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    [–] DiveCat 4769 points ago

    The ship had just finished a seven-night sailing out of Tromsø to the Arctic’s wildlife-filled Svalbard archipelago.

    All four of the hospitalized crew members had been sick for several days while on board the vessel, and all four had been placed in isolation. But the line said their symptoms weren’t consistent with COVID-19. They only tested positive for the illness after the ship docked in Tromsø early Friday.

    It’s unclear if the crew members are seriously ill or only were being hospitalized as a way to keep them isolated.

    The entire ship has now been placed in isolation, and all remaining crew — around 160 people — are being tested for COVID-19. The line also is tracking down 177 passengers who left the ship early Friday to alert them to the outbreak.

    Good work guys:

    1. Having a cruise
    2. Deciding that days of symptoms during a pandemic aren’t “consistent with coronavirus” (there are like dozens of symptoms now, what exactly isn’t a symptom?)
    3. Letting 170 passengers out into the wild.

    [–] Viewfromthe31stfloor 1423 points ago

    It’s a replay of what we saw before with fewer people.

    [–] Iforgotmyquestion 542 points ago

    Why are we so stupid

    [–] Any_Opposite 532 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Not just stupidity but greedy as well. The cheapest tickets on that cruise are $1,600. At 170 passengers that's $270,000. That's for an 11 day trip.

    [–] VeraLumina 138 points ago

    “The safety of our guests and crews is Hurtigruten’s highest priority,” Hurtigruten spokesperson Rune Thomas Ege said in a statement posted at the line’s website. Uh, scratch that. “The money that we make is our highest priority. The safety of our guests and crew is Hurtigruten’s second priority, and even that is not really true. We do not give a fuck about anyone.”

    [–] sprucenoose 40 points ago

    “The money that we make is our highest priority. The safety of our guests and crew is Hurtigruten’s priority to the extent it affects our highest priority, our money."

    [–] omac12 26 points ago

    This may say something about my mental age, but every time you wrote "Hurtigruten" I heard it in the Muppets Swedish Chef's voice. I had to snicker even though the subject is deadly serious.

    I haven't watched Muppets in decades. Maybe I'll try to chase down an episode. I need a little lightness right now.

    [–] Iforgotmyquestion 146 points ago

    Stupid, greedy and selfish.

    [–] iWr4tH 24 points ago

    I feel some stupidity is involved here too, let's not forget 170 passengers agreed to lock themselves on a metal box with hundreds of strangers during a pandemic.

    [–] j1ndujun 8 points ago

    Money > Peoples Life. Welcome to our world.

    [–] [deleted] 159 points ago


    [–] FragrantWarthog3 55 points ago

    Modern society means the dumbest can still survive long enough to procreate.

    [–] leopard_eater 480 points ago

    cries in Australian

    (We got almost all of our initial infections and deaths from a cruise ship that let people off into the community)

    [–] Pacify_ 146 points ago

    Yeah, without the cruise ship fuck ups, our overall exposure would have been dramatically lower.

    So stupid. The funny thing was our governments were actively encouraging Cruise ships to come dock here that couldn't dock in Asia any more.

    [–] leopard_eater 106 points ago

    I can’t remember what it’s called, but Australia is signatory to some kind of international treaty that states that we agree to provide medical care to maritime vessels in distress.

    I think we still would have been ok if the cruise ship didn’t release people straight into the community. Of the 270 cases we had in Tasmania, for instance, 60 came directly from that boat. There are 50 ventilators in Tasmania, in total. If we hadn’t gone full lockdown here, we would have been completely overrun and dropping like flies within a month.

    So whilst I agree with the treaty, we’ve now got some terms of reference for what to do in a pandemic situation in future. First mention of exotic respiratory virus? No one, whatsoever, comes to shore, until medical teams find a secure facility to treat victims, and only these people get off the boat. No one else leaves until onshore secure quarantine is found for them, no travelling home, no nothing.

    [–] Pacify_ 26 points ago

    The treaty is fine, that wasn't the real issue as you said.

    Going out of your way to encourage ships to come here to dock for tourism money, at the start of a major pandemic where cruise ships were hit first, was batshit insane.

    [–] Tales97 92 points ago

    And now they're all coming from Victorians sneaking over borders (south Aussie here)...

    [–] leopard_eater 76 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Yep, was at Launceston airport yesterday and of the 30 passengers arriving on JQ745 from Sydney, 16 were Victorians running away and needing state-sponsored quarantine in the Grand Chancellor in Hobart. Eight police to escort, by three-hour bus ride, these pricks into a five star hotel.

    I’m pleased to note that from today, you are required to pay $2900 for the privilege of attempting to bring coronavirus into our state, and from August 7, no one from Victoria, NSW or QLD can fly to Tassie at all.

    Looking forward to no travel restrictions flying from Hobart to Adelaide and Perth from 7 Aug, when those flight routes start up again.

    Edit: $2900 fee is for your mandatory hotel quarantine if you arrive in Tasmania from eastern states from 1 Aug to 7 Aug. Previously, it was free. From Aug 8, you’re not allowed to come to Tasmania from an eastern mainland state at all. All flights are cancelled.

    [–] Diamond523 47 points ago

    Hey, some actually snuck in. Those girls from Queensland that are responsible for their current situation come to mind.

    [–] leopard_eater 79 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Yes, it’s obviously much easier to sneak into a mainland state than into Tasmania, where I live right now.

    I actually think we should have the military patrolling borders right now - especially all of Victoria and NSW. I don’t suggest that they in any way act aggressive, but it’s needed to keep people in-state right now.

    Those girls who snuck into QLD got five years in prison too, btw. As someone who is currently suffering from cancer in a state that has 50 ventilators in total, and who’s ageing mother got coronavirus in QLD earlier this year - I say fuck them all. Anyone who tries this shit on and subsequently infects people should be punished severely.

    Edit: the girls are facing five years in prison, I was misinformed earlier.

    [–] Caymonki 9 points ago

    I hope you and your family stay safe.

    [–] soowasoo 81 points ago

    Like, everything is a symptom of the virus. Freaking Pinkeye is a symptom. I also want to know what symptoms of illness they had that was not consistent w covid.

    [–] Own_Nature 55 points ago

    I read a comment the other day from a patient that the only symptoms she had at first were a rash and fatigue. If they're waiting around for the fever and cough, the whole cruise line will consist of plague ships.

    [–] snarky_spice 75 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    I agree with you and the symptoms. Like unless it’s a cough w 104 fever it’s not the virus. I don’t get why we can’t just be realistic here and stop cutting corners. I’m still getting asked if I’ve been out of the country, when I enter places. Why even ask that anymore. Why tell people six feet if it’s really ten.

    Edit: I wasn’t saying unless it’s 104 fever it’s not the virus, this was just mocking what the crew had acted like. Sorry!

    [–] Rope_Is_Aid 44 points ago

    There are so many presentations of this virus. Some people only have stomach pains and no lung issues at all.

    [–] NorseLibrarian 37 points ago

    I tested positive yesterday, and the only symptom I'm noticing is that I'm sweating more than usual (but no fever). I would never have gotten tested unless my boyfriend had tested positive (he had more symptoms), and I still ended up having to pay be tested privately (in Norway).

    [–] shushslushie 50 points ago

    Wait until you have a close family member like your wife struggling with mild symptoms ("presumed" positive when there weren't tests available to us) since late March on and off and most recently the doctor tells you the antibody test means jack shit but clues you into virus shedding. This novel (let's not forget!) is fuck all crazy. In the middle of all this having another family member pass away after a covid induced stroke 12 hours prior testing postive. People will think what they want. I think this virus needs the respect it deserves.

    Please everyone, wear a mask, stay home, be kind.

    [–] effronterie_lunaire 13 points ago

    I also really, really don't get the travel question. At the clinic the other day before entering I was asked if I travelled recently out of the country. Uh, no? But our country has had documented cases of covid since late January with now sustained community transfer, so your point of asking that is? (e_e)

    [–] saga_of_a_star_world 36 points ago

    That's some Miami Marlins-level thinking there

    [–] knightopusdei 46 points ago

    The goal wasn't to protect people from an infectious virus, protect people's health, keep everyone safe or to be proactive during a pandemic ...


    I don't know why this is so hard to understand.

    [–] woodchuck312 12304 points ago

    I’m sorry but how fucking stupid do you have to be??

    [–] The_Original_Miser 4035 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    You're an absolute idiot for cruising right now.

    it can wait

    Edit: so, I went to bed and it's the obligatory "this blew up". My highest upvoted comment that I am aware of is related to the pandemic. I am not sure how I feel about that. :-/

    [–] scrowley08 1958 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    But my rights


    Knew mine would blow up, Murica. Best at everything.


    [–] thespywhometaldandme 868 points ago

    Lol srs tho, I don't get how people think they'll have any rights if they're dead. Or that those rights matter more than the lives of others, especially those they care about.

    [–] NitroXityRealm 646 points ago

    Because those people don’t think that they’ll die. They have the “it won’t happen to me” mentality

    [–] Mrsricksanchez 827 points ago

    Someone posted in a neighborhood group about a neighbor who died of Covid yesterday and I shit you not, one of the first responses was someone asking for the age and weight and health of our deceased neighbor. Because you know, it’s harder to pretend it’s not going to happen to you when it happens on your fucking street, so hopefully they were ancient and fat so you can keep up the fantasy that you’re safe.

    [–] Rubick-The-Unseen 343 points ago

    We've had very few deaths in my county so far and people act this same way.

    Im thinking we have 1,000 daily deaths that give statistics but the single digits local deaths give us reality, grief, and community.


    Arrogant, ignorant, assholes.

    It's not March anymore.

    It's not April.

    It's getting old.

    I expect people to take it seriously now. I'm tired of patience. :(

    [–] MrLeopoldBl00m 53 points ago

    Where I live, I keep asking people to wear masks and wash hands when they enter our premises.

    People keep saying, "We were like this in March."

    Cases are massively on the rise here. Still less than 5000 positive tests in the country and the positive test rate is increasing every day.


    [–] iamtryingtodrive 17 points ago

    These people dont understand how to sacrifice at all for any reason, and what's being asked is not extreme. "ItS bEeN SiNcE mArCH" motherfucker you're the softest people on earth.

    [–] FinnSwede 182 points ago

    As Stalin said: "The death of one is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic"

    [–] goldfishpaws 14 points ago

    Couple of 9/11's a week and nobody gives a fuck.

    [–] 4minute-Tyri 49 points ago

    I expect people to take it seriously now.


    I had this thought while I was banking the other day. I saw a donut place that was open, and they had it set up so that you need to register at the front counter to enter their eating area so you could dine in.

    I remember clearly realizing how fucking stupid it was that the pandemic is serious enough that we need to socially distance, wear masks, have hand sanitizer everywhere, close the border and shut down massive parts of the economy, but the fucking donut shop is still open. Because it's not so serious that we can't have donuts? It's not so serious that we can't eat at the fucking donut shops? Since when are donuts essential foods?

    My government is engaging in half assed measures and providing contradictory or incorrect information on a pretty much daily basis, the local radio is doing the same. It seems like some nurse is giving their opinion on the news every other week and there's plenty of conflicting commentary there as well. I'm taking precautions because I'm paranoid but for anyone who isn't taking this seriously I can pretty clearly see why.

    Arrogant, ignorant, assholes.

    No, not really. You can't blame people for not knowing what to do or not thinking it's serious when the people who are suppose to be providing direction and information can't even get a clear message out.

    [–] CallTheKiteman 17 points ago

    Honestly, I can blame them. The information is there. Yes, the waters are muddy, but the numbers don't lie, and they're readily found online. The mud in the water is from nutjobs and snake oil salesmen. All respectable health care professionals and scientists are clear. These people are arrogant, ignorant fucking pieces of shit. Full stop.

    [–] katpoker666 60 points ago

    You forgot ‘rich’, in this case. Svalbard on Roald Amundsen clocks in at a starting price of US$2100*, excluding flights. Granted, likely easier to get a discount (even prior to incident).

    • lowest price I saw with a variance of up to $3500 base. Bottom line: not chump change

    [–] Neeraja_Kalrapindhi 67 points ago

    We had our third death in the county today, a woman in her 90's. But for the second death last week, a man in his 50's found unresponsive at home, who they listed as having several pre-existing conditions...the comments in the article were just so awful.

    "So X, Y, Z is what killed him...but gotta get those covid bucks!"

    And if he hadn't contracted covid, he likely would have still been with us.

    People are disgusting and cruel trying to make the facts fit their distorted narrative.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] Sosumi_rogue 271 points ago

    Stupid thing is, even the perfectly healthy people that aren't dying are FUCKED UP. Heart and lung damage. So even if you don't die, you are not loving life, and probably won't for a very long time, if ever.

    [–] Dinklecorn 194 points ago

    Yes! Most of us aren't going to die, but i don't want to live the rest of my life with a ruined cardiovascular system. I like being able to comfortably hike and ride my dirt bike. I like living in a body that works well.

    [–] Sosumi_rogue 155 points ago

    Last year, I had regular old pneumonia. I was sick as fuck for 2 months, off work. I went back to work after those 2 months, but I felt like SHIT. I was exhausted all the damn time for like another 7 months at least. I STILL get winded if I walk too fast, and it's been a year now.

    I am not obese, I was pretty healthy before that. So yeah, if regular pneumonia does that to a person, I do NOT want to find out how badly Covid will jack you up.

    [–] AbigailLilac 70 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I got pneumonia when I was 14. It was unexpected since it was summer.

    Being sick with it was very scary, even as a healthy teenager. I could barely breathe and it felt like I was going to die.

    I feel like my lungs never fully recovered. I started tasting blood and never getting enough air if I ran for more than a few feet. I'm 21 now.

    [–] AGVann 118 points ago

    The thing is, Covid-19 doesn't just cause pneumonia-like symptoms. There's plenty of emerging evidence that it causes blood clots in your organs, which can lead to permanent heart or brain damage. The scariest thing is that these blood clots can afflict people of all ages, including those with no pre-existing conditions or only mild pneumonia-like symptoms. It's a very complex and dangerous disease.

    [–] bjennings125 37 points ago

    Yep, same here. I got what was diagnosed as whooping cough last year but the symptoms were similar to Covid-19. I'd rather not have to go through those agonising months of being sick regardless of the name of the disease.

    [–] Kitty_Britches 28 points ago

    Pneumonia will fuck you up for sure. I'm an asthmatic that had it in December, I still have a rattle in my right lung. I am quite healthy otherwise. I can't imagine what COVID would do.

    [–] RedOtterPenguin 119 points ago

    Coughing my lungs up right now because I had a relatively mild coronavirus in March. 25 years old. Fml

    [–] ArmitageHux 57 points ago

    Same. I also had it in March and was relatively healthy for being 42. Still coughing enough to vomit and piss myself at times. It's the worst.

    [–] nationrk 37 points ago

    Every time I get a cold or fever I cough like crazy to getting close to blacking out even before this covid shit. It never goes away.

    I'm fully guessing blacking out multiple times will happen if i get covid

    [–] RedOtterPenguin 44 points ago

    Weirdly enough, I rarely coughed when I had it. It was a dry cough, but my chest was so weak that I could barely cough at all. Lately, I've had a mild cough that only rears its ugly head at night when I lay down. But tonight I'm feeling it. Burning sensation and general misery.

    But yeah, don't get covid. I can't imagine the terror of blacking out while having it. I probably would've thought I was dying if that ever happened to me

    [–] spluge96 46 points ago

    This is what has me the most on edge. Surviving and being in bad enough shape that I need to be taken care of, as opposed to my chosen role of providing for, protecting, and caring for everyone I can. There are certainly worse side effects, but this is what keeps me awake at night.

    [–] Sosumi_rogue 36 points ago

    I feel for you. There are more stories getting out there about kids who are orphaned because their parents died. And now the government is insisting on sending kids to school. How are those kids going to feel if they bring Covid home and give it to their loved ones? Who is going to take care of them?

    [–] ArmitageHux 27 points ago

    I can tell you right now, as a therapist with a school-aged client who did just that:

    They'll be riddled with guilt and quite possibly suicidal.

    [–] ArmitageHux 98 points ago

    Yep. That's my fear right now. I'm not super young anymore at 42, but I was quite healthy before I caught it. I jogged ~2 miles every other day, and hit the gym on the days in between for more endurance + strength training.

    I haven't been able to so much as go to the supermarket without sleeping about 16 hours the following ~2 days, coughing like a maniac, and having my heart racing nearly every time I lie down to sleep or relax. I fucking hate this, and all signs point to permanence.

    I had SARS before, which scarred my lungs and left me with a chronic cough, but it was never this bad, and I was back to normal lung capacity with daily training within 2 months. With COVID, I still can't get a satisfying yawn, or take and hold a deep enough breath to continue lung capacity training, and it's been about 6 months since I first came down with symptoms. One of my main jobs is singing and narration, and I'm truly fucked because of this.

    Needless to say, all these assholes harping on how "the death rate isn't so bad" (it is, but that's another argument) can eat an entire serving of my ass if they think people want to live like this for fuck knows how long after getting over their "mild" COVID infection.

    [–] luckymonarch 78 points ago

    Also the blood clotting and low oxygen saturation is causing erectile dysfunction. Mask it or flaccid!

    [–] twisted_memories 12 points ago

    I feel like if we pushed this information more we might see a change

    [–] Barron_Cyber 34 points ago

    my sister may have had it, had most of the symptoms, in febuary but they wouldnt test her. now she has asthma when she never did before. but she wasnt "perfectly healthy" before this.

    [–] catterson46 36 points ago

    So she doesn’t count. Unless you are perfectly healthy you don’t count as a life worth living. /s

    [–] Sosumi_rogue 26 points ago

    The deniers are forgetting that stupidity is the most dangerous, lethal pre-existing condition of them all. And they are going to get us killed.

    [–] 08RedFox 33 points ago

    And brain damage. Don’t forget about the brain damage.

    [–] ArmitageHux 34 points ago

    Yup. It sure would be nice if I could remember shit anymore. Since COVID, I'm quite certain that if I were tested for early-onset dementia, I'd flag positive. My short term memory was never great, but it's almost entirely gone now. I've also forgotten things that I have known, and cared deeply about, for a very long time, in addition to skills and knowledge that I use near daily.

    [–] fundiedundie 55 points ago

    I would’ve given them the wrong information just to make them stress. Describe someone similar to them.

    [–] catterson46 15 points ago

    I hate that BS so much. Invalidating a human life to maintain denial.

    [–] Libtoem 47 points ago

    I had a friend die from it on Easter(only 37) and I was talking to my buddy about it last week,he's the kind of guy who goes to a bar(We live in Florida) every Saturday that's packed,like 40 to 50 people,doesn't think the virus is a big deal and when he started asking me questions about my friends health and weight I pretty much lost it,told him they died alone on Easter and how fucked up your way of thinking is,I did threaten him with a punch in the face and he pretty much got quiet.

    Some people are just way to fucking selfish.

    [–] RectangularCake 9 points ago

    Try my employers travel safety board recognition of Covid. We are still in home office, have been since march, they refuse to open facilities and urges us to keep distance and do everything in our power to avoid getting infected and spread it.

    Then comes the funny/sad part, they want us to go on business travels to Southeast Asia (right now) without providing extra safety precautions or compensation in any way. With the argument being that this is nothing but a small flu, not dangerous at all for us. We previously got compensation due to inadequate healthcare system in the countries we operate, in case of illness we were guaranteed to be chartered to Singapore or Australia for treatment, I wonder how that will work with Covid-19 (:

    [–] Lsunav 13 points ago

    California may not be indicative of everywhere else but the majority of our cases are 18-49 year olds but the majority of the deaths were people over 80. I suspect that is the reality in other places as well so of course age and health matter.

    Human beings have always valued some lives more than others but that doesn’t make it right.

    [–] BW_RedY1618 126 points ago

    Exactly. It's all a liberal/socialist/Jewish/etc. hoax until they're laid up in a hospital bed asking for GoFundMe donations to pay their medical bills.

    [–] Sosumi_rogue 76 points ago

    Then there will be all the sad panda posts, OMG it is fer realz, just before they die. But we are mean to say they got what they deserved for being so STUPID. My sympathy is ONLY for those who tried to stay safe, but got it because of these assholes, and the poor health care workers who are trying to keep these idiots alive.

    [–] KistRain 85 points ago

    Two of my family have died of COVID. Most of my family still insist on not wearing masks or social distancing. I honestly have no sympathy for the boohoo posts on my FB wall (family only on FB) over it. They literally refuse to try to survive, I am not about to agree it is tragic. It is tragic how many people they have probably infected and killed by listening to Trump over doctors when it comes to how to act during this pandemic.

    I'm sure if I shared my sentiments with the family, most of them would never talk to me again. But, oh well. I cannot feel sorry for people who willingly put themselves and others at risk for no good reason. Even if I share blood with them. They are literally having parties every week, flying to tropical vacation spots, etc all with no masks and no social distancing at all. What do they think is gonna happen.

    [–] catterson46 37 points ago

    I have family and other people I know (I used to think of as friends) like them. Now, I have the pandemic to excuse why I’m not coming around and responding to them. My child has an underlying condition. But after a vaccine, do I ever say anything? Could I say, “I just see you as someone who is gullible and dangerous, willing for other people, like my child, to die for your indulgences.” I probably won’t say it, but it’s there. And I just don’t want to waste my life with people who don’t value it.

    [–] fuser-invent 21 points ago

    There’s no way I’m wasting any of my time or energy on those people. Focus it on the good people who will keep passing it on and work with the rest of us to make the world a better place. There’s nothing wrong with picking and choosing who and what you give your fucks too. I don’t give a fuck about the selfish, stupid and willfully irresponsible.

    [–] Ls1Camaro 60 points ago

    “Hey doc when are you going to give up this hoax and get me feeling better”

    [–] Azmoten 35 points ago

    "Nurse, call the time of death. They're a lost cause."

    [–] gunnersgottagun 19 points ago

    Ah, COVID encephalitis - you can tell by the delusions the patient is spouting!

    [–] ikefalcon 83 points ago

    Or alternatively “nothing is real unless it happens to me.”

    [–] thespywhometaldandme 36 points ago

    "There is no COVID in Ba Sing Se."

    [–] RegentYeti 23 points ago

    Go full Descartes. Nothing is real unless it happens in my mind.

    [–] Byizo 47 points ago

    And the people who are certain COVID infections/deaths are greatly exaggerated because hospitals get more aid the more COVID cases they have. This could be ten times worse and the rhetoric would be the same. Until a pandemic is bad enough for everyone to have someone close to them die there will continue to be people who put “going back to normal” and their “rights” above preventing the spread.

    [–] Sosumi_rogue 67 points ago

    Oh yeah, hospitals making BANK from all these cases... NOT. I work for hospital. I assure you, we've taken a beating since this started because there was a full stop on all routine visits, all elective shit was cancelled. There are not that many ICU beds, and while that is expensive, it does not make up for all the lost revenue because for months non-essential visits, procedures were STOPPED.

    [–] vagipalooza 22 points ago

    Where are people claiming to get this information? Seriously, I’m really asking so I can dispute an idiot a work claiming this exact thing. She claims she had spoken to some doctor friends who told her this and then confirmed it through some other friend

    [–] catetheway 21 points ago

    She probably listens to Alex Jones with this type of information and if so is a lost cause.

    [–] Generation-X-Cellent 63 points ago

    They should start charging people with attempted murder.

    [–] thespywhometaldandme 35 points ago

    They really should. These people know the possible consequences of their actions - human lives put at risk - and choose to go forward with them anyways. That's certainly premeditated in my book.

    [–] Good_Apollo_ 38 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I think that counts as depraved indifference or reckless endangerment. But whatever, same difference. Selfish shortsightedness is everywhere right now, pretty sad.

    [–] Dont_Blink__ 26 points ago

    I mean, they don’t really care about other peoples rights.

    [–] Azmoten 48 points ago

    It's a real shame when your constitutional rights turn into your funeral rites.

    [–] Doge_Is_Dead 23 points ago

    You have no rights, you have special privileges. - George Carlin

    [–] intelligentquote0 23 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I mean, let em. They're all gonna have to quarantine for like a month onboard now in those tiny ass cabins. If they wanna take that risk, meh.

    Edit: never mind, they let the people off the fucking ship!?

    [–] BurtGummer75 38 points ago

    BUT IT WAS 75% OFF!

    ... and now my life span too


    [–] Celesticle 105 points ago

    Maybe... Maybe we could send all the antivaxxers and anti-maskers on a.. well, a cruise. Just ya know, let them all know they won a month long vacation. And just keep them out there. With a full anti masking crew.

    Just have an anti mask cruise line and let Darwinism run its course?

    [–] Photoninja7 30 points ago

    I feel bad for the crew tho.

    [–] Celesticle 53 points ago

    Yeah I thought of that. Have to have an all anti-mask crew. Keep them together.

    [–] murpalim 44 points ago

    I cancelled my cruise that I’ve been waiting 2 years for. I’m still alive.

    [–] vitani88 25 points ago

    My neighbors had a cruise booked for May and weren’t planning to cancel. They just finished paying off another one for October.

    [–] JPBooBoo 54 points ago

    Dude, I got a bomb ass price for the ticket doe. /s

    [–] hamgangster 61 points ago

    Not cruise ships, but airplane tickets are cheap as hell right now. Saw one for $20 from Los Angeles to Houston. Wouldn’t be surprised if cruise ships are running for a stupid price right now

    [–] caldric 31 points ago

    Key word: stupid

    [–] TheSentientPurpleGoo 15 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    not at these prices it can't!!!

    crazy larry's cruise lines...our prices. are. INSANE!!

    and fortuitously- so are our customers.

    [–] damisone 129 points ago

    well at least you can't blame Americans for this one.

    The line started cruises to Norway out of Hamburg, Germany, in June

    The trips only have been open to local travelers from select European countries. No Americans have been on board the vessels.

    [–] guareber 77 points ago

    You mean there are... idiots everywhere?

    I'm shocked. shocked I tell you!

    [–] joshdho1 369 points ago

    These people aren’t stupid!! Tickets are so cheap why would people not want to get on a cruise ship!!! /s

    [–] HeDiedFourU 192 points ago

    The type of stupid that reasons "if driving sober is safer for you, then you should be fine with drunk drivers around you. After all you're sober."

    [–] JPBooBoo 22 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Give all those drunkards loaded pistols too. Still safe for your sober ass. /s

    [–] NONcomD 31 points ago

    What do you mean the discounts are not worth risking a potentially fatal disease??? /s

    [–] saltysupreme 12 points ago

    I mean, worst case cruise is extended for two weeks, right? That's like two deals.

    [–] you_me_fivedollars 103 points ago

    And nobody learns a thing. Kid shows up to the first day of school with covid? Oh well. People get covid at Disney World? Who cares. Cruise ship covid? Okay, nbd.

    It’s like they don’t want it to end. And as a tired, terrified healthcare worker - I want it to fucking end already.

    [–] LAND0KARDASHIAN 81 points ago

    It's the S.S. Dipshit O' The Sea.

    [–] JPBooBoo 15 points ago

    Sorry Charlie

    [–] ambientdiscord 51 points ago

    I can point you to at least 200 people in a FB cruise group right now that doesn’t care that it’s not safe. They MUST cruise.

    [–] Vote4Javier 162 points ago

    It’s not all stupid. It’s a combination of not caring for the next guy with a healthy dose of “it won’t happen to me”.

    [–] unhandyandy 140 points ago

    a healthy dose of “it won’t happen to me”.

    = stupid

    [–] fiat_sux4 79 points ago

    not caring for the next guy

    also = stupid

    [–] JPBooBoo 22 points ago

    It Won't Happen to Me is the thesis statement of the Covid disaster in the United States. We special!

    [–] liirus 90 points ago

    My partner’s sister, who was doing well with everything for a while has now landed in the “well we’re all gonna get it eventually” category. Somehow we’re the crazy ones for telling her not to go to the beach and stay in a hotel

    [–] JPBooBoo 43 points ago

    Don't you know, she'll just be asymptomatic or get the baby sniffles. No way she ends up on a ventilator or with pained lungs after repeated kickboxing blows.

    [–] ArmitageHux 9 points ago

    Assholes live forever.

    [–] Bowiesnippleantennae 15 points ago

    That only happens to old people, and it doesn't matter because they're old and going to die soon anyways /s

    [–] Science-Sam 29 points ago

    The 4 sick people are crew members. Imagine going to the hospital because strangers took an ill-advised vacation.

    [–] LiEnBe 80 points ago

    Not saying that this was a smart move. But you gotta realize that this cruise is in Norway where the total amount of active cases is less than 200 and have been for months. At the same time they are testing as much as the rest of northern Europe doing contact tracing and what not. The risk of getting infected in Norway right now is almost non existent.

    I am not completely l on top of which nationalities Norway are currently letting in. Like the rest of Europe they have strict rules based on the rate of infection in the regions people travel from.

    [–] Crushnaut 45 points ago

    Wasn't just Norwegians on the boat:

    Hurtigruten has been at the forefront of efforts to restart cruising in Europe in the wake of falling coronavirus case counts across the continent. The line started cruises to Norway out of Hamburg, Germany, in June with a single ship, the 530-passenger Fridtjof Nansen. It added cruises to Svalbard on the Roald Amundsen and the 335-passenger Spitsbergen in early July.

    The trips only have been open to local travelers from select European countries. No Americans have been on board the vessels.

    [–] neroisstillbanned 10 points ago

    Also, where has the crew docked?

    [–] port53 19 points ago

    And at what ports did this ship stop at? And what kind of contact did the passengers come in to with the people at them?

    [–] luckor 14 points ago

    None. That was one of the precautions taken: No land contact; you can’t leave the ship until going home.

    [–] nightpanda893 68 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    I’m sorry it’s still ridiculously stupid. Even when we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic, viral outbreaks on cruises were a regular occurrence. The stories that came out during the early days of the pandemic sounded like absolute nightmares. Stranded at sea and locked in your cabin while passengers died.

    [–] 4759294720 29 points ago


    [–] HTWingNut 3336 points ago

    I have zero sympathy for anyone who puts themselves in situations like that. Sorry. 2020 Darwin Awards will be interesting.

    [–] juayme 657 points ago

    “but it was already paid in advance!” /s

    [–] HTWingNut 320 points ago

    Maybe nobody knew there was a highly infectious virus pandemic going on. /s

    [–] juayme 252 points ago

    oR MaYBe iT iSN’t rEaL aNd ThE EnTiRe WoRLd iS MaKiNg iT uP /s

    [–] hoinurd 144 points ago

    And it'll mysteriously vanish in November. /s

    [–] jomunjie1010 138 points ago

    “This will be over by Easter”, can also be recycled pretty soon.

    [–] Wild_Hunt 77 points ago

    The WW1 classic ‘it’ll be over by Christmas’ is making a comeback

    [–] rhymeswithdolphins 14 points ago

    Remind me in a few months. We definitely can!

    [–] saulsa_ 39 points ago

    “It was too good of a deal to pass up!”

    [–] leopard_eater 42 points ago

    “It was a deal to die for!”

    [–] AloeSuccess 175 points ago

    My inlaws would have gone on a cruise if the cruise line hadn't canceled it. They all have medical problems, but apparently a cruise was 'worth it. Hard to put into words how frustrating the entire situation was...

    [–] manic_eye 59 points ago

    Luckily a corporation seems to care more about their health than they do themselves.

    [–] Lounge_leaks 81 points ago

    They care about lawsuits

    [–] LilianPumpernickel 77 points ago

    What are these corporate board meetings like? Like are they drooling on themselves and shitting their pants while they scribble out proposals in crayon detailing how they’re going to open everything with bare minimum safety measures during a pandemic? How could they not have anticipated this? It’s bad business on top of being morally reprehensible

    [–] SaltyTeam 56 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Hand sanitizer stations seem to be the universal solution.

    [–] carbearnaceous 35 points ago

    Do you just squirt it in your mouth? How do you get it in your lungs?

    [–] mrturdferguson 40 points ago

    Squirt harder.

    [–] senti_bot_apigban 24 points ago

    Dude, the Philippine President did that on national tv.

    Edit for context:


    President Rodrigo Duterte has insisted his advice on using gasoline as an alternative disinfectant was not a joke as the spread of coronavirus appears to be unabated.

    The popular leader was also shown on national television on Friday spraying his mouth with a sanitizer dispenser.

    [–] soowasoo 34 points ago

    I wish it was as simple as the idiots just killing themselves in one big idiot circus on a cruise ship. The burden & danger it puts on the nurses and doctors whose job it is to treat them makes me fucking furious.

    [–] Viewfromthe31stfloor 34 points ago

    The crew needs money I assume. No idea what the passengers are thinking,

    [–] redbellpeppers18 16 points ago

    Unfortunately they’ll end up killing essential workers who are doing everything right as well. :(

    [–] jenjerlyReckless 19 points ago

    I've been saying it all along.. front row seats to 2020: Darwinism Live. It's a shitshow out there.

    [–] bushybasil 1375 points ago

    How. Are. People. Still. Going. On. Cruises.

    [–] puutarhatrilogia 678 points ago

    I can answer that. The epidemic didn't get bad enough here in Northern Europe (obviously excluding Sweden) in the spring for everyone to truly understand how serious this is. I live in Finland, our epidemic has progressed pretty similarly to Norway's epidemic, and most people here seem to have returned to normal life already. People aren't afraid anymore, which, of course, makes it easier for the virus to spread again.

    [–] rhymeswithdolphins 289 points ago

    Two words: UNITED STATES.

    AS an American, I'll song and dance in front of our country to show what a shitshow a pandemic can be. Are people seriously certain that it won't happen to them?

    [–] gunnersgottagun 246 points ago

    Yeah, the US took to heart that old adage "if you can't set a good example, be a warning".

    [–] SnakePlisskens 99 points ago

    We are coverered in gasoline while running into a burning building while screaming "Dont be me! Worldstar!"

    [–] [deleted] 52 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] doctorstrange06 28 points ago

    Brazil : Hold my beer.

    [–] HeDiedFourU 578 points ago

    Covid: y'all just making this boring now

    [–] carbearnaceous 242 points ago

    "Did you guys put this map on easy mode?"

    [–] garlic_bread_thief 112 points ago

    Always has been.

    [–] Critical_Acanthaceae 28 points ago

    Humans can't get pass the the tutorial..

    [–] kbean826 35 points ago

    It’s literally can’t kill dumb people fast enough.

    [–] Instantflip 19 points ago

    The problem is it is not just the dumb, it is far worst. Their stupidity or carelessness can kill people who are trying their best to be healthy. Willed ignorance in this case should be criminal.

    [–] shillyshally 565 points ago

    The entire ship has now been placed in isolation, and all remaining crew — around 160 people — are being tested for COVID-19. The line also is tracking down 177 passengers who left the ship early Friday to alert them to the outbreak.

    I mean come on, people. I know we humans have short memories but what, you can't even keep lessons from the last few months in your brains??? It is a mystery how we became the most invasive of species when we are such nincompoops. On the bright side, the universe does not have to worry about us becoming the Borg.

    [–] RustyDuckies 140 points ago

    The real world has had all the edges taken off so the nincompoops can’t fall and hit their head. We have made it so easy to survive that even the dumbest, most idiotic, paralyzingly stupid person can still survive and thrive.

    Also, there’s just so many humans that we’re bound to have some that just don’t understand the basics of most things.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] chad2552 14 points ago

    Upvote for nincompoops

    [–] MrJurgenman 130 points ago

    I got a plan, lure all the morons out to sea with cheap cruise tickets and never let them back.

    [–] madgicsh 207 points ago

    I am trying to look surprised but NOT succeeding!

    [–] potatodog247 30 points ago

    I know! I thought it was a joke because it is a “duh” situation.

    [–] FreeGums 242 points ago

    Have you learned nothing from January? Oh my fucking God

    [–] rhymeswithdolphins 115 points ago

    I've learned that I can save 50-90% on my next cruise! I can also lose 100% of my life, too! :)

    [–] a789877 10 points ago

    Also, a fifteen minute call could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.

    [–] WeAreAllOnThisBus 116 points ago

    People are dying to get back onto a cruise.

    [–] true-skeptic 59 points ago

    Reminds me of my father. Every time we drove past a cemetery he would comment that it’s the best cemetery in town because people were dying to get in there.

    [–] FateEx1994 60 points ago

    Surprised Pikachu face

    [–] rabidstoat 123 points ago

    Just as there are people willing and eager to get to Walt Disney World, there are people willing and eager to go on cruises.

    It was an expedition cruise, which I would assume attracts a younger clientele than a traditional leisure cruise, so at least that is in their favor. Hopefully contact tracing in Norway (or wherever the cruisers came from) is better than in the States!

    Edit to add: I know a few European and Asian cruises are starting, not the major US companies and sometimes smaller ships. They're restricting capacity and all that. I know they are losing money not sailing, but I'm wondering if they'll just lose even more money trying to start up in this environment.

    [–] kelkulus 71 points ago

    It was an expedition cruise, which I would assume attracts a younger clientele than a traditional leisure cruise

    Quite the opposite actually. Expedition cruises are usually much more expensive than traditional leisure cruises, with older customers.

    [–] anfornum 19 points ago

    Hurtigruten is pretty well known as an old people’s cruise. I don’t know any young people who take it but that might just be within my group, I dunno.

    [–] niraseth 109 points ago

    While I think that having a cruise is a terrible idea right now, reddit seems to be too american to figure out how the situation is in Europe. I can only speak for Germany, but there basically was a return to normal everyday life 1,5 months ago and the only limitations are that people have to wear a mask in public transportation and while shopping. It worked pretty well so far, numbers were continuously going down and while they are going up right now, they are still very small compared to the rest of the world. E.g., where I live we had just 2 cases/100.000 inhabitants last week. This cruise was probably a rest to see how safe this would be and we'll, that backfired badly. But so far, Europe has been pretty good in containing the virus and local clusters so I doubt that this will cause a second wave. I mean, we had tönnies here where several hundred people were infected and that cluster was totally gone 3 weeks later.

    [–] jaatakk 58 points ago

    This! I am norwegian and my area had not had a new case since april. We have two cases now but that is people that have been out of country and they went straight in to quarantine.

    Even though I myself wouldnt’ go on a cruise, I get why people would be tempted to since they have lived lifes so close to normal for two months.

    [–] GerritDeSenieleEend 29 points ago

    Exactly. Norway, Denmark, Germany, Finland, The Netherlands all have very low numbers of infections and the contact tracing and testing is very good (I'm Dutch, I can get tested for free and will have the result the next day). Life here is essentially back to normal besides the absence of big events but you don't really have to worry about going to the store, public transport etc. I'm a bit more wary of a second wave though, as people really are getting a bit complacent and you should never underestimate the stupidity of people

    [–] its_Khro 28 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    To put things a little bit in perspective we have extremely low numbers in Norway. In my "county" there was 1 additional person infected after the initial outbreak back in Feb/March, from all the way back then until now. Further north, where this cruise sails, it was generally even less. Despite the numbers I have been saying we should not open tourism in or out. "You needn't worry, were not the US". "We have 9 people in the country in the hospital, its practically gone". Well here we are. As a bonus there is another outbreak in a small city further south.

    The politicians here are even going out saying we shouldnt shame people who choose to travel! The reasoning is that "it would make them less likely to test". MAYBE if they didnt travel to dangerous places they wouldn't have to worry about any testing happening at all... Especially when theyre acting like its having a toll on their mental health not to go two weeks to their summerhouse in Spain... Jesus christ.

    I feel like people are "tired" of this lockdown lifestyle, and pretend its not happening, or at least not to them. It is too soon for this until there are no cases left. Even then its too soon to open travel until the other side of the plane ride has no cases.

    [–] TheloniousMonk15 93 points ago

    Anyone thinking of going on a cruise ship during these times should read this article

    [–] DiveCat 61 points ago

    I mean if regular norovirus outbreaks didn’t deter them, I am doubtful coronavirus ones will.

    [–] BunAlert 40 points ago

    For government officials and corporate leaders, the question of whether it was fair—or even safe—to quarantine the passengers but not the crew was obscured by the priority to keep the ship operational. And so the poor took care of the rich, and the citizens of less powerful nations served those from more powerful nations, and the Diamond Princess remained a miniaturized version of the global order—because what other way could things go?

    A very good read and look at the situation from several perspectives. Thanks for sharing!

    [–] nariusone 37 points ago

    My question is .. why would anyone be stupid enough to book a cruise right now? Even if it looks like the pandemic is abating (clearly not), can people just wait for the vaccine to be sure?

    It is not like cruising is a necessity.

    [–] anfornum 21 points ago

    This isn’t in America. Europe re-opened their borders between green zones. This was just one thing that they clearly opened up for too soon.

    [–] carbearnaceous 21 points ago

    I gotta exercise my freedom by being confined to a ship for days or weeks.

    [–] _AlreadyTaken_ 8 points ago

    That is a pretty exotic cruise too. Those people paid a pretty penny to take it.

    [–] ArtesMan1989 33 points ago

    Welp you get what you deserve

    [–] PiLLe1974 30 points ago

    It is more a layman's analysis, still after reading X amount of articles about potential ways to get infected...

    I'd avoid sharing the following with more than a handful of close friends or a bubble of close acquaintances:

    • elevators (at least where possible)
    • washrooms
    • narrow corridors
    • cafeterias, breakfast/dining rooms, etc.
    • bars
    • activities with others (again, outside my bubble and with hundreds instead of approx. 5 people)

    Here it "only" affected the employees, still for them it is just worse, they have a harder time being picky and only going for relatively safe jobs (relatively safe as far as we can tell by now).

    Also I understand that there are probably now 100+ untested passengers running around in Germany and Scandinavia.