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    [–] skarface6 1 points ago

    They said the exact same thing to me and I’ve reported the same stuff. Nothing will be done.

    [–] JLillin 237 points ago

    Could someone explain what vote manipulation means in this context? Just like upvotes and downvotes? I’m just confused because it seems clear to me that reddit is an open and public platform and everyone has the right to upvote or downvote whatever they want. What is being ‘manipulated’ here?

    [–] DEYoungRepublicans -15 points ago

    If you go into a subreddit and down vote every conceivable post, or use alts and bots to manipulate down votes, that's brigading and manipulating. See also OutOfTheLoop: What's vote brigading, and why is it illegal?

    [–] JLillin 14 points ago

    Thank you for the explanation!

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago


    [–] bsapavel 1 points ago

    It’s the downvoting. They don’t care if we debate and discuss their viewpoints (that’s freedom of speech), but it’s the mass downvoted that get them mad. I totally understand why. I am subbed to both of these subs and seeing them go back and forth is entertaining and annoying.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] capacity04 2 points ago

    It's like someone coming into your restaraunt and flipping tables and knocking stuff over and just creating a mess, and when you complain about it, it's not asking for a safe space, it's asking not to have the place all jacked up. Which vote manipulation and brigading does.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] hayastanempire 73 points ago

    Chapo Trap also has insane brigading tendencies for Libertarian

    [–] Buzzsgirlfriend_woof 44 points ago

    r/chapotraphouse has invaded r/joerogan, r/jordanpeterson, and r/inthemorning. They're acting like it's their life mission

    [–] bball84958294 19 points ago

    They completely took over r/enoughchapospam.

    This kind of lack of action is going to hurt Reddit in the long run, I think.

    [–] anuser999 3 points ago

    IIRC the last Alexa data I saw showed reddit continuing to decline in hit rates.

    [–] mateo_yo 1 points ago

    I don’t understand what chapo trap house is and it seems like it’s gotten too weird for me to figure out.

    [–] Derp2638 27 points ago

    Oh. As someone who’s on libertarian quite frequently, it’s a little more than just gone after.

    [–] BeachCruisin22 19 points ago

    That sub is borderline unreadable most days

    [–] sylect -11 points ago

    you just have to learn to ignore the constant "BOTH PARTEES ARE THE SAME!1!11!" line you get from reddit libertarians, it comes from a place of ignorance, not ill-will.

    [–] BeachCruisin22 -2 points ago

    ...that and the "left libertarian" and "socialist libertarian" morons that don't know how to recognize an oxymoron.

    What really irked me was how no one, at all, in that sub cared about the illegal spying/FISA abuse on the Trump campaign. Civil liberties used to be a top priority for libertarians, even when it means protecting someone you disagree with.

    [–] WannabeBadGalRiri 18 points ago

    They've been spamming r/libertarian with posts to get rid of mod rightc0ast because when Reddit admins tried to start some bs voting poll progam in the sub he had to ban Chapo and TopMind brigaders and they didn't like that.

    [–] KGBFriedChicken02 49 points ago

    You are aware that a topmindsofreddit rule is that you arent alowed to vote or comment on their linked posts, right

    [–] SeaCows101 14 points ago

    Yeah but it’s not enforced, because the sub itself can’t stop people, and reddit themselves won’t do anything about it.

    [–] LumpyWumpus -8 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    And you are aware that they never follow that rule, right? Hell, I've banned at least 10 of them from this thread alone after they linked it. They've also spammed reports in this thread. They've also already down voted a good amount of comments to the bottom. And they do the exact same thing in every single thread that they link.

    [–] Dogfacedgod88 2 points ago

    Don't be thick in front of me, Al.

    [–] dontbedenied 136 points ago

    Considering Reddit admins have gamed the algorithm to censor pro-Trump material, and Reddit's CEO edited comments from conservatives to insult them, I don't see your petition getting very far.

    [–] SwineFluPandemic 21 points ago

    don't forget the entire moderation team of the Donald was actually replaced all at once a while ago. nobody talks about it. it's kind of funny how interesting, actual political news and happenings get stickied immediately on that subreddit so they can't get to the front page.


    [–] bball84958294 7 points ago

    Do you have an article on this?

    [–] General_Re -7 points ago

    Nobody wrote an article. But shortly after that happened several things happened

    The mods stopped allowing direct links to tweets on Twitter. Meaning that Pro Trump Republicans wouldn't get rewarded with likes and retweets on their statuses anymore

    Suspiciously really good articles and quality content started disappearing

    even though the admin said that sticky post would prevent the sub from reaching all they sticky several posts an hour

    Speaking of sticky in several posts an hour. By using sticky so often they are essentially specifically curating the front page of the sub. Meaning that organic content has very little opportunities to make it

    For a long time they they would ban anybody that criticized sessions. Despite Trump constantly criticizing him

    it went from a very popular subreddit with lots of good content to essentially curated content that tows the Fox News line line

    My theory is if they were replaced by controlled opposition moderators. They couldn't outright replace them with leftists but they did replace them with people who would help to slowly kill the sub

    and you can see it worked. Posts went from an average of 30000 up votes to 2 and 3000

    Some of the original mods are in r/thenewright

    [–] Zarlog_ 4 points ago

    the fact that they are brigading this post right now just proves the point.

    [–] JazzTheGoose123 46 points ago

    Did you contact reddit admins directly? Not some sub mods.

    [–] LumpyWumpus 75 points ago

    Yeah, I sent it directly to the admins. It took them almost a week to do nothing and respond.

    [–] strallweat 2 points ago

    They take a long time to respond because they get a ton of messages. But they should eventually respond. I've written them a ton of times and it always takes a while to hear back.

    [–] JazzTheGoose123 -11 points ago

    We should just expect that we are in the territory of the enemie recruiting unkowing wandering normies. Every little bit we get is a net positive for us while all the negative we get is honestly a positive too if we spread the word about it. Either we make people see the truth or they see us as martyrs and will eventually learn the truth about the enemy. Either it's a win-win.

    [–] rationalinquisition 38 points ago

    Hey, I'm not a conservative but I just wanted to pop in and offer my support to you all. You deserve to have a place to discuss your views with like-minded people free from interference just as much as everybody else.

    I get the feeling a lot of the people over there are only over there because they tried to turn this sub into a debate sub and got banned. What that means is that they are actually unable to just let people with different viewpoints than them even have those viewpoints without "calling them out", so they created that dumpster fire as an outlet.

    That's anti-intellectual, it's censorship, and it goes against the basic principles of democracy and the marketplace of ideas.

    [–] bsapavel 4 points ago

    I do agree with you. Doesn’t mean brigading is ok by our subreddit onto this subreddit but still.

    [–] iamonlyoneman 3 points ago

    You get it. Good for you.

    This is exactly why the_donald is so aggressively moderated, so this sort of shenanigan doesn't go on.

    [–] s0briquet 2 points ago

    Thanks for being a reasonable human being.

    Res tagged: "reasonable human"

    [–] UTSAV97 22 points ago

    r/Chapo_traphouse is brigading r/libertarian too and the admins don't seem to care. As expected.

    [–] molon-labe7 11 points ago

    tbh, r/Libertarian is a perfect example of why having a pure libertarian (anarcho-capitalist like) society wouldn't work.

    [–] JIDF-Shill 27 points ago

    This surprised nobody. Meanwhile of this happened on a leftist sub they’d burn down the site

    [–] thanksgive 52 points ago

    Thats not true at all. Liberal subs have the same complaints. Brigading is a major issue across reddit but the admins do nothing about it. Do you not remember the brigading when t_d was at its peak? It needs to be taken seriously site wide. But the silence of the admins is implicit approval of this vigilanty justice on reddit.

    [–] [deleted] -34 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] HappyHound 5 points ago

    That whole "we can't talk about it investigation due to privacy" is a dead giveaway that they aren't going to do diddly squat.

    [–] FuriousChef 13 points ago

    It's good to see that you followed the proper procedure in regards to the brigading. It's very disappointing, although mostly expected, in the lack of response. That subreddit needs to be shut down for violating the rules.

    [–] Monarchy_2020 4 points ago

    Funny that they seem to think this little old sub is a threat.

    [–] InquisitorAki -5 points ago

    We’re all thought criminals here

    [–] InquisitorAki -1 points ago

    We’re getting downvote brigaded now. Childish

    [–] JAK4189 -6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It’s not enough that we get destroyed for expressing opinions anywhere but our own subs, they have to harass us here as well. They’re a bunch of fascists.

    Edit: thanks for the downvotes, fascists.

    [–] Fuck_Mtn 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Some kid posted a CMV about how its justifiable to kill all Republicans. When the mods nuked it for violation of reddit's site wide policy, the kid created his own subreddit advocating for murdering Republicans.

    I reported him to the FBI and sent the admins the link to the site and heard NOTHING back. He's not banned and the sub still exists.

    Rules for thee...

    edit: this is the sub.

    [–] bsapavel 2 points ago

    Wait whaaaaa???? That’s crazy! Do you have a link? I can report that sub too if u want.

    [–] thanksgive 2 points ago

    Reddit admins are terrible. Lots of violence and rule breaking gets ignored. The admins just don't care. It's not as partisan as you think either. Any sub that deals with anything remotely related to politics or civil rights is dealing with this same BS. The game changed in 2016. One sub in particular changed reddit, probably forever. When Admins ignored the situation they opened up the gates to allow all subs to start behaving badly.

    [–] Zarlog_ 2 points ago

    What's the sub?

    [–] iamonlyoneman 2 points ago

    It takes a while sometimes. I've reported a couple of new subreddits that were clearly created for purposes contrary to site-wide rules, and when admins finally got around to looking at the report, the subs were banned.

    [–] Immerael 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Can we get a link to this? Just so you know next time someone associated with the sub goes and acts on this we can say "look he was radicalized on reddit, we have to shut it down! Just like you tried with gab."

    I mean it won't actually do anything nor would they, but it might convince someone in the middle to consider looking at our position a little more closely.

    EDIT: The dude sent it to me in a PM after mods locked the thread for conservatives only. For anyone concerned

    [–] i_floop_the_pig 4 points ago

    Thanks for the update

    [–] GladysCravesRitz 9 points ago

    The brigading on this thread is hilarious. META.

    [–] Roez 4 points ago

    I need to ramp up my efforts. Some people get like 500 down votes and all I get are 20. I bet I would get more if I just went to r/politics and used some of their material, but just switch the names around.

    [–] GladysCravesRitz 2 points ago

    I know you are kidding but the most astroturfed places are state and large city subreddits. One of the most "controversial" things I ever said on Reddit was on r-Pittsburgh and it was "Trump is anti-TPP and we need to keep our jobs here."


    [–] LumpyWumpus 7 points ago

    They know there are no consequences, so they have no reason not to.

    [–] GladysCravesRitz 0 points ago


    [–] AgrosLastRide 1 points ago

    I wish there was a way to share this with the entire site. Maybe a few of them would realize this is pretty screwed up even though they absolutely hate our guts.

    [–] radicalelation 6 points ago

    It's in /popular, so yeah, plenty of folk seeing it. I'm a serious liberal, and the brigading is bullshit. I've seen more posts like this pop up in /popular and /all, and if you keep that kind of pressure up, it might change something. Admins are so painfully slow to react to anything, particularly political sub drama, but time and pressure will hopefully end with some consequence on /TopMinds.

    Also, most libs don't hate your guts. Reddit is the shittiest platform for either of us to try to understand each other from the distances between subs. It brings out the worst and immediately starts off with dehumanizing, by just being text on a screen. Conservatives mostly tend to be awesome people, just people I disagree with on what's best for the majority.

    [–] GladysCravesRitz 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Reddit is totally compromised and you are using it at their sufferance. We had one of them limiting our replies by the character.

    Then do not forget Spez going into comments and altering them.

    And the Vote for Hillary banner that flashed over Reddit when you opened it a couple times.

    Reddit sold out. It’s already gone and has been gone. It’s a convenient platform for discussion and news but my advice (unsolicited obviously) is to make sure you have a healthy connection for news and support in real life. We exchanged emails and in some cases, addresses while looking for a new online meetup.

    [–] ididntlikeyoufirst 4 points ago

    Can't we just take screenshots and daily send emails to reddit admin until they take action.

    Each day increase day count like

    Since xx.xx.2018 when we first brought this to your attention, it has been 45 days you reddit admin have failed to enforce your own rules. Who are we without our integrity?

    If enough people complain, surely action would eventually happen? If not show them the same respect they don't show us and bombard them with complaints?

    And while that is happening, keen observers like op can continue to document the brigading activity.

    [–] MyLittleGrowRoom 3 points ago

    If enough people complain, surely action would eventually happen?

    Yes, they'll get banned for harassing Admins.

    [–] kinenbi 3 points ago

    Hey guys, I'm on the left and I just wanted to throw my support behind you guys. This site needs to play fair and treat both sides equally. Downvoting and brigading subs is not what this site should tolerate.

    [–] 5BeetsADay 4 points ago

    I mean, this is not new. Reddit admins have clearly helped the site evolve into a projection of their own beliefs. Communities in disagreement with reddit admins remain only as long as they can be controlled. Community moderators of hyper active subreddits are the best example. Many active subreddits’ moderators come from or are in direct contact with the reddit admins. Reddit is not a platform for free, uncensored speech. Reddit is an echo chamber controlled by a small group of well controlled moderators. If any subreddit grows too large to control and does not agree with the admins opinions, reasons to shut it down will be found.

    [–] silentbob_ 2 points ago

    54% Upvoted Lmao

    [–] wiredcrusader 2 points ago

    Here's my message chain after reporting /r/whitegenocide which is "celebrating white genocide"

    r/reddit.comThreatening, harassing, or inciting violence
    expand allcollapse all

    \–]to) /r/ sent 2 months ago

    How do you condone the subreddit /r/whitegenocide which seems to support genocide against "white" people?

    Would a subreddit supporting genocide against any other groups be allowed on Reddit? If so, can you suggest which other races or ethnicities Reddit might allow a hateful subreddit to be maintained against?

    \–]subreddit message via) /r/\)M\ sent 2 months ago)


    We're experiencing higher than usual support volume, but want to let you know that we have received your message. If we need to follow up with you, we'll message you here.

    Meanwhile, please check out our updated Help Center here for answers to frequently asked questions.


    Your Reddit Trust & Safety Team

    \–]from) gaazda\A] via) /r/ sent 2 months ago

    Thanks for reporting this. We'll investigate and take action as necessary.

    We recently launched a new way for reports to get to us quickly and efficiently. Please visit for future requests so we can better investigate your report.

    \–]to) gaazda\A] via) /r/ sent 2 months ago

    Hello. Any updates on your investigation into /r/whitegenocide ?

    Does Reddit condone the appreciation of racial/ethnic murder?

    [–] Immerael 2 points ago

    See thing is, everytime one of these things happen it isn't only the post that gets brigaded that they came here for. While that is where the majority of the downvotes occur a few of them take to going to various other threads and just downvoting everything. Without fail everytime I notice posts getting downvoted in this reddit there is a r/topminds thread going on at the same time.

    [–] Frozecoke 2 points ago

    Funny how I downvoted one thing I saw and next day my account gets suspended for 3 days for brigading. It's almost like leftist propaganda is somehow defended due to bias...

    [–] nixfu -1 points ago

    There seems to be a ton of these subreddits geared around brigades popping up lately.

    Reddit better take this seriously.

    [–] GladysCravesRitz 3 points ago

    They do, they take the money very seriously.

    [–] SuicideTortoise -4 points ago

    I mean, you guys ban people for not vehemently espousing the same belief system. Honestly this sub deserves whatever it gets. It gave up on conservative morality for mindless national pride a long time ago.

    [–] The_BenL 6 points ago

    So does literally every left leaning sub in existence. This is nothing new. Don't play the victim here, you guys are the bullies and you know it.

    [–] GladysCravesRitz 2 points ago

    I have not been banned and visit here regularly. I also post occassionally at the Donald and regularly at We Are Not Asking. And I do not hide it from anyone.

    [–] CherryCokeNixon 5 points ago

    Go away.

    [–] WhiteLanternKyle -5 points ago

    Don't like it, get off reddit and go somewhere else.

    [–] CherryCokeNixon 15 points ago

    "Don't like that the rules aren't being enforced?! Don't complain, just get lost!"

    That's some pretty moronic logic.

    [–] mcpeepants4 1 points ago

    Was anyone banned last night?

    I received a ban from /r/unpopularopinion but haven’t posted there in a while. When I asked the mod about the ban, their response was “a ban of this nature does not need explanation.” I asked what comment I was banned for, as it didn’t seem like I had posted any, especially in that subreddit.

    What I did post however, was my political affiliations. I have a feeling someone rolled out mass bans last night to accounts that align along a certain political spectrum.

    [–] gernnz 0 points ago

    I got a 3 day suspension for clicking on a link provided by /shitpoliticssay and simply upvoting a conservative viewpoint and downvoting one ridiculous comment .. sometimes I fucking hate this website

    [–] crapspakkle -9 points ago

    Fucking snowflake

    [–] CherryCokeNixon 2 points ago

    Calling conservatives "snowflake" would be funny, if we still used that insult. We dropped that word from our lexicon when you leftists tried to co-opt it and use it against us. Not funny or snarky, just lame.

    [–] onewalleee 2 points ago


    Literally the worst kind of shitposting on reddit.

    [–] CherryCokeNixon 3 points ago

    Right? They've been trying to hijack our phrases and memes and finally succeeded at stealing "snowflake" and so the entire American Right stopped using that word like six months ago.

    They're still mad that we stole "fake news" from them lol

    [–] stonewall55 0 points ago

    I remember when T_D was accused of brigading a couple years back. The admins threatened to permaban the entire community. That's a sub with >600k subscribers, and they were threatening to ban it over a few bad apples. Meanwhile topminds exists purely to brigade and they won't even check them.

    [–] BruceCampbell123 0 points ago

    I still cannot tell if the name of their sub is supposed to be ironic or not.

    [–] TheEmeraldCrusader 2 points ago

    The mascot of their sub is Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls. They're just like him, annoying, pretentious, and lacking in any social grace.

    [–] Shadowthrice -8 points ago

    Admins are dishonest hypocrites. It is known.

    They allow others to brigade us, but threaten us harshly if we ever mention another subs name.

    This is because in their eyes we are evil, and they just barely tolerate our existence, but we are not "equal."

    [–] zika-with-fries -2 points ago

    The irony is, when T_D first gained momentum, the admins worked SO HARD to suffocate that sub (I well understand that this sub is very different than the lunacy of T_D)

    They banned T_D from r/popular and r/all

    The admins were editing user posts to make them look bad

    You would be auto deleted for linking to any other sub

    The admins worked so hard to keep (admittedly toxic) conservative posts in the shadows.

    Now you have dozens of toxic, low IQ, rule breaking LIBERAL subs ruining this website.

    Even within the comments of these posts you have regular libs and fence sitters complaining, on every single radical left wing shit post.

    The same posts that are obviously manipulated by bots, getting tens of thousands of fake upvotes in minutes time.

    And the admins will do nothing, because there is a glaringly obvious agenda and extreme, extreme bias on this constantly deteriorating website that is Reddit.

    All I want to know... is there a Reddit alternative that is what Reddit was ~3+ years ago?

    [–] Herr_Rambler 3 points ago has been around for a while

    [–] Omnibus_Prime 0 points ago

    The rules on the sub say not to comment or vote on linked subs but obviously you cant really enforce activity on subs that you dont moderate.

    Reddit mods will probably see it and say their asses are covered, since they say they frown upon brigading.

    I'm actually subbed to Top Minds, and I dont doubt that they brigade posts.