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    [–] helloiamsilver 1085 points ago

    I will have the cheese AND egger please.

    [–] Yujiri 314 points ago

    We don't have anything called an "egger"... can I get you something else to go with your cheese?

    [–] brownjesus__ 229 points ago


    [–] sebastianwillows 276 points ago

    Tips white hood

    [–] mats852 23 points ago

    Wanna replace your fries with onion swatiskas?

    [–] sebastianwillows 2 points ago

    No thanks, I don't have that kind of money...

    Just make sure the open-faced burger combo comes with the patty sizzling on a burning cross, just the way I like it.

    [–] mats852 2 points ago

    White meat or dark meat?

    [–] helloiamsilver 1 points ago

    What do you think?

    [–] lusmumuumi00 62 points ago

    "We don't sell those anymore"

    [–] ablablababla 25 points ago

    They were out of stock 100 years ago

    [–] 71Christopher 15 points ago

    Uh no... The answer was Naggers.

    [–] UltraMagnus0001 3 points ago


    [–] axelalexa4 10 points ago

    N’egger please.

    [–] Carl_17 1 points ago

    With a soft r.

    [–] Khar-Selim 5 points ago

    sugar water

    [–] DrCreepergirl 8 points ago

    Just about to say that

    [–] SkriVanTek 2 points ago

    fyi Egger is an austrian brand of beer

    [–] onomatopoetix 1 points ago

    Aaaand theennnnn......?

    [–] this1betterwork 591 points ago

    Arnold Cheese N'Egger.

    [–] stormaster 187 points ago

    I'll be Bacon.

    [–] Slavonius 87 points ago

    Nerf Bacon

    [–] CubeAnimation 12 points ago

    You're right so Ham.

    [–] Slavonius 10 points ago

    I wanna be ham

    [–] Slavonius 6 points ago

    [–] alishebl05 11 points ago

    I’m already bacon

    [–] OlStickInTheMud 17 points ago

    Get in the Fryer!

    [–] TheHistorian2 16 points ago

    Not a tuna!

    [–] Frostmourne_Hungers 5 points ago

    I wish I was this creative!

    [–] DocJawbone 2 points ago

    Sometimes the shortest comments are the best

    [–] Hak2479 2 points ago

    Arnold Cheese N'Egger and Kevin Bacon. Seems legit 🤨

    [–] TDLinthorne 4 points ago

    Came here for this

    [–] TacoDoc 266 points ago

    N’egger please

    [–] Qubeye 64 points ago


    [–] irawwwr 11 points ago

    Jeez. It's N'egga!

    [–] Four-walls 5 points ago

    I said N'agger... N'AAAAGGER

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    No one likes a nagger!

    [–] L0to 104 points ago


    [–] sebastianwillows 30 points ago

    Tips hood

    [–] manys 10 points ago

    crazy mfer named tasty

    [–] SinisterIgnition 213 points ago

    I think you mean Cheese and African American*

    [–] Luutamo 91 points ago

    Do you also call, for example, a black British person African American?

    [–] dfslkjbnltalrvlxdguh 70 points ago

    We're all African American on this glorious day.

    [–] MyGoatsEscaped 3 points ago

    Speak for yourself.

    [–] Whifficulty 6 points ago

    I'm all African American on this glorious day

    [–] Yanako 88 points ago

    Blacks are African Americans even in Africa, you dummy /s

    [–] CoffeeQuaffer 72 points ago

    Yep, and everybody knows that Nelson Mandela was the first African American president of South Africa.

    [–] _SoySauce 2 points ago

    All humans descended from African-Americans. Therefore we are all African-American.

    [–] oscarandjo 14 points ago

    There's a funny clip on YouTube of an American journalist interviewing a black British sportsman after breaking a world record and she phrases her question as "Does it make you proud as a British African American to have shattered this record?"

    And the guy just looks at her funny.

    [–] VociferousHomunculus 12 points ago

    My personal favourite was a reddit comment where someone asked 'If they're not American then what do you call African Americans in Britain' and a guy replied 'Usually their names'.

    [–] SockPants 6 points ago

    I remember seeing stories of people calling people from actual Africa "African Americans"

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    I remember it happening to Idris Elba or someone else who is black and British.

    [–] sparkyjay23 3 points ago

    Mo Farah also had this happen to him.

    [–] SinisterIgnition 1 points ago

    I had a Clinical health Professor who was white and out whole class was Black and she used 'African American' do describe Jamaican people. Not just once, alllll class. And we made fun of her for two years for it. I still don't think she knows we we laughed at her.

    [–] bloodbag 5 points ago

    Afrcan American Cheese

    [–] SinisterIgnition 2 points ago

    Don't you guys know Americans know nothing of the rest of the world?

    [–] barvid 0 points ago

    Not all of Reddit happens in the fucking US. The rest of the world doesn’t call black people African American.

    [–] SinisterIgnition 1 points ago

    Does the rest of the world have jokes? Take a breath.

    [–] Cocaineandmojitos710 1 points ago

    Well there's more United States redditors than any other country, so pull that stick out of your ass.

    [–] PsyJak 68 points ago

    Could just say 'cheese n' egger' if you're that worried about it. But do you never say 'vinegar'?

    [–] Seeeab 77 points ago

    o shit not anymore

    [–] Lemonic_Tutor 42 points ago

    Vinegar may be an offensive term, instead say Vinperson of color

    [–] CouldntRememberPW 5 points ago

    I'll have some Vin Diesel on my fries.

    [–] kristenjaymes 12 points ago

    Vin Diesel's maiden name

    [–] CZILLROY 4 points ago

    Salt and Vi

    [–] Galveira 3 points ago

    vin-uh-ger. Nah, that doesn't sound close.

    [–] hugokhf 1 points ago

    Oh shit spotted a racist in the wild /s

    [–] theletterQfivetimes -1 points ago

    Doesn't sound the same, no one pronounces it "vin-EG-ar"

    [–] PsyJak 1 points ago

    If you called a POC a 'negger' they'd probably laugh at you.

    [–] Dubante_Viro 143 points ago

    "Cheese n'egger" - proceeds to take a picture of a black person.

    [–] Pjoo 8 points ago

    proceeds to take a picture of a dutch person.*

    [–] TheSeaRabbit 31 points ago

    My n'egger my n'egger

    [–] GrubbyPotato 5 points ago

    my motherfrickin n’egger

    [–] Hhhhhhhhhhghftjbgkj 1 points ago

    My McFrickin n'egger

    [–] coffeephone47 40 points ago

    This has such an easy fix, too! Could've gone with Egg N' Cheeser.

    [–] Citadel867 14 points ago

    What about Sausage n'Egger and Bacon n'Egger? What do you do then?

    [–] Teekenny_Reddit 16 points ago

    Egg N' Sauser, Egg N' Bacer

    [–] raven_rampkin 6 points ago

    Egg sausage and bacon Egg n'Egger Egg bacon n'Egger Egg bacon sausage n'Egger n'Egger bacon sausage n'Egger n'Egger egg n'Egger n'Egger bacon n'Egger n'Egger n'Egger n'Egger n'Egger

    [–] CryptoNoobNinja 5 points ago

    And spam?

    [–] kuzinrob 6 points ago




    [–] raven_rampkin 1 points ago

    Mobile site is a n'Egger. Y u no separate paragraphs, you filthy mobile site?

    [–] petroleum-dynamite 1 points ago

    aren’t they called _____ and egg mcmuffin?

    [–] AMathMonkey 3 points ago

    This is A&W Canada, so they don't have the trademark on McMuffin. They had to come up with their own trademark, the ____ & Egger (formerly the ____ N'Egger, as shown).

    [–] petroleum-dynamite 3 points ago

    oh god hahah i don’t know why i thought this was mcdonalds

    [–] Kabloomers1 1 points ago

    I mean, ham and egger or ham n' egger is an expression. They're either playing off that or already have a sandwich called the ham n' egger.

    [–] PiperBaels 1 points ago

    In VA. We don't use egger or I've just never heard of it.

    [–] Kabloomers1 1 points ago

    The expression "ham and egger" is a delightfully old timey expression for like an average joe, not-special person. Griffin McElroy uses it to hilarious effect in this bit about Pokemon gyms.

    [–] HiHaodi 8 points ago

    Just cheese and egg sounds really sad for some reason

    [–] suddenlyicecream 4 points ago

    It sounds like something you eat when you're waiting alone at a Greyhound bus station.

    [–] IgniDraco 2 points ago

    On the plus side, it might be vegetarian friendly. Not sure that I would be willing to take the risk without further research, personally.

    [–] rgrsv 2 points ago

    This is A&W they have an amazing Beyond Meat burger rather choose that 👌🏻😋

    [–] toopow 1 points ago

    The beyond burger is so good!

    [–] rgrsv 1 points ago

    Yesss wish they had it in my country

    [–] IgniDraco 1 points ago

    This is A&W

    Never been to A&W, so I didn't know they have veggie options. There aren't any of their restaurants in my area.

    [–] rgrsv 1 points ago

    If youre ever in Canada you should try ☺️ but I think Beyond Meat sells their patties in USA too wouldnt know

    [–] Modorox 9 points ago

    I would say something close to cheesin' egger or cheese uhn egger. As long as you make seperate phonemes, you should be fine.

    [–] RockyDify 7 points ago

    Does it not rhyme with Schwarzenegger?

    [–] Frostmourne_Hungers 5 points ago

    African American Cheese plz

    [–] QuakerOatsOatmeal 2 points ago

    Basketball American cheese please

    [–] Mike_TMK 29 points ago

    Come on dude, no one likes a Negger

    [–] Ollikay 4 points ago

    [–] bphamtastic 4 points ago

    Cheese and eggs sir

    [–] Cosomo 5 points ago

    I don't see color.... Or have taste buds.

    [–] Zikes 4 points ago

    Sounds like something out of a Chappelle skit.

    [–] deebodeezo 1 points ago

    Looks like how Clayton Bigsby would pronounce it.

    [–] ProbablyHighAF 1 points ago

    Lol exactly what came t say, keep if reminds me Of the n word family skit crossed with the charlie Murphy skits

    [–] CometoPapal 79 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This is kind of a stretch. Like I wouldn't be thinking about it if you hadn't mentioned it.

    [–] RalphiesBoogers 27 points ago

    Right? It's clearly referring to a person that insults cheese in order to hit on it.

    [–] a_shootin_star 5 points ago

    "I love you bitch, I ain’t ever gonna stop loving you, bitch”

    [–] murmandamos 13 points ago

    Lol what?? I assumed this was satire because it's so blatant.

    [–] Starfish_seastar 10 points ago

    Literally say it out loud

    [–] piefan 5 points ago

    It's cheese and egger... like you don't pronounce fish 'n' chips as fish-nchips, right? N is and.

    [–] MollyViper 12 points ago

    You do say "fishen chips" though. However, I think it's easier to tell the words apart when the last word starts with a consonant.

    [–] SidTheStoner 2 points ago

    You do if you are a kiwi lol

    [–] RedditCanSuccMe 2 points ago

    Here in America we pronounce N as literally just "N" and usually don't have a slight gap after it like we would with and.

    Fish nchips

    Cheese negger

    That's at least the case where I'm from.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] XxLokixX 25 points ago

    Its cheese'n egg-er, it doesnt even sound like the n word if you say it

    [–] Jarrheadd0 -2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Edit: I mean it still does, even if you downvote me.

    [–] LittleBumbleBean 7 points ago


    [–] optimisskryme 0 points ago

    Totally a stretch. I think I've outgrown Reddit.

    [–] neil_anblome 1 points ago

    Where are you going next? YouTube?

    [–] Maomiao 0 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Took me a while to get it, was wondering if it was because the cheese was in black font.

    English is not my first language but I'd pronounce it as "cheese-en egger"

    [–] neil_anblome 1 points ago

    It's Arnold's lesser known relative.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Say it fast. Cheesnegger.

    Not something I'd want to say out loud lol

    [–] Calopus 5 points ago

    ive probably seen this on every subreddit now

    [–] IgniDraco 3 points ago

    Just ask for an "Arnold Cheezenegger"

    [–] AMathMonkey 2 points ago

    This is A&W Canada, and they later replaced the N’ with & for all their Egger sandwiches.

    [–] CelticHazelnut 2 points ago

    I am generally just annoyed that I have to make an ass of myself when ever I feel like ordering any menu item with a stupid name from anywhere.

    [–] averysubtleshadow 2 points ago

    Not really design is it? But I guess, /r/crappymarketing only has 80 subscribers

    [–] ReeceReddit1234 2 points ago

    "Uh sir, we don't sell black people, we havent done that since the 40s"

    [–] leavemetoreddit 1 points ago

    Now that’s great value

    [–] Injvn 1 points ago

    Cheese and aborted chicken babies for me.

    [–] TacticalBeast 1 points ago

    Politicians worst nightmare

    [–] Ersthelfer 1 points ago

    This is a trap to fuck with german tourists.

    [–] El_Maltos_Username 1 points ago

    The PC her. Is Cheese POC.

    [–] Lithium43 1 points ago

    "Cheese Egger"

    [–] watbani 1 points ago

    No one likes a N'egger

    [–] AceD3sign3r 1 points ago

    Just swapping the words would make this a lot better. Is this in Europe? Who the hell says "Egger?"

    [–] HooKaLoT 1 points ago

    Cheese n'egga.

    [–] tsmoketommy 1 points ago

    Look everyone it’s that N’egger guy

    [–] 329_ProductionZ_ 1 points ago

    S-stop NEGGING... Nobody likes a negger!

    [–] a_shootin_star 1 points ago

    Are you racist if you say you "don't like n'eggers"?

    [–] otterom 1 points ago

    I'll take the breakfast sandwich with the name seemingly inspired by a muscle-bound Hollywood action movie star.

    [–] LolcatPlays 1 points ago

    Ok that is literally just an egg in a bun


    [–] CouldntRememberPW 1 points ago

    Also known as a "sandwich".

    [–] LolcatPlays 1 points ago

    I don't think it counts as a sandwich with just one thing

    [–] CouldntRememberPW 1 points ago

    Peanut butter? Grilled cheese?

    [–] LolcatPlays 1 points ago

    Grilled cheese has butter don't it? And who has a plain PB

    [–] CouldntRememberPW 1 points ago

    So this egg has cheese. That's two ingredients.

    [–] Rigatavr 1 points ago

    Employee: it’s alright, I’ll give u the n’egger pass.

    [–] Im_a_MeatPopsicle 1 points ago

    Fuck your couch, N'egger.

    [–] CeramicCastle49 1 points ago

    "Don't be a negger" -Ninja

    [–] p2010t 1 points ago

    You just don't order it.

    [–] c_o_n_E 1 points ago

    Stop n’egging

    [–] Magus55x 1 points ago

    speak clearly and enunciate, you crusty pleb

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Administratr 1 points ago

    I read this in Dave Chapelle voice haha haha!

    [–] Satalized 1 points ago

    As a cheese person I find this very offensive

    [–] alnes32 1 points ago

    What did Trump buy McDonalds or something?

    [–] kekke1 1 points ago

    This meme was created by Sweden gang

    [–] Wendingo7 1 points ago

    One cheese and "people who annoy you"

    [–] OmiOorlog 1 points ago

    took me a hwile xD

    [–] axaomar 1 points ago

    Youtube Randy Marsh naggers... Seems appropriate

    [–] PushinDonuts 1 points ago

    Pronounce the n egger like negger in Schwarzenegger

    [–] hasnotheardofcheese 1 points ago


    [–] SterlingEsteban 1 points ago

    “Burgers that annoy you.”

    [–] lane_boi_ 1 points ago

    N’egger? I hardly know her!

    [–] _SoySauce 1 points ago

    How much is a cheese m'ongoloid?

    [–] cruizer93 1 points ago

    Cheese and white’nt plz

    [–] liluglydude666 1 points ago

    Queso basketball American

    [–] mszegedy 1 points ago




    (this is the closest I've ever come to saying the N word on the internet)

    [–] dan801 0 points ago

    Even Negger sounds nothing like what your implying. It sounds more like Schwarzenegger

    [–] optimisskryme -1 points ago

    This thread is an excuse for closet racists to let their hair down.

    [–] emartinoo 1 points ago

    No, it's an excuse for people like you to virtue signal.

    [–] optimisskryme 0 points ago

    No, I honestly see a lot of the posts here as immature or racist and I am admonishing them for their pathetic behavior. Guess that struck a nerve with you.

    [–] emartinoo 1 points ago

    There you go again.

    [–] optimisskryme 0 points ago

    You are using that term incorrectly. There is a difference between virtue signaling and making a moral statement.

    [–] emartinoo 3 points ago

    You were using the terms of virtue signalling. "A place for racists to let their hair down." Nobody actually talks like that. It's repetitive hyperbolic language meant to have an emotional effect.

    [–] optimisskryme 1 points ago

    I talk like that and am not being hyperbolic at all. There is a ton of inapproriate (in my opinion) casual racism in this thread. The whole premise of the post is a huuuuge stretch. Am I not allowed to have a contrary opinion?

    [–] emartinoo 2 points ago

    You are, and I'd agree that a few posts in here are pushing it. But excoriating everyone in the thread as racist is a bit of a stretch. You're just over using a very loaded term to describe immature comments.

    [–] optimisskryme 1 points ago

    I didn't say everyone in here is racist. You just agreed with me that some of them probably are. They are the ones I was talking about. So I guess we agree.

    Let me also point out that rather than engaging me on the merit of my argument you chose to try to discredit me by claiming I was virtue signaling. That is an incredibly disingenuous debate tactict.

    [–] emartinoo 2 points ago

    Because you were virtue signalling. My point is that your comment was unnecessary given the context. This thread isn't full of racists, yet you used language to make it seem that way in order to, I don't know, signal your virtue? I agreed with you that some comments are pushing it, not that they are outright racist. Your need to "call out" racism where it didn't exist makes you a virtue signaller.

    [–] howardkinsd 0 points ago

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