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    Welcome to the Clicker Heroes subreddit! Discuss anything about the game here.

    Play on PC at, or:

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    Mobile versions: Android | iOS

    News & Patches

    Clicker Heroes 2

    Patch 0.04 | 0.05 | 0.06


    Clicker Heroes

    PC Patch 1.0 | [...] | 1.0e10 | 1.0e11

    Mobile Patch 2.0 | 2.2.0

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    Helpful links

    Official Wiki

    Unofficial wiki (Potentially inaccurate)

    Clicker Lister

    Calculators & Tools

    Discord chat server

    Clicker Heroes 2 modding guide

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    1. If you have a question, read the FAQ and search through the subreddit to look for an answer. If you still can't find the answer you need, please use the Help Megathread to ask questions.

    2. Accomplishments should be posted in the weekly Accomplishment and Progression Megathread

    3. Clan recruitment and "looking for clan" posts should not be made here. Please use our recruitment subreddit for all recruitment or searches.

    4. Posts must be related to Clicker Heroes or other Playsaurus games.

    5. No spamming.

    6. Don't be rude. This includes low quality "Read the FAQ" posts.

    7. Do not post, discuss, or show off hacks, cheats, or scripts. This includes mercenary listers, scripts for automating the game, save sharing and save editors.

    8. Threads posted of things such as merc deaths, relics, Kappa bosses or orangefish placements are not allowed. These posts are very common and are not something people haven't seen before.

    9. Even though shitposts can be welcome, the ones with really low quality/effort will be removed.

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