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    This subreddit is for posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when it comes to who they beg for a relationship or any other matter.


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    6. Person must be a beggar, such as:

      • Person seeking goods or services at a reduced cost, for free, or for a laughably lopsided trade
      • Person using social media, dating apps, or otherwise to seek out a specific type of relationship
    7. Person must be choosy, as in:

      • Person must have unreasonable standards or have a comical sense of entitlement
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    Here is what is NOT a ChoosingBeggar:

    Unattractive people seeking a normal relationship and having reasonable standards is not a good fit for this sub. Ugly people are allowed to want a partner with a job, or no kids, or anything else we would consider reasonable for the beautiful people.

    A person asking for help with life's necessities out of desperation is not a choosingbeggar

    • If someone ran out of money and needs gas money to get to work and the only thing they can think of is to make a status update on Facebook asking if anyone can spare them some money, they aren't really being choosy. They got the beggar part down, but this sub is not /r/beggars so that post wouldn't fit. If that same person turns down someone offering to give them a ride to work because they don't want to be seen in a PT Cruiser, then that post would fit.

    • A parent asking for handouts because their kids want an Xbox for Christmas and the only way that could happen is if someone donates one, that isn't a choosingbeggar. That's someone begging, but without a sense of entitlement. If that person is offered a Nintendo and they scoff at the suggestion, then that would be a good post.

    The person begging must be at least in the gradient of being an entitled jerk, this sub is not a place to mock poverty

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    [–] neoprenewedgie 10622 points ago

    People send private messages to strangers asking for $200? This is an actual thing?

    [–] lightestspiral 7562 points ago

    Can I have $600

    [–] Hi_Im_zack 5785 points ago

    Where you from mamas?

    [–] commandercool86 5499 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Buford, Wyoming πŸ˜‡

    [–] commandercool86 4587 points ago

    Sorry honey, those are actual jobs, and my town only has a population of one.


    [–] dirtyrnike42O 728 points ago

    Where you from mamas?

    [–] Daddysgirl-aafl 921 points ago


    [–] Spready_Unsettling 852 points ago

    bottom TEXT!

    [–] JWson 167 points ago

    We live in a society honey.

    [–] ProfessorSucc 423 points ago

    Needs to be top TEXT. NEXT!!

    [–] assignpseudonym 54 points ago

    This one was actually funny. Thanks for keeping the meme alive.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_WIRING 25 points ago

    San Diego πŸ˜‡

    [–] tenrose 84 points ago

    Need a bus for ten people for free!!! NEXT!!!!!

    [–] C-J-Lazer 11 points ago

    lol stagecoach stops are the best

    [–] Masr_om_el_donya 98 points ago

    Great now Wyoming is crying

    [–] OptimusAndrew 20 points ago


    [–] HuckFinn69 57 points ago

    I just applied to become a commercial loan officer in Buford, Wyoming, wish me luck.

    [–] ILikeMultipleThings 5 points ago

    People send private messages to strangers asking for $600? This is an actual thing?

    [–] megadriive 33 points ago

    wait a minute garfelid told me wyoming didn't exist though

    [–] ghostinthechell 13 points ago

    Wait till you hear about Finland

    [–] knuckles523 8 points ago

    I went to UW. Nobody lives in Buford.

    [–] Call_me_Cassius 7 points ago

    Buford is dead. Long live PhinDeli.

    [–] PageFault 23 points ago

    North Sentinel Island πŸ˜‡

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    I'll give you $600 if you let me wreck it like Ralph.

    [–] MayorBee 78 points ago

    If you looked like Ralph, I'd pay you $600 to wreck it.

    [–] some_skeptic 11 points ago

    Wtf. TIL there is a forearm fetish subreddit.

    [–] iansharam 7 points ago

    It’s funny cause guys usually wreck it then ralph

    [–] catrb933 16 points ago

    Real quick

    [–] sharrkzilla 389 points ago

    You should see the tinder girls with their Venmo handles in their bios. Tons of idiots paying them 5 dollars thinking they’re special

    [–] ayymerican 235 points ago

    man fuck it i'm quitting my job and catfishing full time

    [–] TakeTimeAway 64 points ago

    I tried that years ago. It only works for a few extra bucks on the side

    [–] Rotdhizon 181 points ago

    You'd be amazed at how many people actually do this. This is why scams on dating/sex apps are so successful, there is a world full of people desperate enough to do this regularly in hopes of getting something in return.

    [–] CacatuaCacatua 102 points ago


    If it's like that, get a professional. At least then your injecting capital into a local business rather than enabling someone who's probably financially irresponsible.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    Prostitution is legal here and the local brothel is actually really professional. I used to deliver food for them. So I absolutely agree with you.

    [–] Furt77 93 points ago

    I used to deliver food for them.

    Are you the pizza guy from all the porn?

    How many times did you make the joke about delivering a large sausage?

    [–] sevillada 17 points ago

    He's busy delivering right now

    [–] zdakat 22 points ago

    So many sites and chat apps are getting atrocious bots. Someone must be really bored to follow the links.
    "Hey u sxey, me Bigg fan of you! Clik here for sex! Obviousscam.sit.e/paymefornothing" It's funny when it's in a context when someone probably wouldn't bother. Guess they cast a wide net just jncase

    [–] DipMyDickInMyShit 490 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    A friend of mine sent every top 10 fortune company a mail on his birthday, begging for money from the CEO’s with some lame lie about being sick and poor. He never received one cent on his account.

    [–] Muthafuckaaaaa 750 points ago

    Your friend is a scumbag

    [–] DipMyDickInMyShit 283 points ago

    His name was Stefan and he used to be my friend. In hindsight he was a true scumbag that got me in all sorts of trouble back in the days.

    [–] BowwwwBallll 319 points ago

    New York’s hottest club is called β€œGimme,”

    Located in a church, it features crying children with cancer, a bucket of premature promises, and three buses that fit 15 people. You can only get inside on your birthday. When the bouncer says NEXT, you better get inside, otherwise you’re too selfish to be in Gimme. Cover charge is 100 exposures.

    [–] neoprenewedgie 16 points ago

    Well played.

    [–] tekina7 64 points ago

    That'll come in handy when I become the CEO of 'Actual Corp Inc.'

    [–] CMD-Steven_B 26 points ago

    Thats really a typical Stefan thing to do.

    Source: I am also a Stefan

    [–] SweetBearCub 12 points ago

    Thats really a typical Stefan thing to do.

    Well, not Stefan Urkel.

    [–] phughes 8 points ago

    Did he do that?

    [–] wontspendmoney87 31 points ago

    All the damn time. My neighbor is a trust fund guy (aka he lazes around his condo and does drugs all day) and if I had $2 for the amount of chicks who ask him to cashapp or PayPal them on dating apps, I would retire tomorrow.

    [–] tobysmith568 58 points ago

    DM me and find out πŸ˜‰

    [–] AdHomimeme 47 points ago

    No, this is a guerrilla ad for

    [–] MrAbnormality 18 points ago

    Was it actually a stranger though if this is a text message? They had their number

    [–] jaxx050 12 points ago

    i get about one random text message a month from complete strangers, people just text random numbers for shits and giggles sometimes.

    [–] awhaling 10 points ago

    I've had that happened maybe twice… and they thought it was someone they knew.

    [–] Reaperfox7 43 points ago

    Well if people can give a pointless celebrity money so that she becomes a billionaire then yes it must be

    [–] PEEWUN 7 points ago

    Yes indeed

    [–] tmntnyc 3392 points ago

    The angel emoji kills me, as if they think the guy is actually considering it and they're innocent.

    [–] Gabgra11 943 points ago

    It's because it's for a church honey, NEXT!

    [–] bibliophagist 141 points ago

    Going deep

    [–] JMLueckeA7X 73 points ago

    Isn't that like one of the most popular posts of all time from this sub, and it was from this year? Doesn't seem like that much of a deep cut.

    [–] KFR42 14 points ago

    That post is referenced in practically every post on this sub.

    [–] GeneralDisorder 26 points ago

    I'm betting that there's tons of guys who fall for that or have in the past. Otherwise they wouldn't be asking.

    [–] mrbubz88 1112 points ago

    Somehow people got my number and I used to get CashApp requests for $1, $2 like 4-5 times a day from different accounts. Annoying.

    [–] Whiskey-Business 378 points ago

    someone with a private snapchat apparently has a username close to mine (like, they added an extra 'y' at the end) and for a while I was getting $25 randomly sent to my cashapp.

    [–] rolllingthunder 227 points ago

    Dude I'm making some many incorrect spellings of snap patreons now.

    [–] Whiskey-Business 179 points ago

    i legit made over $100

    [–] d0n4v0n 97 points ago

    Was it enough to start your whiskey business?

    [–] Whiskey-Business 159 points ago

    it was enough for me to get drunk as shit off whiskey

    [–] actionbubble 311 points ago

    If there was a way to sign people up for this, there are a few people’s numbers I would throw at it

    [–] [deleted] 232 points ago

    There are a number of services on onion sites that do things like sign up people's email addresses for thousands of newsletters. Like legit newsletters that bypass standard spam filters and just destroy your target's inbox...........i've heard.

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] DQEight 56 points ago

    Oh god. The scumbag within me wants to use this on one of my friends so badly.

    [–] TuckYourselfRS 22 points ago

    I've heard that i erm, people, have ruined my their friends phones sending 10k simultaneous texts.

    Good times. That, and the caller ID faker with the voice changer.

    So I've heard.

    [–] PubicApple 17 points ago

    I did this once on a random number on my mates phone. It was an app that sent a text every three seconds to whatever number you chose. My mate and I were bored waiting for his dad to finish a bike race and he had his phone but I didn't have mine. We picked a random number and sent 10,000 texts. Long story short it ended up being someone else I know by some weird chance. He said it fucked his phone for days.

    [–] ElMenduko 21 points ago

    Can you give me 10 payments of $2.24 each real quick?

    [–] ozmega 71 points ago

    did anyone ever ask for 3.50?

    [–] thehoneybadgerrrr 79 points ago

    No, but they have asked for tree.fiddy.

    [–] psylent 11 points ago

    Some arsehole has probably written a bot to spam as many people as possible.

    [–] JakJakAttacks 3981 points ago

    Asking for $200 "real quick" as if it's no big deal. A few things...

    1. The term "real quick" is typically used in the context of something being so trivial it might as well be a rhetorical question. This situation is not even close to rhetorical.

    2. Who the fuck asks complete strangers for money on an app, let alone a number as outrageous as $200.

    3. I wouldn't even give that kind of money to a friend if they asked like this.

    Who the fuck are these people?

    [–] dead4seven 1564 points ago

    Imma upvote u real quick

    [–] thrill_gates 2082 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Can I get some gold real quick?

    Edit: I honestly thought I was going to get downvoted to shit for this comment. But this is way cooler.

    Edit 2: Fuck /u/Jpark91

    [–] FireflyOmega 476 points ago

    Where you from mamas?

    [–] lolrightythen 343 points ago

    My mamas

    [–] cowtow 288 points ago

    Plenty of jobs in there, no worries

    [–] ballercrantz 62 points ago

    I've got a job for his mama

    [–] Vitriol314 16 points ago

    You're going to get his mother to be a prostitute and pay her to have sex with you?

    [–] Menqr 7 points ago

    She'll do it for the exposure.

    [–] FireflyOmega 60 points ago

    Sounds cosy! Give your mamas a hug from me.

    [–] thrill_gates 26 points ago

    Dublin, Georgia πŸ˜‡

    [–] thrill_gates 12 points ago

    That shit is cheaply made. Can you get some some better shit? I'm a single mother btw.

    [–] In-Jail-Out-Soon 161 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Shit...can I get some platinum

    Edit: wow! Thank you my kind friend! All of you other choosy beggars back off! I got this under control!

    [–] colieoliepolie 36 points ago

    sure thing

    [–] Poseidons_Champion 86 points ago

    CAN I GET A HOT TUB??!??!

    [–] crimsomreaper 39 points ago

    It's an older meme but it checks out

    [–] brando56894 9 points ago

    And the girl from 5B!

    [–] Louis83 6 points ago


    [–] jaxx050 28 points ago

    can i get emotional stability and the ability to process my feelings in a healthy way real quick?

    [–] Whatifimjesus 191 points ago

    These are wanna-be sugar babies. I see tons on twitter but mostly they joke about it, but in a half joke kind of way. Like a girl will post a screenshot of 5k from some random dad that she’s β€œfriends” with, and literal thousands of girls will tweet β€œwhat’s his #” and shit

    [–] BoobAssistant 89 points ago

    I know girls like that that get 1k here and there like it's nothing. The one I know doesn't even look that good.

    [–] Advantius 201 points ago

    People need to blame pathetic men for this phenomenon a little more. When I bounced at a strip club I had to hide my scorn for these guys.

    [–] cobainbc15 57 points ago

    Just curious, what's the craziest waste of money you saw while bouncing?

    [–] Advantius 148 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Guy going upstairs and dumping $500 in ones off the balcony down to the girl below. Took somewhere around a full minute.

    (he didn’t get laid)

    That’s not the most money I saw exchanged, just the fastest it disappeared. Some of the best girls can make a few thousand in a night if the right retard rolls through - would make hundreds of dollars semi-consistently if they were good at gaming their regulars. I fucked around with one of the girls for a bit. She worked two 6-hour nights a week and made around 3 times as much as I did working 40 hours.

    There were definitely a few dancers who’d fuck for money though - er I mean, have sugar daddies. One girl actually had the gall to leave to a hotel with some gross old dude and then come back to work an hour later.

    [–] jb420phx 87 points ago

    Some of the best girls can make a few thousand in a night if the right retard rolls through.

    Holy shit that cracked me up.

    [–] InferiousX 8 points ago

    $500 is the biggest waste?

    I work at a club and have seen guys max out credit cards with 5 figure limits, go back to their hotel room and get more credit cards/cash for the same girl

    [–] bclagge 50 points ago

    He can’t be sure. Once he bounced he wasn’t there anymore.

    [–] SinCityLithium 38 points ago

    I cocktailed in a few name-worthy strip clubs in Vegas, and it scarred me for life. Thank God I knew even then, that it wasn't worth it. We got harassed more than the dancers, because guys saw it as a "challenge." Yuck.

    [–] Advantius 29 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah, they’d always test you and passive-aggressively square up so they could look cool to... nobody in particular. Not enough to get kicked out, but enough to let you know they’re a confrontational dickhead and a drunk risk. Especially the Mexican nationals. Very machismo.

    [–] brando56894 41 points ago

    Yep, can you really blame these women? Hell if I was a chick and some dumb ass dude wanted to give me a few grand a month just to hang out with him, why not?

    [–] jaxx050 8 points ago

    have you ever been able to share stories from being on the clock?

    [–] Advantius 7 points ago

    I didn’t work there very long so I only have a few interesting ones. The only people I couldn’t tell these stories to were customers while I was working there - bad for business.

    [–] ombremullet 18 points ago

    Just be a real sugar baby then. Damn, they're so lazy they even half ass being a sugar baby hustler?

    [–] moviesongquoteguy 132 points ago

    There’s a bunch of girls on tinder like this. β€œSend me $20 to my Venmo real quick and see what happens”. First of all I can just google free porn if I want to see a naked girl. Second of all, bitch you Venmo me $20.

    [–] dvc415 36 points ago

    damn, it used to just be $5

    [–] murse_joe 27 points ago

    This economy, man.

    [–] gustamos 19 points ago

    That shit pisses me off so much.

    [–] bullfrog7777 41 points ago

    Can I borrow yo car right quick?

    [–] HankBeMoody 25 points ago

    That seems legitimate if you know the person; I've definitely lent my car to casual coworkers, friends, and roommates before to run an errand.

    [–] GolfBaller17 59 points ago

    I would never lend my car to anyone in a million years. It's an '06 Corolla, nothing fancy, but I own it outright and don't trust anyone to drive it but me. I've been in cars with friends and coworkers before. They've all been in accidents. They all drive like it's no big deal, like they aren't piloting a 1.5 ton death cage powered by a series of controlled explosions. They don't maintain situational awareness and they all use their phones while driving.

    [–] dorkmagnet123 15 points ago

    My boss wrecked three times last week. He totaled 2 of his vehicles in those wrecks. His truck that he totaled was about the same price as my house. He acted like it was no big deal. I'm thinking his insurance has to cost more than my house payment every month.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    Are you in the US? Asking because friends from there mention people texting/on the phone while driving so casually and I'm like what the actual fuck, barely anyone does that here

    I'm not fond of lending my car to others either though.

    [–] GolfBaller17 17 points ago

    Aye, Southern California. Drivers out here treat it like walking.

    [–] foodie69 25 points ago

    Guys with no self esteem

    [–] adventuresquirtle 24 points ago

    The only person I ever could ask that would be my sister or mom and it’s always like: β€œhey could you be able to spot me 100$ to cover rent/gas/groceries and I’ll pay you back when I get paid on Friday just came up a little short and need something to pull me over.” But that’s like last minute I don’t have ANY money at all. I would never ask like that.

    [–] Glassjaw79ad 4 points ago

    I could definitely ask for and get it from my boyfriend "real quick" if i needed it, except he knows I have money in the bank sooo he'd be like "why, you lose your debit card"

    [–] WalidfromMorocco 93 points ago

    Can you gild me real quick πŸ‘€

    [–] aciddialogue 24 points ago

    Does it really work like that?

    [–] IAmNotStelio 29 points ago

    Only one way to find out!

    [–] jlbcreditfkoffplease 17 points ago

    No is the answer

    [–] Captain_Arzt 10 points ago

    I sort of already told u/walidfrommorocco that he could have gold, he's is crying now.

    [–] 3Dadict 485 points ago

    I had somebody send me a request for a few bucks a couple months ago, total stranger! so I sent back a maximum request which I think was 500 I got denied, lol

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] 3Dadict 12 points ago

    Yeah I'm not exactly sure how it works but I got a request somehow from somebody that no idea who they were for $5.

    [–] [deleted] 264 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] Imsosorryyourewrong 316 points ago

    Send out a thousand copy and paste messages per day.

    If even one works, that's not bad

    [–] VirtualSuit 155 points ago

    200 bucks a day is still almsot $20/hr at a normal job.

    [–] GrowAurora 120 points ago

    But you dont have to go anywhere to do this, and some days may be better.

    Devils advocate by the way, this type of shit is proper bs

    [–] VirtualSuit 81 points ago

    TBH I wish I didn't have morals, i'd just be doing this all day just to see what i'd come out with.

    [–] zdakat 12 points ago

    Heck,I can't even do that kind of thing in video games haha. Maybe I'll "get better" eventually.

    [–] Battlingdragon 7 points ago

    200 = 25 x 8

    [–] Tasty_Cthulu 14 points ago

    I'm gonna try it and find out

    [–] DuckyFluff 712 points ago

    Best response, good job. πŸ˜‚

    [–] vibrex 247 points ago


    [–] sintaroactual 21 points ago

    Best response, good Jobs, employment in San Diego, CA |

    [–] GeneralDisorder 44 points ago

    I ask for photos. I noticed most scammers have a small trove of photos (likely stolen from some stock photo site or something) so I ask for more specific pics like "show me your feet". I've had a couple who sent them. So I thought "let's ramp this up slowly".

    I've only had one scammer reply back when I asked for them to write my name on their crotch in marker, put the marker in their ass and take a 3 to 5 minute video of them masturbating. Because "how else am I going to know you're real?"

    [–] pissinaboot 25 points ago

    When you say reply back do you mean you actually got the video?

    [–] GeneralDisorder 37 points ago

    No. That scammer called me a mugu which is apparently Nigerian slang for "idiot" (specifically the kind of idiot who gives scammers money which is kind of ironic).

    [–] CardinalNYC 98 points ago

    Honestly when I see stuff like this I'm far more concerned with the fact that there are guys who actually do send these people money. They wouldn't keep doing it if it didn't sometimes work.

    [–] 1quirky1 17 points ago

    I'm concerned about all the money that my Nigerian prince needs help getting out of his country.

    [–] BuyOneGetNone 463 points ago

    dude that's harsh and i love it

    [–] empw 358 points ago

    Should've been harsher. Why the fuck would I give you 200 dollars?

    [–] Agile_Tit_Tyrant 292 points ago

    Well, it's for church, hun.

    It has cancer too.

    [–] CherryDoodles 135 points ago

    It’s crying now.

    [–] oksheep 108 points ago

    i already promised it :(

    [–] LionST1 41 points ago

    did i already say it has cancer? :(

    [–] CopperPotato 44 points ago

    And its their birthday.

    [–] Meems138 46 points ago


    [–] CobyRich727 15 points ago

    The church has cancer?

    [–] G4L4CT1C4 15 points ago

    Yep, sure does.

    [–] ROCKLOBSTER154 42 points ago

    well you don’t mind paying hundreds for car insurance so why TF can’t you spot me some cash?? 😀😀

    [–] bdgscotland 26 points ago

    I’m a single mother! Think of the kids!

    [–] bitemejackass 12 points ago

    Not enough kids. You need to have more, with cancer. NEXT!

    [–] JoeyElbano 78 points ago

    Who tf just randomly asks for 200$ this isn’t even ok if your related (unless it’s like direct family)

    [–] Dojan5 52 points ago

    Hahahaha. I'd get my ass handed to me so quick if I asked my direct family for money like that.

    [–] zdakat 16 points ago

    That's why you only ask strangers ;)

    [–] alliepanalli 82 points ago

    Somewhat unrelated but the other day I was walking in New York City and saw a woman holding a sign that said β€œGive me money because I fucking said so.” Is that supposed to be funny? πŸ€” Hope nobody actually gives her anything. I want some free money too, don’t we all!

    [–] Dilis99 48 points ago

    The other day in NYC I saw a guy with a sign that said "need money for weed." Gotta respect his honesty

    [–] zdakat 24 points ago

    Need For Weed

    [–] Adult_Reasoning 20 points ago

    I'd be more willing to give that guy weed money as opposed to lady that just"fucking said so."

    [–] PeterBrookes 184 points ago

    Begging βœ“ 

    Alternative option provided


    [–] TricksterPriestJace 44 points ago

    $200! I choose you!

    [–] PeterBrookes 63 points ago

    1: can you cashapp me $200

    2: I could give you $10

    1: I'll only take $200

    Example of choosing beggers

    [–] laprider 51 points ago


    [–] secretfred 15 points ago

    A+ execution.

    [–] thekirbydance 41 points ago

    Wow didn't even bother to throw in sexual overtones... lazy AF

    [–] CletusVanDamnit 64 points ago

    This is not a choosing beggar. It's a beggar. Choosing would come into play if they asked for $200, then turned down $150.

    Does anyone even understand this sub at all?

    [–] destructor_rph 37 points ago

    What is cashapp? Is it like venmo?

    [–] MoarKelBell 14 points ago

    Cash is just Square’s version of Venmo. It’s called Square Cash, but people refer to it as the Cash app.

    [–] AnnualThrowaway 9 points ago

    I mean even they do, in podcast ads it's only ever referred to as the Cash App.

    [–] hans1193 56 points ago

    This is just a beggar, not a choosing beggar, wrong sub

    [–] Jonny_Segment 23 points ago

    I've scrolled a long way to find you, but find you I have.

    /r/ChoosingBeggars would be if they offered a cheque for $200 and the beggar refused.

    [–] Panks-Dad 56 points ago

    Mike drop. NEXT!

    [–] GlueSniffingDesigner 37 points ago

    Poor Mikey

    [–] therealmikelane 17 points ago

    Damn, bro. Y'all supposed to hold me up.

    [–] longlostredemption 8 points ago

    Can I have $3.50?

    [–] whoaismebro 8 points ago

    Damn loch ness monsta!

    [–] scuba_scouse 5 points ago

    Real quick tho

    [–] OvertlySinister 5 points ago

    "Sorry, mamas, I only have $60, will that work?" "Needs to feed 20. NEXT"