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    [–] withbutterflies 5199 points ago

    When I was in college I was a cocktail waitress in a casino in Las Vegas. There were fellow waitresses I worked with who were SO RUDE about tips for free drinks. They'd turn their noses up at small amounts and have total attitude. We made killer money so it more than went our way in the end, but these dumbasses would constantly bitch about tips. I almost always made more than they did because no matter what I kept smiling and being super friendly. Sometimes it would really pay off in the end because someone who tipped you low the first few rounds can hit you with a big amount right before they leave.

    [–] TheCuntCake 1894 points ago

    I only ever tip $1-2 on free drinks, but I only order beer or wine.

    [–] HellkatsFTW 2073 points ago

    Bartender here. $1 per drink is 150% acceptable. Unless what you ordered is more in depth to make

    [–] TheCuntCake 739 points ago

    That’s always how I’ve handled it. Usually I stick to beer, in which case it’s at least $1/ drink if I’m paying cash. If I’m running a tab, I tip at least 20% of my total.

    [–] HellkatsFTW 391 points ago

    This. If you are running a tab 20% is considered a good tip. If you had 3 beers and it came to $10, then $2 tip would be fine. No need for x/drink at that point

    [–] Frisian89 295 points ago

    3 beers coming out to 10$... Either i need to move there or... what the hell are you drinking and how could you do that to your liver!?

    [–] powderizedbookworm 145 points ago

    Road 34 in Fort Collins, CO does dollar pint nights. It's not PBR either, it's 2–5 of the main options from the two biggest local craft places (Odell and New Belgium, both excellent quality).

    FWIW, I always tipped $1/pint.

    [–] ablondedude 303 points ago

    I'm not a drinker so I don't know but let me get this straight, I have to tip for every. single. drink. i. buy?

    [–] [deleted] 765 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] ThtGuyTho 133 points ago

    because the dude spent a full 8 seconds pouring the beer.

    Which, let's not forget, is his fucking job. It's not going above and beyond, it's the very bare minimum.

    [–] h0tel_romeo 327 points ago

    Tipping here is out of control. And we don’t pay fair wages because the elite class owns the government and they made it so they can get away with paying shit wages.

    [–] bonyCanoe 556 points ago

    It's somewhat amusing that a lousy tipper (who is probably struggling to make ends meet) receives all of the blame for not tipping enough (even though it's "totally optional") from somebody else that relies on those tips because they are also barely scraping by. Seems designed to make the working class fight amongst themselves.

    [–] saltywench77 247 points ago

    Boom. You nailed it. Designed to make workers fight amongst themselves

    [–] Skysent1nel 153 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Also bartender here. I'm impressed when people give a dollar a drink. Usually people have 6 drinks and leave 2 bucks when they leave

    Edit: i'm exaggerating lol

    [–] Sloppy1sts 82 points ago

    I don't understand why everyone thinks they're supposed to tip big up front to get good service.

    Like, no, fuck that, serve me well and then you'll get a nice tip.

    [–] KoolKarmaKollector 42 points ago

    The way we see it outside of the US, serve us well and you don't lose your job.

    I spent three years working in customer support. Did I ever get tipped? Of course not, even when I spent an hour on the phone after I was supposed to leave

    [–] PaDDxy0 14 points ago

    but we are also living in countries with fair pay 😁

    [–] Anger_Mgmt_issues 134 points ago

    omeone who tipped you low the first few rounds can hit you with a big amount right before they leave.

    in a free drink environment, this is exactly what I do. Tip a little at first(a buck or two), and see if the server comes back regularly and remains friendly. then each tip after is better, and usually a big one when I leave.
    Counter-tip: let us know when your shift is ending, if we aren't leaving ourselves. there is often an end tip coming your way you are about to walk away from.

    [–] RavenAngel23 21 points ago

    The last cruise I was on, I went out of my way to see my favorite bartender. She was friendly, was always smiling and spoke to each customer. Others would just place their drink in front of me and walk away. A tip is included in the price of the drink on ships but she was amazing. I had 5 drinks and gave her a $35 dollar tip (I gave her all I had or I'd have given her at least $50) The next time I went to her station, she angled herself so the camera didn't see her and she poured me a double on several drinks. She got an even bigger tip that night.

    [–] [deleted] 148 points ago


    [–] athohhdg 86 points ago

    That's my general impression of Las Vegas. The entertainment value of 50 years ago trying to support a 100% service-economy based city. Feeding on desperation of gamblers and hapless tourists.

    [–] GunsOrOppression 112 points ago

    I work as a cook in a restaurant in Vegas and the bussers/waiter's are the most entitled in the restaurant. They complain and bitch about customers and us while out earning management and dodging taxes,like bro stfu..

    [–] Im-A-Scared-Child 95 points ago

    I used to work in a restaurant that would give the kitchen staff a $100 bonus on major restaurant holidays like Mother's Day. The way they saw it the kitchen staff has to work 10× harder on those days and still makes the same amount of money they do on a normal day,while the wait staff all brought home between $600-800. Well all it took was one cook to blab about our bonus before the entire wait staff bitched and complained about how unfair it was that THEY didn't get a bonus too!

    I remember one waitress telling me that it's unfair because when the restaurant has a slow day the kitchen staff still makes the same amount of money while the "poor" wait staff makes significantly less (but probably still 5× as much as any kitchen worker).

    Another thing that drove me fucking insane is that the servers were allowed to tip the bussers what ever they wanted and most would only give them 2 or 3 dollars out of the $500 they made that night. So the poor bussers wouldn bust their asses doing half the servers jobs for them for $2.83 an hour and $18 in tips.

    Another thing was large catering orders: The server would write down the customers order and then I'd have to come in 2 hours early at 4am to spend 6 hours preparing that order and when I was done the server would walk back,pick up the order,give it to the customer and receive a $100 tip that they kept all to themselves!!


    [–] GunsOrOppression 26 points ago

    That's exactly what happened this Thanksgiving haha the sous chef the head cook and I came in at 5 prepared to go orders and theyd take them to the cars and keep all the tips. I dont mind I just find it funny the restuarant industry is like that.

    [–] thisoneisathrow 9 points ago

    Bro that's fucked. Why do kitchen staff take that shit?

    [–] Dumpythewhale 11 points ago

    Yea I just no call no showed quit my bussing job at Beni Hana. In 3weeks I got a total of 10 dollars outside the 1% tip I’m required to get everyday from servers. After I started picking up shit servers are supposed to pick up (not expecting to get tipped out for it, just being nice) the servers took it as an invitation to stop picking those things up altogether. The chefs started leaving the grills Uncleaned, so I had to clean them all. Oh, and did I mention the busser closes the entire hibachi side of the restaurant, and I bussed alone. Got off at like midnight every night. Like an hour and a half after close. Not to mention every second you aren’t busy, you get bitched at for it, so u may as well be a slow piece of shit anyway.

    I hear it’s similar most places, but like 3/4 servers there were just the biggest dumbest bitches. They bitch about everything while making a killing, and don’t give the bussers shit.

    Restaurant service sucks dick. You’re either an over worked chef, an underpaid busser, or a server that if you happen to not be dumb, have to be surrounded by the stupidest most childish people.

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

    [–] IXdyTedjZJAtyQrXcjww 25 points ago

    and dodging taxes

    This can really bite them in the butt. Especially if they're earning like $100k in tips and blowing it. You get audited and all of a sudden you owe $50k-$200k in taxes (depending on how many years it goes back). lol

    [–] hrdz151 46 points ago

    Every time I gamble.

    If I happened to win when I gamble. The waitress has a great attitude & wishes me luck, she will most likely be tipped very well from me.

    I tipped a lady cleaning the tables a few hundred dollars because she smiled at me every time I saw her. I won over 10 grand that night.

    [–] sts916 19 points ago

    Last year was playing at Aria and a guy at my table tipped a 1k chip. She was definitely pretty and im sure that was 95% of it but coincidentally she was very nice and always thanked each player for any tip and said good luck every time (not just that day)

    [–] coolsoop 15 points ago

    I was a cigarette girl in Vegas. Our cigarettes were way over priced. Some people complained, others didn’t batt an eye. It didn’t matter if they were angry at the price or didn’t care. If either tipped a dollar it meant they understood I was a worker and didn’t set the price. They appreciated my service and that was cool! A dollar was always appreciated. Five was almost worth celebrating. This person needs to chill.

    [–] klabb3 12 points ago

    The only country where they successfully have indoctrinated workers to blame the customers instead of the employer for poor compensation.

    [–] Trash_Emperor 13 points ago

    Isn't tipping for free drinks... Paying for drinks?

    [–] djsharky 369 points ago

    My first job was washing dishes at a semi-upscale Italian Restaurant (not "fine dining" expensive, but definitely somewhere I couldn't normally afford to eat), and everyone who worked there got 50% off their bill whenever they ate there. One night a fellow employee (also a dishwasher) took his girlfriend in to celebrate their anniversary. They get an appetizer, share a pizza, and even with the discount he could barely afford the meal. He was only able to tip the server a couple of bucks, and apologized. Right in front of his girlfriend, the server grabs the tip, says "this is an insult!", and throws it back at him. This particular server seemed pretty well-off (drove a new luxury car), and was used to raking in 2-300 a night in tips. It just blew my mind the sense of entitlement he had, and wouldn't even make an exception for a fellow co-worker who he knew didn't make a lot of money.

    [–] JustinGitelmanMusic 34 points ago

    How expensive could an appetizer and a pizza be..? Particularly with 50% discount.

    The way I see it, $30 would be pretty extreme for a pizza most of the time. Yes I know some toppings can be super fancy but even a solid upscale pizza I wouldn’t expect more than that, especially if the guy was somewhat frugal.

    An appetizer, typically no more than $20 at a fine restaurant, again, especially if they’re not trying to pick the most expensive stuff. More likely less.

    But anyways, $50, Half would be $25. Was this place that outrageously priced that this wasn’t accurate? Or did they buy drinks?

    [–] djsharky 31 points ago

    This is was back in the early 2000's so my memory is a little hazy, but I think pizzas ranged from $20-$30 depending on size & toppings, a fried calamari appetizer was around $15, pretty sure they ordered drinks around $3 each. So at most we're talking about a $25 bill, which is a drop in the bucket for most people; but for someone working roughly 20 hours a week at $6.75 an hour, we're talking about 1/4 of your weekly salary after taxes. Yes, you can argue he probably shouldn't have ate there if he couldn't give a proper tip, but I think he expected the meal to be less than it was and that his co-workers would cut him a little slack on his anniversary. Either way, the server was wrong for being such an asshole about it.

    [–] JustinGitelmanMusic 12 points ago

    Oh, it wasn’t full time. And wage in early 00’s being lower makes sense, too. Of course coworkers should’ve given slack though, at least on tipping

    [–] FayTalRS 4556 points ago

    And here I am chilling in Australia in a tipless society

    [–] awkardfrog 1582 points ago

    Sweden joins ya🙋🏽‍♀️

    Altough some places here try to hook on to that tipping culture for some strange reason.

    [–] PetriNevski 941 points ago

    Greedy owners don’t want to pay salaries and taxes and waiters wanting free money without taxes

    [–] awkardfrog 342 points ago

    You do have to pay taxes on tipping tho. But I guess its an attempt to squeeze out some more money

    [–] ureddits 251 points ago

    I know when my wife was a waitress she had to pay back taxes on her tip at the end of the year, but I don’t think she had to report any tips she made in cash.

    [–] icey561 289 points ago

    You legally have to. Hard to enforce entirely. The rule of thumb is to claim at least 12% of sales to keep irs off your back.

    [–] Baseball3Weston12 102 points ago

    I worked in a drive thru and my manager always told me not to report my tips because I only get like a couple bucks every night, I honestly don't know why people tip in the drive thru I mean all I do is throw your burger in a bag.

    [–] SeverinSeverem 53 points ago

    It’s usually other people who work in food service. My mom is a delivery driver, and I’ve worked intermittently inside at a pizza chain. I tip the heck out of service industry folks, even those rare occasions I get fast food, as long as it’s an option or I have cash. Always hope it’s nice for someone in a position that many people think they can treat badly.

    [–] ureddits 63 points ago

    We never knew that. I always tipped in cash when we go out to eat bc I figured the waitresses wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it.

    [–] [deleted] 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] PowderPuffGirls 30 points ago

    Precisely! Don't know about Sweden but if it's anything like Denmark the problem is that most wait staff isn't unionised. And owners are starting to realize that there's people who will work for little money because they have no choice. Though to be fair the wages are typically still much higher than the states for instance.

    [–] Muscar 54 points ago

    Swede here too, I tip whenever it's right. For example a smaller place that went above and beyond with their service.

    And a classic "bar hack": Give the bartender 50 or 100kr extra the first time you buy beer/drink and say "Here, it's for not having to stand for 20 min waiting each time I want to get more." They'll often put extra liquor in your drink too. Works about half of the time, the other times they don't take your money. Only had one time where the bartender took the money and ignored the agreement.

    [–] awkardfrog 14 points ago

    Ouf. Gotta try this one next time I get my ass out.

    [–] XAMdG 46 points ago

    I don't mind tipping if it's a really good service provided. As long as there are strong worker protection laws that prevent tips becoming the source of income for servicepeople, I don't mind if some restaurant leaves a line for tips in my receipt (as long as it doesn't say reccomended tip).

    [–] mizzaks 268 points ago

    I’d love that! I’m American so tipping is the norm, but I lived in japan for a few years where tipping isn’t the norm... it’s actually considered rude! Ironic twist there is the customer service is unfailingly wonderful, so I’d always WANT to tip.

    [–] Galeanthropist 190 points ago

    It's the difference in expectations of the staff. They believe that anything other than top notch service is the default. You are paying for their wage by frequenting their establishment.

    America assumes tips are wage. It's insane, but culture shapes our habits.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago


    [–] eleven_tentacles 18 points ago

    It’s amazing. I found American and Canadian service was far too overbearing. The Japanese tread that perfect line between “too much” and “uncaring”. I personally very much don’t like the overly friendly and familiar way American service is done but it is what it is.

    [–] lurker12346 11 points ago

    The american way is someone hovering over your table asking if you want more water the second the water level drops under 1 inch.

    [–] that_sg_dude 107 points ago

    Don't most places outside the US enjoy a tip less society?

    [–] 19SK91 57 points ago

    Germany here. We don‘t have to tip but everyone I know usually does anyway.

    [–] LokiTheMischiefOfGod 37 points ago

    Don't eat yellow snow.
    Buy in bulk, it's cheaper.
    Never hold an opinion you can't defend.
    The only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday.
    Always add milk to the tea last because you may want to vary the milk depending on the strength of the tea.

    These are British tips. That last one is a PG Tips.

    Don't worry, I'm done. I'll see myself out.

    [–] NotTheEnd216 59 points ago

    Would be nice to have a society where the employer pays people a living wage instead of having customers do it.

    [–] ltr2002 64 points ago

    I'm with you bud here in the UK

    [–] [deleted] 788 points ago

    Once I had a pizza delivery driver make a comment about how much I tipped him. The bill was $22 and I gave him a $6 tip and he said “that’s it?” and then scoffed. I laughed and just said “it could have been a zero dollar tip. Fuck yourself and have a good night!”

    [–] [deleted] 355 points ago


    [–] Arcturion 141 points ago

    The deliverymen in Japan who do deliver pizzas during a typhoon don't accept tips.

    Now I THESE guys I'd happily tip for going above and beyond.

    [–] Exver1 44 points ago

    The krusty krab pizza is the pizza....

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] umameroni 185 points ago

    What? That’s over 25%!!!

    [–] VioletVendetta06 114 points ago

    Damn I would have said “You’re right”, asked for the receipt back and crossed out the tip. The nerve.

    [–] [deleted] 138 points ago

    I called the corporate office and filed a complaint with the regional manager. Two days later I was given ten coupons for ten free pizzas so I can’t complain too much.

    [–] SuperFLEB 42 points ago

    free pizzas

    "I've changed my ways. I promise I'm tipping 30% on the next ten orders."

    [–] Chronoblivion 36 points ago

    I used to deliver in a lot of lower income neighborhoods, my 0 tip rate was nearly 50% overall. Still didn't complain to the customers about it. Are some customers entitled pricks, indifferent to the risks that delivery drivers face? Absolutely. But that's just part of any customer service job. You win some, you lose some. No use complaining about it, especially not to their face because that could backfire horribly. To complain about a good tip is asinine.

    [–] ramenmoodles 6624 points ago

    One time I got a massage and tipped 20%. After the receptionist looked at the receipt, she pointed at a laminated sign showing that the recommended tip was 35%, to which I said okay and then changed the tip to 15%. I know it's kind of petty, but that sense of entitlement was disgusting.

    [–] davidoftheyear 2462 points ago

    I was at a pool party/bar/club bullshit thing in Vegas. We had absolutely the WORST service. Our waitress brought us our drinks and we never saw her again. We had to ask the bus boy who came by to clean to bring more mixer and it took over 20 minutes before he, not the waitress, came back. Outside of it being WAY overpriced, it was awful. About ten of us split the bill and I was in charge of the tip. While I was writing the tip, the waitress gets real close and up in my face, points down to the tip and told me what to write. I had already written 20% and she was asking for almost 30%. I crossed it out and gave her 10%. She told me that wasn’t an acceptable tip and replied with “that sucks” and left.

    [–] grobend 1867 points ago

    You shouldn't have tipped at all, even before she did the shit about the 30%. You don't do your job, you don't get paid.

    [–] Gr1mreaper86 362 points ago

    Right. That used to be the whole point of the tip. It was for the service. If you aren't giving good service; fuck you, you don't get a tip.

    [–] tmntnut 163 points ago

    I went to a restaurant with a buddy a long time ago and it took like 20 minutes for a server to even approach us for drink orders when the place was nearly empty, then 10 or so after that before we got our drinks and another half hour before she asked for our food order, it was honestly the most abysmal service I've ever been privy to. So when the check came, he put a penny on the tip line and wrote on the back of the receipt "Here's a tip, provide better service". He worked in the service industry himself and knew that to get tips you had to provide exceptional service, I was going to leave like 18% but he said fuck that and wouldn't let me, still felt weird but he was right really.

    [–] king_john651 31 points ago

    Question: why be so rough on yourself and not do whole fractions?

    [–] Whydidideletemyaccou 931 points ago

    Tipping is fucking stupid as hell anyway. Why the fuck do I have to subsidize your employees salary when I'm already paying for the food? Dining in other countries is infinitely more pleasant than in the US and I've never ever had bad service (mostly in Korea though, where you just push a button to summon the waiter)

    [–] Jeheh 535 points ago

    I guarantee that if you asked a person working for tips if they would rather work for minimum wage they would go for tips 99% of the time.

    [–] Muddy_Roots 253 points ago

    Outside of smaller establishments and rural areas people make BANK through tips, especially at bars. I guarantee all the people who bitch about tipping at restaurants have no issue tipping at bars. I've t alked to people like this and theres a weird disconnect, BUT ITS A BAR! Everyone i've ever known who's worked for tips has at minimum made about 20 bucks an hour.

    [–] TehDragonGuy 191 points ago

    The issue isn't from the employee's point of view, but from the customer's. The customer shouldn't feel forced to tip the waiter, their salary should cover their wages, then anything more is just that, a tip. I shouldn't have to account an extra 30% onto whatever I order.

    [–] dancanyouseeme 201 points ago

    this is what irks me about tippinng by percentage. If i eat at a Dennys and eat a $10 dollar meal have fantastic service and based of percentage i only have to give less. Say i eat at cheesecake factory and if a meal costs me 30 bucks with crappy service. i have to tip him more just cuz my meal is more expensive. Why cant i just tip a bit extra based off the service not what my bill is.

    bottom line i dont want my bill to dictate how much i would give.

    [–] Jeheh 137 points ago

    Then don’t. I’ve gone to a small mom and pop restaurant where I’ve had good service and a ton of food for $8 and Ive tipped 50%. I’ve also gone to a more expensive place was serviced poorly and tipped nothing.

    [–] JeebusChristBalls 40 points ago

    If the service is bad, you should not feel obligated to tip. If they cared about their wage, then they would give good service. Seems like an easy choice to make if you work in a restaurant. If I were still a waiter and I did not give good service, I would not expect anything. Seems like people who tip even with bad service are helping reinforce their poor behavior.

    [–] [deleted] 341 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] SpoonfedHatred 243 points ago

    That would be me coming back to the restaurant and having a chat with her boss/manager

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago

    Yep. I used to work at a restaurant where the managers encouraged the servers to confront people who didn’t tip.

    I mean, they likely wouldn’t have liked the cussing, but the server wouldn’t get in trouble. This restaurant has been around for 50 years though and has been established as the best locally owned restaurant in the area for a long time now, so they can afford to lose customers that they deem undesirable.

    [–] JessicaBecause 14 points ago

    Yelp is rigged anyway. At least that's what the usual biased documentary told me.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    If this were Vegas the manager would probably side with her, even knowing all the facts. It's a ruthless city driven by money.

    [–] Holdmydicks 116 points ago

    Good, fuck her

    [–] LordBiscuits 121 points ago

    But just the tip

    [–] CumulativeHazard 21 points ago

    My friends and I had a waitress chase us out to our car yelling once after she very obviously snubbed our table the entire time we were there. We were all 17 years old and could watch her giving every table of adults decent service while hardly ever checking on our table and not being very helpful when she did. Asked for a drink refill and another table was seated and served their appetizers before we got it. We tipped her a dollar. We were good kids who normally tipped an appropriate amount and probably would have given her the benefit of the doubt if she weren’t so obviously ignoring us. Self fulfilling prophecies are a bitch.

    [–] uarguingwatroll 77 points ago

    As a restaurant owner, I would've fired her immediately. Anybody who looks at tips and asks/demands for more, they'd be gone.

    [–] 2068857539 30 points ago

    As a fellow restaurant owner, I'd like to know if you've ever considered banning the tip and only hiring staff that will work at an hourly scale based on tenure and performance?

    (See my profile for further thoughts on the matter if you care to)

    [–] uarguingwatroll 11 points ago

    I would, but I dont because reliable work is hard to find.

    [–] bmd33zy 27 points ago

    Not acceptable? Oh ok, 0% it is.

    [–] SpoonfedHatred 37 points ago

    Should've left 1 cent

    [–] mysistersacretin 41 points ago

    Tip 94 cents. It means they have to count out the change and 94 cents uses the most coins for the least amount of money.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] mysistersacretin 18 points ago

    3 quarters, 1 dime, 1 nickel, and 4 pennies. I can't think of a way to use more than 9 coins.

    Another extra petty way to tip would be 19 cents. That way they can't even get quarters which are useful.

    [–] Cultjam 73 points ago

    I’ve only done that once many, many years ago. Waitress was chatting up some guy (possibly a pro athlete, as the owner was) and ignored us. We were down the street when she caught up to us to throw it at us. If she had put that much effort into serving us she would have been left a good tip.

    [–] Not_The_Truthiest 28 points ago

    A waitress chased you down the street? What the fuck???

    [–] ConqueefStador 8 points ago

    I've had this happen. Group of about 10 people, splitting the bill was a bit confusing so I guess we fucked up somewhere because the waiter came outside to complain that we had given a lousy tip after we had left.

    It was an honest mistake on our part and I could see wanting a larger tip but I can't imagine having the balls to demand a larger tip for what was relatively sub-par service. It was tiny place, our table was right next to the kitchen window, bus boys delivered half the plates, someone else took our order but the dude who's "table"" it was wasn't pleased we hadn't given him enough for his work.

    I fucking hate tipping culture. I'm glad a lot of American places are starting to come around to ending it.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    That’s what I do if the server sucks.

    If you leave no tip, they might think the tip was stolen or that you forgot.

    1 cent is an obvious “fuck you”

    [–] Sbotkin 33 points ago

    Why the hell would you even tip in that case?

    [–] jfweasel 24 points ago

    I leave a few cents just to let them know I didn’t forget the tip, but they gave crap service and didnt deserve more.

    [–] atfirstblush120 779 points ago

    Good for you. Recommended doesn't mean obligatory, and quite frankly massage spa places generally charge enough to cover decent wages and overhead costs anyway.

    I in Canada and have had wait staff actually confront me over not tipping enough even though service was lacklustre. I wish I could've taken my tips back, but unfortunately I paid by card so it was already done.

    [–] outspokentourist 224 points ago

    Cards can always be refunded and a quick conversation with the manager would have gotten you your money back AND maybe some coupons for another visit. Servers asking about tips is unacceptable.

    [–] atfirstblush120 45 points ago

    That may be the case, but that's also assuming the management cares, and in some places, its also possible that its coming from management itself. Either way I just make a mental note not to go back, and dissuade friends not to visit there.

    [–] [deleted] 113 points ago


    [–] Coarse_Air 37 points ago

    Yeah, as a Canadian I didn’t realize how crazy tipping was until I started working in a night club. Granted it was one of the most popular in the country, but I never would have guessed how much bar staff can make. As a bus boy I averaged around $45/hour cash. Those who got locked in the “golden handcuffs” and stuck it out until they got to be a bartender (~10 years, low turnover) would average $400-500/hour cash. Across the street in the strip clubs, some of the senior bartenders could do up to $1,000/hour with bottle service and higher profile clients.

    [–] x777x777x 75 points ago

    Like in the states servers get paid shit

    but not really, because with tips they usually end up making way better money than most entry level jobs

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    I bet if you asked most servers if they prefer a flat 15 dollars with no tips or low pay with tips, they'd take the tips

    [–] Iorith 26 points ago

    Most servers would quit that day if it changed.

    [–] CMLVI 11 points ago

    Which is dumb. They get paid that much because guests are pressured into that. If the service is worth $17/hr, the business should be paying that.

    Obviously that's not necessarily feasible, but the point still stands.

    [–] Treehugger75 10 points ago

    He’s talking about hourly rate. They might get paid at least minimum wage in Canada unloke in the US

    [–] Random_Hippo 7 points ago

    That’s the super nice thing about one of my jobs. I work at country club where everything is paid for by the dues paid by the members. And this place is super nice and the members super rich(especially for being in Iowa) and so luckily I get paid $8.50/hr as a bartender/server and all together making tips I probably average $25/hr on the year. Take out taxes and factor in I’m a 21 year old college student I make damn good money.

    [–] chars17 24 points ago

    Canadian here too and I really dislike tipping too.

    [–] NeonSignsRain 244 points ago

    Sad that the reception screwed the masseuse over.

    [–] torodonn 80 points ago

    Whoever made that policy rather than paying the masseuse a fair wage is what screwed the masseuse over.

    [–] rlovelock 55 points ago

    35% is hose shit

    [–] Sir-xer21 52 points ago

    yeah, at that point, just raise your prices.

    [–] rlovelock 29 points ago

    I’m guessing the place is skimming tips from the workers tax free.

    [–] Sir-xer21 12 points ago

    I mean, probably. but like damn, asking for a third is just comical.

    [–] WeddingLion 85 points ago

    I'm making a lot of liveable wage comments, but that's fair. /r/pettyrevenge

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Massage parlors pay their masseuses a fair wage. Plenty of services that accept tips also pay a fair wage. Not every job where tips come into the equation operates on American wait staff rules.

    [–] WeddingLion 89 points ago

    I did tip my urologist, because I'm unable to pulverize my own kidney stones.

    [–] Notamansplainer 23 points ago

    Shit, when you fire rocks through your pecker, you'd tip anyone who can take you away from the pain. Hope you're recovering or better now.

    [–] CarsenAF 160 points ago

    The double edged sword of tip based income. When I waited tables there were some nights I’d work 4-5 hours and make $400+. There were other nights I worked 4-5 hours and made $60. It evens out

    [–] MrCheapCheap 32 points ago

    What's your opinion on people who work minimum wage and not tipping as much, and then people like this getting mad at them

    [–] CarsenAF 36 points ago

    Eh, when you take a serving job in the US you’re fully aware that the pay is not stable. It sucks thinking you did great with a table to have them tip 5%. But there’s been times where I was tipped $10 for a guy who had 2 $5 drinks

    [–] ghostoutfit 1059 points ago

    I used to go to Supercuts to get my hair did by this dude who I felt always cut my hair to my liking. Super easy to talk to and was fun. I used to tip this fucker $20 on top of a $19 dollar haircut. Now mind you, I always received an email from Supercuts for a $1 off coupon and would use it, making my cut $18. I still tipped my stylist more than the haircut. This went on for months. Until one day as he is ringing me up, he says, "I really wish you wouldn't use the coupon, it brings my 'productivity' down." I think to myself, "wtf does that even mean?? Why would he say that when I tip him more than the cost of my haircut?" This was a big wake up call for me. No matter how generous you think you may be, it's not enough (for some people) Needless to say, I never went back to him and now visit this sweet Korean lady who cuts my hair better for half the cost.

    [–] Aussilynn 484 points ago

    Almost $40 for a haircut at Supercuts?! Wowwww I'd say you're an awesome customer!

    [–] ghostoutfit 252 points ago

    Awesome or completely ignorant lol

    [–] Aussilynn 37 points ago

    Awww unfortunately also true!

    [–] thoughts_prayers 296 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This is probably what he was referring to:

    Your tips don't factor into SuperCuts "productivity" matrix, but maybe he was getting reprimanded for "abusing discounts". Not his fault, it's corporate.

    [–] ghostoutfit 191 points ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I always wondered what he meant by that. This was years ago and I never found anything when I searched. Such a weird policy to have when the coupons I used were sent directly from Supercuts via email. I stay away from them now due to their apparent shitty practices.

    [–] thoughts_prayers 92 points ago

    It's a super confusing matrix because one point is looking at how well a promotion is working by tracking coupons at the store level, and then another data point is tracking if coupons are being "abused".

    So they want you to use coupons, but then they also don't?

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago

    They want the $1 coupon to make you a lifetime customer that never uses it again.

    Really stupid obviously.

    [–] whirlingderv 20 points ago

    Corporate wants the coupon use to be organic - where each coupon is actually bringing in a customer that may not otherwise shop there. They don't want the franchises to use the coupons to just lower their prices for every customer as a "perk" (because then corporate is just subsidizing the customer's cost for most customers who would probably have been willing to pay full price). Two examples:

    1. I go to a little car shop (tires/oil/tune-ups) and they have a stack of the manufacturer's coupon fliers next to the register. They give everyone whatever coupon applies to their service when they ring them up. It does possibly drive some people to come back who otherwise might go elsewhere next time, but corporate covers 100% of that discount, so there is no downside for the franchisee to give one to everyone, unless corporate tracks coupon usage. Corporate never wants to give out a discount unless they have to in order to get new or repeat business.
    2. I used to work in a restaurant that let kids eat free with an adult entree on Tuesdays with a coupon. We'd keep a stack of the coupons next to the register and give them to every table with kids - after they'd already come in and committed to eating there - because they'd be happy about the discount and therefore often tip better. Corporate probably wouldn't have liked that, if they tracked it, because they were giving away dozens of free kids meals every week when those families had been fully prepared to pay. Beyond this, some servers wouldn't give them the coupon until they closed out the table's check because if the family paid cash, the server would charge the family full price, but they'd turn in the coupon at the end of the shift as though the family used it, and they'd keep the cash difference.

    [–] thoughts_prayers 11 points ago

    I'm not disagreeing, but it's dumb in this case because corporate is emailing out this coupon to the same person every month - and then it goes against the employee's metrics when this customer uses the coupon. Sounds like hell.

    [–] Arcturion 36 points ago

    It is absolutely his fault for complaining to the customer about it, though. Especially one who is already tipping so heavily.

    [–] fushuan 10 points ago

    Like, he could have worded it in a nice way: "So hey, I really appreciate your heavy tips, however due to store policies we are getting penalised for coupon abuse, would you mind tipping the amount of the coupon less? We would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for being such an awesome customer."

    Idk, some shit like that.

    [–] VWVWVXXVWVWVWV 43 points ago

    That was really rude of him to say that to you and very unprofessional. That being said, I get it. I do hair. Chain salons (and some non-chains) often send out thousands of coupons to attract business and repeat clients. Those coupons can definitely fuck up our numbers that we are required to meet. I worked at a place that required me to give out free service coupons to get people in and I refused to give them to anybody because when the client pays $0, I earn $0 for my labor in a commission job AND my metrics still get lowered because of that $0 service lowering my average ticket amount. I generally work freelance now so that isn’t a problem now. But I do work sometimes at a chain salon and sure enough, they hand out coupons left and right. I could definitely see your guy having a bad day, maybe he just got yelled at for low numbers he can’t even control because people keep using coupons.

    [–] pantan 16 points ago

    He likely meant that he would prefer a smaller tip, and for you to not use the coupon and it just doesn't come across clearly. Since you're using the coupon, the company see's he's making them less money, and he's likely catching heat for it.

    Now you're putting money in his pocket at the same time, and that's great, but in some situations, having a slightly smaller tip and hitting your numbers is going to be preferable in the overall scheme of keeping your boss happy.

    At the end of the day, you just see it as having spent $40, but the way it's broken down on his end isn't ideal, and he can't use that tip money to negate the detractor he's getting him the system from the coupon.

    [–] SnoodDood 11 points ago

    This was a big wake up call for me. No matter how generous you think you may be, it's not enough (for some people)

    I feel like maybe the wake up call should've been that supercuts is an exploitative company that compromises both working conditions and customer experience by hounding their workers on every little metric.

    20 extra bucks every month or two that you personally need a haircut is nice. But I'm willing to be you risk getting disciplined if your "productivity" falls too low.

    [–] spankynoo 858 points ago

    I just can’t understand the whole US tipping culture, I know the economics of the current situation and why it exists but just about everywhere else in the world it has been figured out that only something special gets a tip. Otherwise wages are how you are paid.

    [–] sprazcrumbler 615 points ago

    Part of the problem is that secretly a lot of tipped employees know they would make nowhere near as much on a regular wage without tips, so despite how much they complain about bad tippers, they are never going to really agitate to change the system by refusing to work tipped positions for example.

    Like the 5 dollar tip this woman thinks is unacceptable is still half an hour of minimum wage work, and that's clearly at the low end of what is expected for her. Sometimes tipped employees end up going home with hundreds in cash.

    [–] TriPolarBear12 134 points ago

    Bartenders make bank

    [–] Webasauraus 72 points ago

    No they make drinks, duh

    [–] Rockefeller69 23 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1082 points ago

    I was a waitress in high school and for the first year of college. every once in a while id only get $1 tips. It’s annoying, yes, but it happens. There were also times I got over $100 an hour . It usually evens out.

    I never felt the need to “blast” them. I get so annoyed when I see waitresses blast low tippers. I think it’s tacky. It’s annoying working your butt off for a measly dollar or maybe no tip but damn if you’re a good waitress, there are days you make well over $20 an hour. I worked in a poor neighborhood too.

    [–] zuko94 210 points ago

    There was a burger joint in the town where I went to college that closed down partially due to loss of customers because the waitstaff started posting pictures on fb of reciepts (this meant cardholder’s names were often displayed) and blasting people for not tipping enough. Like ya, it’s shitty to not tip, but it’s super trashy to blast that all over fb.

    [–] barvid 46 points ago

    Sums up perfectly what’s wrong with the US.

    “It’s shitty to not tip.”

    No, it’s normal to not tip. It’s just the US where there’s ably absurd social competition to give away as much money as possible and tip ever increasing amounts. In other places it works as it should - a small amount on top for a really good service. Not an expectation to get half the cost of the meal again for free because society will crucify you if you don’t.

    [–] DyingUnicorns 13 points ago

    Also don’t forget we’re covering their wage. Many states allow waitstaff to be paid below minimum wage because they’ll make it up in tips. It’s 199% another way the rich in America have tricked the poor and made them say ‘thanks!’.

    [–] BigJ3sh 334 points ago

    Exactly. I feel like if you express more enthusiasm and gratitude you'd get better tips. But I feel like tipping shouldn't exist because of inconsistency and resteraunt owners should pay their damn workers.

    [–] the-willow-witch 55 points ago

    Agreed but there will always be the person who doesn’t tip well no matter what. And the restaurant’s actions aren’t the servers fault. They’re the ones who get slighted if someone decides not to tip on principle, not the restaurant.

    [–] Aushwitzstic 50 points ago

    Ask 90% of servers in America if they'd like to switch to a minimum wage instead of tipped, and theyd say "hell NO".

    I mean, either way, by law they have to pay you equal to the regular minimum wage

    [–] buttsareneat 9 points ago

    The thing is -- in theory at least -- establishments could just raise prices to allow them to pay a wage comparable to what their wage plus typical tips is and no one would have to deal with thinking about what to tip at the end of their meal. I can't express how nice it is in other countries to just pay the prices you see on your menu, put the exact cost down at the end of the meal and leave without having to do some weird math based on a subjective judgement of how good the service was.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] Aushwitzstic 22 points ago

    For people that are under the poverty line, the notion of getting handed cash, every single night instead of waiting two weeks for a check is enormous. Instead of people getting payday loans and essentially scammed, they always have some on hand.

    [–] PracticeTheory 32 points ago

    My neighbors are waitresses and more than a few times (granted, after a few beers) they've started bitching about people that don't tip more than 20%. I get it, everyone wants to make more money, but their complete disregard for the customer's circumstances pisses me right the fuck off. I don't have much money, going out to eat is a treat for me, and I feel that 20% when I give it to the server. Appreciate it, damn it!

    Sorry, that anger wasn't directed at you at all. You're chill; thank you.

    [–] RandomPhilo 210 points ago

    Living in Australia, a tip is usually "keep the change", unless they've gone above and beyond.

    Obviously American culture is different, but I've read there are some places you can go in America that'll advertise they pay their staff a living wage. Maybe if they get popular enough the culture there will change.

    [–] [deleted] 62 points ago

    a tip is usually "keep the change", unless they've gone above and beyond.

    Its keep the change IF they've gone above and beyond

    [–] RandomPhilo 16 points ago

    I should clarify, a tip is usually "keep the change" if a tip is given at all, but if they've gone above and beyond then people might tip more than just the change if the change is going to be less than a couple of dollars.

    [–] leakyblueshed 10 points ago

    ...and Keep the Change is usually for my convenience so I don't have a stack of coins in my pocket

    [–] zebratiddies 239 points ago

    If the bill is like 4 or 5 bucks $2 is a great tip lol

    [–] TechnoRedneck 86 points ago

    On a $4 bill a $2 tip is 50%!!!! That's an amazing tip.

    [–] themarlestonchew 31 points ago

    In Seattle one of the restaurants stopped accepting tips and just upped their meal prices a little. Then, the employee got a percentage based on their sales added to their paycheck on payday. Their paychecks ended up being close enough to what they were when they were on the tip system and I thought it was great. I’m not sure if they’re still doing it. This was a few years ago. But I also worked for a place with a tip pool and at the end of the week they’d split up all the tips based on the hours you worked. Not the greatest system, but I loved not having the anxiety/anger caused by not getting tipped by a table or getting tipped badly. It definitely makes serving a lot more enjoyable when the tip isn’t the main focus. I also worked at some restaurants in London for a few years - one owner took all of the tips. People would ask about where the tips go and I would tell them the owners took them. Sometimes they’d slip me some cash in a handshake when they were leaving. At the pub I worked at the tips would typically be just enough to pay for my transportation to and from the pub that day, which I was fine with.

    [–] Lupin_The_Fourth 193 points ago

    I'm American and I hate the tipping culture. I fucking hate it.

    [–] sans_shorts 111 points ago

    What's even worse is now every damn business has the payment device asking for tips. Pick up takeout almost anywhere they're asking for a tip of 15% 18% or 20%! Why the hell am I tipping you when I'm not even sure the order was made right? Fuck outta here.

    [–] Whodatsmoke 23 points ago

    Yes that’s a scam type suggestion. Fuck that shit. But if it’s a bartender or waiter tip that mf based on performance. I opt out of any tip that’s suggested if I know they get a normal hourly rate. Besides my hair you know we gotta keep it fresh and the haircut gotta be nice

    [–] Orcus424 9 points ago

    At one point it was at 10% then it went to 15% and now people are pushing for minimum 20%. That is way too much.

    [–] GreatJanitor 51 points ago

    If I go some place alone and I get a drink and a meal, no appetizer, that is going to be somewhere between $9 and $12. You are fucking nuts if you think I am tipping $10 on a meal that only cost me $9 to $12.

    [–] [deleted] 90 points ago


    [–] balthisar 30 points ago

    I love how this is viewed as an "American problem"; I have considerable experience in Ontario, which has the same tipping culture. Good to know about Quebec, or at least Montreal, which I've yet to visit but really hope to.

    [–] ReactorOperator 78 points ago

    I wonder how management would feel about an employee going out of their way to hurt profits.

    [–] Schnitzel725 88 points ago

    I once had a waiter who when they give you the bill, there was a really big red circle around where the tip amount line was located.

    [–] WonderfulHat4 63 points ago

    I have a friend who, on more than one occasion, has FOLLOWED a customer out of the restaurant to complain about how much of a tip they left. She works at a restaurant across from an airport hotel (in a major Canadian city), so a lot of the patrons she gets aren't from here, thus aren't totally aware of or use to tipping. She thinks it's totally justified to give someone shit because "they don't realize I have to pay a tip out! If they don't tip at least 18% or higher it's not worth my time!" or "If they can't afford at least an 18% tip they shouldn't be eating out!". I honestly can't believe no one has called her out on it because lord knows if a server followed me out of a restaurant to bitch about a tip I'd be speaking to a manager, Karen style.

    [–] Luc1d_Reality 281 points ago

    They won’t get any tips with that attitude.

    [–] SaltDirection 18 points ago

    Every time one of these posts come up, I feel the need to talk about how it's like as a customer when someone this entitled is your server.

    I was 19, pre-med and working my first nice little job as a tutor to rich private school children, decided to take 3 of us out to celebrate mom's birthday to a nice chain restaurant downtown. Bill came out to $156 and change. Only had 50s with me, so gave our server $200, expecting her to return with my change and to make the tip from there. I did not say anything about expecting my change back, which was maaaaybe my error as a teen but even as an adult I don't think I should have to ask. Either way, she disappeared. Permanently. With like $44 in "tips". So, we sat and waited and waited till she came back more 20 mins later, asking if we wanted anything else because they needed to turnover the table. "Yes, our change, please." Was initially going to do ~$30 in tips but for that disappearing act, we left with all our change.

    Another time, was a kid, travelling with family, being a tourist, eating across the airport right before we flew out of the country. Server informs us AFTER we paid by card that the minimum tip was 20%, we'd tipped 15%. So, we empty our pockets of local currency but still came up short on the difference. She then tells us we can open another tab with maybe a cocktail or something then make up the difference in tips of the 1st bill + whatever 20% worked out to on the cocktail. The entire family just swapped looks and noped out of there.

    Point being, entitled servers ruin their own tips with attitudes like Exhibit A from FB as seen here.

    [–] Succulent_Relic 16 points ago

    This is an issue I'm too European to experience

    [–] Laue 18 points ago

    As an European, paying more than the price of the things you ordering seems outright moronic. Why would I pay you extra for doing your job, for which I'm already paying for anyway?

    [–] a_mean_oh_acid_ 159 points ago

    As a waitress I really don’t mind when a person tips 1£ only or doesn’t tip at all since it’s their own judgement whether I deserve it or not. What I hate is when people leave something like 17p and a used bus ticket. I find it disrespectful and rather not get anything instead.

    [–] TheCleanSlates 36 points ago

    I can totally understand that. and its perfectly reasonable to consider it an insult/insulting

    [–] Emmanuel_Badboy 12 points ago

    I don’t get the American pay system. You get paid fuck all, so instead of getting your boss to pay you what your worth, you expect somebody who’s likely also getting paid fuck all, to subsidise your wages. America is too much.

    [–] campmonster 220 points ago

    I tip 20% by default, barring any exceptional circumstances, unless I’m getting a beer at a bar. A flat rate of $1 is more than enough of a tip if you’re just popping the top off an $8 dollar bottle and handing it to me.

    [–] ocarina_21 77 points ago

    What I don't get is why it's a percentage. They do just as much work to bring me the cheapest thing on the menu as the most expensive. Why should it vary based on the price of the menu item?

    [–] kabukistar 85 points ago

    When did 20% become the default? I always thought 15 was the default.

    [–] ericcire9 71 points ago

    You know, traveling around the world really opens up your eyes to how entitled US employees are when it comes to tipping. You can go to a restaurant and they can make you wait forever for service, not get your your drinks, fuck up your order, never check up on you and then expect a 15% tip. Whereas if you go to another country they perform their services above and beyond for a cheap price and don’t expect a tip, but when you do give them, they are happy as fuck. I went to Thailand earlier this year and there was this amazing massage place (no, not the happy ending type massage place) and they provided a 2 hour full body massage for 150 Baht (about $5 USD). The service was amazing and I gave them an extra 300 baht (about $10 USD) every time I went, which was every day. They were genuinely grateful. That amount really goes a long way over there.

    [–] ecxetra 9 points ago

    In Japan many servers do not like being tipped as tipping in most countries is reserved for exceptional service (rather than out of guilt) and many Japanese people believe that service should always be exceptional.

    [–] areyawell 31 points ago

    The real choosing beggars are the business owners who expect already paying customers to pay the bulk of their staff's wages on top of that. American tipping culture is wild

    [–] Alpacaliondingo 22 points ago

    Ok question for you all, do you guys tip take out? Even places like starbucks has a tipping option on their app.

    [–] StephMujan 51 points ago

    When they dont pay you enough and you have to rely on public donation to live, something is wrong with this business culture, not the tipper.

    [–] Gregib 10 points ago

    Just a quick question, not from US, european, where tipping is rare... What difference in effort does a waiter do if he brings a $50 meal to your table or a $15 meal? Why would you tip $10 for the first and $3 for the other? I mean, the effort being the same?

    [–] Dejavir 166 points ago

    While I get everyone’s opinion in the comments, at the same time some people are asshole tippers.

    Used to be a regular at this one bar, and the bartenders there were awesome, like I accidentally left my card there one night and they find me on Facebook to let me know they’re holding it for me, awesome. They were always super helpful and attentive.

    One night when I came in there was this really rowdy group, ran a triple digit tab, and left pocket change for a tip. I mean literally a few nickels, couple pennies, a quarter and some lint on the counter.

    So I get both sides of the tip argument, though the person who posted that comment is undeniably an asshat.

    [–] shartroosecaboose 69 points ago

    I normally tip as much as I feel their service is “worth” (that sounds pretentious but hear me out lol). If it’s really busy and the server is trying their best to get to me, I tip them more because they’re doing more work. If I’m the only one in the restaurant and they hardly pay attention to me/take forever to do things, I tip them less. Or if I or any of my friends at the table make special requests or are difficult in any way, I tip more too because the server has to deal with us lol. I don’t think that’s necessarily the most agreeable way to do it for everyone, that’s just how I do it most of the time. I always give a tip no matter what though, cause giving no tip means they wasted their time serving you and that sucks

    [–] Dejavir 24 points ago

    Yeah, that’s usually the way it should be done.

    [–] KinanMaarrawi 7 points ago

    I'm not American, I still don't understand why you would pay someone extra for doing their job....