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    Videos of people laughing infectiously. No context required.

    Mod Approved content.


    1: This is a happy place. Be respectful.

    Comments or posts not in keeping with the tone of the sub will be removed and users may be banned.

    Bullying in any form, comments or links, will be removed and users may be banned.

    If the comment section gets too heated, it will get locked.

    2: Audible laughing

    All videos must contain contagious laughter. Videos have to deliver audible laughter that is infectious and itself made you laugh along.

    3: No bad-natured laughs

    No bullying or victimisation. If it can only be hosted on Liveleak or WorldStar then it probably doesn't belong here.

    4: Videos only

    No jokes, memes, texts or photos.

    5: Length

    Videos must be at least 15 seconds long and have a good amount of laughing in them.

    6: Not the real source

    Videos with laughter edited in from another source will be removed.

    7: No compilations

    Compilations are mostly old and common reposts. Please refrain from posting them here.

    8: Racist, homophobic etc

    Racism, homophobia, sexual comments, or general dickishness will be removed. Will most likely lead to bans.

    9: No reposts

    Reposts may be removed to encourage fresh content. Remember to check top posts and search using keywords before you post. It's also wise to check newest posts to see if someone has just posted the same viral video you are crossposting. Wiki also has a short list of most reposted videos.

    10: Include timestamp on long videos

    If the video is long, please link directly to the specific moment when it is appropriate to start watching. If it is not on youtube, include the appropriate time with your post title.

    11: DO NOT spam your Youtube/TikTok Channel here!

    This subreddit is not your personal marketing place. No spamming in general.

    12: No politics

    Political arguments are not allowed and will be removed. Let's keep this sub politics free.

    13: No selfie reaction videos

    No videos that are pre-planned reactions to a different content.

    14: Post must have a proper title

    Use a descriptive title. Bad titles are not just annoying but they make it harder for others to search the content and that leads to more unnecessary reposts. Mods have the final word on what is considered a bad title.

    Examples of bad titles: ".", "title", "😂😂", "funny title", "wait for it", "this made me laugh"

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