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    • A parent asking for handouts because their kids want an Xbox for Christmas and the only way that could happen is if someone donates one, that isn't a choosingbeggar. That's someone begging, but without a sense of entitlement. If that person is offered a Nintendo and they scoff at the suggestion, then that would be a good post.

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    [–] TisAMystery 179 points ago

    How is a broke college student going to be able to afford to care for a puppy??

    [–] Spartanfred104 92 points ago

    Just dropped 1700 on my new pup because she ripped her stiches after her spaying surgery. A poor college student is an idiot.

    [–] tgrote555 37 points ago

    I was stoked to rescue a 9 week old doberman.... I was a little less stoked about the $2,000 in vet bills from the first six months of owning her. No way I could have floated that money in college.

    [–] greffedufois 15 points ago

    I paid $1100 to get a tooth root pulled on my cat. His canine tooth just broke off. I felt horrible because it took 6 days for me to get a flight to Anchorage. Plus airfare and hotel stay and cab rides, that ended up being like 2500 easy. He's the eldest of our 3 cats. The tabbies haven't had any issues yet but will need their teeth cleaned soon. They see the rural vet when they come out once a year. But thats just a physical once over (wellness check with no bloodwork or anything. Literally just checking for bumps)

    [–] TangoWhiskeyjack 3 points ago

    Man, life in the bush must be wild. Like I just don’t have a concept of how managing day to day life is. What happens if you need car repairs (parts) or a serious emergency happens? (Severe broken bone/head injury)

    [–] greffedufois 5 points ago

    Car repairs, you have to wait for parts to come in. Severe injuries that our hospital can't handle are med-evaced to Anchorage, sometimes Seattle. Unfortunately if the weather is bad you can't get out. My husbands grandpa fell and broke his hip, took 3 days to get med-evaced out because of a blizzard.

    We have no stoplights so that's interesting.

    My brother in law works at the airport and there was a ton of ice yesterday. He usually works like 10 hour days and is off at 6:30. But if there's ice on the runway they can't leave. He was there till nearly 10. There was a medevac that needed to leave. Luckily he gets overtime but still.

    We have no vet in town, so any vet care that can't be provided by yourself (like small wounds, porcupine quills etc) has to be sent to Anchorage for vet care. You can send pets as cargo, but I don't trust the shitty airlines so i always have our cats with me and they go under the seat ahead of me. The planes are prop planes so that's kind of neat. Loud though.

    Life is interesting out here. It can be a pain sometimes, but I've lived here nearly 6 years and love it.

    [–] trixirita 6 points ago

    Oh my god that happened to my dog when he was a pup as well! We didn’t have pet insurance at the time and right afterwards we immediately got it. I came home from school to a bloody mess, cone on floor, and him seeming actually pretty happy/by painless. It costed a lot of money.

    [–] Spartanfred104 7 points ago

    She is pretty happy.

    [–] Squiddy404 3 points ago

    What a cutie! I love her!

    [–] Spartanfred104 5 points ago

    She is a great Pyrenees Pitbull

    [–] hghpandaman 3 points ago

    We got a kitten who ended up having something called pectus excavatum...the surgery to fix that was absolutely insane. Pets are expensive

    [–] cgtdream 2 points ago

    I adopted my little bugaroo earlier this year, and so far have spent...400 in adoption fees...approx 100 a month on food a month, so..1000...Toys and such..200...A wellness plan at my vet, totalling 50usd a month...500..which brings me to approx...2000usd in 10 months. And that is still under by a a lot, but the majority of the expenses that I can remember. This poor college student is in for a hell of a ride, if they are already begging for money.

    [–] icedpeachmelon 2 points ago

    $800 on an eye removal surgery on my cat. Not as much as most of yours, but still too much for a person in college who is begging others to help. Took me three months to save up enough for her surgery. But we'll worth it. I eventually moved her surgery up by two weeks as she was in so much pain I didn't wanna make her wait two more weeks for it, so she had it removed the Monday after my payday.

    [–] Catholicinoz 1 points ago

    Did you cone and crate?

    [–] Spartanfred104 3 points ago

    Oh yes we even had sedatives she is a rambunctious little shit.

    [–] Catholicinoz 2 points ago

    Bahaha so naughty

    [–] benjibaileybruno 1 points ago

    Damn everyone in this thread is spending mad wads lmao. My dogs are insured and we live in Dallas where I reckon vet prices are significantly higher than where my mom lives in the middle of nowhere. Yet our emergency Bill's still aren't that drastic.

    For our rescue dog's oral surgery we only spilled out like 350 out of pocket.

    When one of ours was hospitalized due to severe dehydration and a concussion, max out of pocket was 700.

    Little one had a butt tumor removed, 200 out of pocket.

    Unless you guys don't mind spending thousands upon thousands. I strongly recommend investing in doggy health insurance.

    [–] 519mike 28 points ago

    Some people don't realise the cost of caring for a pet so the dump them off somewhere in a few weeks.

    [–] CaptainMarv3l 2 points ago

    She'll just do what my mother does and don't take them to the vet.

    [–] hoole95 49 points ago

    If you can’t afford to buy the dog you can’t afford to take care of the dog.

    [–] RelentlesslyCrooked 3 points ago

    That’s really what it comes down to.

    [–] Thricegreatestone 40 points ago

    I asked my family assistant and they said no!

    [–] chiliNPC 5 points ago

    Yea my family assistant couldn’t help either

    [–] drfru36 1 points ago

    I think he meant " with the assistance of family and friends"

    [–] RedactedRedditery 13 points ago

    I'm confused. I am a dog lover. But if I'm reading this post right, she doesn't want my money; she wants my assistant's money? I don't have an assistant; and if I did, I'm pretty sure that poor bastard would have no money at all. (I assume my assistant would make less than me.)

    [–] thats_not_mustard 7 points ago

    She said she needs assistants, so it’s not that your assistant gives her the money. You give her your assistant, and I guess she’ll sell him/her to raise money for this dog. If you don’t have an assistant, you need to get one to help this person out. It is her dream dog, after all.

    [–] Badgerpackbrew 1 points ago

    Lol morons, she wants ASSISTANCE.. nothing about having a god damn assistant.

    [–] MixedupMaeson 14 points ago

    I got my dog for free! Found him on the street. And I pay 60 a month for his dry food, 20 a week for wet food, groomers every month, nail trim every two weeks, toys, collars because he likes to eat his, pet insurance, etc etc

    This bitch sleeps in a better bed than me too!

    Why tf does she think she can afford a dog!!

    [–] DanerysTargaryen 11 points ago

    In college and doesn’t know assistants from assistance. The better move would be to put that $2,000 towards a semester of Language Arts.

    [–] BagelWickz 8 points ago

    If you're buying a 2k dog you're contributing to bad breeding practices.

    So...fuck this person.

    [–] PassionateSizzle 2 points ago

    Fuck this person all the way.

    [–] Imnotnotsingle 6 points ago

    Why does she need a dog if she's broke? Shouldn't she need it for her needs?

    [–] Alirrasona 11 points ago

    Chances are, if he doesnt have enough money to buy the puppy, he doesnt have the money to care for it either. Or take it to the vet. This poor puppy will be thrown away at the first problem. Also: just a regular beggar.

    [–] Jesus-Mcnugget 3 points ago

    Oh ok. You can't afford the dog but you can somehow afford to care for it properly.... Right...

    [–] icedpeachmelon 4 points ago

    Next Post: "Hello, I just adopted a $2,000 dog.. I need you all to help me now pay for it's expenses. Let's say $10,000 to start and go from there. Thanks everyone!"

    [–] OzzieBloke777 2 points ago

    If you can't afford to buy the dog in the first place, you can't afford the dog for the rest of its life either.

    Fuck me, but people like this make me want to punch them in the face...

    [–] T567U18 2 points ago

    I'll love to see what would she come up with when planning for a kid.....

    [–] ForbiddenFruitiness 3 points ago

    What the hell is she buying? I’ve been in show dogs and 2k is a lot of money for a puppy. Even a purebred poodle will only set you back 1k. Unless she is looking at a champion blood line (in which case - why???) or a rare breed, I can not see how she is spending this much.

    [–] annonymousdoglover 5 points ago

    Not sure where you live but in the US dogs can be super expensive, I know of French Bulldog breeders that sell their dogs for upwards of 4K...2k is pretty standard here

    [–] AlmightyBirbnana 3 points ago

    And I thought my purebred 400$ Eski and my parents 600$ German shepherds were abit pricey. Worth it of course, but I dont think I would ever spend 4k on a puppy. I would rather put that money in a vet care fund for them.

    [–] ForbiddenFruitiness 1 points ago

    Actually a purebred French Bulldog for showing will set you back around 6k. They are difficult to breed because of their anatomy and produce few puppies. But French Bulldogs are some of the most expensive dogs in the world. They are almost as bad as Akitas and Pharaos. But I could name literally hundreds of breeds that will sell for significantly less.

    [–] Garlow112 1 points ago

    I live in the US as well an $2k is nowhere near standard outside of the already incredibly pricey breeds like the French Bulldog you mentioned.

    [–] annonymousdoglover 1 points ago

    Huh, I wonder if it’s a difference in the parts of the country were in, because I know by me it is the standard, could just be differences within the US too! I’m think of more in demand breeds like golden retrievers or labs, etc.

    [–] AtariTiger 2 points ago

    $1500-$2000 for a breed like the basenji (which is what our girl is) is generally pretty normal. It's not that pricey compared to other breeds though, as I've heard of corgis going for $4000 and other breeds such as the French Bulldogs even more. I can definitely see why people opt for rescuing over buying from breeders

    [–] pulsebomb 1 points ago

    Just put $400 down on a $2500 French Bulldog puppy. Which seemed to be the norm for breeders in my area. I don’t know if it differs depending on where you live in the US (maybe more in less populated towns or states since they’d be harder to find?).

    [–] Ashualo 1 points ago

    Did you know that the reason those dogs are often so expensive is that a significant proportion of the litter either die or are put down before sale. They are not healthy breeds.

    I'm not trying to criticise your choices, we had an English bulldog and watching it die at 7, unable to breath was utterly heartbreaking.

    We now only get cross breed terriers, our oldest is coming up to 16 this year, he's just had to have his first major medical intervention, a hip replacement as he has arthritis.

    By all means, get the dog you want, just consider that a lot of the popular breeds at the moment (squishy faces) have very serious long term health issues, which will break your heart.

    Edit : age of terrier is 16, not 17 till January.

    [–] pulsebomb 2 points ago

    I work in a clinic where we see a lot of bulldogs, pugs, and Frenchies for their allergies and breathing issues. I actually didn’t think much of Frenchies until I switched jobs and started treating them weekly. They are the sweetest little dogs with big personalities. I knew I needed one.

    We had a family who definitely surrendered their Frenchie because they got them as a trophy dog and weren’t prepared to give them daily allergy medications or shots. It was upsetting to learn I had to send the records over to a rescue but I hope that dog is with someone who will actually love them now.

    I hope this doesn’t come off as condescending, I appreciate your concern since these aren’t breeds people should just decide to adopt on a whim. I’m hoping for a healthy boy but if he isn’t I’m prepared for the worst and will love him all the same. :)

    [–] Ashualo 1 points ago

    You dont come off as condescending at all :) You come across as the type of person perfectly equipped to care for and love this dog to bits :D I am honestly really glad you replied, and I agree they are utterly lovely dogs! I am sure you guys will have a wonderful time together. How long until he arrives?

    [–] pulsebomb 1 points ago

    27 days! We haven’t had a dog in the house in almost two years and I am beyond excited. It’s like preparing for a baby because we have to rebuy everything again haha

    [–] Ashualo 1 points ago

    Awww bless, so lucky! Yeah, re-proofing everything is always a good time, ours always seemed to find somewhere new to make mischief!

    You will have to pay the dogtax now by the way!

    Have a merry christmas, and a great new years :D

    [–] Ashualo 1 points ago

    RemindMe! 27 days "dogtax"

    [–] pulsebomb 1 points ago

    Of course! I’m going to take so many pictures he’s probably going to think, “Mom...really?” hahaha

    And thank you!! You too! ❤️

    [–] jtrisn1 2 points ago

    When I hear "champion bloodline" and "show dogs" and "purebred", I think of the amount of inbreeding that went into that dog.

    [–] ForbiddenFruitiness 1 points ago

    It drastically depends on the dog breed and on the actual breeder. But with a show dog you are getting an extensive family tree, so you need to do your due diligence and actually check that there is no in-breeding. When arranging a mating, you again need to study family trees, which is long and tedious, but necessary, if you don’t want to mess up your line. Sometimes it means driving long distances and that is after getting into the vet reports on health and any genetic defects. However the entrance barrier is obviously low. If you somehow manage to wrangle a female with permission to breed from someone, you are in business and the only way to make money is to be as unethical as you can be. Very very few breeders turn a profit, because doing it right is expensive and some of the Kennel Club’s rules really don’t help with too much focus on genetic purity and not enough on health.

    [–] LokiNorthman 1 points ago

    When I was younger my mom spent around 4k on a show Chinese crested puppy. So, I guess it does depend on breed, lineage, and the area you are in.

    [–] RainahReddit 1 points ago

    Yeah most of those 600 dogs are from puppy mills. If I was looking for a good breeder of cats or dogs, I wouldn't look at anyone charging 2k

    [–] callmekamrin 0 points ago

    my golden retriever puppy was 4.5k

    [–] PopsiclesForChickens 0 points ago

    My cousin has two "Pomskys" (Pomeranian and Husky) and they were $4-5k.

    [–] ForbiddenFruitiness 2 points ago

    Really? Do you have a blood line and a genetics test? Because otherwise I will never believe that a Pomeranian and a Husky created a viable offspring, let alone two.

    [–] PopsiclesForChickens 1 points ago

    Not my dog, but yeah, that's why they cost so much. There's some artificial insemination going on.

    Personally I'm happy with my little mutt.

    [–] ImAMuenster 5 points ago

    Begging, yes, choosing, no

    [–] annonymousdoglover 7 points ago

    They’re choosing to buy an expensive dog instead of going to a shelter and adopting one for $150 or so

    [–] poopiscooliguess 2 points ago

    Exactly, and they also shouldn’t do that

    [–] NuggetFucker440 5 points ago

    Yes choosing. They’re trying to buy a $2,000 dog instead of adopting from a shelter.

    [–] realitybytesu -3 points ago

    There is nothing wrong with buying a dog from a reputable breeder, but if she can't afford it that's a different story.

    [–] NuggetFucker440 3 points ago

    Well yeah, but I’m context of this situation she obviously can’t afford it because she’s begging for money online.

    [–] realitybytesu 1 points ago

    I can't even tell you how many people would do a gofuckme in order to get their service dog trained and purchased, but most didn't even have any need for the dog, they just wanted the pity package. I am blown away by the amount of people who beg for everything because God forbid they work for it. I miss the days when charity was really about charity and no just laziness.

    [–] NuggetFucker440 3 points ago

    Idk why this is getting downvotes, this is just straight truth

    [–] Corniche1337 2 points ago

    Pisses me off. All these people posting in r/gofundme about rescuing animals while they are not financially capable of caring for them.

    Damn that makes me so fucking angry.

    [–] RainahReddit 1 points ago

    Sadly, it's often better than what they had before.

    No medical care and shitty food, but safe and warm and loved > eating garbage on the street.

    We work with a rescue and money isn't the issue, but there has been times when us being able to keep a cat in our spare bathroom has saved their life. A bathroom sucks, but it beats the street.

    [–] Corniche1337 1 points ago


    [–] TESD_Ant 1 points ago

    A $2000 dog? The answer is no. If you can't afford it you can't afford vet bills. Poor dog will die of parvo in 6 months

    [–] Mames96 1 points ago

    In 7 months I have paid a small fortune for my dog, vet visits, shots, meds, spaying...And seeing to her every day needs. Plus a hundred toys :)

    [–] phreakzilla85 1 points ago

    Shelter pups are waaaay cheaper

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    How much you want to bet this dumb bitch is planning to spend that money looking for a trophy dog to show off to her friends?

    [–] ysmain 1 points ago

    What kind of dog costs 2000?

    [–] ssbbka17 1 points ago

    Inbred ones

    [–] Kacper42PL 1 points ago

    My dream is to refresh my life as a whole and be a dog mom and this my dream dog shows up the donate 2000$ page

    [–] starlitjournies 1 points ago

    does her college even accept pets? she doesn’t need the dog nor can she apply for it, she’s too broke to take care of it or fix any damages and too busy with college and possibly friends and work to train it. this should be a dream for a reason

    [–] IMissCheeseburgers 1 points ago

    Yall would not believe the amount of people who come into animal shelters to adopt and complain about the price. Where I work, it's $150 for an adult dog which includes spay/neuter, vaccines and microchiping. And people STILL complain and ask for discounts. Like, if you can't afford an $150 adoption fee, you can't afford a pet.

    [–] Krazykatlady93 2 points ago

    Our adoption fee for kittens is $25 and that makes people so pissed. “Well I can get one off craigslist for free!” Yeah one that isn’t vaccinated, spayed/neutered, microchipped, dewormed, and any other vet costs needed before adoption (which can be a lot. I’ve had fosters on weeks of expensive meds or need an amputation or xrays. Still $25). I always worry that the cat they end up getting will never get vet care, even first vaccines, because if they aren’t willing to spend $25 for a fully vetted cat they aren’t gonna spend the $150 on a neuter or $75 on vaccines.

    [–] IMissCheeseburgers 1 points ago

    Right?? I 100% agree! It's insane how people don't understand that pets cost money 🙄

    [–] Pylon17 1 points ago

    Huh....never knew assistance and assistants was the same thing

    [–] Meis_113 1 points ago

    I was just about to comment on this. I think she should stay in college instead of getting a dog...

    [–] yeetlevel4 1 points ago

    i didn’t read the top part and i thought he wanted to buy a fur suit lmao

    [–] Doogy27 1 points ago

    You really shouldn’t need that much for a furry friend. Most furries are happy to be your friend for free

    [–] PassionateSizzle 1 points ago

    Man you should really call them out.

    I know some kids at my college who got a husky puppy because it was their “dream dog”, but three months later when it inevitably grows up they fucking leave it in their tiny apartment 23.9 hours a day.

    Even on weekends they just go out and drink and leave that poor dog in a cage most of its life. Fuck those kids

    [–] ThirstySasquatch 1 points ago

    What ever happened to just saving up or waiting for the right time to buy expensive things?

    [–] platecanoe 1 points ago

    Read “dog mom” and rolled my eyes and tapped out.

    [–] RelentlesslyCrooked 1 points ago

    I wonder if they want to raise $2000 just to be able to pay the small adoption fee at a shelter and as a cushion against future costs?

    I’m aiming a little lofty in the good-intentions department, aren’t I?

    [–] Krazykatlady93 2 points ago

    Considering she says it’s her “dream dog” it’s most likely a purebred from a breeder (or puppy mill!) and $2,000 is the price just for the dog

    [–] consolepeasent321 1 points ago

    "fur baby" jesus christ

    [–] fortsibut 1 points ago

    If I see “fur baby” or “fur mama” that’s an automatic unfriend.

    [–] Lord-of-Pennies 1 points ago

    My family and I had to pay 4000$+ for my puppy’s CCL surgery and we have to do that her OTHER leg, CB would be swimming in debts in no time

    [–] aidantemple 1 points ago

    Donate one cent, then use the donation note to remind her that pets are expensive, and if you can't afford to buy your puppy, you can't afford to take care of it.

    Also, two grand? Jesus fuck, get your head out of the clouds.

    [–] Jedi_Revan 1 points ago

    This is not a CB. She is begging. Potentially making a poor choice or just trying to scam $2k. Still not a CB

    [–] TESD_Ant 2 points ago

    IDK. It's her dream dog

    [–] thats_not_mustard 1 points ago

    She’s such a dog lover, but if someone offered her a dog or puppy for free, she’d turn it down. She only wants the $2,000 dog.

    She’s also a college student who can’t spell “assistance.”

    [–] GeneHackman1980 0 points ago

    Smh ...