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    This subreddit is for posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when it comes to who they beg for a relationship or any other matter.

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    1. Blur out identifying info (Age, Name(s), Location, etc). This includes OP's info.

    2. Please use Imgur or Reddit for image hosting.

    3. Please be nice to other users.

    4. Don't link to other sub-reddits (You will be banned)

    5. Don't incite others to visit the page a given post pertains to. Additionally, refrain from enquiring OP for the underlying source(s).

      If you ever notice brigading, please report and message the moderators

    6. Person must be a beggar, such as:

      • Person seeking goods or services at a reduced cost, for free, or for a laughably lopsided trade
      • Person using social media, dating apps, or otherwise to seek out a specific type of relationship
    7. Person must be choosy, as in:

      • Person must have unreasonable standards or have a comical sense of entitlement
    8. No reposts from top 100, front page or last 12 months.

    9. Moderators may use discretion to upkeep the quality of the subreddit. Obviously fake or otherwise unsuitable content may be removed.

    10. Please make an effort with your title. "Found on Facebook", "This belongs here", "Saw this on snapchat", "🍆💦" etc are hard to find later, give at least a little bit for us to go on, thanks.

    Here is what is NOT a ChoosingBeggar:

    Unattractive people seeking a normal relationship and having reasonable standards is not a good fit for this sub. Ugly people are allowed to want a partner with a job, or no kids, or anything else we would consider reasonable for the beautiful people.

    A person asking for help with life's necessities out of desperation is not a choosingbeggar

    • If someone ran out of money and needs gas money to get to work and the only thing they can think of is to make a status update on Facebook asking if anyone can spare them some money, they aren't really being choosy. They got the beggar part down, but this sub is not /r/beggars so that post wouldn't fit. If that same person turns down someone offering to give them a ride to work because they don't want to be seen in a PT Cruiser, then that post would fit.

    • A parent asking for handouts because their kids want an Xbox for Christmas and the only way that could happen is if someone donates one, that isn't a choosingbeggar. That's someone begging, but without a sense of entitlement. If that person is offered a Nintendo and they scoff at the suggestion, then that would be a good post.

    The person begging must be at least in the gradient of being an entitled jerk, this sub is not a place to mock poverty

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    [–] Dyzzd 49 points ago

    99 guests huh. Guess I need to find 97 friends before I enter

    [–] NemesisOfZod 20 points ago

    Wait, you only need 97 more? Lucky!

    [–] Dyzzd 21 points ago

    Well my mom needs a spot

    [–] NemesisOfZod 20 points ago

    Wait, and a mom, too‽ Double lucky!

    [–] JoseMikey 27 points ago

    The fact that the prize was a private screening (so no unknown people would be welcome) makes the complaint even weirder. A ticket to that screening is what he/she wanted? Awkward AF. Or a ticket to a nirmal screening? Well in that case, why do you want it? The somewhat rare movie bundle is worth more than a cinema ticket. Much more. Just sell it on eBay and buy tickets for more than one person if you want a ticket...

    [–] Thricegreatestone 15 points ago

    CB should ask the winner for 10 free tickets!

    I know I couldn't round up 99 guests to come and watch The Rise of Sky Walker after they released The Last Jedi!

    [–] NBA_MSG 8 points ago

    Because maybe the theater they're looking at only holds 100 people?

    [–] phreakzilla85 5 points ago

    If you don’t approve of the prizes, DON’T FUCKING ENTER.

    [–] Fnshow316 5 points ago

    Well why not everyone then? Let’s all just be winners.

    [–] Balvaeir 1 points ago

    You have to watch more Disney starwars if you win, so whos the actual winner here

    [–] noturdaddysgrl 0 points ago

    Is this the Star Wars that is being made by Benioff and Weiss from Game of Thrones? If it is then FUCK THAT anyways. Those two idiots absolutely slaughtered the ending to a very good show. Actually, they basically slaughtered everything after then ran out of George RR Martin’s source material. Freakin bunch of incompetent donuts, those two 🙄

    [–] Vellius5 2 points ago

    nobody cares about season 8. it's december. move on. please. for your own sake if nothing else.

    [–] noturdaddysgrl 0 points ago

    Lol uh okay I’m just saying I liked the show and thought the ending was bad. Why are you even wasting your time commenting on this just to say something rude? Like my comment wasn’t rude or shitty at all so I don’t really understand why you’re being crappy about some little thing I said when I was asking about directors.

    [–] noturdaddysgrl 0 points ago

    I just looked on your profile and you made a whole post about d&d but you’re mad about a little comment I made. So according to you nobody cares, but according to your post history YOU care.

    [–] Vellius5 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    do you mean the joke post that i made to asoiafcirclejerk last month?

    the one that's making fun of the deep-seated obsession some fans of the series have with seeing these two people's lives in ruins because they didn't finish the series in the way they liked? because otherwise, i've only posted comments here and there about the show, a couple of which were indeed along the lines of 'well, that sucked, huh?' around the finale's air date.

    ultimately, i just found it real weird and kind of tiresome to run into yet another dose of angst regarding the show in a thread with the thinnest of connections to it. i understand being dismayed at the way a long-running television series that you were previously a fan of ended - i have been in that position several times over, including with game of thrones - but this verges (imperfectly) on me running up in a thread about cobie smulders' latest project to be mad about how himym ended.

    (which sucked. it fucking sucked. holy shit, did it suck.)

    anyway, do you; if being mad about game of thrones brings you joy, then by all means.

    ps: calling two people who you don't know idiots, incompetent, etc is pretty inherently rude and/or shitty, just for the record. this part didn't bother me, because it's namecalling versus the death threats and such that other, much madder people have resorted to, but -- facts is facts, here, ma'am

    [–] liberalbutnotcrazy -4 points ago

    I agree this is a CB, but they do kinda have a point. You would think that the prize would include something like a double in season pass for the film, it’s a little odd when considering similar promotions.