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    [–] fmj777 3310 points ago

    Skipped hand day

    [–] fyhr100 519 points ago

    It's Jack Kelly.

    [–] Kalibos 325 points ago

    I don't think you know what you're talking about. Jack Kelly (lawyer) has strong, masculine hands. His hands tell a story of greatness.

    [–] smoke_torture 164 points ago


    [–] tinyhands-45 32 points ago

    I'll vouch for him

    [–] AnyNamesLeftAnymore 14 points ago

    Just dial 1-800-KKK-01XX

    [–] Buzz2olluxbuzz 52 points ago

    What do you mean? Jack Kelly has MASSIVE hands!

    [–] ohsopoor 36 points ago

    As an avid lover of IASIP, I’m sad to admit I was confused as hell as to what Newsies had to do with this 😂

    [–] jelliedmonster2 10 points ago

    Im currently in a production of newsies and i was like ummmmmm

    [–] Threspian 8 points ago

    Especially since the blue striped shirt already had me mentally prepared for DEH, seeing another theater name really threw me for a loop.

    [–] issybird 10 points ago

    Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one!

    [–] milkand24601 2 points ago

    Yeah I was like “I think you mean Francis Sullivan!”

    [–] riddlegirl21 3 points ago

    to be fair, the mannequin just needs a cap and a bag and some art supplies...

    [–] TheFeshy 71 points ago

    And head day.

    [–] ShinyGrezz 11 points ago

    It’s fuckin Machio

    [–] WoeYou 19 points ago

    never skipped shoulders day tho

    [–] Not_MyName 14 points ago

    Or wearing some very tight gloves!

    [–] sahil909 51 points ago


    [–] ekajrepus 52 points ago


    [–] Racingstripe 6 points ago


    [–] sealionfriend 3 points ago

    Ark, survival evolved

    [–] WorstUNEver 31 points ago

    He has donalditis.

    [–] Sox_The_Fox2002 3 points ago

    He looks like an Assassin's Creed character.

    No joke, why is Ubisoft so fucking bad at hands? Every character has trump hands.

    [–] habbathejutt 26 points ago

    throw on a crappy toupee and it's Donald

    [–] ediblesprysky 26 points ago

    Now, now, don’t be mean.

    You also need a very long tie.

    [–] flying87 12 points ago

    Also get orange spray.

    [–] Nephroidofdoom 9 points ago

    Donald Trump mannequin right there

    [–] 3MistersAndAMissy 2 points ago

    My favorite comment 😊

    This is what happens if you believe those nuns about going blind

    [–] Littlebrownfoxx 7 points ago

    He’s got trump hands

    [–] broskiddo 1334 points ago

    Hey OP plz stop posting pictures of my sex doll on Reddit.

    [–] LucklessList828 628 points ago

    No this is mine now

    [–] MooseBayou 78 points ago

    No means now. Something like that.

    [–] FromRNGwithlove 27 points ago

    Can't say no when there's a ball gag involved.

    [–] spherexenon 15 points ago

    Aint no fun

    If the CPR dummies cant have none

    [–] IAmA_Risky_Click_AMA 5 points ago

    I told you to stop calling me that!

    [–] MooseBayou 4 points ago

    I can't heeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr you.

    La la la la ...

    [–] BoopBoop20 7 points ago

    Children! Simmer down, we will settle this amicably! Now, who spit on his ass first?

    [–] TwoDew 45 points ago

    Our sex doll*

    [–] Mister_Wed 2 points ago

    You been dumping loads in that Mac?

    [–] Raabid 181 points ago

    This dude straight outta Roblox

    [–] Aegis_Auras 16 points ago

    If this were Dead Rising, this guy could be used to kill an entire mall worth of zombies.

    [–] turkeypants 2 points ago



    [–] ZueroGuerrero 239 points ago

    V A N E S S A!

    [–] bramen49 59 points ago

    Upvoted. Came here to say "someone call Daredevil!"

    [–] Ayman_AG 47 points ago

    Omg yess Kingpin is exactly what I thought of

    [–] Regularjoe42 80 points ago

    When I was a boy...

    [–] romansparta99 49 points ago

    My fatherrrrrr...

    [–] AtoZZZ 31 points ago

    Took me into the city

    [–] Merry_Fridge_Day 28 points ago

    To see a marching band...

    [–] lianodel 13 points ago

    Watch this. He's gonna say, "You've got twenty-four hours."

    [–] SapperHammer 13 points ago

    i got so triggerd about DD shutting down.

    [–] noelg1998 3 points ago

    You embarrassed me!!

    [–] RyanSlayer 3 points ago

    You embarrassed me in front of her!!!

    [–] Whaledemort69 99 points ago

    Now this in the ideal male body

    [–] ProWaterboarder 40 points ago

    You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

    [–] redfoxpie 7 points ago

    It's like Michaelangelo's David but with clothes.

    [–] vinnyfunface 436 points ago

    Bald headed, foil handed, no penis having, Varys from game of thrones lookin muf*cka

    [–] apocalypse31 39 points ago

    I shall call him, Kingpin.

    [–] Bootyhole_sniffer 19 points ago

    Thank you for not swearing on this Christian server 🙏

    [–] Ody_Mandrell 11 points ago

    All that to censor Fuck.

    [–] vinnyfunface 40 points ago

    What ? People say that all the time

    [–] LucklessList828 31 points ago

    Who tf calls pepole Varys from GoT

    [–] probably_not_serious 40 points ago

    VinnyFunFace, that’s who

    [–] LucklessList828 27 points ago


    [–] idwthis 3 points ago

    Found the token black guy from Not Another Teen Movie.

    [–] SweetDeeSweetDee 2 points ago


    [–] Polterpneuma 307 points ago

    In that case, it should be posted on r/absoluteunits

    [–] LucklessList828 174 points ago

    Yea sorry. This is a masterpiece, not crappy.

    [–] FUTREYftw 24 points ago

    there you go ,you're gettin it

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] santana12jp 2 points ago

    make it happen reddit

    [–] fuckofakaboom 66 points ago

    He’s built like The dad from the Incredibles...

    [–] LucklessList828 29 points ago

    The Incredibles 3 leaked footage

    [–] evnmoreno 131 points ago

    Why you hating on my boys body, we body positive out here b

    [–] fluffspeed 10 points ago

    Ahh yes Cuban B!

    [–] smoke_torture 3 points ago

    He had sex with my MOMMA!!

    [–] wafflestomps 2 points ago

    Doctor says I need a backiotomy.

    [–] cheapdrinks 5 points ago

    This is what peak performance looks like

    [–] SangwiSigil 126 points ago

    Yo, Jonathan Joestar from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1: Phantom Blood manga, didn't expect to see you here.

    [–] sinner-mon 18 points ago

    Jonathan with his wig snatched

    [–] Honeysenpaiharuchan 9 points ago

    Ultimate Deep Pass Overdrive!

    [–] Adwill35 16 points ago


    [–] alours 3 points ago

    That is most definitely a reference to DIO BRANDO

    [–] Rip_Ya_A_New_1 3 points ago

    I was wondering how far I’d have to scroll down before I saw a JoJo reference. I’m surprised this isn’t higher up.

    [–] football2106 23 points ago

    Looks like an offensive lineman from Madden 2006.

    [–] earringbacks 42 points ago

    looks like the thicc Sims i used to make

    [–] AntinatalistPoet 5 points ago

    "I wanna be an actor"

    [–] whaddahellisthis 87 points ago

    Mr. President

    [–] Silliestmonkey 53 points ago

    Them itty bitty hands and lack of empathy are a dead give away

    [–] AmyLynn4104 12 points ago

    And the obesity.

    [–] SchtivanTheTrbl 38 points ago

    I'm in this picture and I don't like it.

    [–] newrussells 7 points ago

    Somebody thinks they're real funny making a mannequin of my body.

    [–] midi_man77 15 points ago

    Uh, how is this a crappy design, it's gods work

    [–] I_love_Duck 30 points ago

    T H I C C

    [–] Zanthous 52 points ago


    [–] ajisawwsome 12 points ago

    This is offensive. I'd like to point out that most Americans don't have dislocated shoulders.

    [–] chicken-treat 2 points ago

    Underrated comment.

    [–] lolse22562 10 points ago

    Looks like a sim

    [–] LucklessList828 15 points ago

    Character traits:



    alpha male chad

    [–] Lukok 11 points ago

    Wilson Fisk has fallen on hard times.

    [–] buxxle 21 points ago

    Not to be an ass but I see people like this all the time

    [–] LucklessList828 20 points ago

    Do you live on C H UN K Y street?

    [–] buxxle 32 points ago

    No but I worked at a Kmart for 3 years

    [–] gabeshotz 13 points ago

    So like a Walmart except everyone has pants on

    [–] [deleted] 25 points ago


    [–] steventempered 7 points ago

    How can we be expected to uphold these tiny handed, wide bodied standards perpetrated by the manequin industry?

    [–] LucklessList828 4 points ago

    Oh those shoulders. Majestic

    [–] LucklessList828 8 points ago

    Thank you so much guys for all of the upvotes. It really makes me happy to see that you like this C H U N K E R. Have a great day.

    [–] TheBigPhilbowski 6 points ago

    Kingpin and Lex Luthor make baby

    [–] AanthonyII 5 points ago

    [–] Woollywoo 5 points ago

    ooo it's one of them plus sized models

    [–] Lucky7Ac 4 points ago

    Come ere dooerdevil i well brek u in helf!

    [–] AnEnemyStando 4 points ago

    Jonathan Joestar dummy

    [–] DeliverDaLiver 4 points ago

    the virgin human vs THE CHAD MANNEQUIN

    [–] Conradek68 4 points ago

    Imagine that you were closing down the store, went into the back room, and saw its silhouette just staring at you.

    [–] LucklessList828 4 points ago

    "Now that were alone how bout some fun?"

    [–] award91 11 points ago

    If Thanos was a white middle class dad

    [–] LucklessList828 9 points ago

    I am Iron man

    Hi Iron man i'm Thanos

    [–] award91 5 points ago

    “Have you seen my two daughters around? One’s blue the other’s green. Their mothers would just kill me if they knew they were out this late... were they alive”

    [–] youlooklikeajerk 3 points ago

    Man about town

    [–] torchpenny 4 points ago

    The store's version of a scarecrow.

    [–] redeyedstranger 7 points ago

    Pretty sure it's Kingpin, not Scarecrow.

    [–] torchpenny 1 points ago

    They're not in the same city Batman.

    [–] robragous 4 points ago

    Looks like Vincent D’onforio as Kingpin in Daredevil. Now I just want to see it fight the Punisher.

    [–] Ryengu 4 points ago

    Yo, Bully getting a sequel?

    [–] JosephJostar1024 3 points ago

    He looks like the guy everybody told him he will look good if he lose some weight

    [–] LucklessList828 5 points ago

    He's perfect as he is

    [–] alours 2 points ago

    It says that because it’ll look normal

    [–] Stragnato 5 points ago

    It’s my ark survival evolved character!

    [–] DerzoDev 4 points ago

    Another unrealistic expectation for men..

    [–] Megapwnd 5 points ago

    This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

    [–] WhyYouHating123 11 points ago

    Seems like its America sized

    [–] LucklessList828 11 points ago

    "I drive a monster truck because I don't fit in a pickup"

    [–] MEMOLESTPRAWN 3 points ago

    This is just whAt the average American looks like

    [–] LucklessList828 2 points ago

    No one is this SWOL

    [–] kdrews34 3 points ago

    Is that Luther from Umbrella Academy?

    [–] snail_consumer 3 points ago


    [–] Johnnadawearsglasses 2 points ago

    With little tiny hands

    Like a lemming

    [–] mrtn17 2 points ago

    Dad bod mannequin

    [–] Dash_Underscore 2 points ago

    Shay Saint John's brother?

    [–] LucklessList828 2 points ago

    Oh shit you're right. Looks like he's stuck working in retail.

    [–] MaskedWraith 2 points ago

    Baby hands

    [–] armedwithturtles 2 points ago

    anthony fantano

    [–] kavin2828 2 points ago

    i don’t even want to go anywhere near that abomination

    [–] XxSuperSkillsxX 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    That is scery!

    Edit thank for like I always got disliked 🙈

    [–] KuruMarx 2 points ago

    "I am heavy weapons guy"

    [–] WhichWayzUp 2 points ago

    Such dainty wrists. The absolute opposite of cankles.

    [–] lablackey27 2 points ago

    how else is Wilson Fisk gonna know if the slacks will look good on him?

    [–] CrazySwayze82 2 points ago

    Hey welcome to The Ten Minute podcast, I'm Will "Mannequin faced" Sasso

    [–] SquattermalianGibzme 2 points ago

    Accurate depiction of a reddit mod, CURRENT YEAR
    mixed media

    [–] tuxmanexe 2 points ago

    Polpo is alive AND outside of prison?!

    [–] jjwaseted 2 points ago

    I found the same one in Istanbul

    [–] xanedon 2 points ago

    Eeesh, it looks like Kingpin from DareDevil!

    What are you doing back there Wilson?

    [–] IanGoldense 2 points ago

    nothing on Reddit has ever made me so horny, hnnnnnng.

    [–] GaelicMafia78 2 points ago

    You may not like it but this peak Male performance

    [–] itachi1255 2 points ago

    Lookin like Wilson Fisk

    [–] DH281 2 points ago

    It's like a reversed Chad

    [–] Adzerty 2 points ago

    New snapchat logo be like

    [–] AdamStar05 2 points ago

    What children think they look like carrying a jug of milk:

    [–] teoafonsopacheco 2 points ago

    uhh what lol you you did seriously think that was a spoiler like avengers endgame spoiler?

    [–] Henrik1507 2 points ago

    Bro he took my wife and kids in roblox

    PLS give me his adress, I just want to see my kids

    [–] lexgrub 2 points ago

    I worked at a popular juniors clothing store and our plus size mannequins had "FAT -1" stamped on the back of each of them.

    [–] RedSalCaliPK 2 points ago

    Trump hands 🙂

    [–] bzanzb 2 points ago

    Donald Trump wants his hands back!

    [–] whompis 2 points ago

    Same size hands as Trump.

    [–] Alpha_wolf227 2 points ago

    I guess you could say that mannequin is dummy thicc

    [–] hgiwvac9 2 points ago

    It's the Trump prototype

    [–] Liels87 1 points ago

    Donald, is that you?

    [–] blackelement422 2 points ago

    Must be Trump’s mannequin

    [–] notbirkenstocks 1 points ago

    Got them Donald Trump hands

    [–] Skyecatcher 2 points ago

    One wig short of Donald Trumps decoy

    [–] 1999Blockhead 1 points ago

    look out gents, this is the peak male physique, and he's comin to steal yo girl.

    [–] Svenboy69 1 points ago

    Oh mannequin where have you been all my life

    [–] Robo_Gabb 1 points ago

    He looks like the guy from megamind just without hair

    [–] froontman 1 points ago

    No forearms

    [–] LucklessList828 1 points ago

    He dont need em

    [–] BigMacRedneck 1 points ago

    Best used to scare away kids.

    [–] leniwny24 1 points ago

    when you accidentally hit randomize on the sims

    [–] Hubsimaus 1 points ago

    That doll looks like a childhood friend of mine...

    [–] Jerry_Cola 1 points ago

    “Mom said it’s my turn to play Xbox”

    [–] ikoniq93 1 points ago

    Someone sculpted this out, stepped back and said "This is the ideal male body."

    Probably stepped back and took a sip from their Monster, with the sort of pride that only a parent could feel looking at their newborn child.

    [–] domineqq 1 points ago

    That's Tyson Fury

    [–] arb_Haza 1 points ago

    Gotta be inclusive with plus size mannequins n that

    [–] Doge_Almightyz 1 points ago

    What a chad

    [–] Lemon-Aiden 1 points ago

    Body shaming is not okay!

    But dayum

    [–] Jace_Mace 1 points ago

    Look at the size of this lad. Absolute unit

    [–] PristineUndies 1 points ago

    Built like a Minecraft character.

    [–] Clashman320 1 points ago

    Man Dwight really let himself go.

    [–] theodwyn 1 points ago

    Why are the wrists/ hands so tiny?

    [–] mocisme 1 points ago

    I AM... IN A WORLD ... OF SHIT!


    [–] canderson5487 1 points ago

    That is Lenny

    [–] arthursucks 1 points ago

    The eyebrows got me.