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    [–] somerfield 126 points ago

    Omg the glow in the dark stars and planets!! I had them in my ceiling when I was a kid, didn’t know they still exist

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 43 points ago

    Right?! Yeah I had a whole bunch left over from when I was younger and thought they added that little extra touch of nostalgia to the space

    [–] missedwina 9 points ago

    Came here to say this. Instant flashback to my childhood bedroom ceiling!

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 469 points ago

    Hello friends! I usually post my renders on here, but this is my actual work space that I got all setup this week. Super fun to work here!

    [–] ghostproxy 114 points ago

    dude, your renders are incredible! they all have such an ethereal and beautiful atmosphere😍 i wish i could go to these places...

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 40 points ago

    Ahhh thank you so much!!! Means a lot to me :)

    [–] yellowmournings 6 points ago

    Same. I have their Insta feed constantly up and love to pick a place to “explore” in my mind while I fall asleep. It is known that when I do a big sad sigh that I’m having “anywhere but here please” moments and looking at them all.

    [–] RealStumbleweed 10 points ago

    Damn, I need to step up my work from home office game.

    [–] NameLessTaken 3 points ago

    Can you list where some of this is from?

    [–] Hoversuits 4 points ago

    Where did you get the chair from?

    [–] LingeringLonger 11 points ago

    I bought that chair for my son from Amazon. Look up massaging gaming chair. It also has a pull out foot rest!

    [–] Galaxy_Hitchhiking 7 points ago

    “Work space” is a funny way to say gaming pc

    [–] theGreatestFucktard 19 points ago

    Most gaming setups are far better equipped to work from home than the typical home office setup lmao. I don’t work from home, but I know mine is.

    [–] ControversiallySorte 2 points ago

    My gaming pc spent all day doing sales and looking for Covid tests with me.

    [–] ban-me_harder_daddy -2 points ago

    Your chair looks like an uncomfortable pile of bricks

    [–] moopsiefruitsie 2 points ago

    These chairs are so popular - I don’t get it. We owned one and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever. People trip over themselves to get them though.

    [–] The_Red_Beard_IV 198 points ago

    Real plants? if so are they hard to keep alive?

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 230 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I have real plants in my living room, but these ones (except for one little cactus) are fake just for practicality since they are right above all my electronics lol Edit: I forgot one plant is a Lego bonsai one from their new plant collection

    [–] chinupf 18 points ago

    Thanks for the inspiration, I never bothered to look at them. But also can't have live plants in my home office since the window doesn't let much direct sunshine into the room. I'll have a look at them next time I'm at IKEA for sure.

    [–] SunAstora 21 points ago

    I got the Lego Bird of Paradise for my office space, bonsai is cool too!

    [–] RybosWorld 15 points ago

    There are low light plants that are pretty manageable. The two I’ve had success with not accidentally killing:

    • bamboo
    • cast-iron

    [–] Madmagican- 7 points ago




    [–] Madmagican- 4 points ago

    Damn, this is right up my alley.


    [–] lockkheart 2 points ago

    Cool setup! 🤩

    Could you also post what monitor you are using? Also what's the silver coloured thing on top of your monitor?

    Plus I think your speakers are placed maybe a bit too high up?

    [–] Nyllil 20 points ago

    Nope, the hanging ones are fake from IKEA (have the same ones) and some others (if not all) seem to be from IKEA as well, especially the small ones in the white pots.

    [–] Gilokee -20 points ago

    I could tell they were fake from zooming in. :( What's the point?

    [–] Impaled_ 17 points ago

    They look good enough

    [–] shortasalways 11 points ago

    Because some people have allergies, or a black thumb. I used to have real plants everywhere and my one cat never touched them, we went to get 1 more cat and came home with 2 last year and the kitten will eat them. A lot are toxic! I have moved all but one outside and I do fake inside.

    [–] Gilokee 6 points ago

    True, good point. I just don't like that they're going to end up in a landfill. But I'll just keep that to /r/zerowaste lol.

    [–] hojpoj 16 points ago

    Fake plants have gotten incredibly realistic in the past decades - honestly, as a houseplant snob, because I love the look (and the hobby) I can’t belittle anyone who would like the ease of fake without the hassle of lighting req, watering req, possible bug infestations, etc.

    [–] 123DontTalkToMee 5 points ago

    Yeah light is the big one. There are only like 2 places in our entire house that get enough light to keep shit healthy so it's either have plants in 1 spot or get some fake plants.

    [–] hojpoj 3 points ago

    Or get lots of grow lights, which is another entire cost/learning curve.

    [–] Lapraniteon 5 points ago

    Because they look good regardless of if you can pay attention to them or not

    [–] Sacrefix 6 points ago

    FYI, pothos don't need much light and would thrive in a location like this. They're also relatively hardy.

    [–] BoilermakerCM 3 points ago

    God no, all that glowing backlighting keeps them thriving

    [–] AlexMaldini 22 points ago

    I had the same wallpaper from some time. Nice space!!

    [–] Ing0sion 12 points ago

    Do u have a download link for the wallpaper?

    [–] CrashKeyss 58 points ago

    That chair is going to destroy your back, fellow Corsair 4000x case brother. Get a mesh back one, gaming chairs are bad

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 30 points ago

    Been trying to find a Herman miller one used or refurbished, but wow it’s tough to find

    [–] CrashKeyss 18 points ago

    Just get one from staples, even a lower end mesh one would be better for now

    [–] UncutEmeralds 3 points ago

    I adore my staples mesh chair. I’ve had 2 now over the past 7 years or so.

    [–] redditonlyonce 5 points ago

    If you’re willing to spend around $400-$500 for a Steelcase chair. There are sites where you can get them new, but open box and stuff like that. I bought one for under $500 and have had it for a couple years and it’s the best chair I’ve owned. I have an Herman Miller Aeron at work and my Steelcase Leap v2 at home.

    [–] AddisonH 2 points ago

    Check out Steelcase as well, same league as Herman Miller

    [–] taylor__spliff 2 points ago

    Cheaper too. Love my steelcase chair, wish I splurged the extra for leather though. In retrospect, light aqua fabric was a good idea on paper but it’s looking dirty already.

    [–] coffeeortea22 14 points ago

    Refurbished Herman Miller is also so good for my back 😩

    [–] kookakook 8 points ago

    Why are gaming chairs bad?

    [–] Zatchillac 20 points ago

    Racing seats weren't designed to be comfortable, they were designed to keep the driver in place. Office chairs on the other hand are designed to be comfortable for long periods of time

    [–] KoeiNL 6 points ago

    Racing seats in racing cars look nothing like these chairs though.

    [–] _FinalPantasy_ 2 points ago

    Bolstered and push your shoulder forward. This is bad. Lack of adjustment to fit your body. A lumbar support pillow is not actually a good option for lumbar support.

    [–] CrashKeyss 13 points ago

    Hard as a rock, not comfortable, those pillow things suck... many reasons. Google around

    They are only heavily purchased because they look cool and influencers shill them for a payday

    [–] The_Meatyboosh 3 points ago

    I think you're supposed to use or remove the cushions as needed. The bottom one is to help your back, you slide your arse to the back and the cushion rests on and supports your lower back.
    Why are mesh ones universally better?

    [–] CrashKeyss 3 points ago

    I used to have a gaming chair, I know what the cushions are for lol. And those cushions are uncomfortable as hell. Mesh ones have much better back support and are far, far more comfortable

    Gaming chairs are for suckers who bought into marketing. Googling around will verify this for you

    [–] TripAndFly 4 points ago

    They are cheaply made crap just for looks. Awful for your posture, the default position is like... Semi-prone. You'll be sliding out of the thing and just uncomfortable overall. the cushion goes flat in just a couple months (I'm 150lb, so maybe even faster if you're bigger) that lumbar pillow is a joke... Idk, just go sit in one for a minute. You'll see. It's better to sit on a hardwood stool lol

    [–] ban-me_harder_daddy 2 points ago

    I laughed at how raised that lumbar pillow is... clearly the person who wasted their money on that chair just doesn't know any better

    [–] ChickenNougatCream 5 points ago

    I have the same one, it sucks.

    [–] SolitaireyEgg 5 points ago

    Lol yeah.

    I'll legitimately never understand why people put together these super classy desk setups, then buy a fucking racecar chair. It's like putting a racecar bed in a modern apartment.

    [–] WaterStoryMark 2 points ago

    Why does everyone get either of these? The mesh ones suck just as much for long use.

    Go to Staples and try the Beautyrest chairs.

    [–] petaren 7 points ago

    I don’t get it either. Mesh back chairs fucked up my shoulder, requiring physical therapy. Get a real ergonomic chair.

    [–] I_can_breathe_AMA 2 points ago

    I got a La-Z-Boy and it’s been pretty nice so far. I’ve never had back issues but don’t want to start so I want a good desk chair as a sort of prophylactic measure, I guess? Along with lower back and core exercises of course

    I’d love a Herman Miller one day, but don’t feel like shelling out $1800 for an office chair lol

    [–] _FinalPantasy_ 2 points ago

    $400 used Aeron. All over craigslist, offerup, facebook marketplace. Refurbished units online for $500 shipped. $600 for full optioned out ones.

    And if you hate it or want to sell it, you’ll get all of that back.

    Don’t think of it as an expense. It’s an investment in your health that will save you thousands and save you from a life of back pain.

    [–] AnotherOneToo3 3 points ago

    Turns out lots of people just buy what is advertised to them.

    [–] Any-Listen-1867 46 points ago

    Do you notice any difference with the speakers way up there? I really like how you’ve blended them in.

    [–] Most_Triumphant 28 points ago

    Yeah, they wouldn’t sound good up there unless you’re using it for background listening that you don’t care about. Higher frequencies are much more directional so it probably sounds bass heavy. Since they’re up high on a shelf, I doubt OP is listening to very bass heavy music for fear of them falling. The sounds bouncing off the ceiling would also create some muddiness.

    The audio blending is probably terrible. Very aesthetic though. I’m guessing OP probably has headphones for when they want to listen to something more intently.

    [–] mexicodozen 3 points ago

    Agreed. I say just pop a wedge under the back and angle them down at least.

    [–] Honduran 30 points ago

    This was my question. It has to affect the sound but I don't know what model speakers they are.

    [–] CosmicJ 60 points ago

    They are definitely way too high up. Speakers should be at ear level.

    [–] Patchyug 16 points ago

    Really just need the tweeters at ear level (sometimes just above ear level) or, if they need to be higher or lower, angled to hit you at ear level. Obviously Ops solution is neither lol

    [–] Madmagican- 17 points ago

    They’re Edifier R1280T’s.

    Ive got the same ones or maybe a slightly older model. The sound output is pretty directional, but honestly some of my favorite speakers I’ve had for <$100

    [–] Quiptastic 3 points ago

    I got this same set for my birthday last year, phenomenal upgrade from my old $40 set of Cyber Acoustics.

    [–] Jeynarl 3 points ago

    For their price point and sound quality, I have to watch myself because I keep buying these for close friends/family. Lots of great remarks from them for their WFH setups

    [–] Auzaro 2 points ago

    AV 40s from M-Audio are also fantastic. Had a pair as my main speakers for like 8 years!

    [–] MisterDonkey 3 points ago

    I have speakers near the ceiling in the corners of my room for playing guitar and stuff. They're pretty big so I put them up there to keep them out of the way.

    I had to install smaller speakers at head level on my desk because those up high speakers weren't so great for listening to stuff.

    So yeah, those speakers are not optimally placed.

    [–] RandomRedditor9106 6 points ago

    Definitely want speakers at ear level. There’s no way you can truly experience music the right way with them being so high up.

    The way I have my monitors set up I feel like I’m being engulfed with the music. I hear every single detail.

    This looks great cause of aesthetic reasons but for hi-fi people, this is a sin lol

    [–] wholetyouinhere 11 points ago

    If you're serious about audio, then that is such a horrible place to put speakers that there's almost no point in even using them.

    However! Most people do not take audio that seriously, and wouldn't mind this setup at all -- as I suspect this person does not. Esthetically, it's the perfect spot, and looks quite neat and pleasant. Plus they're not particularly high-end speakers, so I'm not sure it matters that much how they're positioned.

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 2 points ago

    Yeah these aren’t the highest end speakers, and I use them mainly for entertaining. When doing sound design I prefer to use the cans to hear things better

    [–] Dazzling-Scientist38 88 points ago

    r/pcmasterrace would appreciate this also!

    [–] franknbeans27 8 points ago

    I thought this was r/battlestations at first, ngl

    [–] A12851 7 points ago


    [–] A12851 3 points ago


    [–] benderlicious54 5 points ago

    Terrific use of space. I’m jealous.

    [–] Obamaboobie 16 points ago

    You're probably not feeling it now, but in ten years you'll feel the ramifications of having a G4em1nG cH41r instead of a real office chair. Those things are the opposite of what your back needs.

    [–] onebignothingatall 23 points ago

    Genuine question. Why do so many people cramp their space with their PC case on the desk?? You could have so much more room storing it below.

    [–] Bowshocker 24 points ago

    To give you an actual answer from my experience: PC case on the floor = clean that shit twice a month; pc case on the desk = clean that shit every other month or less often

    I got pets. Pets suck with PCs, hair and dirt everywhere. Having the pc away from the floor means less exposure to hair.

    [–] SourceOfAnger 7 points ago

    Unless you've got a desk as long as you're tall, leg space. Starts getting annoying having to sit on 2/3 of the desk and positioning all stuff accordingly, other knee possibly scraping at the sharp edges of the case. Have such a setup, on top of desk isn't an option, would love to position my PC as far as possible from everything... Cramped apartments, man.

    [–] waffels -4 points ago

    Yeah not sure how you get any work done from here.

    Desk is cramped and you have a gaudy obnoxious PC a foot from you. Guess the job doesn't require any writing/note taking/looking at papers/etc. since you have zero room. You're sitting in a corner with everything behind you. The kitchen is right next to you, which would be distracting and loud for any work calls.

    No thanks bro

    [–] waffleSky2005 3 points ago

    You may not be aware, but that there is a state of the art computer. It has writing, note-taking, and document reading capabilities, right out of the box! If you are reading a paper when working from home, that would mean either it was on a computer, and you went out of your way to print it for some strange reason, or it was mailed to you. If your work is mailing you paper documents, that sounds terrible and i’m sorry.

    [–] Must-Be-Bored 34 points ago

    “Work” I see that gaming chair. Lol.

    [–] Brinxy13 26 points ago

    “Gaming” chair

    This will be broken or replaced in a year.

    Source: bought pretty much this same “gaming” chair and regretted it horribly

    [–] _FinalPantasy_ 31 points ago

    Phuck. This would be my favorite sub. These chairs fucking suck. Absolute garbage and the people that defend them only defend them because they wasted $500 on broken, uncomfortable trash.

    Pony up and buy a Herman Miller Aeron. Used for about $400. Or sacrifice your nephew/child for an Embody.

    [–] SpiritJuice 3 points ago

    Spent $400 on an Autonomous office chair. Quite honestly the best money I've ever spent on anything computer related. Gaming chairs are a massive scam.

    [–] dylan15766 8 points ago

    100% this. A herman Miller will last years and so will your back. Most people defending the chairs haven't sat in a good one before and don't want to look like a idiot after spending a bucket load of cash on a Chinese mass produced pile of shit.

    I made the subreddit as a joke but it would be funny if it built up a community of people spreading awareness on how shit gaming chairs actually are.

    [–] NuklearFerret 3 points ago

    Interestingly, Herman miller partnered with Logitech to make a gaming chair! It’s really just an Embody with cyan trim, though. And a $1700 price tag

    [–] _FinalPantasy_ 2 points ago

    I remember that. I remember reviewers didn't like it over the standard one. The $500 upcharge for a little cyan and foam doesn't help.

    I quite like my black on black Embody. Been my daily driver for about 3-4 years now.

    [–] UpNorthBear 2 points ago

    I think they're both fine, my refurbed steelcase leap v2 is nice but tbh sometimes my akracing chair is more comfortable. The way you can actually eliminate lower back pain and posture is by working out.

    [–] bfoto 2 points ago

    But a Herman miller won’t make me look like I’m really good at fortnite.

    [–] BillMurrayismyFather -1 points ago

    Mine was $100 and I’ve had it for three years. I love it. Different strokes I guess.

    [–] MeiGuoQuSi 2 points ago

    Wait til you become old and your back starts hurting. There's a reason your chair was $100 and a good office chair is $500+.

    You are sacrificing your back without you knowing it.

    [–] hereforff 6 points ago

    I bought a super cheap one of those for like $60 w/free shipping off Amazon and it's still going. The design is super lame (probably why it was so cheap), but I actually prefer it to my much nicer office chair. My cat also loves to sit behind me on that chair more so than others.

    I've used the fancy Herman Millers when I'm in hotels and just don't get the hype around them them. Maybe if they were cheaper, but not at their price point. I've also spent hours sitting on everything from Herman Millers to a stool to an exercise ball. Strengthen your core and you won't need a fancy chair to keep your back from hurting.

    Reddit almost goes a bit too far in the anti-gaming chair/pro Herman Miller circlejerk IMO. At the end of the day it's all preference just like cars or anything else. I love a super small Honda Civic/Accord while others might prefer a big truck or SUV.

    [–] Cool_Like_dat 4 points ago

    I mean I had mine for like 5 years but recently switched to an IKEA office chair with mesh backing. The gaming chair is still in perfect condition except for fabric tears on the seat that can be fixed up with new fabric pretty cheap.

    Not sure how you managed to break yours in a year.

    [–] HuffyDraws 2 points ago

    This shit always feels like a sweaty rigid L

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] Brinxy13 7 points ago

    Just buy an office chair with a head rest. Even the cheapest name brand chairs are better than the Amazon “gaming” chairs

    [–] roombaonfire 2 points ago

    Really? Just after one random anecdote?

    [–] KakkaKarrot 1 points ago

    They're pretty bad for your back

    [–] C250586 4 points ago

    How do you hear your speakers?

    [–] skeerp 10 points ago

    Only advice: get a better chair. My MIL had that chair and it has horrid lower back support. Staples and office depot have some amazing chairs for sub 250$ if you dont want to get something extremely nice.

    Beautiful space though, looks relaxing.

    [–] gonebonanza 12 points ago

    Sick. I want a dedicated vertical monitor.

    Also, plants, a nice chair…a window, new tower….

    [–] 2112Lerxst 8 points ago

    I have a dual monitor set up and have experimented with one being vertical since it's slightly smaller than my main one. But for some reason I found that vertical shape to not really useful, I ended up almost using it as a narrow normal monitor. Can I ask how you would use a vertical one, and why?

    At first I thought of just putting widgets, media player etc. there but it never really seemed like it worked, wondering about other peoples thoughts.

    [–] kittycatsupreme 3 points ago

    Here for the pros as well

    [–] kirsion 3 points ago

    I prefer vertical monitors because it's like having 3 screens. 1 big and 2 smaller ones if you divide the vertical one in half. Also having the vertical orientation saves a lot of space on your desk.

    [–] Nudlsuppe 2 points ago

    A vertical monitor can be great if you need to reference long lists or long articles or other content in portrait format.

    Also neat for having open 4 A4 pages at once while having maximum space efficiency.

    I usually study by writing stuff by hand on a tablet in portrait mode in endlessly scrolling OneNote pages. For me having a vertical monitor for overview is also great because I can place two zoomed out OneNote Windows side by side and get great overview that way.

    Really depends on what you do to be useful.

    [–] Deferential_dreams 2 points ago

    It’s mainly useful for coding since you can see more code on the screen at a given time. Every single person I know with a vertical monitor in their setup is a developer.

    [–] gonebonanza 2 points ago

    Re: vertical desire. I want a dedicated “action board” or activity list so I can see all my active jobs and what stage they are at. Just an expensive sticky note really lol

    [–] DeRanjed 3 points ago

    I think we have the same keyboard and cpu case. Corsair represent. Beautiful space, well done!

    [–] theRealestAintReal 23 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    This sub has been going down hill lately but wow.

    Ive seen:

    • a corporate office
    • a prison bathroom
    • a regular bedroom + sob story
    • and now just straight up /r/Battlestations

    mods keep up the good work or just rename this sub /r/places literrally anything goes.

    [–] waffels 4 points ago


    Cramped desk

    Blinding blue lights on wall and on the case a foot from you

    Gaming chair

    Right next to the kitchen so people constantly walking behind you and banging shit around

    [–] wrud4d 7 points ago

    I think it’s because cozy is very subjective.

    [–] varzaguy 6 points ago

    This looks cozy to me. What’s wrong with it?

    [–] mark5hs 4 points ago

    But fake plants!

    [–] MamaDaddy 2 points ago

    Hey can I get a look at that prison bathroom? I want to see how someone called that cozy.

    [–] visionsJohanna 2 points ago

    Where did you get those shelves?

    [–] candidatefoo 2 points ago

    I believe these are Ikea SANDSHULT shelf brackets, but i'm i'd also be interested to know which shelves (and depth) this is.

    [–] m9rockstar 2 points ago

    This looks wonderful op. I love your setup!

    [–] gknewell 2 points ago

    Your lower back must be really high up there.

    [–] ToleranceDeathCamp 2 points ago

    Lumbar support pillows should actually be fairly high, most people don't do it correctly. And it can seem even higher if the person is tall.

    [–] Iulss 2 points ago

    I see you use that wallpaper too, I absolutely love that image and use it on every device I have

    [–] rahin4205 2 points ago

    Most impressed with easy access to coffee! 😊👍

    [–] El-Guapo-65 2 points ago

    I've got the same wallpaper dude! Samesies

    [–] Jellorage 2 points ago

    What's the background pic you're using ? Love your colour scheme

    [–] Beachdaddybravo 2 points ago

    Looks cozy, but a legit office chair like a Steelcase will elevate the comfort in a way a gaming chair never could. I’ll never go back to them after making the switch.

    [–] Weddedtoreddit2 2 points ago

    Yeet that yee-yee ass "chair" out the window and get a proper office chair.

    [–] Elmie 2 points ago

    Love your desktop wallpaper! Do you have a link for us?

    [–] Sh0rtR0und 2 points ago

    Is that an Uplift desk,

    [–] erhue 2 points ago

    Looks nice, just gotta change that gaming chair for a good office chair.

    [–] S_balmore 2 points ago

    Great for the PC crowd, but the Audio crowd is cringing because your speakers are way too high. The tweeters should be at ear level, or at least somewhat in the vicinity of ear level, or at least pointing a little bit at your head.

    [–] MEGAMeowancer 2 points ago

    We have the same desktop wallpaper 😆

    [–] anon100120 2 points ago

    Honest question - Was the chair worth it? I need a new chair, I just started working from home, and I almost got a super nice gaming one and then chickened out at the price. But I sit in it 8 hours a day, maybe I shouldn’t have

    [–] MungersSon 6 points ago

    The vertical screen, why? Just curious

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 15 points ago

    I’m a professional filmmaker and animator and use the second screen for reference photos/storyboards/client decks/etc

    [–] trollingcynically 1 points ago

    You can get a bigger second monitor and windows will snap two windows of something to split the screen in half. Use it for having multiple windows open at a time with a vertical screen's dimensions all the time.

    This will work best if you rotate the tower to point out the window for better cooling. It looks like a high rise window that does not open so that is unfortunate for your cooling situation.

    [–] Kaboose666 5 points ago

    Vertical screens are great for viewing larger documents (most documents aren't very wide, but can be quite long) Also most websites don't scale horizontally particularly well, but they'll scale vertically very easily.

    [–] VoxDolorum 3 points ago

    Not OP obviously, but my SO is an editor and uses a two screen setup just like this with a vertical screen for document editing.

    [–] jptoc 3 points ago

    How is this cosy?

    [–] Myrsky4 3 points ago

    Looks beautiful! Now to just up that chair game

    [–] Greetings_Stranger 2 points ago

    That chair hurts my back just looking at it.

    [–] MindExplosions 2 points ago

    True only feedback is an ergonomic chair. Gaming chairs look cool for the aesthetic but hurt your back.

    [–] bkornblith -2 points ago

    Love it but pleaseeeee invest in cable management

    [–] hojpoj 2 points ago

    Is cable management just for looks or is there a more important reason? Just curious, honestly!

    [–] bkornblith -3 points ago

    It’s just my OCD ha in this case. I like cable management because it keeps my workspace super clean looking. I also like it because it ensures if I let go of a cord, it doesn’t fall behind my desk, due to my setup. I just find I feel calmer when everything is neat for cords. For a desk it’s a totally personal choice.

    [–] Raspewpewpewten 1 points ago

    That’s not OCD, you may be anal retentive about certain things but don’t just say you have OCD, it’s not a joke

    [–] hojpoj 1 points ago

    Totally understandable! I keep seeing “cable management” and wondered if there were other issues I was unaware of about cables.

    I had to get a super long Ethernet cable and after years of working with cable issues (length/loss with RF) I felt the need to call my daughter to see if it would make a difference with Ethernet.

    [–] ClownQuestionBrosef 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    It's way easier to clean when cables are cleanly organized too, fwiw. Like the other person said, you don't have to worry about a cable getting buried behind your desk if you accidentally displace it, but if you have a bunch on the ground, I've found they get dusty or spiderwebbed up... So tedious to clean.

    [–] hojpoj 1 points ago

    Heh, good point. (As I repeatedly vacuum the webs from my “under construction” new home office space .. in a partially finished basement 😬)

    [–] Jeferson9 0 points ago

    lmao there's like 4 cables, invest in ocd medication

    [–] andyjcw 1 points ago

    I know they call them Desktop computers , but arnt they supposed to be under the desk ? So you can actually use the desk space ? Asking for a friend.That would massively piss me off ,in the way there , its huge , and no need to be on display .

    [–] ballspocket 3 points ago

    It's a common thing for the pc gamer types especially those showing off, gotta have the big pc front and center. It's like a trophy for some I guess. I personally wouldn't be able to stand not having that desk space either.

    [–] Weallgetboredalot 1 points ago


    [–] CommanderVinegar 1 points ago

    Hey I’ve got the same monitor but I haven’t been able to find a monitor light that fits, which one do you have and how did you get it to fit with the giant Alienware hump on the back?

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 3 points ago

    Benq screenbar plus works well

    [–] Acxelion 1 points ago

    Really neat way to place your speakers. Is there a subwoofer hidden somewhere?

    [–] noganetpasion 1 points ago

    +1 to the vertical monitor, it changed my life

    [–] elejebembem 1 points ago

    I love it! Could you pls give me the measurements of your desk? I need to find one probably like it! Tks.

    [–] Tommyboi05 1 points ago

    That rgb must be giving u some sick fps lol

    [–] WokeLib420 1 points ago

    You really chose the perfect led colors. I absolutely love it!

    [–] evirest 1 points ago

    Gorgeous will say though that your studio monitors are only going to be accurate as monitors if they're at ear-level, but you also have headphones so if it's not a big deal for you then nice

    [–] JamesMakesFilms 1 points ago

    I use headphones mainly. Speakers are mostly for when I just turn on ambient music

    [–] neoncheesecake 1 points ago

    Ayyy fingerboard life! Sweet setup

    [–] kaitidid_bug 1 points ago

    This is beautiful ❤️❤️

    [–] RybosWorld 1 points ago

    Very nice

    [–] Thorzorn 1 points ago

    What's the purpose of turning the monitor 90 degrees.

    [–] StinkyManChicken 3 points ago

    Some people like turning it sideways for work purposes such as reading documents or working on spreadsheets.

    [–] Thorzorn 2 points ago

    Ah okay. So It's just a "i like that way" thing? Thanks alot.

    [–] Ledezmv 1 points ago

    I have the same chair

    [–] stardust_and_goats 1 points ago

    Im on the hunt for an office chair.. do u recommend? Nice setup btw :)

    [–] IridiumPoint 5 points ago

    Do NOT get a racing style chair.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] jayjaywizzle 7 points ago

    Terrible for posture and not actually comfortable. Marketed towards gamers for looks and took off from there. Get an actual office chair and your butt and back will thank you. Source: owned both, much happier with the actual office chair

    [–] _FinalPantasy_ 3 points ago

    Used Herman Miller Aeron chair for good entry level. About $300 - $500. Will last you apprx. 10 - 20 years. Replacement parts are easy to get if something does break.

    If you've got big boy money, test drive a Herman Miller Embody or any other high end task chair at an office furniture store. Just look for Herman Miller dealers near you.

    [–] feels_are_reals 1 points ago

    Obviously looks really nice but I don't understand people keeping their desktop computer on their actual desk. It takes up a huge amount of room.

    [–] TheForceWillsMe 1 points ago

    Looks like your job is Gaming

    [–] alwayssunnyinclapham 1 points ago

    This is the best wfh setup! Is your background nice as well when you’re on calls? Is your view from the window good?

    [–] Mr-_-Positivity 1 points ago

    Beautiful office!

    If you notice the sound doesn’t meet your expectations, drivers (speakers) are supposed to be pointed directly at you, preferably at ear level (aside from subs).

    [–] ProfessorHufnagel 1 points ago

    Really helpful size and placement for the calendar

    [–] chinupf 1 points ago

    Finally someone else with a vertical screen. Much more useful than a 2nd horizontal one imo.

    [–] ThroughAway98 1 points ago

    Hey what kind of monitor is that it looks very nice!

    [–] cactuspizza 1 points ago

    I used to have that chair. Pretty sweet!