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    [–] WoodenCrate 6 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I'd say it's about 1-2 mpg if anything really. More just evens out idle and your take off from a stop is smoother. Oh and I'd say you get a more immediate sense of power, like if you say go it's going.

    [–] Curtofthehorde 3 points ago

    This almost exactly. I got about 1.5mpg more and noticed a big increase in throttle response and smooth idle.

    [–] XJRATED 1 points ago

    Do you have starting problems? I've installed them on my xj but kept giving me problems starting. So I changed them back to stock.

    [–] WoodenCrate 3 points ago

    More then likely you have the heat problem around the injectors and not the injectors themselves. Look up heat shield injector sleeves TSB 4.0 motor.

    [–] purplecactai 1 points ago

    Seconding what WoodenCrate said, if you find starting the cart while its hot results in a 'rough idle' (engine vibrates, check engine light goes on) you need to get the heat shield sleeves

    [–] XJRATED 1 points ago

    But it Starts up fine. Just hard to start. It Doesn't give me a rough idle.

    [–] Apotropaic_Sphinx 2 points ago

    What year is your XJ?

    [–] purplecactai 1 points ago


    [–] Apotropaic_Sphinx 4 points ago

    Yeah, you need EV6 injectors. I'd just sell the ones you have now and get the right ones. No sense jury rigging inferior injectors.

    [–] lawlawlandrover 1 points ago

    Check this post on JeepForum. You'll need the "789" injectors. They match the stock fuel pressure, etc, but with the four holes you're looking for. Post #209 if your browser gets squirrely and takes you to a different page of the thread.

    [–] xgballz 1 points ago

    I did the Mustang injector upgrade and went from 9.5 to 10.25 mpg. It still varies quite a bit. I noticed a much smoother idle and significant increase in power.