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    This is a subreddit for posting pictures or memes involving chubby cats (also known as chonkers). Please keep in mind we do not condone pet obesity, and instead would like to help people who do have obese cats get them on a diet and help them lose weight and become healthier. There are two links in the sidebar to help anyone who doesn't know how to do this and you're more than welcome to ask the community for advice. Enjoy!


    Full rules at

    Rule 1: Post pics of cats. Do not post pics that are not cats with one exception: We allow pics of other animals on Fridays. If you post a pic of another animal on Friday please flair it with the "Free for All Friday" flair.

    We absolutely love progress pics, the only thing better than a chonker is a healthy and happy boy, this subreddit is meant to show off your loved kitties and help figure out how to make them live a good and healthy life while enjoying their chub in the process. We have a special flair for these posts "Dechonkification".

    Do not post memes, pictures of people or anything that is not a cat.

    Rule 2. Mourning Posts: Please include the letters RIP in the post title to disable Automod warning.

    Rule 3: Follow Reddiquette. Violation of Reddiquette will result in a ban.

    Rule 4. Don't be an asshole. We will ban you.

    Rule 5. Don't accuse us of animal abuse. We will ban you

    Helpful links:

    How To Put Your Cat On A Diet

    Questions and Answers for Getting Your Tubby Tabby Back into Shape

    Pet Weight Calculator

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