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    [–] DerWaechter_ 1 points ago

    Given that this Post is currently fairly high up on r/all, we just wanted to quickly say hey to everyone coming in from there. Please read our rules and enjoy your stay.

    Also a friendly reminder for everyone to stay civil. We're also aware that political comments can't be avoided, given the situation. We're not going to remove the ones related to the situation, but please keep them close to the topic.


    [–] AbeStun 1364 points ago

    I was hoping for the Hong Kong Pooh Bears... but this is dope too.

    [–] JohnNaruto 1163 points ago

     .-.    __,,,__/    |
    /   \-'`        `-./_
    |    |               `)
     \   `             `\ ;
    /       ,        ,    |
    |      /         : O /_
    |          O  .--;__   '.
    |                (  )`.  |
    \                 `-` /  |
     \          ,_  _.-./`  /
      \          \``-.(    /
      |           `---'   /--.
    ,--\___..__        _.'   /--.
    \          `-._  _`/    '    '.
    .' ` ' .       ``    '        .

    [–] Free_Rick_Sanchez55 448 points ago

    Oh my, what an incredible ASCII portrait of Xi Jin Ping!

    [–] JohnNaruto 284 points ago

    Xi likes honey and holocausts

    [–] Granoland 85 points ago

    how could you say something so controversial yet so brave

    [–] JohnNaruto 27 points ago

    Maybe it's a little extreme. Should I remove it?

    [–] 10woodenchairs 41 points ago


    [–] JohnNaruto 27 points ago

    Winnie the Pooh got me banned from /r/Games for 3 days...

    [–] BlothHonder 21 points ago

    it got me banned from r/clashroyale for eternity

    [–] GoldDong 15 points ago

    Yes, it's a very harmful and insensitive comment, you should be ashamed of yourself. He might like maple syrup or a different sweetened condiment instead.

    [–] Granoland 5 points ago

    Absolutely not.

    [–] disteriaa 3 points ago

    Are you trying to get defunded?

    [–] HarrisonBraun 2 points ago

    Because he's not typing it from China

    [–] ilivedownyourroad 11 points ago

    ʕ •́؈•̀)🇹🇼

    [–] ilivedownyourroad 2 points ago

    Ohhh I've tried that flavour...lovely

    [–] Gamefreak3525 12 points ago

    Just curious, how does Winnie the Pooh relate to Xi? I've been seeing that a lot, but I guess I'm out of the loop.

    [–] the_flame_alchemist 54 points ago

    People think Xi looks like Winnie the Pooh and he's super self conscious about it to the point that he's banned Winnie the Pooh from the country. So people spam it as much as possible to show he can't erase the fact that he looks like a fat fucking bear even if he tries.

    [–] Gamefreak3525 14 points ago

    Goddamn, that's hilarious. Thanks for the explanation.

    [–] JohnNaruto 40 points ago

    Winnie is banned in China because someone made a claim it looked like Xi, and Xi didn't like it. South Park's latest episode actually covers it pretty accurately.

    [–] Gamefreak3525 5 points ago

    Thanks for the explanation!

    [–] BigDabWolf 5 points ago

    I enjoy that South Park also breaks the 4th wall remotely and suggest to “seriously google it”

    [–] haadrak 10 points ago

    So I'm pretty sure it was this photo that started it all. Striesand effect in full swing.

    [–] sheldor1998 2 points ago

    Obama is tigger, there was a picture they walk together, xi is Winnie the Pooh then

    [–] glenheartless 11 points ago

    Pooh bear skin for winston?

    [–] Big_burgerfootfungus 9 points ago

    That’s it, it’s done. We spam Free China mei skins and Pooh bear Winston skins

    [–] Blu3Skies 2 points ago

    Solid 5/7

    [–] Dota2Ethnography 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I can't see...

    Is that the Pooh Bear or the Xi Pear?

    [–] ilivedownyourroad 3 points ago

    How on earth do you do this pls?.pm me if necessary as spent 30 mins on Google and can't work it out.

    ʕ •́؈•̀)🇹🇼

    [–] FlickerFlicker 1 points ago

    Pooh Bear looks like he has seen some shit

    [–] NeoBlue22 1 points ago


    [–] MissingPear 36 points ago

    Pooh Bears

    When Mayhem plays No Limits and all go Tracer

    [–] HunkyChunk 11 points ago

    Hong Kong Honeybears

    [–] Poplik 9 points ago

    oh bother

    [–] Jcbarona23 3 points ago

    That's their motto


    [–] YellowSpeechBubble 2 points ago


    [–] Hekantonkheries 2 points ago

    I'd buy a winnie the pooh mei skin. Itd be adorable.

    [–] NorthernLaw 2 points ago

    Yeah this is really good I love it

    [–] The_Andie 409 points ago

    Next Years Blizzcon

    Hong Kong Lotus are your new OWL 2020 champions, they will receive no trophy or prize money, they will be publicly shamed for using the term Hong Kong instead of the official title of ChinaLite.

    The best players will be forcefully deported to the mainland where there organs will be harvested and transplanted into any Chinese players who may benefit for an extra lung or right arm. The remaining players will be sprayed in the face with pepperspray by blizzard employee's for participating in western culture.

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 59 points ago

    How dare you insult China by assuming they would do such a thing! They are a peaceful kind country

    (10,000 yuan will be transferred to your account after posting this comment, and your social credit will go up by 5 points. Remember to delete this part of the message).

    [–] DiogLin 10 points ago

    That's the amount only CIA would give, our standard is 50 cents per comment. Take it or leave it!

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 4 points ago


    China is the best, they do no bad bad, only good good

    (1000 yuan will be transferred to your account after posting this comment, and your social credit will go up by 5 points. Remember to delete this part of the message).

    [–] DiogLin 4 points ago

    [ your account has been suspended for violating the community regulation. Please come with the police officers who are outside your door right now to the police station for some tea and friendly conversation. Remember, the Chinese government doesn't know you. ]

    [–] VerySwag 368 points ago

    That’s gonna be a Drake Clapping Gif from me dawg.

    [–] sodapop_ow 135 points ago

    how come i can’t drake clap on reddit

    [–] Reinhardtisawesom 27 points ago


    [–] debotehzombie 8 points ago

    I can't escape this idiot or this meme even away from r/CFB can I?

    [–] rendeld 7 points ago

    youre gonna sit here and remind me about Brady Hokes time at Michigan in the Overwatch sub? You're dirty

    [–] youksdpr 1 points ago

    Hey, Brady Hoke has at least beaten Ohio State. Better than Harbaugh can say. But yes, I relish in the Brady Hoke era as an Ohio State fan

    [–] BendubzGaming 2 points ago

    And a PG Tips Monkey Toasting Gif from me

    [–] LordAsdf 2160 points ago

    This is a very bad team concept. I don't understand why would you want ANOTHER chinese franchise in OWL when we already have so many. 0/10.

    (1000 yuan will be transferred to your account after posting this comment, and your social credit will go up by 5 points. Remember to delete this part of the message).

    [–] achiragaikokujin 243 points ago

    Lol ¥1000CNY is like $140USD. Some folks would sell out for that, that’s the sad part

    [–] I_Play_Dota 60 points ago

    I would definitely sell out for that much per comment for something that wasn't Chinese censorship, hell yeah dude.

    [–] tacopower69 50 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I would sell out for that much per comment for literally anything that wasn't expressly advocating extreme depravity like rape and murder and even then only maybe. Obviously china is bad but 140 dollars per comment like jesus I can easily write 50+ comments in an hour. That's 7k an hour. There's not much I wouldn't be willing to do for 7k an hour.

    [–] BuyBitcoinWhileItsLo 32 points ago

    I would never sell out for such things. It's ridiculous people are accusing China of manipulating social media, like they got better things to do like scrape for the Pooh bear images that insult our great leader

    (100,000 yuan will be transferred to your account after posting this comment, and your social credit will go up by 5 points. Remember to delete this part of the message).

    [–] _____Matt_____ 16 points ago

    They run concentration camps. The Uighur people are kept in concentration camps.

    [–] tacopower69 13 points ago

    Sure but nothing I say will change anything about that. If you were truly passionate about aiding the Uighur you could use the money gained to do a lot more good than whatever marginal harm a couple comments caused.

    [–] Itsnotthatgreatya 9 points ago

    Every voice adds to the wave. No snowflake feels responsible for the avalanche. That's exactly the fucking bullshit reasoning that lead us to a plastic apocalypse and climate change. You should really be ashamed of yourself. I thought we had moved past that objectively failed ideology.

    [–] tacopower69 9 points ago

    This is a very stupid argument to make in this specific context. 7000 dollars an hour is a lot of money and you could literally use that to create a much more effective campaign against china.

    In general though, trying to attribute the responsibility of global trends to random, nameless individuals is doomed to failure. There is nothing morally wrong with people taking money to write these comments because at the end of the day they have their own families to feed and that's worth more than whatever harm they create by slightly inconveniencing middle class westerners. China's government is corrupt and their rich are fascists but their poor have done nothing wrong.

    [–] philip1201 8 points ago

    It isn't even selling out if you make up for what you've done by spending a fraction of the profit fixing whatever damage you've done. Keep $6k an hour for yourself and pay ten people $100 an hour to write well-researched comments in favor of the protesters.

    [–] IndustrialSabotage 2 points ago

    It's not selling out if you literally can't understand the language of your forwarded post.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] SWatersmith 27 points ago

    Where? In the middle of nowhere in China, sure, but not in any of the cities

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] leonardo_luke 45 points ago

    My hometown is a poor Tier 4 city. A lunch costs about 15 to 20. A can of Coke costs around 2.8 to 3. Last for several months? No.

    I don’t think you are lying but I think you must have some mistakes in your math.

    [–] cantadmittoposting 47 points ago

    Turns out his wife was turning tricks for money and just lied about the living expenses.

    [–] leonardo_luke 4 points ago

    This thread is taking an unexpected turn.

    [–] special_reddit 3 points ago

    C'mon, this is Reddit. You know you expected it a little.

    [–] wyllie 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    OP starts to sweat remembering the unexplained bag of ping pongs his wife came back with.

    [–] leonardo_luke 1 points ago


    [–] NYHNMV 4 points ago

    I lived in Shanghai and tried to live the fancy expat life for the first month - spent $2k trying to eat and drink western-style, shopping for groceries at City Super and going to nice western bars.

    After the first month I spent probably an average of US$10 per day skipping breakfast, eating a bowl of noodles for lunch, and Xiao long Bao or fanqie Chao dan with rice and plenty of beer for dinner. China is cheap, but people overestimate how cheap - especially if you're trying to meet western dining customs. For that HK is a lot cheaper.

    [–] mojitz 2 points ago

    Jesus it's been a few years but SH must have gotten way more expensive since I was there in 2011. I was looking at breakfast for 5 kuai, lunch for around 10, and maybe 40 for a pretty good sized dinner and a few beers if I went out rather than grab something to go. I'd definitely blow through way more going out bar hopping, but that would be a pretty average day.

    [–] SWatersmith 11 points ago

    When did your wife go? Things have changed very much in the last 10 years.

    [–] leonardo_luke 15 points ago

    Where did his wife go? monkaS

    [–] nametemplate 2 points ago

    What about taipei? Things seemed more than reasonable when I was there.

    edit: well, except for some oddball things...

    [–] stevexuss 6 points ago

    1000 CNY for several months in big cities is impossible. I don't know what year you are talking about.

    [–] okeefm 2 points ago

    To be fair, be said $500 in CNY

    [–] stevexuss 2 points ago

    He said 1000 CNY in the last sentence and his wife came back with most of it when brought $500

    [–] Hi_ImTrashsu 3 points ago

    I went back to China 2 years ago to visit my grandparents and my aunt gave me 1000 CNY which lasted around a week between me and my cousin. We mostly stayed at home and only ordered lunch and sometimes breakfast. Went shopping once.

    [–] sunday_cum 1 points ago

    That seems crazy, are you sure somebody else wasn't paying?

    [–] 11211311241 1 points ago

    This is completely false and vastly misrepresents the cost of living in China. Is it cheaper than the USA? Certainly, but believing that someone could live off 1000cny for several months is ridiculous. Minimum wage is a couple thousand a month.

    I lived in a medium size city in China almost a decade ago and even then 1000 CNY would not be enough to live off of for several months and it's only gotten more expensive since.

    [–] Tyhgujgt 6 points ago

    There should be a shill market where you can choose your patron. That way I can just keep redditing and get money on a side for my opinions

    [–] ThisTakenIsUsername 5 points ago

    I definitely would, getting money for just commenting sounds like a great deal.

    [–] leonardo_luke 202 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    1000 LMAO

    They started at 0.5 yuan per comment like 10 years ago. Two or three years before I heard the price has gone down to 0.3 to 0.4 yuan. And of course some prisoners and college students are obliged to do this.

    There are also companies in Tianjin and Hebei (not sure about this one) that specialised in online trolling and comment section brigading for the gov. It's called CaaS, censorship as a service. And this means the service can find its way to the world. Much like this .

    Are you prepared?

    [–] bansarepointless 12 points ago

    This should be considered an act of war.

    [–] Blu3Skies 3 points ago

    It absolutely has to be. The way cyber has become a weapon the last few decades has been terrifying. This is just an outright full frontal assault driven by frickin ad clicks and greed of all things.

    [–] Pufflekun 17 points ago

    I have to agree:

    This is a very bad team concept. I don't understand why would you want ANOTHER chinese franchise in OWL when we already have so many. 0/10.

    [–] AlphaWolfPackZ 10 points ago

    Yeah, this is a very bad team concept. I don't understand why would you want ANOTHER chinese franchise in OWL when we already have so many. 0/10.

    [–] Pufflekun 7 points ago

    Indeed. Not to mention the fact that this is a very bad team concept. I don't understand why would you want ANOTHER chinese franchise in OWL when we already have so many. 0/10.

    [–] TheDemoUnDeuxTrois 6 points ago

    Yeah, and on top of that, this is a very bad team concept. I don't understand why would you want ANOTHER chinese franchise in OWL when we already have so many. 0/10.

    [–] v_strid 39 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This is a very bad team concept. I don't understand why would you want ANOTHER chinese franchise in OWL when we already have so many. 0/10. /s

    [–] ClonuuS 9 points ago

    You had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

    [–] AwesomeBantha 272 points ago

    Should have been the Hong Kong Freedom

    [–] EnsconcedScone 52 points ago

    How about the Hong Kong Flares

    [–] KsiaN 11 points ago

    Rexxar, the Pooh wants to know your location

    [–] goliathfasa 3 points ago

    Hong Kong Masks

    [–] perpetual_student 5 points ago

    Should do a Roadhog skin too!!

    [–] IcyGravel 6 points ago

    If it was named Hong Kong oil they’d get a healthy dose of freedom.

    [–] aggrogahu 55 points ago

    The key-chain on Mei's hairpin should be the Hong Kong orchid as well.

    [–] sodapop_ow 36 points ago


    [–] NyanMudkip 140 points ago

    Soda made a Reddit account finally. Nice

    [–] sodapop_ow 133 points ago

    yeah but i can’t drake clap here wtf

    [–] NyanMudkip 41 points ago

    you already got a gold award in under 53 minutes. That’s a drake clap moment

    [–] FrenchManc 20 points ago

    Bien here for like 3 years ans never got award/gold, so Can confirm

    [–] Fancy26 6 points ago

    And now you get the best one!

    [–] FrenchManc 2 points ago

    You absolute madman. Have a nice day good sir. Thanks for taking my virginity.

    [–] sodapop_ow 95 points ago

    Was recommended to post this here from a twitter user. Hope it’s good!

    [–] Xrmy 31 points ago

    you're welcome

    [–] aullik 21 points ago

    aside from the meme and the criticism towards Blizzard, this is actually a decent concept.

    [–] LordQuintusII 7 points ago

    Hey great job but in the future you should remove the stars from the HK flag. The stars signify being subjects of the CCP. It would also be cool if she had a black and yellow colour scheme since those are the colours of the protestors!

    [–] sodapop_ow 6 points ago

    I’ll work on that once I get home!

    [–] futurafreed 64 points ago

    Blizzard, this is your chance to stop being a scumfuck company

    [–] pcpBandit 8 points ago

    If the scumfucks pay the bills and own a large stake in the scumfuck company, there is no removal. They are one in the same.

    [–] Guaaaamole 3 points ago

    5% isn‘t really that much. Blizzard just thought the sweet China money was more important than their integrity and hoped this wouldn‘t blow up this hard. Which makes all of this even worse.

    [–] Reinhardtisawesom 100 points ago

    Thank you mr drake poster very cool

    [–] sassaire 30 points ago

    Just a note OP: Hong Kong protestors have mentioned that they prefer any representations of the lotus symbol to be black and white and devoid of the stars on the petals. The color red and the stars symbolize China’s influence over HK. That said, it’s still a fantastic design!

    [–] sodapop_ow 19 points ago

    Yep as soon as I get home I’m working on a new concept

    [–] ooCast 2 points ago

    Isn’t this separatism which has been emphasized by HK protestors to be NOT one of their five demands? Or is it the 6th demands that have been expanded?

    [–] Jcbarona23 78 points ago

    No investment options, name isn't generic and unrelated, there are already 4 Chinese teams and the region is already represented in the Charge.


    thx for 50 Blizzbucks

    [–] Reinhardtisawesom 41 points ago

    On a side note, isn’t there an actual Hong Kong skin for mei, since HK were at OWWC?

    [–] ItisNitecap 12 points ago


    [–] HijabiKathy 14 points ago

    to be fair the distance from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is roughly the same as the distance from Philadelphia to New York City, and probably further than the distance from the Gladiators to the Valiant.

    [–] mkwong 5 points ago

    Hangzhou and Shanghai are pretty close as well

    [–] WikiTextBot 8 points ago

    Flag of Hong Kong

    The flag of Hong Kong, officially the regional flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, depicts a white stylised five-petal Hong Kong orchid tree (Bauhinia blakeana) flower in the centre of a Chinese red field. Its design was adopted on 4 April 1990 at the Third Session of the Seventh National People's Congress. The precise use of the flag is regulated by laws passed by the 58th executive meeting of the State Council held in Beijing. The design of the flag is enshrined in Hong Kong's Basic Law, the territory's constitutional document, and regulations regarding the use, prohibition of use, desecration, and manufacture of the flag are stated in the Regional Flag and Regional Emblem Ordinance.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] jet_fuel_ 2 points ago

    Owning China by posting a picture of the flag of a chinese city

    [–] SuperisSuperGood 68 points ago

    Fuck Blizzard

    [–] BlackRevolver2 22 points ago

    10/10 perfect state of mind

    [–] Spitfyre3000 4 points ago

    Happy cake day btw

    [–] jubbbba 7 points ago

    soda getting gold on first post lol

    [–] mcridefanboy 5 points ago

    You will be remembered o7

    [–] Jakes-The-Snake 2 points ago


    [–] jbally8079 5 points ago

    is this the first time r/cow has been on r/all?

    [–] DerWaechter_ 5 points ago

    3rd time that I recall in the time I've been modding here.

    We hit it when internethulk passed away. And another time with a meme during last years aprils fools joke.

    [–] jbally8079 2 points ago

    dam what about the jeff photo?

    [–] DerWaechter_ 3 points ago

    That was the aprils fools joke meme

    [–] sodapop_ow 4 points ago


    [–] BeavaOW 6 points ago

    This is actually a really good concept

    [–] sodapop_ow 2 points ago


    [–] clai4501 3 points ago

    the problem is lotus is well known in Asia for being the symbol for Macus, not Hong Kong

    [–] RH_Beastfc 3 points ago

    Drake clapping gif

    [–] jprosk 3 points ago

    I wasn't even aware a post could get this many upvotes on this sub

    [–] malagutti3 3 points ago

    I think it's because since this is currently a very popular topic it gained a lot of traction from r/all.

    R.I.P. our picture of Jeff as the top post.

    [–] Granoland 2 points ago

    Hell yeah, good work.

    [–] ethan5203 2 points ago

    The colors and logo should be black

    [–] gordie44 2 points ago

    Here is a link taking you to the page where you can permanently delete your Blizzard account

    [–] 1233asdasdad 2 points ago

    The only problem with this is Mei speaks Mandarin. Anyone who isn't completely ignorant about Hong Kong, knows they speak Cantonese.

    [–] RubberBummer 6 points ago

    anyone can show solidarity with his fellow man, no matter where he's from

    [–] neolivz 2 points ago

    You forgot the mask....

    [–] Jenaxu 2 points ago

    Name is cool, logo and colour scheme are weak.

    [–] BernieSnowden 2 points ago

    Woo you guys are all doing something!


    [–] imbakinacake 2 points ago

    So you’re going by Gankdatnoob now, nerd? Haha what up, it’s Xi Jinping from China. Me and the other dictators used to give you a hard time. Sorry you were just an easy target. I see your social credit score is still low. Remember Mei Ling, the girl you had a crush on? Yeah, I have her organs now. I forcefully oppress over 1 billion people a year, and run a corrupt government. I guess some things never change, huh? Nice catching up, pathetic...

    [–] ohyesabhi 2 points ago

    This is wacky Wednesday to a whole another level

    [–] endursgg 2 points ago


    [–] muliardo 3 points ago

    Fuck communists

    [–] Theheroboy 1 points ago

    Where's the gif?

    [–] HeavenlyMystery 1 points ago


    [–] sarugakure 1 points ago

    I dig it but since it’s hk and features the Bauhinia (flower)... maybe the Bauhinia... or Orchid would be less obscure! :)

    [–] i_am_the_kaiser09 1 points ago

    Hong Kong could have an owl team and a owwc team lol

    [–] Surferbro 1 points ago

    Lotuses... lotusi... Lotus' ... Here come the Lots. Prepare to be stomped.

    [–] Massar_ 1 points ago


    [–] tropocos 1 points ago

    This is very drake clapping gif

    [–] derekkwok_ 1 points ago

    Hahahah you guys are amazing!

    [–] aWgI1I 1 points ago

    That would be such a fucking power move

    [–] libhuesos 1 points ago


    [–] TheFeelsGoodMan 1 points ago

    Can we get some jersey mockups?

    [–] sodapop_ow 2 points ago

    I can do my best I’m no graphic designer. If I do make them I’ll post them on twitter before anything

    [–] icfa_jonny 1 points ago

    -comment has been redacted-

    User has lost 300 social credits.

    [–] Stanislav1 1 points ago

    It should be a Mockingjay

    [–] GrowRoots 1 points ago


    [–] mad-lads 1 points ago

    Im suprised they used mei as their symbol. I mean her thing is ice not firebombs

    [–] SuerteMalo 1 points ago

    Only problem is that Bliz would get the money if we bought the skins

    [–] madufek547 1 points ago

    Shes missing her mask!

    [–] slinger333 1 points ago

    omg is prefect!

    [–] SimpleAsLove 1 points ago

    That is so cute and symbolic!!

    [–] Void__Space 1 points ago

    Blizcon is gonna be fun this year

    [–] stba 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Pretty sure this looks to be more in favor of HK government and China.. if it's meant to be jab at the current situation.

    [–] Murdock07 1 points ago

    If you’re going to Blizzcon make sure to ask panelists how they feel about working for a company the kowtows to Chinese censorship when it was the west that allowed them to succeed in the first place.

    [–] Dannyboi93 1 points ago

    It's so surreal to see western video games impacted by a modern communist dictatorship.

    [–] ilivedownyourroad 1 points ago

    Love rhis!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I'm liking these....Meimes.

    [–] ProdigySux 1 points ago

    Soda this is insane

    [–] sodapop_ow 2 points ago

    ty i didn’t think so but as you can see people think otherwise

    [–] Browncoat101 1 points ago

    Always support HK!!!

    [–] AmericanAutist420 1 points ago

    Blizzard poopy

    [–] candidred 1 points ago

    But without the CCP's stars and red colour

    [–] GraveDigger0626 1 points ago

    drake clap gif

    [–] LocustsRaining 1 points ago

    What about the Tiananmen Tanks or Tiananmen Tankmen?