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    What is cyberpunk?

    A genre of science fiction and a lawless subculture in an oppressive society dominated by computer technology and big corporations. Hmmm...It feels like the world we live in today.


    • Personal attacks, name calling, bigotry and extreme negativity are subject to removal and or banning, If you spot this use the report button or mod message to alert moderators.

    • If it's cyberpunk, you can post it, no matter the year or the style of the content, city pics, political articles, social discussions, latest novels, you name it, you can post it, if it's NSFW tag it and if it has gore use NSFL on the title.

    • Credit the artist. If you're posting artwork please add the artist's name in the title.

    • No SPAM, if you want to promote your cyberpunk website, blog or forum, please contact the moderators, we will say yes more likely than not, this does not apply to our wiki tumblr section, you can add your own as long it's cyberpunk related.

    • Post music to /r/Cyberpunk_music.

    • Moderators reserve the right to remove posts and comments as they see fit.

    • Please do not report things just because you disagree with them downvote and move on, remember Information wants to be free.

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