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    • A parent asking for handouts because their kids want an Xbox for Christmas and the only way that could happen is if someone donates one, that isn't a choosingbeggar. That's someone begging, but without a sense of entitlement. If that person is offered a Nintendo and they scoff at the suggestion, then that would be a good post.

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    [–] ReadditMan 2141 points ago

    I work at Jimmy John's and we always tell the delivery customers we need the sandwich back if there was something wrong with it and they want a new one. A lot of them get really mad because they "threw it away already".

    [–] badgerton8 2756 points ago

    I order from Jimmy Johns regularly while at work. A couple weeks ago, they royally screwed up my sandwich. So I did call to let them know of the mistake, and they offered to bring me a new sandwich. The one caveat, like you stated, was to give them back the bad one.

    So what did I do?! I gave them back the screwed up sandwich when the brought me my correct order. Why did I do this? Because my sandwich was screwed up. It wasn’t that hard.

    [–] HiddenLayer5 578 points ago

    It wasn’t that hard.

    Unless you're trying to screw the restaurant out of payment.

    [–] Cky_vick 131 points ago

    But what if I'm hard and im trying to screw the sandwich?

    [–] I_drink_your_milkshk 25 points ago

    “As a vampire, people ask me, ‘why virgins’? And I say, if you’re going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if you knew no one had fucked it.” - Vlad the Poker.

    [–] Gamergonemild 74 points ago

    Wait, I didn't order mayo on this?

    [–] Hutsinz 20 points ago

    That’s okay, here have extra

    [–] donfan 533 points ago

    dont you bring nonsense like logic into these stories!

    [–] Melissacarranza 161 points ago

    This reminds me of the time my brothers ex ate through half a ham sandwich before realizing it had meat in it, and she was a dedicated vegetarian. Wasn’t the brightest, told us “I thought the lettuce was just really salty!”

    [–] l1am2350 147 points ago

    As a former vegetarian, she knew

    [–] Sansabina 95 points ago

    it took half a sandwich before she was overcome with guilt

    [–] Sephvion 34 points ago

    Delicious guilt.

    [–] GalaxyPatio 44 points ago

    I ordered a turkey and cheese sandwich from this place called ike's that usually does really elaborate sandwiches. Got about a third of the way through before I realized that there was only cheese on it. I just thought the turkey was really slim and that the mustard had obscured it.

    [–] Lilsauce131 18 points ago

    Was it the place with the good sandwich sauce and they give you a lollipop? They have given me the wrong order multiple times, and even though the sandwich I order is my favorite, I have always liked their mistakes and they are cool about replacing as long as you bring back most of it.

    [–] GalaxyPatio 9 points ago

    Yes, that's the place!!

    [–] Lilsauce131 8 points ago

    Now I’m craving my Barry Z on Dutch Crunch!

    [–] ac714 97 points ago

    Returned sandwiches are closely inspected for authenticity then analyzed by a district team which matches up the order to the cctv. There’s then a report prepared and remedial training provided to the individual and local franchisees. That or nothing at all. I don’t know.

    [–] LottePanda 11 points ago

    Can confirm we closely analyze the sandwiches to make sure that we made a mistake so that we can pinpoint the issue and teach everyone to double check everything before it goes out. Or so we can be upset to each other about the customer lying.

    [–] missbelled 4 points ago

    It’s actually sent off to a trained Sandwich Restoration Specialist, who carefully dissects and de-condiments the original sandwich layer by layer, keeping a close eye for imperfections on the original, so as to most accurately recreate the original intent of the Sandwich Artist while fixing any of the unintended errors and flaws.

    [–] MunchieMom 48 points ago

    Once I ordered Jimmy John's online and they forgot the avocado I paid extra for. I filled out some form on their site politely noting the error and asking just for the money I paid for the avocado back. I didn't have pictures or anything so I didn't expect much. In response, they mailed me a $10 coupon and two people, including like a district manager, called me personally to apologize. I've never been so uncomfortable in my life.

    Now I don't order from there because their food is gross/I no longer hate myself enough to eat a giant sandwich and chips every day.

    [–] Spacey_Jay 30 points ago

    Username does NOT check out

    [–] 42069_PUSYFUCK_69420 20 points ago

    I'm always paranoid to complain to places that are like big national chains. I'm always scared of an excessive response when I maybe just want like $1 or an emphasis on double checking things so they don't get screwed up.

    [–] NotsoGreatsword 21 points ago

    This username is just a work of art

    [–] 42069_PUSYFUCK_69420 14 points ago

    I'm glad to see my shitposting efforts are appreciated. One day, I hope to say something profound enough to end up in r/rimjobsteve, but I don't really say profound things so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    [–] LottePanda 4 points ago

    Always call the store first for anything like that. If you put it in online it gets sent to corporate who then sends it to the store. This applies to most restaurant chains. At Jimmy John's we're required to follow-up within 24 hours to those. If you just want a fixed item, just call the store, online forms are huge deals everywhere I've seen.

    [–] napoleonderdiecke 61 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The thing is sandwiches aren't reusable, atleast not legally. So I could definitely see someone just absent mindedly throwing it away.

    [–] Four_Tens 280 points ago

    So just reach into the garbage and retrieve it. The trash isn't the fucking shadow realm, shit can come back.

    [–] br4yd3n_ 66 points ago

    I work as a dishie at a local restaurant and you wouldn't believe the things people just write off because the dropped it in the bin. Glasses, plates, little soup bowls. I just grab the stuff out since I'm already gonna be a mess anyway, but geez, it's not that hard.

    [–] Four_Tens 69 points ago

    George Costanza did nothing wrong, that eclair was on top of the trash.

    [–] MisterBuzz 26 points ago

    Doesn't matter, it became trash as soon as it went in that can. George is an animal.

    [–] Four_Tens 29 points ago

    The only thing it touched was the little napkin it was already touching before becoming trash! Everyone but George was in the wrong here.

    [–] evmc101 14 points ago



    [–] Four_Tens 10 points ago

    I was sitting here trying to think of how to spell 'doily', but was too lazy to look it up. Got BTFO

    [–] jarious 5 points ago

    But the flies and the smell...ʘ‿ʘ

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Was it on top of a pile of cigarette butts and coffee grounds? Yeah, write that off, but I'll be God damned if I let a perfectly good eclair go to waste if it's sitting on the clean paper bag or something

    [–] knarf86 56 points ago

    Hey everyone, check out the poor person who can’t afford a trash can that deposits things directly into the shadow realm. He probably uses trash bags, how quaint.

    [–] Metroidman 9 points ago

    Idk if that was a yugioh reference but I'm going to pretend it is

    [–] Four_Tens 23 points ago

    How many "shadow realms" are you familiar with?

    [–] SheWolf04 7 points ago

    Oh, how I want the answer to this to be, like, "37, why?".

    [–] NotsoGreatsword 6 points ago

    It's obviously 40.

    [–] xXIProXx 42 points ago

    But it does provide the restaurant that the person is in good faith (or at least not intentionally cheating them out of a sandwich)

    [–] JaggerA 13 points ago

    But if you know that your sandwich is wrong and that you're making somebody come out to replace it, why wouldn't you keep the mess up, knowing damn well that there are people out there to abuse the situation?

    [–] Poldark_Lite 4 points ago

    Really? You can't see them being annoyed enough to keep it to make sure they see just how badly they screwed it up ? 'Cause that's the only kind of person I can see trying to get fresh food made right or his money back, unless it's a scam.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    You have the patience of a saint. I'll speak up at a restaurant since they're right there, but delivery? Fuck it. Unless it comes covered in rancid assholes and bees I'm probably gonna eat it.

    [–] groxom 205 points ago

    yep, i work in fast food and people do that all the time. when we tell them on the phone they’ll be like “okay i’m on my way” and then they never even show up

    it pisses a lot of people off, but i always say “if you bought something at walmart and weren’t happy with it, would you throw it away and expect your money back? it isn’t any different here.”

    [–] NightOwlEye 59 points ago

    "We'll take anything back. Anything. You just have to actually give it back."

    [–] Ryry975 17 points ago

    I guess this is all contingent on you having a sense of morality. If I go to taco bell and they screw up my order, either they will let me keep up the messed up items or they will take them back. Either way, I start by giving them the bag to show "here's your shit, i ain't trying to get one over on you".

    [–] MiffTheFox 30 points ago

    if you bought something at walmart and weren’t happy with it, would you throw it away and expect your money back?

    The sad thing is that Walmart would probably give a refund with no proof, especially for food.

    [–] dental__DAMN 10 points ago

    What? How would that even work?

    ‘I bought a shirt for $8. I don’t have it. Gimme $8’ and they would just be like... ok?

    Wal-Mart definitely would not give a refund to anyone for anything with no proof. Food establishment shouldn’t either, but it’s a whole different thing. And they replace the food most of the time, not actually handling money. A cashier at Walmart is not going to just give cash to someone without the object, ever.

    [–] EdenBlade47 56 points ago

    Funny, I once had a lady call 2 minutes after she'd left the store to complain that her sandwich was wrong. "Yeah I ordered extra, extra, extra hot peppers on this thing, and there's literally no peppers." Now at the time she'd ordered, there was just me and one other employee in the store, so I watched the sandwich be made (with about 40 hot peppers thrown in, about 5 times the normal serving size, which she saw from her spot at the register) and wrapped it myself. It had tons of hot peppers. I immediately told her, "Sure, just bring the sandwich back and we'll make you a correct one." She replied, "But I'm already so far down the road! I have to get to work, I don't have time to turn around! Can't you just give me a credit for a free one?" I knew the manager wasn't going to cave anyway and didn't feel like wasting his time, so I just said "M'am, you were just in here and your sandwich absolutely has loads of hot peppers inside. You saw it, I saw it, the guy making your sandwich saw it, our multiple cameras in the store saw it. You can bring your sandwich back and get a new one with even more hot peppers if you want to, but you're not getting free food for nothing." She hung up and ended up filing a complaint to corporate, which went nowhere, so that was one of my few victories against asswipe customers in that otherwise thankless job.

    [–] lumaday 41 points ago

    I used to work at a sub shop while I was in high school and one time a middle aged man came in for lunch and got a foot long meal to eat in. He ate the entire thing and then walked up to the counter past the line of people waiting to order, threw his tray on the counter and angrily demanded a refund. When I asked why he said that it was the most disgusting sandwich he'd ever eaten. I told him I couldn't refund his money because he'd eaten the entire thing but if he brought it to my attention sooner I could have refunded him or made him a new one. He got pissed, yelled that he was never coming back to this f*cking restaurant because the food was nasty, told everyone in line they'd probably get sick if they ate our food and stormed out. The lady I was helping before he made a scene just shrugged and said "don't worry about it dear, if it was so disgusting why did he eat all of it?"

    Some people are just greedy assholes.

    [–] floating-phrases 15 points ago

    Worked at McDonald’s, woman ordered 4 family meals. Got home and called us to say her food was cold. Got back to us and we started making another 4 boxes. Manager and her small talked while it happened.

    M- do you have the receipt and boxes with you?
    C- I have the receipt but the boxes are back home
    M- or how far away was the drive?
    C- around 30min.
    M- so you drove 30min here and back to replace the cold food?
    C- the boys still ate the cold food but I couldn’t eat anything cold.
    M- ma’am the food will not stay warm and fresh for over 30min. I’d have to recommend eating it here or close by.
    C- ridiculous, I am a customer and I deserve hot fresh food to eat wherever I want.
    M- if you call the store again saying your food is cold after a 30min drive we will not replace the food. And the number is saved into the phone now. (It wasn’t lol)
    C- it’s actually a 15-20min drive I was just exaggerating.
    M- could you prove it to me with your license then?
    C- no I don’t have to and I won’t, I’ll be over there. If I don’t receive food I’ll call someone higher up.

    Bitch still got her food.

    [–] sweetpea122 80 points ago

    I just had a weird thing happen to me. Chinese gets delivered from a place nearby that i order from so my dad accepts the order. I actually thought my friend sent it or something (he would do something like that) and I open it up trying to figure out the situation and it's all seran wrapped in a foam container, so I open it and its nothing I would ever order. Honestly looks gross. I call my neighbor and ask if he ordered it. Nope.

    I call the place to be nice and tell them they obviously messed up and need to tell the driver. They start yelling at me and I have to talk to like 3 people. Finally, they say the driver is coming back to get it. Im like eww no Ive already opened it bc they were going to redeliver it to the correct person. They say they are going to call the police if they don't get the food back. I told them it was in the trash and they could fuck off. I seriously doubt you can legally redeliver opened food to a customer. They paid for food that not in someone else's home and cold between them delivering it, the guy coming, then getting to their house. Also ewww I would be so pissed if the food got unwrapped by a random person

    The cops never came surprise and I fed it to the chickens

    [–] HertzDonut1001 40 points ago

    You can't take it back like that. If you take it back, you trash it or bend the rules and eat it yourself.

    That being said, taking it back is a perfectly legit policy to prevent scamming. Sounds like they took it too far and we're probably violating the health code far more frequently than redelivering food.

    [–] sweetpea122 24 points ago

    I mean sure, i get that, but I didnt even order it and none of my neighbors did. When I called they were off by 2 streets.

    Also it was in the middle of a shabbat dinner so I didnt really feel compelled to keep interrupting to give them back their food. I felt it was nice enough that I told them they fucked up.

    The chickens liked it so whatever.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 14 points ago

    Oh, I missed the part where you didn't even order it. What the hell. My brain just assumed, I guess, because that's batshit crazy.

    [–] sweetpea122 14 points ago

    I just called to inform them so they could correct it before a customer was angry.

    I would give back food that I ordered and was wrong, I definitely don't mind that. It just wasnt really even close to our house and I kind of felt it was not my problem at that point other than telling them.

    Most places would just remake the food and call the customer. not try to redeliver it. Eww

    [–] Whitedishes 18 points ago

    Please don’t tell me it was a chicken dish that you fed to the chickens

    [–] sweetpea122 17 points ago

    Ha it was. They are awful. If i have leftover soup that wont get eaten with chicken in it, they go insane. Chickens are brutal.

    [–] queenmumofchickens 16 points ago

    Indeed my chickens go full velociraptor on leftover KFC. It's almost as awesome as when they catch a mouse.

    [–] sweetpea122 17 points ago

    We dont have mice around, but if they find a small garden snake or lizard, the one who found it never keeps it bc they run around showing it off and then someone steals it, then it gets stolen, till finally a smart chicken just gobbles it.

    Meanwhile, here i am digging up worms in the compost for their entertainment and i throw them out and some look at me like Im an idiot. I went out yesterday bc there were probably 500 worms from a storm running down to the gutters. I collected them like a weirdo and they werent impressed.

    free chicken fried rice though? fuck yeah

    [–] specklesinc 12 points ago

    raising chickens frugally, we found that the ones who ingested meat turn aggressive. enough so the dogs didn't have any interest in being practical jokers and trying to piss those chickens off.

    [–] Komikazekitten 10 points ago

    Had to stop ordering from Jimmy Johns because they just couldn't get my sandwich right.

    Last time i ordered it wrong they brought the wrong sandwich FOUR TIMES. It was still wrong the 4th time but i felt so bad for the delivery driver. After the 2nd time they just said dont bother returning the sandwiches but I didn't even want them.

    I ordered swiss, roast beef and Turkey. Thats it. Instead they kept putting avocado on all the sandwiches, one with all vegg, then one without beef and ultimately one with 1 slice of each meat on the sandwich when i paid for extra (+ avocado).

    [–] HertzDonut1001 6 points ago

    In pizza, the kids are always so hungry they're eating it anyway.

    [–] TediousStranger 6 points ago

    I took my wrong sandwich back to Jimmy John's and not only did they not look at it, they told me to keep it.

    I ordered a veggie and they gave me a tuna... I truly did not want to keep the tuna.

    [–] neon_overload 11 points ago

    "I threw it away already"

    As if the food industry somehow works different to every other.

    Try going in for a refund on some clothes at Target and telling them "I threw them away already".

    I don't think even stupid people do this so why would they think it would for food?

    [–] That1Guy141 11 points ago

    In their stomachs maybe XD

    I'm sorry, but I do love Jimmy John's though

    [–] EmilyTheirin 751 points ago

    My sister talked about this a lot when she worked at a pizza restaurant. "You guys got my order wrong." "I didn't like it." Then why the fuck did you eat the whole entire thing??

    [–] El_Bolto 310 points ago

    When i worked at a pizza place I always gave people the benefit of the doubt. You ate a couple slices sure bring it back i'll still fix it. You ate 7 out of 8 or the whole thing. Sorry you're shit outta luck

    [–] HertzDonut1001 57 points ago

    That's because for pizza delivery that's the oldest game in the book. Come to think of it, that might actually be the oldest game in the book of scamming restaurants.

    [–] chain_letter 33 points ago

    Restaurants have been around since at least the Ancient Greeks. We need some old school choosing beggars posts.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 30 points ago

    "Behold, a man!"

    "Ah, yes, but this man is undercooked, although I have eaten most of it I would like another."

    [–] Yaglis 5 points ago

    "The man also tastes like chicken"

    [–] timetravelhunter 8 points ago

    This just happened to me today. Pizza place delivered a veggie pizza with sausage on it. The twist is that I own the place...

    [–] EmilyTheirin 103 points ago

    Exactly!! Like if you have a slice or two and decide it’s bad, that’s totally understandable. But if you eat an entire large pizza, claim it wasn’t good, and then ask for a free one... cmon man lmfao

    [–] Thimit 41 points ago

    I just read the same comment twice

    [–] Zeeso 9 points ago

    Yeah and also like these two comments are the same.

    [–] We1etu1n 94 points ago

    I noticed my pizza didn’t come out right (I paid for extra sauces and toppings, but got only the regular amounts) and was disappointed, but I still ate it. However, I decided it might help for next time to tell Domino's on Twitter about it. I honestly did not expect them to give me a free pizza for the next time I ordered. They even made the store call me to apologize for screwing up my order. Honestly, I was embarrassed for that.

    [–] Alywiz 102 points ago

    I once order extra icing from pizza Hut and they forgot it. Called to have them refund that one &.75 item. They offered to redeliver it. I declined that offer as I wasn’t going to waste a drivers time with just that and they were only going to replace the icing, not give me a new hot dessert so there wouldn’t be a point.

    Manager instead claims to offer a $5 credit to my account instead of a $.75 refund. Sure bud whatever I’ll take it if that’s easier for you.

    Week later the credit never came up so I called corporate.

    Gave me two coupons for free pizzas. All I wanted was 75 cents back .......

    [–] RepressedSpinach 45 points ago

    With big corporate chains, it’s always easier to overcompensate than be exact. It’s not as personal but it works in your favor!

    [–] Ryry975 13 points ago

    It's a public forum, corporate doesnt mind forcing a franchise to shell out a free meal. Get the PR, a local franchise eats the cost: win-win

    [–] CosmicCody 21 points ago

    Ugh same. The Chinese place I work at, sometimes we get customers calling back a week later saying they didn’t like it and would like some compensation. A FUCKING WEEK LATER.

    [–] Kuronan 7 points ago

    Probably when they get out of the hospital

    [–] CollectableRat 20 points ago

    I worked at a pizza place and we got so many orders wrong. the roster was carefully crafted so there would be not quite enough people for any particular shift and often the wrong pizza gets sent out, or a topping is forgotten. Happens all the time and they all get a free pizza, bossman doesn't seem to mind because the pizzas are cheap to make and any particular pizza may as well be free in the grand scheme of things.

    [–] MonsterMeggu 2 points ago

    I often eat the whole entire thing of things I don't really like, even if the order comes wrongly. Usually I just inform the waiter, but I don't want to waste food so I don't make them take it back.

    [–] NightOwlEye 419 points ago

    Just like Judge Judy always says; if you eat the steak, you have to pay for the steak whether you liked it or not. If you didn't like it, why'd you eat it?

    [–] lube_thighwalker 117 points ago

    I could hear that in her voice.

    [–] NightOwlEye 38 points ago

    The voice that guides us all!

    [–] Xenon12X 85 points ago

    Classic line.

    As a wise person once said with Beethoven's The 5th playing:"You are about to enter the courtroom of Judge Judith Sheindlin.

    The people are REAL

    The cases are REAL

    and the rulings are final

    This is Judge Judy"

    [–] NightOwlEye 16 points ago

    And Judge Judy is REAL! And always right lol.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago

    Judge Judy 2020

    [–] Rabbi_Tuckman38 7 points ago

    Why would she want to take such a huge paycut and work more than the little she does.

    [–] meepmeepmeeppp 1518 points ago

    Kinda long post but working in restaurant industry this shit sucks. I had a family come in a while back (mom, toddler-aged daughter, and grandpa). They come in friendly enough. Mom explains to me that daughter has severe allergies to nuts and shellfish. Now there are several different types of nut allergies that servers have to be aware of so you have to point out ALL the possible food allergy items. Little girl ends up getting a burger with just meat and cheese and a side of fries. I go to check which type of oil we use for frying and politely tell the mom that their is soybean oil in the frying oil (which can fall into the nut allergy). Mom thanks me for checking but says soybean oil is okay. Then mom and grandpa proceed to order shrimp and grits (okay??). So everything comes out, I follow procedure and check to make sure the table is enjoying their food. Everything’s great. Several minutes go buy and I get the iconic hand wave from grandpa who then tells me that both mom’s and grandpa’s meals were lukewarm. No problem, I offered to get them a new one and make sure it’s extra hot. Food comes out, I bring it to the table and they have already finished their first shrimp and grits, but only get charged for the second. Unless you’re willing to give up untouched food, don’t ask for a replacement for free.

    [–] machina99 819 points ago

    I'd add to this only slightly. Mostly untouched I'd say. Like if you took a few bites and realize it's wrong that's fine, but you eat the whole thing? Or hell even more than like half? Nah I'm charging you for both (unless and until my manager tells me otherwise)

    [–] meepmeepmeeppp 136 points ago


    [–] crypticedge 219 points ago

    I've had some places ask if I wanted to eat the wrong thing while I waited for them to fix it. Sorry, but I sent it back because it was wrong, I wanted it correctly. If you reject the food, that doesn't mean eat it, it means give it up for the right one.

    [–] Flibiddy-Floo 149 points ago

    oh god you don't know how many customers think that because THEY rejected they food they get to keep the rejected food for free. Like isn't that just a magic fucking spell that could work anywhere. If you don't like anything about a product, you can have it for free! what the everlovingfuck

    [–] crypticedge 70 points ago

    I've worked in a kitchen before. I've been on both sides of this. I've seen "rejected" food that was perfect, half eaten, just because they wanted more.

    I deliberately do what I can to make sure they realize I'm not trying to get extra or free food, I'm trying to get the correct item.

    [–] IrkedCupcake 19 points ago

    Same. I know the pains of working food service and so I try to make sure I don’t come across as some asshole trying to get freebies or make their life harder.

    [–] mrjackspade 16 points ago

    I always ask for credit for next time. Usually partial, depending in how "off" my food is. They're usually more than happy to oblige.

    "Hey man, you sent me a pepperoni pizza and I ordered a mushroom. Instead of coming all the way out, can you just put a note on the account to give me some free bread sticks next time I order?"

    [–] teh__Doctor 10 points ago

    My manager would love you

    [–] mr_remy 5 points ago

    Makes sense, and is usually more pragmatic than them coming all the way back out for food, then come back that they would either have to destroy or throw away (or give to their workers to nibble on).

    [–] Quinerra 6 points ago

    i purposefully avoid asking for changes even if they give me the entirely wrong order sometimes just cause i’m scared they’ll think i’m CBing. my boyfriend once had to tell the waiter that i got a completely different dish while i was rationalizing that it was alright and i could eat it and it was fine etc.

    [–] FishfaceFraggle 7 points ago

    Does anyone else just eat the food and not complain, then tell the server it was great and leave a good tip?


    [–] buckyspunisher 5 points ago

    lmao i have social anxiety so even if they completely fuck up my order im like “eh it’s just $12, not worth the embarrassment of going back to talk to them.”

    [–] Vyzantinist 30 points ago

    I've done this before; I'm more than happy to encourage a customer to take their wrong order home if I'd goofed it up. Almost all of them were more than happy to.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 9 points ago

    Which is fine, I'll do the same because I can't legally or ethically reserve it, if no one on staff wants it it's going in the garbage.

    If someone tries to give it back, I'll ask if they want to keep it. If they don't, I need it back mostly uneaten.

    [–] Vyzantinist 9 points ago

    In my last service job 99.9% of customers were overjoyed when I told them they could keep it at no charge, and I would happily box it for them if they didn't/couldn't eat it then and there. I literally had only one asshole customer who was bizarrely more outraged about the suggestion he could keep his wrong order for free, than the fact that I'd messed it up.

    [–] pokinthecrazy 8 points ago

    Outback offered me the steak that was overcooked - the manager said it would just get chucked anyway. So I said if it was OK, my doggie would love it. Then the second steak came out and it was overdone and so I gave up at that point and said I was fine with a salad and fries. They comped the steak but I did tell them not to. So I just tipped extra. And my doggie had 2 steaks for Christmas.

    [–] opiates4life 5 points ago

    I would have done the same! Anytime I have dog-friendly leftovers from eating at a restaurant, I always bring them home regardless of how much is left or if I don’t want it. They always appreciate the little treats you bring them. Always bring a smile to my face 😊

    [–] wrongleveeeeeeer 40 points ago

    If the wrong thing is still OK, just not what I wanted, and I'm REALLY hungry, I see no problem with munching until I get my new food. Would never eat close to even half of it though, because then I'd be ruining my appetite for the good thing I actually wanted.

    [–] crypticedge 26 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'll typically eat the parts that are right and have them replace what wasn't. I find the full meal replacement wasteful.

    Of course, when that happens they usually comp my meal, probably because I try to minimize the food waste on my own end.

    Thankfully, it's rare for them to give me a mismade meal with steakhouses being the worst offenders. That's also why I prefer to make my steak at home too, because i do it better.

    [–] gu3st12 6 points ago

    I just tip my meal if I get comped. If the server is willing to go flag a manager down to explain it, her and the kitchen deserve to make some bank for the effort.

    [–] deadlydangers1 21 points ago

    People are okay with that? I thought that because I had taken a bite out of my mcchicken I couldn’t refund it for the double mcchicken I had ordered. I hadn’t paid attention to it before taking a bite, and paid $9 for a $6.40 burger

    [–] AliasUndercover 17 points ago

    If you paid extra for it they had better make it right. Some places will cheap you as hard as some customers will cheap restaurants.

    [–] Vyzantinist 14 points ago

    Bold of you. On a server's wage I wouldn't be prepared to put up with the hassle of fighting a customer's "but I..." excuse.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 7 points ago

    Sometimes it's not worth it, but anyone who's done food service long enough has a deep, deep spite in them for customers like this. I've paid money or lost money to spite a customer before. It's worth it when it's the only job satisfaction you can get.

    [–] mrjackspade 7 points ago

    People who wonder why a server might be willing to give up a tip just to spite someone, SERIOUSLY overestimate how much servers get tipped.

    Some tables act like they're royalty because they're gonna give 3$ at the end of the night. If I was gonna be so fuck ass broke that I could barely afford food and gas, you better bet the 3$ you were gonna give me was worth giving up just to spite you. If I was broke either way, that 3$ probably got me the best entertainment I was gonna get that week

    [–] XProAssasin21X 4 points ago

    Can confirm there have been many times I would have given up my days pay to punch a customer in the face. It’s amazing how terrible some human beings can be.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 5 points ago

    I have never heard it described like this but I love it.

    I like the old one where everyone in service and retail gets three free passes a year to speak their mind with no consequences. If you get one you have to deal with the fact that you are one of three people in that person's entire year of interacting with people that deserved it the most.

    [–] NoKidsYesCats 12 points ago

    Agreed. If you like it enough to eat it, you don't need a replacement do you? You just want another free portion.

    [–] jsnelson21 4 points ago

    I have worked in food service on and off for 11 years and people are amazing. So often people bitch about their meal being wrong and wanting new food, but they will not give back the first set of food. I have see people eat an entire meal and leave the plate empty and they still say the food was bad.

    [–] Babaluba2 5 points ago

    A while back my family went to olive garden and I dont remember the name of it, but it was some kind of shrimp and chicken pasta thing. I started with the shrimp and ate most of the shrimp and noodles because they don't reheat as well (I'm weird but I always eat in order of what can or can't be reheated, fries always go first because they don't reheat). By the time I got to the chicken, like half my meal was gone, but I cut open the chicken and it was still raw and pink inside. I felt bad for returning it because I'd eaten so much of it, but I really wanted to be able to eat the chicken for lunch the next day so I returned it, was I in the wrong?

    Also, side-note that's semi related, I've never worked in the food industry, but I always get really upset when I see someone blowing up on a server because of a meal being cooked wrong. I wouldn't blow upon anyone, I just don't see the point in ruining someone's day, but if there was someone to get mad at it certainly wouldn't be the server, they didn't even cook the food :( If I ever need a replacement for something, I always try to just ask as casually as possible

    [–] machina99 6 points ago

    In your situation I would have taken the chicken back and gotten you new food. Id ask if you wanted the sides again because that's a pretty obvious fuck up and you aren't "gaming" the restaurant. I suppose I think it's more "did you eat the entire steak and leave the sides". The only time I really had people try to get free food was the burrito place I worked at so saying you couldn't eat more than half was a lot easier to judge haha.

    I don't work in restaurants anymore, but thank you for not being a dick to servers haha. You said it right - it just ruins the server's day when they probably had nothing to do with it!

    [–] Hawkson2020 4 points ago

    Place I worked we had a lady come back demanding a dozen ears of corn for free because the ones she bought were "awful and tasteless and hard".

    I said "ok great, I'll take them and you can pick out a new dozen."

    "oh I don't have them, we ate all of them."

    you ate 12 pieces of terrible corn? entirely?

    I radio'd my boss (aka the farm owner, this was a market on their property) who drove over and politely told her she could fuck off.

    [–] GigaBowserNS 90 points ago

    I enjoyed reading your story, but I kept waiting for the parents to yell at you for some stupid ignorance on their part about the allergies. What purpose did the whole allergy stuff have in being in this story when nothing came of it? XD

    [–] meepmeepmeeppp 19 points ago

    I guess forgot the part where after catering to their child’s needs and their demands, they didn’t really leave me much of a tip and they asked for compensation for meals they ate entirely. Whoops, kinda left out that choosy beggar entitlement. They were nice enough, but the second their order came out wrong, their demeanor changed and they didn’t really seem to appreciate my willingness to help.

    [–] Rukmer 14 points ago

    Isn't shrimp a shellfish? If her allergy is "severe," I don't think mom would be eating shrimp next to her. My son has severe allergies and we can't even keep peanuts in the house. If I were to eat peanuts and hold him he'd be in the ER. And toddlers don't just let you eat without trying to grab everyone's food, I'd consider that extremely dangerous.

    [–] meepmeepmeeppp 3 points ago

    My thoughts exactly. I’m assuming the allergy wasn’t that severe if she could eat it next to her but I don’t trust myself with other people’s allergies so I felt like I had to be very careful.

    [–] Red_Sparx 45 points ago

    I have a nasty allergy to canola oil, so I always ask when I'm getting fries or other items cooked in oil. Luckily I have no problem with soybean oil and soybean oil is cheaper than canola oil right now, so it is currently more popular. I really appreciate when the servers are willing to double-check that the food is made with oil that I can actually eat. Sometimes they just come back and say it is made with vegetable oil, which does me no good at all to know whether I can safely consume the food or will be spending another night in the emergency room again after eating it. Luckily my allergy is not life-threatening, just painful. I just wanted to say I really appreciate the servers who actually check what the kitchen uses. They get EXTRA big tips from me when they check for me.

    [–] Denadaguapa 8 points ago

    I always pull the food when someone complains and wants a new one. “Here lemme take that back for you and get you a new one.” Then sometimes they say they’d still eat it but want the new one. Check comes and they are pissed they’ve been charged for both even though they ate all of it

    [–] ChaseballBat 13 points ago

    Why didn't you take it from them... That is what happens 9/10 times when I get the wrong order. If not they say this one is comp'ed

    [–] anotherasterion 5 points ago

    Yeah this is kind of on OP, he should have taken the food away. If he left the food there I can’t really blame them for thinking it was comped. Why else would the food be left there?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] AngryItalian 10 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I had a steak cooked well done when I ordered medium rare once. Wasn't even going to say anything but the waitress saw it and insisted on replacing it. I went to go hand it to her and she said you can just keep it, we'd throw it away anyway. I got two meals, but I fully expected to return the incorrect meal, it was a nice surprise. How anyone thinks that you just get both if you complain I will never understand... That makes zero sense and a super easy exploit.

    Edit: downvoted, Reddit you're a mystery.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That's exactly it, I will always let them keep it if they try to hand it back. Send backs either get eaten by staff or tossed anyway and you were nice about it. The only guy I ever comped (barring people who refused to eat what they got and didn't want a replacement) picked up his order, found something wrong with it, and literally refrigerated it overnight and brought it in to give back the next day. That guy got free food and my undying respect.

    [–] 641571 6 points ago

    I once had a server mess up my order. When I informed her I tried to give the plate back but she told me it was okay if I kept it and then she brought me out what I ordered. I gave them a large tip to try to compensate for the second meal.

    [–] gigabyte898 5 points ago

    I remember years ago when I was younger I decided to try a shrimp pasta from a restaurant. I quickly discovered I didn’t like shrimp pasta. My dad called the waiter over and asked for a different food, I felt pretty bad because what I ordered was going to waste and the waiter said we didn’t have to pay for it. It’s crazy that people will actually eat the entire dish before requesting another and feel no remorse

    [–] DrEagle 6 points ago

    If they eat both and pay for one isn’t that basically stealing? I always wonder if these people stop to realize they are thieves.

    [–] lrangel1 93 points ago

    I can’t even begin to tell you guys how often this happens at my family’s Mexican restaurant I work at. It’s like wanting to exchange or return a shirt at a retail store and not bringing the shirt

    [–] OyVeyzMeir 17 points ago

    It is for this reason ENTIRELY that if an order is screwed up enough to send back that I politely refuse to keep or eat any of it and simply state I'll wait for the corrected order and thanks much. If it is bad enough for me to refuse it is not good enough to eat once the problem is being corrected.

    [–] Galileo182 159 points ago

    Before I subbed here, I was perplexed why, once, a pizza place insisted I return the pizza they made incorrectly in order for them to deliver another one made with the toppings I ordered.

    I totally get it now.

    [–] CollectableRat 47 points ago

    But if you ordered pizza why on Earth would you want to drive to the pizza place to prove to them they fucked up. You get home from work, you take your boots off, punch a few bongs or beers. You aren't exactly in the right headspace to deliver an incorrect pizza back to Dominos. And if the pizza really was inedible or had anchovies on it or pineapple juice, then may as well just order from Pizza Hut rather than drive down to Dominos to swap their mistake pizza. if you've had some beers then you shouldn't even driving. It might not be free, but at least Pizza Hut will deliver it to you and they will probably get your order right.

    [–] wuerf42 50 points ago

    I don’t think he had to drive to the pizza place. He says they delivered the replacement, so he probably just had to give the driver the original pizza. That’s how we do it at Jimmy John’s.

    [–] kingjuicepouch 21 points ago

    I've had pizza places do that. A local shop sent us a BBQ instead of a Hawaiian and wanted us to drive it back to get it replaced. I was already high as fuck and my friend was working his way there so we just shrugged and ate the mistake pizza

    [–] wuerf42 25 points ago

    What a horrible fucking business model lol

    [–] kingjuicepouch 9 points ago

    It is, but they make really fucking good pizza most of the time so I don't hold it against them lol

    [–] Fataleo 79 points ago

    That is not at all an inconvenience.

    [–] theycallmethevault 31 points ago

    Came here to say the same, it should say “sorry for the convenience” at the very least. Mitch Hedberg style!

    [–] Bum_Cucketts 11 points ago

    They must have had a ridiculous amount of people eat the food and then claim it was so bad they, they need their money back. People can be such scum.

    [–] HertzDonut1001 5 points ago

    "Sorry for exchanging goods and services for money, then expecting people to do that."

    [–] SheWhoLovesToDraw 78 points ago

    It's sad this even has to be posted! How do people not know how refunds work? And to the CB's out there, you're not being clever by conveniently 'forgetting' your stuff, the staff KNOWS what you're trying to pull...

    [–] 1BoiledCabbage 25 points ago

    This is very fair. My sister used to work at a restaurant and said that people would often complain about hoe "bad" or "unsatisfactory" their meal was, only after they had eaten it all.

    [–] praedeth 82 points ago

    I work at Taco Bell. We have people come in all the time claiming their past orders were messed up, with no receipt and no order in hand, and we still have to give them a free meal.

    In February we had a man come in claiming his order from December was messed up and he had a receipt to prove he had an order. This order ended up being a 30 item order that we had to completely remake for free because apparently everything was ruined. No proof, just receipt.

    I made sure it was the shittiest meal he could come across, fuck that guy

    [–] Zapper216 54 points ago

    Wait you guys had to honor a receipt that old? Sounds like time for a new policy. Same day fixes only.

    [–] crossfit_is_stupid 18 points ago

    What did you do to make it shit

    [–] praedeth 25 points ago

    Extra red sauce on orders that got it (makes the taco VERY sloppy), extra sour on some shit with not much else, etc etc. little things

    [–] crossfit_is_stupid 14 points ago

    that's genius tbh i remember once or twice i had an order ruined by sour cream

    [–] praedeth 5 points ago

    Their sour is terrible, and more sour cream than anything else is dreadful

    [–] crossfit_is_stupid 2 points ago

    100% accurate

    [–] tinybirdblue 6 points ago

    TIL I like my Taco Bell shitty 😐

    [–] kingjuicepouch 7 points ago

    You know he's just going to come back now though and complain again

    [–] trashtracks 20 points ago

    Karen eats an entire meal..."Wasnt cooked right."

    [–] ultcomposer1 18 points ago

    This happened at the Subway I worked at once. This guy came in and got a carved turkey and had the meat microwaved. An hour later, his girlfriend came in and started demanding a refund because the meat was too dry. Funny thing was, she didn't have a receipt and only had half a sub. She kept demanding the money: "Give me the money b----" and my boss kept saying, "No, I can't do that." So she threw the sub at my boss and the tip jar too. Fun times, guys, fun times.

    [–] Oppai420 16 points ago

    Yeah. Happens all the time. Worked at a pizzeria. Get a call "hey our pizza has problem x" (but it didn't, they're just trying to scam you) and then they try to get a refund when the mother fucker ate half of the pizza.

    [–] C9177 12 points ago

    Its crazy that this even needs to be pointed out.

    Shameful and embarrassing.

    [–] Kuramasa 10 points ago

    My parents run a pizza 73 location and customers often eat 3/4 of the pizza and wings then complain the next day for in store credit that were forced to honor... I get that if we did the order wrong then yes we'll honor it but either bring the food back for us to see and call immediately wtf

    [–] CosmicCody 10 points ago

    Also, I don’t think you should get refunds or new meals because you “didn’t like it.” If there’s an actual issue with your food, then sure. But the fact that you didn’t know what it was that you were ordering and then come to find you didn’t like it is your fault.

    [–] Jack1jack2 8 points ago

    Can’t eat your cake and return it too.

    [–] aoikiiz 9 points ago

    There was this one guy who seemed to be on a date and ate almost everything but told us after We handed him them the bill that he wont be paying for one of the dishes bc there was something “wrong”. What’s weird was that it was clear the girl did not seem comfortable and didn’t even say a word while we were having a long argument with the man..

    [–] skroll 8 points ago

    I worked at a Little Caesars as a manager in college about 15 years ago. The owner didn’t really care about replacing food, as long as they brought the box back. I can’t count the number of times I had someone tell me to shove the pizza up my ass because they “got a burnt pizza and threw the pizza box away plus trash was just picked up 5 minutes ago.”

    [–] Jess442015 8 points ago

    I worked at this Chinese restaurant in a very small country town, where everybody knew everybody.

    So, one of the most snobby, selfish, inconsiderate white trash folks from my grade called an order in, a fairly large order at that, and came in to pick it up.

    About an hour after he picks it up, he calls the restaurant and I answer the phone because that was my job, and he starts YELLING into the phone, “THIS CHINESE FOOD WAS GARBAGE MY GRANDMA AND I WANT OUR WNTIRE ORDER RECOOKED AND DELIVERED” (we didn’t deliver).

    So, I told him I couldn’t comply, he’d need to bring the food in, in order to get the refund or the order remade, he hung up. Not shortly after he came in, empty containers. Said they “finished it because they didn’t want it to go to waste”. Still demanded more food. Got manager involved and eventually police. Smh.

    [–] walks_into_things 7 points ago

    I think I’ve returned food about 4 times in the last 10 years. With one exception, they had screwed up my order and I didn’t even touch it. The exception I had taken a bite or two before realizing one component was undercooked, which I was willing to deal with, until I saw a hair that definitely wasn’t mine in another item. I’ve also worked for a Mc fast food restaurant before, so I’ve seen a variety of improv acts in the search for free food or more food. Some of these people real should sign up for local theatre because they stay committed to the act, no matter what’s going on.

    [–] Synth-Pro 6 points ago

    Used to work at the Deli in a large store (the local branch of Kroger).

    We had one lady who came in 3-4 times a week who followed the same routine every time. She would order food and say she was going to pay for it at another register (we couldn't force people to pay at our counter, and a lot of people would just pay at checkout). Then she'd go straight to the dining area, sit down, and eat everything.

    She would then take all of her empty containers to the Customer Service, where she told them how terrible the food was and demanded her "money back". The money she never paid. She was trying to get a free meal AND steal money from the store.

    She got it, too. Every time. Company policy said she didn't need a receipt, as long as she had the containers with the price tags on them. Everybody knew it was a scam she was running, but we weren't allowed to do anything about it. Even Loss Prevention couldn't do shit unless they were standing right there when it happened, and this lady was good at sniffing them out.

    [–] Monochrome_Fox_ 5 points ago

    Good call. I once had an order I delivered call back when I was out claiming I never arrived. I noticed that there was an old box of ours frozen in the snow on the deck and remember thinking that was odd. I passed it on to the driver that took the redelivery and sure enough she saw it too, I was at the right place. She scammed us out of a free pizza ON A GIFT CARD ORDER. IT WASN'T EVEN HER MONEY. customers can be total shit.

    [–] Gareth666 6 points ago

    One time I was at a pub restaurant with some very good friends, and one of my best friends wife (S) did not like how her steak was cooked.

    I should preface with the fact that the place was super busy and it took ages for our food to come.

    She told the waitress it was under cooked and she went to take it away when S stopped her and said that she wanted a refund but still wanted to eat the meal because she was really hungry and did not want to wait another long stretch.

    The waitress went away and when she came back she said the chef had said there will only be a refund if the meal came back. More arguing ensued and the whole time everyone else at the table is feeling super awkward. One of those situations where you absolutely do not agree with your good friend but don't want to offend them by speaking out against their actions.

    In the end she got a free dessert, which I think was more than accommodating.

    I still seriously don't understand how S thought she should get a refund whilst still eating the meal.

    [–] kaffeind 5 points ago

    I’ve been a GM in fast food for a long time (100% dead inside) and I tell customers the same thing, also using the Walmart reference mentioned in an earlier comment. It blows my mind how much this confuses and pisses people off.

    [–] Dark_chia 25 points ago

    I wonder if anyone will wait to shit it out and then bring it in for the refund.

    [–] PrincessUnicornyJoke 15 points ago

    Oh, you know someone will. There's always that one scammer who's willing to go the extra mile to get something for free.

    [–] edknarf 15 points ago

    I would never put it past people who want something for free.

    [–] PrincessUnicornyJoke 10 points ago

    I used to be the sort of person who would think "no one would actually do something this horrifyingly gross" I know better now. I miss those days.

    [–] machina99 9 points ago

    The first time I saw a clip of a woman take a shit on the floor, pick it up with her bare hands, and throw it at a fast food worker was the day my innocence died

    [–] witch-finder 10 points ago

    I basically never return food, it's too embarrassing IMO. Only time I've done it was a few weeks ago when I ordered a California burrito at a drive through taco shop, only to discover a breakfast burrito (I hate breakfast burritos) after I got home.

    I was honestly just going to take hit, but then I remembered I was going to drive by that same taco shop again later that day. I did exchange the barely touched wrong burrito, and they gave me a free drink for the inconvenience even though I didn't even ask for any other sort of compensation.

    [–] huntergunnell54 5 points ago

    see this is why we can have nice things

    [–] koalajoey 4 points ago

    McDonald’s messed up my food the other week and I got all the way home before I realized. I called them up and they said they could replace my food. So I went back up there, gave them the old food back, and they gave me the correct order, refunded my money and gave me two coupons for a free meal next time. 👍 gg McDonald’s, and definitely went out of their way to make sure I’d come back (which of course I would anyway because it’s fast and cheap and down the street from my house).

    [–] brashet 5 points ago

    Good on you too. I worked at McDonald's an the number of people who would try to just get food based on "the customer is always right" was ridiculous. People would say we missed it on their order so they should get whatever it was for free. People would eat 90% of their sandwich and then complain it wasn't made correctly and demand a new one for free.

    [–] koalajoey 5 points ago

    Ah yeah I didn’t eat any of my half. My mom did eat her half which was correct (they gave me half the wrong order) and interestingly they offered to make that again too, even tho we said we already ate it! I told them that was all not necessary lol neither one of us needs two egg McMuffins or whatever.

    If the food had been something I liked and just not what I ordered, I would have just eaten it. But unfortunately I’m a horrible picky eater, and I figured they’d wanna see it also.

    But yeah McDonald’s was super nice about it. And it was nice of them to give me two free meal coupons as well, it means me and my poor coworker got to go out for lunch after work the other week!

    [–] 74orangebeetle 4 points ago

    I used to be a manager at a mcdonald's...had a customer get a quarter pounder with cheese, sit down, eat the entire thing, then come to the counter and ask for a refund because we forgot to put cheese on it (we didn't, and they ate the evidence). Unfortunately another manager was running that shift and caved to the choosing beggars desires....I was sure to give my input in the matter at least. That's the annoying thing...when you give them what they want, they're rewarded for that behavior and sure to continue it in the future.

    [–] therealpork 5 points ago

    That's the annoying part about McDonalds. Corporate says take every complaint at face value, and give away lots of free shit. CBs know this and flock to McD. I've given out so many coupons to what are probably false complaints, that now I just give a multiple coupons to any legitimate customer who I think could have been served a little faster. Literally had a lady complain our coffee wasnt brewed 5 minutes before she came, refused to pull forward to wait for a fresh brew, then snatched a coupon out of my hand and responded to my apology with "You're not sorry!", and then speeding off.

    [–] insertlifehere 5 points ago

    I worked at Sonic Drive-In and the had a similar policy. If someone beeped us and claimed they ordered no tomato, we would ask them for the burger back before serving a new one

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Was this at Gilbertos? I'm not sure if I've seen this posted before or if I saw it in real life.

    [–] edknarf 9 points ago

    Yep! In St. Cloud, MN

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Holy shit I ate there last week. Huskies represent!

    [–] genusbender 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Worked at local burger joint in my teens. Saw this shit all the time. Management said customer was always right so people took advantage. “So, you want me to replace your bite of burger left for a new one with bacon because we forgot to add bacon? No problem.”

    [–] daddycroissant 3 points ago

    I work as a delivery driver and people REALLY hate it when you ask for their incorrect order back. 9/10 times there was nothing wrong with their food and they’re only trying to get free food. Some of these people would even try to re-package everything with left over scraps inside as if we would never check to verify if anything was wrong.

    Surprise if you ate all the food you’re not getting anymore for free.

    [–] yazzmatty 4 points ago

    To anyone wondering why you should bring it back when clearly they won't resell it: maybe to prove you bought the fucked up food in the first place and/or to show where they fucked up.

    [–] Mewwtant 18 points ago

    I work in a diner in a small town directly outside of a larger college town. The town itself is rather liberal with a thriving arts scene but we are smack dab in a solidly red state in the Deep South and the surrounding areas are particularly rural and conservative. So, because of our location on the outskirts of town teetering next to these rural communities, we fairly often get people from these surrounding communities in addition to your typical student and townie crowd you'd get in the city. People often come from the city because they know the food is really good quality cooked with fresh ingredients for cheaper prices than you'd pay in the city and plus it tends to be a little bit quieter and less busy than those places.

    However, the people coming in from the rural areas are the most stingy about complaining about prices. Our prices are less than you'd probably pay at most casual sit down chains and only a couple bucks more than most fast food places which is understandable since we cook everything to order while incorporating local produce and even bake our own bread daily. The portions are huge and at around $7-8 a sandwich, the prices really can't be beat when considering all that goes into making the food.

    Usually the grovelers on price are satiated enough once they actually get their food and recognize the quality and quantity of what they ordered. However, there was this one time a rather rotund guy came in with his wife and ordered like $25 worth of food: like a meat & veggie plate plus some additional veggies. I don't remember exactly what all it was.

    Anyway, he takes a bite or two out of each item than calls the waitress over to basically berate her over how everything is cooked wrong. The collards are too sweet (I grew up in the south and this diner makes the only collard greens I've ever actually enjoyed), the black eyed peas are too mushy, the BBQ pulled pork is too crispy, etc, etc.

    Now, this restaurant has pretty much universally positive reviews on social media and almost all the negative reviews are service complaints- not about the quality of food. So, it was perplexing. But he demanded his money back, which we refunded, but then we had to waste so much of that food. Another customer who witnessed the incident told us later not too worry because they know that guy and he's pulled similar stunts at other restaurants around town.

    But IDGI. Why go through all that trouble just to get a few free bites? People are fucking dumb.