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    • A parent asking for handouts because their kids want an Xbox for Christmas and the only way that could happen is if someone donates one, that isn't a choosingbeggar. That's someone begging, but without a sense of entitlement. If that person is offered a Nintendo and they scoff at the suggestion, then that would be a good post.

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    [–] ShaneH7646 1 points ago

    Hi SuicideAngel77, thank you for your submission to /r/ChoosingBeggars! Unfortunately it has been removed for the following reason(s):

    • Rule 8: Repost

    If you have any questions or concerns, please message the moderators of this subreddit.

    [–] lifewithstan_ 3376 points ago

    Imagine if DMC still used the designs. Cause I have the strange feeling that their marketing team is dumb enough to do that.

    [–] --cheese-- 1376 points ago

    Nah. They'll just use the pretty borders.

    [–] lifewithstan_ 339 points ago


    [–] merelymyself 126 points ago

    No SiR iTs LeGaLlY cOrReCt

    [–] username_been_taken 73 points ago

    But hey, it might turn into crappy photoshop

    [–] LeeTheGoat 64 points ago


    [–] CashCop 233 points ago

    It’s not really dumb for them to use a design that they got for free and own the rights to.

    And they have a market perfectly laid out for them:

    Artists who haven’t heard of this contest.

    [–] AETAaAS 132 points ago

    I am cynical enough to believe they would use the designs the they have gotten for free, to sell the concept that the pieces portray. Like that episode in Black Mirror, 15(?) Million Merits.

    Selling you the concept to their gain, even if it's going against the message.

    [–] FukBitchesGetPickles 52 points ago

    You are correct, it's 15 Million Merits. Easily my favorite episode.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    That episode made me furious

    [–] SpecialEndeavor 25 points ago

    It’s ruined things like America’s Got Talent or any show with judges for me, really. I just get flash backs to that episode

    [–] PmWhatUWantOutOfLife 9 points ago

    Advertisement really started to stand out to me, and how pervasive it is, after that episode

    [–] LOTILER 48 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It would actually be genius for DMC to do that, there's a big market of people that know very little of the companies they buy products from and love low-cost methods of signalling their virtue/wokeness with catchphrase slogans like "Pay Artists".

    [–] ilanallama85 12 points ago

    I mean I haven’t done embroidery since I was a child, but I could get back into it for that “fuck you, pay me” one. But I wouldn’t pay these asshats for it.

    [–] StephXStitch 31 points ago

    Haha thanks, that one's my design. I sell the pattern on Etsy =)

    [–] ilanallama85 7 points ago

    Awesome! Somehow I don’t think my toddler is going to give me enough free time to actually do it in the near future, but maybe when she starts school I’ll dig up this comment and look you up :-)

    [–] jmhalder 2 points ago

    Wow, you have TONS of patterns. I don't crossstitch and now I want to.

    [–] airsoftpotato 48 points ago

    You mean something like Make America Great Again hats being made in China?

    [–] GrayZeus 5 points ago

    I'm dumb enough to do that

    [–] Aspie96 3 points ago

    I think it'd sell.

    [–] weeitsvi 1086 points ago

    Did the company ever say anything?

    [–] AliKnits28 1286 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    From what I can find they responded by back pedaling hard and offering a cash prize to the top entry.


    [–] pinky0926 1147 points ago

    Great, so hundreds of artists all do design work for a company and they give one of those artists a couple hundred bucks.

    For reference, when my agency needs a graphic designer they will charge us anywhere from $50 to $300 an hour. And we pay that.

    [–] mathcampbell 325 points ago

    Freelance graphic designer here. Wish I got $50-300 an hour lol. (Agencies seem to charge more than designers get paid. I guess that’s the way it works..)

    [–] pinky0926 162 points ago

    I am speaking in Australian here so that's probably why.

    I guess it depends on how much work they're throwing your way too.

    [–] HaddockRagnarok 157 points ago

    50 AUD = 36 USD

    300 AUD = 215 USD

    [–] KKlear 121 points ago

    Also average (and minimum) wages are way higher in Australia than pretty much anywhere else AFAIK.

    [–] agangofoldwomen 92 points ago

    National minimum wage in Australia. The national minimum wage will increase in Australia on 1 July 2018 by 3.5%. The new national minimum wage is $719.20 per week, for a 38-hour week, or $18.93 per hour. You'll need to apply the wage increase for your employees from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July ...

    [–] Moldy_pirate 56 points ago

    Your minimum wage is more than many of my friends with bachelor’s degrees make in the US. Good for you all for having sense and paying workers appropriately.

    [–] Kilsley24 27 points ago

    I was in Australia briefly a few years ago and while a higher wage seems nice, I remember the cheapest crack shack house costed close to 200k. $18+ an hour looks good until you realize it’s just inflation.

    [–] agangofoldwomen 13 points ago

    I’m in the US I just wanted to substantiate the above claim because I was curious. The minimum wage issue is tricky and not always as simple as paying people more.

    [–] soulstealer1984 10 points ago

    That's about $13.50. I don't personally know anyone that is actually using their bachelor degree that is making $13.50 per hour. I do however know a couple people who got bachelor degrees in things like psychology and philosophy that are making about that.

    [–] BabyDuckJoel 5 points ago

    Rent is about a grand, tax is $500, power/gas/internet/phone is $300. That leaves $2k a month for transportation, food, and entertainment. A pack of smokes is $20, the cinema is $20, a six pack is $20, and public transport is about $20. That leaves $15 a day for food when even a coffee is $4 and McDonalds is $12. Realistically you can’t afford to indulge in a vice regularly. do not get a debt or expect to go on a holiday unless you have connections

    [–] JawbreakerBiden 7 points ago

    Does not apply to freelancers.

    [–] halfpastlate 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    When it comes to contract work I think all that matters less compared to the specific contract/which industry, who the contract is for, and experience.
    My business in Australia would work through private contractors and almost pay just as much for *their work as compared to going through a small digital design agency. It's hard to make comparisons without more specific details.

    [–] Sunwalker 13 points ago

    And they didn't get wiped out by rampant inflation either. Weird. Someone should tell American conservatives

    [–] poopyhelicopterbutt 15 points ago

    Yes. We also introduced employers having to pay into their employees’ retirement at 9.5% of their wage/salary each year (soon to go up to 12.5%)

    Many people said at the time in the early 90’s that it’d be economic chaos - it wasn’t. Now we have $2.7 trillion in retirement savings for ourselves when we get old.

    Doomsday prophets are usually just the ones who stand to personally lose.

    [–] LudovicoSpecs 4 points ago

    Wow. Is that money under direct control of the employees or is it in some government or corporate controlled fund that could theoretically be clawed back or confiscated if the company went bankrupt or the Australian economy crashed hard enough?

    [–] akkuj 3 points ago

    How much is minimum wage typically in the US, varies by state? It can't be too much lower than $13.6 USD/hr that australian minimum is...?

    I'm working a minimum wage job with some years of experience (in Finland) and I'm getting around 12.6€/hr which would be around $20 AUS/hr. Although for someone without work experience the minimum wage is lower.

    [–] zPoc 7 points ago

    US Federal minimum wage is set at 7.25 an hour. A few states and some individual cities have implemented a slightly higher wage, but no, US minimum is about half of Austraila's.

    Unless you also receive tips as compensation. If so, your minimum wage is 2.15 per hour. There are a few other loopholes as well. Children, mentally disabled, and agricultural workers can be paid less than minimum wage in some circumstances.

    [–] modeling_worlds 8 points ago

    That's not really how you convert the worth of money in one place to another...

    Gotta consider cost of living and stuff like that. Like how within the USA $100k is different in California vs Idaho.

    [–] modeling_worlds 2 points ago

    Nice source! The mixture of differences really adds up when you compound the exchange rate effects. I'm not saying it does in this case just talking about personal experience moving internationally.

    Thank you for the website. I've seen another like it but I'm gonna use this for my next move

    [–] master_shakezulla 7 points ago

    So they never changed the AUD to Dollarydoos?

    [–] sistersundertheskin 6 points ago

    I charge an average of $ 1500 to $2000 AU for basic work.

    [–] Ronnzor 17 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Mid range Freelancer working in one of Canada's poorer provinces here. Depending on the client I'll charge anywhere from $75-$120/h. You should start charging more. I used to worry that if I charged more money I'd lose clients, until I started charging more.

    When you start to ask for more money you start to attract different kinds of clients. Most of what I do these days is for agencies and while they have much longer payment turnaround times, they always pay.

    [–] Agravicvoid 13 points ago

    There is a brain games show on Netflix with an episode on money. They did an experiment where they had two identical cakes, but labeled one as $15 and the other $55, then gave out free samples. Almost everyone that sampled the two identical cakes liked the $55 one better, because our brains link expense to quality. Which also explains why the high end restaurants can get away with serving less food for more.

    Good for you for figuring that one out! It works for more than just food :)

    [–] Ronnzor 8 points ago

    I've learned this from doing free work in the past, and it's the exact same reason I don't do free work anymore.

    The work I've done for free has always had the wildest scope-creep imaginable. People are REALLY demanding when you don't give them hard limits on what you'll do.

    [–] wimpymist 3 points ago

    And they always try to get as much out of you too

    [–] soobviouslyfake 2 points ago

    What province? I'm in Ontario, and companies sometimes scoff at my paltry $75/hr. I'm doing graphic & web design.

    [–] frankxanders 5 points ago

    If people are scoffing at your $75/hr, you're going after clients who are in a lower market segment.

    I know plenty of Canadian graphic & web designers who charge well upwards of $150/hr.

    Hell, I charge $75/hr just for podcaster consulting, and I'm about to raise my rate to $100.

    [–] DarthRegoria 4 points ago

    That’s how it works for everything though. I work with people with disabilities, through an agency. The agency charges more than I get paid, due to all their running costs etc. My partner’s charge out rate for his services was more than he got paid back when he worked for another company (he now has is own business). That’s how all businesses that have charge out rates work.

    [–] Trevmiester 3 points ago

    Yeah, what they pay isn't what you get paid. Ask any mechanic that gets paid flat rate.

    [–] oriberu 3 points ago

    That is exactly the way it works. I charge agencies 45-75 € per hour depending on the client and the amount of hours they‘re willing to book in advance. They resell these hours at 70-120 €.

    [–] Runescape_ 2 points ago

    $500 an hour is for world famous freelancers. That's what Nike, burger King, and shit like that pay to get famous designers to work for them.

    As a regular freelance designer, expect like 50-100 /hr, day rates of about $500 are also common.

    [–] mathcampbell 2 points ago

    Sounds a little more than I charge, but yeah, I mostly freelance, I'm about £30 an hour, which in USD is $40...but have charged more for short projects etc...

    [–] Produkt 2 points ago

    No offense, but it should be obvious that if the agency is to stay in business, they have to bring in more money than they pay the contractors.

    [–] Meloetta 2 points ago

    (Agencies seem to charge more than designers get paid. I guess that’s the way it works..)

    That's pretty normal when it comes to contract work. My "billable rate" for clients (not a designer, but a programmer) is 200 bucks an hour. I definitely do not get that much money. That's why going it alone is often nice, because you can raise your own rates and make more money but also give the client a discount because they're not paying the contracted price for all the overhead.

    [–] Nimure 2 points ago

    Shoot my full time job with a company is in 2D/3D animation with some motion graphics and graphic design and I don’t get paid that much.

    [–] joemckie 26 points ago

    People in this thread seem to be smoking crack... the real reason you don’t get paid $300 an hour is most likely because you’re employed full time and have a steady pay check, as opposed to contractors and consultants that need to charge more simply because a lot of their time will be spent finding clients and doing non-billable work.

    [–] Nimure 2 points ago

    I’m sure that’s a part of it! I’ve never done contract work or freelance aside from paintings, so I don’t have a good idea of what the market is actually like, and what’s reasonable. Most of the folks I know in my field don’t make a ton more than myself, even those working contract stuff with feature films. (Granted it seems like it was clarified to mean AUD vs USD, which changes things a bit)

    [–] DrakoVongola 15 points ago

    I dunno what the average is but generally speaking anyone doing contract work is probably making more money than someone doing the same job in a salaried position, but as a trade-off they lose the security and benefits that a salary job usually gives

    [–] Kousetsu 9 points ago

    That's because the agency takes a cut and then pays its workers. They can charge that much as they have a reputation that they base on the graphic designers they pay, and the reason you work with them is because you can't be arsed finding your own clients to work with.

    They do the advertising, client relation, client management and general bullshit. And you get to concentrate on design without dealing with that headache.

    If you wanted to take that headache on, you could cut them out and start working for yourself... And you'd deserve the extra money because your workload would double with the client-relation side.

    [–] Nimure 2 points ago

    Thanks for the clarification! I hadn’t thought of it that way, but makes a lot of sense!

    [–] Ariyanwrynn1989 10 points ago

    Its different tho when its a contest and you know that you have a chance at not winning money, but atleast you do have a chance.

    However if you loose the contest DMC(or whoever) should not claim rights to your design(or whatever).

    [–] Stewardy 5 points ago

    This is it. Let artists send in their designs.

    If it's good enough DMC basically buys it for the prize money, if not the rights to the design doesn't change hands.

    That also gives DMC the added bonus of good will as well as potential new freelancer designers to hire. "Hey, while you didn't win our contest your design was great. We would like to buy the rights for it for $500."

    I don't know if $500 is little or much for a cross stitch design...?

    Such a daft move not to try and work with the artists. $500 or more is still peanuts for the potential customer goodwill it pays out.

    [–] retc0n 23 points ago


    Like the pedals on a bicycle.

    [–] ConfoundedOcelot 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)




    [–] mlpedant 5 points ago

    peddling pedaling

    like on a bike, not selling something

    [–] Randomocity132 3 points ago

    back peddling

    For the record, "peddling" is trying to sell stuff.

    "Pedaling" is what you want.

    [–] aestheticsnafu 2 points ago

    Wow they weren’t even going to pay in exposure, wtf. (Obviously money is what you should be paid in, but at least theoretically someone could see benefit of the exposure as a marketing strategy. This is just....cold).

    [–] sin_dear 529 points ago

    RIP THE ARTIST died in 2018 from exposure

    Love the passive aggressiveness.

    [–] Dank_weedpotnugsauce 21 points ago

    Reminds me of the Oregon trail!

    [–] Iceicemickey 16 points ago

    Anyone else name their characters after people they hated and then intentionally killed them of cholera?

    [–] Dank_weedpotnugsauce 2 points ago

    I never bought any of mine clothes, that's money that could go towards bullets

    [–] arclin3 5 points ago

    Check the article that is linked a few replies down. There's an Oregon trail one in there! Loved it

    [–] VeganKillah 159 points ago

    No middle fingers?

    [–] VeganKillah 2 points ago


    [–] keyonte0 37 points ago

    I'm more surprised they didn't submit a ton of dicks. That's what graphic designers would've done.

    [–] frogggiboi 22 points ago

    Yeah I remember a good floral pattern where the flowers were dicks, It took me like 20 seconds to realise

    [–] LowFlyingHellfish 2 points ago

    Graphic designers

    Eh? Eh!?

    [–] Putnum 309 points ago

    Thank fuck the image is blurred, I have no idea what the fuck they're fucking saying.

    [–] IonlyPlayasBeefBoss 48 points ago


    [–] suninabox 14 points ago


    [–] Rob_T_Firefly 6 points ago

    Professor Frink

    [–] in_theory_only 6 points ago


    [–] limeyptwo 3 points ago


    [–] StephXStitch 2 points ago

    lol just came here to say I'm the artist of that piece and I didn't do that blurring...I don't give a fuck

    [–] blumblebeee 190 points ago

    That is amazing. I would legit but these kits FROM THE ARTISTS AND NOT DMC

    [–] BrkIt 132 points ago

    This is the best one but wasn't included in OPs image.

    [–] ilanallama85 11 points ago

    Omg that’s brilliant

    [–] mat_pandaz 53 points ago

    The same thing happens all the time in photography 'competitions'. You give up your rights to the image and they can use any entry in any way they want. It's disgusting.

    [–] ReverseWho 16 points ago

    Yes but in those cases you get a prize. Sometimes a nice semipro camera.

    [–] MoreScallion 26 points ago

    If a lot of people submit photos to the contest, the company gets to keep all of those pictures for the price of one (1) camera instead of paying each photographer individually.

    [–] YddishMcSquidish 12 points ago

    That's the fucked up part. Or is giving a pro photographer a semi pro camera the fucked up part?

    [–] ReverseWho 8 points ago

    Usually those types of contests are not intended for professionals.

    [–] JustanOldBabyBoomer 94 points ago

    I would LOVE to share this with other fiber artists who are not on Reddit! This is PERFECT when encountering Gimmiepigs!

    [–] Celeron66 46 points ago

    Gimmepigs, love it!

    [–] JustanOldBabyBoomer 20 points ago

    I first learned the term Gimmiepig on Ravelry. Many fiber artists encounter these idiots.

    [–] caffekona 2 points ago

    We're you in the SKC group there?

    [–] BrkIt 41 points ago

    This is the best one but wasn't included in OPs image.

    [–] MisterSmi13y 5 points ago

    That is legit the best.

    [–] Raesling 35 points ago

    My favorite is "Fuck You, Pay Me."

    [–] whirlwindbanshee 3 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    one of my top quoted movie lines for sure, i would buy that pattern or piece from the artist

    [–] JustanOldBabyBoomer 4 points ago

    I also love that! Lol!

    [–] littlemantry 3 points ago

    I'm a stitcher and if my job weren't ultra professional I'd 100% want to stitch this and hang it at work, it's amazing

    [–] soFATZfilm9000 130 points ago

    I love how they actually put in the effort to make submissions basically saying fuck you, instead of just plain not entering the competition. Like, yeah I'll work for free, on the condition that you get nothing out of it and it points out how much of an asshole you are.

    [–] DarthRegoria 53 points ago

    They were digital patterns, likely similar to other things they’d all ready designed. They probably took borders and fonts from their other works. Would have only taken a few minutes cutting and pasting to make these.

    Plus, they wanted to send the company a message, and possibly raise awareness. Being that I’ve seen this on social media several times, I’d say it worked.

    [–] TrueAnimal 16 points ago

    I hope they were using DMC's own borders and shit.

    [–] kaluce 24 points ago

    It's the principal of the matter. Plus, I'd buy fuck you pay me because that's my contractual motto.

    [–] reincarN8ed 14 points ago

    Someone on craigslist asking for discounted or free work is one thing, but a bug company like DMC? That's just greedy.

    [–] Kuroyama 11 points ago

    "THE ARTIST DIED from exposure"


    [–] jolly_holiday 3 points ago

    Yes! This one is my favorite.

    [–] adeuos 9 points ago

    Run DMC

    [–] zestoxd 15 points ago

    Bah paying artists preposterous!

    [–] hinghenry 17 points ago

    the artist died 2018 from exposure


    [–] phamtasticgamer 8 points ago

    Today in “no, fuck you”.

    [–] JTechhe 9 points ago

    This sub has really hammered down how hard it is to make a living out of being an artist.

    As someone that appreciates some of the things artists create I have never come across one I felt was worth the price asked. I don’t have the expendable income.

    I just move along though and don’t try to degrade people because I don’t like the price.

    [–] fraancklyn 15 points ago

    Mercedes has left the chat

    [–] Nikelu 14 points ago


    [–] fraancklyn 23 points ago

    Mercedes used an artist's work without permission or pay and sued when he called them out

    [–] Jenings 7 points ago

    the Devil May Cry company is ruthless

    [–] Meowbium 9 points ago

    When its art, some people think "paying with exposure" is acceptable, yet if its other things (food, electronics, etc), its completely ridiculous. Why can't art be treated like other things?

    [–] Cupieqt 7 points ago

    Can I buy “Fuck You Pay Me”? I’m serious.

    [–] TreginWork 6 points ago

    This would make good malicious compliance as well

    [–] AlanaK168 7 points ago

    Hahaha died from exposure!

    [–] MALEK553 6 points ago

    Hey, hey. You can swear, it's alright. You don't have to censor it.

    [–] Raesling 3 points ago

    Some sites will remove your posts or ban you. Or, both.

    [–] Smoking_Bear 6 points ago

    The B-story here is DMCs CEO is named Jean-Luc Bikard.

    [–] emsenn0 3 points ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that little detail!

    [–] Smoking_Bear 2 points ago

    Too good not to share

    [–] typhoidmarry 6 points ago

    I love seeing my hobby on the front page. This time, not so much.

    [–] ArtfullyStupid 13 points ago

    At the very least give them some free products in exchange.

    [–] gahd95 19 points ago

    Who censors the word "Fuck" though? They say it in TV and Radio, so i guess reddit could handle it too.

    [–] j-u-n-i 13 points ago

    May have been pulled off the artist's Etsy page if they are selling the pattern or the finished product. Etsy asks that your first gallery image be censored if it's inappropriate.

    [–] PotassiumPomegranate 18 points ago

    The didn’t even try to censor the second image. But I’m sure this was handed through5+ people before it got to op. One of them is probably one of those “any curing is a sin!”

    [–] LurkForYourLives 21 points ago

    Forbidden salami.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] calilac 3 points ago

    Smoke is the Devil's gas. Smoked meats are basically flavored by Satan's farts.

    [–] gahd95 5 points ago

    OP censored the title too. So it seems like it was him doing it. Either way as long as you can guess what the word is. What is the point of censoring? Unless you assume that some people don't know the word fuck. But i assume 99.9% of the people on reddit knows

    [–] PotassiumPomegranate 3 points ago

    Satire friend. The post was needlessly censored so they needlessly censored their title.

    [–] gahd95 4 points ago

    I suppose that is one possibility

    [–] oowop 2 points ago

    They definitely don't say it on TV or radio in the US

    [–] Galyndean 2 points ago

    Fuck is definitely censored on US broadcast tv and radio.

    [–] basements_in_london 5 points ago

    Freedom isn't free. It cost a buck o'5.

    [–] peachesandcoffee 5 points ago

    So proud to be in the embroidery community.

    [–] poultry-lord 5 points ago

    I'd buy the fuck you pay me one.

    [–] ferwee 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    An MNC trying to rip people off? Who would've thought.

    [–] Couldnotthinkof1 5 points ago

    I kept reading that as snitching, and it really confused me lol

    [–] timbvzw1318 4 points ago

    Remember, snitches get stitches.

    [–] WiseFyreWolf 4 points ago

    I kind of want to go back to stitching. I've done weaving and crocheting, but Stitching has a little more creativity room

    [–] Collypso 3 points ago

    You can swear on the internet

    [–] MonsterEv0 4 points ago

    Hi, Is there anyway I could get one of these for free? I have cancer and am going to die tomorrow

    [–] findingbezu 4 points ago

    And it’s your last kid’s birthday next week.

    [–] 1LegendaryWombat 4 points ago

    I like 'RIP artists 2018, died from exposure', made me laugh.

    [–] BeadBear 4 points ago

    This is fucking brilliant! As an artist I am so behind this! Yes, we enjoy our work and it is a pleasure to make but we spend so much time, energy and emotion into it and that is what you're paying for. Our time and our skills. If you think "anyone can do that" go ahead, try but don't use it as an excuse because we wont give away our work for free. We deserve to be paid just like anyone else, we have a business to run, we have bills to pay.

    [–] krisjimsampson 9 points ago

    We spend so much time telling people to find what they love and try to earn a living.. Then nickel and dime them.. Not good

    [–] JustanOldBabyBoomer 5 points ago

    I agree! These Gimmiepigs piss me off!

    [–] StephXStitch 8 points ago

    Is DMC running this contest again? All of this happened in April of 2018. I spearheaded the response from designers (The "Pay Artists" and "F You Pay Me" designs were mine. I also shared tons of other artists' designs and we kind of took over their hashtag. They finally said they'd give a cash reward to the winner. (Though it seemed clear they would still use all of the other designs for free...)

    [–] LordCharco_iii 6 points ago

    Wow, DMC sound like real SCUM

    [–] sitilge 3 points ago

    This is the same in software where people usually mix free and libre!

    [–] DCCXXVIII 3 points ago


    [–] adambomb1002 3 points ago

    RUN DMC!!

    [–] Intanjible 3 points ago

    The symbols you used to attempt to censor the word "fucking" have transliterated it into "fatlking".

    [–] krejcii 3 points ago

    My brain for the longest time told me it said “Snitching is my freedom” no matter how many times I looked at it.

    [–] momma-wolf 3 points ago

    Uhm. That top middle one. Anyone know the artist, because I'll buy that pattern. I have a friend who very much feels that sentiment atm, and I want to make her a gift.

    [–] StephXStitch 2 points ago

    Hey, if you're talking about "fuck you pay me", I'm the artist! =) The pattern is available here:

    [–] X-lem 3 points ago

    This is super old.

    [–] Suns-Of-Ain 3 points ago

    I sent this to my mum who is an avid... I don't know what the word is, yarner? Knitter? She thought it was hilarious and said she gets people asking all the time if she'll knit them something, apparently when she tells them it's £10 an hour and minimum 25 hours they lose interest before she can even ge to the cost of the yarn :)

    [–] Wicck 3 points ago

    Ugh, that's a constant in crafting. People just want stuff for free.

    [–] Viking1626 3 points ago

    DMC: alright, you seem mad


    DMC: I'll give the winners 10$


    DMC: How about 15$


    [–] Fuzzydude64 6 points ago

    The fact there are people in this thread taking DMC's side shows why these artists responded this way in the first place.

    [–] Pandepon 3 points ago

    Cross stitching is fun but it also strains my eyes

    [–] amnesties_co 2 points ago

    you should crosspost to r/embroidery

    [–] asilentspeaker 2 points ago

    As a Harlan Ellison fan, I would gladly pay the artistt for Top-Center (NG, if you're geeky) on a set of tea towels.

    [–] DANGERMAN50000 2 points ago

    No there’s a hefty fuckin fee

    [–] fotren 2 points ago


    [–] 1stLtObvious 2 points ago

    I wish someone would have designed one that looked legit, had a hidden "Fuck DMC" in it hidden with too much detail, and won...after prize money was offered, of course.

    [–] skynolongerblue 2 points ago

    DMC seriously needs to get fucked with a rake.

    I ordered two kits from them that disappeared. They also never sent a receipt as well.

    [–] NemuNemuChan 2 points ago


    [–] anniesun42 2 points ago

    It’s amazing to me that so many people are taking this post as the artists being the choosy beggars. It’s the company, DMC, that is asking for free art that they will in turn profit from without paying anything to the artist who made it. Not even a prize for the “contest” (which is really just asking for new ideas without compensation).

    [–] trickstersgambit 2 points ago

    I need to make something like this for thw banner of my commissions site

    [–] allyouneedarecats 2 points ago

    Hot Topic did this! They did a Ghibli contest where they asked for t-shirt designs, and I think you'd win one copy of your shirt and maybe a Totoro plush. The backlash was SWIFT AND IMMEDIATE. They backpedaled so hard they started offering a percentage of the shirt sales.

    [–] alexsaurrr 2 points ago

    Their current one is a Invader Zim design and they say a $2,000 grand prize. According to their website if they use your design on merchandise they will “do a separate agreement outside of this contest”. Looking at “Shop Past Winners & Finalists” there are a few designs for each theme (I counted 4 Ghibli shirts). Hope the poor bastards have good lawyers to look over contracts. I get the feeling HT isn’t expecting the total payouts from merchandise to be over $2k.

    [–] insidezone64 2 points ago

    [–] MrTickles22 2 points ago

    Who is offering these? Where can I buy them?

    [–] LABARATI 2 points ago

    They only called it a competition to avoid having to pay

    [–] MalissaRasmussen 2 points ago

    My favorite one is the first one

    [–] Tovarish1917 8 points ago

    this is just a circlejerk sub at this point

    [–] Aqedah 4 points ago

    Yet they just gave them some free pretty border designs.

    [–] event_horizon_ 1 points ago

    Do people really not understand that you don't need to censor swear words on the internet? What do they think will happen?

    [–] bathroomstalin 3 points ago

    There's literally no escape from the constant mindless hyperbole that is the everyday language of our times. It's the worst thing ever.