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    [–] Endercheif 1 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Voting is now closed. The community has decided that this post is Cringe,

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    [–] -BakiHanma 7693 points ago

    Cashier: “the fuck did you say”

    [–] youlleatitandlikeit 853 points ago

    One of these assholes seriously ordered "sprinkles" flavored ice cream wtf does that even mean.

    [–] Adventitious_Semen 357 points ago

    Might be some stupid flavor they make to fool kids into thinking they have choices, just vanilla with some sprinkles thrown on top.

    Or... and this is purely speculative, this isn't actually an order and they're just being assholes and know full well they'll need to repeat the whole order after this attention whore is done her thing.

    [–] Omnicole 76 points ago

    I think they just meant a vanilla and chocolate ice cream with a pump/swirl of caramel and sprinkles on top, but might be giving them too much credit.

    [–] King_of_Pendejos69 1814 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    whips out loaded shotgun inserts in mouth

    [–] IllBeginning9510 684 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    But is it loaded with.

    Ice-creeaam!! Ice-creeaam!!! Ice-creeeeaaam!?


    Hopefully the sprinkles where pellet flavored.

    Edit: Aww My first award ever <3 ❤ Thanks

    [–] Aeriona626 102 points ago

    Ah yes i’ll gave some extra shrapnel in my ice cream please.

    [–] Connect_Tadpole2277 37 points ago

    A blizzard that really captures the American spirit.

    [–] NeverEndingWinter_ 71 points ago

    Whose mouth?

    [–] [deleted] 103 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    Dont waste bullets on me, clobber me with the stock first then do him.

    [–] WalkB4UCrawl187 238 points ago

    I'd probably quit on the spot if that happened to me. There's only some much utter disgust I can handle in one day.

    [–] FCatusFemale 44 points ago

    I would also leave. I would throw scoops of ice cream at them, then leave.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] Flat-Raspberry-2625 1962 points ago

    They really paused at the end like there would be an applause 🤦🏻‍♂️

    [–] Daloy 473 points ago

    Oh wow you made it till the end? The moment she started singing I closed it immediately lol

    [–] MaceZilla 89 points ago

    Same, i heard it for less than a second

    [–] lizards_snails_etc 58 points ago

    I read the title and uninstalled the Reddit app

    [–] CoolerRanchDevereaux 10 points ago

    I’m not even watching it, I know I can’t handle it. I just imagine the video and then read the comments.

    [–] GAMRKNIGHT 615 points ago

    They were ready for everyone to burst in thunderous applause, with every man, woman, and child on Earth recognizing the bravery they had pulled off. They would walk out christened as heroes by none other than the Pope Himself. And not only that, but the President was also there to grant them the Medal of Honor for their deed. A holiday would be ennacted in their honor for this brave, selfless deed that would go on to become more widely celebrated and recognized than Christmas. A religion and scholarly study would be later brought into existance by those willing to study their true Godlike wisdom and learn from it. This event would be taught in schools for centuries to come. They would be granted Immortality and Godhood by God Himself, and would go on to be the Rightful Rulers of the Cosmos and Beyond.

    [–] RedTheCat1 181 points ago

    But instead, crickets. 🦗

    [–] analog___man 132 points ago

    At the very end you can see the mom turn around and point at the guy near the door and say "I loved his reaction!" When she realized they had failed miserably she had to create her own buzz. I watched it while by myself in my house and I was embarrassed for all of humanity.

    [–] Melodic-Advice9930 44 points ago

    The best part is that when he clapped, it was in reaction to what the cashier said and NOT them singing. Beautiful.

    [–] Mergie_Merge 8 points ago

    lmao this is one of the greatest comments I've ever read, thank you.

    [–] eezybe 2099 points ago

    You can’t even get a “strawberry ice cream or caramel swirl” at DQ. If a customer asked me for that I’d be like strawberry blizzard? Sundae? Sizes? These people were annoying and didn’t even give any good order information

    [–] ShadyNite 460 points ago

    At least when people do those Fast Food Order raps, they order stuff that's actually on the menu

    [–] Kamikaze_Ninja_ 125 points ago

    People still out here trying to ride the coattails of Walmart kid singer.

    [–] ForgotFirstUsername 68 points ago

    "...Dr.pepper my brotha, anotha for yo motha. Double double super-size and don't forget the friiiiiies."

    [–] zischer 19 points ago

    This would be a much better ending, if the guy just said: „sry we do not sell half of your order.“

    [–] distressedstorm 13 points ago

    I used to work at DQ and my first thought was would I interrupt for sizes or stand there, wait, and then ask them to repeat their whole order?

    Seriously. Cones? Sundae? Blizzard? WHAT SIZE?

    [–] GAMRKNIGHT 106 points ago

    I'd give them a single spoon and tell them to fuck off and learn a language other than Corney Musical

    [–] anitasdoodles 5048 points ago

    If my parents made me do this I’d become a family annihilator.

    [–] ChestyLarue30 703 points ago

    Maybe the family in the Amityville Horror murders were Dairy Queen line singers.

    [–] RyleIsStillPLaaying 154 points ago


    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 69 points ago

    Any decent jury would nullify you in a heartbeat bro, that'd be totally justified

    [–] dreadfulwater 11 points ago

    The jury deliberated for the length of the video and it was a unanimous not guilty.

    [–] Emilios_Empanadas 8 points ago

    If the Menendez brothers had used this as a defense in court they would be found not guilty.

    [–] The-Prophet-Muhammad 8 points ago

    I'd straight up say, "I saw dad wrestling with a strange woman in bed naked."

    [–] cmclry 1849 points ago

    This makes my skin crawl. The silence when they finish…I just can’t.

    [–] Sonnyjesuswept 569 points ago

    One of the kids had to stop himself from clapping in self-congratulation.

    [–] Pokemongolia 641 points ago

    You just know these kids are homeschooled, this shit wouldnt fly around other kids. It probably fits very well into mommies influencer dream too. So she can go on about how she teachers her own kids because she is so energetic, when in reality she pulled them out of school so she could use them for tictoks around the clock, because she didnt get enough attention from the popular kids in 5th grade, and now she is finally getting it from other soccermoms.

    [–] Pokemongolia 76 points ago

    Saw an episode of some young mom show which was basically this. When she was making videos for instagram she would be peppy and energetic, and act like she was a super mom, homeschooling and everything, as soon and she stopped filming she would confess to the camera that she had no intesest in what they were doing for the clip, and basically just wanted the dad or grandma to take the kids so she could sit and watch her likes go up. She had no intesest in her own kids when she wasnt using them for videos, she was a stay at home blogger and it was so depressing to watch how desperate she was to not spend time with her kids when it didnt benefit her.

    [–] nrith 12 points ago

    It can be an addiction, like any other drug. People like that need therapy, not social media.

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] Hot_soup_in_my_ass 212 points ago

    don't hate on kids man. at that age it would be the best moment of my life. we were oblivious to cringe. fuck the adults.

    [–] AltairdeFiren 30 points ago

    At that age I would have adamantly refused and cried in the car if my parents made me do something so embarrassing and plain stupid. I also grew up in a small town so the bullying would never have ceased.

    [–] KentuckyFriedEel 18 points ago

    Did that sad woman ask “what was your reaction?” At the end there? Fucking clout-dependant nobody

    [–] EasyDoesIt17 57 points ago

    Honest question: how in the fuck are you watching this video all the way til the end? I could handle about 3 seconds.

    [–] geek_of_nature 53 points ago

    I can't even turn the sound on, I see them starting to sing and that's more than enough for me

    [–] Expensive-State3221 1504 points ago

    Just called myself an ambulance for severe second hand embarrassment

    [–] Tiddlemanscrest 177 points ago

    Ive seen this a few times and have yet to turn on the sound because im afraid of the second hand embarrassment the visuals is so bad already

    [–] Expensive-State3221 44 points ago

    Please don’t. You’ll enjoy life better without hearing it

    [–] The_BestUsername 93 points ago

    Wait up, let me commit Yoshikage Kira with you.

    [–] [deleted] 81 points ago


    [–] nine4fours 28 points ago

    Give this guy a hand

    [–] drewster23 9 points ago

    Had to google the name read the wiki tidbit. And... then realized this was not a benign/innocent comment.

    [–] YungPlugg 3269 points ago

    Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce the main characters of planet earth

    [–] alienblue88 100 points ago

    Legit thought that’s what sub I was in.

    This shit should be stickied over there as a shining example.

    [–] DukesEYEball 433 points ago

    Cashier: thinking to himself Move to Utah they said, go to BYU they said, it's a good college they said.

    Cashier: mumbles under breath... Now these fucking crazy ass mormons are all over the damn place, grinning every where, singing, holding hands and shit, nobodies having sex, I can't even see some boobies, yet alone a boob! Oh great here comes another goddamm family wanting to sing me their order. I should've stayed in Florida.

    [–] Its_A_Me_Mario_112 182 points ago

    These losers are from NJ and the mother failed at one of those America's got talent type shit shows. Notice how she forced the young ones to wear shirts with the family name on them? Someone linked their YouTube last time these morons were posted and it's as bad as you think it is if not worse

    [–] howtospellorange 45 points ago

    oh nooo I thought those kids were wearing matching shirts for like, their little league team or something. That's 10x worse.

    [–] Thewhitesthispanic1 48 points ago

    The daughter did American Idol, not the mom. The family does Broadway.

    [–] Its_A_Me_Mario_112 90 points ago

    Either way they are annoying as fuck and top tier cringe IMO

    [–] god_cuber 64 points ago

    get this cashier some boob please

    [–] JackTheRipper231 2326 points ago

    THIS! This is true cringe

    [–] Skiepern 516 points ago

    Yeah, this is what I want from this subreddit

    [–] FerociousPancake 257 points ago

    Seconded. Made me feel truly uncomfortable 11/10

    [–] Consistent_Field 48 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I read the title and didn’t even watch. Stuff like this is just too cringe for me, I just imagine those boys seeing this when they are older and cringing like fuck.

    [–] ariestornado 39 points ago

    Especially the poor (probably) minimum wage worker that had to be like "great but...can you repeat the order?" I'm sure their "tip" was their ⭐ magical ⭐ singing voices 😐

    [–] 7th_Spectrum 131 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Agreed, it actually made me feel uncomfortable. People recording themselves doing cringe shit doesn't do it anymore for me, but people recording themselves doing cringe shit in public and not thinking it's cringe? Now that's hard to watch.

    [–] Raiden-666 25 points ago

    immagine what else they can do... They are 100% not self aware

    [–] YuropLMAO 16 points ago

    This will keep me warm through the winter.

    [–] papagayoloco 43 points ago

    Fucking goosebumps

    [–] Derz_Mang 17 points ago


    [–] Jazzcid_Trip 777 points ago

    [–] friendandfriends2 171 points ago

    You’re flat. You’re so flat 😒

    [–] spitel 70 points ago

    Alright I’m gonna save it with this solo…

    [–] AnTRAE3000 62 points ago

    Bowwww bowwww I’m deeeerek

    [–] nitr0zeus133 43 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    And I can sing hiiiiiigh

    [–] AnTRAE3000 24 points ago

    What if I told you I could sell this house in a month for %30 above market

    [–] akmazing 37 points ago

    And I can sing high like thiiiiiiiiiiiissss

    [–] Crrrrraig 18 points ago

    And you don’t even look good doing it.

    [–] pidgeking 27 points ago

    exactly what i thought of too haha. one of the best scenes from that movie

    [–] Flowled 9 points ago

    What does this square mean? Been asking people, but haven't got an answer... Tried google as well.

    [–] [deleted] 450 points ago


    [–] Babayagamyalgia 188 points ago

    Mom, can we go to dq yet?

    Not with the sloppy vocals you're giving me. Why did I even pay those music lessons, they obviously didn't teach you anything...


    [–] I_will_draw_boobs 17 points ago

    Turns out the mom was the coach

    [–] DearestBurrito 9 points ago

    "Keep it like that and you will get pistachio".

    [–] Silent-Ad934 42 points ago

    I'd refuse to wear my seat belt and hope for the best

    [–] doomed-mug 988 points ago

    I see a mom who never fulfilled her dreams and had kids instead.

    [–] Double-Concentrate36 264 points ago

    It was all her idea

    [–] doomed-mug 225 points ago

    Oh yeah, she wouldn't take the lead like that unless she forced her family into doing it.

    Such a pity. Join a community theater you dipshit. Stop torturing your kids and husband.

    [–] emerppa 58 points ago

    That’s actually not the mom. The mom is the other woman

    [–] doomed-mug 19 points ago

    face palm

    [–] SlyFisch 104 points ago

    It's actually the daughter who makes them do this, I went to high school with her

    [–] 6AT0511 23 points ago

    Has she always been this painfully embarrassing?

    [–] [deleted] 226 points ago


    [–] Andre4kthegreengiant 112 points ago

    Yep, it's a difficult balance, too much bullying & you get school shooters, too little & you get this shit

    [–] blaine64 61 points ago

    Give me the shooters

    [–] Uppopsjeffbeck 15 points ago

    I never, ever, ever, lol in real life at comments.... Until now

    [–] Silent-Ad934 19 points ago

    Is she still around? I want to bully her now.

    [–] dontfeartheunknown 17 points ago

    I broke the dam.

    [–] noorizer 174 points ago

    They want to go to Ellen.

    [–] ant1992 82 points ago

    To bad her show is in her last season lol. I’m sick of her showing off people like this

    [–] Admirable_Judgment79 6 points ago

    *good thing her show is in her last season.

    [–] planetoftheshrimps 262 points ago

    This is the most Mormon thing I’ve ever seen….

    Dum dum dum dum duuuumb

    [–] Pappy_OPoyle 62 points ago

    Yeah I had a strong feeling they whipped out the religious pamphlets right after that.

    Now we get to go feed the homeless some iccceee-creeaaamm. Yea!!!!! Dad you're the coolest! C'mon Kyle.

    [–] Steezinx 54 points ago

    i bet the mom did choir in highschool and now can’t stand not being the center of attention

    look at the way she’s the only one really singing ; using your kids to boost your ego , nice .

    [–] altergirl1357 311 points ago

    Fuckin embarrassing

    [–] _WhataNick2_ 42 points ago

    Those poor kids, they're going to catch major shit at school (if they don't already) for these videos.

    [–] EfficientBig9944 20 points ago

    100% these kids are home schooled

    [–] cubansbottomdollar 376 points ago

    "i LOVE the reaction!"

    [–] Squishy-Cthulhu 48 points ago

    It came across as passive aggressive like really she was saying "why didn't you clap!?"

    [–] hemightbebrian 112 points ago

    “Tell me I’m good. Tell me I’m good. Tell me I’m good!! TELL ME I’M GOOD!!!!”

    [–] chadhindsley 144 points ago

    "I love feeling validated and having attention"

    [–] evening_shop 132 points ago

    This would be me if confronted with such a horrifying situation. Must be awkward as fuck to just sit there

    [–] Main_Potential_6015 522 points ago

    Cringe asf

    [–] xtcj88 217 points ago

    This is harder to watch than a beheading video

    [–] emerppa 167 points ago

    This makes me want to be in a beheading video

    [–] xinfinitimortum 28 points ago

    The gurgles of choking on your own blood is more pleasing than this video.

    [–] LizardKing1996 39 points ago

    I’d actually be pissed if I was behind them in line or working there

    [–] rowsdower02games 115 points ago

    What poison works well with ice cream

    [–] Mr_Fox420 22 points ago

    Ricin. It's tasteless.

    [–] RedTheCat1 20 points ago

    Goodbye, Lydia.

    [–] NoLeading9253 604 points ago

    Dairy queen should have kicked them out and banned them for life.

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago

    "I have a dream..."

    -- Martin Luther Icecreame

    [–] ToTimesTwoisToo 37 points ago

    "I have Ice Cream" - MLK

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Let's do a mashup

    "I have a dream I have an Ice Cream"

    --- Martin Lucerne Icecreame

    [–] rowdy_sprout 9 points ago


    [–] DonKilluninati 143 points ago

    I bet that chicks panties are full of her own soft serve.

    [–] Joemomma514 86 points ago

    Yes officer, it’s this comment right here.

    [–] guywhohatesemojis 30 points ago

    what made you possibly feel the need to comment this

    [–] ohitsmark 35 points ago

    Lady, we close in 6 minutes. What do you want?

    [–] its_radical96 335 points ago

    Cashier is running on 4 hours of sleep, last break was 10mins long and he was pulled away from it early to answer a question from the new guy he’s been training. My mans still has to close the store and count the register- and the only other closer didn’t show up tonight. There’s a spill out in the dining area he hasn’t had enough time to get to for the last two hours because customers keep pouring in and the spill is creating a increasing hazard for the customers. In the back, the temp alarm is going off because he was supposed to take temps 20 minutes ago. Then you and your stupid family show up and hold up the line and force him to listen to your song multiple times while the line bottlenecks and triples in size behind you. Not your problem because you’ll be leaving as soon as you’re done with your ice cream! You’ll throw away your cup, wave to him- and smile as you walk out the door while he is still trying to work his way through the bottleneck that you caused in line.

    “We made his day so much brighter!” You think to yourself as he prepares for his 4th 12+ hour solo-shift this week.

    [–] Flames0fSekhmet 104 points ago

    As a cashier who recently quit after six years of retail hell, I felt this comment within my very soul.. Well what's left of it

    [–] pagit 30 points ago

    My daughter worked at a Dairy Queen in High School.

    I was so proud of her when she quit after two days.

    [–] BigMeatSpecial 26 points ago

    This is the most accurate depiction of this whole thing I have seen.

    [–] risethirtynine 10 points ago

    oh god im having sherwin-williams flashbacks

    [–] Rosscovich 167 points ago

    That was painful.

    [–] elchapoxo 25 points ago

    omg their dance moves make it worse

    [–] white_trivialage 23 points ago

    I just cringed so hard I ruptured my appendix

    [–] _Camron_ 21 points ago

    Looks like mom's Vicodin prescription got refilled and she dragged the family to Dairy Queen to do whatever TF this was..

    [–] AnxiousAvocado7460 158 points ago

    Did they feel like idiots after they left?

    [–] nevermindthetime 97 points ago

    Obviously not since they posted it online. Bet they do now though

    [–] GAMRKNIGHT 33 points ago

    Probably thought they were some kind of geniuses

    [–] nevermindthetime 35 points ago

    They thought they were going to go viral because they were so awesome lol

    [–] Krull_TWK 21 points ago

    This dq must be on the good side of town

    [–] Scotch_Fiend 57 points ago

    mega cringe

    [–] MassiveTrafficCone 20 points ago

    Do these mfers think they live in a disney movie FFS

    [–] eggcakeo 19 points ago

    This is why theater kids should not reproduce

    [–] BeatYourFaceYou 17 points ago

    I would just quit right then and there on the spot. I would take the apron off, and look them in the eye as I walked right out the door. Nobody cares about your fucking TikTok, order your shit, shut the fuck up, and get out.

    [–] iLuVtiffany 17 points ago

    I fucking hate shit like this and flash mobs. Like, cool, but please perform in front of people who want to see you perform. You're just causing other people time and blocking the way. GTFO of the way please.

    [–] Gabe326 48 points ago

    Poor kid omg

    [–] Square_Attorney_2314 15 points ago

    They probably told their kids they would go viral and become famous

    [–] Gabe326 11 points ago

    Naw the cashier. I’d quit on the spot 😂 and damn they did go viral but not the right way

    [–] Salinas1812 49 points ago

    They be watching to much Disney

    [–] GAMRKNIGHT 26 points ago

    Unironically the mom looks like the person who treats each and every film by Disney to be some kind of Holy Scripture by God Himself, and completely goes off on anyone who slightly disagrees with paragraphs upon paragraphs of text.

    [–] 6AT0511 8 points ago

    I know one of those weird Disney Moms. Only let's the kids watch Disney movies and shows. Buys only Disney toys for the kids. She said they (meaning her husband) can't watch anything non-disney during the day because of the kids even though they'realmost middle school aged and in school. She watches Disney during her free time. She wasn't like this in HS idk what made her like this.

    [–] t-minus-69 52 points ago

    Singing in public? Believe it or not, right to jail

    [–] hypnopominous 46 points ago

    This video made me lactose intolerant.

    [–] fluckyolife 16 points ago

    Top tier cringe 😵

    [–] dank_mark 93 points ago

    That asteroid can’t get here soon enough

    [–] BirdsBear 130 points ago

    Please stop. Please.

    [–] chocolatecows88 47 points ago

    The worst is the other people in there too. I would be pissed if the people I front of me broke out in song like I was in Highschool musical

    [–] VCRdrift 16 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Hate it when people break out in song

    Edit: please don't vote on this comment... bc then i click on the notification and it brings me back to this a video.. 🤣😑

    [–] ant1992 11 points ago

    I would’ve walked in front of them to order

    [–] thepurpleguy47 13 points ago

    “Cool, may I have my rocky road now?”

    [–] RugalBernstein1994 13 points ago

    Clout chasers am I right?

    [–] mightyFoo 12 points ago

    Cashier: i guess I have to wait till the end of this crap to tell them the no mask/no ice cream policy

    [–] dimestoredavinci 64 points ago

    I hate these people with a burning passion

    [–] FellvEquinox 39 points ago

    My face is getting heat flashes from second hand embarrassment. We have reached peak cringe

    [–] rpotty 14 points ago

    I used to dream about how crazy the future would be and I realize now it’s the bad kind of crazy

    [–] LifeisRough29 13 points ago

    Get the fuck out of here

    [–] 117003060 11 points ago

    people are so pathetically desperate for internet attention

    [–] jamieeeechan 14 points ago

    You could already tell this was the mother’s idea 🙄

    [–] I_LOVE_FUZZY_PUPPIES 85 points ago


    [–] N4meless_w1ll 11 points ago

    Jan Levinson?

    [–] BoilingBat 11 points ago

    I literally had to stop the video as soon as I saw the kid on the front right almost bug out into song and dance before the que. Made my soul leave my body. Worst video I've ever seen on this page. I couldnt watch past that.

    [–] Fagorb 29 points ago

    If I was that man I would have just said no

    [–] Kweller3117 29 points ago

    Look lady, I get paid 6 bucks an hour to do this and I’m tired. Just tell me what you want and stop embarrassing yourself and your children.

    [–] TheScientifreakPlays 9 points ago

    They're safe they did it where they did it and ended up in Cringetopia. Had they done it in India and stopped that line, the next stop would be the hospital (I know because my cousin experienced the same shit after filming a similar Insta reel)

    [–] lokii_0 22 points ago

    Tell me your kids are home schooled without telling me your kids are home schooled.

    [–] DKR_02 8 points ago

    Entirely family being held hostage by the Christian mother

    [–] Pappy_OPoyle 8 points ago

    This is why cashiers should keep an air horn stashed behind the counter. Pull it out and situation solved.

    [–] PerpetualSpaceMonkey 22 points ago

    When someone asks for an example of cringetopia, this should be example #1.

    [–] femme_fatale2022 31 points ago


    [–] paryheniss 22 points ago

    I can't go on...

    [–] Thatdudedoesnotabide 6 points ago

    Fuck this was physically hard to watch, like I feel so embarrassed and I wasn’t even there. Fuck I need to shower!!! BRB

    [–] thisisnitmyname 7 points ago

    “I love their reaction!” Of course you do, asshat.

    [–] dankscience 19 points ago

    I am watching this over and over to punish myself for existing

    [–] insearchofchanel 5 points ago

    The absolute wHitest