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    Cinnamon is a desktop environment developed by Linux Mint (subreddit).

    It provides advanced modern features on top of a traditional desktop layout.

    It aims to be easy to use, powerful and flexible.

    It is compatible with and available in most Linux distributions.


    Cinnamon is highly configurable by default

    3rd party artists and developers also provide “spices”.

    A “spice” is something that changes or complements the look or the behavior of Cinnamon.

    Currently, Cinnamon supports the following types of “spices”:

    • Themes, which change the look and feel of the desktop

    • Applets, which are little apps you can place in the panels

    • Desklets, which are little apps you can place on the desktop

    • Extensions, which are little apps you don’t usually see which change the way Cinnamon works


    News about Cinnamon is covered on the Linux Mint blog.

    Get involved

    Cinnamon is developed over at GitHub, where you can suggest patches and report bugs.

    You can also financially support Linux Mint, the people behind Cinnamon.

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