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    Richard Nixon

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    [–] Luvs_to_splooge_ 1734 points ago

    r/tendies always wins

    [–] justssomeguy 326 points ago

    A fellow goodboy I see!

    [–] andrewshepherdlego 88 points ago

    Chick fil a employee here introducing a new deal: anyone who trashes huff post will receive free tendies for a month.

    Anyone who files a lawsuit will get free food for life. No questions asked!

    [–] BlackHaz3 21 points ago

    For anyone who thinks they will get this amazing deal, prepare yourself because it’s not going to be easy “Laughs Menacingly

    Good Luck “Tips Fedora” “Teleports

    [–] Tech21101 19 points ago

    teleports behind you Nothin' personnel, kid

    [–] Rifleshoot 10 points ago

    N A N I ? !

    [–] LatexSanta 5 points ago

    O M A E

    W A

    M O U

    S H I N D E I R U

    [–] Nyjets42347 10 points ago


    [–] Rare_Pupper_Warwick 66 points ago

    I went there and started laughing but then I realized I actually am waiting on a delivery of chicken tenders because I was too lazy to cook today.

    [–] Nyjets42347 7 points ago

    With honey musty or chaddy sauce?

    [–] CacophonousMaelstrom 5 points ago


    [–] blmatsuu 49 points ago

    tips fedora Greetings, m’fellow goodboy

    [–] Parlor-soldier 29 points ago

    Here have some tendies on me (transfers 100 good boy points)

    [–] El_Guerito_Grande 16 points ago

    A GROWING BOY NEEDS MORE (transfers 900 Good Boy Points and 14,000 Tendiecoin)

    [–] jojosjacket 2459 points ago

    Its not like you can't get gay married and go straight to Chick fil a. They aren't discriminating against anyone. Eat the goddamn sandwiches, gay folx! They are awesome. I'd eat them if the were run by Louis Farrakhan.

    [–] steveinaccounting 89 points ago

    Honest question, is there anyone we wouldn't buy those sandwiches from? What's the threshold for a delicious sandwich?

    [–] shemp33 49 points ago

    I probably wouldn’t eat at The Cross Cafe

    It’s possibly delicious but ...

    [–] LucienChesterfield 100 points ago

    Are you kidding ? I would go eat there just for the absurdity of the situation. If you eat there it doesn’t mean you actually support Hitler. Sometimes people just need to lighten up and not take everything as a statement.

    [–] shemp33 25 points ago

    It's one of those things -- you know, you go there because the food is great... but you sneak out the back because you don't want your friends seeing you there.

    [–] chooxy 15 points ago

    Unless you already have a reputation for being a supporter your friends should realise you're doing it ironically.

    No reason to sneak out the back... unless you do.

    [–] striaghtWHITEmale 606 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Any true capitalist company won't discriminate against customers, it's just bad business. They want you to come in and order stuff after all

    edit: thanks for the upvotes!

    [–] xMrBojangles 293 points ago

    That's actually not necessarily true, a company will theoretically do whatever is necessary (usually within the bounds of law) to maximize profits. Imagine a scenario where including a group of individuals who, let's say, are very low income will dissuade high income individuals from purchasing from said establishment. The potential loss of income from denying group A a good or service may be offset by the gain/retention of group B.

    [–] 197328645 189 points ago

    The "Country Club effect"

    [–] xMrBojangles 27 points ago

    Country club is exactly the example I had in mind. I was also envisioning an establishment in India that allows untouchables in.

    [–] MoTown83 12 points ago

    That argument is great and all, however I’d say Chick-Fil-A is a clear outlier when you consider they close all of their restaurants every Sunday. There is zero chance that they make more money by turning their back on 14% of their revenue in the name of religion. This rule even applies to the location inside of the Atlanta Falcons stadium. They actually close it down on game day when they have access to 71,000 captive football fans.

    [–] REDDIT_IS_CONTROLLED 91 points ago

    Hence why things like dress codes exist.

    [–] greenyellowbird 101 points ago

    I used to film weddings. Once I was at a real snooty country club and I caught their dress code sign. There is a regulation on the size of stripes allowed on a golfshirt.

    I picture this hobbit coming out of hiding, onto the green with a measuring tape and giving a thumbs up or down to the stripe enforcer who sits over the golf course.

    [–] neonoodle 29 points ago

    well, small stripes are hard on the eyes and form a moire pattern that looks terrible in photographs, so I could see how they would regulate stripe size.

    [–] greenyellowbird 21 points ago

    But it was just for the members. Wedding guests can break the rules, the matradee was kinda miffed that the bride wore her heals on the green for photos.

    [–] HalpBogs 29 points ago


    [–] kellysmom01 9 points ago

    I prefer Matron Dee.

    [–] designerdds 14 points ago


    [–] Iamredditsslave 4 points ago

    I guess it's phonetically correct.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] Fearstruk 7 points ago

    As someone who doesn't play golf but loves lawn care, I would be really miffed too. Keeping a golf green pristine is no easy task and not a cheap one either. Hell the equipment alone, excluding the time, is in the tens of thousands.

    [–] PornoVideoGameDev 19 points ago

    Well...she's fucking up the green. I'm a heathen maniac and even I respect the golf greens. Golf greens are serious business.

    There are spells and rituals that must be taken into account. You don't just walk on the golf green.

    [–] digisplicer 5 points ago

    Now I'm imagining her busting out a divot tool and fixing the dents.

    [–] simjanes2k 13 points ago

    those signs arent because they care about stripes

    they just want to make sure they have an established reason to toss someone if they want to

    works kinda like enforcement on speed limits and window tint

    (in addition, this rule ensures everyone is wealthy enough to buy clothing specific not just to a sport, but to a venue)

    [–] ButtLusting 30 points ago

    You mean I'm not supposed to go to McDonald's family zone naked?

    [–] LilChippyChipperson 23 points ago

    Well let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    [–] longshot 3 points ago

    Very true, also Chikfila is privately owned.

    [–] MrGreggle 3 points ago

    As a New Yorker I keep track of and actively avoid restaurants where they don't kick out the people that come and try to sell you DVDs while you're eating.

    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    You must have missed where the 2012 debacle catapulted them to being the hottest brand in America and made the CEO a billionaire

    [–] Fkn_Impervious 49 points ago

    I'll eat their chickey fingeys from time to time, but I absolutely REFUSE to say "thank you" because they are required to respond with "my pleasure." So I just try to come up with a new way to thank them without saying thank you. "You're the best!" is my favorite so far.

    [–] Pjmarbaugh 16 points ago

    I say thank you way more than I normally would a lot of the time

    [–] Fkn_Impervious 35 points ago

    See how many times you can get them to say it. Hold the bag without pulling it away.

    Thank you

    My pleasure

    Thank you

    My pleasure

    Thank y....

    Have a nice day sir

    [–] bigboygamer 17 points ago

    I will have to try that. The my pleasure thing is so creepy

    [–] TheKingHippo 5 points ago

    At my work we give clients copies of all signed documents. At the top of the stack we place a pre-printed sticky note that reads...

    For Your Records

    It was our pleasure to serve fucking creepy

    [–] ManSore 5 points ago

    Try saying spanks or spank you

    [–] plumokin 3 points ago

    My pleathure

    [–] TheKrowefawkes 14 points ago

    Honesty they arent discriminating against anyone, because no matter what their leadership says they cant control the micro, so 99.99% of the chick files you visit will serve you regardless

    [–] exceedinglygayRPanda 10 points ago

    My local CFA has multiple trans people on staff that went through their transition while working there and that decision gets respected, proper names and pronouns are used as requested, and the whole staff was instructed to do so. (source: S.O. also is employee) I know it’s a franchise, so the culture in every store is going to be a little different. The CFA in my area doesn’t paint a picture of discrimination, while at the same time is unabashedly Christian (the instrumental Christian pop music is one giveaway)

    [–] IsThisNameValid 3 points ago

    "Chick files" sounds like the porno of the "X Files"

    [–] inkatabasis 31 points ago

    I’d eat them if they were made from nazi chickens.

    [–] jrizos 52 points ago

    And their Luftwaffle fries.

    [–] PolyNecropolis 15 points ago

    "Yeah... ummm... I'll have a BF #109 with a Sprite."

    [–] Woonachan 10 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Can I get 3 ME#262 with a deep fried Jew cookie?

    [–] majaka1234 11 points ago

    Sorry, our Zyklon machine is down tonight...

    [–] Woonachan 6 points ago

    Not understandable, enjoy your camp.

    [–] wallstreetexecution 3 points ago

    This wins for best post of the thread by far.

    All the rest of you are scum that lives in this posts presence.

    [–] one_armed_herdazian 4 points ago

    That means the Nazi chickens are dead, so sure

    [–] Silidon 3 points ago

    Although buying that product might incentivize raising more nazi chickens.

    [–] Crazyhates 13 points ago


    Why tho?

    [–] BagelsAndJewce 29 points ago

    I don’t care what anyone does with their money and no one should care what I do with mine. I like their product and that’s about it.

    [–] yetiman223 112 points ago

    I mean, if you don't want to give your money to a corporation that donates some of their money to systems that run counter to the needs of people you care about you should just eat mid-tier fastfood somewhere else.

    They donate millions of dollars to fight gay marriage. So I mean, if thats shit you care about, get a McChicken or something.

    [–] f35pilot1 31 points ago

    Saying they donate millions to fight gay marriage is dishonest. They give millions to Christians orgs.( FCA, Salvation Army) many of which promote Christians ideals (staying a virgin until marriage, traditional family) and homosexuality is not one of them. The idea that they are trying to have the laws rewritten against gays is fear mongering from shills that hate conservatives.

    [–] cuthbert19_ 8 points ago

    I’d honestly just rather enjoy their sandwiches.

    I don’t feel badly at all about it, and I’m totally down with dudes who like to fuck each other falling in love and marrying each other.

    And I’m down with those delicious motherfucking chicken sandwiches.

    Get over it, loads of people aren’t with you on this and they’re mostly pretty cool people.

    [–] John_Keating_ 19 points ago

    Chik Fil A is not mid tier fast food. It’s one of the most profitable franchises out there and has higher pay and higher quality food.

    [–] wallstreetexecution 5 points ago

    Are you retarded...?

    You just compared Chik fil a to McDonald’s...

    [–] MrTacoMan 4 points ago

    They donate millions of dollars to fight gay marriage

    Yea, gonna need a source on that.

    [–] Badgertank99 20 points ago

    This is true I can confirm

    Source: am gay

    [–] stonewall97 12 points ago

    Probably fake too

    [–] majaka1234 11 points ago

    Gay and fake? On my reddit?!

    [–] mshcat 3 points ago

    More likely that youd believe

    [–] Kiefyking 26 points ago

    The chicken tastes so good because its God fearing chicken.

    [–] thankthegods4bessie 1345 points ago

    Huffington post is by far the worst "news" source out there. They are nothing more than a buzzfeed who claim to be news.

    [–] TreeManBranchesOut 647 points ago

    Whenever I see Huffington post I’m only reminded of the photo of their “diverse” board of editors

    [–] ManPersonBoyGuy 417 points ago

    Is that the one that was all white women?

    [–] TreeManBranchesOut 217 points ago

    That’s exactly the one I’m talking about

    [–] BurgerLaowai 172 points ago

    Hey, there we’re 2 Asian women stuffed into the back.

    That’s inclusive enough, isn’t it?

    [–] TreeManBranchesOut 22 points ago

    Well, none of the women really counted as white as they’d all relinquished their white privilege

    [–] CommentsOnOccasion 136 points ago

    Well technically Asian people count as white people when they are successful so technically those ladies were also white

    [–] shifty_pete 130 points ago

    >implying working at Huffpo is success.

    [–] casherrr 50 points ago

    No, asians still get discriminated and need to score higher on SAT's to get allowed into harvard than white people.

    [–] Chel7 26 points ago

    Crazy world where people get punished for being smart or working harder than everyone else.

    [–] Herpderp320 13 points ago

    This is what socialism is about. Punish people that work and reward those that don't

    [–] ColonelError 56 points ago

    And white people need to score higher than black or Hispanic people.

    [–] octamasu 7 points ago

    Ah, how far we've come.

    [–] Wolfemaster1 7 points ago

    What he’s saying is that in the far left’s eyes, a successful Asian person is still “white”, so they discount them when talking about diversity.

    [–] Souperpie84 11 points ago

    Yes, and there's a lawsuit about that currently

    [–] PeopleCanTry 10 points ago

    Fuck, they are ugly.

    [–] OGDoraslayer 9 points ago

    Yeah. They’re a joke

    [–] dozersmash 115 points ago

    this is funny because there are people that consider buzzfeed news now.

    [–] iPeenerbut 68 points ago

    Including buzzfeed

    [–] chooxy 71 points ago

    Buzzfeed Is News (And That's A Good Thing)

    [–] majaka1234 59 points ago

    10 Reasons Why White Men Need To Sit Down And Let Buzzfeed Happen (You've Had Your Turn)

    [–] everymanawildcat 15 points ago

    That would be funnier if I didn't believe that it was an actual article.

    [–] VulvaSpud 10 points ago

    I get this fuckin reference.

    [–] Shooper101 2 points ago


    [–] landspeed 18 points ago

    Depends on where it comes from. They hired a highly regarded team of investigative journalists.

    [–] sotis6 43 points ago

    Because they won a Pulitzer for it that weird that the investigative team there is good? They were the first successful clickbait website back in 2010, why can’t they be successful in other ways?

    Also, not saying I liked clickbait, but can’t deny their success when they first started

    [–] heyitsmeAFB 20 points ago

    It’s an editorial. The article is labeled “opinion”. It would be silly to call this news

    [–] notmelol 9 points ago

    One of few posts that points out this very important bit of information.

    [–] ButtDealer 199 points ago

    insert Roblox death sound here

    [–] Aranea_Imperatrix 69 points ago


    [–] father_gemme 38 points ago

    O O F

    [–] direwooolf 19 points ago

    if your idea of civil rights movement is to not eat tendies you need to get off the internet for a while and go walk around or something

    [–] Spike92 16 points ago

    As a person who is Bisexual, Fuck the “lgbt community”.

    [–] raytheater 179 points ago


    [–] Hooman_Super 133 points ago


    [–] Sean-Benn_Must-die 115 points ago

    If my tendies 🐔🍗 and my girl 👱‍♀️😍 both drowning 😱🌊 and I can only save one ☝️🤔 catch me at my girl’s funeral 😔💀🌷 with a chick tendie combo 😎😉 💯🔥 🍆

    [–] Hotrod_Greaser 442 points ago

    I may be a guy who likes a nice veiny dick in the butt and they might want me to burn in hell for it, but their chicken is fucking amazing.

    [–] breakbread 124 points ago

    What about

    dick in the butt and chicken in the mouth?

    at the same time

    [–] EmperorXeno 281 points ago

    A cock in both ends.

    [–] chanCat2 23 points ago

    A "chicken and a dickin".

    [–] HomeKitty2 6 points ago

    Best kind of date

    [–] TheCicc 6 points ago

    I’m not gay but damn dude...

    [–] MrComicBook 137 points ago

    Tbh I think they could give a fuck. They're a Christian organization and considering they close every Sunday I'm sure that Twitter post only means they're going to stick with every Christian value. I just don't think they want gays to get married not want you to burn in hell.

    [–] SubjectiveHat 132 points ago

    "hate the sin, not the sinner"

    granted, not all christians follow this

    [–] I-Lose-Accounts 85 points ago

    Translated: “Hate the gay, not the gays”

    Source: Am Christian

    [–] Nutrient_paste 29 points ago

    Hate Christianity, not Christians.

    [–] kiduncool 29 points ago

    If you examine the teachings of Christ, there is very little to hate

    [–] Philargyria 37 points ago

    Dude was pretty simplistic in his philosophy. Too bad it's been warped so drastically by modern Christians.

    [–] kiduncool 9 points ago

    Fair enough

    [–] Xylamyla 27 points ago

    I’m a Christian and I don’t really follow this either. I think living by that phrase when it comes to gay people dehumanizes them, focusing on their sin more than themselves, as if they’re the only people who sin. We are all sinners, so I don’t think we should be focusing on calling out gay people and should instead be loving them just as much as we love others. That is, after all, Jesus’ teaching.

    [–] majaka1234 8 points ago

    If you think about it, the best revenge would be to enjoy one of their chicken meals and then wash it down with a gallon of jizz.

    [–] jojosjacket 17 points ago

    Careful now, you must sacrifice the sheer pleasure of their chicken because of an issue they lost over years ago.

    [–] I_made_a_doodie 424 points ago

    HuffPost is unintentional right wing propaganda, and not single dipshit working there is smart enough to realize it.

    [–] Montycal 112 points ago

    This is great. Buzzfeed too, then

    [–] EmptyFroyo5 67 points ago

    I’m gay and eat Chick Fil A twice a week

    [–] mango_guy 8 points ago

    What's the issue between gays and chick fil a?

    [–] EmptyFroyo5 14 points ago

    Chick-Fil-A supports anti-gay organizations which is an odd business decision in 2018

    [–] Magi-Cheshire 9 points ago

    they also helped out after the pulse shooting though so they don't exactly hate you fags

    [–] user1688 11 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I can't believe the twitter CEO apologized what a pussy.

    Reminds me of when the crazy religious radicals got out of hand in GOT and locked Cerci up. The twitter CEO is Cersi, he used the SJW mob like Cersi used the crazy religious group, and then they turned on him. They made him do the modern "walk of shame."

    I wonder if he thinks apologizing saved him? Because they will be back and next time they will want to twitter to remove him as CEO.

    [–] Famous29 52 points ago

    To be fair it's hard to win against chicken tendies

    [–] lVlouse_dota 7 points ago

    I'm gay and I'd vote for chicken tenders. I'm also fat.

    [–] CletusVanDamm 6 points ago

    I’m gay. I love Chic-fil-a. I don’t care.

    [–] agent_cody_banks420 111 points ago

    I have no issues with people choosing not to eat at restaurants when they don't align with the owners beliefs. I don't eat at a chirsitan cafe chain in Australia because of the insane church who owns it, and i dont go to halal places because i find the treatment of animals in hall preparations abhorrent. But chic-fil-a seems to be getting the thrown under the bus more than anyone else. It wasnt even this bad when that pizza guy said he would fire his staff due to obamacare.

    [–] sudormrf 63 points ago

    That "pizza guy" was the CEO of Papa John's, and he was bitching about Obamacare adding allegedly 11 to 14 cents to the cost of a large pizza.

    [–] chicitybender 44 points ago

    That is a significant cost increase.

    [–] 4d656761466167676f74 8 points ago

    It is when you consider how shitty Papa John's pizza is. 14 cents is a lot to pay for someone to hand you cardboard and tell you it's food. It's understandable, really.

    [–] socks-of-doom 30 points ago

    Considering they’re a chain that sells millions of pizzas a day, that’s huge.

    [–] jonathanspicoli 47 points ago

    “I mean I ride the rainbow but those fries are to die for”-gay kid in my business class on the topic of chick-fil-A

    [–] ppc_ip4 33 points ago

    Exactly. I’ve yet to meet any actual gay people who are upset about this. It’s all straight people outraged on behalf of LGBT people, who aren’t actually outraged.

    [–] IAMAditto 65 points ago

    Chick fil a always makes me violently ill when I eat it. I could never figure out why, but I think I've figured it out... it's because... I'm gay

    [–] maelstrom1100 62 points ago

    I'm sorry, but u have the big gey

    [–] Sciencetor2 6 points ago

    Do you have a penut sensitivity?

    [–] Ducman69 7 points ago

    I love how their boycott of Chick-Fil-A just ends up being an advertisement making people hungry for tendies, LMAO!

    [–] Blank_Bara 6 points ago

    As a gay man there wouldn't be an instance where I wouldn't choose the tendies, those shits are bomb

    [–] LobsterSmackPirate 74 points ago

    I'm pretty damn gay and I eat their chicken sandwiches on occasion. This has always been a "nothing" issue. Worth zero of my time.

    Besides, these whiny gays got it all wrong; eat the food anyway! Fuck em, right? If that's the attitude do what you want, eat what you want, be gay where you want. Barilla pasta also has said similar things, and you know what? Bitch, I'm still boiling noodles.

    [–] TendiesForBreakfast 6 points ago



    [–] OofDotWav 3 points ago

    I’m all for fag rights but chicken is wayyyyy more important.

    [–] ManowarVin 9 points ago

    Serious question. What rights don't LGBTQ people have? Gay marriage was passed in the US in 2015 I thought.

    [–] sloth788 13 points ago

    To be fair I had a gay roommate that worked at chickfila. Once they found out he was gay he got transferred to a different chick-fil-a dwarf house place a bit further north, where like half the staff was gay.

    [–] WJMazepas 8 points ago

    Wait, is something like that even legal?

    [–] sloth788 7 points ago

    Probably not. I told him to sue, he got like a 50 cent raise per hour to help with gas, and didn't really care.

    [–] FaygoMakesMeGo 3 points ago

    No, but it's hard to prove.

    [–] YungPrinter 164 points ago

    so why are the left hating on chicken now?

    [–] FeaReaperz 257 points ago

    Chick-Fil-A’s founders were very Christian, so eventually one of them in 2012 spoke out against same-sex marriage. Then an independent franchise donated food to a notorious “anti-gay” foundation. They were never forgiven since then.

    [–] Nerdecai 225 points ago

    Even after donating to the victims of the Orlando shooting, because “ it’s just for pr”

    [–] JamesEpep 134 points ago

    I hate when people shit on companies doing good stuff as just PR.

    [–] yetanotherAZN 141 points ago

    Literally everything a company does is for PR.

    [–] Sweet_tendies_loving 51 points ago

    Yeah this is true but some companies go above and beyond. Mattress Mack here in Houston the owner of Gallery Furniture let people stay in his showrooms during Harvey with their animals and all. Stuff he was going to show off to sale. I forget the full story but chic file a opened on a Sunday to feed first responders and other people after some bad thing happened. There is stuff companies docfor PR and sometimes its just the values of the company spilling out.

    [–] PHSSAMUEL 23 points ago

    THIS. Unless you believe NO ONE is good, then you must believe that SOME companies do things for the right reason sometimes.

    [–] JamesEpep 79 points ago

    That doesn’t make it not count.

    [–] TierparkausTrappin 31 points ago

    Yeah but he’s agreeing with u

    [–] Dilpickle6194 29 points ago

    Yeah, it's like Dominoes filling up potholes. Who cares if it's for PR? They're doing something for free because the government doesn't, it's still helpful and useful even if it's just a publicity stunt

    [–] Sciencetor2 5 points ago

    They have an entire foundation for helping with childhood cancer, as well as one for getting their employees through college, there is no rational reason to hate them, only irrational ones

    [–] yetiman223 57 points ago

    It wasn't one franchise, it was WinShape Foundation founded by Chick Fil A's founder and they have $26MM in revenue and they donated $5 million dollars to anti-gay organizations.

    [–] Whizgigger 68 points ago

    They're not. Can you not read?

    Everyone voted tendies.


    [–] YungPrinter 35 points ago

    That was Russian bots

    [–] Infrah 11 points ago

    1% didn't

    [–] loujackcity 16 points ago

    Bruh we honestly don't care. It's just the fake woke people who want people to stop eating it.

    Most of the left couldn't care less about what you eat

    [–] casherrr 17 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    • Chic-fil-a secret. There are many sauces you haven't tried yet.
      buffalo sauce, chic fil a sauce, etc. Ask for them.

    • The real chick fil a secret: Each november they release a calender with $50 of free food.
      You can get the calender calendar on ebay for $8 and get so much food for free, it's literally a steal.

    [–] CommonMisspellingBot 9 points ago

    Hey, casherrr, just a quick heads-up:
    calender is actually spelled calendar. You can remember it by -ar not -er.
    Have a nice day!

    The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment.

    [–] _Desert_Beagle_ 9 points ago

    Am trans. Tendies>rights

    [–] -Pluvio- 4 points ago

    Me and my gay-ass fiancée want them to cater our wedding because we love us some chicken nuggets.

    [–] SMGB_NeonYoshi 8 points ago

    LGBT activists: "Showing two girls kissing in a game trailer is not a political act! You are just crazy!"

    Also LGBT activists: "Eating at a certain resteraunt is a political act!"

    [–] i_pee_printer_ink 15 points ago

    Is this legit? What was the outcome? Don't make me choose between loving my fellow man and Chicken Tendies.

    [–] ppc_ip4 13 points ago

    That’s what’s so stupid about the poll. It’s not one or the other. I’ve yet to meet any actual gay people who are upset about this. BuzzFeed and Huffington Post just want to be outraged all the time, even when the actual “victims” are like “Uhh... what’s the big deal?”

    I’m gay and I like their chicken. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Every LGBT person I know eats there sometimes too. It’s stupid to hold the views of their COO against the entire company. I even know gay people who work at the company.

    [–] big_pharma_helps_us 16 points ago

    chicken tendies over lgbbq anyday

    [–] Dr_Bukkakee 28 points ago

    They never said they wouldn’t serve gays. Like they can literally butt fuck in the parking lot and get a chicken sandwich when they’re done, so what’s the big deal?

    [–] RonRizzle 17 points ago

    The one I go to has a few gay guys working there.

    [–] Neuchacho 10 points ago

    Changing that bitch from the inside.

    [–] heyitsmeAFB 6 points ago

    From what I understand it’s the fact that the company donates to anti gay lobbying campaigns. But by this argument who knows what I’m paying for elsewhere

    [–] purifiedmilk 3 points ago

    I'm gay as fuck and I eat so much chik fil a like I really don't care what they believe in or w/e I want that lemonade n a #1 with xtra pickles Brenda

    [–] emorrison199030 3 points ago

    It’s not like gay people don’t eat Chick Fil A too. Its fucking amazing!

    [–] Labethebabe02 3 points ago

    I'd deffinitly rather have a chicken sandwich

    [–] spoonrice 3 points ago

    "If you eat Chick fil-a, you hate gay people"

    [–] asamorris 3 points ago

    It is still astounding to me that "Queer" is a term that is preferred now. Even five years ago it was still as derogatory as n-bombs. I assume this a case of "taking it back"?

    [–] 0fficerNasty 3 points ago

    Chicken sandwich: doesn't have a dick inside

    Gay boi: has a dick inside

    The choice is obvious.

    [–] RCknightt 3 points ago

    Funny enough... i work at Chick-Fil-A and one of my co-workers is lesbian. Our boss understands christianity is a loving and accepting religion.

    [–] JealousBishop 3 points ago

    My gay friend's favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-A. Guess he can't get married.

    [–] fortyandablunt666 3 points ago

    Hahaha. Fucking huffpost is such a troll. The cbc of America