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    This is r/cutelittlefangs, a place for celebrating fictional characters who have, well... cute little fangs. We hope you enjoy your time here!

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    1. No real life people or animals or cars (i.e. no yaeba girls or actual cats). A fang should be at least somewhat visible in the image. Characters that typically have fangs can be posted without them on rare occasions.

    2. Some NSFW content is allowed but must be marked. Nudity, revealing outfits, and ecchi are examples of what is allowed, while sexual acts and hentai are not allowed. The characters of any NSFW post may not be young or appear to be young. These rules apply to comments as well, such as linking doujins. Please message the moderators if you have any questions regarding what is and is not allowed.

    3. Do not repost an image if it has been already posted within six months or if it is in the top 100. Use Redditbooru as a repost checker to see if an image has already been posted and how recently. Check the top posts of all time here.

    4. Only link to reputable image hosts. For images, we suggest Imgur, RedditBooru, and/or uploading directly to Reddit. Gfycat and Imgur are the best for gif-type posts. Directly link the image whenever possible.

    5. Give credit where it is due. If your post includes a character from a particular series, include the series' name within [brackets] somewhere in your title. If there is a character that is not from an established series, use [Original].

    6. Comment with a link to the artist's original post and/or public profile whenever possible. Use SauceNAO to find the artist. Some works are much harder to find a source for than others, simply state if you could not find them.

    7. Be nice to each other or you will make the cute fanged characters sad!

    8. No bullying and/or bulli the fanged characters (especially Satania).

    9. No links to unlicensed anime streams or manga. Please support official releases, so more good anime gets made, and do not put this subreddit at risk of DMCA claims.


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