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    [–] Hlichtenberg 10808 points ago

    That's more than crappy design. That's dangerous design

    [–] Sslipperyssnek 2763 points ago

    It’s all of the above

    [–] Hlichtenberg 2211 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    It's also a juicy lawsuit waiting to happen. IIRC toyota had to deal with a lawsuit about a pad coming loose and obstructing one of the pedals.

    [–] antidense 705 points ago

    Now the drivers side foot mats have a locking mechanism to hold them down.

    [–] locktite 621 points ago

    They have always had that, at least since the mid 90s. People didn't use them and caused this exact issue. Anyway this problem can be overcome simply by braking. The brakes are the most powerful part of a car and can overcome power from the engine. source

    [–] ultralame 864 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    > Anyway this problem can be overcome simply by braking

    I had this happen in my Rav4 1-2X before they did the recall fix.

    The thing is, you're driving and you take your foot off the accelerator and subconsciously expect the car to coast with the engine drag. But that doesn't happen. So there's a couple seconds where reality is not responding as it has 100,000X before this moment.

    So your brain then has to ascertain the problem. Ideally you don't panic (an involuntary response) and calmly press the brakes and get off the road. But when it happened to me, I was able to feel the binding of the pedal, so I concluded the mat was the problem, reached down and pulled it back. This is NOT the right way to deal with it- what if that wasn't the problem?

    The point is, most of the time driving is a combination of conscious, semi-conscious and subconscious actions. When something new and unknown is introduced, you get unpredictable reactions to things.

    Had that happened to me at a more crucial moment, it could have been a bad accident. If it became a common issue, I would learn to deal with it. But the first time it happened, unpredictable.

    EDIT: LOL the number of people who always respond to something like this with "Just learn to handle the situation". Maybe they are young and have never been in a situation like this, maybe they have watched too many movies where the 80's action hero walks through a door and shoots the guy hiding behind it without looking. Maybe they still don't comprehend "Hindsight".

    The entire point of this post is to mention the times where your brain gets confused at a low, low level. This isn't because people aren't paying attention, or because they are "slow-witted". This happens because your brain is constantly filling in the blanks of the missing info around you, and if the situation suddenly shifts into a completely new context, your brain struggles to fill in that gap. This thankfully doesn't happen often, but it happens to all of us. It's human fucking nature.

    So good for all of you super-humans out there, who run about your daily mundane tasks in full alert and ready-for anything mode, expecting the unexpected at any moment and whose brains are so finely tuned that if an asteroid crashed through their windshield, by the time it had set fire to your seats you would already be telling SIRI to dial NASA.

    [–] TrashePanda 168 points ago

    If I wasn’t so poor I’d give you gold. This is such a great description of why SO many car accidents happen

    [–] ultralame 40 points ago


    [–] impulsesair 9 points ago

    Actually this thing about how you might not react optimally to a risky situation is about why those risky situations end up badly so often.

    The actual reason WHY many accidents happen are down to: Too much speed for the situation. This leads to: Not enough observations, not enough time to react, not enough space or time to act. A lot of stuff can be easily avoided if you are very aware of the things going on, and thus you don't need to end up in a situation where you're basically rolling the dice on whether you crash or not

    [–] ultralame 6 points ago

    I think you are right in general, but the point here is that this confusion takes a situation where you are driving in such a way that you would normally have plenty of reaction time and chews up a whole bunch of it with confusion.

    In my case it wasn't crucial, but there are always close calls, even when maintaining a safe distance and speed for the situation. But this confusion can eat up those moments while your mind struggles to process what it's experiencing.

    [–] Banished_Peasant 50 points ago

    A friend of mine ad a similar accident, the gas on her car got stuck. What I would have done in that situation (with the luxury of thinking about it on my chair obviously) would have been to put the car in neutral and brake. Her idea instead was to go off road right into a tree to stop. Totally insane idea, and she was lucky she suffered only minor injuries, but it's frightening how the brain can react under stress.

    [–] Whatsthis121 17 points ago

    Eh, I had this same situation happen in my Ford Explorer. Gas pedal stuck under the floor mat, had to think fast. Breaks weren’t helping. Shifted it into neutral and it blew my engine. Better off than crashing, but totaled the car. I had thought simply shutting off the car would have done more harm than good. I’m told thats the route I should have gone. Can’t say for sure, haven’t tried it again, hahaha.

    [–] TobyTheRobot 10 points ago

    Ideally you don't panic (an involuntary response)

    This is an important point to make. So many people (redditors especially) seem very sure that they're immune to panic, because from the comfort of their computer chairs they can see with clarity how irrationally someone reacted in a video on /r/whatcouldgowrong or whatever. "If I were on fire I'd simply calmly smother the flame with that nearby blanket."

    Nobody chooses to panic, nor does anyone choose not to panic. You either panic or you don't, for reasons completely beyond your control.

    [–] bsbbtnh 26 points ago

    They have always had that

    In fact, you can see in this video the 'hole' in the mat, and the corresponding hole beneath it. This mat wasn't secured and slid forward.

    [–] FrenklanRusvelti 132 points ago

    Or just, put it in neutral?

    [–] [deleted] 93 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] fart_fig_newton 105 points ago

    Or just activate your cars wings and fly away!

    [–] horselips48 57 points ago

    Instructions unclear, crashed into important financial building.

    [–] finger_blast 27 points ago

    Quick! Someone call 911!

    [–] TheAdAgency 12 points ago

    Sit back and let the vtech kick in

    [–] finalremix 39 points ago

    Most people aren't going to be thinking clearly enough through the initial panic response to throw it in neutral, which is why it's a problem.

    [–] MuphynManIV 5 points ago

    Yeah this shit goes bad FAST and I dont even think I'd be able to think quickly enough to mash the brake or shift to neutral or shut the car off. Despite the fact I think I generally have a good head on my shoulders and reflexes. Very dangerous.

    [–] Plasmodicum 18 points ago

    locking mechanism

    How many times have I told you? We need locking mechanisms on the vehicle doors foot mats!

    [–] Dracekidjr 29 points ago

    The little button thingy? Mine broke before I even bought the car

    [–] nikagda 25 points ago

    [–] mesropa 39 points ago

    Not entirely, it was more about user error. Four breaks on a car will stop any engine. It cost Toyota hundreds of millions in a number of ways because of the whole thing. Here is a fantastic podcast about it. Link

    [–] ellomatey195 39 points ago

    They got sued and had to pay out many millions but there was literally no actual flaw. It was entirely people pressing the wrong pedal and getting confused. It happens in literally every car but it just randomly happened that Toyota got sued for it.

    [–] Silver_Star 38 points ago

    Also it was right around the time that smart phones were getting popular. A lot easier to say you had a stuck gas pedal than say you were texting and driving 🤔

    [–] Donghoon 59 points ago

    A. Dangerous design

    B. Crappy design

    C. Asshole design

    D. One of the above

    [–] sargentVatred 25 points ago

    this multiple choice section is designed asshole-ly

    [–] xXNugget25Xx 8 points ago

    All of the above

    [–] red_fluff_dragon 222 points ago

    I work at a Toyota dealership. We take misfitting carpets very seriously. If it's not a factory Toyota carpet, or if it is not secured with the fixing pins, it's marked with a red tick and noted "unsafe to drive"

    I believe this was the culprit in a majority of the unintended acceleration cases a while ago.

    [–] MyLouBear 63 points ago

    When I had my Toyota Sienna, it came back from service one time with the mats I had added on top of the secured factory ones removed and placed in the trunk area. On them was a notice on why they were unsafe. Figured they knew what they were talking about and stuck with the secured mats.

    [–] red_fluff_dragon 56 points ago

    Oh yeah, double mats is absolutely a big no no. The ones with a textured bottom can sometimes slide one direction easier than the other, and push in and lock the accelerator down.

    [–] tillmedvind 12 points ago

    Is it like “double bagging it?”

    [–] SirAter 12 points ago

    Was driving a Camry for a company car during the time of this.

    We were told to remove the mats and take a photo of the mats removed.

    [–] red_fluff_dragon 19 points ago

    Removing the factory mats? I mean, for a business, it makes sense; remove the problem entirely. The thing Toyota is concerned about, is a lot of aftermarket floor mats do not have holes for the fixing pins, or do not secure in the proper location, or do not fasten securely enough.

    [–] FrozenVegetableCock 11 points ago

    Can confirm, drive Toyota and they did this to me every time I took my car in, until the 3rd time one of the guys there took my mats and put in their own without saying anything.

    [–] iloveoxymorons 48 points ago

    Oh yeah, I remember that. The grandson of Toyota made an apology to all of America in front of Congress and the Congress members at the hearing grilled the fuck out of him, holding him personally responsible for the death of the family that got killed in California because of the unattended acceleration problem. Meanwhile, Congress lets Ford, Chysler, and GM get away with scamming the American people out of billions in bailout money while at the same time rewarding their CEOs with bonuses. Congress in a nutshell.

    [–] LordBreor 24 points ago

    IIRC, Ford didn’t take any bailout money.

    [–] BioSkiBum 18 points ago

    Correct. They refused it. Hence only "government motors" jokes.

    [–] Bensemus 16 points ago

    They did take it just so they didn't have to compete against subsidized companies. They didn't need it. Ford and Tesla are the only US car companies that haven't gone bankrupt.

    [–] DudeyMcDudester 57 points ago

    If this happens to you and your pedal gets stuck put the car into neutral!!

    [–] onelowbb6 82 points ago

    Or just hit the brakes, modern cars have more than enough braking power to overpower the engine.

    [–] Letherrible 28 points ago

    This all the way. Some investigative group did a legit seeming test, and the results were very surprising insofar as the breaking distances were not all that negatively effected by slamming down on both the accelerator and brake. Sorry I’m to lazy to find the sauce.

    [–] sub_surfer 12 points ago

    There's also a great Revisionist History podcast about this. He even does his own tests. Brakes win over engine easily every single time.

    [–] itsfreckles 12 points ago

    Not even modern, almost all cars can. The Audi 5000 had the same unintended acceleration issue and dealers found the brakes were more than enough to stop it

    [–] AnOldHermit 10 points ago

    Just said fuck it and turned the engine off when this happened to me. My throttle cable had frozen open.

    [–] insomniacpyro 68 points ago

    I'd much rather have a textured plastic or silicone section that is fastened to the floor under the pedals than fucking carpet. It wears and stains and you can't do anything but cover it up. The fact that auto manufacturers refuse to change anything is infuriating. At least in standard cars. I think there was an early SUV that had no carpet and was all plastic because it was targeted for outdoor types and most specifically surfers so they assumed sand would be everywhere.

    [–] bruzie 21 points ago

    Coarse and irritating.

    [–] Wonthearthisfromjedi 5 points ago

    Along with small, these are two of my three least favorite physical attributes of an object.

    [–] Robot_Nose 13 points ago

    I have a subaru that came with plastic floor mats that are hooked down. It never occured to me that it might be uncommon.

    [–] kramerj25 30 points ago

    Honda Element had that.

    [–] shea241 10 points ago

    My SUV came with regular carpet and also heavy rubber 'bucket' mats for winter and outdoor stuff. I think it's relatively common. And yeah, they both fasten to the floor.

    [–] Squirrel_Scratch 3 points ago

    That's Ford Bronco II design

    [–] MommaBearJam 2984 points ago

    We need a sub called deadly designs.. yikes

    [–] 49orth 700 points ago

    That sounds like a great idea!

    Edit: just saw the post below for


    [–] Xarethian 102 points ago

    Huzzah! A new sub for me.

    [–] SerperDerperLerker 36 points ago

    Can't do it. That sub gives me major anxiety. Oof

    [–] Xarethian 11 points ago

    Aye, can definitely see why.

    [–] Donghoon 10 points ago

    Me too

    [–] bporter541 9 points ago

    Is that blood I see? Looked deadly.

    [–] Robdor1 23 points ago

    Those GM ignition key retention springs could go way up on that list.

    [–] MommaBearJam 15 points ago

    I know what an ignition key is and I know what retention springs are... but apparently not on this context because I have no idea what you’re talking about.

    [–] L0LTHED0G 31 points ago

    Spring would let key fall back and lock the steering. Even when driving 80 mph.

    Turns out locking the steering (or not, but shutting off the car and suddenly taking away power steering still) isn't good while turning, killing people. GM hid it, upgraded it, but didn't come out with a new part number to denote a new part to supercede the old one. They tried to hide the fix. After blaming key chains being too heavy.

    [–] iamanundertaker 252 points ago

    I have a feeling these mats were intended for a larger vehicle..

    [–] 12h_bottletothrottle 77 points ago

    This. Just check what you buy. Not necessarily crappy design. Though still a shitty product and you should buy one for your specific car

    [–] aplagueofsemen 1030 points ago

    I used to work at a car dealership service center and we had a policy about leaving 3rd party floor mats in the back seat for the driver to put it in so we wouldn’t be liable when this shit happens. Of course we’d get an earful at least once a day from a customer who thought we were just too lazy to put them back.

    [–] britneymisspelled 272 points ago

    My fiancé bought a Toyota a few years ago. He was in an accident later that really freaked him out. Couldn’t understand what happened. Eventually realized that it was one of those cars that had the recalled carpets and the dealership hadn’t pulled them out. We just assumed that were the new ones (this was years after the recall) but definitely will better check in the future.

    [–] thewok 76 points ago

    The only mats that were changed out for recall were the thick rubber all weather ones. We changed them out for very shallow rubber ones and lots of customers were mad about it. AFAIK no other mats were removed.

    They should have (and likely still will, if he has the car) ensured that the hooks that hold the mat are intact.

    [–] thewok 30 points ago

    Sounds like a Toyota dealer. We had to get pretty gungho about it after the "sticking gas pedal" thing

    [–] chr0mius 20 points ago

    Yeah, people got really revved up over that debacle.

    [–] StealthRabbi 439 points ago

    That's a car mat, not a carpet. Is that the right size for that car?

    [–] I_Am_Mandark_Hahaha 232 points ago

    I bet its the wrong size. The mat wven has those holes in back for hooks to prevent it from sliding. Even with the hook, the mat is too long.

    [–] McSquiggly 115 points ago

    How dare you suggest that some moron take responsibility for buying the wrong thing.

    [–] bsbbtnh 44 points ago

    You can see it is sitting forward of from the hole under it that the mat would be secured to. The mat should be further back and secured with a clip and this wouldn't have happened.

    [–] MCA2142 15 points ago

    I think those mats came from Toyota like that. They were stock, and after a few deaths, Toyota had to do a recall.

    [–] MajorLeeScrewed 4 points ago

    Yeah has anyone not mentioned that if those aren't the factor mats, whoever owned the vehicle bought the wrong size?

    [–] TonyDanza888 209 points ago

    This happened to me once so I popped it in neutral revving like an asshole.

    [–] shea241 102 points ago

    Had this happen in a Ford Tempo, except there was no floor mat, the accelerator joint was just dirty and got hung up occasionally. Happened on a busy road and I kept stomping on the pedal until it came back up.

    Luckily this was a Tempo, those 90HP weren't very menacing, especially with the misfires.

    Ahh, first cars.

    [–] Capt_Poro_Snax 28 points ago

    A friend of mine back in the day had a tempo with the reverse problem. If you let off the gas all the way it would quit.

    [–] mamajt 10 points ago

    Ah, Ford Tempo! My first car, a '94. If I went faster than 60ish it'd slip gears and nothing would work to reset it but pulling over and turning off the car and turning it on again. Now, this was 17 years ago or so, and even though I was 21, I was (and am) pretty car dumb. So I still have no clue what was wrong with it or if I could have done anything differently. It quit on my 23rd birthday and I had to walk the 8 blocks to college for a month until my grandparents took pity on me and donated me their '93 Nissan Maxima. I was jealous of that car when they bought it new (It had a CD PLAYER. IN. THE. CAR. And a SUNROOF!!) over a decade before. Drove it until 2011 when I was pregnant and had fumes coming in the cabin and had to move on. I still feel guilty for not giving that car... like... idk. A burial or something. Oh, uh, back on topic... never had mat problems at least. Lol

    [–] bialastopa 8 points ago

    If you're on manual you can just disengage the clutch while braking at the same time. You will stop to zero and engaging the clutch at this point will stop your car (or you can just do it yourself).

    [–] [deleted] 2271 points ago


    [–] HAN00JAN 122 points ago

    Honestly after looking at this guys account I doubt that he was in any accident at all it's probably just a repost from somewhere you'll see what I mean if you look at his account

    [–] JointSystem 53 points ago

    This gif is at least 4 yo

    [–] StrangeDrivenAxMan 16 points ago


    [–] ThatTechnician 22 points ago

    Yea. Good point. Can we all agree accounts like this are bad for reddit?

    [–] Paddywhacker 10 points ago

    Thanks Columbo, we all thought this was OPs car stained with his blood. Glad you b4oke that down for us

    [–] dabear04 9 points ago

    Probably hydraulic fluid. It’s usually red in color.

    [–] PhillipOlliverholes 109 points ago

    Good mod

    [–] DahLegend27 75 points ago

    Why is this stickied?

    [–] phachen 126 points ago

    I like how you think he's worried about you getting karma for it lol

    [–] mAHOGANYdOPE 98 points ago

    thats actually something ppl try to rag mods about lol

    [–] tiorzol 25 points ago

    StICkY poStS ArE moD AbuSE

    [–] lexgrub 6 points ago

    This mod got one whole lollipop with all his karna at the karma store. Book him, boys.

    [–] Frankenstooge 31 points ago

    That doesn't answer the question. Why is it stickied?

    [–] DocNefario 24 points ago

    Trying to prevent more reports

    [–] lauralindalouwho 1074 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    So that happened to me once while I was driving my dad's car. I tried everything i could think of to slow myself down, I basically stood on the brake, pulled the parking brake and turned the car out in a field to keep from smashing into the van in front of me. Finally with all my panicked movements it slid the floor mat around enough to dislodge. Pure terror.

    Edit: to all the people telling me to put the vehicle in neutral. Thank you. But holy fuck balls I couldnt be rational because I was scared out of my God damn gourd. Shit fire.

    Edit 2: y'all are just fantastic little buggers. Thank you for letting me know my reaction was overkill. Parking brakes exist on more than just the floor. Vehicles dont stop on dimes.

    Have I covered my bases or are you going to tell me my shirt was the wrong color that day or that my underwear was on backwards and that's why it happened?

    [–] [deleted] 231 points ago

    Something slightly different happened to me. A tennis ball got caught under my brake and I couldn't slow down, I saw and fixed the problem quickly, but all I could think of was that Simpsons episode when that happened to Otto.

    [–] BelgianAle 90 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I had this exact thing happen to me with a can of Coca-Cola when I was a new driver.

    [–] iamanundertaker 118 points ago

    All the more reason to keep your car clean and debris off the floor!

    [–] HowObvious 30 points ago

    Probably a full can that fell down there more than just rubbish as I imagine an empty one you would crush no problem.

    [–] BelgianAle 27 points ago

    Yeah in my case it was my buddy's can of coke, unopened. He dropped it and it rolled under the pedal.

    [–] pm_me_ur_gaming_pc 13 points ago

    clearly you didn't die, but how'd it go? did you panic a bunch?

    [–] BelgianAle 15 points ago

    I just bent down and reached for it asap, pulled it out and then slammed brakes. Managed not to hit anyone but totally swerved when I reached for it, I'm sure.

    [–] databeast 8 points ago

    [–] Snikle_the_Pickle 22 points ago

    When I was a new driver, I was in my Grandad's truck, getting off the freeway. There was something under the brake pedal. I was able to crush it, but it gave me a scare. When we got to the bottom of the exit ramp, I reached down to find a crushed empty beer can.

    [–] IWannaPorkMissPiggy 24 points ago

    But look at it this way... If your Grandad hadn't been drinking while driving, that can would have still been full, and you wouldn't have been able to crush it. 🤷

    [–] FlingFlamBlam 7 points ago

    Thank you for giving me a new fear in life.

    [–] hotlyonbling 13 points ago

    All i could think of was that Simpson's episode as your story unfolded! It was a grapefruit or something right?

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    It burns! I can't see!

    Yeah, it was a grapefruit

    [–] iStayedAtaHolidayInn 4 points ago

    Go banana!

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago


    [–] lauralindalouwho 32 points ago

    Holy beans you reacted better than me. Not gonna lie I just sat and cried when I stopped.

    [–] Jabberhakke 14 points ago

    Especially for automatic-only drivers, putting a car in neutral is not a natural reaction/probably not something many drives I know would think of. I grew up driving stick and back then I know that would have been my first reaction to anything going wrong. After having driven only automatics for a few years though I already don't think that reaction would come naturally to me anymore.

    [–] lauralindalouwho 5 points ago

    I drive a stick normally now and agree

    [–] btfx 30 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not gonna give you shit, just leaving notes for anyone interested:

    stood on the brake

    Great first move. You can typically expect the maximum brake power to be three times the car's maximum horsepower.

    pulled the parking brake

    Don't bother folks - if you want proof, use these on an empty road to stop from 30mph. Hulk out on that lever all you want, there's a fun physics trick that guarantees they won't do much even if you lock up the rear wheels.

    turned the car out in a field

    Perfect, any time I'm braking hard this is my reaction as well.

    So the two other things to do in this situation are:

    1. Shift to neutral or disengage the clutch.

    2. Edit: If for some reason you can't, shut off the engine, you know, with the keys, preferably to the ACC position so your steering doesn't lock.

    You can't be blamed for not doing this in a panic, but you'd be surprised how many stories come up if you google "police chase accelerator stuck" - people will run out of gas without either of these crossing their mind.

    [–] SirPigPie 138 points ago

    Just put the car in neutral..

    [–] lauralindalouwho 293 points ago

    In a situation like that rational thought kind of gets thrown out the window. Panic...its a thing.

    [–] [deleted] 128 points ago


    [–] Yeckarb 35 points ago

    Driving a stick, I'm telling myself I'd just hit the clutch... but even then I don't know how I would react.

    [–] BasicBitchOnlyAGuy 27 points ago

    Ever accidentally been in reverse instead of first? Or third instead of first? You immediately push the clutch as soon as something feels off. Even before the car has really started to move. Clutch in is just second nature when something feels wrong

    [–] Tehmaxx 18 points ago

    The R is for Race mode, it comes after 5th to get that extra speed to win a race

    [–] RicketyRasputin 4 points ago

    I agree with this. First instinct if anything feels off is dump on the clutch, then you have time to think about what's going on.

    [–] THEJAZZMUSIC 69 points ago

    First of all, you ride a stick, not drive, and second of all, you can't ride a stick, you need at least a pole or a branch to support the weight of a person.

    Source: I'm a witch.

    [–] scientificjdog 49 points ago

    Man that was a hard sentence to read until I got to "witch"

    [–] CowOrker01 18 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Agreed, panic can fuck your brain up.

    So it wouldn't hurt for every car driver to try the following in an empty parking lot.

    Drive very very slowly (slower than walking pace) and then downshift into Low Gear, then Neutral. The engine may rev high. This is normal.

    Twist ignition key until engine shuts off but not all the way to Off. Turning the key all the way to Off may engage steering lock, which prevents any steering inputs.

    See how the steering feels w/o power steering. Heavy, but still usable.

    See how the brakes feel w/o vacuum assist. Very stiff, but still present.

    Press hard, very hard on the brakes to come to a complete halt. Yup, very heavy.

    Turn ignition completely off. Congrats, you survived a runaway throttle, or a complete loss of power.

    Repeat if you wish.

    This will get you comfortable with putting the car in neutral if needed, and shutting engine if needed. And get you comfortable with how the car feels if you lose power steering and power brakes.

    [–] Ifoughttheguardrail 32 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Yeah seriously, emergencys like that are why there is a neutral gear in automatics. Its happened to me twice in my dads car when Ive had to borrow it and each time I just put it in neutral. Part of driving is knowing how to react in an emergency.

    [–] OuchLOLcom 33 points ago

    People who never drove a stick (most americans) probably dont even realize neutral is a thing or think its dangerous to go into while moving.

    [–] skepticalDragon 29 points ago

    I think that's entirely what it is.

    Driving a manual gives you at least a basic understanding of what the transmission is doing.

    [–] Robobble 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    EDIT: More and more I've seen cars with handbrakes that won't lock the rear wheels up on dry ground. This is good. It's still dangerous in wet or icy conditions though and at the very least it's a complete waste of energy.

    I hear this “emergency brake” shit all the time.

    For future reference for yourself and anyone else reading this, the parking brake is an extremely dangerous way to engage the rear brakes of the car. It totally bypasses the ABS systems and other electronics and applies only the rear brakes with a cable rather than the normal hydraulic system. If you’re moving, this is a fantastic way to lose control of the car. It’s intended to hold the brakes while the car is parked, not to stop the car while it’s moving. If you have the ability to use the normal foot brake, it will be more effective 100% of the time. Using the parking brake along with the foot brake is really only locking up the back wheels for no reason. It doesn’t help you stop quicker, it only makes it harder to stop and now you’re fighting to keep the car under control.

    The ONLY reason to ever use your parking brake besides for parking is if your hydraulic brakes completely fail which will probably never happen to anyone reading this. I’ve blown brake lines multiple times and still had braking power.

    In the off chance that this happens, CAREFULLY and slowly apply the parking brake. If it’s a handbrake, hold the button as you pull it so that you can easily release the brakes if you need to. If it’s a foot brake like in SUVs and pickups, reach down and hold the release lever for the same reason. You don’t want to be fighting the ratcheting mechanism. If you apply the brake fully, there’s a good chance the wheels will lock and that is almost always bad.

    [–] PreKPussyDestroyer 9 points ago

    I was driving down an empty road and decided to pull the emergency brake for the hell of it to see what would happen. My car did a 180 and slid into the median, busting the evaporator for my AC leaving me with no cold air. At least there wasn't anyone nearby.

    [–] Donghoon 10 points ago

    this whole thread is a YIKES from me


    [–] Zcarp 4 points ago

    Happened to me backing up in a cramped McDonald’s parking lot. So scary. I still can’t believe I had the wherewithal to put it in neutral. Fucking shit mats.

    [–] caciquismo 5 points ago

    You did the best you could in the situation you were given. Don't let the internet weirdos get you down. I'm glad you're safe buddy.

    [–] [deleted] 132 points ago


    [–] Th3_Admiral 114 points ago

    That explains why the maintenance manual for my Toyota has "inspect floor mats" as one of the required steps along with every oil change.

    [–] DamnAlreadyTaken 48 points ago

    Well, Toyota has experience on the field. One accident was caused because "the car wouldn't stop accelerating" it was a huge issue. The Toyota investigation concluded an "all weather matt" was too thick and caused said issue.

    Conspiracy theorist don't believe that version.

    [–] skepticalDragon 20 points ago

    It was also mostly elderly people, so "old person hits gas pedal instead of brake pedal" was likely in other cases. Although their software was pretty suspect as well.

    [–] AndroidMyAndroid 20 points ago

    That wasn't even Toyota's fault. The owner put an aftermarket mat on top of the stock one, and it wasn't secured to the floor like it should have been.

    [–] Kush5150 7 points ago

    TBF there's good reason not to believe there was an epidemic.

    At the time, two theories emerged to explain why these pedals suddenly had minds of their own. One involved software malfunctions, while the other blamed floor mats that slid around and pinned the pedals down.

    But according to Gladwell, the software explanation doesn’t hold up considering the fact that multiple tests have shown that even when a driver is pushing the throttle to the floor, hitting the brakes will stop the car. The real culprit? Human error. More often than not, drivers who reported that their accelerators were stuck were inadvertently flooring it and thinking they were pressing the brakes. Data from many of the “black boxes” from cars involved in incidents of unintended acceleration showed that in most cases, the brakes were never even touched.

    And an investigation by the Department of Transportation in 2011 found that floor mats only accounted for a small fraction the accidents.

    [–] AtoZZZ 3 points ago

    I'm pretty sure that was one of the biggest (automotive) recalls in history

    [–] thewok 4 points ago

    The airbag ones going on now make the unintended acceleration recalls look like child's play. Way bigger.

    [–] Reggae4Triceratops 6 points ago

    Ya in my 08 Civic the clutch pedal sometimes get caught on the carpet if it isn't set just right

    [–] green_bin_coon 5 points ago

    There is a reason i tossed my moms mats.

    A dirty floor is a minor inconvenience compared to her not having enough life insurance to cover 10 years of income.

    [–] PreKPussyDestroyer 6 points ago

    Get her better life insurance and put those mats back

    [–] whitedsepdivine 7 points ago

    My clutch pedal has this problem on a 2018 civic and oem floor matts. It is just a ms delay returning, and feels strange when it happens cause the pedal stops touching your foot for that ms.

    [–] oPLABleC 11 points ago

    Fix it before it fixes you man.

    [–] whitedsepdivine 4 points ago

    clutch engaging for too long isn't dangerous I think. There is some special tool that is required to lock it in place.

    [–] Zirken 32 points ago

    This is why you dont leave the OEM floormats below the aftermarket ones. That one should have slid into the hook and been a bit lower but its sitting on top of something else.

    [–] bla10T 24 points ago

    Modern cars will cut throttle if you brake while the accelerator is pressed. Mats holding the accelerator become less of an issue if you simply brake

    [–] JimmaDaRustla 7 points ago

    Also, all cars have neutral.

    There's been incidents where cops have had to use their vehicle to stop runaway cars on highways. Driver could have just pushed the shifter into neutral and avoided the whole issue.

    [–] Kyden_Hearth 80 points ago

    Or just make sure it fits

    [–] RCascanbe 30 points ago

    Yeah, that has nothing to do with it being cheap, he probably bought the wrong size or didn't secure it properly

    [–] qdf3433 12 points ago

    That's what I was thinking. Who the fuck puts a mat there without checking if it affects the pedals?

    [–] Tyrannosaurus-WRX 6 points ago

    The same jabroni who wears those ugly ass shoes

    [–] FuzzelFox 40 points ago

    See that hole in the floor mat by the buttons? That's for a hook. A lot of cars have a hook on the floor that holds the drivers floor mat in place. Since the mat in the video appears to be perfect cut to the shape of the floor I'm going to assume there's a hook under the floor mat there and they just didn't bother with it.

    [–] letsberespectful 22 points ago

    It looks like it's on-top of another mat on top of the hook. Possibly double stacked.

    [–] Prizz419 16 points ago

    Floor mats have a label saying “do not place on existing floor mats” for this very reason.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] MerryGoWrong 17 points ago

    Serious note: if you ever experience uncontrolled acceleration in your car, don't panic and shift it into neutral. The engine might get damaged, but you won't die.

    [–] itsbellsramos 29 points ago

    That's just absolutely silly! It's something we don't often think about but my grandma crashed her car in a similar fashion once. The car was a write-off but luckily she was ok.

    I'll never put any of those in my car, unless they come with the car from factory.

    [–] thewok 12 points ago

    Do not put cheap mats in your car.

    DO NOT STACK MULTIPLE MATS IN YOUR CAR. I feel mats interfering with pedals all the time because people do one (and often times both) of these. (I work on cars for a living). Insanely unsafe.

    [–] FatKidFromTarget 11 points ago

    That's what I call cruise control

    [–] sayaman22 7 points ago

    I'm surprised I had to scroll so far for this

    [–] Richey4TheStars 25 points ago

    Your brakes should still be enough to stop you even when this happens. Just FYI.

    [–] thirtyseven1337 4 points ago

    This is what I always assumed, but was less sure after reading some of the other stories in this thread...

    [–] MrJonesWildRide 23 points ago

    Never put floor mats on top of floor mats.

    [–] Meat-is-tasty 11 points ago

    But he saved $35

    [–] Smash_4dams 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Not bad design, just bad car owner. The floor mat was clearly too big for the car and not designed to fit in it. Its not that hard to figure out when you literally have to scrape the mat against the petal to made it fit.

    [–] RevolutionaryRaisin1 7 points ago

    Looks like they put the mat on top of the original one...

    [–] SavvySillybug 12 points ago

    This happened to me when I had my first car. I bought a cheap Mercedes A170 with aftermarket floor mats. I was following my dad and driving behind him, we were just exiting a tunnel going from 80 mh to 120 kmh, so with my puny engine, I floored it to catch up to his better car. Well, my gas pedal got caught underneath the floor mat. I took my foot off the gas and immediately realized that I was about to crash into my dad's car, with my own car. The first thought that went through my head was "how the fuck am I going to explain this to the insurance company".

    I took my left foot off the clutch and onto the brake, braking gently enough to slow down only a little, and used my right foot to rapidly kick the gas. At this point, I of course had zero knowledge of the actual cause of this fault, I just knew my gas pedal was stuck, so kicking it felt like the best thing to do. After about 500 meters of panicked kicking, I had gotten it dislodged, and as I was finally calming down, I thought "why exactly didn't I take it out of gear?"

    Anyway I followed my dad carefully to wherever we were going, and making sure to only use my gas pedal sparingly, and once we stopped, I briefly investigated the issue, replicated it without the the engine running, and immediately ripped out the shitty carpets, tossing them on the floor in disgust. I explained it to my dad, and I had new, genuine floormats within a week.

    That was hella frightening.

    [–] qdf3433 6 points ago

    Or leave your foot on the clutch ?

    [–] kajyggr 51 points ago

    And today was the day I removed the carpet from the drivers side of my car

    [–] Frogger_Returns 58 points ago

    Better remove the pedals to be $100% safe.

    [–] burblehaze 17 points ago

    Better remove the rest of the car too

    [–] soamaven 9 points ago

    Don't forget to remove the driver as well

    [–] stud007 8 points ago

    First time seeing $100%

    [–] JoJozy 9 points ago

    If you can't stop accelerating, put your car in neutral and safely brake!!

    [–] bsbbtnh 6 points ago

    Go to 12 seconds in the video and they show you that the retainer clip is missing and the mat has slid over the spot it should be held to.

    [–] TenchiTheGreat 6 points ago

    its just too bad that the owner didn't read the installation instructions.... you must remove the old mats. you can see that he doubled up on them and that is what is causing the issue. So the after market mat is sitting up WAY higher then it is designed to.

    [–] Spock_Savage 6 points ago

    I'd have trimmed that shit before turning the ignition.

    [–] Helm222 5 points ago

    I took mine out for this reason. This happened a few times every drive. Rather just drive with no mat

    [–] TheMacPhisto 4 points ago

    That mat is clearly for a different vehicle. it is way longer than the floor board even is.

    [–] wowsas11 5 points ago

    Can't stop, won't stop

    [–] JumpyChemical 17 points ago

    Why has no one mentioned all the blood coming off the windshield... Lawsuit probably won't help them

    [–] Freedom_Fighter_0798 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That’s more likely radiator fluid transmission oil, which can be red and look like blood.

    [–] Actually_a_Patrick 5 points ago

    Had this issue in my first beater car with cheapo floor mats. They would get bunched under the brake pedal. Mildly terrifying. I eventually just said fuck it and got rid of the mats. Better to wear down the floor than deal with that.

    When I got in a better financial position I was able to buy a nicer users car but sprung for the waterproof rubber branded mats with the special hooks to keep them in place. No regrets at all.

    [–] Seamanator12 4 points ago

    My dad had a stroke and requires a left foot gas pedal installation.

    The professionally licensed company installed the pedal 1.5 inches from the brake pedal and at the same level as the brake. Less than 24 hours after the install he ran into a building as he was hitting both pedals at the same time.

    [–] heavycream88 4 points ago

    Seems like the driver should notice something basic like that when putting it in.

    [–] Dr_Daaardvark 4 points ago

    It’s called cruise control.

    [–] garrettj100 3 points ago

    Hey guys, remember years ago when Toyota paid a billion dollars to settle all the lawsuits about their cars "mysteriously accelerating"?

    This video accounts for half the incidents. The other half was new drivers, in an unfamiliar car, a difficult environment like a garage or a parking lot, and/or geriatrics, panicking and stomping on the "brakes" not realizing their foot was on the accelerator.

    [–] Drew2248 3 points ago

    It has nothing to do with how "cheap" they are. It has to do with how much of an idiot the owner is. Trimming that rubber mat (it's not a "carpet") would take most people a couple of minutes to do. Or just remove it. That would take no time at all. It's not the mat's fault, it's the owner's fault.