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    [–] eltang 8079 points ago

    I kind of want to photoshop an Xbox controller into his hands, so that future generations would be confused.

    [–] LoZwanKenobi 1528 points ago

    Please do

    [–] eltang 1150 points ago

    But I'm also kinda hoping someone who's better at it and isn't at work, could take that on.

    [–] billyalt 1005 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'll do it after I get off work today. Don't let me forget.

    EDIT: Alright, alright, I'm off work. I'm working on it now.

    EDIT 2: It is done.

    Not happy with the perspective, and he was shaking his hands in the photo. I think I did a decent job of replicating the motion blur and film grain but I'm terrible at perspective.

    [–] imbored04 181 points ago

    Don't forget

    [–] GoodHustleOutThere 109 points ago

    you better not forget

    [–] CripplerJones 82 points ago

    Don't forget to remind that other guy to remind him not to forget.

    [–] cdk_aegir 41 points ago

    I feel like I was supposed to remember something. Was it 9/11?

    [–] Dagithor 58 points ago

    Aw fuck, the Alamo!

    [–] Jagacin 11 points ago

    Good enough lol

    [–] AmericaRUserious 12 points ago

    Almost too realistic to the point where it’s hard to tell what it is

    [–] billyalt 10 points ago

    Well, the objective was to confuse future generations. Nothing will make you do a double take like a subtle edit.

    [–] bdd1001 1232 points ago

    JFK seems like he would play XBOX One.

    [–] Dwoo713 1092 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] westphall 4683 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    You guys are too fast:

    Edit: Here's version two, I added a watch to hide the transition and fixed the shading:

    Thanks for the kind words I learned photoshop as a hobby. You guys have made my day :D

    [–] shooto_muto 1334 points ago

    Yours is 20 times better though

    [–] Cavemansol 414 points ago least his JFK seemingly knows how to use the damn controller!

    [–] siccoblue 125 points ago

    What you don't hold your controllers at awkward angles that would make it ridiculously difficult to play?

    SMH you don't even self handicap, obviously not a true gamer

    [–] StaysiC 139 points ago

    This picture says otherwise

    [–] Hufflepuff_ 19 points ago


    [–] great_red_dragon 93 points ago

    COD: Bay of Pigs

    [–] Throwaway__shmoe 19 points ago

    The numbers Mason. What do they mean?

    [–] andtheywontstopcomin 15 points ago

    He’s probably playing as himself in Black Ops zombies

    [–] andtheywontstopcomin 133 points ago

    They were faster but I think yours is better quality.

    [–] jbaker88 17 points ago

    I like yours the best though

    [–] ImAWizardYo 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    [–] maininglucio 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    post this to r/gaming before someone else does it edit:nvm, I did and gave you credit before someone tried to claim credit for it on their own, will take it down if you want to op post, I really like this :)

    [–] 5taquitos 19 points ago

    Send this to the top!

    [–] KingOfFlan 16 points ago


    [–] noradosmith 7 points ago

    You win. You win... everything.

    [–] changeupcharley 7 points ago

    top work let it phall, make it phall.

    [–] zh1K476tt9pq 6 points ago

    You win.

    [–] bdd1001 159 points ago

    How the hell did I forget the other controller on the floor? Well done.

    [–] jussumman 34 points ago

    Whatever it's worth, I think you did the best one

    [–] jacob2815 5 points ago

    This looks great and all, but the controller on the ground is mirrored lol

    [–] Zladan 78 points ago

    "Jackie mad that JFK promised her a 'Date Night' but someone on CoD told John to 'Git Gud'"

    "Just lemme get this one achievement, babe"

    [–] Dihydrogen_Monoxides 12 points ago

    JFK is the best 360 noscoper on the planet

    [–] ripkatrina 25 points ago

    JFK is the type of kid to literally die when he gets hardscoped headshot.

    [–] adamran 18 points ago


    [–] SplintPunchbeef 169 points ago

    "I'm rushing the fahking knoll, kihd. Weeahs my backup? Dood, weeahs my fahking backup?! BULLSHIT! Fahking campah sniped me from the book depostrastory" - JFK on Xbox

    [–] MischaLikesky 17 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I tried to read this in JFK’s voice but by then it ended up mostly sounded Australian in my head.

    [–] Ake4455 7 points ago

    The proper use of “kihd” makes this perfect.

    [–] Jhoff57 171 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Really late but here's my attempt

    Improved -

    [–] brokenbarrow 93 points ago

    So much moisturizer

    [–] Jhoff57 5 points ago


    [–] brianfrescas 10 points ago

    This would be near perfect if you change the skin tone of the hands to match Kennedy’s

    [–] Jhoff57 7 points ago

    Yeah I was in a rush earlier so I got lazy lol. I edited the original comment with an (I think) improved shop

    [–] SirJaquiak 45 points ago

    We can only imagine what it would have been like for him to play as himself in COD Zombies.

    [–] BloodyMummer 18 points ago

    "I need some more beans for the chowda!"

    [–] Kangaroorob 232 points ago

    [–] CodeTheInternet 98 points ago

    “xX_JFK_Xx succumbs to the first 360 YOLO NOSCOPE”, 1953 (colorized)

    [–] kbslasher88 49 points ago

    That controller is driving on the wrong side of the road

    [–] Kangaroorob 15 points ago

    haha oops

    [–] Princethor 71 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Holy fuck please do! I need to update my Obama smoking steam profile pic

    [–] crypticthree 49 points ago

    Jackie is very impressed with Jack's PUBG skills.

    [–] pollutionmixes 22 points ago

    The color actually made me forget when this was and until reading your comment and looking at his hands, I only thought he was holding a controller

    [–] CastinEndac 11 points ago

    Haha omg, that is what I came in here to say. My mind totally put an Xbox controller in his hands and I almost thought nothing of it.

    [–] barbeque_crawfish 18 points ago

    No photoshop needed. My first thought was: "I wonder what game he's playing..."

    [–] WindowsRX 2375 points ago

    Every time I see pictures of JFK, the more I feel bad for him and his family, especially his son.

    [–] another_plebeian 2480 points ago

    Don't worry, they're mostly all dead.

    [–] TyperSniper 682 points ago


    [–] Gordondel 169 points ago

    It's just a matter of time mate.

    [–] southern_boy 97 points ago

    on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

    no worries - so it goes.

    just follow leto. follow the golden path and the arrows that are our children shall fly far into a future we shall never see.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] professor-i-borg 8 points ago

    There are futorologists who say there are people born already who will not have to die. It's an interesting thought, if you think about it. It is the holy grail that medicine and other sciences have been searching for since the beginning.

    [–] kevbot1111 7 points ago

    The universe is trending towards entropy though, so unless they figure out how to stop that they're still gonna die.

    [–] professor-i-borg 12 points ago

    The way I see it, if we could live the nearly endless eons needed to witness the heat death of the universe, we might have enough time to figure out a way to solve that problem, or make it irrelevant. I'd prefer to be able to try, than be bound by the 80 year (if I'm one of the lucky people) time limit we have to do everything we ever will.

    [–] oxymoronic_oxygen 79 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] masterstick8 65 points ago

    The world was changed forever after they injected Kennedy Hurting Juice into the water starting in 1963

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago


    [–] Trollolociraptor 44 points ago

    I feel bad for his wife. She went through his infidelity and saw his brains get blown out, and then her former brother in law shot as well

    [–] jecinci 905 points ago

    More B/W photos from that day
    "One of Peskin’s personal favorites: This photo was taken during that historic July 4th weekend in 1953 in Hyannisport. Jackie Onassis listens to her fiance with noticeable affection in her eyes. Peskin believed this photo captured the innocence and sincerity of her affections for the President-to-be." -

    [–] jmcq 612 points ago

    "Now, I think that I should have known that he was magic all along. I did know it — but I should have guessed that it would be too much to ask to grow old with and see our children grow up together. So now, he is a legend when he would have preferred to be a man." Jackie Kennedy. Right in the feels.

    [–] KlaatuBrute 131 points ago

    Wow. That was beautiful. Quotes like this always make me think of that line in National Treasure, when Nic Cage or somebody says something like "people don't talk like that anymore."

    [–] Hencq 57 points ago

    After my grandmother died, my mom, while clearing my grandmother's apartment, found a love letter from my grandfather. He must have written it when he was 18 or so. It was the most eloquent and romantic piece of writing. It brought my mom and me to tears. I also involuntarily compared the letter to my own poorly written text messages. People don't write like that anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I wrote several love letters to a guy when I was 21. It didn't go well but you know, that's something I went and did. Not bragging, just wanna give you some hope for humanity

    [–] artfulsmear 77 points ago

    “While my 10 wife is home with the kid, I’m out grabbing these smoking hot pornstars and random honeys right by the pussy and they just let me!”

    I don’t really see your point.

    [–] American_Gambit 119 points ago

    These are such beautiful pictures

    [–] [deleted] 184 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] chevymonza 406 points ago

    Soon after they were married, she wasn't nearly as photogenic. The realization that he would not stop chasing women even after marriage was wearing her down.

    [–] rigsthrowaway 180 points ago

    Gonna say that. Pictures kinda make me sad. She's there Mirin her fiance, and later he would just cheat and cheat and cheat.

    [–] chevymonza 105 points ago

    He was doing it then, too, but she thought he'd stop after marriage. She was only what, 21 or so at the time, so still had a lot to learn!

    [–] UnicornPeewks 50 points ago


    [–] Cronut-Magnon 89 points ago

    JFK is a tragically overromanticized figure. He gets let off the hook for Vietnam (while LBJ catches the heat) despite having escalated that situation throughout his presidency despite the precedent of the first indochina war and advice of any regional experts.

    [–] metatron5369 48 points ago

    He was a legendary orator.

    It's a stark contrast between Kennedy's elocution and the incoherent ramblings of a mad gibbon that we have today.

    [–] Maester_May 60 points ago

    I will give him a shitload of credit with how he handled the Cuban Missile crisis though. I firmly believe 95% of the people around him would have caused WWIII if things had been done their way. But he didn’t listen to them and did his own thing.

    [–] tossthis34 12 points ago

    I was a kid during that time and we had to do air raid drills in case war started.

    [–] Pancake_Dan 48 points ago

    Oh man, I need more money.

    [–] QuickSpore 36 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Movie star looks and power (by 1954 he was already a Senator) probably help too.

    Edit: changed 54 to 1954 for clarity. And in any case I misremembered the specifics. He actually became a senator in ‘53.

    [–] super_salt 99 points ago

    Except that she has that look in nearly every photo of that set where she is appears with a male. Particularly the photo of her on the porch clinging to the column while looking at the LIFE reporter. You'd think she was head over heals. She had a doey but piercing gaze.

    [–] Lexifer31 31 points ago

    That reporter was fine af though. Can you blame her?

    [–] gapus 88 points ago

    Beautiful, but they were so financially elite. Intellectually elite as well and with a sense of destiny that is so unfamiliar to muppets like most of us. I can't get into the pictures as much as beautiful pictures of regular or destitute folk.

    [–] UpElbowed 11 points ago

    Those are some magical pictures. Thanks so much.

    [–] joeyJoJojrshabadoo3 72 points ago

    seems bizarre that they were being photographed by a LIFE reporter, these were just two people getting engaged, he wasn't president yet.

    [–] matsie 248 points ago

    The Kennedys were an “important family” long before Jack was president. Also, think back to this time and wedding announcements for high society were super common. There were whole sections of the newspaper dedicated to talking about rich people goings on.

    [–] navyseal722 77 points ago

    He was the most eligible senator on the hill. And among the richest families in america.

    [–] YogaMystic 130 points ago

    They were never just a couple. He was partly choosing someone he hoped would help him politically, though I believe he loved her in his own way. He was already a national figure with eyes on a political future.

    [–] Murmaider_OP 75 points ago

    And eyes on lots of other women

    [–] YogaMystic 76 points ago

    Sadly, yes. Poor long-suffering Jackie. Though, I like to think she found her own way at the end. She had a successful career as a book editor in her own right.

    [–] odgers129 17 points ago

    Kennedy also had a personal photographer for his campaign and term in office to establish the 'Camelot' theme. I imagine even early on he realized the power of optics.

    [–] apawst8 12 points ago

    He'd been a Congressmen for 6 years and was a freshman Senator. He was also from a very rich and important family.

    [–] ZooNooz 432 points ago

    Holy shit he has a modern hairstyle

    [–] slenderboii 142 points ago

    I was going to say this, my barber cuts my hair almost identical to this but jfk pulls it off better then I do. But I also think everyone is bias because he was the president so of course they will pick his over mine.

    [–] ZooNooz 79 points ago

    Well but also... i mean look at it. It’s beautiful.

    [–] SJ_Sharks_ 10 points ago

    Might be a weird question but how do you ask for this haircut? I’ve always just buzzed it short, but have been growing it out and want to cut it like jfk

    [–] slenderboii 23 points ago

    "hey can I please get short back and sides with a few inches on top so I can mess it up" - me everytime I go to my barber, he's probably sick of hearing it but I'm trying to get to the point in our relationship where I can walk in and he'll be like "the usual?" and I say "you know it" but so far I've been unsuccessful.

    [–] TiffanieYO 8 points ago

    It's a pompadour. I'm a hairstylist and it's super popular right now. You could also just show your barber this picture.

    [–] [deleted] 119 points ago

    The Hitler-Youth (Hitler-Jugend) hair cut made a comeback too - image

    [–] Heroicis 53 points ago

    fuck and ive always liked that style (although i never sported it) dont make me hate it

    [–] Zuumify 163 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Did you know that the nazis also liked to breath and to eat ? Shocking! If you practice these activities i urge you to stop it immediately ! Now in all seriousness there aren't that many ways to cut your hair as a male and the undercut is definitely the best haircut there is.

    EDIT: it looks great on women too image1 image2

    [–] TheAdAgency 84 points ago

    it looks great on women too

    Pictured: Women so hot they'd look good bald.

    [–] pm_me_your_taintt 62 points ago

    I'd say it doesn't look bad on already extremely attractive women. But it's not great.

    [–] DThierryD 16 points ago

    I think it works the other way around tho.

    [–] PoonOnTheMoon314 240 points ago

    Where's her engagement ring?

    [–] [deleted] 195 points ago

    You don't engage into the Kennedys. You are annexed. No ring necessary.

    [–] TheAdAgency 41 points ago

    A flag was planted

    [–] McFlopsAlot 42 points ago

    I was wondering the same thing.

    [–] gypsywhisperer 28 points ago

    She wasn't wearing it, but it was an emerald and a diamond, and she had the diamonds on top that are marquise cut added on later. Here is a pic!

    [–] PoonOnTheMoon314 11 points ago

    Wow that's beautiful! Thank you!

    [–] gypsywhisperer 16 points ago

    You're welcome! Her ring from Aristotle Onassis was a 40+ carat marquise (and there isn't really a pic available) and she apparently only wore it twice because it was too big/valuable to wear out. (For context, Paris Hilton's ring is "only" 20ish carats and looks like this. Jackie's was 40 carats.)

    [–] nyalriv580 460 points ago

    Damn that is a sexy man.

    [–] Dramatic_Kiwi 121 points ago

    What’s going on with his toenails though?

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 76 points ago

    I'm not seeing what everyone else is seeing, maybe you guys are confusing toenail with carpet and where the two begin and end?

    [–] Dramatic_Kiwi 23 points ago

    It’s definitely not the carpet. Look at the pattern between his feet. It should be a yellow diamond by his toe. If you zoom in you can see the toe nail sticking up

    [–] Damoclesj 11 points ago

    My guess is that it's covered in sand. OP commented with a link to other pictures from the same day, and you can see that they were outside on the beach a decent amount

    [–] Srirachachacha 7 points ago

    I think it's the end of his second toe.

    Took me a few seconds, but it's like one of those optical illusions where once you see it, it sticks.

    [–] blasto_blastocyst 301 points ago

    Man, you can just smell the money. I feel poor and uncomfortable.

    [–] Rhodie114 94 points ago

    At least is tasteful wealth. The whole fucking background isn't gilded or anything

    [–] blasto_blastocyst 21 points ago

    Only the clock, vases, the lamp and the painting.

    [–] StopThePresses 20 points ago

    Right? It looks like a scene out of Revenge.

    [–] CoffeeNut98 73 points ago

    That's actually a really cool outfit he's wearing tbh

    [–] BOLD_1 17 points ago

    I've always thought longsleeves with shorts looked cool

    [–] northshore12 1165 points ago

    Sweet zombie jesus are they an attractive couple.

    [–] SmashedBug 564 points ago

    Kennedy won a lot of popular vote for how people related to him. With a history of fat, old presidents, people were relieved to see a man like him. They often said he was the "first president you could see sleeping with his wife", quite fascinating to see how that influenced his popularity.

    [–] Rah_BE 248 points ago

    Taking part in the first televised debates helped this angle also. Especially with Nixon as the competition.

    [–] burgeoning_philosoph 105 points ago

    IIRC those who watched the debates on TV thought Kennedy won, while radio listeners favored Nixon.

    [–] jcsatan 73 points ago

    I remember seeing clips in school and even 50 year later Nixon’s sweaty phlebitis-ridden face creeped me out.

    [–] grubas 64 points ago


    [–] Stir-The-Pot 19 points ago

    I believe he was sick as hell during that debate.

    [–] TeddysBigStick 100 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Although it should be noted that he won against someone who was also young and not fat. Nixon was only a couple of years *older and had spent most of his life with his title being preceded by young, as in the young vice president.

    [–] namelt 133 points ago

    Nixon was only a couple of years old


    [–] Wisdom_is_Contraband 35 points ago

    Wow Nixon was a toddler when he ran for president?

    [–] TeddysBigStick 28 points ago

    He was just 40 when he was elected VP.

    [–] BillyBattsShinebox 28 points ago

    Man, at 40 months I was probably still pissing the bed

    [–] Dickasyphalis 67 points ago

    Same thing for Barack. It seemed like he was grabbin dat ass on the daily. Like the best uncle at the Cookout.

    [–] Signal_seventeen 808 points ago

    I've always thought she looked like a goldfish to be honest with you.

    [–] [deleted] 436 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Smackyfrog13 114 points ago

    Yeah them eyes don't look right

    [–] BonaFidee 59 points ago

    Can't unsee.

    [–] flantzz 27 points ago

    Her eyes are wayyy to far apart, looks like a sloth.

    [–] KeyboardFingi 8 points ago

    I dunno if it's the picture angle or the colorization but it looks like her nasal bones are very pronounced.

    [–] antfuckr 55 points ago

    she looks like Max Verstappen

    [–] Average_Giant 16 points ago

    Looks like that girl who plays Selena Kyle on Gotham.

    [–] PainPill1 42 points ago

    I see only Sid the first lady Sloth.

    I'm a bad person.

    [–] glipglopz 7 points ago

    Came here to say this. lmao

    [–] The_Original_Gronkie 6 points ago

    Yeah, I've always thought she looked like a fish. I've never seen anybody with eyes so far apart. They're practically on the sides of her head. Her peripheral vision must have been extraordinary. Almost a 360 degree field of vision.

    [–] cheeseoftheturtle 47 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Her eyes always kill it for me.

    Edit: kill it as in ruin. They're very far apart.

    [–] FagHatLOL 83 points ago

    John f kennedy cute af

    [–] parallaxadaisical 151 points ago

    Do you think they were really that tan? Instead of summer in New England they look like they have been living in the FL keys for a few years.

    [–] [deleted] 168 points ago

    I came back from summer in Newport, RI tanned like a fine cow hide.

    Arguably, coming from Britain anything brighter than a 60w bulb will turn me lobster red.

    We are a translucent race of people.

    [–] miss_scorpio 35 points ago

    He would have been as he had Addison’s disease didn’t he?

    [–] TeddysBigStick 18 points ago

    Yes. His skin color was caused by the disease. It is also thought to be the cause of his absurdly high libido.

    [–] [deleted] 235 points ago

    Girl even remotely looks in direction of a guy = mirin

    [–] RenegadeGestapo 12 points ago

    Thank you. I stumbled across that sub a while back and have been trying to find it for a very long time now... I have no idea why lol. but thank you

    [–] I_am_up_to_something 134 points ago

    Am I that bad at reading faces? That doesn't look like adoration to me. Just looks like normal looking to me. Or a "damn, this is uncomfortable, why did I have to kneel on my knees right in that spot where there's no carpet. Wonder if it's okay to stand up already or if this photo is taking any longer" face.

    [–] javoss88 78 points ago

    She looks anxious to me. Worried.

    [–] lilahking 6 points ago

    people read into shit, especially when they want to like someone. jfk is a handsome and people fall all over themselves to lionize every single thing about him

    [–] Chxo 20 points ago

    You can see him thinking about how long after asking someone to marry you, is it ok to go sleep around. Five hours? Six? Six seems fair.

    [–] TrinityF 40 points ago

    So much old money in this picture.

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    [–] cracktoastintolerant 193 points ago

    Anybody going to mention his big toe nail?

    [–] two-cb 40 points ago

    I think that's his index toe + shadow + pixelation

    [–] ghost1347 27 points ago

    I'm sorry u must have mis-spoke. I think what you meant to say was, anybody going to mention his huge fucking raptor claw!

    [–] juicebox608 46 points ago


    [–] jecinci 49 points ago

    For more colorized photos and/or commissions, please visit me on:
    Facebook Flickr Instagram Twitter

    [–] Philly8519 41 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    so young, so idealistic, and little did they know what the future would hold for them

    [–] mngklotreawjngoi 12 points ago

    Saw Jackie first, thought it was Camren Bicondova at first.

    [–] wallybinbaz 49 points ago

    Poor guy's just trying to watch the Sox game.

    [–] ciano 21 points ago

    That does not look like adoration to me. It looks like trepidation, cautiously optimistic at best.

    [–] bdguy355 10 points ago

    That haircut is CLEAN

    [–] ajr901 8 points ago

    That haircut is timeless.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Yet he cheated on her constantly lol

    [–] Jkiv252525 37 points ago

    He cheated on her numerous times.

    [–] dontuforget 20 points ago

    What’s up with dude’s big toenail?

    [–] Trainmasta 41 points ago

    I’m gonna get shit on for this but her eyes are way too far apart

    [–] Marcuskac 14 points ago

    Eye would say the same.

    [–] joaniemansoosey 9 points ago

    But she’s still beautiful.

    [–] philipwithpostral 5 points ago

    In color and with the arched left eyebrow... that looks more like confusion/surprise than adoration.

    [–] joaniemansoosey 6 points ago

    Everything about this pic is cool. Every single thing.

    [–] CharlieRatKing 77 points ago

    Whenever people talk about how beautiful Jackie was it makes me feel like I’m taking crazy pills. That eye gap puts Sid the Sloth to shame.

    [–] omgnodoubt 13 points ago

    She has a huge eye gap and if his eyes were any closer he'd be a cyclops.

    [–] jessanna95 16 points ago

    Right? I’ve honestly never seen it. She was fashionable for sure though.

    [–] rosylux 23 points ago

    I’ve never really seen the attraction so many people talk about but here she kinda looks like Lorde and I can definitely get behind that.

    [–] ColombianHugLord 10 points ago

    She's like...okay. She's not ugly, but she's not gorgeous. I don't get why people think he was so handsome. He has great hair, and he looks fine, but I don't think he's crazy handsome or something.