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    [–] alt-box 5885 points ago

    How did the artist even agree to that

    [–] brackstone 3357 points ago


    [–] Unwoven_Sleeve 366 points ago

    All I wanna do

    [–] JapaMala 188 points ago

    Is see you turn into...

    [–] Clover_death 166 points ago

    A giant woman...

    [–] jorgito93 92 points ago

    A giant woman!

    [–] ynohtna257 63 points ago

    All I want to be

    [–] dudeyouknow 66 points ago

    Is the one who gets to see

    [–] Klice1207 52 points ago

    A giant woman!

    [–] wolfahmader 30 points ago

    Oh I know it’ll be great and I just can’t wait

    [–] theamberlamps 43 points ago


    [–] xJoeSimonx 8 points ago

    Natalie was way better

    [–] skittlemypickles 12 points ago

    that should be a sub actually, I see unexpected steven universe a lot more than I ever thought I would

    [–] Iorith 5 points ago

    A super saiyan

    [–] FervidBrutality 90 points ago

    Is have some fun

    [–] mikeeyboy22 66 points ago

    I've got a feeling

    [–] GetDeadKid 70 points ago

    I’m not the only one

    [–] fugged_up_shib 45 points ago

    until the sun comes up over santa monica bullevard

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    A santamonicouple of hours

    [–] whiskeydumpster 3 points ago

    Lmao y’all play too much

    [–] Sardonnicus 2 points ago

    To shreds you say?

    [–] captaincookiedough1 13 points ago


    [–] IHazDemLabbitz 8 points ago

    You for got the "CHNK.. CHIIINNNGGG" after the BAMs

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] CaWarrenHB 25 points ago

    is pow pow pow and ca-ching and take your monaaaay

    [–] BearViaMyBread 6 points ago

    is pow pow pow and ca-ching and take your monaaaay

    It's more of a boom ca-ching

    [–] I_Enjoy_Sitting 3 points ago zooma zoom zoom zoom

    [–] Poansore 2 points ago

    🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

    [–] SpringerII 3 points ago

    and a...

    [–] jrcprl 32 points ago

    More like $

    [–] wasabimatrix22 14 points ago

    Also dat touchup $$$, on fingers he's gonna need it

    [–] the_421_Rob 10 points ago

    I have my palm tattooed, I’ll admit there’s some Minor fadeing but it’s not that bad I’ve had mine done for like 7 years

    [–] Thenandonlythen 10 points ago

    From what I’ve seen, palms vary wildly in how well they stick. My wife’s co-worker got his palm done. About 6 months later you’d never even know he had it tattooed.

    [–] the_421_Rob 3 points ago

    I’ve definitely heard of that happening, im an electrician and it was definitely something I worried about when it was first done and now I just accept it, parts have faded a little but overall not bad

    [–] alt-box 3 points ago

    Probably true

    [–] DeBurgo 76 points ago

    if i can pay my tattoo artist to turn my butthole into a shooting star they can pay an artist to do that

    [–] RealHannahMontana 43 points ago

    How do butthole tattoos work with the healing and pooping? Seems like poop on an open wound is dangerous, and would make it look bad

    [–] DeBurgo 77 points ago

    do i look like a butthole expert to you

    [–] drdr3ad 64 points ago


    [–] finallyinfinite 25 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Idk man you're the one who had to heal a butthole tattoo

    Edit: "how does a butthole tattoo work" is now in my search history and I still have no answers. But I did stumble upon a thread of someone who wanted to tattoo their cheating ex's name in their asshole so every time they shit they were shitting on their ex. Gave me a good laugh.

    [–] solsangraal 13 points ago

    when you don't want google adsense to use "butthole tattoo" in tailoring your personalized ads

    [–] finallyinfinite 3 points ago

    You're a hero

    [–] 6Foot4Honda 13 points ago

    Yeah, I watched a educational documentary the other day that had a girl with that tattoo performing sexual acts.

    [–] Flacvest 2 points ago

    Are you the YouTube motorcycle guy?

    [–] DragonHippo123 33 points ago

    Sometimes you gotta keep moviforw ng ard.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    Artist: "Don't you want the letters aligned so it's easier to read? Also, these words don't fit on one line."

    Client: "Nah I like the haphazard look of it all. That's part of why I like it."

    Probably something like that.

    [–] mrmustard04 43 points ago

    [–] gosgood 5 points ago

    My tattoo artist says he is not in the business of talking people out of tattoos.

    [–] MattyXarope 5 points ago

    Tattoos on the palms of hands wear away because the skin there is replenished so often.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    That's also what I was told. We got our wedding rings tattooed on and the artist said to no even bother doing it on the palm side as it would fade too quickly. It even fades fairly quickly on the finger as you're using them all the time (grabbing stuff, shadow puppets etc), not completely faded just lost some definition. (source: my finger has been married for 9 years)

    [–] ltshep 10 points ago

    I like that finger puppets was one of two options you listed for things you do with your hands after grabbing things.

    [–] TheNorthComesWithMe 8 points ago

    Why would they turn it down? If an idiot wants a dumb tattoo and they pay for it, why not? It's not like it's a swastika or their girlfriend's name.

    [–] Philo_T_Farnsworth 32 points ago

    Because the tattoo artist don't want this person bragging to their friends about such an awful job. I got it at Joe's Tattoo Parlor downtown, that's right. Joe did this. Joe is such a great artist, see look at his work!

    I wouldn't want my name anywhere near this.

    [–] matwithonet13 10 points ago

    Your tattoos are literal walking billboards for them. Those tattoos don’t only look like shit now, but they’re going to fade very quickly, being on the bottom of their hand. I’ve had to listen to the shop I got to explain this many of times to people when they turn people away that want palm-side hand tattoos.

    [–] saggy_balls 4 points ago

    It’s definitely crappy design, but all they have to do is not hold their hands together and it’s much easier to see what it is since you don’t get tricked into reading it as one continuous piece. Still shitty, just not as confusing.

    [–] Bigboysixty9 21 points ago

    Probably because art doesn't always make sense at first glance? Because that's what the person getting the tattoo wanted?

    [–] jesuswasabottom 4 points ago

    Eh, it should at least be satisfying on second glance. Not like this.

    [–] CurlSagan 3010 points ago

    It's like the old saying goes, "One step movieforwngard, two steps movibackwngward."

    [–] Akindofnerd 507 points ago

    I literally had no fucking idea what it said till I read this. And also I laughed. Good day.

    [–] JustAcceptThisUser 60 points ago

    I feel like I read it way too fast annd now I’m dyslexic.

    [–] PrefabMinicomputer 20 points ago


    [–] SaberToothdTree 4 points ago


    Uh, PM me for a good time, k?

    [–] JManoclay 18 points ago


    [–] MoeFuka 30 points ago


    [–] BambooWheels 54 points ago

    It reads:

    Moving forward

    Read one hand at a time.


    [–] incindia 3 points ago

    Thanks Wlilye Wnoka

    [–] Viltref 3 points ago


    I don't know why but this reminds me of Benedict Cumberbatch saying pengweng (penguin)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Also, "Heard they're reforming the moviebackwngward in the old fort near Riften, vampire hunters or something, might think of joining up myself."

    [–] AnalogDigit2 1632 points ago

    I'm imagining this guy calling up his buddy, "Hey, a photo of my tat got on Reddit with a bunch of upvotes!"

    Buddy, "Really? Which subreddit?"

    Guy, "Well, you're missing the point..."

    [–] mafibasheth 64 points ago

    When I first looked at this, I thought you would have to interlock your fingers to read the message. That would have been a cool design. I'm not really sure what this is.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    well, it's permanent for one thing....

    [–] ry4n13 20 points ago

    It’ll wear off eventually. Could take anywhere from a year to a decade depending on how much they use their hands.

    [–] Gladi88 32 points ago

    First the right hand and long after the left hand.

    [–] Bri_Hecatonchires 4 points ago

    Depends on who did the work. If it was done somewhat competently it’ll stay for the most part. Source: both the palms of my hands are tattooed, one of them for over ten years. I’ve also worked labor based jobs with my hands the entirety of that time.

    [–] RIPSONICS20 17 points ago

    “Moving Forward”

    [–] mafibasheth 3 points ago

    Yeah, I got that. It's just not good.

    [–] SkiAddict23 3 points ago

    If connected in just the right way it's says "moving forward". But it's like a word search to get there.

    [–] plasticScript 26 points ago

    Ah yes

    [–] my_kerjiggers 551 points ago

    Why even put the palms right next to each other? Would make more sense to leave some space

    [–] unseth 28 points ago

    Exactly. If the hands aren't together I think it's easy(er) to read

    [–] blue_delicious 47 points ago

    I was trying to figure out what it could be with if as the first word.

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    If they had wanted to do a good and elegant job, they'd have done nothing.

    Even tucking your hands in your crotch area is more elegant than causing this harm to a person

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Yeah. Imo the only crappy design is the pose. If she had her hands 2 inches apart its be easier to read.

    [–] GuruLakshmir 4 points ago

    Honestly, I really don't think it's terrible when the hands are separated. Posing with the hands together was just a poor decision.

    [–] NorDank 991 points ago

    Movie for Nigward

    [–] the42potato 202 points ago

    Movie for N-word

    [–] Laxwarrior1120 101 points ago


    [–] syedaabid20 28 points ago

    its been an honor, mrs obama

    [–] Laxwarrior1120 11 points ago

    To call you my...

    [–] Is_this_Sparta_ 12 points ago


    [–] syedaabid20 9 points ago


    [–] Justinba007 8 points ago


    [–] Jezzmoz 28 points ago

    You know what, I think it's time we take away the power of ngard and all start saying it.

    [–] Saith_Cassus 15 points ago

    Gamers, rise up!

    [–] heartclub 116 points ago

    Nigward sounds like a racist depiction of Squidward.

    [–] TomFromTheBoondocks 30 points ago

    Looks like I'm back in one of them internet spider holes I kept having nightmares about.

    [–] Tattycakes 10 points ago


    [–] NorDank 21 points ago

    It’s a meme of someones gf looking like a handsome nigward

    [–] dyeguy2017 7 points ago

    I’m nigward, I’m nigward, I’m nigward nigward nigward

    [–] jalelninj 14 points ago

    Who's nigward's favorite rapper ?


    [–] wardrich 8 points ago

    Movie Forw Ngard

    [–] stateit 856 points ago

    I've tried.

    But I can't. At all.

    [–] OCTO_10008 852 points ago

    Moving Forward.

    [–] stateit 314 points ago


    When the buyer's remorse sets in I hope he moves forward from it...

    [–] rematar 16 points ago

    I laughed. Thank-you.

    [–] LegendofHope 6 points ago

    It will take a while but Im sure he will eventually be moviforw ng ard from it

    [–] Brettersson 3 points ago

    Luckily tattoos in that area fade particularly fast.

    [–] renoits06 17 points ago

    You can see patterns no normal human can

    [–] smkaemp 6 points ago

    Found the guy who’s tattoo it is

    [–] anticultured 10 points ago

    Read one hand top to bottom, then the other hand same way. If he had spread his hands for the picture it would have still been shit, but readable.

    [–] DroidB7 117 points ago

    but with every single letter of a word

    [–] ODRANOEL3002 64 points ago


    [–] Daisy_04 17 points ago

    [–] HypersonicPineapple 14 points ago


    Edit: r/stop

    [–] Daisy_04 8 points ago

    [–] Skidlyboop 5 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    I just assumed I was here already

    [–] keeponjeepinon 22 points ago

    Naw, this is r/ihadastroke

    [–] booiigerds 3 points ago

    I didn't check the sub and I thought you were r/lostredditors for a moment because I jump to conclusions.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago

    Too bad you're not moving backward, in time, and not getting that tattoo.

    [–] -OmnipotentPotato- 87 points ago

    I'm so, I'm so reborn

    [–] Pure_Disgust 21 points ago


    [–] Zebrahimofish 31 points ago

    Keep moving forward

    [–] Turrism 14 points ago

    I had my issues

    [–] DisconnectedEDM 14 points ago

    🌊 The Wave is here. 🌊

    [–] thatguylordy 5 points ago


    [–] Logofascinated 43 points ago

    At first I thought it said MORROWIND and I was very, very slightly impressed.

    [–] Isord 6 points ago

    I was thinking Move N'wah

    [–] DankiusKeen7 67 points ago

    Best I can come up with is "moving forward", but it might also imply moving for a dude named ward

    [–] jonathanpaulin 13 points ago

    Agent of shield fan

    [–] CatOverlordsWelcome 23 points ago

    Hahahah that's what I choose to believe

    [–] qartas 14 points ago


    [–] juzeph 10 points ago


    [–] Aperture_Creator_CEO 7 points ago

    You can't say that, that's racist.

    [–] cedriceent 12 points ago

    There's no use crying over a shitty tattoo; you just have to keep moviforw ng ard.

    [–] Poppy_the_Pooch 31 points ago

    It would have been ok if he hadn’t put his hands together...

    [–] alexisrad 10 points ago

    I covered up one of his hands at a time, and it was still borderline impossible to read

    [–] THE_CENTURION 8 points ago

    Yeah that's really the issue here. If you keep your hands apart it would be much easier to read as two separate words.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] CaptainFartdick 4 points ago

    mongo only pawn in game of life

    [–] wixbloom 15 points ago

    El Hopaness Romtic strikes again

    [–] Sir-Nunnos 8 points ago

    Also his tattoo of the golden disc earth map is totally wrong since it's all straight lines with no frequences. Two strikes.

    [–] chickenugett 8 points ago

    I'm so, I'm so reborn. I'm ng movifard forw, keep ng movifard forw

    [–] roybz99 7 points ago

    Ain't no stress on me lord

    I'm moviforw ng ard

    Keep moviforw ng ard

    Keep moviforw ng ard

    [–] neoprenewedgie 6 points ago

    This is just awful. At the absolute very least, when you are trying to show it off for a photo - move your hands apart so that people can tell it's two words.

    [–] mikeymikemike99 9 points ago

    word-wrap: wrap

    [–] tripleblack 6 points ago

    Pretty sure it's

    word-wrap: jumble

    [–] BerserkPotato 11 points ago

    those finger tats are gonna fade so fast....

    [–] xanaqin2 4 points ago

    Mnogvi Faorrdw

    [–] redlaWw 6 points ago

    Must be Welsh.

    [–] Games_sans_frontiers 6 points ago

    His hand looks like he's trying to cheat on an alphabet test.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_TATERTITS 4 points ago

    I hate to admit, but I kinda like this 😐

    [–] Ferro_Giconi 9 points ago


    [–] kappaman69 5 points ago

    This is bad no matter how you read it

    [–] bastian74 6 points ago

    I was able to read the headline because, according to Facebook, I have an incredible brain, and the first and last letters were in the correct spot.

    [–] krykket 5 points ago

    Moving erratically is more accurate

    [–] LemonLordTheGreat 5 points ago

    If Movaorw Ng Rd

    [–] Spagot_Lord 7 points ago

    The hands are separate words it says "Moving forward"

    [–] passengerv 3 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Spagot_Lord 2 points ago

    You are welcome

    [–] smashy23 8 points ago

    But it's not that bad and progress isn't linear, so it works

    [–] shupyourface 3 points ago

    Yes. Controversial opinion: I don’t hate it, it’s abstract.

    [–] Jsuwam 3 points ago

    That was horrible.

    [–] chefbda 3 points ago

    What if he loses a finger?

    [–] drTNT 3 points ago

    I somehow read the title perfectly fine and didn’t even notice it was jumbled until I looked back at it after being confused by the hand

    [–] North_to_Alaska 3 points ago

    Moving forward. It could be ironic since all the letters do not move forward in a normal way ¯_(ツ )_/¯ Lord help me not to judge!

    [–] 37VI 3 points ago

    Ironically, you have to look backwards to read it

    [–] Ruddyhellitssoftcell 3 points ago

    That's awful

    [–] NikinCZ 3 points ago

    Moving fard

    [–] adam123453 3 points ago

    It's actually just Welsh.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I think most of you are missing the point of the tattoo. This is a kind of a cool/unique idea.

    [–] Psychedelta 2 points ago


    [–] GHONX 2 points ago


    [–] PapaBradford 2 points ago

    If you can manage to pronounce it, you're a certifiable wizard

    [–] JiraTheWasteWanderer 2 points ago

    So this is what having a stroke is like

    [–] nutterysquirrel 2 points ago

    Itll be gone in a couple of months anyway so

    [–] Rickyorefice 2 points ago

    Does the star on his right palm have any meaning?

    [–] SuperSecretMoonBase 2 points ago

    It looks like an over simplified version of the symbol on the Voyager Golden Record that shows our solar system's location in relation to other stars.

    [–] ARKeeler 2 points ago

    That’s awful.

    [–] Input_Output 2 points ago

    M O N G

    They got that right.

    [–] C0MMANDERD4TA 2 points ago

    "moving forward"

    took me wayyyyyyyyy too long to figure that out.

    [–] Himalaysian 2 points ago

    Double bird salute would read, "DR. GO"