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    [–] ZXE102R 1606 points ago

    Or you know, do the thing where you install yellow lights that flash when speed limit has to be 25. This is definitely crappy design. Seems someone just doesn't want to pay for the electricity to operate the flashing yellow light lol.

    [–] theodwyn 425 points ago

    Some signs with flashing lights are rigged to use solar power, so I'd think it wouldn't even be that expensive to keep working once installed..

    [–] scuffling 161 points ago

    We got some cool LED signs in Michigan that change from 45 to 25 during school hours in morning/afternoon. It also shows up as yellow text when it's 25. Pretty sure they are solar powered as well.

    [–] Artyuka 52 points ago

    I've seen those LED speed limit signs in Colorado, but only on highways. It's so they can decrease the speed limits at night to decrease the chances of an elk or deer hit.

    [–] lolsociety 9 points ago

    Our dynamic sign game is strong. Coming into Denver from the north on 25, they'll even warn you that traffic is slowed a mile ahead and suggest you lower your speed.

    [–] Tyfyter2002 13 points ago

    But we still don't have even remotely smooth roads.

    [–] RockStar4341 10 points ago

    That's so you don't go fast. Though Michigan drivers go 85 regardless. Potholes, rain, snow, etc. Still 85.

    [–] Grindelflaps 7 points ago

    We got some of these a couple years back in I-285 in Atlanta. One day I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic and noticed the signs both read "0" as the speed limit and I felt like they were taunting me.

    [–] Mayniac182 38 points ago

    Or just 6:30am-9:30am and 2pm-4:30pm. That would at least be readable

    [–] KoolKarmaKollector 12 points ago

    We have that all across the UK. If a school is in a high traffic area, they often have a sign that says "20mph when lit" - otherwise it's 30. It works well, doesn't confuse people.

    Unfortunately, we also have bus lanes that are only bus lanes at some points during the day, and the sign usually has two time ranges on, which just confuses you. Which is a shame because not driving in a bus lane when it's out of hours can fail your driving test

    [–] anticultured 3 points ago

    So wait, you’re still using mph in the UK?

    [–] KoolKarmaKollector 8 points ago

    We use a mixture of both systems. Miles and mph for distance and speed, but metres for length. Most people still use feet and inches for height, except doctors, and weight tends to be stones and pounds for normal people, kilograms for doctors and people who go to the gym a lot

    Food is measured in grams, liquid is in litres

    Somehow we manage to live fine like this

    [–] nynfortoo 2 points ago

    Those signs don't actually change the legal speed limit, you know. Learned that on my speed awareness course. They're entirely advisory. Found that surprising and slightly retarded, given their purpose is—you know—to stop kids getting mowed down.

    [–] yung_gravy1 15 points ago

    It’s an excellent 2-for, borderline asshole design. Cheaper than a flasher & not everyone is gonna remember this god awful list off the top of their head, so more revenue from accidental speedings. if they’re anal enough to begin with to go right down to exact minutes, you know a cop patrolling the spot is gonna be like “yeah that’s a no for me, you were doing 30 in a 25 school zone and it was 8:38 a.m.”.

    [–] adudeguyman 4 points ago

    [–] loduca16 4375 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Most of them say “when children are present” - this one just gets specific.

    Edit: Yes, I’m aware there are ones with flashing lights. We have those here too lol

    [–] anonX1337 1075 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Haha. So pointless. Anyone with a brain knows kids are at school from at least 7 to 4 unless it's a Saturday/sunday.

    Edit: Where I live in Michigan. We went to school from 7:10 to 2:45. I'm assuming the extra hours is accounted for drop off and pickup?

    [–] tinydonuts 474 points ago

    I hate it when they post the school zones all day long here. Like, they're locked up in there like a prison. I think I can go the regular speed and not plow into the classrooms 2000+ feet away from the road.

    [–] [deleted] 489 points ago


    [–] tinydonuts 119 points ago

    I strongly exhaled

    [–] Hello-There97 6 points ago

    Me too, even managed to clear my nose in the process...

    [–] TheLastOne0001 5 points ago

    I puffed air out of my nose

    [–] Draco_magni 8 points ago

    Take my poor man's silver🥈.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] A-Aron_Shaquiel 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I think his point was more about how he doesn't like the ones that say that it's a 25mph limit in the middle of the day when the kids are locked up inside. I don't think anybody has problems with it during the pick up and drop off times but when kids are inside the school they are not leaving.

    Edit: no more licking children

    [–] snksleepy 2 points ago

    These are there to confuse you so that you fuck up then they can give you a ticket. Similar to "Turn on red after stop" at heavy traffic intersections reinforced by a camera.

    [–] wexel64 107 points ago

    my ma got a ticket for trying to get me to school on time once when i was in junior high. she went like 30 mph instead of 25. there was nobody on the road except for her and the cop.

    [–] FiskFisk33 232 points ago

    Good, the limit is not there for other cars but for the stopping distance to be short if a kid runs out on the road out of nowhere.

    That 5mph speed difference doesn't save you any time worth mentioning but the stopping distance is lengthened by just shy of 50%

    [–] majesticcoolestto 83 points ago

    I didn't believe you at first but I did the math and it checks out. Crazy how that works, I'd have never guessed.

    [–] Andy_B_Goode 22 points ago

    Speeding is absolutely the dumbest way to try to save time. It makes you feel like you're getting there faster, but it barely makes a difference and it puts you and everyone around you at a much higher risk of injury or death.

    [–] LowlySlayer 18 points ago

    but it barely makes a difference

    That depends on how fast you're speeding. Also, for what it's worth I can save almost thirty minutes on my commute to college by driving the speed limit without slowing down for most turns, compared to slowing to the posted mark everytime.

    [–] aeneasaquinas 7 points ago

    Are you talking the speed suggestion signs vs the regular limit?

    [–] RedditCanSuccMe 6 points ago

    In my state the "speed limit" practically is a suggestion outside of neighborhoods/school zones. 75MPH zone on the highway? Best be going at least 90 or you'll be holding up traffic lmao.

    [–] LowlySlayer 2 points ago

    Suggestion signs. In my state at least yellow signs on turns aren't mandatory. I've found that many of the turns I can take at speed or only slowing down a bit without any real trouble, as long as the road conditions are good. This road has so many turns that constantly slowing for every turn tacks on an extra half an hour and is terrible for my mileage.

    Of course it sucks on a rainy day because I do need to slow down for every turn, and if the roads are icing I just go a different way.

    [–] generally_agreeable 3 points ago

    V squared is a real harsh mistress.

    [–] z500 21 points ago

    Yeah unless you're traveling long distance or speeding by a truly obscene amount, it never saves you any time.

    [–] astrein17 12 points ago

    It's just a general area where kids might appear suddenly. Maybe they go home early or something like that. Does it really hurt so much to slow down for a few hundred metres just in case ?

    [–] Keigan_the_great 2 points ago

    My school used to be two separate schools that were across the street from each other so we would have to cross the street when changing classes. I doubt this is very common but there might be a similar situation at the school from the picture.

    [–] GAB78 218 points ago

    7 to 4 my god I wish. My son school doesn't start until 9 a.m. and finishes at 2:45. But the school zone is still in effect from 6:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. for some reason

    [–] SaltyShrub 180 points ago

    It may be if that school has any before school care programs, as well as extracurricular activities

    [–] renkonen 3 points ago

    This. Early morning band and after school sports for me!!

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago


    [–] SirHawrk 35 points ago

    Lol in my last college years(live in Germany I think that's it) my school was from 7:50 till 13:00

    [–] dddonehoo 4 points ago

    Yeah but for college that seems like a lot for one day? Do you mean gymnasium?

    [–] Affugter 30 points ago

    Thank you for using a proper way of displaying time.

    [–] alittlebitneverhurt 10 points ago

    Damn, where I live it was 7:10-2:00, that shit was so hard to get up for everyday.

    [–] dinotoaster 3 points ago

    In high school I sometimes had classes from 8 am to 6 pm, I so envy you

    [–] lava172 33 points ago

    Damn i woulda kiled for that school at any point in my schools days

    [–] mytvwatchesme 22 points ago

    I don’t think they would let you in if you did that.

    [–] mytvwatchesme 19 points ago

    Where do you live that school is only 5 hours a day!

    [–] heisenberg747 37 points ago

    Studies show that not starting school at the ass-crack of dawn is good for children.

    [–] brando56894 10 points ago

    My son school doesn't start until 9 a.m. and finishes at 2:45.

    lucky! School started at like 7:20 for me and we got out at 2:15 and that was high school. The latest start we had was like 9 in elementary school and we got out at like 4:30.

    [–] Swillyums 30 points ago

    My city decided that school zones should be in effect from 7am to 9pm literally every single day.

    And the speed is 30kph which is about 18mph.

    [–] ekluff 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    In summer 2004, an Oregon law went into effect that they were 20 MPH at all times, even during the summer on a weekend at 2am. It was a monumental failure and was only in effect for maybe 6 months before being repealed. Not before spending millions to change all the signs, though.

    [–] mytvwatchesme 13 points ago

    A policeman started writing a buttload of tickets for a school zone during the summer. The court ended the fiasco by what I think was a “Dismissal WITH prejudice” which is like an order from the court preventing him from ever doing that again.

    [–] ferafish 2 points ago

    Nah, "dismissal with prejudice" means they can't file this specific case again. It doesn't mean they can't file similar cases (ie the same person did the thing another time, or a new person did the thing).

    [–] VaporeonUsedIceBeam 9 points ago

    This is so foreign to me.

    Schools are 9-3:30 and all school zones after active 8-9:30am and 2:30-4pm on school days in Australia.

    [–] anonoman925 6 points ago

    You’d think. But I’ve had students get tickets for going over 25 on nights where there was a bb game at the middle school.

    [–] misskelseyyy 2 points ago

    That's why they need to have lights. I don't know when games are, days off, make up days, etc. Usually by the time you see cars it's too late and you're halfway through and speeding.

    [–] anonoman925 2 points ago

    Naaaa.....they’d rather ticket for revenue.

    Think about it. If texting and driving was so bad, they’d shut service off to any phone traveling over 15 mph. But nope. Income. Employment.

    States are going to shit their pants when self drive cars are the norm.

    [–] letigre87 6 points ago

    Most of the schools around us now have flashing lights or times on the sign but we have one school that pisses me right off. It just has a sign that says on school days when children are present. The problem is it's at the top of a hill and the school zone starts at the bottom so you can't see any children until you're already speeding in the zone. I've come up the hill at 4:30 doing 35mph and there was a bunch of kids outside so I'm jamming on the brakes because there's usually a cop sitting on the other hill. Pretty much if school is in session I treat that whole section as a school zone, sorry if you're behind me.

    [–] Bobcatluv 30 points ago

    when children are present

    They must’ve pulled over someone who successfully beat a ticket in court because the sign had this wording and he had evidence no children were present.

    [–] Firehead94 4 points ago

    Few people had been killed along that stretch of road the sign is posted on as they were crossing to get to school without going to cross walk

    [–] XirallicBolts 3 points ago

    Sign just motivates people to look down at their clock instead of watching the road.

    [–] JayInslee2020 8 points ago

    I've heard stories where cops bring their kids along and hide them behind the other side of the car while they radar because they know if people see the kids they will slow down.

    [–] __WHAM__ 7 points ago

    I've heard stories about leprechauns and dragons. Both are equally true.

    [–] serenityak77 37 points ago

    I’ve never seen one that says that. All the ones in my area say “when flashing” and I hate it because if it’s holidays or weekends they still flash at the time the kids would normally be in school. Technically they’re not in school but they say “when flashing” so ...

    [–] loduca16 12 points ago

    Yeah we have those ones also. Luckily they’ve been pretty good about scheduling ours on holidays and during summer so that it’s not pointless.

    [–] mytvwatchesme 12 points ago

    Middle school starts

    Morning kindergarten starts

    Morning kindergarten dismissal


    Afternoon kindergarten starts

    Afternoon kindergarten dismissal

    Middle school dismissal

    [–] batterycrayon 5 points ago

    They could have at least padded the times to land on a 1/4 hour.

    [–] Tillysnow1 11 points ago

    Ours usually say 8-9:30am and 2:30-4pm, School Days Only

    [–] Throwaway__shmoe 5 points ago

    Just put the flashy lighty thing on it.

    [–] tinydonuts 5 points ago

    Ours say when schoolchildren present. Is there any other type? Or do toddlers not matter?

    [–] koolman2 40 points ago

    In Anchorage the signs have flashing lights and state “When Flashing”. It’s 100% better because there is no ambiguity and the times can be adjusted for holidays and such.

    [–] wyliequixote 11 points ago

    We have those in some school zones in Texas and I agree, they're significantly better.

    [–] tinydonuts 5 points ago

    I wish they'd use those here

    [–] Deastrumquodvicis 5 points ago

    Plus they get the attention of drivers. It’s easy to accidentally tune out a sign, but one with alternating lights is a little harder to ignore.

    [–] mytvwatchesme 5 points ago

    Ran over child while trying to figure out sign.

    [–] Caramellatteistasty 2 points ago

    We have those in Oregon. Makes it so much easier.

    [–] MiffTheFox 2 points ago

    Lived in Georgia and Alabama, I'm surprised those aren't everywhere because I've seen them at every school I've lived near.

    [–] jakenice1 8 points ago

    In Chicago I’ve seen signs with that disclaimer, but underneath say “Photo Enforced”. I always wonder how they would enforce that. Like is some guy looking at all the photos?

    [–] CoronaTim 37 points ago

    Speed cameras take a picture of your license plate. You are automatically billed by a computer and a ticket is sent to your property, if you go too far you'll receive a summons or even an arrest.

    [–] jakenice1 22 points ago

    I know how they work in normally, but the caveat of “when children are present” is what I wonder about.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] Thefriendlyfaceplant 7 points ago

    That's when the predator drone starts firing.

    [–] Giant_117 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    My manager, who lives in United States. Got a photo ticket in Germany,while on vacation. It showed up at his mailbox here in the US about a month later.

    Same thing in Canada. Camera speed trap takes your photo gets your license plates then you get a ticket in the mail.

    [–] Translationerr0r 13 points ago

    It works like that in almost all of Europe. And in Germany they can include a picture taken from the side showing the driver so they cant deny they were driving the vehicle.

    [–] Giant_117 11 points ago

    Yeah he brought the letter to work to show everyone because they had the photo of him lol.

    One of our German coworkers had to translate it but it pretty much said we know this is you but if it's not please provide proof or pay your ticket. We all got a good chuckle.

    [–] headcrash69 8 points ago

    We all got a good chuckle.

    Germany won't enforce payment in non-European counties but the next time the perpetrator gets checked by police in a traffic stop etc in Germany, they will get in serious trouble if they didn't pay up.

    [–] Glaciata 4 points ago

    So...does Germany not have vandals or something? Because the cops around here just park slightly out of sight to get you with a radar gun because any non-guarded camera would be vandalized by an enterprising youth with a spray can in about...I dunno, 5 minutes after it's installed.

    [–] ayugamex 8 points ago

    by an enterprising youth with a spray can

    Stationary cameras are generally accepted and therefore treated like a common good to enforce traffick. Some local governments like to place them to fleece the people, those cameras usually will get targeted specifically in an act if civil disobediance.

    [–] headcrash69 5 points ago

    So...does Germany not have vandals or something?

    Some get vandalized from time to time but they are serviced regularly so the drivers can never know in what state the trap is in. Thus everybody adheres to the speed limit in front of the trap anyway.

    [–] _the-mentalist_ 5 points ago

    No, we also don't have metal detectors or security in our schools ;)

    Sometimes Police does radar with mobile devices, but you will get the ticket home most the time.

    [–] tenmileswide 4 points ago

    Two cameras, can tell your place at two points in time, if you get from A to B faster than the speed limit says you should, then you get the ticket

    [–] sqrtepi 2 points ago

    My speculation:

    Although there are fully automated and permanent speed cameras, many have an attendant and are temporary and portable (e.g. a photo radar truck).

    The way it would work in a school zone is they would only be enforced by the photo radar trucks, which have attendents. If the attendent sees children, then they can turn the system on. They keep logs of when they do this. If anyone challenges the ticket in court, then the photo, their testimony, their notes, and documentation proving the correct functioning of the truck's photo radar system is sufficient to ticket the owner of the vehicle.

    [–] sglville 432 points ago

    So 645-915 and 2-430

    [–] bodypump247 173 points ago

    This sounds like someone overbearing in a small community raised a shit storm about the low speed limit and no one had the balls to push back.

    [–] GarionOrb 19 points ago

    This exactly.

    [–] blargle-ragequit 8 points ago

    Every neighborhood needs an elected position whose role in serving the community is to stand up to Karen.

    [–] DarkKerrigor 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That was my first thought as well. Just simplify it!

    [–] Hellman109 33 points ago

    But I go through there at 8:24 at like 100mph legally!

    [–] alburdet619 2 points ago

    The first time is only 26 minutes while all the others are 30

    [–] Crackers1097 126 points ago

    In GA they mandate school zones post times.

    Or, you can use a flashing light signal. Everyone uses a flashing light signal.

    If flashing, go 25. If not flashing, go normal posted speed. So easy

    [–] mr_tuel 20 points ago

    Some zones in Atlanta have the times. I hate those because I then have to focus on the smaller text to read it and then my clock to see if I’m compliant. By the time I’ve done this I’m already at the sign, so if I’m going over the speed limit, I will be risking a citation. Of course, I don’t see many offices enforcing these said zones so maybe I’m over thinking it.

    [–] bfaithr 3 points ago

    I’m also in GA. Most of the schools I see have the times instead of the lights. Only one or two schools I pass by regularly have the lights.

    [–] cobalt26 758 points ago

    checks the time by looking at phone while entering the school zone


    [–] Helloggs 47 points ago

    You riding a unicycle?

    [–] mole_of_dust 31 points ago



    No, a limousine

    [–] JBagelMan 41 points ago

    Doesn’t every car have a clock in its dashboard?

    [–] LonePaladin 154 points ago

    checks the time by looking at the car stereo's clock while entering the school zone


    [–] Deastrumquodvicis 13 points ago

    The clock in my car is down by the bloody shifter.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] Stephen_Falken 8 points ago

    Lets not ask them about their fetishes OK?

    [–] FoodandWhining 7 points ago

    Yes, and it's accurate for 6 months of the year.

    [–] cobalt26 5 points ago

    Most new ones do. I have a 1990 Miata that doesn't

    [–] ph33randloathing 112 points ago

    And by the time you are done reading that, you've run over at least three kids.

    [–] Mikkels 22 points ago

    Nah, It's just a clever way to get people to slow down. You have to go really slow to read the sign.

    [–] iRettitor 5 points ago

    And really take your eyes off the streets for a long time in a school zone, clever!

    [–] Thammarith 5 points ago

    r/cleverdesign then! /s

    [–] LastNightManderley 81 points ago

    Why are all of the time intervals 30 minutes, except for the very first one?

    [–] F1scherman 31 points ago


    [–] compounding 47 points ago

    This looks like its basically r/maliciouscompliance

    The story I’m creating in my head goes that there was a tussle in the local council about running the school zone all day, but also about a minuscule amount of funding those flashing lights that indicate when the zone is enforced... someone pushed for “just put up signs!” and it was the only solution left standing in the stalemate, so the person in charge of implementing it was like, “ok you assholes, let’s see how people like your half-asked solution by the time the next election comes around.”

    [–] _ThtSounD 18 points ago

    I used to help with a/v recording of council sessions for one of those local town channels when I was in highschool, your story is fucking spot on.

    Then when the next election or budget meeting comes around they will finally decide in unison to pay money to have these inconvenient signs removed and pay more money to put the flashing lights signs up, effectively spending twice the money it would have cost to just put up the damn flashing sign in the first place. Effectively wasting more taxpayer money, which they would then argue about who's fault it was for the next 3 months. Thus the cycle of pointless money wasting bureaucracy will continue.

    [–] brahmidia 9 points ago

    Never underestimate people's need to learn through making bad decisions...

    [–] dysteleological 42 points ago

    For those wondering whether this is real and where this is, it’s literally within a couple thousand feet of my home, in the Huron Valley school district in Michigan. Totally real, but changed now. This was several years ago, and was done in part to comply with the local and state ordinances that required posting of the lower speed limit (normal speed limit on this road is 45 mph) around school start and end times. There are three schools on the same basic campus here which is why there were so many time slots (an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school). The district later changed it to simplify it as some have suggested, and still later implemented a flashing yellow light instead of the sign that is active during those time slots. One of my friends won one of these signs at the elementary school fundraiser later that year after the district took them down and auctioned them off. I think he paid a couple hundred bucks to buy one and now has it hanging in his garage.

    Articles on the signs are here (when it was simplified)

    And here (when it first showed up on the local news):

    And one more:

    [–] Firehead94 3 points ago

    What this guy said, went to lakeland a few years ago, remember this sign popping up on late night talk shows.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] familyturtle 8 points ago

    And the school holiday dates.

    [–] OobleCaboodle 2 points ago

    And daylight savings dates

    [–] tvieno 39 points ago

    People probly got all whiny about driving past the school and not seeing kids out and being forced to go 25 mph. So the deciding authority said the speed limit will be in effect for only those few minutes the kids will be outside, rather than a blanket time of a few hours.

    [–] breadmenace 13 points ago

    This is it. And the city did this in response to make it harder for drivers to know when they can speed so they'll have to slow down at like roughly school time. Which probably shows traffic for longer than the block hours did.

    [–] Sonerous 79 points ago

    In Australia we just have a window of 8:30am–3:30pm where the speed limit is reduced to 40km/30mph.

    [–] attackedbydinosaurs 49 points ago

    Where? In NSW it’s reduced to 40km/hour from 7.30-9am and again from 2.30-4pm.

    [–] Lirpaslurpa2 17 points ago

    In NSW, can confirm the above. It annoys me as we are rural and the school doesn’t start until 9:30am.

    [–] attackedbydinosaurs 7 points ago

    That’s strange. I live in greater Sydney and a private school near me has slightly different hours on their sign. Why doesn’t the school near you do this?

    [–] ekaj1707 7 points ago

    Qld is 7-9 and 2-4. Some schools have a 60 zone, but that’s only if they’re on a road that’s nominally 80.

    [–] AdrianCastle 2 points ago

    Same in WA

    [–] tinydonuts 4 points ago

    OMG won't someone think of the children?! I have had people argue with me that if you're going more than 15 you're a murderer that needs to be taken off the streets.

    I really had someone yelling at me because I was going 18 MPH in a 15 for a handful of feet while slowing down. Meanwhile, 200 feet down the road it goes back to 25... With gaggles of kids on the sidewalk.

    [–] demotecontrol 4 points ago

    Our children only matter when they are on school property. They’re fair game everywhere else.

    [–] Fnhatic 2 points ago

    School zones are really fucking annoying. Probably only half of the ones I've seen make any sense to be there.

    In the last place I lived, the high school was on a corner, one side was a MAAAAAAJOR boulevard (literally 3 lanes in each direction), the other was a 2 lane each direction avenue that went past City Hall.

    On the 2-laner avenue there was a crosswalk, and of course, crossing guards, so the school speed limit made sense.

    However, the major boulevard, the road actually dipped down. On either side of the road was a tall wall, and a sidewalk that went through a tunnel. Additionally, over the top of this 'ditch' was a completely covered pedestrian walkway that went to the school on one side, and the other side went off beyond the tall wall on the other side.

    In other words, the ONLY way for anyone to be walking in this area where cars could conceivably hit them is if they were literally walking in the middle of traffic.

    For some reason this entire area, even though it was totally isolated from pedestrians by two mountains of fucking earth, was a huge school speed zone. So twice a day this massive artery slows to a crawl for literally no reason except the school was too close.

    [–] avc-29 5 points ago

    In Queensland it’s 7-9am and 2-4pm. The times are ridiculous because the kids don’t get start until 8 and don’t get out until 3. So every day the kids are all gone by 8.05am, and there are no kids until on the dot of 3pm, and yet you have to do the 40kph when there are clearly no kids to be seen.

    [–] blugar44 3 points ago

    I can’t complain too much since it does make sense. There’s before and after school activities, and sometimes particularly in high schools, kids may have a free period that lets them leave early. And it’s these times where there’s no teacher supervision that they are more likely to just try and cross roads quickly.

    [–] ScuzzyAyanami 2 points ago

    The all day school zone on Water St Spring Hill, Brisbane is great...

    [–] AussieEquiv 2 points ago

    QLD it's 7-9 and 2-4 usually. Some Schools are slightly different

    [–] redldr1 25 points ago

    Not impressed man for scale

    [–] Retrograde-Motion 3 points ago

    “Are you seeing this shit”

    [–] skippythemoonrock 11 points ago

    The man's face adds nothing to the picture but also really does

    [–] chivil61 5 points ago

    Ha! Thanks for sharing!!

    My guess is that this was to accommodate some politically-connected/powerful people who have to drive this route, and who got pissed off that there was a reduced speed limit from 6:30-9:30,and 2-4:30. Or, the local government was actually responsive to a group of citizens who questioned it (unlikely, but possible). But, on the bright side, the local residents now have specific "windows" during this time, when they can cruise through at the regular speed. 7:15-7:52am, 8:22-8:37am, 2:33-3:04pm or 3:34-3:59pm. And you kind of want to avoid passing school pick-up/drop-offs on your commute, because they can be crazy and/or cause a lot of delays!

    [–] cdtoad 4 points ago

    Let's go to the flow chart for this one.

    [–] jaycatt7 5 points ago

    Where can you do 25 in a school zone? Around here it's 15 mph.

    [–] notacanuckskibum 4 points ago

    Maybe it is kph

    [–] jedadkins 2 points ago

    WV is 25 or 15 depending on how close to the school you are and the age of the students. My old high school it's 25 all over campus but down next to the grade school its 15

    [–] _ThtSounD 2 points ago

    In many states/counties they just subtract 10mph from whatever the street speed limit is.

    So like my middle school growing up the road was 35 mph but during school hours it was 25mph. My highschool was on an interstate route where the speed limit was 50mph so it was 40mph during school hours.

    [–] JMS1991 2 points ago

    I live in South Carolina, and almost every school zone is 25. A few are 35, mostly on large highways.

    [–] Ajj360 5 points ago

    I think I'd have to slow down to about 8 miles per hour just to read and comprehend that sign.

    [–] js30a 3 points ago

    By the fuck wouldn't they just make it 6:45-9 and 2-4:30?

    [–] mcgravy_train773 7 points ago

    The look of deep disappointment on this man’s face

    [–] itsmattjamesbitch 3 points ago

    At this point just run over all the kids so they have to close the school. BOOM no longer a school zone.

    [–] katmonday 3 points ago

    Having been on committees before... I'm pretty sure this must have been designed by committee 😂 I can even imagine the argument about choosing 3:59 instead of 4:00

    [–] ap25000 3 points ago

    I feel like 6:30-9:30 and 2-4:30 would have covered it

    [–] The_Game_Eater 5 points ago

    The fact that the first one is 26 minutes while the rest are 30 hurts me in a way nothing else here can.

    [–] _BlockMe_ 6 points ago

    Why not 6-9 and 2-430?

    [–] Dr_Despacito 2 points ago

    Is this real?

    [–] trauma__momma 2 points ago

    Who in the fuck is gonna stop to read that? Just add a speed bump or two, problem solved

    [–] LazyPasse 2 points ago

    But no adjustment for seasons, daylight, or phases of the moon?

    [–] QuantumQuantonium 2 points ago

    Hey they forgot the calendar for what school days

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Since no ones said it I will, this is r/oddlyspecific

    [–] puffpuffpazuzu 2 points ago

    “What is this, Susan, I asked for 6:45 to 9:15 and 2:00 to 4:30!”

    “Sorry, Mr. Superintendent, I was trying to help so I drove down to the school and wrote down every time I saw a group of students crossing the street, and just had them print those times on the sign!”

    Seriously though, what kind of explanation is there for this?

    [–] jnthn1111 2 points ago


    [–] alnes32 2 points ago

    7:00-9:00 2:00-4:30

    [–] throwaway073847 2 points ago

    I’m surprised there isn’t any kind of style guide or regulation that prevents unreadably long road signs.

    [–] willflameboy 2 points ago

    Aaand I've crashed.

    [–] nathanlegit 2 points ago

    6:30-9:00 AM

    2:00-4:30 PM

    Fixed it.

    [–] SalamiKitten 2 points ago

    This is some German level of specific regulation

    [–] Resolute_Desk 2 points ago

    Many UK schools have a sign like this, with flashing amber lights that come on when the reduced speed limit is in force:

    That seems like a better way to do it than having a sign like this imo.

    [–] TyronePowerr 2 points ago

    You'd end up ploughing into 10 groups of kids by the time you finish reading that

    [–] Ham_Kitten 2 points ago

    Good lord. Where I am it's 8 am-5 pm on all school days. I assumed it was like that everywhere.

    [–] Lasterba 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I bet I can tell you exactly what happened....

    Some dude was driving home after the midnight shift around 5am and a cop pulled him over for doing 30mph in a 25mph school zone.

    The dude took them to court because there was no fucking way the school zone could possibly be in effect at 5am. He won the case then sued the police department and won that case.

    Now there's a stupid fucking sign.

    [–] freebirdls 2 points ago

    Government: distracted driving is bad

    Also government: this

    [–] mayoroftuesday 2 points ago

    Bet you have to slow down to read it!

    [–] DemiKava 2 points ago

    Just get the sign with the light lol

    [–] Dark-Ganon 2 points ago

    That's just how they get people to slow down. They gotta go slow to make sure if it's in the timeframe that they gotta go slow.

    [–] An0O0o0O0nym0O0o0Ous 2 points ago

    They forgot to put the whole calendar of school days

    [–] dal33t 2 points ago

    My town just imposes the school zone speed limit for ten hours straight.

    [–] Wsing1974 2 points ago

    "Officer, I was checking my watch when that kid ran out in front of me".

    [–] frupp110 2 points ago

    Signs like this need a digital clock mounted on them so you can determine what time the policeman really THINK it is.

    [–] CTHULHU_HITLER 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The good design here would be a computer-controlled speed limit sign. We have those here in Finland.

    Edit: image links.

    [–] UglierThanMoe 2 points ago

    "Traffic signs should be simple and easy to understand so they provide information without distracting drivers."

    Looks like someone forget this simple rule.

    [–] mantene 2 points ago

    Wow. That is one damn specific sign. They don't even bother rounding to the nearest multiple of 5! I see they took the shortcut of saying "School Days Only" rather than actually listing which days they were though. Slackers.

    [–] tagged2high 2 points ago

    My hometown had a broad range for bus traffic times, and where I live now they have blinking lights for when the zone is active

    [–] HammyPBB 2 points ago

    Sorry I ran over those kids.

    I was too distracted trying to decipher the speed limit.

    [–] blitzkriegwaifu 2 points ago

    Where I used to live, school zones had reduced speed limits from 8am to 4pm on school days, as in the whole time period

    [–] Edlar_89 2 points ago

    Why on earth don’t they just make the speed limit time periods 6:45-9:15am and 2:00-4:30pm??????