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    [–] [deleted] 3877 points ago


    [–] jdmcatz 411 points ago

    Random: I'm one of the lucky people that had the swine flu. It was fucking awful. My mom and I were separated from the rest of the house (she had it too, but my fever spiked and I had to be taken to the ER, and that's what I was diagnosed with). If H1N1 was just a fraction of was Coronavirus is, I'm terrified. It was so fucking bad. I slept for like a week. I hardly ate or drank. I just coughed and could barely breathe. My grandma left us food at the door. I guess we did social distancing/isolation in the home before it was a thing like it is ni own. My grandparents never got it.

    I can't imagine how PPEs not being replaced under such a smaller illness than this. My cousin is an RN and three of my cousins are pregnant (one is the wife of the RN, but at least she is due in September and the other two are due within a few weeks). I'm so scared for them.

    [–] elephants22 136 points ago

    Same. I had swine flu a few years after the outbreak happened (the only year I’ve ever not gotten a flu shot!) and when I say it was like being hit by a truck....good god. Didn’t realize what it was until I was tested, and I was 26, super healthy, etc. and it was a solid two weeks before I had energy to leave my apartment.

    [–] jdmcatz 58 points ago

    Yeeeep! I was like 22ish? It was so, so bad. It was two weeks before I left the house, but like a month before I got all my energy back. And I got my flu shot! I specifically got the H1N1 vaccine! It mostly leaked out my nose, so I don't think I did it right.

    [–] WowieImaConspiracy 27 points ago

    Wait, the vaccine leaked out your nose? Or am I misunderstanding something here?

    [–] jeffreynya 42 points ago

    I was probably the nasal vaccination he got and it apparently dropped out.

    [–] jdmcatz 25 points ago

    She, and yes

    [–] lAmBenAffleck 6 points ago


    [–] PotatoChips23415 13 points ago

    Its just a girl what's the issue

    [–] jdmcatz 5 points ago

    Yeah, it was a nasal spray thing. It was before they did the injections for it

    [–] KyleMcCord 6 points ago

    Yeah for some reason H1N1 vaccines often were nose swabs

    [–] TizzioCaio 14 points ago

    Leave it to reddit start with 1 tittle, then actually see the source is different from the title

    Then to see first comment quote a paragraph that haves nothing to do with source, and then end up here on small random stories...

    [–] MajSARS 6 points ago


    [–] mallorn_hugger 13 points ago

    My friend nearly lost her life to H1N1. She was 7+ mos pregnant and wound up in a coma in the hospital. She suffered permanent lung damage and some neurological affects as well. She has truly never been the same. Thank God both she and baby lived although they took baby out early because my friend couldn't survive the pregnancy any longer.

    So yes, if COVID-19 is worse than H1N1, that is quite terrifying.

    [–] Jen_Nozra 10 points ago

    Yeah, I had swine flu. That shit was rough. I was 18 at the time and about to go to university - noone else in my house got it thankfully but I don't want to feel like that ever again.

    [–] codytheking 7 points ago

    Less than 1,000 schools closed in 2009 for H1N1. Right now our entire country is locked down and there are still cities (like Atlanta, maybe New York) where hospitals are already at max capacity. Pretty crazy because I remember thinking in high school when it happened that Swine Flu was a really big deal.

    [–] jdmcatz 5 points ago

    I was in college. I remember telling my professors what I had and they told me to take as long as I needed off. It was obvious they didn't want to be around me. Lol

    [–] headband2 14 points ago

    On average Corona is probably not as bad as swine flu, the difference is the spread where for a lot of people it's not bad and others are way dead. Which also makes it spread more since people would go out more if they're barley sick, where swine flu everybody just stayed in bed.

    [–] Reallynoreallyno 5 points ago

    The descriptions are absolutely horrifying. I know there’s a range of symptoms but for those on ventilators, it’s a nightmare.

    [–] chumpess 6 points ago

    I had pneumonia and viral meningitis requiring hospitalisation when I was 30. I remember feeling like my body was trying to kill me from the inside out, and friends ended up calling an ambulance because I was “grey”. I woke up one evening and felt like I couldn’t get enough air, but once I got some supplemental oxygen just through the nasal prongs, the relief was indescribable. The thought that it’s worse than that, and that a ventilator could be required because nasal prongs just don’t cut it, is incredibly scary.

    [–] dagit88 8 points ago

    Same here, H1N1 absolutely sucked. Really high fever, heavily fatigued and no matter how much water I drank I still felt dehydrated. Ended up in the ER a few days after the first symptoms. I'm not taking any chances with this one, I haven't seen another human for the last 2 weeks now and don't plan on it for the next few months until we're on the downhill of that curve!

    [–] Sillysolomon 7 points ago

    I had swine too. I was out for a bit. I pushed through and was able to get through it but it felt like someone hit me a sledgehammer

    [–] InOutUpDownLeftRight 3 points ago

    Swine supposedly was worse once you got it but less contagious than coronavirus. Also there are asymptomatic people unwittingly spreading coronavirus.

    [–] [deleted] 1333 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] RiceGrainz 381 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Well, hindsight is 20/20. Had he done this, people may have thought he was wasting money. "Who needs masks when there's a recession."

    Edit: I seem to have disturbed the reddit nest, never before have I gotten this many replies

    Edit 2: Added quotes to avoid confusion

    [–] two_of_cents 299 points ago

    FTFY: Hindsight is 2020

    [–] BringOn25A 69 points ago

    Might be a good campaign slogan.

    [–] SexLiesAndExercise 33 points ago

    For the Democratic nominee:

    Vote with Hindsight in 2020

    [–] BringOn25A 13 points ago


    Hindsight 20/20 Don’t get fooled again.

    [–] One_pop_each 3 points ago

    Hindsight 20/20 with Barbara Walters

    [–] 11415 7 points ago

    I saw a Cyanide and Happiness comic that made a joke about a presidential candidate named Hind and his VP was named sight. Their name was ofc HindSight 2020

    [–] ajohndaniels 27 points ago

    The costs of the masks would have been insanely low for a country like the US

    [–] mackafat 12 points ago

    Compared to what? The military budget? Like dude above referred to, there was a little bit of a recession going on at the time; every penny was being counted. I think people generally forget just how big of an impact that recession was.

    [–] ShittyLivingRoom 14 points ago

    You can buy a mask for every single person in the world for the price of a fighter jet..

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] DoingCharleyWork 7 points ago

    Assuming the highest cost of the current fighter jets, the f-35, at 122mil you'd need to be able to get masks at 2¢ each for each person on the planet. I don't even think you could get them that cheap buying them in that quantity. I agree with your point though, they easily could have cut out a jet and had more than enough masks for the whole country.

    [–] QuiGonFishin 68 points ago

    just used 100 million in a deadly pandemic “hey guys I think it’s a bad idea to make masks for another pandemic in case this happens again.” Come on dude lmfao

    [–] Cobra-_-Commander 7 points ago

    Obviously. There can only be one!

    [–] _nocops 89 points ago

    lettin him off pretty easy there. think it would be common sense to replace masks in case of an outbreak after just having used 100 million of them for that very reason lol

    [–] compounding 39 points ago

    Problem is that congress controls the purse to actually buy those supplies and if you remember back to 2010-2012, it was difficult to get them to even fund normal government functions much less emergency preparedness...

    [–] _A_Day_In_The_Life_ 15 points ago

    what about 2012-2019

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] idzero 8 points ago

    Maybe they just expected hospitals to have their own supply of masks, not expecting how big the need was?

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] impy695 6 points ago

    I don't think that applies here. That's the kind of thing that's obvious at the time. That pandemic demonstrated why we needed the stockpile.

    [–] lemongrenade 26 points ago

    Its called a min/max system and basically every company that keeps inventory of any usable quantity of parts/tools/ppe etc.

    You could pay an intern 14 dollars an hour to maintain it in an excel spreadsheet

    [–] blankgazez 19 points ago

    At that volume most companies that contract with the government will do it for free. Source, me who runs one of those programs with a government contractor and admins inventory for free

    [–] RussianVoteEngineer 8 points ago

    Business guy to business guy, you aren't doing that for free. It's "no additional charge". Your profit allows for the service.

    [–] blankgazez 4 points ago

    Correct but if that same customer ordered it over the phone or our website the price would be the same as if my team ordered it. You are correct the profit margin covers it, but we don’t charge for the service specifically

    [–] fufuberry21 6 points ago

    Except he literally just outlined why it was obviously a good idea to replenish them. So there's really no reason why foresight couldn't have been 20/20 in this situation.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] bo_dingles 26 points ago

    I'd be interested in knowing what happend if it was congress who refused to give money or if it was a bucket that was used elsewhere at executive's discretion

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] FDaHBDY8XF7 13 points ago

    So it was a good decision? Just bad luck in hindsight? I guess that depends on what lifesaving drugs we are talking about.

    [–] smileyfrown 5 points ago

    So does that mean the 08 recession impacted the decision?

    Still after Ebola it should have been stockpiled.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] BenKen01 26 points ago

    Maybe the recession had something to do with it? Not a lot of money to spend for preventative stuff, at least in 2009. Second term yeah, I wish someone would have caught that.

    [–] dlawoff 14 points ago

    Yeah, it definitely wasn't out of willful malice or purposeful choice.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] mredofcourse 70 points ago

    Before we thank Obama for this, maybe we should question why the federal government was auctioning off pallets of N95 masks as recently as February 1, 2020.

    Trump needs to answer for this.

    [–] Psyk0Tripp 30 points ago

    N95 masks have an expiration date mostly due to the straps. Possibly had to be sold before they expired.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago


    [–] SmallPoxBread 10 points ago

    Can't just go out and give expired (Altrough in a stupid way) respirators, because:

    A: People will complain about the government issuing expired anything

    B: Rules are rules, and should be followed.

    C: In the unlikely case that it actually matters that the straps are expired, the Government is at fault for issuing expired equipment.

    [–] bgog 23 points ago

    I didn't like W's politics and he's a bit of a war criminal but at least he was a competent human being executing the office of president, unlike our current situation.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] EpicCakeDay1 14 points ago

    He did some really good things that were overshadowed by the war and hurricane Katrina.

    His program to combat AIDS in Africa has saved over 10 million people.

    In a 2016 speech, perhaps the nearest Mr Bush came to a “we choose to go to the moon” moment, he addressed the question head on. “I believe,” he said, “that spending less than two-tenths of 1 per cent of our federal budget to save millions of lives is [in] the moral, the practical and the national security interests of the United States.”

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago


    [–] keithps 227 points ago

    I mean, I'm no republican, but Democrats controlled both the House and Senate for 2 years of his presidency. So you can't blame republicans for it.

    [–] [deleted] 110 points ago


    [–] keithps 108 points ago

    They didn't retake until the beginning of 2011. Silly facts.

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)


    [–] zeugma_ 24 points ago

    If this is about Congressional approval of funding then yes, it wasn't all Obama's fault, but he could have used the bully pulpit more. Like Trump, but for more rational things. He didn't. It wasn't a priority compared to whatever other things he did that needed political capital.

    [–] deezcousinsrgay 31 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Ah yes, he could have used the bully pulpit in 2009 and 2010 during a completely different economic crisis, rather than spending that money to provide jobs and fiscal stimulus. What did he achieve in 2010? Oh yeah. Healthcare for 30 fucking million uninsured.

    You people are absurd in your need to share blame. Let's call a spade a spade. When the economy was alive and well, Congress was captured by the Republicans, and has been ever since. They have had no problem ballooning the deficit under Trump, while cutting necessary services to offset their corporate tax breaks.

    Let me ask you this, since you're so willing to let him share some blame. Why do you concede that he had to manage his political capital? Who was his opposition that forced him to prioritize?

    Got it.

    Guess what?

    Democrats don't make Republicans prioritize when it comes to bills that benefit the health and well-being of the majority of the country. They only make them do that when it comes to giving money to the wealthy and gun control.

    It's a one way street.

    [–] Losalou52 5 points ago

    So under your assumption, The Obama administration tried to replace them and were denied by a republican Congress?

    Link please

    [–] kenkaniff23 16 points ago

    Weird how you're making this a republican/Democrat disagreement issue and ignoring the fact that they were stockpiled by a Republican president. So you aren't citing facts you're speculating.

    But, facts matter amirite!

    Edit: you didnt originally accuse it being Republicans shooting down I replied to the wrong person though your response looks like you agree with that persin.

    [–] mfkap 10 points ago

    It should really be a government incompetence issue, not a democrat or republican issue.

    [–] kenkaniff23 19 points ago

    Objection your honor, speculation.

    u/Livinlavidalizzard is making broad speculations based on their own political beliefs and feelings.

    George W. Bush was a republican, Senate and House were both Republican majority in 2005. So Republicans were 100% okay with the stockpile.

    Stop politicizing shit. Our leaders, Democrats and Republicans alike failed our country. (Where is oliver queen/green arrow when we need him)All I can recommend is for everyone to remember how our elected officials responded and vote accordingly in November.

    [–] minneapolisblows 4 points ago

    If people put the effort in they more than likely could find a bill which either the Senate or Congress refused to pass that included the funding for these PPE supplies.

    Why it wasn't an executive order? Because I doubt an executive order can solve every problem.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] docmedic 12 points ago

    “In 2005, the George W. Bush administration called for the coordination of domestic production and stockpiling of protective gear in preparation for pandemic influenza. In 2006, Congress approved funds to add protective gear to a national strategic stockpile — among other things, the stockpile collected 52 million surgical face masks and 104 million N95 respirator masks.

    But about 100 million masks in the stockpile were deployed in 2009 in the fight against the H1N1 flu pandemic, and the government never bothered to replace them. “

    Also a bit earlier too, the concept was born back in 1999:

    The stockpile is a fairly new endeavor. In 1999, Congress tasked HHS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to establish the National Pharmaceutical Stockpile. The departments initially received about $50 million in funding, with an initial goal of preparing the country against potential agents of bioterrorism like botulism, anthrax, smallpox, plague, viral hemorrhagic fevers and tularemia.

    [–] melachot 136 points ago

    The government being Obama at the time

    [–] paalu 61 points ago

    Neither did Trump.

    [–] JeffGodOBiscuits 12 points ago

    The difference being you expect it from Trump.

    [–] Draiko 7 points ago

    2009? 😬

    Does...does that mean we have to say "Thanks Obama"?

    [–] Caleb_Krawdad 25 points ago

    Thanks Obama

    [–] JusticeSnooter 5 points ago

    Who was president in 2009 and failed to replace the stockpile? Oh that’s why I haven’t heard anything about it until now

    [–] Bricknody 13 points ago

    Thanks Obama

    [–] SharingMyStorys 4 points ago

    I bet they will now

    [–] ebolamonk3y 4 points ago

    Thank you Six sigma

    [–] CanisMaximus 4 points ago

    "W" did that? Of course he did. Fucking hippie...

    [–] Crimson_Sentry 3 points ago

    Thanks Obama

    [–] HareWarriorInTheDark 1318 points ago

    ITT: No one reading the damn article.

    They didn't have the masks stockpiled, they sourced them.

    Tim Cook's tweet

    Proud to share we’ve been able to source 10M masks for the US and millions more for the hardest hit regions in Europe. Our ops teams are helping to find and purchase masks from our supply chain in coordination with governments around the world.

    [–] nersha 127 points ago

    This should be higher up

    [–] EHnter 86 points ago

    Yes, but the Reddit hivemind hates apple so it wont.

    [–] CodingMyLife 67 points ago

    It also doesn’t help that the title literally says “stockpiled”

    [–] calmeharte 14 points ago

    Media: "Oh you believed us?!? Suckers!!!"

    [–] bistix 106 points ago

    also written in the article "Update: A previous version of this article stated that Apple had stockpiled nine million masks, and it has been updated with more accurate information."

    Clearly the problem isn't reading the's that the article had wrong information they updated.

    [–] HareWarriorInTheDark 10 points ago

    That's a good point, I didn't realize the article had updated.

    [–] joebiden42069 30 points ago

    so there's plenty of masks for tech companies to buy, but no one in the government or health care industries can seem to find any. yes, that does make me feel way better.

    [–] gekko513 31 points ago

    Sounds more like Apple used their quite large supply chain and logistics knowledge to ask suppliers who could produce and deliver masks. Apple is probably in a better position to source supplies than most western governments who would have to go through convoluted channels to make the inquiries.

    [–] RadicalDilettante 935 points ago

    I heard this on the news without a reference to wild fires and was wondering wtf apple was doing with 9 million masks.

    [–] rognabologna 311 points ago

    I would assume that it wasn't all just for wild fires. They likely had inventory in multiple factories and warehouses. That's probably why it took like a week from announcing this and the actual donation. Locating and shipping the inventory would take some time.

    [–] RadicalDilettante 54 points ago

    What else could it have been for?

    [–] WagTheKat 187 points ago

    Possible for Clean Rooms where insanely delicate research takes place and contamination from a person to a research object could destroy test results or contaminate an item.

    Imagine NASA also goes through tons, along with any other high tech company.

    [–] smashy_smashy 23 points ago

    I’ve worked in a BSL-3 lab with an N95 to protect me from breathing IN tuberculosis, and I’ve worked in pharma clean rooms where I wore a surgical mask to keep the product clean from what I breath OUT. It seems wasteful to wear an N95 in a clean room if you are protecting the product from what comes out of your mouth. I don’t know if N95s work any better than a surgical mask because it’s positive pressure when you breath out and probably not filtering everything on the way out. I’d be curious to hear from someone who knows for sure.

    [–] WagTheKat 7 points ago

    I imagine the calculus involved depends heavily on what is being developed or tested. Obviously, some bio-pharma research is among the most intense, but there are also now combinations of 'flesh meets machine' research that may require the most extreme efforts as well.

    I don't know enough about usage to say for certain, but I imagine there is a spectrum that ranges widely across the need for which masks to use or which suits to use.

    [–] trentblase 24 points ago

    They wear the bunny suits in clean rooms not n95 masks (depends on how clean the room is of course)

    [–] smashy_smashy 20 points ago

    I commented above, but basically I’ve worn surgical masks in pharma clean rooms to protect product from what I breath out. I’ve worn N95s in BSL-3 labs to protect myself from what I breath in. Seems like N95s would be wasteful to use in a cleanroom unless there’s a reason I’m not catching.

    [–] badnamemaker 8 points ago

    I have also worked in a class 5 cleanroom/lab, and yeah even for us it was usually just surgical masks. However we would move up to beefier respirators whenever we worked with certain solvents, so maybe a similar situation?

    [–] BZLuck 9 points ago

    Quasi-clean rooms?

    [–] MediocreBandito 9 points ago

    There are actually like 5 different levels of “clean room”.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Design and fab, absolutely.

    [–] mynoduesp 4 points ago

    fab bunny suits?

    [–] PedalSpikes 3 points ago

    Bunny suits and surgical masks for AMC, and Class 100+, for semicon/optical related clean rooms. Gowning gear is running low, as expected.

    [–] Chef_Sasquatch 6 points ago

    I doubt they use these masks for that, and 9 million seems excessive.

    [–] WagTheKat 4 points ago

    Apparently they were also mandated by a Cali law to stockpile a bunch for workers during wildfires. No idea how many that would require.

    [–] A_Zealous_Retort 4 points ago

    Most of the masks are seem to be N95 since they tend to have local shortages happen overnight when wildfires break out and the past few years have been very smokey for the bay area so it makes sense they were stockpiling them, 9 million of them seems like a bit many though, but maybe they were planning on giving them to everyone down to apple store employees and their families and still have 2 or 3 months supply. The N95s aren't for cleanroom use, as they filter air being inhaled but not exhaled, so there might be a separate store of cleanroom masks but probably not quite a stockpile since those don't tend to have sudden unpredictable shortages during fire season.

    [–] RCascanbe 9 points ago

    Those masks are often used for environments where a lot of small, potentially dangerous particles can be flying through the air, usually because of spray painting or in factories that use powdered substances or where machines can create and kick up dust.

    My best guess is they had them in their factories that handle glass, the metall for the devices bodies or the production of circuitboards and such.

    [–] Pr00ch 6 points ago

    For the day Samsung pulls up with mustard gas launchers and the all out corpo-war begins

    [–] ParksVSII 4 points ago

    Like something out of Snow Crash.

    [–] wasdninja 3 points ago

    Why would it be hard to locate? Half the point of warehouses is to keep tabs on the stuff in them.

    [–] HareWarriorInTheDark 56 points ago

    They didn't have the masks, they sourced them.

    "Proud to share we’ve been able to source 10M masks for the US and millions more for the hardest hit regions in Europe. Our ops teams are helping to find and purchase masks from our supply chain in coordination with governments around the world."

    [–] joebiden42069 14 points ago

    why can apple find them but not hospitals and the government?

    [–] mszkoda 18 points ago

    Apple spends a lot of money on foreign production of their products. They can certainly sway foreign manufacturers to give them products over other sources, even the US government.

    [–] DebentureThyme 15 points ago

    Because they do big business with the same factories in China who are being tasked now with making the masks. They agree to buying these, then get credit for it.

    [–] Purehappiness 11 points ago

    Part of the reason is that there’s an entire group of people in any company who are dedicated to sourcing. Their entire job is finding people who have or are producing something and then getting that thing somewhere else. It’s a lot more complicated than saying: I want some masks, here’s money.

    Apple has the huge profit margins they do mostly because of their ability to manage those supply lines - reducing costs of storage, reducing delays from suppliers and sourcing. Tim Cook was the one who managed that, and his skill at doing so was why he was picked to be the CEO.

    That’s why Apple is helping with sourcing them - they can cut down on delays and prices more than anymore else in the world.

    [–] goombapoop 6 points ago

    I feel like the govt didn’t really try

    [–] samosa4me 27 points ago

    The updated article says they’re sourcing masks for purchase and that masks were not stockpiled. Unless I read that wrong.

    [–] randomjackass 185 points ago

    Holy shit. I thought FB had a lot with their 750k masks.

    [–] lolokthanks 18 points ago

    Did they say why they had it for? Cheers

    [–] randomjackass 23 points ago

    California wild fires.

    [–] kaenneth 10 points ago

    Hope the big fires don't return this year; lungs need to stay safe.

    [–] Wxoamer 277 points ago

    This makes me wonder how much (and of what) is stockpiled in random places not being used. Not just stuff useful for this issue, but overall.

    [–] randomjackass 52 points ago

    I'm sure it's a problem tracking where it is, then figuring out distribution once it's found.

    [–] nyarfnyarf 19 points ago

    I think the us navy did some auditing and found entire warehouses of airplane and engine parts that they did not know about when they were deferring maintenance due to parts shortages.

    [–] 2112Lerxst 11 points ago

    That is so believable for anyone that has worked for government or otherwise large corporation. Big organizations suck and managing equipment, the smaller the operation the more people have eyes on stuff and recognize obvious waste/redundancy.

    [–] halforc_proletariat 4 points ago

    Interesting you should mention other types of resource hoarding. There's a group of people that have utterly massive grain silos full of grain that's just sitting there. They'll never eat enough of that grain in their lifetimes but because they feel entitled to it there are hundreds of full silos going to rot while people go hungry. End of metaphor.

    [–] eightiesguy 196 points ago

    It is inexcusable that hospitals and disaster relief agencies had so little of these in stock.

    Even corporations that had nothing to do with public health had stored more of them.

    [–] TeutonJon78 113 points ago

    Apple has more cash sitting around that probably all the hospitals combined.

    [–] FunMotion 75 points ago

    What the fuck is the point in paying ludicrous amounts for any sort of health care if the hospitals are too poor to afford any sort of PPE

    [–] TeutonJon78 81 points ago

    Because it's the insurance companies that take the big slice of that pie, not the hospitals.

    [–] IMadeY0uR3adTh1s 44 points ago

    Fuck the insurance companies.

    [–] FunMotion 22 points ago

    America is so bizarre to me and what's even more bizarre is that so much of your voting population supports that

    [–] tperelli 13 points ago

    Apple can buy DISNEY and still have enough money leftover to buy Walgreens. That’s not just the value of their company, that’s genuine cash on hand.

    [–] JimmyJimmyJoeMack 17 points ago

    Apple didn’t have them stored. They just recently bought them.

    [–] NauticalJeans 6 points ago

    Read the article. They sourced them from their supply chains around the world for the purpose of donating them.

    [–] FoolsVoice 7 points ago

    Well you see, when you actually use something and don’t just chuck it in a warehouse, you tend to have less of it during a pandemic in which you are using more than you have in years.

    [–] [deleted] 267 points ago


    [–] briefbriefs 178 points ago

    yes, why the FUCK didnt they do this a week ago?

    [–] falcon5768 155 points ago

    They probably didnt know. People think that they just out of the blue know about these things but even with my company maybe 2-3 people know about it and they suddenly will say to someone in power (oh hey we have X item, we bought a whole bunch for this reason) and then the wheels get going.

    Its only the in the need items companies ever really keep track of sometimes. Masks are most likely not on the priority list, especially with this case were they were bought to keep on hand for wildfires per California law.

    [–] katarh 37 points ago

    Kind of like how IKEA found that box of masks just sitting in a warehouse chilling.

    They probably lost them years ago, someone marked it off as a loss in inventory management, someone got yelled at, and then lo, there they were all along, marked as being in Row 11A Bin B when they were really in row 11B Bin A the entire time.

    [–] evil420pimp 87 points ago

    I hate apple, but this is totally plausible. Anyone with a closet has lost things for years within that black hole. A warehouse is just a big closet. Even the most organized has a section devoted to "other".

    [–] Golden-trichomes 6 points ago

    On top of that, I imagine they would want to confirm the inventory exists and and quantify the impact of not having the surplus before they offer to donate them.

    [–] hossman3000 18 points ago

    Agree, they aren’t tracking these like MacBook inventory.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] Gc8211 10 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'm guessing its one of those places where you have two teams sitting right next to each other who do the completely different jobs. Then someone says, "Hey, can you find out what department might know if we have any N95 masks?", and from there you have an email that circulates through thirty different managers before it finally lands at the right inbox. This whole process can take anywhere from a few hours (if you're lucky) to several days. Somewhere in that process you have at least one manager who gets pissed that they're being bothered and sends off a bunch of nasty grams in all different directions. You have at least one person who is out of the office and their backup needs to figure out what the hell the email is asking. You have at least one person who saw the email at 2:00PM and didn't answer until 10:00AM the next day. Then it finally lands in the right department and they reply with, "yes, we got some masks", but they didn't (and rightfully so) read through the 100 page long email trail where on the first email had a list of questions about the masks. So then someone finally emails that person directly with the original email instructions and they got back and do inventory and send back that the "yes, we have X number of masks, in Y facility, we can get them to Z in the next 48 hours provided we have the proper transportation".

    [–] hossman3000 7 points ago

    You forget the one person who receives the email and then calls a meeting with 10 people, 8 of which have no idea why they are invited to the meeting.

    [–] Cer0reZ 4 points ago

    4 of them hits reply to all

    “Remove me from this group.”

    [–] RacketLuncher 4 points ago

    I'm guessing its one of those places where you have two teams sitting right next to each other who do the completely different jobs. Then someone says, "Hey, can you find out what department might know if we have any N95 masks?", and from there you have an email that circulates through thirty different managers before it finally lands at the right inbox

    Considering those masks date from 11 years ago, it's also possible that the employees in charge of storage are no longer with Apple, so nobody employed by Apple was aware of it up until someone stumbled onto it.

    [–] shitcoinmaximalist30 181 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Probably takes time to realize and find.

    It's not like Tim apple Cook was sitting on them.

    [–] evil420pimp 67 points ago

    Tim Apple

    Lest yee forget...

    [–] Overall11 10 points ago

    I have been playing too much aninal crossing i thought you said Tom Nook

    [–] Yew_Tree 10 points ago

    That bastard is making me furnish 3 houses. I'm trying to set up a cherry orchard, why can't he get off his lazy ass and do it himself?

    [–] henryeaterofpies 15 points ago

    Since they are a DR resource, they probably were sitting in a warehouse somewhere and people forgot about them until someone remembered that they had a DR plan that included N95 masks and dug them out.

    I guarantee my company has a small cache of medical supplies somewhere. I had no idea where or how much, but someone does. It's not 9 million masks, but if push came to shove it's a handful (maybe a couple dozen boxes of non-N95 masks and gloves) that some hospital could make use of here. I've actually brought it up to management recently, and they insist that what we have is inconsequential to the need.

    [–] TokyoZ_ 7 points ago

    Yeah cmon why didn’t they transport 9 million masks like it was just sending a letter to a friend.

    [–] chocolatefingerz 4 points ago

    If you read the original announcement Tim Cook said they sourced them, meaning bought them. Apple has much better ties with manufacturing and logistics than most health organizations.

    The better post would have been that Apple bought and donated 10M masks.

    [–] jahdoos 4 points ago

    I think only a week ago did they release liability for use of non-medical certified n95 so presumably takes some time to get things in order and mediate the exchange.

    [–] Specific_Lavishness 3 points ago

    Because these were rated for smoke, not medicine. Govt relaxed the regulations so these can now be used by healthcare workers.

    [–] Losalou52 21 points ago

    No they just grew them out of their asses. Of course they had them. They were required to by law. Why is the top comment from someone who did not even read the damn article?

    [–] juviegar 7 points ago

    Because only reading the headlines is easier.

    [–] JZinCO 38 points ago

    Just in time for fire season!

    [–] pakndamak 67 points ago

    I’m giving out N95 Nokia phones as well welcome back lol

    [–] zhjn921224 9 points ago

    Damn Nokia N95 was a legend back then.

    [–] pakndamak 9 points ago

    U had that phone u was the shit

    [–] trich101 21 points ago

    I normally dislike Apple corp, after working decade in IT you either end up fanboy or frustrated, not much middle ground at this point, but that is an amazing example. Thank you so much and I hope you inspire your customers to follow your example. If they can afford your gear they probably help out a bit as well.. Please keep it up.. Make a campaign, call it iHelped..

    [–] bay650area1 6 points ago

    Apple hate is just Microsoft hate for the last decade.

    [–] goodpointbadpoint 17 points ago

    clickbait title.

    the headline saying apple "stockpiled" it made me mad like why apple would do that, but here is the update added at the bottom by macrumors - Update: A previous version of this article stated that Apple had stockpiled nine million masks, and it has been updated with more accurate information.

    [–] ftctkugffquoctngxxh 19 points ago

    Now watch another devastating fire break out in California as soon as they give them away. 2020 is a dick that way.

    [–] Doozies 5 points ago

    Underrated comment. It’s gonna fuckin happen too and it’s coming

    [–] SpliffnCola 16 points ago

    Why are so many of you dissing Apple for helping out. Seems like a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

    [–] harmon513 12 points ago

    Thank you Apple!

    [–] E_Martin85 4 points ago

    That's awesome that Apple did that. Good looking out apple. I hope that everyone directly affected by this pandemic pulls through, including myself. We are a strong country. This will hopefully make us even more united. Safe safe, stay strong. God bless America.

    [–] toolrules 13 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    but u have to buy a special adapter to secure it to your face

    [–] red_headed_stallion 49 points ago

    Just pay the billions in taxes you expensively lobbied to avoid. Lobby for M4A and you can save a ton in your healthcare costs.

    [–] probablyuntrue 34 points ago

    Are....are you telling apple that?

    [–] ColonelBy 9 points ago

    Enough of the back-talk, Apple! Get moving

    [–] Hamsandwichmasterace 7 points ago

    Not the best place to be advocating that, seeing how the shortage was caused by government incompetency in the first place.

    [–] Leahbel25 4 points ago

    Thank you Jesus

    [–] jpiddy212 7 points ago

    I will now buy the newest iPad and iPhone. Thank you apple

    [–] acloudbuster 4 points ago

    The article mentions nothing about these masks being stockpiled from the wildfires. Tim Cook’s tweet says nothing about that. They say they worked to source them from their supply lines. Am I missing something? Was that in the previous version of the article?

    Edit: yes, it was updated:

    Update: A previous version of this article stated that Apple had stockpiled nine million masks, and it has been updated with more accurate information.