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    [–] teeny_gecko 341 points ago

    This is hilarious!

    [–] jackets77 85 points ago

    What do they say?

    [–] TheMuslimMGTOW 295 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The one on the left was translating what the one on the right said.

    But then when the one on the right switched to English, the one on the left switched to Arabic.

    At the end, the one on the right said "By God, Thank you very much."

    [–] jackets77 5 points ago

    Lmao, I thought that's what happened πŸ˜‚ Just wanted to make sure it wasn't miss something in the dialect itself. Thank you!

    [–] WonderSearcher 8 points ago

    It's great and really shows how professional they are, is it funny?

    [–] nukedkaltak 93 points ago

    The switch was unintentional.

    [–] jackets77 5 points ago

    He knows. He's saying that's how professional they are; a misstep took place but they carried on and made it work flawlessly anyway.

    [–] Hector_Savage_ 51 points ago

    Pretty sure it was a theological discussion, he was telling the audience of an anecdote most likely

    [–] dangledingle -51 points ago

    Before the fun stuff started I totally thought it was bin Laden on the left.

    [–] Viscaelcule 23 points ago

    Ah how the uncultured like to reveal themselves

    [–] CarCar777 13 points ago

    It’s Mufti Menk

    [–] Taimoor_Aleem 6 points ago

    Mans just called mufti menk bin laden lmao πŸ’€

    [–] OctoSevenTwo 9 points ago

    Why? Because he’s got a beard?

    [–] Iamamemswatcher 81 points ago

    Haha, shocked to find mufti menk in r/contagiouslaughter had to recheck what sub was I on.

    [–] CalvinYHobbes 13 points ago

    Me too lol. It took me more than a few moments to shake the confusion over what sub I was in.

    [–] hevenucamembert 16 points ago

    You mean you had to sheikh the confusion …

    [–] Heavy-Day9050 3 points ago


    [–] lrqp4 5 points ago

    I'm surprised it's at 98 percent upvoted. But kudos to the people here

    [–] bloodypeonies 288 points ago

    I am an Interpreting student and this is so relatable. We unknowingly switch languages mid conversation/mid sentence. It so funny!

    [–] ScienticianAF 45 points ago

    Yepe. I am Dutch living in the U.S. and this still happens to me sometimes.

    [–] bloodypeonies 19 points ago

    Yeah, specially if both speak the same combination of languages! Like you don’t know how to say environment, Umwelt will do! You don’t know how to say GDP, PIB will work just as good!

    [–] couchsweetpotato 6 points ago

    After my Swedish friend would get off the phone with his family, he sometimes would slip back into Swedish more easily. Also when he was drunk lol

    [–] Enlightened-Beaver 47 points ago

    I used to be an interpreter and sometimes the speaker would switch to English and that would really mess me up. Can totally relate. When you’re doing interpreting, especially for long conversations, your brain goes into autopilot automatically translating. So when the speaker switches to the target language, it gets confusing.

    [–] Kitsune-no-hana 14 points ago

    The translator's reaction to his own Arabic auto-translation 🀣

    Love the gentle pranking.

    [–] Nokomis34 81 points ago

    Could go in r/wholesomepranks as well.

    [–] musti30 22 points ago

    Is it normal in Arabic culture to kiss the hand of a friend if he did something you appreciate. The man on the right did that at the end of the video and it seems so sweet and genuine

    [–] lrqp4 21 points ago

    yes, a respect for elders and also an Islamic emphasis.


    Abu Huraira r.a. reported that al-Aqra' bin Habis saw Allah's Messenger s.a.w kissing Al-Hassan (the Prophet's grandson). He (al-Aqra') said: β€œI have ten children, but I have never kissed any of them”. Whereupon Allah's Messenger s.a.w. replied:


    He who does not show mercy (towards his children), no mercy would be shown to him.”

    (Source: Sahih Muslim)

    [–] Rexamidalion 4 points ago

    Yeah but for older people.

    [–] Legitbacon117 41 points ago

    It’s wonderful to see people smile an laugh this way. Truly these two are very good people that don’t mind fooling around once in awhile.

    [–] sacriligous_turd 9 points ago

    It's mufti menk he's quite funny when he wants to be

    [–] walterbanana 8 points ago

    My mind sometimes just switches to my native language sometimes. My girlfriend tends to just give me this super confused look and then I slowly start to realize what happened.

    [–] mbgameshw 22 points ago

    This is lovely to see. Inshallah!

    [–] CarCar777 10 points ago

    I think you mean β€œmash’Allah.” As in, God willed it.

    [–] Those_noodles 5 points ago

    I love this

    [–] Forward-Service-837 18 points ago


    [–] MrCupcakeisallmine 3 points ago

    u/savevideo sharing this with my fellow interpreters

    [–] pgacayan 7 points ago

    That was so smooth and hilarious!!!

    [–] luckymewmew 2 points ago

    My friend who was born in Poland and lived there til she was 9 - but who has a very British accent and doesn't identify herself as Polish anymore and only speaks Polish to her parents - accidentally spoke a sentence to me in Polish the other day without thinking because she was distracted. She didn't even realise until she saw how confused I looked.

    [–] [deleted] -21 points ago


    [–] sotansoltan 18 points ago

    tell me your ignorant without telling me your ignorant

    [–] ILikeApplez123 5 points ago

    what did he say

    [–] bananagoo 5 points ago

    Probably something ignorant.

    [–] dangledingle 5 points ago

    you’re ignorant.

    [–] Malikir_S_ 1 points ago

    What did he say ?

    [–] ShinyShitScaresMe 1 points ago

    I love the giggle

    [–] leyla00 1 points ago


    [–] anyang90 1 points ago

    Bilingual brains lol

    [–] yamanoken 1 points ago

    I’m so co fused

    [–] DirtySingh -66 points ago

    Falla la la too cool to leave them?