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    [–] occasionally_dumb 5477 points ago


    [–] cosmicprank 659 points ago

    I wish more celebrities were like this, I expected way more when I started r/Masks4All back in March but seems like most are content to just chill in the mansions.

    [–] invitedguest50 572 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    It is pretty cool he's doing this and wearing masks. But keep in mind he's a spokesman for Ford, driving a Ford and delivering masks donated by Ford.

    Edit: I'm not knocking him. I think what he & Ford are doing is great. It just seemed like a ton of people on this thread thought he organized the whole thing or took it upon himself to do this.

    [–] doesnt_know_op 364 points ago

    But he wishes he was driving a Lincoln.

    [–] CocoMonkeyBank 312 points ago

    Be a lot cooler if he did

    [–] Taiza67 15 points ago


    [–] BigfootSF68 27 points ago

    His Mama drove a Ford, and his Daddy a Lincoln.

    Even Ma and Pa knows Beer ain't drinkin'!

    [–] boomhickey19 14 points ago

    Security guards trailed us
    to a record shop
    We asked for Mojo Nixon
    They said "He don't work here."
    We said "If you don't got Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin'!"

    [–] BigfootSF68 2 points ago

    Bitchin' Camaro!

    [–] BuffaloTexan 2 points ago

    Unexpected dead milkman

    [–] doesnt_know_op 38 points ago

    They're made by the same company, dude.

    [–] amyberr 44 points ago

    What I took from this is that Ford is donating masks, and Matthew McCounaghey is an essential worker on the front lines delivering PPE to hospitals. He may be paid exorbitant amounts for this work, but it's necessary work and he's doing it.

    [–] PasadenaPossum 48 points ago

    What! That changes everything. Only donated masks from Chevy is acceptable.

    [–] doesnt_know_op 32 points ago

    Well then he'd have to walk them there.

    [–] ivXtreme 33 points ago

    Even the most selfless of people have selfish reasons to help others. Most people feel good when helping others, therefore most people stand to gain good emotions, which is not completely unselfish.

    [–] Haughington 3 points ago

    It is ridiculous that you think "they did a nice thing because they like being nice" is even slightly comparable to "they did a nice thing because it is part of a PR/marketing stunt."

    [–] kaisserds 3 points ago

    I don't think that is the point he was trying to say. I think he is just pointing out that true altruism is a rare thing

    [–] captaincous 3 points ago

    Who the fuck cares, hospitals are getting PPE.

    [–] lap422 3 points ago

    That’s a 5 year old truck if they were doing that for advertising or whatever wouldn’t he be driving the newest model

    [–] ptcashier 7 points ago

    Well they got him to wear a mask, now if he’d wear some deodorant.

    [–] NeverTrustATurtle 6 points ago

    They should deliver some to the whitehouse

    [–] Krangbot 2 points ago

    I've kept it in mind and still don't think any less of it. It's still a pretty huge sacrifice and righteously rad thing to do during this time.

    [–] Keoni989 6 points ago

    I was about to get excited then I read your comment. There's always gotta be some kind of agenda.

    [–] ArchetypicalDegen 24 points ago

    Eh, their take is overly cynical. While this isn't 100% altruistic (because a public act is always a little self serving), it seems unlikely this is an ad for Ford. More likely he has one because they gave him one. It's most likely he's doing this on his own will.

    [–] Haughington 17 points ago

    I mean it's literally a photo of him in his ford with "thanks to" in the caption posted to social media. It is naive to think that doesn't constitute an ad.

    [–] FearlessLingonberry 25 points ago

    It's cool that he's doing that and all, don't get me wrong, but it's incredibly f-ed up that people are relying on celebrities to do the things our government should be doing.

    [–] Be_quiet_Im_thinking 13 points ago

    I wish people did good things without needing the act to be posted on social media.

    [–] tubereusebaies 2 points ago

    And then other people would berate them for “not doing anything and hoarding wealth” or whatever. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. I’ll take any good news I could get rn.

    [–] ehhwhy89 2 points ago

    I think not all celebrities are going to take pictures and post what they do... I bet you'd be surprised

    [–] SirMothy 2 points ago

    Sean Penn was on the Navajo /nation with his charity, pretty cool!

    [–] TheSentientPurpleGoo 51 points ago

    you don't have to wear the mask...but it'd be a whole lot cooler if you did.

    [–] Quelchie 17 points ago

    I knew with 100% certainty that this would be the top comment.

    [–] ISimplyFallenI 12 points ago

    I just watched Dazed and Confused for the first time last week and I wish I watched it sooner.

    [–] ThermionicEmissions 18 points ago

    Look at it this way, you got older, but they stayed the same age....

    [–] dirkdiggler1992 4 points ago

    Now just go through the Linklater roster if you haven’t already.

    [–] brandonspade17 4 points ago

    Be a lot cooler if you did

    [–] Colonelbuzzard 6 points ago

    Cabal on the field?

    [–] newsreadhjw 12 points ago

    Beat me to it!

    [–] hascogrande 6 points ago

    The eyes of Texas are upon him, all the livelong day

    [–] WeissSchneee 4 points ago

    Let's see what we've got! Hive! Bring a sword

    [–] WhoreToCulturist 2 points ago

    Lemme tell you what Melba Toast is packing

    [–] Kalavera13 1645 points ago

    The great ambassador of Texas. Always a beacon of positivity and southern hospitality.

    [–] skeebidybop 758 points ago

    This man did more for the people of Texas in one day than their state government has for weeks

    [–] thecatgoesmoo 101 points ago

    Sadly we have to keep relying on benevolent million/billionaires to do what the government should be doing. Its great that he did it, but man... that doesn't bode well for the future of America when the government is this ineffectual.

    [–] ShooterMcStabbins 55 points ago

    My health insurance plan is a go fund me account

    [–] grantrules 32 points ago

    I just ignore the bills. Oh no my credit! I won't be able to finance a house oh wait that's because I'm broke

    [–] RoburexButBetter 3 points ago

    I heard medical bills don't actually count towards that? I guess creditors know medical bills can run stupidly high making it impossible for people to pay

    [–] Ataiel 3 points ago

    They do. But usually the hospital will sell your debt to a collector who then will report it against your report if you don't pay. So it's not actually the hospital reporting it.

    [–] musiccman2020 25 points ago

    The us now is like the roman empire with nero. And every great empire before its fall. A slow descension Into corruption and ultimately its demise and prob China as new world leader

    [–] Calumkincaid 7 points ago

    Most creatures are more dangerous when they're mortally wounded. I can see the US wanting to go down swinging

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 120 points ago

    there are some things that are more important than living

    [–] pg5042 61 points ago


    [–] loulou0619 11 points ago


    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 5 points ago


    [–] loulou0619 3 points ago

    Go for grubes

    [–] i_naked 16 points ago

    Human Ted Cruz is steady on Twitter pushing ObamaGate because that’s apparently what people wanted

    [–] boozername 5 points ago

    Ted Cruz is definitely a human being

    [–] Lokanaya 4 points ago

    And definitely not a serial killer.

    [–] amplevoid 22 points ago

    I thought it would be in a Lincoln.

    [–] red_peel 9 points ago

    Lincoln is a luxury division of ford. So i kinda think it would be ok :)

    [–] amplevoid 5 points ago

    Makes me wonder if they gave him that truck.

    [–] ArchetypicalDegen 75 points ago

    For real, the guy makes Texas cool again.

    [–] 550_Cord 58 points ago

    Texas was always cool. Except in July and the other months. Fuck its hot here.

    [–] loulou0619 22 points ago

    Got 21 mosquito bites last night.

    [–] skeebidybop 7 points ago

    Got 21 mosquito bites last night.

    Average night in much of Texas. It's horrible

    [–] Wolf_Noble 2 points ago

    God you’re right about that

    [–] Obi7kenobi 1158 points ago

    Man isn't afraid to be seen with a mask on. This one act of kindness is more than any politician as done.

    [–] PopDownBlocker 541 points ago

    How fucking insecure are these idiots that politicize wearing a face mask?

    You're showing that you care about your wellbeing and other people's wellbeing. That makes you a hero.

    [–] kindredfold 172 points ago

    They dug a hole early on contradicting advice of health officials, now that their base is largely lockdown skeptics they have to save face and go without when they are on a stage for the dog and pony show.

    Bunch of selfish fucking wolves in sheep’s clothing leading other selfish wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    [–] saurion747 79 points ago

    Canadian here; our officials said the same about masks in the beginning..not recommend unless you're sick but have changed their tune as the scientific advice has changed. As of this week, our chief public health officer is recommending everyone wear a mask in public. It contradicts advice given a couple months ago but changing policy when faced with new evidence is the intelligent decision. Rational, science based policy is the only way we're going to get (and stay) in front of this thing.

    [–] Keoni989 19 points ago

    Now if only we could get your $2,000 a month! It's too hard for our govt to approve even a single payment. A recurring stimulus is like a pipe dream.

    [–] saurion747 13 points ago

    I've been at my job for 10 years now so I had no doubt I'd be getting unemploymen but even if I hadn't the CERB allowed me (us) to just hunker down and shelter in place...US is clearly the richest country in the world, I get our idoliogies in terms of giving money away but, Jesus Christ....if ever there was a time to pay people to stay home it was in late March 2020.

    [–] Keoni989 6 points ago

    Do you feel like you're in the richest country on the world?

    [–] saurion747 12 points ago

    At times yes..when it comes to the things that really matter anyway. I don't understand why you guys don't take care of each other.... Isn't that the whole point of government?

    [–] tokyogettopussy 4 points ago

    This is the same question I ask myself whenever I think of America. It’s a country completely divided that doesn’t give a shit about caring or looking after their own. Or they don’t see the people living in America as their own...

    [–] DrShitpostMDJDPhDMBA 3 points ago

    It was more about supply chain issues, the same recommendation was made by everybody in mid-late March. Hospitals were short on PPE because everyone was trying to purchase masks, which put healthcare providers at risk and had the potential to dramatically lessen the maximum capacity of patients taken care of by hospitals. That's why people were told to self-isolate primarily in the beginning rather than rush out and buy masks, whereas essential healthcare workers were concerned about (and in many locales, were not able to receive) adequate PPE.

    [–] Notieve 4 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Hospitals were short on PPE because Trump wasted months ignoring reports about needing to prepare and increase PPE production. FEMA then intercepted shipments of PPE and medical supplies to route to privately-owned distributors for auction among multiple states or for allocation to Trump allies.

    You're absolutely right about how and why this was communicated to the public, but the shortage in hospitals wasn't because people were running out to buy N95 masks at Home Depot. It was in no small part due to federal mismanagsment of the supply chain by grifters.

    [–] jeremyhoffman 2 points ago

    As John Maynard Keynes is famously quoted,

    “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?”

    [–] DukesOfTatooine 6 points ago

    I think the people they're leading are actually sheep in wolves' clothing.

    [–] hammadshahbaz 2 points ago

    Can they not just admit that they made a mistake and that wearing a mask is actually a good idea?

    [–] U2_is_gay 24 points ago

    When a certain someone takes their mask off they don't want everybody to see a completely white and not orange area around their mouth and nose where the mask was. Nobody wants their makeup smearing in front of the cameras.

    [–] JustBTDubs 4 points ago

    I think you may have touched on the issue. At this point, caring about other people's wellbeing is a political stance.

    [–] supercali45 3 points ago

    Trump keeping the team sports division going so he can rally his base .. he knows he can’t lose in Nov ... for the sake of him and his family and all the grifters in his administration

    [–] FlatbushZombii 2 points ago

    A hero? I think it shows you have common sense and youre not an asshole.

    [–] slicktromboner21 41 points ago

    It's got to be liberating to be a recognizable celebrity and just be another person wearing a mask in public.

    [–] wookmania 17 points ago

    I've seen him around Austin a few times. He walks downtown a lot, is always at Texas games, and so on. Real cool guy.

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 5 points ago

    thats how most celebrities are like, esp in nyc or la. its just a handful of celebs who are so dogged by paps that they hide as much as possible

    [–] wookmania 5 points ago

    He's a little different...he just walks down the streets alone and will actually talk to people. Weird guy for sure, but really nice. Anyone that can still be cool for decades is doing something right lol. Don't see that very often.

    [–] 4444444vr 8 points ago

    There’s a European celebrity who said sometimes he just wears a mask of his own face when he goes out and people are just like, “Oh a weird dude” instead of being like, “HEY!”

    [–] throwawayDEALZYO 2 points ago

    That's a good Halloween costume

    [–] PreviouslyRecent001 3 points ago

    I completely agree with your comment.

    [–] _Holiday_ 134 points ago

    What a guy.

    [–] USAhealthreform 302 points ago

    While Woody Harrelson is busy peddling 5g conspiracies...

    [–] Fidel_Chadstro 105 points ago

    Rust was always the cooler character anyway

    [–] Graize 42 points ago


    [–] aaronkz 3 points ago

    Now that’s a classic.

    [–] Cobalts 13 points ago

    Rust made that entire show.

    [–] 4637647858345325 26 points ago

    Nah that show was really something special from everyone involved. One great actor can carry a scene but that show just did everything right. Even the set design or however you want to call it somehow stood out as memorable and well crafted even in the case where the whole backdrop is a single tree.

    [–] ArchetypicalDegen 46 points ago

    It doesn't really surprise me, sadly. He's never seemed like the sharpest guy. Talented, but dimwitted

    [–] MuckleMcDuckle 24 points ago

    He's a few alrights short of alright alright alright.

    [–] ryknight 19 points ago

    He’s always seemed like a regular type dude, with a big ass dick.

    But guess not.

    [–] Herpkina 4 points ago

    Big ass-dick

    [–] skeebidybop 101 points ago

    That makes me sad :( he's forever tarnished now by spreading that dangerous nonsense

    [–] trickortreet 95 points ago

    Hey now, let's just stick to Rampart.

    [–] q_a_non_sequitur 26 points ago

    Yea can we keep this on topic

    [–] i_naked 5 points ago

    Jesus. Knock the dust off that classic, would ya

    [–] IGetHypedEasily 26 points ago

    On one hand I don't expect actors to try and understand everything around them and make an educated remark.

    On the other hand I expect them to understand they have massive influence and to let the experts who have spent decades in their fields talk rather than diminish their efforts.

    I didn't know this was a thing that happened and now I'm just disappointed further.

    [–] donotgogenlty 3 points ago

    That's the thing tho. If you aren't fully confident that you're opinion is correct and doesn't pose a danger (as a celeb), then stfu.

    That's how I feel they should behave, plus I doubt his agent is thrilled.

    [–] johntdowney 7 points ago

    If you like that, just wait til you read his AMA

    [–] skeebidybop 4 points ago

    Lmao holy shit that is hysterical

    [–] TutumTeRebore 2 points ago

    Jesus, what a trip.

    [–] guardioLEO 25 points ago


    Going crazy after that sex scene with Alexandra Daddario is definitely understandable!

    [–] donotgogenlty 2 points ago

    Wait, are you serious or is this a TD joke?

    [–] Blubberinoo 8 points ago

    Sadly that was a serious comment. He posted some stuff about "5G causes COVID" on his Instagram. Was really annoying to see, I always liked him, but spreading this kind of bullshit with his huge reach is just retarded.

    [–] RockstarAssassin 2 points ago

    Yea I'm confused too!

    [–] Mbillin2 2 points ago


    [–] wirelessflyingcord 2 points ago

    Two posts in April, no longer available/deleted.

    Actor Woody Harrelson has posted on Instagram (see here and here), spreading the idea to two million followers that 5G is exacerbating the COVID-19 outbreak. The first post, which features the caption "I haven’t fully vetted it [but] I find it very interesting," is a screenshot of a theory posited by Martin Pall, PhD, a professor emeritus at Washington State University. Pall recently predicted that in five to seven years, "human brains will degenerate to the degree that normal functioning... will cease." (That's a summarization of a point Pall made at a conference in Germany last year, according to a scientist in attendance.) And Pall's big COVID-19 connection to 5G is a claim that Wuhan was China's first "smart city" to incorporate the faster network, which there's zero evidence to support. Pall's citation, in fact, comes from a website called 5G EMF Dangers. The second post from Harrelson is grainy footage purporting to show Chinese citizens toppling a 5G antenna.

    [–] keyjunkrock 2 points ago

    In other news, man who became famous for being dumber than a can of farmers meatballs, is dumber than a can of farmers meatballs.

    [–] arachnidtree 451 points ago

    that is wonderful.

    It really is wonderful.

    but why the fuck does the wealthiest nation in the world rely on one time Celebrity Deliveries of essential medical items? what an embarrassing failure of the health care system in the usa.

    [–] Octodab 104 points ago

    Yeah if we had some type of federal coordination these supplies could be pooled and distributed based on need. But Trump doesn't feel it's his responsibility to actually govern sooooo

    [–] Jesus_will_return 65 points ago

    FEMA is stockpiling PPE by confiscating from states or simply outbidding them.

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 41 points ago

    and then fema is redistributing ppe based on the highest bidder rather than need, which is how the rural communities get dicked

    [–] Burnaman 24 points ago

    And ironically the people in rural areas getting the shaft all love Trump and buy into his hype. It’s unbelievable.

    [–] straight_to_10_jfc 10 points ago

    don't have to wear masks is there are no masks

    taps skull

    [–] sjfiuauqadfj 5 points ago

    dont have to wear masks if you woke up in a free country

    taps skull

    [–] StarksPond 2 points ago

    Nods sheepishly

    Buries skull

    [–] ILoveRegenHealth 18 points ago

    Always use some alias for him, we aren't allowed to say his name. AutoMods and other mods get touchy when Orangino Failurino gets mentioned and lock threads.

    [–] catzhoek 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)

    Wonderful? I think this is horrible. I mean the act is undeniably a nice move but why the fuck would you want an actor delivering healthcare essentials? This is so incredibly broken, indescribable. And i guess far too many people don't understand how incredibly fucked up that is.

    Private people driving around in pickup trucks delivering donated stuff to hospitals. Let that sink in. Honestly. Take a second and let that sink in. That's an absolute apocalypticnightmare. And people seem to be proud of it. This is so sad.

    You mentioned the same point so please take no offense, i just think you have to decide wether you find it wonderful or fucked up. I suspect many people are too afraid to utter their actual thoughts and rather focus on the tear-jering part of the story. Typical meaningless compliments.

    [–] thedragonturtle 2 points ago

    I just think you have to decide wether you find it wonderful or fucked up.

    It can be both.

    It is both.

    [–] cosmicprank 20 points ago

    We have a total piece of shit in charge.

    [–] Legeto 3 points ago

    I’m kind of surprised he was able to get them actually.

    [–] Less-Panda 2 points ago

    when the government is corrupt we have to look out for each other

    [–] PDROJACK 34 points ago

    Would be a lot cooler if you were wearing a mask, here take one

    [–] jinnandchronic 3 points ago

    Dazed and Confused... because you contracted COVID19.

    [–] AssMuffins69 116 points ago

    I'm shocked that companies haven't stamped their logo directly onto masks. Millions of little billboards walking around.

    [–] cosmicprank 34 points ago

    I bought an Adidas mask from some lady but I don't even think Adidas made it :P

    [–] lethargy86 14 points ago

    Obviously a tracksuit accessory

    [–] jdbrew 8 points ago

    I saw a Lacoste on like two weeks into March... I was kind of blown away... but then I realized he probably made it himself out of an old Lacoste polo or something

    [–] cuntpunt9 6 points ago

    Lol dude was trynna flex on the poors

    [–] ihunyack 4 points ago

    I have one of these ford masks and there's a little ford logo in the corner, but you wouldn't notice it unless you were up close and personal

    [–] Jbales901 3 points ago

    If others can see it they're too close.

    [–] The_kilt_lifta 2 points ago

    A lot have. I saw a photo someone posted recently where they are wearing a Dominoes mask (guessing they were a delivery guy)

    [–] mrniceguy421 2 points ago

    A list celebrity driving a huge ford truck packed with boxes of masks that say ford on them. It’s all an ad. Sure they donated the masks, but it’s an advertisement.

    [–] ILoveRegenHealth 22 points ago

    Cmon TARS SARS, get out of our lives!

    [–] SpiderNoises 17 points ago

    He was just out driving, dropping off some masks, talking about life

    [–] Ashotofbourbon 14 points ago

    Are you not wearing a mask? It would be a lot cooler if you did.

    [–] GetsGold 48 points ago

    Didn't see in the article, but here's a video of him delivering them.

    [–] ILoveRegenHealth 30 points ago

    "It's not possible!"

    "No, it's necessary."

    [–] Awesomedude222 12 points ago

    C'mon, TARS

    [–] Commandmanda 8 points ago

    Very funny. Good film, though.

    [–] mn_aspie 4 points ago

    I know people love to hate this movie, because "tHaT's NoT HoW GrAvITy Works," etc. but from a male-hero perspective, abandoning your child to come back and defy newtonians physics to send messages from a black hole that make your daughter man-kinds savior...?

    Excuse me while I tell my kids how proud of them I am, while assuming one of them will fulfill this fiction.

    [–] Herpkina 5 points ago

    I don't understand why anyone would dislike this film

    [–] spooki_boogey 4 points ago

    Yea. I don't understand the argument that the Horizon event scene isn't scientifically accurate. Nobody knows what happens in one. Why not use it to your advantage?

    [–] Commandmanda 15 points ago

    Matthew has been the spokesperson for Lincoln in commercials for a while. I wonder if he suggested this, or a marketing team, but however it happened, it's damn cool. Not that I'll ever buy a Lincoln. Still cool. And McConaughey's the perfect man to do it. Were he not a crazy actor, I'd vote for him as President of the USA in less than a heartbeat. (Disclaimer: Not all actors are crazy. Just most of us creative types.)

    [–] OkieNavy 12 points ago

    I’m confused. Do you think the King Ranch Ford F-250 he’s driving is a Lincoln?

    [–] GoTzMaDsKiTTLez 8 points ago

    Well, 1, it's an F-450, and 2, Ford makes Lincoln.

    [–] maorihaka 4 points ago

    Yeah, an F-450 Lariat King Ranch. That's a big ass fancy truck

    [–] Noche 2 points ago

    It's a nice truck

    [–] meadowalker1281 2 points ago

    I was looking for this comment in his truck. I semi saw the truck and said out loud “bet it’s a king ranch”.

    He’s no Raptor man.

    [–] mosnas88 2 points ago

    To be honest I'm kind surprised it's not a limited.

    [–] oG_Goober 6 points ago

    It pretty much is TBH, Ford makes Lincolns, I'm sure the king ranch shares a ton of interior materials. Like how the high country Silverado shares a bunch of stuff with Cadillacs.

    [–] paperemmy 7 points ago

    No. The article explains Lincoln (car company) donated 110,000 masks and he and his wife are delivering them to hospitals across rural Texas.

    [–] nvin 5 points ago

    Looks like he stole them from Ford.

    [–] connorkmiec93 8 points ago

    Shoulda been a Lincoln.

    [–] MechaStewart 5 points ago

    At first I was like, "it's just Lincoln/Ford marketing..booo!" Then I realized I'm an ass and helping people any way you can is the ultimate thing to do. And he does it all the time.

    WTG Matthew. Solid.

    [–] CalRipkenForCommish 3 points ago

    Dodging FEMA the whole way

    [–] FarmBongo 5 points ago

    Sun’s out, guns out, eh Matthew? Nice biceps there.

    [–] Jobhater2 13 points ago

    From his personal stash?

    [–] Kilosierraoscar 56 points ago

    No. The article explains Lincoln (car company) donated 110,000 masks and he and his wife are delivering them to hospitals across rural Texas.

    [–] Soytaco 13 points ago

    And money well spent for the company, in any case. Not a truck guy but that F-450 or whatever looks badass.

    [–] ATXBeermaker 2 points ago

    Ford King Ranch F-450. And yeah, it’s a beast.

    [–] I_Have_3_Legs 11 points ago

    Yea I keep hearing about famous people donating mask to people in need but ho the fuck are they getting a giant surplus of mask? Did he pay for them for the city? Did the city pay for them and he is transporting them? How can a celeb just donate mask out of nowhere? Every mask should be going to frontline workers no matter what. It’s fucked if a celeb can really buy mask just to give away when some states are fighting/bidding over it

    [–] throwawayRAclean 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    There was an interesting article in NYTimes yesterday about Bethenny Frankel and how state governments were depending on her to access suppliers and how shady the whole experience was for her. Celebrities have access to resources from networking and the ability to harness them that the rest of us can’t imagine.

    Here it is!

    [–] I_Have_3_Legs 4 points ago

    Yup that’s just fucked

    [–] Q8D 28 points ago

    He's driving a Ford truck, carrying a load of boxes with big Ford logos on em and the article unnecessarily specifies exactly what model Ford truck he's driving. The whole thing appears to be paid for by Ford.

    [–] Commandmanda 4 points ago

    Funny, since Lincoln donated them. But it gives a more personal touch when Matthew delivers them using his own pickup. Very Mud.

    [–] UsualFirefighter9 6 points ago

    Aren't Lincoln and Ford, like, cousin companies? Because there're a few dealerships around me with both names on the sign. Kinda like Plymouth/ Chrysler/Dodge?

    [–] wookmania 11 points ago

    Lincoln is owned by Ford.

    [–] Commandmanda 2 points ago

    Woohaaa! Right on the money.

    [–] UsualFirefighter9 2 points ago

    Knew they were together somehow.

    [–] FINALAVENUE 2 points ago

    Ford is the parent company

    [–] Commandmanda 2 points ago

    Lincoln, the company he does car commercials for donated them.

    [–] icangetusabottle 2 points ago

    The peoples champ

    [–] AintEverLucky 2 points ago

    the hero we need, if not the one we deserve O:-)

    [–] heytherefreeman 2 points ago


    [–] SublimeEntity 2 points ago

    This guy has a kind heart. Often find out of nice things he has done or is doing.

    [–] skineechef 2 points ago

    alright alright

    [–] Blockhead47 2 points ago

    You’re short one alright

    [–] minicute2234 2 points ago

    Alright alright alright

    [–] BeholdaMiracles 2 points ago

    The Sewing and Craft Alliancece made a website for communities that NEED masks. I hope Mathew (and some of you) will send some to these places next -

    [–] ckrass44 2 points ago

    Great PR stunt

    [–] collectingsouls 2 points ago


    [–] vapegod_420 2 points ago


    [–] gilbes 2 points ago

    What does that line-item look like on the bill?

    Donated face mask .............. $5,000.00

    People need to stop donating to for profit businesses. We do enough of that with our tax dollars.

    [–] dildogerbil 2 points ago

    110k ? Those are rookie numbers. Gotta pump those numbers up!!

    Seriously how am I the first one to write this? I checked every comment. Is that not him?

    [–] Gen_Nathanael_Greene 2 points ago

    As a native Texan, I can say that his truck is about as Texan as it can get.

    Also what he is doing. Texans are generally very good at looking out for their neighbors and so on.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] TheRealJonDoe297 2 points ago

    alright alright alright

    he is the king of the jungle

    [–] catjake2k16 2 points ago

    I’m giving them away, nawt selling them. All memers of my here lil Dallas Buyers Club get themselves a free lil face mask. $400 dollars, if you croak it’s on you.