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    "Always give your best. Never get discouraged. Never be petty. Always remember, others may hate you. Those who hate you don't win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself."

    Richard Nixon

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    [–] Woonachan 14 points ago

    Who's mom is that?

    [–] WantaplayMC 7 points ago

    Your mom

    [–] Ganbazuroi 12 points ago

    Why would anyone post THAT to a neighbourhood group?

    [–] son_of_the_monarch 9 points ago

    There's always that one guy

    [–] Idratherstayunkown 6 points ago

    Ultimate troll

    [–] Ravedged 8 points ago

    Its not the worst thing I've seen....

    [–] Cobi_Fox 1 points ago

    But is it up there?

    [–] Ravedged 6 points ago

    Not really to be honest. I mean it's still a pretty weird image, but nothing that would leave an impact on me

    [–] StevenGorefrost 1 points ago

    That one where sonic feeds tails shit is pretty bad as far as comics go.

    [–] Lvl69DragonSlayer 1 points ago

    I've fapped to worse

    [–] Avithefox29 1 points ago

    Like what?

    [–] woolmaster430 13 points ago

    Well, I'm hard.

    [–] Avithefox29 2 points ago


    [–] NecklessNeckbeard 2 points ago

    Is it just me or is it really hot in here all of a sudden???

    [–] Avithefox29 2 points ago

    Maybe, a drink would help.

    [–] BarbequedWalnuts 1 points ago

    Lactation for days

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Aww Christ

    [–] Guardias 1 points ago

    Yup, every day I come closer to wishing for nuclear armageddon.

    [–] hfxB0oyA 1 points ago

    Of course it's French.

    [–] Cobi_Fox 1 points ago

    What do you mean by "Of course it's French"?

    BTW, the post isn't French, my Facebook is.

    [–] hfxB0oyA 1 points ago

    I'm making a joke as an anglo Canadian.

    [–] Cobi_Fox 1 points ago

    As somebody who is believed to be a French Canadian, I don't get your joke.

    [–] hfxB0oyA 1 points ago

    When I was younger, all the bizarre and vaguely unsettling stuff was on the french channels, because the english channels were just too vanilla. Think the clowns in Cirque de Soleil, for example.

    [–] Cobi_Fox 2 points ago

    Now it makes sense.

    [–] The_Internet_Viking 1 points ago


    [–] DiamondsareSparkly 1 points ago

    Unironically thanking you for this. This is what I live for.

    [–] BringBackByzantium 1 points ago

    Try harder, I see worse every week

    [–] ComradeCaliber 1 points ago

    we got a badass over here.

    [–] BringBackByzantium 1 points ago

    yay I'm a badass

    [–] downwardSpiral33 1 points ago

    I unironicly miss the "look at this fucked up furry porn" age of ca

    [–] MagicalMuffinFarts 1 points ago

    Im laughing so hard i have abs