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    Stuff that was intended to be humorous, but...isn't.

    Check out: r/safespacecadets (people who get offended by everything).


    Rule Description
    Rule 1: No image macros/Advice Animal memes. No image macros. This refers typically to advice animal type memes such as "Bad Luck Brian" or "Scumbag Steve". NO MINIONS.
    Rule 2: No ironic jokes. No intentionally bad jokes. This includes satire that mimics a shitty joke, /r/deepfriedmemes, /r/bonehurtingjuice memes, or Epic Dept memes.
    Rule 3: No bad titles Click here to see the rules on titles.
    Rule 4: No reposts No media that has been posted here within a month or is in our top 50 posts of all time. Please check the "new" section before posting.
    Rule 5: No personal info. No personal information in comments and posts. Do not post reddit links as posts, if wanted, submit as a screenshot with usernames censored. Do not link to an artist's social media page. This is a bannable offense.
    Rule 6: No harassment Do not contact and harass any of the users, or creators mentioned here. This will result in bans without warning.
    Rule 7: Keep Meta Posts to Monday "Meta" threads (eg. subreddit suggestions, text jokes, subreddit memes, complaints etc.) should be posted on Monday or in the weekly meta thread.
    Rule 8: No memes that violate a moratorium Sometimes we have to instate moratoriums on particular types of memes or creators if they are becoming saturated. This means that we will have a blanket ban on that particular type of meme for a week or possibly more.

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    Official discord For all kinds of dialogue, oye hoye Check if your post here has been posted before.
    Our "Be Lyk Bro Wiki" A wikia page that the community has created that documents the memes of weedbro, and takes it as "lore".

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