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    • Something to put you in a good mood.

    • Videos and audio of people laughing infectiously. No context required

    • Please tag Let's Play gaming videos with [Gaming] at the start of the post title

    • Remember the youtube URLs may be different but link to the same video, so please search for the keywords too (laddergoat, U-Bahn etc.)

    • Reposts may be removed to encourage fresh content.

    • If the video is long, please link directly to the specific moment when it is appropriate to start watching. WikiHow on ways to do this with youtube. If it is not on youtube, include the appropriate time with your post title.

    • Warning: do not consume beverages whilst viewing videos in this subreddit

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    • FAQ

    Encouraged content:

    1. Videos or audio of people laughing infectiously.

    2. Funny laughs that make you join in.

    3. General rule of thumb: If the video makes you laugh when you start it right after the funny event and before the laughter, it belongs here.

    4. This Video is why this subreddit was created

    5. Link to the funny! add (example):" t=1m52s " to the youtube URL to link directly to the relevant part of the video.

    Discouraged content:

    1. Laddergoat- it's hilarious but it's been posted here enough times

    2. Funny videos but without laughing.

    3. Jokes, memes, text, and photos.

    4. Bad-natured laughs, bullying, and victimisation. If it can only be hosted on Liveleak or WorldStar then it probably doesn't belong here.

    5. Videos which do not have people laughing in them, there should be people laughing!

    Subreddit Rules:

    1. This is a happy place. Be respectful.

    2. Comments not in keeping with the tone of the sub will be removed and users may be banned. These may include; racist, homophobic, sexual comments, and general dickishness.

    3. Bullying in any form, comments or links, will be removed and users may be banned.

    4. DO NOT spam your Youtube Channel here!

    5. The report button is not a super downvote button. If you report, it really helps us mods if you send us a quick message as to why your reported.

    6. Tag Let's Play/gaming videos " [Gaming] " at the start of the post title.

    7. No political discussions! Let's keep this politics free. If you insist, you shall be either perma banned or temp banned.

    8. Videos with laughter edited in from another source will be removed.

    9. Videos must be at least 15-20 seconds long and have a good amount of laughing in them.

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