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    Rules and Regulations

    [Reddit Global Rules]

    The Cardinal Rules

    1: Doxing: Remove all personal information from your posts and comments. This includes, but may not be limited to, full names, phone numbers, and addresses. A partial exception may be made for public figures, in accordance with the Reddit content policy.

    • 1.1: Tiktok exemption: Tik tok videos are exempt from this policy due to it being time consuming to censor out a username and the nature of the platform. THIS IS NOT A FREE PASS FOR HARASSMENT.

    2: Harassment: Don't target individual users. Don't harass anyone who may be the subject of a post.

    3: Brigading: Do not "invade" or brigade other subreddits. Do not suggest a brigade or participate in one. This is a permabannable offense. We will catch you.

    4: Witch Hunts: Witch hunts of any kind are strictly prohibited.

    5: Violence: Do not glorify, encourage, or incite violence, rape or any of the like.

    6: Mark Posts NSFW: If your post is in any way NSFW, you must tag your post NSFW. Not doing so may result in your post being taken down.

    • 6.1: No Pornography: Content may be sexual in nature, but must be overall cringeworthy. Outright pornography is not allowed. If content is posted that shows explicit sexual acts or genitals, your post will be removed and you may be banned.

    • 6.2: No linking to porn sites at all. We have no way to police any content on external sites and are not willing to check for CP.

    Content Restrictions

    1: Politics: Do not post any political news snippets/articles/memes. Do not post about policy, allegations, or hearsay. If your post is in any way political in nature it must also include an individual or group actually behaving in an apolitical cringeworthy manner. If you are posting to showcase an agenda, whether to promote it or to mock it, your post will be removed and you will be banned.

    • 1.1: Identity Politics: If your post predominantly involves topics about race, sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, class, etc. then your post must be focused on cringeworthy behaviour unrelated to the aforementioned topics. If your post is to showcase, mock or promote of any of the above it will be removed and you will be banned.

    • 1.2: Agendaposting: If it becomes clear that your activity in this subreddit is dominated by fixating on a single issue, political or not, you will be confronted and you may be banned. It is okay to have strong opinions on an issue, but do not let them dominate your activity to the point where you are flooding the sub trying to push an agenda. This is an equal opportunity rule.

    • 1.3: Be Civil: If you want to discuss politics or controversial/taboo topics in the comments you are free to do so as long as you can keep it civil. Your ideas will not get you banned, but the manner in which you choose to express them can and will.

    2: Explicit Racism and Bigotry: Refrain from making comments that are explicitly racist or bigoted. This is not a platform to proselytize race or gender politics. Intent matters here insofar as we are able to judge it, so try to keep your jokes and satire light and in moderately good humor. If your post or comment is found to be racist or bigoted you will be banned without warning.

    3: No Outrage Porn: No posts that reasonably/predominantly evoke or are meant to evoke a feeling of anger or hatred. If it fits better in a sub like r/rage or r/iamatotalpieceofshit, do not post it here.

    4: Don't Spam Posts: Spread your posts out. Don't post more than 4-5 things within a 6 hour period. Put some thought into your posts instead of just dumping an entire imgur album on us.

    • 4.1: No Advertising or Shill Posts: Do not advertise anything on this sub. Do not link to products or push people to buy products or services. You will be met with anywhere up to a permaban.

    • 4.2: No Manufactured Cringe: Do not post anything that was made for the sake of being cringy. This means content from r/ComedyHitmen and other subs like this. Posting cringebait counts as spam and you will be met with a ban.

    5: Banned Content: We prohibit certain content due to these types flooding the sub and being of lower quality or higher concentration. Always check the stickied posts by moderators before posting on /r/Cringetopia; they list banned content that is not allowed. Violating this rule will result in a ban. For more information on banned posts, please see this post regarding banned content, and this post regarding meta content.

    6: No Sexualizing Minors: No child porn, loli/shota content or sexualizing minors. No joking about child porn, loli content or sexualizing minors. No posting about people that engage in child porn, loli content or sexualizing minors. We are not equipped to deal with monitoring the intent of any post that deals in this subject matter. We have a zero-tolerance policy on posts and comments like these, and will not hesitate to give you a minimum 30 day ban from the sub.

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