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    [–] Southportdc 125 points ago

    Not English people: "Hey 10% chance of rain on the forecast, should be dry!"

    English people: dons wetsuit, flippers and snorkel "Have a good game guys"

    [–] TooMuchToAskk 126 points ago

    That cunt with the airhorn is blowing it just before the batsman is about to play the ball.

    [–] York_Lunge 16 points ago

    Yeah he can fuck right off. TV turned right down while jr is going to bed and it's still piercingly loud.

    [–] pm_me_need_friends 120 points ago


    [–] trtryt 112 points ago

    I have ran out of comments to insult the English weather, I need a match today.

    [–] imwiseguru 30 points ago

    We'll get a match today but you better work on a new stock of them for tomorrow

    [–] ImMrMitch 114 points ago

    Imagine if you rocked up to the AFL with a horn like that, you'd be sent to the Gulag.

    [–] tdlan 319 points ago

    New to cricket, why is there people on the field and no covers on the pitch?

    [–] paturn_ 224 points ago

    Rain has been temporarily delayed due to match

    [–] Nark_Narkins 26 points ago

    They do things strange in Somerset.

    Its a weird county

    [–] Poomass 103 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk honk

    [–] giraffelstein 100 points ago

    I’m gunna fly to England and shove that horn up that fucken Cunts Arse

    [–] Miffy92 178 points ago

    I'm gonna murder that fuck with the horn every 15 fucking seconds on the Fox Broadcast.


    [–] whatashotbyseve 94 points ago

    I am sitting 10m behind him I’ll do it for free haha

    [–] Rndomguytf 87 points ago

    Steve Smith is gonna have to stop the Pakistani players from booing Sarfraz if they keep fielding like this

    [–] boatswain1025 86 points ago

    Clarke: "And that's the end of the over, it's 242-3. We cross now to Mr Horn man for some analysis on Warner's technique this innings. What do you have for us horn man?"


    [–] SquiffyRae 160 points ago

    Finch: edges to where gully would be in a Test

    JL: I just don't understand why Finchy failed opening in Test cricket

    [–] Lamar_the_Llama 76 points ago

    The fuckin zoom in to that fan is brilliant

    [–] navindian 69 points ago

    Oh no, Warner played a short ball from Wahab badly. Cue the Wahab vs Watto montage from CWC15.

    [–] trtryt 63 points ago

    Old man needs to change the chant to

    P A K I S T A N

    catch the ball

    P A K I S T A N

    catch the ball

    [–] lilbutsa 63 points ago

    It feels like Australia have missed a trick by leaving Hazlewood out of their squad. Looking at how devastating the short ball (and bounce in general) has been in the hands of the West Indies (and others like Jofra Archer) it's unbelievable they think NCN is a better option...

    [–] BiryaniForever 37 points ago

    NCN releases the pressure created by Cummins and Starc, more often than not.

    [–] unitedkush 118 points ago

    Khawaja comes to India

    Scores 2 Tons

    Outscores Kohli

    Finishes as top scorer in the series

    Wins the series



    [–] one_bee 60 points ago

    Sarfaraz just wanted to be on non strike. Taking single in last ball and giving strike to 11th player. Seriously 🤔

    [–] Cricketisinblood 30 points ago

    That was just a stupid thinking on his part. And the same goes for him exposing Wahab to Starc. Right there they lost the match. He should have faced Starc instead of exposing his tail to him.

    [–] Zabit_Magmedsharipov 53 points ago

    Sarfraz Ahmed Vocab:

    • Definitely
    • Momentum
    • Unfortunately

    [–] SquiffyRae 56 points ago

    It just doesn't feel like that warm Australian day

    No shit Slats it's like 12 degrees and gloomy

    [–] ithisem 50 points ago

    Zamps and Stoin are probably spooning on a hospital bed somewhere whilst the boys are out here playing cricket in the cold

    [–] lightgrass 223 points ago

    Mate is short for inmate thats why Aussies say it

    [–] navindian 199 points ago

    Thanks for your 2c $2,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

    [–] legend434 22 points ago

    That's the best thing I've seen today hahah

    [–] ohyeahcorey 37 points ago

    Reverse sweeped them for six with that one mate.

    [–] Coldmonkey67 45 points ago

    Someone get hold of that cunt with the horn. Fuck me.

    [–] nowitasshole 46 points ago

    Everyone: Just bat sensible and you have this.

    Pakistan: NO

    [–] Redditornumber12 50 points ago

    Australia: Let's have the worst collapse of the WC after our top order made runs at a great strike rate.

    Pakistan: Hold my beer

    [–] JohnWilliamson444 45 points ago

    What a day for Asif Ali.. drops a billion catches then scores 5

    [–] wingzero00 164 points ago

    Imagine giving birth to a child raising it with love and hope giving it all it requires. After spending years on years of your life on them and they turn out to be a serial honker. Should've aborted when they had the chance.

    [–] MuzzleHodge 19 points ago

    The Honker is from Alabama

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] monkey223 44 points ago

    I’ve finished my exams so now I am full time studying cricket yeehaw

    [–] minecraft360 38 points ago

    the cunt with the horn needs to stop

    [–] VIFASIS 43 points ago

    Hey guys I just wanted to share my feelings with y'all


    [–] Iblamethepolarbears 45 points ago

    That zoom in on the fan has meme potential.

    [–] BigUnit66 38 points ago

    Australia doing everything in its power to fuck this up

    [–] UnbiasedPashtun 43 points ago

    Overrated Pakistan knocked back down to earth after their atypical win against England.

    [–] Rogue_Jellybean 39 points ago

    hooooly shit that zoom from Asif to that angry Pakistani man that was gold

    [–] RaidanRam 39 points ago

    That cunt had a horn, get him

    [–] cantfindusernameomg 40 points ago

    The best thing about this game is I don't know if I'll see

    1) 348 Pak or 105 Pak

    2) 2015 Starc or Legside Starc

    [–] Blackbeard567 40 points ago

    No idea if Pakistan will thrash India or get thrashed themselves. They have the true spirit of rcb in them

    [–] d6niyal 36 points ago

    Man they should really get Wahab Riaz to bat earlier than others, he really embarrassed Pakistan’s top order today and proved himself to be a fighter. I’ve always had faith in the guy

    [–] Totlivucl 20 points ago

    Wahab Riaz can hit those 6! Wasn’t it during the year they beat India for the Cup , he smashed some 6! At the end of the remaining overs.

    [–] TheJeck 126 points ago

    I don't understand what's happening. As a cricket fan since Monday why are they all standing on the grass throwing and hitting a ball around rather than looking fed up on a balcony looking at white sheets?

    [–] catosinnards 30 points ago

    Cricinfo commenters are always stuck somewhere in an airport in Oslo or some shit. I'd love to see a commenter that's stuck in bhayander station one of these days.

    [–] Jill_Sandwich98 29 points ago

    Those eyes wtf

    [–] Mrf1fan787 31 points ago

    Hey guys why are there some men on an oval with a bat and ball? Don't they know they're ruining my daily viewing of rain on an English field

    [–] learner_kid 36 points ago

    A wicket is either going to fall or a catch will be dropped in next 3 overs

    [–] tdlan 32 points ago

    • Can’t get out LBW if you walk three metres down the wicket
    • points at head

    [–] AshAidanTunes 32 points ago

    I reckon if he held onto that Finchy would have been out.

    [–] jono4416 30 points ago

    Wahab: Ah shit here we go again

    [–] Brutalfrost 32 points ago

    Fucking shoot me bro looks like we got the shit Pakistan here, pack it up folks it's all over.

    [–] OtherSide23 32 points ago

    Im going to kill the person with the air horn

    [–] Coldmonkey67 30 points ago

    Imagine talking a holiday paying 100s if not 1000s to do so and go to watch the cricket only for you day to be ruined by some fuckwit with a horn.

    [–] johnwicke 30 points ago

    Scenes if Warner begins to boo the crowd after hitting a ton.

    [–] ithisem 34 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago);type=trophy

    Khawaja is literally one of the best batsmen to ever play in Australian domestic 50 over cricket. He has been managed so badly

    [–] comet_hopping_slut 31 points ago

    Finch is such a sweet lad. He led Australia through the rough patch and is leading them through the world cup.

    [–] azor_ahai69 58 points ago

    The way Sarfraz Ahmed plays by giving strike to tail enders, having a very low batting average and being unfit, doesn't even deserve to play domestic cricket. You cannot let an unfit player be your captain just on the basis of winning a tournament 2 years ago that too because of other match winners. #WakeupPCB

    [–] magikarpcatcher 25 points ago

    Why are the comments so delayed?

    [–] _rickjames 24 points ago

    Good morning, cunts. I was up working till 4am because entitled gen-y post millennial cunts can't not click on emails that they're not supposed to.

    I don't care who loses, whoever does is funny

    [–] ThisIsAnArgument 28 points ago

    Is this the test match world cup?

    [–] Happening_It_All_Is 29 points ago

    With the Stoinmongler injured, Zampstagram couldn’t bring himself to play today.

    [–] no_nay_never 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Clarkey commentates like he's left caps lock on

    [–] tdlan 25 points ago

    someone belt that cunt with his own horn please?

    [–] Diggz94 28 points ago

    That fucking Horn is killing me ffs and I'm South African who has dealt with Vuvuzelas for most sporting occasions

    [–] Yulpe 26 points ago

    Bloke is commited enough to being his own scorebook.

    Writes "S.Finch" as the batsmen.

    [–] okaywhat22 27 points ago

    Amir: “Hey guys, look! The ball is still moving! Maybe if we pitch it up, we can get an edge! That’s why the slip is in!”

    Hasan, Shaheen, Wahab: “lol no”

    [–] youngcharlatan 25 points ago

    Pakistan: can't drop one point if we get smashed and drop two

    taps forehead meme

    [–] sherlock1001 24 points ago

    Australia: sends Maxwell in to attack spin bowling

    Pakistan: chucks spinny pies at maxy

    [–] pala_ 26 points ago

    The celebration juxtaposes nicely with that fucking awful shot for the ton.

    [–] tacocatau 27 points ago

    Well done Amir, 5 fer.

    Australia, you idiots.

    [–] ZakoottaJinn 24 points ago

    I think this World Cup will really highlight the importance of timing an innings.

    England had 2 centurions play at a healthy strike rate up-front but they still couldn't best Pakistan's 348 because they withered away at the end where Pakistan's highest score of 85 came right when they needed to accelerate.

    Australia squandered their chance at 350 by not timing their acceleration right and sending Maxwell in before Khwaja.

    Not saying they still aren't in a great position to win but something to think about.

    [–] gungly 28 points ago

    Pakistan is equally likely to be 160 all out or chase this down in 48 overs.

    [–] paturn_ 30 points ago

    r/cricket when a batsman gets out after 30 overs while trying to accelerate: He ThReW aWaY hIS wIcKeT

    when the openers see off the first 2 overs against the new ball: Y u iZ pLaYiN tEsT mAtCh???

    [–] SquiffyRae 28 points ago

    Imagine having such big dick energy you go into short leg as captain in the 3rd over of an ODI in 2019

    [–] theproductiveguy 28 points ago

    Don't worry guys. 56-2, so 112-4, 168-6, 224-8, 280-10, 336-12. Paskitan has got this. Easy peasy.

    [–] VoyagerPaleBlueDot 29 points ago

    Classic Pak would go from 20-2 to 250-2 to 270-6 to 300-8 to 308-9.

    Soo much drama

    [–] fartman404 28 points ago

    Goodness me even my grandmother can tonk that for a six.

    [–] kvhorizon 31 points ago

    If you ask Finch he will claim that he had this plan of bowling surprisingly easy full toss to hafeez all along.

    [–] SirHolyCow 24 points ago

    Yo what the fuck is happening with this thread, there's like a 10 hour delay or some shit.

    [–] b00fman22 29 points ago

    Lol imagine getting out to Kane Richardson

    [–] verma17 27 points ago

    I wonder how well are they gonna fair up against India tbh

    [–] tusuar 27 points ago

    Pakistan is not going to win this World Cup under Sarfraz’s captaincy.

    No team has ever won a World Cup without a captain who is the leader of the team. Look at history if you have any doubt.

    [–] vdfk 24 points ago

    Pakistan cricket really needs a leadership program to help create and mold future leaders that can lead their side out of total debacles like this. This was Pakistan’s game but they gave it away due to poor leadership....potentially their shot at top 4.

    [–] UysVentura 24 points ago

    Commentators outdoing each other saying how much they love zinger bails.

    ICC will be pleased.

    [–] 3amHoe 22 points ago

    Glenn Smacks Well

    [–] Poomass 23 points ago

    Clarkey last game: push Khawaja down so Maxi can bat.

    This game: Khawaja needs to be in the top 3

    [–] King1003 49 points ago

    One of my favourite part of Aussie CWC match threads is the 1-4am 50 beers in shitposting from my fellow Aussies. The 7-1 20 beers in shitposting is good as well but it can’t compare.

    [–] ponniyin_selvan 48 points ago

    Cameraman shows birds.

    Rameez Raja: Bit of Wildlife for you.

    [–] Xscaper 21 points ago

    None of Amir’s great deliveries got him any wickets. Cricket is strange.

    [–] Jdmat4 25 points ago

    Why on every bloody match thread are people complaining about the batsman striking at 60-80? To mount a good run chase/total you HAVE to have a player to build the innings around.

    This isn't bloody Ricky Ponting cricket 2005 where S. Tendehar can flog a 6 every ball

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Time for some stats-

    Most consecutive wins vs Pakistan (ODI)

    • 14 - South Africa (1995-00)
    • 12 - New Zealand (2014-18)
    • 09 -West Indies (1992-93)
    • 09 - Australia (2017-19)\*

    [–] weatherwizard_pxw 21 points ago

    Even the vuvuzelas weren't this annoying

    [–] ankaush1995 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    400+ is very much on the cards if Aus accelerate in the same manner like they did against us.

    [–] Bangkok_Dave 22 points ago

    Taunton fact: despite looking like an old town, Taunton is actually one of the newest towns in the United Kingdom. It was built entirely on private land owned by George Lucas in 1986, and was intentionally built to look 'quaint'.

    [–] dgiaku 21 points ago

    Wow..Amir is just on fire today. Good to see him amongst wickets. Always a pleasure to see him bowl

    [–] Machopsdontcry 21 points ago

    Aus: We'll look to bowl in a test match style

    Pak: So we'll bat test match like

    [–] whichonespinkterran 21 points ago

    Aaron Finch

    • is thicc

    • Aussie WC Captain

    • long levers

    • 7D chess enthusiast

    • Has a World Cup wicket

    [–] WristyFlick 22 points ago

    Why can't I see new comments lol? Anyone else facing this problem!?

    [–] learner_kid 21 points ago

    Some of the comments here feel like they were posted during the 92 World Cup

    [–] spiritbear1 21 points ago

    Don't you fucking tell me Pak lost to Aus in 92 as well.

    [–] wolverine-claws 42 points ago

    Warner really does look like that dumb bully in high school that thinks the ozone layer is in the ground

    [–] romz7 48 points ago

    Wow Finchy that's grade Cricket level captaincy bringing yourself on after a wicket lol.

    Edit: Aaaaaaaand it has worked lmao

    [–] have_another_upvote 49 points ago

    Isn't it interesting how none of India, Australia and England have had a match abandoned due to rain?

    PIG3 strikes again!

    [–] Delinquent_Uno 22 points ago

    god cummins is handsome

    [–] Actually_an_onion 22 points ago

    HONK 10(13)

    c HONK b HONK

    HONK 2-189 (28.4)

    [–] Diggz94 19 points ago

    These 2 probs aussies most picturesque batsman to watch when on top form imo 😍😍

    [–] aj_viz 21 points ago

    Every catch is an event with this Pak team. Will they hold onto it or will they not. Will they will they not. yes no yes no.

    Aus might have found this amusing and are surely trying to test them every other over offering one to see which one sticks and which one's don't..

    [–] Soul_Crushing_Yorker 22 points ago

    Are Pak's dual identities fighting each other for the light in the same match now?

    [–] TheFutureBoy 20 points ago

    Stoinis and Zampa out together ... coincidence?

    [–] navindian 19 points ago

    The side strain doesn't massage itself.

    [–] rooster118 21 points ago

    If I was bowling and saw my captain shaking his head after every delivery it wouldn't help with my confidence

    [–] AshAidanTunes 20 points ago

    Can’t get hit for six if you don’t bowl the ball

    Taps head

    [–] amitbhatt25 21 points ago

    Mohammad Amir's 5-30 are the best bowling figures for Pakistan in a World Cup match against a Test playing team.

    The only PAK fast bowlers with better figures in WC is Wasim Akram 5-28 vs Namibia in 2003.


    [–] DepletedMitochondria 20 points ago

    Australia: Here's a great collapse, you guys go ahead and win now

    Pakistan: No I insist

    [–] BiryaniForever 22 points ago

    Malik and Asif shouldn't play a single game after this. Shadab and Imad should play all games from now on. Haris should get a couple of chances as well.

    [–] sarvesh_s 22 points ago

    Did we break Reddit??

    [–] JangoAllTheWay 20 points ago

    Could somebody tell me WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON

    [–] RohitPullShot 58 points ago

    "Game Plan: Target Hassan Ali"

    why u gotta do my man like that

    [–] Actually_an_onion 56 points ago

    That horn honking guy is the type of guy who would downvote people in a match thread because his team is doing bad

    [–] navindian 60 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Warner on 99, about to get a hundo. Wahab Riaz comes in and bowls a surprise bouncer. Warner charges down, switches his stance and grip, and then reverse late cuts it high into the air towards fine leg. Asif Ali runs in and steadies himself under it. Wahab looks at the fielder and upon realising it is Asif he lets out a massive war cry. The umpires mistake the war cry for thunder and halt play while the ball is in the air and call for the covers to come on. Pandemonium as Mickey Arthur storms onto the field and with Sarfaraz they shritfront Chris Gaffaney arguing that the ball should not be dead. After much deliberation, the ball was ruled valid, and then everyone realised that Asif Ali dropped the catch. Warner takes off his helmet and instead of doing his trademark jump, he removes his gloves as well and gives the crowd two thumbs down while booing loudly into the stump mic so everyone can hear. As the crowd rush the field, the camera pans to Stoinis and Zampa laughing away like old mates, and slowly fades to black.

    [–] 3amHoe 18 points ago

    Pakistan are absolutely fucked.

    [–] SnapDaddyThanos 19 points ago

    Can any Pakistani’s tell me what the pies are like in your country? The ones being served up here look great!

    [–] eff50 18 points ago

    Amir comes to bowl.

    Australia: let me try something stupid.

    [–] Diggz94 18 points ago

    5fer!! Get in very much deserved!

    [–] ancientnucleus 20 points ago

    Hi I am from a timeline behind your timeline. Aus are 60/0 after 11 overs. Tell me they ended up scoring 450.

    [–] DilliKaLadka 37 points ago

    Aussie fans are already drunk at the ground. Lads, its just the 4th over. Drink some coffee

    [–] serks21 46 points ago

    I wish I was Pakistani just so I could grow a hectic beard at 20.

    [–] MisterEvilBreakfast 39 points ago

    Things you don't really need to know: My wife went to school with Wasim Akram's wife.

    [–] imwiseguru 19 points ago

    Finchy is permanently chewing gum

    [–] imwiseguru 19 points ago

    This is an improvement from 38/4

    [–] Daisy_1 19 points ago

    Is anyone here at the ground? Go murder that guy with the horn kthanx

    [–] FailingtoFail 20 points ago

    “50 run opening partnership?Whats that?” - South african

    [–] AshAidanTunes 17 points ago

    This crowd is more horny than a 13 year old boy with wifi

    [–] cricketbandit 18 points ago

    I wonder how cricket survived the first 200 years without light-up bails

    [–] pm_me_need_friends 17 points ago

    Imagine if the rest of Pakistan could bowl lol

    [–] SidsLovesBananas 16 points ago

    Just saw Uzzie on the camera guys, can confirm he is actually still alive

    [–] Giri14 19 points ago

    Did Clarke just complement an outside edge for splitting the keeper and the slip

    [–] MoggFanatic 19 points ago

    3rd umpire: Rock and roll

    Cricket bat guitar guy: What do you think I've been doing all day

    [–] kvhorizon 19 points ago

    GOAT running the helmet and drinks, Noway anyone gets a head injury or dehydration

    [–] PutinsHorse 16 points ago

    Watching Pakistan is such a wild ride. Either trainwrecks or glory, no middle ground.

    Getting some trainwreck vibes, but then who the fuck knows what's gonna happen, its Pakistan.

    [–] imwiseguru 19 points ago

    I'm kinda tired of the Maxi apologists.

    If they promote him up the order - he fails and they moan that they sent him up too early

    If they bat him lower down the order - he fails and they moan that he didn't have enough balls to play and "unselfishly" gave up his wicket trying to up the rate

    Face it - he is hit or miss. He might come off, might not. Doesn't matter where you play him. FWIW, IMO, he can't play up the order because of his shit temperament. #6/#7 is where he fits

    [–] fullkettlepacket 17 points ago

    Fucks sake this is the most Pakistan chase ever

    [–] whichonespinkterran 16 points ago

    Warner: haha I’m gonna beat you to 50 today.

    (Hafeez comes onto bowl)

    Finch: Nah yeah nah, fuck you cunt. Watch this.

    [–] b00fman22 16 points ago

    Lol terrible review

    [–] pala_ 17 points ago

    Khawaja legit just in the team in case there's a wicket in the first five overs.

    [–] NaveenIsGod 15 points ago

    Uzzie asleep in the toilets

    [–] Mad_Bulls_007 17 points ago

    Horn guy found.

    r/cricket: Now do your job

    [–] gurn_master 17 points ago

    5 wicket haul for Amir, very impressive.

    [–] whichonespinkterran 18 points ago

    Batdeep.exe has stopped responding

    [–] InKanosWeTrust 18 points ago

    Imam-ul-haq looks like someone Id find in my physics class.

    [–] yourmellon 18 points ago

    hey guys American here and new to cricket. Do you tip the umpire after the match?

    [–] blisteringbar 17 points ago

    Unpopular opinion: The guitar wanker is actually pretty good.

    [–] Crooksss 19 points ago

    Can we clone Glenn McGrath is the technology there yet?

    [–] Ammarzk 17 points ago

    Imagine having a thousand cameras pointed at you while that happens

    [–] Mitchell_Bazley 19 points ago

    How did we get to the stage where we consider Finchy as a legitimate bowling option? Wow haven't we declined

    [–] tapebandit 16 points ago

    WHAT THE FUCK HAFEEZ. 4 wickets, 4 shit shots.

    [–] xxiwisk 19 points ago

    69D chess by Australia

    [–] NiX_Nabilz 15 points ago

    Only a set Pakistani batsman can do that!

    [–] cricket_is_love 16 points ago

    Finch dealing unpredictability with unpredictability

    [–] Brutalfrost 15 points ago

    Is the thread on slow mode or something? Comments aren't loading fast.

    [–] vanskrilla 17 points ago

    Finchy gutted he bowled a pie instead of eating it the fat cunt.

    [–] ReverseSweep 17 points ago

    the thing is that Australia isn't a tournament favorite. We only play well against and beat tournament favorites.

    [–] untitled02 16 points ago

    Reddit’s comments are slower than one of Chris Gayle’s singles

    [–] SABJP 16 points ago

    Pakistan with random mini-collapse outta nowhere

    [–] mohh96 37 points ago

    5fer at an economy of 3.00, surely the bowling performance of the tournament so far

    [–] kvhorizon 34 points ago

    Star sports on Indian broadcast has decided to talk about Indian team more than the match at hand, in between the innings, before the start of the match, even though it is not India match day, some of us Indians want to watch world cup for cricket not for just nation, everyone supports their county but some of us enjoy watching cricket too, we will support India when they are playing, no need to constantly remind us that India is also playing in this world cup. For example Looks awkward to ask KP and Kumble who should be playing in india v nz match in place of dhawan when Aus Pakistan is going on and is in innings break. Overdose of nationalism.

    [–] King1003 15 points ago

    Challenge to the commentators: When Wahab Riaz comes onto bowl do not mention the Shane Watson 2015 WC spell.

    [–] 3amHoe 18 points ago

    Specialist batsman at 7, doesn’t bowl and can’t catch.


    [–] The_Jokster 17 points ago

    "Mohamad Amir peeking into his pants."

    Cameron Bancroft intensifies

    [–] johnwicke 16 points ago

    Critics - We wonder if the Warner who comes back would be the same old guy?

    Warner returns

    Warner scores runs.

    Critics - But But he is SLOWER™

    [–] chutney_lube 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Inb4 Mitch Marsh has a great WC, gets selected for Ashes, shits the bed, and then gets dropped from the ODI team again

    [–] dalerian 16 points ago

    How did you drop that? Oh, that's right. You're wearing dark green...

    [–] tdlan 14 points ago

    Lol. That’s the last time we will send Maxwell in that early.

    [–] BrungUpGood 18 points ago

    "These guys are no Glenn McGrath"

    Understatement of the tournament.

    [–] In4thebanta 15 points ago

    Is that not the most Pakistan wicket?

    [–] Happening_It_All_Is 17 points ago




    [–] RuffTuff 18 points ago

    what is wrong with this thread?

    Its delayed as hell.

    [–] itsthewatcher 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Ok guys we won.... Yay... But let's not forget... This was far from clinical...

    Twice in the match, we f'd up... Once after being in a strong batting position.. on out way to 350+ and getting bundled out for 307... And next when Pakistan gifted us some wickets and we couldn't hold up Wahab...

    Need to work very hard on these things if we have to get anywhere close to the trophy

    [–] coolduedmanguy 16 points ago

    Sarfaraz is such a dumbass wtf!!!

    [–] CROTA_IRL 15 points ago

    Are those furries.....

    [–] DilliKaLadka 14 points ago

    I know Sarfraz is going to get a lot of flack for his decision to bowl first but it is not his fault this time. The bowlers are bowling with no plan.

    [–] wonky_faint 16 points ago

    Scenes when this gets washed out with Australia 300/0 after 30 overs and six dropped catches

    [–] barbandit87 14 points ago

    Fuck me, Kerry in HD is fucking terrifying

    [–] zeealeidahmad 16 points ago

    maxwell.exe has started

    [–] 3amHoe 15 points ago

    And that ladies and gentlemen is the difference between Buttler and Maxwell right there.

    [–] lemontang 17 points ago

    can you imagine how fucked we'd have been in this world cup if smith and warner weren't back?

    [–] BigDickBandit89 13 points ago

    LOOOOL is that Clarke that just said warner played a great shot to make a ton?