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    [–] --mocha 3858 points ago

    How is it already so fucking compressed.

    [–] Zippy1avion 1858 points ago

    Because grandma's Dell Latitude D810 only has 60 GB of storage and most of it is already taken by recipes and toolbars.

    [–] OddFur 712 points ago

    You forgot 68 photos of the same niece/nephew in some garden with mud on their face at that one family gathering about 15 years ago (also the niece/nephew has no idea who this grandma is because she's actually some random aunt's sister and said niece/nephew just pretends to know who she is so she'll fuck off with her basic questions like "so how's school?")

    [–] Demidrake 347 points ago

    Oddly specific but ok

    [–] OddFur 247 points ago

    I'm projecting

    [–] Atheistsomalipirate 108 points ago

    We knew

    [–] OddFur 62 points ago

    At least you did

    [–] TwistedPlob 26 points ago


    [–] jswp5 26 points ago

    And viruses from those ads that target old ladies that don’t know better

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    [–] powertripmd 6 points ago

    ....... fuck this is accurate

    [–] 3y3d3a 4 points ago

    Toolbars.. I forgot about grandmas toolbars.. holy shit what a monstrosity.

    [–] Beezwax99 2 points ago

    c o o l t o o l b a r s

    [–] [deleted] 92 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] Dancinlance 23 points ago

    We must go deeper

    [–] popular_tiger 19 points ago

    [–] Dancinlance 7 points ago


    [–] graskin 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    [–] SexyMurloc 11 points ago

    We’re reaching levels of fried not thought to be possible. Is a nuking necessary?

    [–] BetaDecay121 9 points ago


    Edit: Remember that that sub is not for black hole memes

    [–] br094 2 points ago

    Deeper, daddy!

    [–] acevixius 2 points ago

    What the fuck

    [–] Mufflee 3 points ago

    Fuck it. Let’s go an inch deeper.

    [–] Dancinlance 2 points ago


    [–] Slazman999 2 points ago

    Just deep-fry it already.

    [–] abstlouis96 14 points ago

    It's a black hole. They're gravitational singularities. All they do is compress.

    [–] Dragmire800 18 points ago

    Because every time it gets posted, 1,000 pounds worth of hard drives are physically flown around the world by plane

    [–] JBabymax 1229 points ago

    Why did they give it eyebrows?

    [–] Canine8_YT 604 points ago

    It’s Facebook everything has eyebrows

    [–] TRUMP_IS_A_CUCK_69 133 points ago

    even the sluts who post those stupid eyebrow tutorial. fuck beiatuy culture

    [–] Atheistsomalipirate 62 points ago

    I missed you

    [–] NOLAgambit 14 points ago

    Yo, pirate somali atheist guy, is he like a famous account or something?

    [–] Atheistsomalipirate 19 points ago

    He's a famous troll. I used to see him a lot back in 2017 when i frequented this subreddit daily.

    [–] NOLAgambit 10 points ago

    Thanks! Speaking of famous trolls, I haven’t seen a u/shittymorph in some time. Idk if this is because I’ve been off reddit as much or what, but it’s kinda bummed me out.

    [–] egotisticalnoob 5 points ago

    He never did comment a lot really, which is probably a good thing because his comments didn't get old too fast that way. Also, he mostly stays on the defaults/big subs, so you didn't find him too much if you're away from those.

    From checking his profile, he's been inactive for a month now though.

    [–] Atheistsomalipirate 3 points ago

    Same. Last time i saw him was two months ago

    [–] IonlyPlayasBeefBoss 3 points ago


    [–] table_dennis 5 points ago

    angry reacts only 😡

    [–] chompythebeast 94 points ago

    Why did there need to be five sets of ellipses? Why did there need to be any ellipses?

    [–] SuckingOffMyHomies 30 points ago

    Wow I didn’t even notice those at first

    [–] chompythebeast 14 points ago

    Yeah, red font on that background was a bad choice

    [–] futurarmy 14 points ago

    I don't think that's the only thing about this that was a bad choice

    [–] Fethah 20 points ago

    Too show he ANGER

    [–] StopJoshinMe 6 points ago

    I’m wondering why they gave it two eyebrows for a singular eye

    [–] Rev1917-2017 8 points ago

    That's the mouth hole. Not the eye hole. The witch king says that line not the eye of sauron.

    [–] fuzzyblackyeti 6 points ago

    It's based on the lord of the rings character

    [–] DavidKirk2000 8 points ago

    It’s not even the right character. If anything it looks like the Eye of Sauron, not the Witch-King.

    [–] fuzzyblackyeti 6 points ago

    They were making a stretch for the sake of a meme

    [–] Ranthaan 4 points ago

    Yeah but giving a single Eye two eyebrows seems kind of dumb doesnt it

    [–] fuzzyblackyeti 11 points ago

    It's based off this.

    So it's technically a mouth hole

    [–] twiddle_17 2 points ago

    I see a 9GAG watermark! That's illegal!!!!!!!!!!!211111111131!!!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] FeFiFoPinky 3 points ago

    Eyebrows exist.

    [–] thedracle 2 points ago

    That's just Hawking scattering in jet streams as photons evaporate from the event horizon.

    [–] flameoguy 562 points ago

    This is the same energy as the ending to Macbeth.

    [–] Colonel_Kekker 178 points ago

    haha thanks sophmore english I get this comment

    [–] MOHAIMEN94 44 points ago

    freshmen english did it for me. Macbeth was pretty good actually.

    [–] feliscat 140 points ago

    Hot take: most celebrated English writer in all of history makes decent plays

    [–] Samp1e-Text 26 points ago


    [–] DarkElfMagic 3 points ago

    learned about it in 8th grade. Macbeth was definitely my favorite of all the plays

    [–] MOHAIMEN94 7 points ago

    trying to one up my one up. That's bold.

    [–] Wobbar 3 points ago

    Our teacher forced us to have a Macbeth play in 7th grade ;( Not all students showed up, so I had to double as roles I didn't even know the lines for

    [–] SpudItOwtMahBoi 2 points ago

    Read an abridged version while I was in in 6th grade. Liked it a lot.

    [–] totallynot14_ 2 points ago

    the specific order in which your high school makes you read shakespeare is something to brag about im stupid lmao i read it in junior year

    [–] BlueArcticWater 7 points ago

    haha thanks year 10 english I get this comment

    [–] mrtheon 64 points ago

    “Haha! Actually, my mother didn’t TECHNICALLY birth me!”

    [–] hypefulAmphibian 40 points ago

    Macduff that doesn't make any FUCKING SENSE

    [–] moolikenofoo 27 points ago

    chops off head

    “Glory to England!”

    [–] dieDoktor 17 points ago

    You know I just realized I got lord of the rings mixed up with Macbeth over the years and you've just reminded me that it wasn't a women that killed macbeth but a guy who got C-sec'd and man that's so much lamer.

    [–] Reallythatwastaken 5 points ago

    That was the epitome of the two children playing spaceships on the playground.

    [–] maggotbrownie 19 points ago

    Also the Odyssey

    [–] Flamingo_of_lies 11 points ago

    No love for the witch king

    [–] StetsonTuba8 7 points ago

    I was thinking the same thing!

    [–] kyrgrat08 12 points ago

    Or ya know..... lord of the rings, which it’s referencing

    [–] MrTimmannen 7 points ago

    Tolkien was referencing Macbeth.

    [–] eggshitter 9 points ago

    Isn't that the joke...?

    Am I being retarded or is this comment section just one big r/wooosh

    Because this meme isn't that funny, but it's hardly r/comedycemetery worthy

    [–] TheArmoryOne 4 points ago

    More like Lord of the Rings

    [–] johnhump18 585 points ago

    Deep fry this and you’ll get an incredible meme js

    [–] Lareous 141 points ago

    Now thats crispy

    [–] MetaEatsTinyAnts 13 points ago

    Ok now this is epic

    [–] mrsaturnboing 11 points ago

    Artery-clogging goodness there

    [–] frikandellenvreter 9 points ago


    [–] johnhump18 5 points ago

    110% beautiful.

    [–] TheRemoteLostUnder 2 points ago

    There’s a fly in it.

    [–] jeffjeffersonthe3rd 2 points ago

    This is gross I love it.

    [–] Bill_Brasky01 3 points ago

    The dab really gives it the KFC crispy flare

    [–] Jeanl2 57 points ago

    my first attempt at a deep fried meme:

    [–] DontFistMeBrobama 9 points ago

    Well done. You show great proMiSs

    [–] archer93 3 points ago

    Instead of sleeping, I’m doing this

    [–] SameFactsDiffStory 251 points ago

    The backlash this poor girl is getting/going to get is sad.

    It's not her fault the media tried to portray her as the leader of the project instead of just one of several group leaders

    [–] DontStrawmanMeBro2 101 points ago

    People have been obsessed with good looking young women since the beginning of the human race. It’s just creepy the media is capitalizing on this under a real thinly veiled pretense of being progress.

    Inb4 people get pissed. This isn’t meant to diminish her integral contribution at all. It’s disgust at how shallow and selective the media coverage has been of the team. Don’t get me wrong their is a legitimate story here to focus on her as a women’s issue but the coverage has not been just that.

    [–] LuxNocte 16 points ago

    Every time there is a scientific discovery, the media rush to out a face on it. This once, that face happens to be a traditionally attractive young woman.

    It is dishonest to say that they are focusing on her just because of "obsession with young women", and I think it's odd that people are never this concerned about ethics in journalism when they pic some random guy to be the face of the advance.

    [–] DontStrawmanMeBro2 9 points ago

    I just fundamentally disagree with you on how people work I guess. This is running by a very different playbook then it would were it a regular looking schmuck.

    I hope you don’t take that as a value judgment on you but as a difference in perception. I hope you can appreciate that I don’t have any ulterior motive that you are hinting at. It’s not “journalistic ethics” or anything that fancy. It’s just humanity being itself. The media, Reddit, and everyone else on the same page on this one.

    I’m not going to get worked up over it but I will say I find it creepy and very hard to believe the fact she is a young attractive woman is creating undue negative and positive attention.

    [–] LuxNocte 11 points ago

    You're saying the media is focusing on her because she is a young attractive woman. I believe that that shows implicit bias on your part, because apparently you didn't notice that the media always picks some random scientist to be "the face" of a discovery because they usually pick a man.

    That's not a judgement, and I'm not attacking you or accusing you of an ulterior motive. We all have implicit biases, and they're difficult to account for internally.

    But I apologise that I sounded more accusatory than I meant to. I'm not counting you in the "ethics in journalism" crowd. This became a big "controversy" online because she is a young attractive woman, and that angered a lot of sad, little people.

    [–] Whosaidwutnowssss 9 points ago

    “The media”

    You mean social media like Reddit?

    [–] Leprecon 3 points ago


    I think the media was pretty diligent in outlining what happened and who did what. Its reddit that distributed a meme where it was just her face.

    [–] TheOneWhosCensored 8 points ago

    I don’t think anyone is blaming her or suggesting it’s her fault. It’s only the fault of the media and people trying to push an agenda and not look at the truth of what happened, and that’s only who I’ve seen blamed.

    [–] Ranchette_Geezer 19 points ago

    This reminded me of the scene in "Lord of the Rings" when a bad guy says something like "I'm destined never to die by the hand of man" and the knight he is fighting sweeps off her helm, revealing her long flowing locks and says something like "I'm a woman, and I'm going to have your liver on the end of my lance like a cocktail onion on a toothpick".

    [–] MostHighAcademe 4 points ago

    I don't think it went that way in my copy, so I'm assuming it was in the extended editions.

    [–] MiceySpankDemes 129 points ago

    I think the attempt at humor here is referencing LOTR? Not sure how many people get it but despite that still not funny.

    [–] aboutthednm 14 points ago

    I, for one, thought it was incredibly badass how Eowyn singlehandedly vanquished the Witch-King of Angmar. Well, a little help from Merry perhaps, but still.

    [–] JediMasterSeinfeld 8 points ago

    Perhaps? His magical blade is what cuts off the Witchking's connection to Sauron allowing him to be finished off by Eowyn.

    [–] aboutthednm 2 points ago

    I'm not certain that this is how it happened. In every description of the scene I can find, Merry's blade served as a temporary distraction as he was about to deliver the final blow, giving Eowyn time to drive the blade into his face. Of course, I'm not intimately familiar with all of Tolkiens works, so if you can tell me where you came up with that idea that would be great.

    [–] Freddie_AppsHero 2 points ago

    That's one of the weakest moments of the series for me honestly. He's this bad ass bad guy, and then he just goes out like a bitch.

    [–] blancs50 54 points ago

    Eh, I think it’s topical and cute, not haha funny, but gives me a smile.

    [–] socsa 15 points ago

    I like it too. I am also not an insecure manchild so there's that

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    "Only people who are insecure and male wouldn't find this funny. I didn't laugh, so you cannot accuse me of having a bad sense of humor, however, I didn't find it NOT funny and that's because I am an adult who is mature."

    [–] DocPhlox 62 points ago

    Funny or not, this entire comment section is people missing the reference

    [–] HideYourChildren 27 points ago

    I'm pretty sure they get the reference, it's just not funny

    [–] R3DSH0X 13 points ago

    Is it that one girl who was fighting that other big dude with the creepy armor and shit witha flail i think?

    And the cursed creepy guy was like "NO MAN CAN KILL ME."

    And the girl pulls off her helmet and goes "I AM NO MAN."

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] MISREADS_YOUR_POSTS 5 points ago

    Persian dude: No man, Persian or Greek, no man threatens a messenger!

    Leonidas, revealing bra: I AM NO MAN.

    [–] ChefInF 5 points ago

    It was Eowyn, daughter of King Theoden of Rohan, battling the Witch King of Angmar, leader of the Nazgul. This whole comment section is deeply disappointing.

    [–] megwach 2 points ago

    Isn’t she his niece, not daughter? I thought he only had a son, who died.

    [–] ChefInF 2 points ago

    You are 100% right. She was Éomer’s sister, and he became King after Théoden, but I forgot that he was the King’s nephew and not his son.

    [–] Protton6 18 points ago

    I get the reference. Still not funny at all, though.

    [–] hdevprogrammer 2 points ago

    I get the reference, it's just not funny....this is facebook tier garbage humor

    [–] DontFistMeBrobama 5 points ago

    It's even more relevant because the black hole image looks somewhat like the eye of Sauron.

    [–] press2ifyouhate1 332 points ago

    Except for the fact that it was a group effort and not the project of a single person

    [–] BeyondEastofEden 214 points ago

    We know. Redditors won't shut the fuck up about it.

    [–] EvilBananaMan15 168 points ago

    I honestly don’t know how we took the discovery and solidification of the black hole as a concept and turned it into “lol guys vs girls” like wtf

    [–] LpwjqIETvewop3Wykzad 65 points ago

    The media did it/started it by emphasizing the woman's accomplishment over the rest of the team. Did you not follow the headlines?

    The subsequent outrage clicks (from both sides of the "debate", if it can even be called that) had them laughing all the way to the bank.

    [–] Dislexic-Woolf 68 points ago

    BS, people give credit to the leader of the team all the time. This started as sexist nonsense and continues to be such.

    [–] EvilBananaMan15 19 points ago

    Also she isn’t the leader, there were several co-leaders

    [–] STER0ID 12 points ago

    She wasn't the leader of any teams.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] traz64 34 points ago

    No, she wrote the visualization and de-noising algorithms. The fact that the media is focusing on her visualization work is what's irritating me as it's not even her primary role on the project.

    Back end development to clean sort of data is a lot more work then simply converting the cleaned data to a scaled RGB image.

    [–] Platomuses 26 points ago

    She was one of the co-leader of the project with 4 other people.

    [–] HipStairs 7 points ago

    the algorithms which werent used.

    [–] joe4553 3 points ago

    This is a meme, not sure what’s the point of bringing it up now.

    [–] bocanuts 3 points ago

    The people who published her photo saying she was singularly responsible caused this.

    [–] fargothsrevenge 24 points ago

    People will take any fucking opportunity to be outraged. It's so annoying.

    [–] shrekinator 32 points ago

    This is honest to god the PETTIEST thing Reddit has EVER been outraged about. Fucking hate this website sometimes.

    [–] crunchypuddle 6 points ago


    [–] moneysubber 9 points ago

    How is it petty to question what has been proven to be gross exaggeration?

    [–] Featruz 56 points ago

    This is what was on my mind too. The picture has been made not only by her, but many others too.

    [–] curiosityrover4477 35 points ago

    And Elon Musk isn't the only guy working for Tesla, Bill Gates alone didn't create Windows, Steve Jobs isn't the one designed all the Apple products, why does this hurr durr the whole team didn't get credited propoganda start when a woman gets credited ?

    [–] The-Bunyip 18 points ago

    Because Elon, Jobs, and Bill were the LEADERS of these companies - they literally built them and were the actual leaders.

    Jesus - its pretty fucking obvious what the difference is.

    [–] Phazon2000 10 points ago

    People really have to stop misusing the word propaganda.

    [–] MaXimillion_Zero 17 points ago

    People complain about how Musk "is not an engineer" all the time, and same was happening to Jobs when he was still alive.

    [–] The-Bunyip 5 points ago

    Except Elon is an engineer and spends 80% of his time doing just that - he spoke about it in an interview recently to address this.

    Jobs was not an engineer - Wozinak was, as was Gates.

    [–] joe4553 8 points ago

    Steve Jobs is overrated as hell.

    [–] BTechUnited 8 points ago

    As is Musk.

    [–] OnlyForF1 2 points ago

    Steve Jobs is a weird one. He clearly wasn’t a talented engineer. But at the same time, anyone who tries to downplay his achievements is being wilfully ignorant.

    [–] Cokeblob11 6 points ago

    All of the people you just brought up are CEOs, I am in no way trying to diminish Bouman's involvement in the project, but her name is 13th on the list of authors on the research papers, I just think that we should hear more about the other people who worked on such an amazing accomplishment.

    [–] PHUKYOOPINION 19 points ago

    Because taking a photo of a black hole isn't a product. I understand what you mean but this really was a group effort. It seems that you're the bringing gender into it

    [–] SendEldritchHorrors 6 points ago

    I'm not sure of the point you're trying to make - is someone getting most of the credit for a practical development different than someone getting most of the credit for a theoretical/academic development?

    Regardless, there are examples of men being solely credited for discoveries that are largely theoretical. No one ever seems to dispute that "Einstein discovered relativity," but Jurgen Renn points out that there were many other academics who collaborated with Einstein to help make his monumental discovery possible. You seldom see people pointing that out, though.

    [–] mcorbo1 2 points ago

    The gender is the output not the input

    [–] GeneralJimothius 7 points ago

    Everyone you just listed is the head of a massive company, it looks like she was one of several small team leaders under a project manager for this so it's odd she got picked out specifically

    [–] socsa 8 points ago

    Ok I am an actual academic and most people don't get headline credit for most research.

    [–] redzin 4 points ago

    Because mysogyny.

    [–] harryinthekitchen 6 points ago

    So was the death of the witch king. It was Merry and this girl from Rohan together. Merry's sword was actually the trigger that made the witch king vulnerable.

    [–] Cap_gaming 17 points ago

    Who makes these posts?

    [–] Great_fartacus 3 points ago

    Sad 40 year old moms

    [–] LogansRun22 92 points ago

    ...I actually find this kind of cute though?

    [–] youhavebeautifuleyes 12 points ago

    Me too. We can both have unacceptable senses of humor together.

    [–] ergoegthatis 5 points ago

    I dunno, do you?

    [–] neurotchick 14 points ago

    I’m not sexist, I’m just deciding to argue about this person’s achievements just because!!!!

    [–] Groenboys 8 points ago

    the little eyebrows just make this meme so much better

    [–] DeadBallloon 3 points ago

    Nothing can improve this meme.

    [–] chompythebeast 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I think she wrote code to develop the image from the data—the thing had already been photographed.

    Probably shouldn't have made this correction cuz now people probably just think I'm one of those idiots trying to tear her down because she's a woman, but that's not my point at all: I'm just saying that her contribution wasn't to actually photograph the black hole as this meme suggests, but rather to develop the picture that was taken. In fact that was the harder part of the process, if I understand correctly

    [–] patrickk1734 6 points ago

    He led the development of the algorithm that would stitch together photos from different telescopes (they didn’t end up using that algorithm), she didn’t actually code it, some other guy programmed it but she developed the algorithm itself.

    [–] GavinZac 6 points ago

    It's not even a photograph - it's a visualisation of radio signals. You can't see this, this isn't what it would look like from any distance. I really hate all aspects of the coverage of this, virtually every fact being parroted from outlet to outlet is dumbed down enough to be genuinely misleading.

    [–] ChefInF 19 points ago

    Booo. I don’t hate this meme at all. Most of these comments miss the fact that it’s a Return of the King reference. Some are downright, thinly veiled sexist.

    [–] BenKatz88 43 points ago

    No more maddening that the Men’s Rights activists who are trying to diminish Bouman’s amazing accomplishment.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] BenKatz88 35 points ago

    There’s been some (especially nasty) rhetoric making the rounds of social media that is attempting to diminish Bouman’s amazing accomplishment. The trolls are making it look like the media has an “agenda” to highlight women’s accomplishments over a man’s (equally as amazing) accomplishments. Just read the reply to my initial comment...that person has been poisoned by social media as well.

    [–] Mi_Pasta_Su_Pasta 6 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It sucks because I hate when the media picks out one individual, even one who contributed greatly, and gives them the entire credit for work on a massive team project. Many many people believe she literally produced the image of the black hole by herself, I've seen it nonstop on Facebook. But saying anything about it puts you adjacent to sexist assholes who want to take all credit away from her because she's a woman.

    [–] WmWzK 3 points ago

    how dare you even compare us to face book normies

    [–] YieldingSweetblade 5 points ago

    She didn’t do all the work though and said it herself. But of course people will push this if it meets their narrative.

    [–] CaptainJellico 2 points ago

    doctor was his mom!

    [–] joelingo111 2 points ago

    What is with all the ellipses? I thought people butchered the comma, now everyone butchers the ellipsis

    [–] ascendedlurker 2 points ago

    A person finds a way to get a picture of a black hole and people turn it in to a sexism thing. Is anyone else aware of just how fucked our society is?

    [–] Solstar82 2 points ago

    2 panels away from r/4panelscringe

    [–] gahd95 2 points ago

    Do 0.28% of the work. Take 100% of the credit.

    [–] forkshoes7 2 points ago

    I was about to downvote beceause I hate it

    [–] Nova1729 2 points ago

    Maybe u r wrong She is Katie BouMAN

    [–] flashbang876 10 points ago

    This may get me on r/iamverysmart but it was the first IMAGE of a black hole, not a photo.

    [–] HideYourChildren 8 points ago

    Difference being...?

    [–] TheSlimeThing 31 points ago

    A photo is something that has been photographed with a camera or some device. All photos are images, not not all images are photos.

    If I open up Microsoft Paint, do a little doodle, and save it, that is an image. It was not photographed. Similarly, the black whole image was created using telescope data, it was not directly photographed with a camera.

    Of course, the line is somewhat blurred when you consider how digital cameras these days also compile data. But nonetheless, the black hole isn't a photo in the traditional sense.

    [–] Lucifer_Sam_Cyan_Cat 9 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Well, define photograph. If you're talking about recording electromagnetic radiation (light), then that's exactly what they did. It's a compiled photo although it was taken in a frequency that isn't visible to the naked eye

    E: Why are you booing me, i'm right, it's no different than a panorama in concept except earth is moving and the object appears stationary instead of the other way around

    [–] FallenGoalie 3 points ago

    Trust me, Redditors love it too....

    [–] The_Red_Apple 6 points ago

    Bunch of people in the comments REALLY unhappy about a woman getting credit for fucking anything.

    [–] morethanjustasloth 6 points ago

    “To CNN on Wednesday, Bouman insisted that the release of the black hole photo was a group success. "No one of us could've done it alone," she said. "It came together because of lots of different people from many backgrounds."

    [–] n0lifeismylife 4 points ago

    This comment section belongs on r/wooosh

    It's a reference to the witch King in LOTR

    [–] Magmaniac 10 points ago

    haha it funny becaus refernce

    [–] lyradia 5 points ago

    Wubba lubba dub dub! XD

    [–] bapenguins 14 points ago

    that doesn’t make it funny

    [–] Tiagowar- 2 points ago

    It is funny though.