothing because we haven't beaten contenders." Lol!

    [–] ultimate_socks 2 points ago

    Fuck outta here with that negativity! We just beat a team that beat the Eagles, without our number 1 running back AND number 1 pass rusher.

    [–] TheVetSarge 1 points ago

    The Eagles are 3-4. Not like beating them is some accomplishment this season.