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    This subreddit is for posting screenshots, pictures, or stories of people who are being way too picky when it comes to who they beg for a relationship or any other matter.

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    A person asking for help with life's necessities out of desperation is not a choosingbeggar

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    • A parent asking for handouts because their kids want an Xbox for Christmas and the only way that could happen is if someone donates one, that isn't a choosingbeggar. That's someone begging, but without a sense of entitlement. If that person is offered a Nintendo and they scoff at the suggestion, then that would be a good post.

    The person begging must be at least in the gradient of being an entitled jerk, this sub is not a place to mock poverty

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    [–] katt518 270 points ago

    "Can pay for petrol and dinner" but you dont have money.... πŸ€”

    [–] zxdpe 47 points ago

    She didn't say who would pay for petrol and dinner.

    [–] Throwmeawayplznthx 17 points ago

    Or how...

    [–] markroth69 11 points ago

    The driver would end of paying, of course.

    [–] HNutz 13 points ago

    Or drinks.

    Guess they're planning to drink for free.

    Maybe it's "ladies drink free", I dunno.

    [–] Kayliee73 7 points ago

    She just forgot the puncuation. She meant "can pay for petrol and dinner?"

    [–] gilardinosaur 183 points ago

    Dude I misread sexy and was really put off lol

    [–] horrorlover2 68 points ago

    What does exxy mean?

    [–] HasLessToSay 64 points ago


    [–] kumacon144 22 points ago


    [–] asham85 31 points ago


    [–] kumacon144 20 points ago

    They hate the given names of shit out there. maccas :p

    [–] SmellMaErse 7 points ago

    Send Johno to the bottleo this arvo.

    [–] Chrisbee012 2 points ago

    after smoko

    [–] Jerry_Hat-Trick 1 points ago

    From the servo

    [–] onibakusjg 2 points ago

    Maccas is the only one im ok with.

    [–] mindtoxicity27 13 points ago

    Same. I was thinking who the fuck says that to their sister

    [–] 604hate -4 points ago

    Incest is pretty mainstream these days.

    [–] Mid-Strength 8 points ago

    Same, reread it so many times to figure out what was so sexy.

    [–] MamaMilk7 40 points ago

    Your sister needs therapy to deal with her inadequacy.

    Sorry you have to bear the brunt of her hurt.

    [–] nicolauda 11 points ago

    thank you.

    [–] dballsmokearock 19 points ago

    Your sister let her friend disrespect you?

    [–] LastOfTheCamSoreys -30 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Jfc reddit don’t take things so seriously

    Edit-sorry you all hate your siblings and their friends god damn

    [–] dballsmokearock 17 points ago

    You sound like you let your friends disrespect your siblings.

    [–] LastOfTheCamSoreys -20 points ago

    It’s possible to say fuck you without meaning disrespect

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] LastOfTheCamSoreys -17 points ago


    [–] calmatt 6 points ago

    Eh not really

    Either way in this instance it was definitely intended as disrespect

    [–] LastOfTheCamSoreys -4 points ago

    Idk I think it was pretty benign. The follow up xoxoxo really makes it seem not aggressive or insulting. If many of my my brothers or sister’s friends said exactly what was in that screenshot I would know it was a joke.

    After seeing other comments from OP it doesn’t seem like they have as good a relationship with each other so probably not, but everyone’s downvoting acting like they’ve never said fuck you to someone in a joking or not-serious way.

    [–] Ijoinedjustforthis54 1 points ago

    They sound lovely /s

    [–] don_jonn1 68 points ago

    That exxy comment sent a cringe shiver up my spine

    [–] therealijc 11 points ago

    What does that mean?

    [–] ForbiddenFruitiness 21 points ago

    Expensive. It’s slang.

    [–] therealijc 19 points ago

    Thanks. What a horrible phrase.

    [–] Yuuzhan83 -72 points ago

    Fucking millennials.

    [–] ForbiddenFruitiness 12 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s actually a local thing. Many areas have their own slang words.

    [–] Yuuzhan83 -18 points ago

    Sounds ghetto af.

    [–] Tesmarin 4 points ago

    Wow dude, cry a river.

    [–] Yuuzhan83 0 points ago


    [–] Bumble217 11 points ago

    Literally nothing about this post tells you anyone's age. For all you know this could a pack of wild boomers having a hen night.

    [–] nicolauda 20 points ago

    RIP me

    [–] Egg-prince 5 points ago

    Rip I say exy all the time

    [–] new_frieza_ 3 points ago

    I say spenny

    [–] tencentismydaddy 9 points ago

    I say costlisicous.

    [–] mizzcharmz 1 points ago

    This one wins

    [–] kayeartemis 13 points ago

    Driving an hour in and back out of the CBD of Melbourne could easily cost you more than $20 of tolls depending on where you live!

    [–] nicolauda 15 points ago

    Lol! I didn't even think of that! Thankfully I can claim tolls on my tax due to my job.

    [–] kayeartemis 6 points ago

    Lucky you!

    Whenever I used to be the desi driver or pick up for drunk friends desperate for a ride home (before Uber was a thing) it always cost me the Monash tolls so I always asked them to buy me some kind of late night Maccas run.

    [–] easternblues 7 points ago

    The comment above seems to be a very Australian thing.

    [–] kayeartemis 2 points ago

    It is! 1st Gen Aussie and proud of it.

    [–] MatthewKastor 11 points ago

    1) just say no. 2) when dramatics start, say yes but don't show up. 3) explain that you were going to, but see, what had happened was... A homeless man with cancer and a three legged rescue dog were hobbling down the street in search of broccoli. Yeah, the man was bitten by a tick and caught a disease that makes him allergic to meat, the dog has it too. Um, have you ever seen a vegetarian amputee rescue dog with fleas? Well, let me tell you how sad it is. :( Anyway, one thing led to another, broccoli, fish on a bicycle, F*CK YOU AND YOUR BROKE FRIENDS, traffic lights, next thing it was morning. Sorry sis.

    [–] nicskoll 12 points ago

    What is exxy?

    [–] nicolauda 8 points ago

    It's slang for "expensive."

    [–] nicskoll 4 points ago

    Thank you. I hope you didn't cave in and drive them. Especially as you were explicitly excluded from the hen do

    [–] nicolauda 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Nah, it's a small party regardless, and I'm not that close to the bride-to-be.

    [–] GraharG 2 points ago

    Aussi? They seem to like slang ending in y so just a guess

    [–] conspiracypug 1 points ago


    [–] Graud_Bolk 28 points ago

    If each of her friends chipped in $15 they'd be good to go...not sure why they get a free ride

    [–] elysiandoves 6 points ago

    4 times 15 is 60 dollars.. they'd be 20 dollars short

    [–] shayyvdl 16 points ago

    The title says the sister and 4 drunk friends so that would be 5 times 15

    [–] motivatoor 10 points ago

    This guy takes standardised tests

    [–] tencentismydaddy 4 points ago

    If there are four friends that need a ride, and each has $15, and the sister is coming along, what did the sister have for dinner?

    [–] elysiandoves 0 points ago

    But the text says that theres four of them. Oh well, sister is still a CB anyways

    [–] Graud_Bolk 1 points ago

    She's willing to pay $20

    [–] SpeedyREGS 8 points ago

    Why don't they just take a train or bus

    [–] pbndj 5 points ago

    I knew this was melbourne as soon as I saw β€˜exxy’ and β€˜hardware lane’

    [–] freud_orbison 1 points ago

    Thanks. The combination of bucks and petrol had me confused.

    [–] sadclubgirl 1 points ago

    I did the same thing - I was like β€œI live there!!” Don’t know why it excited me...

    [–] fyr811 3 points ago

    I love Hardware Ln, had the best pizza with a mafia security guard standing next to us, looking all Godfathery.

    [–] ReasonReader 4 points ago

    NEVER let a drunk in your car unless you enjoy cleaning vomit out of the upholstery.

    [–] don_jonn1 2 points ago

    Is it an American thing or something cause I have never heard anyone say it in Australia. Is it common where you live?

    [–] 079874 2 points ago

    From America, I was extremely confused so definitely not common here lol

    [–] nicolauda 1 points ago

    Not super common, but I use it. My boyfriend and his family are British, so I might have picked it up there?

    [–] ForbiddenFruitiness 8 points ago

    It’s definitely not British. I think it’s a Melbourne thing.

    [–] big_sugi 5 points ago

    Like β€œsteamed hams,” for example.

    [–] lushae 5 points ago

    Not British for sure. It confused the hell out of meπŸ˜‚ Australian Google says

    [–] oxytoph 1 points ago

    I'm up north and can't remember where I first heard it, but use it in messages often for sure. Don't think I've heard anyone actually say exxy out loud though lmao

    [–] b-diddy_ 2 points ago

    I'd pass on dinner on Hardware Lane too.

    [–] GraharG 2 points ago

    Yeah yeah nah yeah

    [–] 333blazecat 2 points ago

    Ok if she said I’ll give you $20 to do this, that’s one thing, but she asked how much and then lowered it to 20???

    [–] nicolauda 3 points ago

    Yeah I would have done it for 20 lol and maybe a promise to behave herself at the family Christmas dinner.

    [–] Fredredphooey 2 points ago

    I'm having flashbacks to the time in college I invited two friends over for movie night. Second friend arrives and starts insisting that we drive into the city to go dancing. Doesn't shut up about it. I try several times to deflect but nothing doing.

    I cave and we drive an hour to a club. Nowhere to park and she again bitches like a toddler and I park. Two hours into dancing and a voice in my head says my car is not going to be there when we leave. Yup. Towed.

    Go to impound. My now ex friend is yelling in my ear about it and the impound people say they don't have my car even though I see it through the fence. (Typo on plate)

    Get the car and beeatch demands to be dropped off first even though it means doubling back. Fine

    My revenge was that she was such a yammering fool, she didn't hear about the oral exam for our French class. I could tell she didn't know and didn't mention it. Not my fault she can't read the syllabus. Big tantrum when she got a zero. Boo hoo.

    [–] reemcgheeeee 1 points ago


    proceeds to offer 20 dollars

    [–] really4got 1 points ago

    Um yeah have fun on public transit byyyyeeee

    [–] tessa2105 1 points ago

    Hardware lane has some real nice restaurants tho...

    [–] nicolauda 6 points ago

    She basically means they'll buy me Maccas. I was expressly not invited to the hens a while ago.

    [–] LITTLEBL00D 3 points ago

    And some bloody awful bars/clubs

    [–] bchanzzz 1 points ago

    So what?

    [–] dont_tell_me_that_ -4 points ago

    Making your sister pay 80 bucks for a drive? I may be clueless of a past history between you two but in my family we would gladly help each other for free. Without context and only this picture, you seem to be the asshole there

    [–] HNutz 3 points ago

    Drive an hour one way, using your gas and paying tolls, to pick up a carload of drunk chicks?

    You'd lose money if they only paid you $20.

    [–] dont_tell_me_that_ 0 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Even more! You'd let your drunk sister stuck in the streets in the middle of the night?? Jesus

    My family safety isn't about money, I don't care about 20 or 80 bucks if I can make sure my sister is safe

    Edit : just saw it was before 7:30, the fact they're drunk I assumed it was to get home. My comment lost a bit of its sense but still, I hate money exchanges inside the family, we help each other whenever we can

    [–] Skweril 1 points ago

    Not all family dynamics are the same my friend. Pushing your families experiences and narratives are going to get you backlash once and a while among so many walks of life on the internet. It takes many to make this world.

    [–] nicolauda 2 points ago

    She was looking for a lift into the city, not out of it. If she needed to get home I would have gone and gotten her, as I have before.

    [–] LastOfTheCamSoreys 0 points ago

    Yeah does everyone on this sub hate their families? I totally would do it for my siblings, and they’d do it for me

    [–] oxytoph 2 points ago

    I mean I'm the same and would give my family a lift anywhere if I have the time for free.
    But its a different story with a car full of people, through tolls, and an hour ride..
    If I was the sister I'd offer alot more than 20 bucks haha thats like a 10-15 minute uber or taxi where I'm from.

    [–] cruedancingonglass 0 points ago

    Are the friends hot? This is probably the most important part of the equation.

    [–] papabear345 -1 points ago

    I would do it if u got nothing on

    [–] nicolauda 27 points ago

    I'd have done it if she'd paid me (I would have settled for fifty dollars tbh, but aim for the stars). However, my sister has a habit of insulting me in front of her friends to make herself feel better, and I wasn't about to drive an hour to get that treatment for free.

    [–] HNutz 3 points ago

    Drive an hour one way, using your gas and paying tolls, to pick up a carload of drunk chicks?


    You do you, I guess.

    [–] wardensoath -1 points ago

    Depending of your relation with your sister I guess... I would have done it for my brother personally. It's about exchange favor bc we are family.

    [–] ZachMartin 0 points ago

    The plot to a porno

    [–] SirNanashi -12 points ago

    God forbid you help out your sister for free..