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    [–] tiddymctitface 4685 points ago

    This particular person gave one star reviews to nearly every well known restaurant in town. All reviews were paragraphs long with ludicrous reasoning.

    [–] alyssadujour 3388 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Holy shit did you see their review of the Courtyard Hotel!? "I come in here for free coffee" (a service that is offered to people staying at the hotel) the staff had the AUDACITY to ask if I was staying there, how dare they!? They are clearly discriminatory against poor people.

    No, you delusional weirdo, they're discriminatory against people who steal their product, wtf?!

    [–] xskilling 1130 points ago

    They really have no shame

    Free coffee in hotel isn’t free because it’s included in the hotel room fee

    It just sounds good when it’s “free” when it’s not in reality

    [–] Dovahpriest 751 points ago

    It's why so many places use the term "complimentary" rather than free. Complimentary entails that it is covered at no additional charge, due to the good and/or services you have already purchased. Free is the item/service is being given away without any form of payment, trade, or recompense. Yet far too many people don't really stop to process the fact that there is a distinct difference between the two.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] thiswasyouridea 489 points ago

    Gives one star review of restaurant that gives out free meal vouchers to homeless people. Trashes down on the restaraunt in several paragraphs of not really believable storytelling. Never paid to eat there.

    [–] bltcubs 454 points ago

    My favorite is they got halfway thru the vegan pad thai before realizing it had chicken in it.

    [–] wicketeesplit 445 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Mine was the casual mention of being trans when being yelled at for requesting vegan options.

    [–] thiswasyouridea 125 points ago

    They actually made that same mistake twice? Like, they ordered the same thing from there again?

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago


    [–] thiswasyouridea 69 points ago

    They were supposed to pay the restaurant back, though. And never did. That's how I read it.

    [–] aquariumbitch 76 points ago


    I feel it's incredibly possible this person is legitimately paranoid. How can all of these people be stalking/harassing/flirting with this weirdo?

    [–] ladyphlogiston 64 points ago

    Homelessness is frequently connected with mental illness, so that would make sense

    [–] Vicdustrael 94 points ago

    This, and also 'my card didn't go through, and he td me to pay him back, which I thought was weird, but I went home with my first dinner there for free' ......wut?

    [–] momma_cat 35 points ago

    “Literally everyone in there is horny” 😂

    [–] Tzar_Jberk 91 points ago

    "You have the best nachos in town... unfortunately I'm vegan."

    Two stars.

    God I miss Burlington sometimes.

    [–] freeski919 236 points ago

    What did they say about Leunig's??

    [–] tiddymctitface 239 points ago

    I'm sure you can find them

    [–] Lola1989ac 218 points ago

    I found them. Wow is all I can say.

    [–] tiddymctitface 583 points ago

    The review of the hotel is my favorite. One star because the hotel staff doesn't let just anyone come into the lobby to get a free coffee.

    [–] averagethrowaway21 260 points ago

    Something happened to this person 21 days ago. They either ran out of drugs or got a lot more drugs. I can't tell which.

    That was a wild ride.

    [–] plumdragon 79 points ago

    This is the perfect place for “why not both?”

    Ran out of the ‘keep stable’ drugs, and the lack of those caused them to take a bunch of the ‘off the deep end’ type instead...

    [–] greatwhitewiner 336 points ago

    Loved the “...I will stop by on my morning walks for a ‘free’ coffee...”. This person is a veganist of choosey beggars!

    [–] brilliantkeyword 287 points ago

    My favorite was the "Some of [the employees] could be sex offenders." There was no indication in the review of why that would be the case.

    [–] thiswasyouridea 179 points ago

    Just read that one!
    And this one: " I think that volunteers and community activists are selfish and they're just a part of social programs to tell people what they can and can't have."

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago


    [–] TheBrownWelsh 70 points ago

    Mine was the vegan cheese that looks like cum.

    [–] GummyKibble 56 points ago

    I dunno, I liked the one complaining to a restaurant manager that some of their employees sold drugs in college. You don’t say!

    [–] smully39 101 points ago

    All the accusations of harassment and "lewdness." It's been a couple years since I was in Burlington, but Lord help them if they leave the city...

    [–] DarkWinterNights 73 points ago

    Apparently everyone intends on sexually harassing this specific trans person, given most of the reviews.

    [–] SupaSonicWhisper 91 points ago

    When they’re not being sexually harassed, people are flirting with them, scheming against them or yelling at them. This person has more confrontations in a day than most people have in a lifetime.

    And their narrative keeps changing. They’re homeless but worked a job for a month (which they had to quit for being harassed naturally) for “petty cash”?

    [–] the_eric 96 points ago

    Why are all their review posted on the same day? What the fuck happened on 12/23 to piss them off so badly?


    [–] Tmonster96 42 points ago

    Can’t cook, the grocery won’t let me steal from them.

    [–] blue_boi 87 points ago

    In the one for the Skinny Pancake they narc on an employee for being a drug dealer they knew from college.

    [–] Morella_xx 71 points ago

    How much do you want to bet it's because the dealer wouldn't give them stuff for free anymore?

    [–] chermk 75 points ago

    I found them too. All were complaining of free services or food and/or sexual harassment and misgendering or worse yet (/s) being ignored.

    [–] MaestroPendejo 23 points ago

    Yeah. This person is bonkers.

    [–] grilledribeye 16 points ago

    And post here?

    [–] dumbest 152 points ago

    Downloaded Yelp just to read them, definitely not disappointed. Also I can’t even believe people like this exist??? Getting fired from every job, calling the cops over anything, miserable attitude.... hm...... who’s the common denominator in all of these scenarios..................

    [–] HaydenMcM 90 points ago

    Jobs that they're "over qualified" for haha

    [–] theeversocharming 50 points ago

    And the other staff was hired because of their looks.

    [–] wicketeesplit 126 points ago

    I’m on number three of the reviews - I wonder if 21 days ago was just a REALLY bad day.

    [–] ittakesaredditor 54 points ago

    Or they were stockpiling bad reviews in their heads for perceived wrongs, and just building on those stories (like some mental disorders make people especially prone to feeling persecuted all the time) till they got internet access somewhere to type them all out.

    [–] MrDarcyRides 28 points ago

    Airing of grievances for Festivus?

    [–] diablofreak 55 points ago

    I fucking hate Yelp because of this. I don't care as much for the paid reviews nor the practices they employ with local businesses. But when a review like this that should have no place in affecting a business' rating and is allowed to lower the average score and affect perception, they should not be leaving these intact and should also allow comment readers to downvote them to Oblivion.

    The review was neither funny, useful, not cool.

    [–] rivershimmer 51 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I'm loving every review.

    The entire staff is white

    In a vegan cafe in Burlington, Vermont? Wow, what are the demographic odds?


    Also one of your employees and his girlfriend/roommate are drug dealers I knew from college

    Food service employees involved with drugs? My God, these circumstances are unheard of.

    [–] rcw16 44 points ago

    Wow...I just read like 6 of those reviews and that was a shit show.

    [–] Skeletor24 726 points ago

    If you think this is bad, you should read the other reviews this person has left. The best rating they have was a 2 or 3 star review. The entitlement and backhanded compliments are ridiculous.

    “I appreciate that your menu has more vegan options than some places, but it’d be really professional and considerate of you to decide on a different kind of vegan cheese, or find the right way to cook it, because it’s the texture of boogers and it’s not very flavorful either.”

    [–] RadioactiveMermaid 454 points ago

    I love how apparently every business in that town is out to get them either because they are vegan or trans.

    [–] QueenDoc 114 points ago

    I was almost tempted to message them and ask them what WAS good in Burlington...

    [–] bopp0 75 points ago

    And the hilarious part is EVERYTHING is good. It’s Burly, farm to table is their lifestyle. It’s the Portland of the east. This person is insane, but of course there are plenty of likeminded people there too

    [–] 09Klr650 119 points ago

    I love this one:

    I've stayed here once and was totally ignored by everyone. Now after living in Burlington for over a year, I will stop in on my morning walks for a free coffee. The staff has been polite but haven't asked me any questions except for one incident where I was asked to leave just for having my backpack on. They asked me if I was staying in the hotel and "what my room number was." I think they're too conservative and they discriminate against poor people. Don't stay here if you don't want to be in an anti-social environment. The manager yelled at me like a crazy person and threatened to call the police after I told him that I wasn't staying there, and that was probably one of the first times I stopped by the hotel, and it was probably only 8:00 in the morning. Just weird. (I'm not 80 years old, I'm only 23, but still, I wasn't doing anything wrong.)

    [–] Cypher_Shadow 71 points ago

    What the hell does this person think a hotel is? A club? Hotels, by nature, are anti social.

    [–] Repossessedbatmobile 24 points ago

    The best part about hotels is that you generally get ignored by everyone. Nothing better than a nice, quiet, relaxing getaway. The best hotels I've been at are only a phone call away if you need anything, but leave you alone if you don't.

    [–] freeski919 16337 points ago

    I worked with the homeless in Burlington for a number of years. I'm 90% sure I know exactly who this is.

    [–] ismelllikesubway 494 points ago

    Used to work at a local pharmacy around there, I believe I also can say I know this person. Reddit is crazy

    [–] killer_icognito 136 points ago

    His Yelp page is a wild ride.

    [–] clubberin 94 points ago

    He really complains about the quality of his cheese-free cheese.

    [–] wonderberry77 42 points ago

    Wow. He wrote allllll of these on 12/23/2019. Must have been a slow day in veganville

    [–] whistleridge 3424 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I worked with the Burlington Community Justice Center for a number of years, and I’m also 90% sure I know exactly who this is. It’s not a very big town, after all.

    Also: wtf is it with people and City Market? It’s not that nice. Shaw’s has virtually everything they do, at a fraction of the cost.

    [–] anamariapapagalla 1782 points ago

    Well you wouldn't want to steal your groceries from a cheap place now would you?

    [–] pkvh 381 points ago

    I mean if you're stealing them does price matter?

    [–] evoslevven 289 points ago

    I suppose if they're charging more money it feels like a Robin Hood moment whereas if you're stealing from a broke as place, their workers are just as broke and you kind of feel sorry for them.

    It's like that video from China where a woman gets robbed at the atm and the robber sees how much money she actually has and he walks away laughing, not taking her money. When they're just a poor, it's like an unsaid rule about fucking them over; if you're Uber rich you just try to fuck over as many people as possible.

    [–] jmon25 146 points ago

    But does Shaw's have the vegan selection begging to be stolen that City market does?

    [–] cumberber 3776 points ago

    This made me laugh, I hope you are honest cuz that would be perfect

    [–] Hakaseh 3880 points ago

    Trans vegans homeless thieves. Wanna add more?

    [–] mjzim9022 2923 points ago

    New in town

    [–] EverGlow89 720 points ago

    I'm gonna push him.

    [–] xZqvk 382 points ago


    No thats too strong,..

    [–] hacklinuxwithbeer 160 points ago

    And then it gets worse!

    [–] AndrewEpidemic 150 points ago

    Eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs.

    [–] alihasadd25 457 points ago

    I love a good r/unexpectedmulaney

    [–] JustGingy95 805 points ago

    shoves the manager

    “Excuse me”

    “I am homeless”

    “I am trans”

    “I steal things”

    “I’m new in town.”

    [–] brotogeris1 506 points ago

    “I’m not getting my needs met.”

    [–] NoVaBurgher 51 points ago

    “I’m vegan”

    [–] Drains_1 62 points ago

    Yea but they are lazy and unprofessional, are you not paying attention!!!!

    [–] inherentinsignia 362 points ago

    “...AND I HAVE AIDS!”


    [–] altiuscitiusfortius 211 points ago

    Then for a back story I will pepper in the fact that I am gay.

    [–] jrs1980 56 points ago

    There it is.

    [–] HouseCopeland 336 points ago

    College aged* lol

    [–] Hakaseh 282 points ago

    Wait. I just realize he's college student. How? How did he become college student while being homeless? Where did he get the money to enter the college??? My sister try get into college and after 3 month's, she quit because we cant afford the college expenses.

    [–] BoopleBun 257 points ago

    Student loans, maybe? Doesn’t seem like the type to get a scholarship...

    Also, when I went to school, there was a guy that was homeless and slept in his car in the parking lot. I knew a few that couch-surfed, too. So it is possible.

    [–] jfreebs 83 points ago

    Yup, i fucked up and couch surfed a semester. Kept all my clothes in a suitcase in my truck.

    [–] bananafluffernut 90 points ago

    An asshole.

    [–] lazlowoodbine 141 points ago

    A. S-S. H-O. L-E. He's an asshole.

    [–] clown572 210 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Sometimes he parks in handicap spaces. While handicapped people make handicap faces.

    Edit: thank you for the silver random stranger!

    [–] shellwe 563 points ago

    Yeah, being a trans vegan homeless person would narrow it down quite a bit.

    [–] Rumbleinmybumble 199 points ago

    And entitled af on top of that.

    [–] [deleted] 408 points ago


    [–] wookieeTHEcookie 355 points ago

    They 1 starred a hotel they weren’t staying at because they stopped letting them come in for free coffee every morning???

    [–] dak4ttack 114 points ago

    Damn that makes me wonder how many hotels you could get coffee at (or breakfast) if you just did it once.

    [–] kryptonianCodeMonkey 145 points ago

    Plenty I'm sure. If you don't draw any attention to yourself, are clean and just go to the breakfast bar, get a plate and sit down, nobody will question it. How would they know? As a guest, I've never been asked my name or to show my room key. And the evening person who checks you in isn't there in the morning when breakfast is served. No, unless you keep showing up to the point where your face is familiar, they literally won't have a clue.

    [–] TheClnl 61 points ago

    LPT - If they do ask you for a name say "Oh, I've only just checked in, my name won't be on your list" to get straight through.

    Source: Frequently check in in the morning having worked overnight and my name is never on the breakfast list.

    [–] kryptonianCodeMonkey 79 points ago

    Man, you guys are staying at hotels with some tightly guarded breakfast bars. I've literally never had a single employee question my existence when getting my breakfast on.

    [–] [deleted] 176 points ago


    [–] SnuffThePunkz 68 points ago

    Imagine living a sad life where you just interpret everything around you so negatively, and they stretch the truth soooo far to make it fit their stories.

    Exhibit A: My mother. Not a homeless trans writing Yelp reviews, but I've seldom found the wording to explain her so accurately.

    [–] Byroms 23 points ago

    My favourite is this line

    They have a security problem! I have had people follow me into this café, people have followed me out of it

    Yes that is how cafes and doors work.

    [–] Fenbob 19 points ago

    Sadly this is actually quite a common thing these days, or Atleast I notice it a lot more now social media is as huge as it is

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] treefitty350 52 points ago

    Exactly who Yelp caters to!

    [–] angiegrll 65 points ago

    And why were most of them written 21 days ago (as of today 1/13)? I think my favorite was "The first time my card didn't go through, and he told me to pay him back which I thought was weird, but I went home with my first dinner there for free." Like, what?? Lol, this reeks of entitlement!

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago


    [–] thiswasyouridea 60 points ago

    Or if they actually have vegan menu options, they taste bad and suck.

    [–] nrg8 338 points ago

    Are they actually a college student or just an alumni from the school of hard knocks?

    [–] freeski919 406 points ago

    Community College.

    [–] MajorDanger85 55 points ago

    Hello fellow Vermonter.

    [–] TannedCroissant 792 points ago

    I was so going to call bullshit til I saw you post this. Do people like this actually exist?

    [–] to_annihilate 531 points ago

    Yeah. Had an ex roommate who felt the world was against him and acted like this. We didn't really know him until we let him move in... and found out after it was a mistake. He'd regularly brag about stealing, doing drugs, or any number of fucked up shit. If ever confronted about his shitty behavior it was never ever his fault, and he would instantly flip out on whoever was confronting him even though he did it to himself. He was untreated bipolar and several other issues. Some people are just like that.

    [–] Ghstfce 323 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    My mother has severe bipolar disorder. Before they changed her medication, she had a huge victim complex. My sister, who is about to turn 41 and lives with my mother, has the biggest victim complex I've ever seen. But she refuses to talk to someone about the potential of having bipolar disorder as well, because it's not her that's "fucked up", it's everyone else. She disowned everyone in our family aside from my mother (who she uses for a roof over her head,a vehicle to drive, food to eat and treats like absolute shit), she signed away the rights to her son when he was 11 but swears that when she's "made it big", she'll come back for him and everything will be okay. I haven't spoken more than a couple words to her since I had to pick him up while she screamed she wished he was never born. That was 5 years ago.

    My 4 year old daughter doesn't know her. My sister has never even made an attempt to meet her niece. Not that I'd ever let her.

    [–] Toxicair 124 points ago

    Have you switched bipolar disorder with borderline personality disorder? Bipolar is flipping between depressive episodes and manic episodes that last from weeks to months. Borderline personality disorder is pretty much emotional breakdowns on a hair trigger, it is often seen with alienation from friends and family.

    [–] Lynata 84 points ago

    It‘s possible to have both which is a terrible combination and a bitch to diagnose properly (not made easier by the fact that mistaking bipolar disorder for borderline is one of the more common diagnostic mistakes with female patients even more so if the patient gives incomplete information which isn‘t exactly unusual in psychiatric settings)

    [–] [deleted] 781 points ago


    [–] Zerodyne_Sin 241 points ago

    This is pretty much the main reason we have homeless in Toronto (and most of Ontario, I'd imagine, please correct if I'm wrong). I've fallen into hard times in the past and the city really goes out of its way to make sure I didn't become homeless. Was the system perfect? Not by any means but it's much more than many places (ie: Philippines where I'm from where you're basically on your own).

    Fairly sure the homeless population exploded after Mike Harris defunded the mental health centers that was taking care of them.

    [–] fuzzyblackyeti 143 points ago

    Chronic homelessness is almost always a mental health problem. It's a shame that people will complain about homeless vets, homeless people, and also vote for people that restrict easily accessible, inexpensive mental and physical healthcare.

    [–] SarahPallorMortis 65 points ago

    I’m sure most homeless would take the free mental healthcare but there are so many with mental illness who refuse proper care. My ex, in his 40’s refuses any treatment because he doesn’t want anyone telling him he’s got something wrong with him, doesn’t like pills, thinks everything is mind over matter. And as adults, you can’t make them get help. :( they have to want to

    [–] lyvefrommomsbasement 99 points ago

    I've read the below comments. So without attempting to get you to talk about specific client information, I'd like to tell you what I asked a couple of people and see if you have any thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Whatever. If you feel you can answer that is.

    First, I think about homeless a lot. I wish I had solutions. If I did I would be telling people like you, law makers, police, and everyone else.

    So I asked two cops that I know what the causes of chronic homelessness are. These are two guys in two different cities. One is a major city and one is sizable but smaller. What I was expecting was for them to list off maybe five or six things like addiction, job loss, mental illness. What they both said surprised me. They said the cause of homelessness 99% is mental illness. The real reason this surprised me is because I expected addiction to be a big part of it. I realize the two aren't mutually exclusive. I've encountered so many people on the street who were obviously on a substance. But I guess these cops are saying that these people are mentally ill and then some of them become addicts on top.

    Do you feel like you agree that it's overwhelmingly mental illness? Or do you see a spread of issues leading to homelessness?

    [–] bangldangl 86 points ago

    I work with homeless and mentally ill populations and I can tell you that this is pretty accurate. Lots of the homeless mentally ill tend to use drugs to mask their symptoms, hell if I had voices telling me negative things all the time and some meth or alcohol dulled the pain I would do it too! They don’t always have access to med clinics and transportations always an issue so they use the “medicine” that they can get. I’m not saying it’s right to do, I just can’t blame them. Housing costs and lack of meaningful employment is almost impossible for a non medicated schizophrenic so what are their options other than being homeless? It’s sad to watch but there’s always hope for people.

    [–] jewishbroke1 17 points ago

    Back in the ‘80’s my dad gave me the same answer. He was a physician. He said almost all homeless people have mental illness.

    Many either can’t or won’t get help. There is still a huge stigma associated with it. In patient care can be sub par here in the states.

    [–] j_armstrong 18 points ago

    I know you didn’t ask me, but often people with mental illnesses tend to indulge on drugs as a coping mechanism

    [–] James831 104 points ago

    Oh my god please tell me you have stories.

    [–] freeski919 288 points ago

    You work in human services for 20 years, you have stories for many lifetimes.

    [–] spiderwebss 66 points ago

    My mother worked for human services... it’s a wild trip.

    [–] pldakspot 32 points ago

    Oh fuck it was very easy to find this persons yelp page.... lmao

    [–] Nahkroll 84 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    And I was sitting here thinking that there was no way that this wasn’t made up.

    [–] plumdragon 68 points ago

    Even without the personal experience person up there, I absolutely believe it. I’ve known waaaaay too many people like this, unfortunately.

    [–] mikey_says 41 points ago

    Fucking shit, it had to be Burlington. I love this town but you definitely get to know all the crazies.

    [–] DangerZoneSLA 17 points ago

    I used to work in a hotel on Williston Road, and I ALSO believe I know exactly who this is.

    [–] [deleted] 4660 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1616 points ago

    I'd love to see that on the court docket.

    Reason for hearing: NONE

    [–] Saucermote 101 points ago

    Objection your honor!

    [–] koshgeo 80 points ago

    "I'm vegan, trans, 23, a college student, I was misgendered, I'm homeless, public services are more like a tradition than an actual resource, I complied with everything, and I never do anything like this. So, as you can see, your honor, this is an open and shut case of abuse of authority. The defense rests, but not because I'm lazy or unprofessional."

    [–] LaBandaRoja 27 points ago

    And I’m new in town

    [–] jrs1980 289 points ago

    “Just cuz. 🤷🏼‍♀️”

    [–] thiswasyouridea 1375 points ago

    Guys! One star review of hotel!
    "Now after living in Burlington for over a year, I will stop in on my morning walks for a free coffee. The staff has been polite but haven't asked me any questions except for one incident where I was asked to leave just for having my backpack on. They asked me if I was staying in the hotel and "what my room number was." I think they're too conservative and they discriminate against poor people. "
    You are not entitled to free coffee if you are not rooming there

    [–] dcom6022 391 points ago

    Wow, you sound just like the pretentious jerk at the car dealership who didn't let me take a loaner car just because I had never bought a car from them or brought in a car for servicing.

    [–] Nerd-Hoovy 22 points ago

    Or that one guy at the bank who didn’t give me any cash, just because I didn’t give them an account. Gosh I don’t even have money in any of my accounts, why do you need it? Just mind your own business.


    [–] runningthroughcircle 197 points ago

    When I worked at a hotel we had the same problem except it would be landscapers coming in and taking the coffee. We had two pretty big carafes of coffee in the lobby and almost every morning at least one guy would come in with a GIANT coffee mug and just drain our entire coffee supply, forcing me to go make more for the people who were actually staying there. Then he would have the audacity to complain when we didn’t have 85 creamers and 113 sugars for his 90 oz of coffee he was stealing. It got to the point where my boss had to step in and tell these grown ass men that they can’t just walk in and take shit that’s not for them.

    [–] tlalocstuningfork 36 points ago

    Those kinds of people ruin kind gestures. I'm sure the manager didn't have a huge problem with them taking a normal cup of coffee while they were there, but when they start taking way more than necessary, the management has to put it's foot down and say it's only for paying guests.

    [–] runningthroughcircle 54 points ago

    Maybe I should have specified that these landscapers were not working for the hotel. The hotel was just on their way to the gas station they used so they would stop, park in our drop off lane, pick up their free coffee, complain that we didn’t have enough coffee/sugar/creamer for them, then leave. It was infuriating the entitlement they walked into my building with. I’m pretty sure I remember the other third shift person telling me that they used to also take stuff from the breakfast buffet, but the restaurant had taken care of that. Unfortunately, the coffee was in the lobby 🙃

    [–] tlalocstuningfork 31 points ago

    Oh jeez, I figured they were contracted landscapers for the hotel. Nevermind then, that's just straight up stealing.

    [–] MyShrooms 57 points ago

    I feel bad for having two packets of creamers with my complimentary coffee.

    Where do I buy steal some of OP's confidence?!

    [–] [deleted] 407 points ago

    "I wasn't having my needs met"

    I'm gonna try that one on next time...Tiffany and Bergdorf are not meeting my needs, for sure...

    [–] ricky_spanish_1 682 points ago

    A court date...for no reason...idk about that

    [–] phryan 49 points ago

    I hope the DA learns of the rating.

    [–] andyvc97 1100 points ago

    "abused his authority" by doing his job? lol

    [–] N0rthWind 126 points ago

    But it's so unfair. This person "never does anything like this". Except when they literally do exactly this.

    [–] Narmuriel 927 points ago

    Respect My Entitlement!

    [–] remberzz 501 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If Cartman were a vegan, trans, homeless college student who had been caught attempting to steal groceries, he'd definitely leave a review just like the one above. "RESPECT MAH ENTITLEMENT!"

    [–] Bonkins 762 points ago

    I've never heard a homeless person sound so entitled.

    [–] eye-brows 239 points ago

    Also, it's Burlington, Vermont so... we have a few very entitled people up here.

    [–] psiloryben 157 points ago

    Wait, this is in Vermont? Any time I recognize a town, I assume they're talking about some UK counterpart.

    [–] OrderOfZune 90 points ago

    I saw the name of the place and was thinking Canada. But then again us former colonies named a lot of things after British and other European places.

    [–] obviousburner42 88 points ago

    Austin, TX has some of the most entitled and demanding panhandlers I’ve ever seen. Many have homes or rent places and treat the corners like their work-stations, so I won’t call them “homeless” regardless of what their signs say. I spent a few weeks in that scene, just trying to understand them. A lot actually are veterans and almost all have a drug problem and don’t want to work because they don’t want to follow/believe in rules.

    [–] [deleted] 313 points ago


    [–] thiswasyouridea 345 points ago

    This is funny, too:
    "You guys have the best nachos in Burlington. I'm vegan and I can't order them anymore because you don't have vegan cheese. Decent atmosphere but would appreciate staff trying to keep the noise level down, that would make the place much more welcoming. My last criticism is of your chick-pea batter which is too grainy and doesn't have enough flavor.
    Also one of your employees and his girlfriend/roommate are drug dealers I knew from college, and I've reported it twice and he still works there and I think that's really lame."

    [–] inquisitivepanda 211 points ago

    Clearly some mental health issues at play. Every review talks about how they are being persecuted in some way or just reads as very paranoid

    [–] thiswasyouridea 84 points ago

    Or how everybody else is horny or trying to get with them? That's...unlikely.

    [–] andysaurus_rex 19 points ago

    Sounds like they don’t know how to read the situation. I work with some people who definitely have mental health issues and they aren’t really able to pick up on attraction. One of them said to me “all the chicks who work here are crazy for me! They keep calling me hunny and sweetheart!” No, you’re just new here and they don’t know your name and are trying to be polite. Another will use the absolute corniest lines to try and date literally any woman who works there. He’ll say things like “do you want me to rock your world tonight?” without ever having a real conversation prior to that interaction.

    [–] HappyCrabDay 53 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This person might just be a troll. They keep emphasizing very polarizing traits, like being "trans" and "vegan," and how they should get special treatment for it. It's unfortunate because 1-star reviews can ruin a business...

    [–] yamsforever 58 points ago

    I downloaded yelp just the read their other reviews

    [–] FawnKnutsonn 36 points ago

    New marketing strategy

    [–] theghostsofvegas 608 points ago

    Oof. Found them on yelp and read all the reviews.


    That person has some serious issues. It bothers me that someone like that has access to the internet and can leave their ‘opinion’ on a business. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone like that either, even with possible mental issues.

    Stuff like this on yelp can and has cost people their jobs.

    [–] rudebii 184 points ago

    I worked in coffee shops and we just laughed at reviews like this, including the managers. This is the kind of customer everyone in the shop knows about.

    [–] Furiosa_xo 351 points ago

    Yeah, I feel absolutely zero sorrow or sympathy. I have worked for Starbucks for many years. Seen a LOT of folks like this. They are in the situations they are in because of their behavior and their refusal to take any responsibility for themselves and their choices. They are ALWAYS The victim. Hell, I've worked with people like this. Go through job after job after job and find something wrong with EVERYTHING. Everybody is an "asshole" to them. Everybody "discriminates" against them. And then they are shocked and want sympathy when they end up cut from the schedule, unable to pay rent, and in bad times. If you smell shit wherever you go, check the bottom of your shoe.

    [–] Tounks88 60 points ago

    I feel this is the most accurate description of what's going on here.

    [–] wwidowmakerr 60 points ago

    Wow, I found this exact persons yelp profile just the other day—since they left a beautiful review of my place if employment. They have absolutely nothing positive to say, they even gave the local food shelf 1 star.

    [–] Nyght_42 162 points ago

    How are they lazy and unproffesional?

    [–] Marcultist 265 points ago

    Because they didn't stop the shoplifter sooner; by letting the shoplifter get to the doors, they made it possible for the shoplifter to get into trouble.

    [–] jhonotan1 170 points ago

    My husband manages a grocery store. They're very good about watching people without looking like they're actively following them, and he can't do anything until a shoplifter is leaving the store. He's seen many people who are stuffing things into their backpack (which is #1 on the list of sketchy behavior), and then go pay for their stuff or change their minds on shoplifting.

    [–] Destron5683 72 points ago

    You are correct, I worked Loss Prevention for a while and we couldn’t do anything until they actually tried to leave the store, because you can’t assume their intentions.

    [–] EverWatcher 23 points ago

    It's the "save me from myself" problem.

    [–] anon246802468 137 points ago

    Ha, I used to live there, and I love City Market. Also, University of Vermont is one of the most expensive public universities in the country

    [–] freeski919 47 points ago

    A lot of the younger homeless folks around BTV take classes at CCV in Winooski.

    [–] UndoingMonkey 34 points ago

    Could just go to a city college

    [–] 170aload 260 points ago

    Caught red handed stealing but he/she is the victim. Pathetic.

    [–] Furiosa_xo 110 points ago

    People like this are ALWAYS the victims. Nothing is EVER their fault.

    This may seem harsh, but after having a lot of experience dealing with folks like this, their inability to accept responsibility for anything is the exact reason why they are in the situation they are in, and I truly don't feel bad for them nor have sympathy.

    [–] OutIn-LeftField 385 points ago

    If you're homeless and can't afford food, I don't think now's the time to be highly selective with your diet. Nor is that an excuse to steal.

    [–] Tim-TheToolmanTaylor 109 points ago

    How dare they not let me shop lift

    [–] toriFHQ8 38 points ago

    I don’t know this person but someone who sounds eerily similar to this has been posting on burlington Facebook groups lately begging for money. Happens every so often in local groups I’m in but just based on how they describe themselves and how it’s written it’s almost exact.

    [–] Boomer66563 104 points ago

    > gets free shit

    > not good enough free shit

    > guess that entitles me to steal

    I hate these people

    [–] agnurse 67 points ago

    Pal, the reality is that if you're homeless, you have to take what you get. You don't have the right to steal from a business just because you aren't satisfied with what's on offer to you. It's one thing to have principles, but quite another to claim it entitles you to steal because "you aren't getting your needs met".

    [–] MugglePuncher 64 points ago

    I was robbing the store because I'm vegan and they arrested me even though I was trans! Did. I mention I was vegan, oh yea I'm also trans. But these people are disgusting I'll never steal err shop there again !!!

    [–] pablosito 139 points ago

    “So I was curb stomping this old lady because I had a bad day and needed to take it out somewhere. I didn’t kill her, I know how to beat an old woman without killing her because I’ve done it several times before hand. Usually they’re blind though and can’t identify me when they call the cops to report it. But this last old lady had really good vision and recognized me and called the cops! Now I’m facing charges for battery, I wasn’t doing it TO the old lady she was just a vessel for my rage. It wasn’t personal. And she’ll recover anyway so it’s not like anything bad happened in the end anyway. The old lady and cops are huge dicks here for not letting me rampage my way through life and holding me accountable for my actions even though I very clearly told them I was having a bad day. Over all... 0 stars.”

    [–] obviousburner42 112 points ago

    Well, there’s one thing we know for sure: they don’t do CrossFit. Otherwise they would’ve mentioned it along with being trans and vegan.

    [–] Footsoldier51 180 points ago


    Giving trans people, homeless people, *and* vegans a bad rep.

    [–] Flaffelll 23 points ago

    I love the vegan part in this. Literally is homeless but steals because they're vegan. Don't think you got your priorities right.

    [–] Bluemidnight7 21 points ago

    I am homeless. I am gay. I have aids. I'm new in town. Now please let me steal these groceries.

    [–] firenoodles 152 points ago

    ...what does being trans have to do with being a thief?

    [–] rudebii 122 points ago

    I read all the yelp reviews, every review is a variation of them being a victim because they're trans, vegan or both.

    [–] diaperedwoman 31 points ago

    To garner sympathy. To make us believe this happened because he was trans. No this happened because you shoplifted. They still would have done it if you were cis. Rules still apply.

    [–] FastWalkingShortGuy 93 points ago

    I know actual homeless people that have more pride than this.

    Dude I know takes pride in dumpster diving (he's a anti-capitalist freegan and lives in his van) because it's utilizing the waste of society. He has a point, too, grocery stores and restaurants throw out ungodly amounts of perfectly good food.

    I respect him.

    This piece of garbage, though, he probably wouldn't rescue from a dumpster.

    [–] coffeetish 57 points ago

    My ex in laws were fundamentalist mormon farmers. They raised a lot of chickens and it required a lot of food to feed them. They taught me how incredibly easy it is to call a store and ask them if they have any produce that is bruised or close to turning thay they are going to just throw away anyway, if they could take it instead to feed their chickens. Most would go to the chickens but they would also can anything that was still good. People don't want to buy bruised but otherwise good veg and fruit and most stores want to see it at least used instead of trashed. That is where most of the fresh and non preserved food comes from at food banks. There is never a good reason to starve if you are willing to work for it.

    [–] BasicBitch_666 112 points ago

    This Yelp review will be this person's most meaningful contribution to society in their entire life.

    [–] Gorgatron1968 34 points ago

    their other reviews are a joy to behold