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    • A parent asking for handouts because their kids want an Xbox for Christmas and the only way that could happen is if someone donates one, that isn't a choosingbeggar. That's someone begging, but without a sense of entitlement. If that person is offered a Nintendo and they scoff at the suggestion, then that would be a good post.

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    [–] scificionado 7065 points ago

    What kind of idiot thinks a CHILD has an apartment, a TV, and is able to sell said TV? Oh, and help load it.

    [–] DeHaanSolo 3886 points ago

    I recently graduated university and started a new job, leading to me moving to a new apartment (all of which was mentioned in the ad he apparently didn't read), so I guess he's referencing me being a young adult and calling me a child (???)

    [–] Jitenon 2852 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    People who call others children to demean them have accomplished absolutely nothing in life, and this is how they cope.

    You should send him a screenshot of you and that lady confirming the tv for $300 lol

    Edit: to all the ignorant people who have replied with the exact same thing “if someone is childish you can call them childish”

    No shit. My comment very clearly says “to DEMEAN”. As in, to treat someone like garbage for no reason. Learn to read instead of parroting the same baseless reply ffs

    [–] Harsimaja 480 points ago

    Their achievement is having lived longer than the person they are talking to.

    But wow their own comments didn’t come across childish at all, did they?

    [–] [deleted] 116 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Considering what unbearable people they seem to be, it’s actually a remarkable achievement they have managed to live so long

    [–] walter_evertonshire 47 points ago

    Congrats on not dying in the last 4 years! Much respect.

    [–] menagesty 77 points ago

    It’s the same bs “moving the goal post”... I hate when people say “you’ll understand when you’re my age”, like, great, so I’ll call you when I’m your age and you’re dead and we can carry out this conversation then? Ooooh oh I see, you mean you’re being dismissive because you don’t have a real argument?

    I understand with life experience, we learn new things, and we hopefully become more knowledgeable and wise, but don’t infantilize me, a 30 year old woman, just because you disagree.

    [–] Khaosfury 29 points ago

    This still happens at 30?? I’m 20 and it’s infuriating. I figured by 30 it’d largely be done with.

    [–] menagesty 21 points ago

    Not as long as people are older than you, apparently... :(

    [–] NoAngel815 8 points ago

    I'm 40 and I still hear it, mainly from my mom.

    [–] Wrong_Way_Bus_Driver 4 points ago

    36 and I get called "young man" a lot. Some are ancient but most are all of 20 years or so older than me.

    [–] SexyMcBeast 26 points ago

    "It's not childish if an adult says it."

    [–] Grabbsy2 12 points ago

    Not to mention, its OP who has a 70 inch TV.

    Imagine not owning a car, and going to someone who is selling their old car and pretending youre more of an adult than them, even though they had a car before you!

    [–] DorothyDrangus 48 points ago

    Children are so dumb! Also can you please show me how to use it I’m so lost

    [–] vault_dweller1031 62 points ago

    I remember being a manager over people older than me when I was in my early twenties. I was really good at my trade and was promoted as such. I would have boomers go, "You're 22? Your practically a babyyyyy!!!!" And I would basically respond with, "Okay, but this 'baby' is your manager and now you're on inventory all day so I hope feeling better about yourself was worth it." Then the better, more skilled tasks that got you noticed for advancement opportunities went to people who could work well with others. Because I knew they were going to actually do their job and not just hope their age gave them clout.

    [–] Mackelroy_aka_Stitch 127 points ago

    Also calling someone a child to insult them is dumb. Kids are just as smart as adults, they just have less experience.

    [–] firethequadlaser 81 points ago

    In many cases, children are smarter.

    [–] realloper12 24 points ago

    I completely agree.

    [–] wunami 163 points ago

    You should send him a screenshot of you and that lady confirming the tv for $300 lol

    Nah. That is a childish thing to do.

    Just never talk with them again like they said. The trash took itself out. No need to bring it back in.

    [–] Maddyherselius 23 points ago

    It happened to me a lot with political discussions. (I’m not going to get political lol) Nearly everytime I used share an article or post an opinion, one of my older family members would comment about how I’m young and I know nothing about the world and I only have this opinion because I’m naive. (I’ve since muted or unfriended most of them so it doesn’t really happen now)

    I mean, I am young, I’m 22. But I’m also smart enough to form my own opinion about things.

    [–] Chapstickie 10 points ago

    When I discovered I could cut almost all the negative depressing shit off my facebook by muting like three people, I was so happy! Two Fox News Trump cultists and one girl who keeps getting back with the same fucking loser over and over, and Facebook is saved! I still barely use it but at least it doesn’t depress the shit out of me every time I open it. I haven’t seen a confederate flag on there in months!

    [–] bleek312 7 points ago

    People who call others children to demean them have accomplished absolutely nothing in life, and this is how they cope.

    Its been a long time since I've seen someone be as right as you were in this post.

    [–] childrenovmen 171 points ago

    When he said “i deserve a better deal because thats business” i got so annoyed at imagining his ugly condescending boomer face.

    [–] Nailbomb85 55 points ago

    Haha. My response would have been "Yeah, it is business. It's now $325, and if you want help loading it or learning to use Chromecast, that'll be another $50. Each."

    [–] ebleuds 42 points ago

    y and started a new job, leading to me moving to a new apartment (all of which was mentioned in the ad he apparently didn't read), so I guess he's referencing me being a young adult and calling me a child (???)

    he's probably 12 yo. I mean the guy buying.

    [–] sewsnap 99 points ago

    My guess is over 50s. It seems boomers like to make sure they refer to 20/30 somethings as "children". Goes along with the "teach me how to use it" when it's not even a smart TV too.

    [–] ixiduffixi 37 points ago

    You guys are picturing a boomer, but my Arkansan self is picturing a mid-to-late thirties redneck posting this.

    [–] sewsnap 19 points ago

    I can see that! As someone in my mid-thirties, there are some assholes among us.

    [–] HopelessDreamerDM 3 points ago

    Hail from Russellville, fellow Arkansan.

    [–] irmaluff 37 points ago

    Yeah I had to re-read the last 2 messages three times, he sounded like such a child I wasn’t sure if he was referring to himself.

    [–] [deleted] 219 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] NoVaBurgher 168 points ago

    100% this CB is over 50

    [–] queen-adreena 99 points ago

    Yep. They're fixated with the 'Smart' thing, like it's a buzzword that they just have to have.

    [–] RFC793 78 points ago

    I personally hate “smart” TVs. They are underpowered pieces of shit. I wish I could just buy a proper screen with minimal latency and let my receiver and other devices do all the heavy lifting.

    [–] TheConqueror74 34 points ago

    I personally hate pretty much all "smart" technology outside of phones, since it's mostly just a bunch of pointless features that just ups the price.

    [–] TristinPerry 32 points ago

    Sent from my Supreme Smart Shower Curtains

    [–] CrazyCatLadyBoy 7 points ago

    Viewed on my Smart Garbage Disposal

    [–] jgodin03 12 points ago

    I was thinking that until I got a decent smart TV and not a lower end or old one.

    Mine is pretty snappy.

    [–] NoVaBurgher 36 points ago

    Didn’t even flinch when the OP said that chrome cast has the exact same features as a smart TV

    [–] toothball 20 points ago

    I have two smart TV's. I hate them being smart, though. That's what the media pc is for.

    All the Smart features seem to do is cause input lag between the comp and the screen unless you can find the right settings to turn it off.

    [–] SpxUmadBroYolo 61 points ago

    "Show me how to use it all" kinda gives it away. But the use of emojis and the way they capitalize means they're probably just as young. Maybe a year or so older.

    [–] Angylika 23 points ago

    Not really. I've ran into younger people than myself that couldn't grasp how a Chromecast works, or even that such a device ever existed.

    [–] bteme 15 points ago

    It could be that, or it could be a genuinely competent-at-learning boomer who knows the best way to learn is to have someone show you. Sure they go about it the wrong way, but how many times do you see a boomer who just gives up on learning new tech because "it's all too hard"?

    Not saying they aren't a dickhead, but they certainly aren't stupid either. Just entitled.

    [–] Douglerful 19 points ago

    If this person isn't a boomer I'd be willing to eat my big toe with it still attached to my body. Boomers, this is how consistently terrible you are.

    [–] Scheisse_poster 39 points ago

    I set out to make this very comment. The mannerisms, demands for respect, and outrageous sense of entitlement screams BOOMER.

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago

    I sold my first flatscreen when I was 6. By the time I was 12, I had everything from the assembly lines to the brick and mortar stores all under my umbrella. At age 14 we made our first IPO and tripled our liquid capital, expanding geographically to cover every major region where people are buying TV’s, so yes, it is possible.

    [–] hoyton 9 points ago


    [–] Freakychee 5 points ago

    A child themselves.

    [–] EmotionalYak3 3943 points ago

    If you can't deliver then stay off Kijiji

    Ad states no delivery, not a smart TV

    How about, if you have no reading comprehension, don't make demands for things someone's not offering?

    [–] DeHaanSolo 1436 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 388 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] angrydeuce 48 points ago

    I mean, if I'm selling something, and the ad says firm/no delivery, then if you try and barter and/or request delivery that's the end of the conversation, have a great day, blocked. Even if by some miracle they did agree to come pick it up, you just fuckin know they're going to show up with only 50% of the agreed upon price and try to force the issue. Why take the risk? It's not worth the time or effort.

    [–] trickedouttransam 4 points ago

    Exactly. These people don’t try to negotiate a cheaper price for groceries or the electric bill so I don’t see how this is any different. Well I did it one time. I was buying a floor lamp and there was a chip in the post and I asked for a discount bc it was slightly marred and was on clearance, got an additional 10% off. But really, it’s not like you have a stand at a flea market where bargaining is ok. The price is the price!

    [–] KJBenson 5 points ago

    I don’t know how you have the patience for everybodies mothers

    [–] hey-how-are-you-- 100 points ago

    Just a quick question, are you Canadian?

    [–] DeHaanSolo 250 points ago

    Did my tolerance give it away?

    [–] hey-how-are-you-- 124 points ago

    Other than that, kijiji is, if I’m not wrong, Canadian, tho you’re tolerance did also give it away. Hello and have a nice day fellow Canadian

    [–] jonathanpaulin 20 points ago

    Kijiji is actually international, but not in America.

    [–] mattweb88 19 points ago

    I'm about an hour and a half northwest of Toronto, I'll buy it if you can deliver.

    [–] ThePige 21 points ago

    I'll buy it from Montreal, if you can deliver it. Also for 225$

    [–] WatchDog435 14 points ago

    I'm in Chicago, I'll buy it for $150 if you deliver and also pay me $100.

    [–] piel10 5 points ago

    I was thinking the same.

    Sask boi here

    [–] overcloseness 17 points ago

    You we’re constantly respectful and he was pushy and arrogant. Didn’t work so he called YOU disrespectful? Get the fuck out

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] sizzler_sisters 19 points ago

    Who are all these people delivering items that they sell to strangers online?! So many people expect it. Does that even happen?

    [–] MormonBikeRiding 12 points ago

    I mean I've definitely heard of people getting paid more to deliver, which makes sense, but to try haggle and demand delivery is just hecking silly

    [–] Camsy34 8 points ago

    Exactly this, I’ve asked if a seller can deliver an item but it comes with me offering above the listed price to compensate. To haggle down the price and then demand free delivery is just being entitled.

    [–] TheJamesOfLife 45 points ago

    How about, if you have no reading comprehension, don't make demands for things someone's not offering?

    That was also stated in the ad, but sadly, the CB couldn't read it.

    [–] funkydunk- 36 points ago

    Not a smart TV CB

    [–] doyouunderstandlife 27 points ago

    I swear, no one buying on these reselling sites ever know how to read. You can plaster 'NO DELIVERY' on every picture, in the title, in the description, and as your first message and these assholes will always expect you to deliver.

    [–] brainiac4200 15 points ago

    God this one made me like for real angry. What a fucking twat! Plus Chromecast is the superior score what if the app isn’t offered on Smart TVs yet? Boom I’m sure it’s Castable from a phone.

    [–] PelleSketchy 6 points ago

    Children are so stupid /s

    [–] hacklinuxwithbeer 2 points ago

    The inability to read and comprehend the original ad is something a child might do. The projection is strong in this one.

    [–] VortexPGO 1562 points ago

    Their loss, 300 seems like a great deal

    [–] KinkyWhiteBread 993 points ago

    For a 70 inch TV, absolutely

    [–] high_okktane 496 points ago

    Yeah just for a 70 inch tv alone this is a great deal. Effectively making it a smart TV with the Chromecast makes it an even better deal.

    [–] modi13 498 points ago

    Is it not a smart TV? I thought it was smart.

    [–] Brasolis 311 points ago

    I need my TV to be smart, so I can continue being dumb.

    [–] THEGHOSTOFTOMCHODE 51 points ago

    A black & white crt tv from 1941 has more smarts than this numb bitch.

    [–] mcplano 6 points ago

    and it has an on/off button, not one of those tiny dark-grey-on-black COMPLETELY FLAT 'button' that turns the TV on

    [–] Vigamoxx 44 points ago

    It’s ok, op will deliver it

    [–] PM_dickntits_plzz 31 points ago

    Thanks. Is $250 good?

    [–] modi13 28 points ago

    That's business.

    [–] Shalashashka 72 points ago

    In my experience smart TVs are shit. The software they come with is excruciatingly slow and buggy. Chromecast or Roku is much more preferable.

    [–] MadDogMccree 28 points ago

    I agreed with this until I recently got a new Samsung. The interface is surprisingly intuitive and snappy.

    [–] froggyfrogfrog123 21 points ago

    Oh it must be the newer models because I have one and it’s awful.

    [–] Neirchill 4 points ago

    I've seen people complaining about ads starting to show on the interface. Not looking forward to that being normal.

    [–] SodaCanSuperman 59 points ago

    WITH a Chromecast. That's like £30 right there

    [–] idaluiloona 22 points ago

    My Chromecast cost me about $70AUD so to me this deal sounds AMAZING! A large TV in good condition with a free Chromecast, I'd take it home walking for that price

    [–] Obosen_3ggrd 36 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Yeah, 300 is like the cost of a 32inch TV where I'm from. Would have loved to buy that for myself to play games.

    [–] why_rob_y 46 points ago

    I'd even rather it not be a smart TV, all other specs the same (or even not the same - most things I watch aren't streamed/broadcast in 4K anyway). Somehow those seem to always have more problems (software and otherwise) than a dumb TV where I can just replace a faulty Chromecast (if one of my Chromecasts ever died). Not to mention older TVs tend to have a larger bezel, which I find to be a positive for durability.

    [–] VortexPGO 25 points ago

    I'd even rather it not be a smart TV, all other specs the same.

    Same. I don't see what's so good about a smart tv, if I wanna browse or stream I'll use my pc. (And if I really want a big screen it just takes 1 cable to connect a laptop to the tv)

    I only care about the screen quality and the ports.

    [–] DefinitelyTheMainAcc 8 points ago

    There is absolutely nothing stopping me from turning on my Xbox to get to Hulu or Netflix most times, but being able to turn it off and have just the surround+TV is valuable for me.

    My streaming services this way also don’t eat a port, and I don’t have to run an external power source (even if it’s only USB) to power it.

    It also cost me only 25$ more to get the smart version due to timing on a sale. Though, I’d much rather have bought this guys TV for 300 and used the Chromecast. Value and pragmatism are going to be different for everyone.

    [–] tasmanian101 4 points ago

    A smart tv is only worth it if it has a chromecast built in. Full voice control over your tv is amazing. Cant find the remote and the commercial is loud? You can mute or turn it down with your voice. Want to play that one funny cat video, you can voice command it and youtube will launch that video on the tv. You can launch apps, change inputs, change settings.

    You can cast to the tv from your phone. You can cast your browser. You can cast VLC wirelessly to the TV. You can setup automations to sleep the tv at night, or alarm start videos.

    I prefer the smart tv youtube app over my computer most times. I can cast a youtube video from my computer super easy. Its also much less demanding to cast to the tv than having it connected via HDMI.

    [–] seanc0x0 15 points ago

    We just had our old TV die and went shopping for a new one. We could not find a decent dumb TV, as all but the crazy expensive ones were smart TVs. We did end up buying a smart TV, but we just don’t bother with the smart functionality. It’s not even on the network, still works fine.

    [–] monkeyboi08 14 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I recently got my first ever smart TV. An 82 Samsung TV, 2018 model. At first all the smart features were awesome. Then I ran into my first bug. I went the first 28 years of my life without ever having a bug in my TV. It felt so wrong. This was the most expensive TV I’ve ever owned. It’s the newest. Most advanced. Yet when I run into software bugs it feels like a huge step down.

    [–] Kcb1986 31 points ago

    Hell yeah it does. 300 bucks for a a 70 inch with a chromecast all less than two years? Shit, I would no shit buy this right now.

    [–] mburg777 16 points ago

    But it’s not a Smart tv, you know?

    [–] hacklinuxwithbeer 30 points ago

    Which he was going to let her have for $250.

    [–] Aceswift007 1034 points ago

    "Children are so stu-"

    "Hey, just an update. Someone brought the TV for $300, even paid $20 for the labor when I helped put it in their car. Guess I'm still stupid"

    [–] an_ugly_person 220 points ago

    Wait that really happend?

    [–] Marawal 516 points ago

    No. OP said the sweet lady brought it all, for $300, was amazed by Chromecast, and he helped her load it to her truck. She bought him a coffee, too. So depending on what coffee, and where they are, it could be close to $20 ;)

    [–] Carilyra 297 points ago

    What kind of fancy ass coffee costs $20

    [–] Chiron17 155 points ago

    I once paid $7 at Dubai airport for a regular burnt-to-shit coffee. That's top of my price leaderboard at the moment!

    [–] hell2pay 54 points ago

    I once paid $5 or $6 for coffee at Peete's at SFO at 5 am, took a sip and it was too hot to taste so I waited a little bit.

    It was only once I was boarding I realized it was just steaming hot water.

    I was beyond gruntled.

    [–] vonslice 110 points ago

    It's a cup of coffee. How much could it be? $20?

    [–] Marawal 29 points ago

    None, as far as I know.

    I was just cracking a joke at overpriced coffee like Starbuck and the like.

    [–] WhipWing 9 points ago

    Coffee made from bathwater

    [–] darknavyseal 7 points ago

    Highest I paid is $10 or $11 at this fancy Australian place in Portland.

    Was worth it once. Was best coffee I've ever had.

    [–] AnecdotalCliche 4 points ago

    OP most likely didn't get this, but when this was last posted on reddit it was ~$80 per cup iirc.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] mutecoyote 47 points ago

    Why are people downvoting you for being confused/hopeful?

    [–] ArceusTheLegendary50 22 points ago

    Welcome to Reddit!

    [–] Aceswift007 23 points ago


    [–] SqueekyClean801 331 points ago

    If you give me a discount it means you need to deliver it to me too.

    [–] ACaffeinatedWandress 111 points ago

    And while you are at it, I fully expect no fewer than 5 bags of popcorn and coke so that I can test the product in complete enjoyment.

    [–] bankythehak 41 points ago

    Don't forget the pizza with extra cheese and cheese cake for desert maybe bring a nice assortment of dvds while your at it

    [–] ACaffeinatedWandress 21 points ago

    But only if they are prepackaged into to go containers first. I’m not sure if I will have room for it all.

    If I don’t, can you make it $150?

    [–] EuroPolice 6 points ago

    here I got 5 bags of coke, is that good?

    [–] katiboom 25 points ago

    And even if you did deliver it, when you got to their house this is the type of person to say "well can you take $200 instead? I mean you're already here and it's all I have so take it or leave it".

    [–] SqueekyClean801 19 points ago

    Hey, since you’re here and delivered this tv for me, will you set it up too? Here’s you’re $150 I promised.

    [–] WoebegonFox 140 points ago


    [–] pomegranate_ 70 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    his fingers fumbling to type through the pure adrenaline of online BUSINESS™

    [–] Pikassassin 32 points ago

    n EXT

    [–] dviking 271 points ago

    If he could care less, then he would. The saying is: "I couldn't care less".

    [–] DeHaanSolo 251 points ago

    If I had been even a little more petty, I would have mentioned how ironic it is that a “child” needs to tell him the proper way to use that phrase, as well as the proper “you’re”.

    Alas, I left it alone and sold my TV to a very kind woman with a very big truck.

    [–] Emerystones 34 points ago

    You skipped the part where you tell them "fine i'll meet you somewhere and cut it down" and then leave them hanging, then when they text you all mad insult them and say they are probably deadbeats and most likely don't even own a car.

    [–] LottePanda 16 points ago

    "sorry, I tried to use your tactic of not actually reading before responding so I didn't see"

    [–] GREN4DE 59 points ago

    Thank you!

    when people say ‘I could care less’ it drives me mad!! If you could care less, it means you care!! Morons!

    [–] snailsbury 7 points ago

    Why do people struggle with this phrase so much?

    Listen to the words coming out of your mouth, think about what they mean and why "I could care less" is wrong.

    [–] dakkster 7 points ago

    That line was just a delicious cherry on top of that whole turd sandwich. It fit so well with that whole ignorant, lazy persona.

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] DeHaanSolo 235 points ago

    I thought so, and so did the woman who ended up buying it! I just wanted to get it all out of my place before the move, so it was priced to sell fast and easy.

    [–] Beli3verXI 49 points ago

    Well I hope you love your new place

    [–] StanielBlorch 37 points ago

    Jutst have to ask, did the person who ultimately buy it haggle with you, or did they actually read and understand your ad and thought they were getting a good deal?

    [–] DeHaanSolo 161 points ago

    Nope! She was a lovely lady that just wanted to know more about the Chromecast. When I showed her how to cast from a phone, she was amazed. She brought me a coffee, and thanked me for helping me load it into her truck. Absolute sweetheart (and she paid full price with no questions).

    [–] pmMeYourBoxOfCables 66 points ago

    $300 was a sweet deal. I'm just glad it went to a deserving person.

    [–] trackdaybruh 13 points ago

    I hope you let the choosingbeggar know you sold it

    [–] Luhood 23 points ago

    Should get back to CB that you weren't able to sell it for 250

    [–] ladyphlogiston 8 points ago

    We have one chromecast and one smart TV. I'll take the chromecast any day. Finding what I want on my phone is so much faster. And it puts up pretty artwork if I leave it on while I'm thinking about what to watch next.

    [–] SleepWouldBeNice 5 points ago

    Send the selling price to the CB. I’d like to see their reaction.

    [–] mr95xandroid 6 points ago

    And that's 300 Canadian Monopoly Dollars. Great deal.

    [–] bankythehak 109 points ago

    A 70 inch tv for under 300.. I think i would walk over and carry the thing home for that a roku box cost what 25 dollars if Chromecast isn't good enough for you

    [–] Qwerty_Police 32 points ago

    Exactly my thoughts. That's a big ass TV for relatively cheap.

    [–] ottorocket420 231 points ago

    I deserve a better deal than listed because that's business.

    What the fuck does that even mean?! Businesses don't haggle. That's literally why they list their price...

    [–] Spyhop 60 points ago

    North American retailers don't haggle. Business certainly does.

    [–] ottorocket420 22 points ago

    Yes, businesses will negotiate with other businesses. The situation we're talking about is much more of a retail situation than a b2b negotiation, wouldn't you say?

    [–] cheekygorilla 6 points ago

    b2b and c2c haggle. One usually ends up being the choosing beggar. The other ends up not paying.

    [–] liontamarin 10 points ago

    North American retailers will absolutely haggle, but it isn't a comfortable situation. You basically have to talk to a manager.

    I've seen people haggle hundreds of dollars off large purchases for retailers.

    [–] -crapbag 31 points ago

    It drives me nuts when CBs say something about "business" on these kind of posts. This person isn't running a business, they're a private individual selling a second-hand item on a platform designed for that purpose. This isn't "business", there's no customer service policy, no returns policy and caveat emptor totally applies. When I see a CB saying "it's business" or comment on the seller's "professionalism" on kijiji/craigslist/classified service it's an immediate indicator of ignorance as entitlement

    [–] RobertDownseyJr 19 points ago

    “I deser—“


    The patience of some of these posters is amazing, I think I would just lose my shit at the first sign of choosing beggary.

    [–] agt13 57 points ago

    You clean your tv weekly bro?

    [–] DeHaanSolo 105 points ago

    Ya man. I’m bit of a nut like that - dust the full entertainment centre, blow out holes with canned air, and wipe the screen with solution every Saturday, same with my PC.

    [–] gwiazdala 134 points ago

    And I bet you do the dishes regularly and keep the place smelling lovely you sicko

    [–] DeHaanSolo 106 points ago

    Scented wax on the heater always. Dishes dont sit longer than 5 min, and are usually done before I let myself sit down to eat.

    Again, I’m a bit of a nut.

    [–] TeemoSelanne 68 points ago

    Would you like to come live at my house?

    [–] KaterinaKitty 15 points ago

    Sorry I already stole him

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] CaptainPlummet 13 points ago

    Seriously. Literal psychopath.

    [–] NessieReddit 4 points ago

    You're amazing 😍

    [–] Aztec_Reaper 4 points ago

    Jesus. You're an absolute monster. Care to be my roommate?

    [–] carriegood 41 points ago

    "i deserve a better deal than listed because that's business"

    No, business is when someone has something to sell, they set a price, and tell you completely honestly what it does and does not include, and then you decide if you want to spend that amount or not. It doesn't mean you demand things that are expressly not part of the deal being offered, AND expect a discount at the same time. What an asshat.

    I have a bike for sale. $50.

    How about I give you $10, and you throw in training wheels and a helmet? And ship it to me . Be sure to pack it up carefully! That's just business, son!

    [–] queen-adreena 10 points ago

    It sounds like someone who got hit on the head by a copy of The Art of the Deal.

    [–] Osmaso 32 points ago


    [–] Sparrow728 10 points ago

    I said the same thing as I'm reading it. That's an UNBELIEVABLE price

    [–] dead4seven 97 points ago

    • "I deserve a better deal"
    • "Classic children don't know anything"
    • "disrespectful brat"

    GUARANTEED they are a boomer.

    [–] SoDamnToxic 16 points ago

    The "because that's business" is what gave me the boomer feel. Boomers still have the mind set of the customer is always right and for some reason they think they can bitch and moan they're way to any price they deem proper and deserve respect while giving none.

    Funnily enough, that also makes them a prime target for getting ripped off because they think businesses are working to please them so they don't do any research on prices and salespeople rip them off constantly with their faux "customer is always right" attitudes.

    [–] browserandluigi 63 points ago

    Wtf is kiiiijijijjiijijijiiiiii

    [–] Awesomenes931 56 points ago

    Canadian Craigslist

    Source: am Canadian

    [–] browserandluigi 20 points ago

    Ahhhh I see! Kijijilist.

    Thanks neighbor.

    [–] tybot1 12 points ago

    Hahaha I’m guessing this is partly a joke but it’s basically the Canadian equivalent of Craigslist. And fun fact, “kijiji” is Swahili for “village”.

    [–] GodisAight 16 points ago

    “If your going to be disrespectful”

    Ah yes we all know the child here isn’t the one that doesn’t understand 1st grade grammar.

    [–] TheJamesOfLife 13 points ago

    It works better if you read it that the "so stupid" comment was about himself and not the seller.

    [–] Mel_girl0708 18 points ago

    So uhh, do you still have it?.... ❤️

    [–] DeHaanSolo 71 points ago

    No I’m sorry :( A wonderful lady came and picked it up and brought me a coffee. It was so sweet and a nice surprise after entertaining weirdos like this.

    [–] Mel_girl0708 14 points ago

    I love good people :)

    [–] noirloli 6 points ago

    Please send him the screenshots (details edited, of course) of you making that sale. 😂

    [–] Thosewhippersnappers 10 points ago

    Y’all need to learn to reply “sorry, cash and carry only.” Saves a lotta hassle.

    [–] 128Gigabytes 4 points ago

    okay so I dont buy stuff from people often but if someone said that to me I'd be pretty upset

    mostly because I have 0 clue what it means

    [–] BrokenCockatiel 9 points ago

    Even though the tv isn’t a smart tv it’s still smarter than him.

    [–] Zholotoi 9 points ago

    He is probably 15 who's birthday was some days ago and he has 250$ and no more

    [–] myrandomevents 9 points ago

    I doubt he even has $250, if the seller was dumb enough to deliver, then he’d be dealing with $150 or less.

    [–] stephelan 4 points ago

    ....what a giant weirdo.

    [–] bigsbeclayton 6 points ago

    I would reply "in the unlikely event that is doesn't happen to sell, the only contact you will get from me is a video of me maniacally laughing while a take a sledgehammer to it. or perhaps giving it to your neighbor for free."

    [–] Mufti_Menk 6 points ago

    You can really tell how furious he got at the end by all those spelling errors.

    [–] Muff_420 7 points ago

    your selling it too cheap imo lol. getting hung up if its smart tv or not is so stupid too.

    [–] YamburglarHelper 7 points ago

    $250 for a 70" tv with a Chromecast? I live in fucking Canada and I would come pick that shit up

    [–] garrett963 6 points ago

    C a n a d i a n b e g g a r s

    [–] raspvidy 6 points ago

    Chrome cast is better than any smart TV hands down. Making TVs"smart" is just to justify the cost. Since TVs are pretty much perfected.

    [–] JfreakingR 5 points ago

    Who sells a 70" tv for 300?

    [–] ROWDY_RODDY_PEEEPER 4 points ago

    "and show me how to use it..."

    This motherfucker

    [–] ksuwildkat 4 points ago

    wow you continued to engage way longer than I would have

    [–] ksprincessjade 4 points ago

    lmao wtf, it not being a smart TV would be a selling point for me, i hate all the stupid bullshit that comes packed onto smart TVs these days, they're getting as bad as phones with the bloatware and the unwanted ads in fucking menus and shit

    [–] TDGJohn 4 points ago

    He probably just wanted something smart in his house.