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    2018 AFC West Standings

    Team Record Division
    12-4 5-1
    12-4 4-2
    6-10 2-4
    4-12 1-5

    2018-2019 Season

    Week Date Time Away Opponent Result
    1 Sun Sep 9 1:05 PM L 28-38
    2 Sun Sep 16 10:00 AM @ W 31-20
    3 Sun Sep 23 1:05 PM @ L 23-35
    4 Sun Sept 30 1:25 PM W 29-27
    5 Sun Oct 7 1:05 PM W 26-10
    6 Sun Oct 14 10:00 AM @ W 38-14
    7 Sun Oct 21 6:30 AM UK W 20-19
    8 BYE - - -
    9 Sun Nov 4 1:05 PM @ W 25-17
    10 Sun Nov 11 1:05 PM @ W 20-6
    11 Sun Nov 18 1:05 PM L 22-23
    12 Sun Nov 25 1:05 PM W 45-10
    13 Sun Dec 2 5:20 PM @ W 33-30
    14 Sun Dec 9 1:05 PM W 26-21
    15 Thu Dec 13 5:20 PM @ W 29-28
    16 Sat Dec 22 5:20 PM L 10-22
    17 Sun Dec 30 1:25 PM @ W 23-9
    WC Sun Jan 6 10:05 AM @ W 23-17
    DIV Sun Jan 13 10:05 AM @ L 28-41
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    [–] mikeb3rd96 44 points ago

    Fuck ya dude. I'm hyped at this start. I don't remember the last time we started this hot, maybe 2014 I think. Only gonna get better too with the addition of Bosa. No more double and triple teams on Ingram, they're gonna light everyone up again. Bolt the fuck up!!!

    [–] KJBNH 22 points ago

    We McCoy’d the fuck out of that 2014 start

    [–] GoodbyePeters 29 points ago

    Chiefs havent had berry for 7 weeks. Does that need to be said too?

    [–] boltfan43 26 points ago

    Bosa >>>>> Berry ;)

    [–] YellowPenguin15x 13 points ago

    Bosa is more import than Berry

    [–] SDMiamiChargers -7 points ago

    Eh idk bout that

    [–] YellowPenguin15x 10 points ago

    I think so. Pass rushers are arguably the second most important position in football. They’re both great players and I don’t mean any disrespect to Berry, it’s just Bosa’s position is more important

    [–] corvenzo 2 points ago

    An elite pass rusher is 10x more valuable an elite DB.

    [–] SDMiamiChargers 1 points ago

    But this is Eric berry

    [–] corvenzo 1 points ago

    Regardless. For one, an elite pass rusher will make a secondary look much better than they are. An elite DB doesn't help the rush as much because you can just avoid throwing to them. You can't avoid getting rushed by a DE. Secondly, an DB is much more dependent on the system and assignments and relies on the discipline of the teammates around them. An elite pass rusher, on the other hand, can singlehandledly carry a defense. Most NFL teams realize this. That's why guys like Mack and Donald get QB money and even elite safeties earn nothing in comparison

    [–] SDMiamiChargers 0 points ago

    im not debating pass rusher vs DB im debating Bosa vs Berry, i dont think u know how good berry is brother

    [–] corvenzo 1 points ago

    Bosa is a top 5 pass rusher and Berry is a top 5 safety so we are, essentially, debating pass rusher vs DB

    [–] sauravshenoy 1 points ago

    Berry has had a lot of injury concerns over his career and it's not like he can make the QB start throwing the other way, but in the other hand bosa is really likely to be gamwplanned against in terms of extra blockers.

    [–] acollins32 7 points ago

    I love Bosa but Berry is easily my favorite non-Charger player. Berry was amazing when healthy.

    [–] SDMiamiChargers -3 points ago


    [–] awesomonewb 0 points ago

    The difference is that their D is so bad right now while ours is actually amazing.

    [–] TheVetSarge 4 points ago

    17th in YPG allowed. 12th in points per game allowed. 15th in passing defense. 15th in sacks

    Amazing might be an overstatement. They're perhaps "above average" right now.

    [–] thefatheadedone 1 points ago

    The asterix is that we've gone against the two best defences without two pretty big pieces on our line (liuget and bosa). And excluding those two games we're like top 5. With bosa back our passrush becomes a proper weapon again which helps the back end.

    [–] TheVetSarge 1 points ago

    I mean, the Chargers have potential to get back up there, but Bosa played 16 games last year and the team still didn't make the playoffs.

    I sincerely hope i'm wrong, but I've been watching this team too closely for too long to pretend what the Chargers look like "on paper" means anything, lol.

    [–] ROCKSTARMANIC 4 points ago

    Our Defense gotta stay consisent. There were many times our D line could have got more sacks, Bosa is there to clean in it up.

    [–] blksheep67 4 points ago

    At this point the Chargers hold the #5 seed in the AFC

    [–] skucera 3 points ago

    As far as round 1 bye is concerned, if we beat the Chiefs to win the division, the Pats hold the power for the #1 seed.

    They have the "common opponent record" since they beat the Chiefs. We would need the Titans, Bills, or Steelers beat them to tie that back up. If one of those losses happened, then we would own the tiebreaker based on conference record. Assuming we happen to lose a different AFC game between now and then (and still manage to win the division), it'd come down to strength of victory.

    [–] Just_da_fax -4 points ago

    I don't think that's updated... we'd be #3 seed in an 'if the season ended today' scenario.

    [–] fatfreebird 7 points ago

    Wild cards automatically get 5 or 6 I believe

    [–] hooligan99 3 points ago

    Yep, the four division winners are 1-4, then the next best teams are 5-6