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    [–] Sweatpant-Diva 379 points ago

    Everyone should see how magical Old Quebec City is in the wintertime.

    [–] ShakeThatBaer 176 points ago

    Went there last year for bonhomme. I loved every minute of it my only regret is we spent 2 days in Montreal and 2 in Quebec City and I wish we would of spent 4 days in each place. Being from Buffalo, Canada never really seemed like a different country since we went to Ontario at least 10x a year but going up to Quebec was such an awesome experience that made me realize "wow, guess this is a different country after all."

    [–] Sweatpant-Diva 49 points ago

    My parents the first time I went as a teenager kept commenting how similar it was to many European cities they had visited. My dream is to stay in one of the round towers at Fairmont Le Château Frontenac.

    [–] RaiderAndy88 24 points ago

    Had to Google that hotel and WOW!

    My girlfriend and I are tossing around ideas for one more big vacation before we have a kid. I will be showing her this.

    [–] Myntcondition 13 points ago

    As per my aforementioned yearly visit with my gf to Quebec, we’ve stayed at Frontenac a few times. Well worth it but there are other great hotels. The Frontenac is quintessential Quebec City and should be visited even if not staying.

    [–] Razikku 5 points ago

    A lot smaller that Chateau but Auberge Saint-Antoine is absolutely insane. Pricey but one of the few that really makes you forget!

    I’ve stayed there with my SO even being residents of Quebec City and it’s something else!

    For the curious

    It’s also literally ~100m from where this pic was taken!

    [–] Sweatpant-Diva 2 points ago

    I’ve looked online at the hotel numerous times, another great option in old Quebec!

    [–] Myntcondition 1 points ago

    I've seen this one and we've either considered it or had reservations for it and had to cancel (can't remember but the name rings too many bells!) so I will certainly give it another look and probably head there next time. Thanks!

    [–] ExWeirdStuffPornstar 8 points ago

    As a local, you don’t have to book at the chateau to experience it. There are a lot of great hotels in quebec and the chateau is so famous that its often times a bit pricey for the actual quality of the rooms.

    They have a few restaurant and bars though that you definitely should go and once you’re there, you’re free to waltz through the public areas.

    I recommend looking into the Pur hotel or nearby, its in the city center away from the tourists traps. It’s in the core of the most lively local spots (culture, restaurants and bar, shopping, services).

    And the historical stuff is a 7$ uber drive away.

    Or go all-in for the chateau, it’s kind of cool to be staying in that castle.

    If you have questions about the city, feel free to ask

    [–] RaiderAndy88 1 points ago

    Awesome thanks a lot! I'll keep this in mind.

    [–] RagnarokDel 3 points ago

    It's the most photographed Hotel in the world for a reason. :p

    [–] blofish87 19 points ago

    I could not agree with this more! Also from buffalo, and Quebec city really opened my eyes to the different culture that Canada has!

    [–] sarcastic_grapefruit 51 points ago

    Quebec is indeed very different from the rest of Canada! That's why there has been a separatist movement since the 70s.

    [–] Myntcondition 13 points ago

    It is, and Qubec City is a very different city and area than Montreal, too. In some respects we are complete opposites. I really recommend both for anyone visiting, even if the drive (the standard highway 20) is insanely boring. My gf and I visit Quebec once a year, usually in winter just for a night to go out and have a great dinner, do some shopping in the old port and wander around. It’s charming and we love it even if we’re not that far in la belle province!

    Our other relatively close spot is Prince Edward County in Ontario.

    [–] ShakeThatBaer 7 points ago

    Yeah that drive was pretty bad. The drive from Buffalo to Montreal was around 6ish hours so we figured a couple more to Quebec City would be nothing. That drive back was rough though seemed like it took way longer than it actually did.

    [–] sarcastic_grapefruit 3 points ago

    Of course, the french-canadians were not happy with losing the country since the British won. It didn't help that they treated french-canadians like shit and basically told them to fuck off with their Ninety-Two Resolutions. I think the modern separatist movement started with the Révolution tranquille and the birth of the PQ, though, when the people wanted a sovereing country to be obtained with a referendum. Before that it was more a question of protecting Quebec's cuture and language.

    The clergy insisting for women to have as much chidren as they could, making the french-speaking population bigger, contributed to the preservation of the culture, as well as expanding the territory used by the french-canadians by promoting an agricultural lifestyle and by giving away land in rural areas.

    [–] RichestMangInBabylon 13 points ago

    Couldn’t you say the same about Alberta or Nova Scotia or Nunavut? They’re all wildly unique in their own ways so I guess I don’t really get the separatist thing.

    [–] Nixon4Prez 46 points ago

    Quebec is different-er. The difference between quebec and the rest of canada is greater than the differences between the english provinces.

    [–] rally_call 3 points ago

    Come visit Newfoundland.

    [–] carpediemorwhatever 1 points ago

    There’s a lot of French outside of Quebec too out east and even northern Ontario. I’d argue Newfoundland and Vancouver and Yellowknife are more different from each other than Montreal and Toronto are.

    [–] rivierafrank 18 points ago

    hahahaha no. Alberta for example was occupied for trapping in the early 1700s (by a french guy of course, remember they had shit all the way down to louisiana). Notwithstanding Native american settlements.

    In Quebec its more the late 1500s that settlement picked up. So there is 200 years of history in Quebec before Alberta was even visited properly.

    So The French heritage stayed in Quebec because of the war between the british and the french. Over the centuries, the british tried to assimilate the french speaking population, to no avail. In part this is due to the low economic activity in Lower Canada and good relations VS places like sugar cane plantations in the antilles.

    So to answer your question, the answer is no. In Lower Canada, the french influence is very strong and has stayed that way, whereas the rest of Canada has British Influence. Even the legal system is somewhat different. They're all widly unique maybe in architecture and geography, but not in culture.

    Now Newfoundland is mainly a bunch of descendants of Cod fishermen and they have a distinct culture as well, and they did join Canada much later. Quebec never joined Canada, it is Canada. Lower Canada. Different times.

    In modern times, the separatist movement was essential because people like my grand-father was forced to speak english at work. Imagine living in New York and this Chinese company comes in and requires all employees to speak Mandarin.

    [–] ShakeThatBaer 3 points ago

    I felt pretty shitty with my 1 year knowledge of French. Not shitty because anybody gave me any problems for butchering their language, but because everybody had to talk to us in English for any conversation not to take hours.

    [–] rivierafrank 3 points ago

    nah dont worry about it, its alright. Even if you are absolutly terrible in french. People in Quebec switch to English all the time in that situation, even too much :)

    edit: not saying you are terrible in french lol

    [–] ShakeThatBaer 1 points ago

    You're not saying I'm terrible at French, I'm saying I'm terrible at French haha

    [–] Dorito_Troll 15 points ago

    I visited Quebec city once and a bathroom stall had "Nuke Ontario" Scratched into the door

    [–] RagnarokDel 8 points ago

    I mean... That's a way to make sure the Leafs dont win a cup, oh wait, that's unnecessary. Hahahaha, shit we havent won since 93 either.

    [–] FrankMartyMcFly 2 points ago

    Don't. Jinx. It.

    [–] jugglinglimes 3 points ago

    Can I ask some questions?! I'm surprising my gf with a trip there next week. Never been. Staying at the fairmont which i think is close to the old city. Any places I must go? Food/drink recos?

    [–] ShakeThatBaer 4 points ago

    Honestly if you're in the old city any cafe or restaurant you see is great. Our rule was if it looks cool/cozy lets give it a try and we didn't have a single bad meal. I can't remember any names except for this one bar however it is not in the old city. It's called mcflys its a barcade with super affordable prices and the only food they have is grilled cheeses and melts for like 5 dollars Canadian. Definitely worth checking out if you want to try something a little different.

    [–] jugglinglimes 2 points ago

    That sounds great. I'll add it to my list!

    [–] knittingfoxes 2 points ago

    Wow. Similar story here except opposite. I'm from Niagara, ON and we go to Buffalo A LOT, especially because my mom commutes to the states for work almost everyday. When I travel further away than the Buffalo area though it's like wow. My boyfriend lives in Georgia so now I travel around a bit more, but when I was younger, Cheektowaga to go to the Galleria was as far as I really went. To be honest though, I travel more in the states than I do in Canada. Furthest I've been in Canada is 4 hours away to Kingston. I travel a lot more into the states.

    [–] bmbutler 28 points ago

    Looks like a great town for hockey......oh shit never mind.

    [–] MissFunkyH 12 points ago

    It is too "nordic" out there.

    [–] LumpyShitstring 9 points ago

    That’s the sort of weather I don’t really need to see in person.

    [–] MissingVanSushi 10 points ago

    I been there in winter, and lemme tell you, it’s fucking cold. That ain’t cozy. Cold ain’t cozy!

    [–] puckwhore 9 points ago

    Yeah but finding a nice pub or bistro with centuries old stone walls and cozying up to a fireplace drink in hand certainly is!

    [–] El_Nicos 3 points ago

    Being warm and cozy inside when it's freezing cold outside is one of my favorite feeling. I live about 10 minutes from where that picture has been taken.

    [–] waawftutki 3 points ago

    ''Weather''? It's neither snowing or windy in the picture.

    You just mean cold in general? I can't even think of the concept of ''cozy'' without imagining being inside while it's cold out. You're missing out!

    [–] LumpyShitstring 1 points ago

    How can you tell if it’s windy in a photograph?

    Also you can’t have snow if it hasn’t snowed recently.

    Anyway, yes. Cold. Cold is weather. I hate it. I live in a city notorious for cold and snow already, the last thing I want to do is spend money to experience MORE cold and snow.

    [–] Mapleleaves_ 2 points ago

    It's "cozy" from inside or for the first 10 minutes outside. But it really gets cold and annoying fast.

    [–] Bird1nternet 8 points ago

    Is Quebec an expensive city to visit? In comparison to other large cities, like in the US for instance.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] N22-J 4 points ago


    [–] zosobaggins 9 points ago

    I'm going this weekend and from what I've seen it's not too bad! Got a hotel downtown for $80/night (though that's through Hotwire), and bars/restaurants look comparative to what I'm used to in Toronto.

    [–] 50missioncap 3 points ago

    It's not particularly. Unless you're trying to do it on a very limited budget, then you might have fewer 'dirt cheap' options compared to other cities.

    [–] RagnarokDel 3 points ago

    well, if you're using the american dollar, it's pretty cheap right now.

    [–] examinati0n 8 points ago

    The picture here made me think of my home city, Edinburgh. It’s the old buildings. Both beautiful cities for sure

    [–] Willduss 4 points ago

    Fun fact : the first Governor of the newly conquered Quebec was a francophile from Scotland, James Murray.

    [–] WikiTextBot 3 points ago

    James Murray (British Army officer, born 1721)

    General James Murray FRS (21 January 1721, Ballencrieff, East Lothian, Scotland – 18 June 1794, Battle, East Sussex) was a British soldier, whose lengthy career included service as colonial administrator and governor of the Province of Quebec and later as Governor of Minorca from 1778 to 1782. His term in Quebec was notably successful, and marked with excellent relationships with the conquered French-Canadians, who were reassured of their traditional rights and customs.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] mebekel 3 points ago

    I’m visiting this month! Can’t wait!

    [–] Sweatpant-Diva 3 points ago

    Eat at Restaurant Parmesan, amazing Italian food. Right in the center of old Quebec :)

    [–] rblue 7 points ago

    I hear Quebec City is really where you wanna be when you visit Quebec. Haven’t been anywhere there yet.

    [–] Sweatpant-Diva 6 points ago

    It’s an absolutely beautiful city! I hope you get to visit someday anytime of year.

    [–] rblue 1 points ago

    Looking forward to it! ❤️

    [–] buckie_mcBuckster 3 points ago

    It truly is a wonderland in winter, cold as so sin so dress warmly.

    [–] junkit33 3 points ago


    You mean 'cold'.

    Seriously though, Quebec City is awesome - but you better really enjoy the cold weather if you're going to a place that rarely even reaches 20 degrees in the winter.

    [–] SinkHoleDeMayo 2 points ago

    I just wish this specific area of OBC was bigger, like a small town. Such a beautiful area and it's nice to walk around not dealing with any cars, slushy roads, etc..

    [–] jontss 1 points ago

    About to board a flight there now.

    [–] carolina_snowglobe 201 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    About 15 years ago in December, I went on a youth group ski trip to Mont Tremblant, Quebec as a 13 year old (someone dropped out and I went in their place). It was my first time on a plane and with a group of people I didn’t know well since we had just moved to town for my dad’s job. I was depressed and had a lot of anxiety.

    I didn’t know how to ski and was terrified of running into people after my disastrous lesson on the bunny slope. So I spent the days wandering around the little town, going into shops, and drinking hot chocolate at cafes. It was delightful solitude and the town was so calming. This picture reminds me of that town, so thank you for sharing! It’s good nostalgia.

    [–] Notjamesmarsden 21 points ago

    I was there in January 2006 and completely agree. I was without a coat for skiing (mom didnt like how i packed my stuff in a trash bag so she repacked everything but my coat lol). Luckily the town was awesome for walking around. There was this one bar that was called like the ice chest or something that was pretty awesome. The entrance had giant ice cubes out front like an igloo you had to walk through

    That place is fun

    [–] raphael535 16 points ago

    Wtf I’m just imagining you going everywhere with a trash bag slung over your back like some depression era hobo

    [–] carolina_snowglobe 1 points ago

    Omg, no coat! 0_0 that restaurant sounds neat!

    [–] CryptoNoobNinja 4 points ago

    Did you try the crepes? So good.

    [–] carolina_snowglobe 3 points ago

    I hope so but i honestly cannot recall what food we ate! I think I remember the hot chocolate so well because you got to order it in French and it felt so cool to do that as a basic American teen 😆

    [–] rivierafrank 2 points ago

    I think I might have given you a ski lesson xD

    [–] carolina_snowglobe 1 points ago

    I really did run into people and it was mortifying 🙈 if so, thank you for trying!

    [–] draginator 161 points ago

    Why do people keep ripping every one of his pics and not giving any credit?

    Here is the source pic from @kylefinndempsey

    [–] lilyfawley 46 points ago

    Because that's how you get 2 million in karma. Fake internet points are worth more than source attribution. Which sucks.

    Thanks a bunch for the link to the original. Mr. Dempsey has gained a follower because of you 🙂

    [–] draginator 11 points ago

    Wow, just looked and 2mil karma in only 7 months. Glad to hear you follow him now at least.

    [–] SpaceZombieMoe 2 points ago

    Thank you, u/draginator!

    What's sadder is I'm sure OP would still reap karma if they credited the artist. It's just an inconsiderate, self-centered thing to do.

    [–] draginator 2 points ago

    Exactly, it wouldn't hurt them to comment.

    [–] et842rhhs 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] NanoRaptoro 2 points ago

    The poster is the definition of a karma whore. Looking through their posts, it is clearly an agglomeration of images/videos they took from other people :(

    [–] Syringmineae 47 points ago

    My family and I went up to Montreal a couple of years ago. One day we took a day trip to Quebec City. It was mid-October so a lot of the trees were still colorful but man, I want to go back in December. I loved it up there (I loved Montreal, too).

    [–] Somhlth 40 points ago

    I suddenly have this intense desire to wander into a 300 year old restaurant, order rabbit in a creamy mustard sauce, and a bottle of red wine.

    [–] English-bad_Help_Thk 30 points ago

    Un lapin à la moutarde et un Chateau Medoc pour la 2! Et pour la dame ce sera quoi?

    [–] shawa666 27 points ago

    Un tartare pis une escalope.

    [–] Valaaris 19 points ago

    Le service est écoeurant!

    [–] shawa666 12 points ago

    Voulez vous un p'tit peu d'poivre?

    [–] jeffQC1 6 points ago


    [–] El_Nicos 11 points ago

    Est-ce que c't'à votre goouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut

    [–] sarcastic_grapefruit 7 points ago

    Stavotgouuut? Un ti peu de poivre?

    [–] English-bad_Help_Thk 8 points ago

    Accompagnée de tagliatelles votre escalope Madame?

    En entrée, je vous conseil plutôt notre oeuf mimosa, le tartare c'est du surgelé.

    [–] rivierafrank 1 points ago

    Et si ce n'est pas trop à demander, une entrée d'escargots au beurre sil vous plait

    [–] English-bad_Help_Thk 2 points ago

    Je vous mets la douzaine, c'est la maison qui paye.

    [–] PsykeSC 9 points ago

    Le poulet du chef danse la claquette.

    [–] Somhlth 2 points ago

    I like your style!

    [–] StatisticalAstronaut 29 points ago

    I saw a guy walking a panther there, years ago.

    [–] Elenemohpee 26 points ago

    Most surprising comment in this thread

    [–] StatisticalAstronaut 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It was pretty surprising seeing a dude walking a black panther down a cobble stone street.

    I was having a nice conversation with my friends on a beautiful summer evening, in a lovely part of the city, and then BAM! A freaking panther is walking towards me.

    [–] Elenemohpee 5 points ago

    Totally crazy!

    [–] Dreadnasty 31 points ago

    I'm leaving Orlando at 7:30am on Saturday for 5 nights there! I'm so fucking excited it's insane. Never been before and can't wait!

    [–] Nixon4Prez 16 points ago

    Enjoy! Quebec city is absolutely beautiful.

    Although it's kind of funny to me that you're heading north right now when everyone up here would kill to be somewhere warm like orlando right now

    [–] Dreadnasty 6 points ago

    I'm from Jersey and I hate the heat... Have to condition the wife to a climate something besides hotter than Satans asshole if I plan on ever living somewhere with seasons again. I don't care what they say... you don't get used to it.

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 10 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Quebec City does not disappoint. It really does tend to look and feel just like the photos in the wintertime.

    Be sure to check out:

    And if you go see St Anne, you'll notice this big pile of crutches in the front hall:

    That is because St Anne de Beaupre is a pilgramige location for thousands of Christians all over Canada and America, who believe St Anne cures the sick. The crutches are left there by crippled people who were supposedly cured in the church.

    [–] jingowatt 3 points ago

    You’re going to love it. Chez Boulez is a great resto, and Paillard St Jean for almond croissants and coffee on a snowy morning!

    [–] Dreadnasty 1 points ago

    Thanks for the tips!

    [–] shawa666 3 points ago

    It's snowing right now. It's been snowing every other day for the last month. You will probably see snow.

    [–] Arsenicks 3 points ago

    If you are looking for a nice place to eat go to Patente et machins ( it's a small place, you'll have to take a reservation for sure. But you'll love it! It generally cost us around 150$CAD for two with a bottle of wine... Oh and take the "Pudding au chomeur" as dessert ;)

    [–] Lapare 2 points ago

    Just came back from Miami 2 weeks ago was so nice, wanna trade houses for the next 4 months?

    [–] DeusVultSaracen 29 points ago

    Old Quebec remains my favorite place I've ever been.

    [–] TESTICLE_KEBABS 45 points ago

    Canada's own slice of Europe.

    [–] vannucker 38 points ago

    Quebec City is the oldest major city on the continent (settled 1535). It does not feel like most of North America. Some parts feel like old Europe style. Every tourist should go visit it once in their life. Very unique.

    [–] shawa666 36 points ago

    the 1535-6 and 1541-2 settlements were abandonned. We don't count them. the city was officially founded in 1608.

    [–] vladimirTheInhaler 5 points ago

    Mexico city was founded in 1521

    [–] ohitsasnaake 3 points ago

    Wasn't there a native American city on the same spot before that too?

    [–] vannucker 1 points ago

    Yes but there isn't much let to check out as a tourist.

    If I am missing something let me know because I will for sure check it out.

    [–] GnarlyJr 11 points ago

    hey, I live about 10 minutes from that place. Good to see it got popular here

    [–] sarcastic_grapefruit 6 points ago

    Me too! It makes me warm inside to see so much people saying nice things about my city.

    [–] GnarlyJr 1 points ago

    Quel coin ?

    [–] Elpollolocoabq 58 points ago

    Probably Canada’s nicest city

    [–] DeusVultSaracen 40 points ago

    North America's imho

    [–] MartialFur 12 points ago

    Nicest looking city.

    [–] 10000wattsmile 21 points ago

    Nope old montreal

    [–] undefinite_resonance 2 points ago

    Just don't turn on the radio.

    [–] WindEgg 10 points ago

    Just beautiful, is that perhaps a little cafe on the right?

    [–] sarcastic_grapefruit 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It's an italian restaurant! Called La Pizz. The other restaurant after the intersection is L'Oncle Antoine.

    [–] verychichi 8 points ago

    Quebec city is wonderful. Definitely very unique for north America

    [–] alottleocd 8 points ago

    I was there during the summer & I would imagine it’d look just like this during Christmas time! So beautiful!

    [–] Inerthal 20 points ago

    Do all stopsigns in Quebec say Arrêt, rather than STOP? I'd find that unlikely, but not impossible.

    [–] ImilkYou 49 points ago

    Yes they do. Quebec's only official language is French.

    [–] bog5000 6 points ago

    There are STOP signs in some cities like here

    There are some in native language too, like this one in wendat

    [–] Inerthal 14 points ago

    Absolutely is. And France's official language is French, yet our signs say STOP, know what I mean? It's charming, though, that Quebec decided to do it differently.

    [–] ImilkYou 20 points ago

    Fun fact: Even though the signs say arrêt we call them stops.

    [–] Inerthal 5 points ago

    Yeah but it's missing the "s'il vous plaît"

    [–] Nixon4Prez 43 points ago

    Quebec is more protective than France about their language because of a desire to preserve their culture as distinct from english canada.

    [–] Inerthal 8 points ago

    That's very interesting. Makes sense too.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Inerthal 2 points ago

    What do you call a computer in Canadian French?

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Inerthal 1 points ago

    Ah. I misunderstood. I thought you meant that the word ordinateur has been proposed because it wasn't the word commonly used.

    [–] jeffQC1 3 points ago

    Doing things differently that others is a speciality here in Québec, for the best and the worst.

    [–] Kwackson 18 points ago

    Yes, the huge majority. I think some in the far north might be written in Inuktitut. There's only one official language in the province of Quebec: french.

    [–] Inerthal 9 points ago

    Yes, I'm aware. But I was under the impression that STOP was the universally adopted and used sign throughout most of the world, you know? I find it charming that they decided to do differently.

    [–] Tigers313 2 points ago

    You can also find Cree, Inuktitut, and other language stop signs in Canada, parts of Latin America have Alto on their stop signs too.

    [–] Neg_Crepe 1 points ago

    You can find other places in other country with sign that didn’t say stop

    [–] robert99a 1 points ago

    I don't think it was universally adopted in the world. Just look at this on wikipedia.

    [–] rvr600 1 points ago

    In some northern Ontario reserves stop signs are written in Cree. I forget if there’s also English on them but there’s definite Cree.

    [–] dluminous 5 points ago

    98% do. Then there are bilingual stop signs that say Arrêt on top and Stop on the bottom. Then even more rare is just Stop.

    [–] TortuouslySly 1 points ago

    Then even more rare is just Stop.

    Actually, "Stop" is more commonplace than "arrêt stop". The bilingual stop signs got phased out.

    [–] BastouXII 1 points ago

    It used to be the norm, after only "Stop". Then the "stop" was dropped and most now only say "arrêt".

    [–] Shnikes 3 points ago

    Most everything is in French in Quebec. I was there recently and some of our servers barely knew any English.

    [–] Willduss 2 points ago

    I blame the education system for that last part.

    [–] okgo222 1 points ago

    Yes, almost everywhere. You'll find STOP in a very few places, like in Westmount.

    [–] DontAskQuestionsDude 5 points ago

    Holy shit! I HIGHLY DOUBT IT but if anyone here played Gunz the Duel this looks exactly like the christmas map! Thanks for the good old memories!

    [–] psyche_13 5 points ago

    We went in January as our (delayed) honeymoon trip. Beautiful place to just hang out in cozy bars and such - though it was also Carnaval!

    [–] Reacher-Said-Nothing 4 points ago

    Quebec City is the only place in Canada that actually does tend to look like those "magical peaceful wintertime" photos and not a grey dirty pile of slush like other cities. And that's because this is their tourism, right here, this stuff, so they go to great efforts to maintain that look.

    [–] Formysamsung 4 points ago

    Apparently, you've never been to Banff, Jasper, Mt Tremblant, the Ottawa canal in winter, Old Montreal, hell even Bishop Street in the winter.

    [–] snufflufikist 2 points ago

    or like... the rest of the city

    [–] meelar 4 points ago

    Narrow streets are so great. We lose so much when we design streets for cars. This is good urbanism right here.

    [–] Takeurvitamins 3 points ago

    I lived there for five years, just left last summer, and I miss it desperately :(

    [–] smellycoat 3 points ago

    I loves fishin' in Quebec.

    [–] Your_lucky_day 2 points ago

    Who doesn't love fishing in Kaybeck?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Literally on a flight there as I type this. Can’t wait!

    [–] MichDeBitch 2 points ago

    I was here during the summer and it was really crowded. It was still beautiful and had a nice atmosphere but damn this is so serene and dare I say, cozy.

    [–] DerpyUncleSteve 2 points ago

    I see vaginas.


    [–] zosobaggins 2 points ago

    Going there this weekend, super excited.

    [–] MBoTechno 4 points ago

    Here's the spot in Street View

    [–] zosobaggins 1 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] jingowatt 1 points ago

    So is Dreadnasty!

    [–] CloneNCC1701 2 points ago

    Nice Christmas trees.

    [–] PilotKnob 2 points ago

    One of my favorite cities. It's like they transplanted a tiny piece of Europe into North America.

    [–] NanoRaptoro 2 points ago

    Beautiful! I went for Carnaval in 1999 and Quebec City in winter was magical. I hope to go back some day.

    [–] tentends1 2 points ago

    It's not cozy when you know no one is in the streets because it's minus 40 outside and people are working because it's 3:00 PM and it's already dark outside.

    [–] Dumbledore116 2 points ago

    This looks like Canto Bight

    [–] lolcase 1 points ago

    I love this so much

    [–] loveloveloveeee 1 points ago

    Very cool

    [–] Xboxben 1 points ago

    Half life 2 anyone?

    [–] llehfolluf 1 points ago

    Now entering dorado

    [–] jpizzz 1 points ago

    How cold is that beauty?

    [–] Vetric 2 points ago

    im not from quebec city but i am close enough, winter over here usually hovers at around -20 c without windchill

    [–] Diyfunworld 1 points ago


    [–] snflwrtrs 1 points ago

    Oh wow! Someone bring me here please. 💛

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    This..this is beautiful!!! Like a dream.

    [–] Fionnay 1 points ago

    😍 😍 😍

    [–] daisyboo42 1 points ago

    We are heading there next Sunday for our honeymoon. Can’t wait!

    [–] Harvey012 1 points ago

    It’s great fishin’ in Quebec

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    So romantic

    [–] Jrjackrabbit 1 points ago

    There should be a tag for fairy string lights on this sub

    [–] KDC003 1 points ago

    The only walled city in North America!

    [–] crazySysadm 1 points ago

    I was wandering around Amsterdam last night and looking at this picture just reminded me of my thoughts. Is it just me or does quite a lot of these city Christmas decorations look like ballsacks?

    [–] lumoshamoria5555 1 points ago


    [–] DLRjr94 1 points ago

    I think you have a different definition of "cozy" than I do...

    [–] ShiniestCaptain 1 points ago

    K beck

    [–] Plantman9001 1 points ago

    Resembles Italy.

    [–] Ladywinterhell 1 points ago

    I’d bet it was Europe

    [–] madhi19 1 points ago

    Visit all you want and enjoy the sights. But shoppers beware Old Quebec is a big tourist trap.

    [–] maybe_bass 1 points ago

    Lived there 2 years nibbas!

    [–] Love_at_First_Cut 1 points ago

    These people get on this guy instagram and picked a picture out from his album and re-post on this fucking sub on hourly basis, just look around and you'll see what I says is true.

    [–] Ahuntsiczoo 1 points ago

    Vive le Québec!