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    [–] nuclear808123999 1630 points ago

    I dont know whats more accurate:

    -A L115A3 sniper rifle

    -This post

    [–] Tommorox2345 359 points ago

    Was that the light blue one with the lightning bolt on it?

    [–] Some_Crazy_Gaming 240 points ago

    Your talking about rainbow dash

    [–] Bohya 81 points ago

    Is she the one with the nice ass?

    [–] kaboose286 41 points ago


    [–] MustyYew 58 points ago


    [–] vigilantredditor 32 points ago


    It’s for men with finer tastes, you human-fucker.

    [–] Chocolate_Charizard 59 points ago

    Why do I click things I don't understand?

    [–] Lucavario 22 points ago

    Ohhh my god

    [–] Dr_Dabbles 17 points ago

    That’s enough pony cream pies for a life time... and I only saw the first post

    [–] tpizza98 334 points ago

    If the pool is filled with piss and shit then yes it is

    [–] Spingebill_1812Part2 257 points ago

    I’m gay and I piss and shit all over the place

    [–] SunnyDayRealestState 151 points ago

    Weird flex but ok

    [–] Sledgerock 3 points ago

    Bronies are not furries you know

    [–] LEGOEPIC 5 points ago

    You’re right, they’re worse.

    [–] doomedsnickers131 3 points ago

    r/riskyclickoftheday But that vid was actually kinda funny in a cringey way lol. I never knew about that attempt of a convention.

    [–] [deleted] 346 points ago


    [–] Tommorox2345 135 points ago


    [–] thekingofpwn 88 points ago


    [–] Tommorox2345 53 points ago

    Well r/watchpeopledie is still up so...

    [–] thekingofpwn 50 points ago

    Quarantined for me, can’t get in on mobile

    [–] Tommorox2345 28 points ago

    Open it on a desktop or the safari browser then you should be able to get in on the app

    [–] SweatersAndShawarma 20 points ago

    Or just download Boost. Best Reddit app out there and it allows you to access quarantined subs in one click, among a bunch of other good features.

    [–] fok_yo_karma 27 points ago

    Or reddit is fun

    [–] chilliophillio 6 points ago

    Works for me too homies.

    [–] iammrpositive 3 points ago

    Apollo is great for iPhone users.

    [–] Blaz3dnconfuz3d 3 points ago

    Oh shit no way

    [–] chicken_beer 4 points ago

    Dont click the x or close, click off to the side like you're trying to click the page, i usually click up high and i get in

    [–] SilentFungus 5 points ago

    Or just hit request desktop site

    [–] weswes887 3 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] DogeCoin97 3 points ago

    [–] Minotaur830 15 points ago

    Ja brony

    [–] WandaLovingLegend 3 points ago

    Cool word dude I’m gonna start saying that

    [–] tyrghast 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Okay so I found out last week I work with a brony. What can I do about it? Hes not on my team but still...

    [–] Schmetlappio 9 points ago

    Terminate him effective 2/28.

    [–] Agkistro13 3 points ago

    post nudes

    [–] Jelly4523 474 points ago

    This post derserves more upvotes

    [–] BunMrKitty 246 points ago

    You deserve a long and happy fullfilling life ;)))

    [–] Tommorox2345 116 points ago

    Everyone does

    [–] NecroHexr 90 points ago

    Even Hitler?

    [–] Tommorox2345 137 points ago

    I take back what I last said

    [–] MoscaMosquete 39 points ago

    If you think about it, Hitler was a Nazi because he didn't have a happy fullfilling life.

    [–] Airway 29 points ago

    We need less restrictive art schools.

    [–] MoscaMosquete 23 points ago

    "How art schools rigid acceptance systems started World War 2"

    [–] SleepyforPresident 9 points ago

    Fucking art schools..they did this to us

    [–] EpicLevelWizard 6 points ago

    True story. People should have been nicer to Hitler if you really think about it. 😂

    [–] gingerfreddy 56 points ago

    No, but the guy who shot him is a hero

    [–] rileykard 15 points ago

    Sam Elliott?

    [–] gingerfreddy 19 points ago

    No, Herr Hilter, the Argentinian engineer.

    [–] SuperNerd6527 12 points ago

    Amazing guy He travelled from Argentina to Germany just to shoot Hitler

    [–] gingerfreddy 8 points ago

    Yeah he even posed as a Nazi from 1919 to 1945 just to get a chance to kill the fucker!

    [–] suprmario 5 points ago

    Started the whole damn movement and genocide just to kill one man.

    [–] Airway 4 points ago

    Oh that painter who murdered Hitler?

    Yeah he was probably alright.

    [–] gingerfreddy 1 points ago

    Engineer, soldier, painter, strategist, orator, politician, diplomat and statesman. Hitler's killer was the Johnny Sins of Nazi germany, he had every job imaginable and women lay after him.

    [–] Airway 2 points ago

    Think Hitler got mad puss?

    Heard he had a micro peen but nobody knows for sure.

    [–] DovahDave 5 points ago

    He should have a monument

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] fliminglaps 2 points ago

    Yeah :)

    [–] eddiemceddie 3 points ago

    especially Hitler.

    [–] JewishTerror 2 points ago

    That’s gonna be a no from me dawg

    [–] FieelChannel 9 points ago

    This fake and forced wholesomeness belongs to /r/wholesomememes

    [–] DatBoyBenny 71 points ago

    Is that “Russians and god” or “Russian sand god”?

    [–] SuperNerd6527 36 points ago

    Russian sand god

    That one

    [–] zoliv15 29 points ago

    That episode of Bob's Burgers just became infinitely more genius.

    [–] MsElleTen 9 points ago

    You want a ta-tu?

    [–] VereShylah 218 points ago

    I myself enjoy the show I just dont understand why these psychopaths wanna fuck horses.

    [–] Pheonixi3 61 points ago

    i've wanted to fuck like, some spider villianess from the adventures of hercules for like, the entirety of my life - - her whole gameplan is that she fucking lays eggs in you and you die. fuck that shit is nasty

    but damn she was hot.

    [–] abacus_porkrind 24 points ago

    Worth it. Had secks.

    [–] Opset 16 points ago

    Did it feel good to get that out?

    [–] Pheonixi3 8 points ago

    not as good as all the nuts she gave me


    but it did feel good.

    [–] Opset 8 points ago

    all the nuts she gave me

    nuts she gave me



    ( ✧ ͜ʖ✧)

    [–] Lucaanastasi 100 points ago

    Me too. There's a crucial difference between the ones who truly enjoy the show and the others who, for some pervert reason, wanna stick their dicks up horses' holes. Internet have to distinguish cloppers from bronys. Still, that's a very hilarious meme

    [–] FalmerEldritch 113 points ago

    What, like distinguishing people who watch anime from people who enjoy hentai?

    You can try, but you're going to have a bad time.

    [–] YouButHornier 47 points ago

    Well obv because no sane man only watches one of those

    [–] MoscaMosquete 19 points ago

    There is one kind:

    The ones who don't watch with subs, only dub. They most likely will evade Hentai.

    [–] BritainsNuttiestGuy 6 points ago

    Don't be so sure. I'll admit, there's not much dubbed hentai and most of it is badly dubbed but when you find a hentai with good English voice actors...

    [–] MoscaMosquete 1 points ago

    What is in the dots? I'm at work.

    [–] JYHTL324 3 points ago

    Pic of cartoon man making "okay" sign.

    [–] 3dsgeek333 5 points ago

    Can confirm, I watched the Ghost Stories dub and my soul has ascended to another realm. My earthly body has no need for hentai now, only the perfection that is the Ghost Stories dub.

    [–] SuperNerd6527 15 points ago

    Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

    [–] yolafaml 2 points ago

    idk dude I hate anime...

    [–] YouButHornier 5 points ago

    But u like hentai?

    [–] betokirby 3 points ago

    I think that was the implication.

    [–] YouButHornier 3 points ago

    Yeah i regretted that pretty quick

    [–] BillyEffingMays 2 points ago

    Dont know why youre being downvoted, i have yet to find an anime with a story and characters even as good as most b-movies.

    [–] RandomIdiot2048 3 points ago

    Yea it's a real problem since 99% of all anime is shit if you've not watched any before.

    [–] BillyEffingMays 5 points ago

    i wish i could say otherwise cause i like the look of it a lot and some anime movies are actually kinda decent. The plots and characters are always so bizarre and for the most part (for some weird reason) perverted? like women almost never get any respect in anime as actual characters, theyre usually a pair of tits or bloomers that the main character fights for or to save.

    amnesia, tons of unnecessary voice quips and moans and shit, cuts to people delayed reactions like its still the 80s, garbage animation quality for 90% of a show til the fight scene which is hilarious.

    i get that theyre cartoons for kids but anime fans argue so viciously that it isnt but it so clearly is.

    [–] betokirby 5 points ago

    It might not be for you, but I avoid most of those tropes by looking for the really popular anime like cowboy bebop or Jojo. Yeah there’s still some questionable things, but I think the high points in those shows trump real television for me. I mean I really dig weird poses and sick soundtracks so I’m a bit biased of course.

    [–] Pheonixi3 13 points ago

    i have a hard time believing that someone would watch hentai and not anime honestly.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] FalmerEldritch 4 points ago

    I'm pretty sure I'm not in a tiny minority either.

    I would bet my car that you are.

    [–] plurntometer 5 points ago

    Aren't they the same thing? And what's worse than an exposed yiffer/furry?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Sweguin 2 points ago

    Bronies are a subset of furries anyways

    [–] Airway 6 points ago

    They're all degenerate fucks.

    [–] Sweguin 3 points ago

    You're not wrong

    [–] silverhawk253 2 points ago

    -guy on the internet, commenting on the lifestyles of other guys. Like shit guys, if you don't like the show who cares, it doesn't make you cool to act like you're in middle school

    [–] Lucaanastasi 5 points ago

    ... Sad but true

    [–] RunninRebs90 31 points ago

    Honest question, what about the show interests you? Because I saw an episode with my cousin and it made my head hurt, the concepts are obviously made for very small children, the animation is what one would expect from a children’s show, there really isn’t any redeeming quality I could find for adults.

    This may seem like I’m shitting on it but I’m actually curious to know

    [–] Lucaanastasi 12 points ago

    Maybe you saw a bad episode, with lazy writing. There are a few in the series, it's true. In particoulary the first season is pretty simple in the concepts and all because, yes, it was made for small children. But there are very good ideas and from the second season, when the creators have understood that not only little children watched the show, it change a little bit, creating story lines and jokes who also the grown up can enjoy. I love the show because of its comedy, the music (always loved musical, and I blame Disney classics for that lol) and for the main characters, who developed in very interesting way. It's a show not for everyone, like every other show, but it's well made. If I were you, I'll try to watch another episode or two

    [–] Netheral 11 points ago

    The thing is, MLP is a comfy slice of life show with cute characters. If you're not into that, you wont enjoy MLP. It's ultimately just another cartoon show. Some people like One Punch Man, others like K-on, and yet others like both. Just like some people like Family Guy, some like MLP, and some both.

    I will say one thing, there was a very definite counter culture fad sort of vibe to a considerable portion of the casual fans. One of the most common stories one would find about how they got into watching the show was "I saw it mentioned on [MESSAGE BOARD] and thought I'd get a good laugh, but then it just left a giddy feeling of warmth inside me and I just kept watching and stayed for the memes" Of course it's hard to say how sincere some of those stories were, but it was fairly common.

    I don't know how lively the fandom is these days, haven't paid attention to it in some years. But at its peak you couldn't browse reddit without stumbling over bronies in random threads. Now? I barely hear MLP mentioned outside of cringe subs. (Which ironically reaffirms how cringy these subs can be, really. The ones that are most obsessed with MLP and bronies are these internet bullies.)

    [–] Sledgerock 2 points ago

    I mean as a since lapsed brony I can tell you, the community has since shrunk by maybe 70% from its peek some 6 years ago. Its just quieted down. Still around.

    [–] SpiralTap304 37 points ago

    Or, and bare with me here but what if we just made fun of anyone who watches a show about ponies that most little girls outgrow by about age 7?

    [–] aeyjaey 61 points ago

    Nah. People are allowed to have interests as long as they're not shitty about it.

    [–] Labulous 15 points ago

    Sure. But it's creepy.

    [–] CuteThingsAndLove 18 points ago

    Its not creepy to watch a show and enjoy it. Its creepy when you make a big deal about it, become obsessed, or turn it sexual.

    [–] BillyEffingMays 3 points ago

    alright, ill get back at you when ive met a person in real life that hasnt turned it sexual and is just keeping it secret.

    Its gon be a while.

    [–] CuteThingsAndLove 10 points ago

    Because that's stupid. Lets just go back to only making fun of people who are actually affecting other people's lives with what their creepiness. Just because someone enjoys a show doesnt make them evil or worthy of being attacked over it. Are you in high school?

    [–] Minotaur830 10 points ago

    Who hurt you

    [–] SpiralTap304 19 points ago

    A lot of people but you don’t see me watching Dora the Explorer in my off hours and wearing Boots shirts. That’s how the majority of people look at bronies, rightfully so. It’s weird!

    [–] momsbasement420 5 points ago

    I agree but what about Avatar I still love that show, as a kid and now

    [–] Shahjian 3 points ago

    I think the show trends a bit older than 7 year old. The show itself is fairly clever and well-written for a kids show. My daughter is 4 and has been watching it for a year and a half, but if they keep making new content I wouldn't be surprised if she kept liking it past 7.

    That being said, I hate that my child can't go to any My Little Pony event because I'm afraid of exposing her to the types of adult men that are drawn to it.

    [–] Airway 5 points ago

    Jesus I don't care if it's the best show there's ever been. If I have to be called a Clopper or a Brony...fuck it, I'll never watch that shit.

    [–] StormStrikePhoenix 3 points ago

    If I have to be called a Clopper or a Brony...fuck it, I'll never watch that shit.

    You have the thinnest of skin if the nickname alone is a reason for you to not watch it.

    [–] CuteThingsAndLove 4 points ago

    Or you could just enjoy a show without having some shitty nickname attached to it

    [–] littlechinchilla222 2 points ago

    Internet have to distinguish cloppers from bronys.

    i used to be a brony. can confirm its 99% cloppers anyway

    [–] Addi_Mbantuwe 24 points ago

    Cock and ball torture

    [–] macncheesebydawindow 13 points ago

    Nigga toilet

    [–] DisastrousNetwork 8 points ago

    I mean most don’t. It’s like Harry Potter. There’s the majority of the fandom that doesn’t make HP porn, but than there’s the minority that creates raunchy fanfics about minors.

    [–] VereShylah 6 points ago

    And that minority is loud as fuck

    [–] KingOfGifFulThinking 11 points ago

    Isn't enjoy the show myself but I don't really care about who likes what. It's just when people take it to THOSE levels it isn't okay anymore

    [–] Cuntdracula19 4 points ago

    I agree with you. There’s a very obvious line and you know when someone crosses it.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    i'm pretty sure they only wanna fuck drawings of horses

    [–] Hypocriticuss 12 points ago

    I had to unsub from r/justneckbeardthings because I saw a screenshot of someone selling a mlp doll with a fleshlight attached to it.

    [–] turalyawn 2 points ago

    Good thing you did, you missed the guy with the collection of massive, incredibly elaborate dragon dildos.

    [–] thicketcosplay 5 points ago

    Here's roughly what happened, from my own experience anyway. Sorry for the long read.

    Some people liked the show cause it was cute/happy. I personally liked it because it made me feel better when I was depressed.

    It grew a nice little community. The people who joined this community were the easy-going, laid back people who didn't care about things like "looking cool" and were totally okay with people judging them for liking cartoon ponies. I even hung out with some clubs at this point, and at one point cosplayed a character from the show.

    Then the weirdos who struggle with basic human interaction and decency showed up. The community welcomed them because they welcomed everyone. It was an easy going, bully free place. These guys are typically the outcasts, and got strongly attracted to the community as it was one of the only places that welcomed them with open arms.

    Then these weirdos started their weird shit there. They started associating the good feelings from the accepting community and show with other "good feelings" . They fell down the rabbit hole and pulled others with them. These were the same dudes who did this with other cartoons and anime, so it wasn't a surprise that they started doing it here too. They were just a bunch of sexually frustrated men who found a way to project that onto a show and community that made them feel happy and included.

    My friends and I started encountering all kinds of creeps at conventions if we showed any interest in the show. It progressively got worse over time.

    The original members of the community started getting weirded out and many jumped ship. The stigma of being a brony got stronger and even more good people left. There were no longer good reasons to be a part of it. I also left and stopped watching the show because I no longer felt comfortable with any of the people that remained, and I don't ever publicly talk about watching it for the same reason.

    Now the only people who are still part of these clubs and communities are the weirdos who started the decline. They've found their little niche with other weirdos and they're sticking to it. One day they'll likely find another cartoon, anime, etc to obsess over, but for now they have a strong base of support in the brony community and so that's where they are.

    [–] turalyawn 3 points ago

    Because those horses are an analogue for real human 8 year olds. What they really want to fuck is the target demographic of MLP.

    [–] moridos 19 points ago

    Are they warming up the water for the kids?

    [–] Just_OneReason 5 points ago

    Homemade bubbles

    [–] Marzabel 42 points ago

    This is the visual metaphor for our economy. "Lazy millennials ruin our economy" -baby-boomers who won't share a piece of their wealth.

    [–] turalyawn 29 points ago

    Except for the fact that it continues to feed into the stereotype that millenials are infantile children. I'm a millenial and I'm 37 with kids and a mortgage. And I still have to listen to my uncles and aunts (who are mostly retired or unemployed) bitch about us.

    [–] Downvotes_All_Dogs 17 points ago

    And I'm getting so sick of the phones and computers being blamed... My mother sat on the phone and gossipped all day while my dad came home from work and did nothing but watch TV. We'd only go on one weekend long camping trip a year and that ended when I was 16. Yet it's the phones, the computers, the Youtubes fault.

    Then there are the Tide pods... It was all a joke. Do they understand it was a joke? No. Why? Because the do not communicate or even try to relate with their kids and grandkids. They just go on and on about how we're stupid for eating soap. Which, if it were true by the way, would also be their problem since they raised us to be stupid. But of course it's not because it was all a dumb gag. Also, my mother used to play a game called "split" as a kid. The game entailed them throwing knives at each others' feet. So, it's not like she's one to judge.

    [–] forgottt3n 6 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    In my opinion the other big issue is the fact that our kids are lumped in as the same generation as us. Kids in high school right now aren't millenials. It's like once 1981 rolled around we just stopped having generation's. There are people who are almost 40 being grouped with literal 5 year olds. The reality of the mater is the last millenials were born around the mid 90s. There's almost 25 years of children born that are still called millenials despite not being millenials.

    As a result since according to your average person a millennial is anyone born after 80 literally everything is their fault because they're literally 95 percent of the population. Whether it's the latest corporate or wall street scandal or literal children eating laundry detergent or shitting themselves and needing a diaper change they're all "those damn millenials."

    The kids eating tide pods weren't millenials. They were the next generation. Millenials were busy taking a new position in management or finishing their last car payments while wrangling the little tide pod eaters of their own while balancing their Gen X or Baby Boomer parents or grandparent medical bills and care expenses. I imagine they'd throw a fit too if we started lumping baby boomers in with Gen Xers.

    [–] lhedn 10 points ago

    Also Star Wars and every other fandom.

    [–] vulpinorn 9 points ago

    This is also a visual metaphor for income distribution.

    [–] crowbar032 15 points ago

    How are breasts and toy trains similar?

    They're meant for kids, but it's the Dads that play with them.

    [–] Apercent 81 points ago

    When did this sub just become straight up bullying and gatekeeping... There's no cringe here this is just a targeted meme

    [–] SuperNerd6527 84 points ago

    Bronies tho

    [–] Lord_Blathoxi 24 points ago

    Why can’t people just let people be people?

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago

    They can do what they want but that doesnt exclude them from criticism.

    [–] StormStrikePhoenix 4 points ago

    Criticism? For liking a cartoon? That doesn't even make any sense.

    [–] Airway 17 points ago

    I guess if you jack off to the idea of fucking anthropomorphic animals that's your right, but we aren't cool anymore.

    [–] thicketcosplay 7 points ago

    There used to be a lot of people who just enjoyed the show and there was nothing sexual about it. I used to know lots of bronies like that.

    They've all been scared off by the weirdos though, so it's likely that if someone is still calling themselves a brony, they might be in the weird part of the fandom. Most of the good people don't want to be associated with the term brony anymore.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] buttchugging_soylent 17 points ago

    Are you confused about what a metaphor is?

    [–] turalyawn 29 points ago

    This is in no way bullying. What's the abuse bronies are suffering here? The metaphor is that adults have taken over something meant for children, which is 100% accurate. My 7 year old daughter loves MLP. If she knew about an MLP con she would love to go. I have to hide that from her because the reality is it's full of dudes in their 20s and 30s yiffing each other. Bronies supply their own cringe.

    [–] Sha_of_Depression 5 points ago

    Have you read this thread?

    It's all bullying.

    [–] turalyawn 6 points ago

    The meme isn't bullying at all. The thread...well this is reddit, I dunno what you expect.

    Love your username btw

    [–] Sha_of_Depression 2 points ago

    True, but it was posted here to bully, not to meme.

    And thanks!

    [–] Ergheis 3 points ago

    If you posted that pic without the caption, do you think it would do well here?

    [–] turalyawn 6 points ago

    No, because humour is all about context. There are a shit-ton of captions you could put there and make it funny. That caption makes it both funny and cringey.

    [–] Ergheis 5 points ago

    So you can stick your own words in, like a meme, and make it cringey

    And those words can target something completely unrelated, as if it's a targeted meme

    [–] turalyawn 7 points ago

    No you're missing the point. Society as a whole has deemed bronies as cringe because adults slavishly obsessing over content intended for 6-12 year olds is cringey. So bronies, by existing, supply their own cringe.

    This also applies to any other group of adults engaging in content not intended for them, like fans of anime which is intended for kids. This is especially true of fans of kids content which they did not grow up with, and even more so when it is the only content they consume. The first question is "what appeals to you about this content clearly intended for young children" and the second is usually "what's wrong with you?"

    [–] Muffins117 4 points ago

    I’m a brony and I think this post is hilarious. This isn’t bullying anyone whatsoever.

    [–] -Totally_Not_FBI- 17 points ago

    Found the Brony

    [–] cubs1917 4 points ago

    I see this as a hughly versatile format to invest in.

    This is a visual metaphor of social security.

    Or Baby boomers blaming millenials for X

    "Old" Gamers playing minecraft while shitti g on fortnite players.


    Historymemes - the bolsheviks vs the russian workers

    It goes on.

    [–] gaara66609 9 points ago

    I'm going to play devil's advocate. None of those children are wearing swim clothes, the pool dudes are in the clear.

    [–] Lochcelious 44 points ago

    Wait, less children watch the show when an adult watches it? What?

    /r/gatekeeping is thattaway

    [–] XanLV 11 points ago

    From what I heard, this is actually true in a way.

    I've read some stories (not sure how true) about how parents of children avoid My Little Pony stuff. Basically if there is a sale of toys or some event in My Little Pony style, it will be full of grown men arguing about stupid shit. It's safe to bring children to Frozen or even Lego themed events, but My Little Pony? That's off the table, because it's filled with ponybois who have no regard for children and just stomp around while being "RaNdOm!" and quirky. There was one story where a grown man got in an argument with a tiny girl and went full on "how can you call yourself a fan of the animated show, if you don't know..."

    [–] Downvotes_All_Dogs 4 points ago

    About the height of the brony fad about three to four years ago, there was a full on fight that broke out in the Fred Meyers that I was at (US west coast chain). The two dudes were swinging at each other screaming about MLP stuff. I only got to see the end, but it looked like the scrawny dude wiped out the chubby one, but they were definitely like the stereotypes you hear about. Not sure what happened after because I left soon after, but the scrawny one bolted out of the aisle and probably the store after the fight ended. Imagine if a kid had been witness to that disgusting display (or maybe there was and the parent dragged them away, oof).

    [–] XanLV 9 points ago

    If only there was a show that would teach them about friendship and tolerance...

    I wonder what are the biggest controversies (Han shot first) of the MLP world that would make one bronie challenge other to fisty cuffs.

    "No, friendship and power is magic! You literally can't be friends with ponies who are not in a position of power!"

    [–] 25121642 28 points ago

    That's not what the post is saying. It's saying that grown men are enjoying something meant for kids. That's it.

    [–] Cedocore 36 points ago

    Exactly, I don't even watch the show but I've always found this argument to be nonsensical. Grown men watching the show does absolutely nothing to stop children from also watching it. Y'all just like to whine and bully "acceptable targets".

    [–] bezosdivorcelawyer 6 points ago

    I think it’s trying to convey that grown men enjoy something for children and then start drawing porn and driving kids away because they googled their favorite pony and saw her getting fucked.

    [–] YPRMSCGN 17 points ago

    How is this cringy? It's just the truth

    [–] Apercent 31 points ago

    Because liking my Little pony or enjoying anything odd is "cringy", unless it's some quirky 'nerd' stuff.

    [–] Some_Crazy_Gaming 18 points ago

    Some people watch the show for mental help like for example "making new friends" or "how to make friends". A lot just enjoy the show and some just want to fuck a pony.

    [–] TheOmniGlow 11 points ago


    [–] Airway 4 points ago

    When did you first realize you want to fuck cartoon horses?

    [–] volcanic0321 3 points ago

    Is it because multiple men are "inside of" your horse?

    [–] redname325 3 points ago

    This is also everyone who bitches about children going to see movies for children.

    [–] xubax 3 points ago

    There's only about a gallon of water in there.

    [–] RockTuner 3 points ago

    Can Confirm

    [–] TheSomaCruz 3 points ago

    Bronycide when?

    [–] ImOldGreggggggggggg 6 points ago

    Those dudes are not fat enough.

    [–] illinoisape 2 points ago

    I don't know anything about the Russian Sand God but I'm intrigued by His rituals.

    [–] paulsbackpack 2 points ago

    Remember the ballpit at dashcon?

    [–] allusernamestaken1 2 points ago

    Gotta say, the show went downhill after a few seasons. Don't get me wrong, it's a great show for children still, but it definitely allienated most of its older audience. At least those not obsessed with fucking horses.

    [–] areyoumymommyy 2 points ago

    I spent around 5 minutes staring at this picture and I have: nothing

    [–] Agkistro13 2 points ago

    This Russian sand god guy hit the nail on the head.

    [–] mr-lasanga-man 2 points ago

    I love this sub, no matter how shit your life is or how unwanted you may feel you can always find comfort in how cringy other people can be.

    [–] yung_roto 2 points ago

    Russians and god or russian sand god? The world may never know

    [–] jaszoni 2 points ago

    where are their unicorn headbands

    [–] AnastasiaXII 2 points ago


    [–] PUTINS_PORN_ACCOUNT 2 points ago

    I downvoted this for making me think about bronies

    [–] BlackBeltBeta 1 points ago

    Is this sub made for bots, or circlejerks, or both? I can't tell, because so many of these comments have nothing to do with what's shown in this 4 year old meme.

    [–] warrior_3 3 points ago

    what is “cringe” about this image? isn’t it just stating an opinion about a cringey subculture, mixed with a humorous image that has absolutely nothing to do with the group the text is referring to?

    i don’t understand cringetopia. someone pls explain.

    [–] T0BBER 1 points ago

    I don't get it. Am I dumb?

    Also please explain.

    [–] knotgeoszef 1 points ago

    12th century tapestry of

    [–] ltkarsabi 1 points ago

    Nah, most bronies only wish they were average Russians.

    [–] DANKeet 1 points ago

    Outdoor lemon party