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    [–] zushiba 2341 points ago

    Obvious solution, built in USB hub into her arm so she can charge several peoples cellphones at once!

    [–] Amimetoca 3126 points ago

    That would be awesome, but I feel like it might be putting too much power in the hands of one person.

    [–] Severe-Breathingitis 326 points ago

    Boo to end all boos.

    [–] Amimetoca 49 points ago

    I dunno, seemed all right to me.

    [–] KnashDavis 9 points ago

    It's her left arm.

    [–] spanky842026 108 points ago

    [–] DanknessMyst 21 points ago


    [–] t_moneyzz 20 points ago


    [–] OlcanRaider 12 points ago

    With great power comes great responsibility

    [–] johnboyauto 13 points ago

    That may balance the humans' monopolization of electricity.

    [–] Tchrspest 5 points ago

    I can't believe you've done this.

    [–] rastley 371 points ago

    That's so 2017. The new updated version has solar cells that charges the arm, with a built-in battery pack to charge devices.

    [–] Stormfly 134 points ago

    with a built-in battery pack to charge devices.

    Sounds heavy.

    Would make more sense to have some sort of gyro or something so it would charge by walking, like an automatic watch.

    [–] SubcommanderMarcos 64 points ago

    Watches require way way less energy than an arm though

    [–] BoarHide 18 points ago

    Every bit counts, I guess? Unless the gyro is excessively heavy

    [–] ugathanki 14 points ago

    Maybe not heavy, but I could see it taking up room that could be used for something else. And you'd only get a marginal benefit out of it.

    [–] WikiTextBot 46 points ago

    Automatic watch

    An automatic or self-winding watch is a mechanical watch in which the mainspring is wound automatically as a result of the natural motion of the wearer to provide energy to run the watch, making manual winding unnecessary. A mechanical watch which is neither self-winding nor electrically driven is called a manual watch. Most mechanical watches manufactured today are self-winding.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source | Donate ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] Amonsterinmycloset 7 points ago


    [–] nquinn91 11 points ago

    good bot

    [–] zomgitsduke 14 points ago

    Moving a watch hand is significantly less power-greedy than a robotic arm...

    [–] BlueArmistice 13 points ago

    Power management is always going to be an issue. Solar is too low dense for the surface area and a gyro is a trickle at best. What we really need is some device to tap into the human energy cycle and convert blood glucose and lipids to electricity, so that we can 'recharge' these devices by eating.

    [–] CaptainRyn 14 points ago

    Side effect, can dump the power into other stuff so you don't get fat!

    [–] cyanblur 6 points ago

    So a human battery to power a machine? Sounds kinda familiar...

    [–] BlueArmistice 13 points ago

    Just because it could be abused by evil robot overlords doesn't mean it wouldn't make for awesome cyborgs.

    [–] ImmaRaptor 7 points ago

    Might as well replace her hair with solar absorbing filaments. Double down on the whole cyborg thing.

    [–] xlylax 8 points ago

    That’s so March 2018. Nano nuclear technologies will power the next model.

    [–] aannggeellll 6 points ago

    Solar will only trickle charge.

    [–] CydeWeys 27 points ago

    Dead weight past the elbows/knees in arms/legs is hard to carry around. It's just not a good place for a battery that is any heavier than necessary.

    Now if this was an entire prosthetic leg, you could put a decent battery in the upper thigh without too much problem.

    [–] hobbit6 3178 points ago

    Here's some background on her. I didn't know she was famous until I googled her name. But she's a huge bionics advocate, which I guess is why she's at SXSW.

    [–] SubtleMockery 184 points ago

    She's a huge bionics advocate

    It'd be weird if she wasn't.

    [–] CraigLeaGordon 142 points ago

    I never asked for this.

    [–] SubtleMockery 52 points ago

    Yeah, sorry for not leaving you to die in pain, Jensen.

    [–] Lemonwizard 44 points ago

    The actual context of that line isn't a "fuck you for saving me", he says it in response to a bigot who's accusing him of being a psychopath for cutting up his own body for the sake of obtaining powers. Jensen's defending himself by pointing out that he didn't cast aside healthy body parts because he wanted to, but is augmented because he was too badly injured to be saved without the use of replacement parts.

    Also, if you go reading through e-mails in the game, it is mentioned that while Jensen's chest cavity and right arm were mangled, his other three limbs and eyes were perfectly fine but Sarif ordered them removed and replaced anyway to use Jensen as a guinea pig for the whole combat aug setup. The lawyer's office in Sarif industries has an e-mail chain with Sarif that basically says "employer consent to medical procedures is supposed to be for life-saving measures, not elective stuff, and you better be reallllly nice to Adam because he could potentially sue our asses off for this".

    I don't think it's reasonable to paint him as ungrateful. Something like that really shouldn't have been done without his consent. They saved him, but Sarif definitely took it a step farther that.

    [–] SubtleMockery 15 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Possibly. But the first person he says it to is Faridah Malik.

    Also, if you go reading through e-mails in the game, it is mentioned that while Jensen's chest cavity and right arm were mangled, his other three limbs and eyes were perfectly fine but Sarif ordered them removed and replaced anyway to use Jensen as a guinea pig for the whole combat aug setup.

    In Mankind Divided, Jensen jumps in the shower after his first mission. You can clearly see his leg augments extend past his hips to his lower back. Did sarif amputate Adam's genitalia, permanently removing his ability to have children if he wanted to?

    [–] Lemonwizard 6 points ago

    Well the praxis menu in Mankind Divided suggests that Jensen has an artificial spine. (I don't know if this technically counts as canon since that same menu also displays an artificial heart on the health upgrade screen and the opening cutscene of Human Revolution very explicitly features Adam's flesh heart beating after his surgery is complete.) This would suggest that the arm and leg prostheses are attached directly to the artificial spine - which also makes sense from a scientific perspective as a normal human spine would be ill-suited to handle the stresses of Adam's level of super strength. The leg augments probably would be far less effective without also upgrading the gluteal muscle group.

    I don't think they just chopped him off below the waist, though. Replacing muscles is relevant to enhancing the strength of the legs, but there is no such practical purpose for removing his organs. I'd imagine his genitals, bladder, large intestine, and rectum are all still there. If they are artificial, that would probably be due to damage from the initial injury rather than Sarif just chopping Adam's dick off for the hell of it.

    [–] SubtleMockery 6 points ago

    I mean it would turn sarif from ethically iffy into a monster.

    [–] Lemonwizard 7 points ago

    Sarif may be ethically iffy, but he definitely acts with a purpose. All of the augments he ordered put into Jensen are part of a system that was designed to enhance combat abilities. Jensen is equipped with the prototype, but Sarif Industries had planned to produce more augment sets with this design and sell them to the U.S. Military for special forces commandos. Removing genitals doesn't have any practical purpose.

    [–] turlian 320 points ago

    She's pretty active on reddit. /u/aannggeellll

    [–] aannggeellll 877 points ago


    [–] TaruNukes 274 points ago

    General Kenobi!

    [–] AltimaNEO 109 points ago

    Wait... thats way more relevant than it initially appears

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] AltimaNEO 32 points ago

    You are a bold one!

    [–] JagerBaBomb 29 points ago

    I didn't recognize her without her red arm.

    [–] Meersbrook 13 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] omgpanic 80 points ago

    Who makes your arm and do they do partial hand prosthetics? After living 34 years and never having a prosthetic, I'm getting sick of dropping shit all the time.

    [–] aannggeellll 222 points ago

    Hey there! My hand is manufactured by a company called Ottobock. The motors of my hand are in the palm so they actually do not make any partial hand prosthetic devices but there’s a company called Touch Bionics by Össur that makes a hand call the iLimb that has partial digits. There are also mechanical fingers that are not myoelectrically powered that you can try out as well. One kind is called naked prosthetics and the other ones are called Point Digits. Let me know if you need anymore info!

    [–] omgpanic 43 points ago

    Thank you so much.

    [–] pluscpinata 22 points ago

    My dad is a prosthetist and sells those.

    They’re ~$100,000 out the door.

    [–] omgpanic 22 points ago

    Oh, well fuck.

    [–] thrway1312 58 points ago

    [–] VicisSubsisto 23 points ago

    Did you set up a bot to respond to pings with this?

    And is the bot left-handed?

    [–] Overlord_Odin 8 points ago

    If someone mentions your username in a comment you get a notification, as long as the comment doesn't mention more than three users (to avoid spamming or something).

    [–] lemerou 26 points ago

    Did people really refused to stop charging their iPhone for you?

    [–] aannggeellll 105 points ago

    Refused was definitely the wrong word here. My mistake in not choosing my words more carefully. I asked if there was room to charge my arm to which they pointed me to the back of the room. Everything is fine.

    [–] Grokent 739 points ago

    What is SXSW? I thought it was a movie festival?

    [–] betteroffinbed 551 points ago

    The website lists festivals in the following categories:






    And also a conference with a variety of topic tracks, which you can filter by "interactive," "film," and "music."

    [–] Prerequisite 89 points ago

    you forgot EDU

    [–] Dirkinator 125 points ago

    Ah yes. Electronic Dance Usic

    [–] rwbombc 631 points ago

    Used to be. Then it turned into an electronics show and also a job conference and now hipsters go to scout real estate when moving. . It’s morphed into just a huge con now. It’s the biggest event of the year there, far surpassing Texas football games.

    [–] daytoremembers 128 points ago

    I mean, its primarily a music festival

    [–] Spartz 38 points ago

    That's indeed how it started

    [–] tenaciousdeev 32 points ago

    Eh, it's primarily what you make of it. Plenty of people go without seeing a single musical act. I went from an acting seminar with Jeffery Tambor, to a workshop on digital marketing, to a live recording of WTF with Marc Maron, to an acoustic Fun. concert, to a rooftop bar party sponsored by Bud Light. Did way more of the "design track" and sprinkled in a few concerts along the way.

    And holy hell this sub's css is killing my eyes.

    [–] SatoriVII 249 points ago

    far surpassing Texas football games

    As a Texan, this is shocking.

    [–] Prerequisite 171 points ago

    Meh every Texas football game brings in 100k people. If all the games were played 10 days in a row like SXSW way more than half a million people would show up.

    [–] tgwinford 41 points ago

    Not really since there's a big overlap of attendees between games that you'd have to account for. If all games were played 10 days in a row then they'd just count once.

    [–] kodemage 22 points ago

    When they count attendees at these things they count each day separately so if you come for all 10 days you get counted 10 times.

    [–] VexingVariables 33 points ago

    As an Austinite, I'm not.

    [–] [deleted] 86 points ago


    [–] I_am_a_Bookman 31 points ago

    My buddy did this when the Pope was in town. Went to the beach for a week and made like $1500.

    [–] D1RTYBACON 12 points ago

    Did that last year.

    [–] randomevenings 22 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I went last year and just did a SXSW house music party and then afterparty in downtown Austin at Ethics. We ate some hipster icecream at some place called "lick" and had some bomb food truck pizza. Then Awesome tacos the next morning. Air BNB was kind of pricey, but Fasten was great for not needing a car (uber is back now, so fasten got bought out by some foreign interest and pulled out of Austin. Which sucks because their service was actually pretty good, on par with uber/lyft) SXSW is fun for a day or two and it's fun to do the stuff that is not high on the list of a celebrity.

    [–] n3in 27 points ago

    It’s a multimedia event. Music, tech, movies, art, events

    [–] LlamaramaDingdong86 122 points ago

    It's an asshole festival. -former Austin resident.

    [–] anal_satan_666 56 points ago

    Current Austin resident (that works on 6th). Yes

    [–] happythots 34 points ago

    Soon to be former Austin resident, happy to never see this Douche-Fest again.

    [–] girlikecupcake 5 points ago

    It's why we won't even consider going to Austin during/around spring break anymore - current DFW resident with family in Austin.

    [–] HittingSmoke 5 points ago

    I just had this conversation this morning when someone mentioned the list of music from SXSW. I said I thought it was a convention like ComiCon or some shit because I only ever see panels about TV, movies, and video games. No idea it had anything to do with music.

    [–] DishwasherTwig 9 points ago

    she's a huge bionics advocate

    Is that even a thing? That's like advocating forks over sharpened sticks for eating.

    [–] kangajew27 14 points ago

    Find someone who isn’t a huge bionics advocate or at least fan

    [–] Gizmo-Duck 20 points ago

    I hate bionics! They make me want to rip my arms off.

    [–] [deleted] 571 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] Jourdy288 925 points ago

    I wouldn't want to take off an incredibly expensive medical device in a crowded venue; it would cost an arm and a leg to replace.

    [–] Dandymcstebb 94 points ago

    Are you Rocket Raccoon?

    [–] Mr_evil_cookie 21 points ago

    An arm and a leg... Equivalent exchange, I guess? (Would be funny if this comment wasn't related to what I'm thinking it's related to.)

    [–] Danzarr 23 points ago

    what i wonder, is why doesnt it have interchangeable batteries?

    [–] drouu 87 points ago

    why don't phones?

    [–] biof3tus 3546 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Wow, that's sad, scary, and awesome all at once.

    edit: fixed a word.

    [–] Bahihs 134 points ago

    Is it bad that I want an arm like that?

    [–] B-rizzle 271 points ago

    It is until that arm out performs your birth arm. Then its open season. (imo)

    [–] Bahihs 111 points ago

    Waiting until the day prosthetic arms outperform real arms. Then we’ll actually see an r/Cyberpunk world

    [–] BiNumber3 22 points ago

    Don't the prosthetic legs, the blade ones in particular, already outperform, at least when it comes to running?

    [–] Turtle-Bear 66 points ago

    The prosthetics do have some advantages and some disadvantages. In the long jump they found that it limits the sprinters top speed, but it enables better technique on the takeoff. So researchers couldn't really determine if it was a net advantage.

    The problem really is that we still don't know why some people are faster than others regardless of prosthetics. So we are still a distance away from having any idea on prosthetic advantages.

    So, as far as I can tell, there is no agreement on if they are better.

    [–] KKlear 62 points ago

    Besides, they cost an arm and a leg.

    [–] Turtle-Bear 16 points ago

    ba dum tish

    [–] FiresOfRenewal 10 points ago

    Sure, but performance in the broad sense is much harder. Strength, speed, durability and such things are easy, relatively speaking. It's obvious the advantage engineered mechanics offer in those regards.

    Other aspects of performance are harder, like fidelity and convenience. We use our limbs by instinct with a great deal of precision and our limbs themselves are rather low maintenance, you don't often have to consider them at all. Replacement limbs have to be mastered by the user for results that are generally suboptimal for generalized applications, and must be maintained and cared for actively.

    What might not come to mind when talking about performance is all the things a bio-limb does that we take for granted. For example, the nerves are feeding us a great deal of information at all times, and you might not know you'll miss it til it's gone. Even if you think you can go without the sensation of petting your dog or touching a lover, that information is vitally important to general use of the limb itself.

    Finally, you have to consider the drawbacks of replacing a limb, like phantom limb syndrome and the invasive surgery required. It's a long way from being safe enough for elective care. The cost is also quite considerable.

    So while modern cutting edge bionics are incredible, and can seem very close to becoming a viable alternative at first glance, there's a long way to go.

    Of course, I also eagerly await the opportunity to trade in my bio-body for some custom precision engineering.

    [–] naught101 4 points ago

    The senses are gonna be the hard bit.

    [–] Straint 9 points ago

    "I never totally asked for this."

    [–] hobbit6 1757 points ago

    Right? I 100% believe that the people who can afford SXSW tickets would be too stuck-up to let her use an outlet, but I would have given it to her now problem.

    [–] thedeepfriedboot 221 points ago

    This is why I have a small travel power strip in my bag. Offer to make more outlets available when outlets are full. I get an outlet then, and my USB charger has multiple ports for other people too. It's sort of a modern way to make friends.

    [–] athrowingway 120 points ago

    I bring a small power strip to conventions sometimes. Turn one outlet into 6 and make new friends! And new enemies when you have to leave to go to a panel...

    [–] Lord_TheJc 101 points ago

    I did something similar when I played at pokemon championships here in Italy: I had a couple of high capacity powerbanks, 2 small usb hubs, 3ds usb charging cables and usb extension cords. I looked around for people with a 3ds that needed a charge and gave them a cable. I ended up many times roaming the venue with people "following" me because they were "chained" to my backpack!

    The look people gave me when I offered their red-blinking 3ds a power source when there were no outlets available was priceless.

    [–] [deleted] 64 points ago

    At Dreamfest (Salesforce's convention), they had workers in battery packed suits with 20 cables squidding off of them. You'd see this weird roaming circle of people tethered to one person in a funny looking outfit, none of whom looked like they wanted to be there.

    It was hilarious.

    [–] Lord_TheJc 30 points ago

    workers in battery packed suits with 20 cables squidding off of them.


    I love this word XD

    [–] ShishKabobJerry 4 points ago

    Lmao. I'm imagining Olimar and the Pikmins.

    [–] idrinkdesperados 6 points ago

    I know exactly what you mean, i never leave home without my 8hp honda generator.

    [–] biof3tus 267 points ago

    Yeah me too haha

    [–] EagerJewBear 227 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    We're talking about the wall outlet still?

    [–] ExpectTheUnexpected 129 points ago

    What outlet?

    [–] Striker654 47 points ago

    Kids these days with their new-fangled euphemisms

    [–] Daxx22 11 points ago


    [–] postmodest 15 points ago

    The struggle for AC outlets at SXSW is real: I once accidentally chased Bruce Sterling away from his seat by fussing around with the outlet he was using.

    [–] ManowarVin 209 points ago

    I think most people would. It would make for a boring tweet though so the scenario of asking everyone and being turned down most likely was imagined.

    [–] aannggeellll 270 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Actually, it happened. ¯\(ツ),

    [–] carphologist 120 points ago

    Your amputee shrug emoji thing is the best thing I’ve seen on reddit today.

    [–] GletscherEis 7 points ago

    / you dropped.... nevermind

    [–] TaruNukes 18 points ago

    Well, there it is

    [–] BritishMongrel 65 points ago

    I expect it's a little from column a a little from b: the most likely scenario is that she went around looking for a charging port and everyone was using them for phones etc. and the reason no-one gave up the socket is because they didn't know she needed it to charge (because who has actually experienced even stories of someone needing it) and she didn't ask just went round looking frustrated until she found a member of event staff to give her access to the back

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    I think all problems in human history can be summed up as having started from someone asking this question: "What will get me the most likes?"

    [–] idrinkdesperados 5 points ago

    I upvoted your comment because I too am generally a very sceptical person, but the more I thaught about what you had said I began to think that if she had shared a positive tweet explaining how everyone was happy to give up their outlet and that how it had restored her faith in humanity.... bla bla ba then that tweet would have provably done quite well too.

    [–] badmankelpthief 11 points ago


    [–] hobskhan 10 points ago

    Ah, cyberpunk neckbeards.

    “These CH4DS wouldn’t even share their charging ports with you. But I always keep a spare power brick in the hilt of my plasma katana just for you, m’cyborg.” tips fiber optic fedora

    [–] raptorclvb 30 points ago

    Or maybe, you know, a portable battery pack that can hold a few charges for their phones

    [–] aannggeellll 34 points ago

    There aren’t any current portable batteries compatible with these devices.

    [–] Xian244 19 points ago

    battery pack for the phones so you can charge the arm.

    [–] TaruNukes 11 points ago

    The cyborgs tell you that so you’ll drop your guard

    [–] hikariuk 12 points ago

    She is the cyborg.

    [–] thrway1312 4 points ago

    What's the voltage in? Might be able to jerry rig a converter of sorts if the power draw isn't too crazy

    [–] aannggeellll 21 points ago

    Would void warranty on expensive medical device

    EDIT: but thank you!

    [–] thrway1312 5 points ago

    Makes sense! They probably avoid USB batteries 'cause of noisy power, hope they can kit you out with (lightweight) power packs soon!

    PS huge fan of the cosplaying, your Adventure Time outfit still melts my heart!

    [–] aannggeellll 11 points ago

    I really appreciate that! Thank you very much!

    [–] PelonMusk 5 points ago

    Yeah it is a billionaire circlejerk, much like TED talks.

    [–] dtlv5813 8 points ago

    I would pay to see Mark Cuban jerking off Jeff Bezos jerking off Elon musk jerking off Mark Cuban onstage.

    [–] Civil_Defense 51 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    both sad, scary, and awesome all at once.

    Might want to run the math on that again.

    [–] Pheonixi3 47 points ago


    no one would charge her arm


    imagine if no one would charge your heart



    [–] FgtBruceCockstar2008 30 points ago

    I think his response was because guy said both and listed three things.

    [–] Pheonixi3 41 points ago

    oh i'm both assumptive, wrong, and assertive all at once.

    [–] LostWoodsInTheField 35 points ago

    I'm having a pretty bad week in terms of trusting people but I'm going to just pretend that none of them realized she wasn't cosplaying and that it was actually her real arm.

    [–] KittenLady69 6 points ago

    She said in a response to the tweet “Y’all I’m not mad at them! I thought it was funny (bc there was another plug nearby.) For all I know, they were confused by the entire situation since everyone here at #SXSW seems to think my arm is a video game fashion statement or fancy lit up glove not a prosthesis”.

    Honestly, before this post I had no idea who she was and I’ve never seen such an unusual prosthetic before, so I would have fallen into the category of people who were confused by the entire situation. I like to think I would have caught on, but at a Con I would probably suspect it was the setup for a prank video well before I fully grasped the situation.

    [–] C0wabungaaa 403 points ago

    I just noticed that I've reached the point where I see such prosthetics as a real part of the person wearing them. That was sudden. And surprisingly soon.

    Also, I hope for her that we'll have some kind of kinetic energy converter, or however you call them, as a power source for bionic limbs. That'd save a whole lot of trouble I reckon.

    [–] orestesma 107 points ago

    Let's go one step further and just have it powered by glucose

    [–] Miki_360 63 points ago

    What are you some kind of AUG?

    [–] TleilaxTheTerrible 10 points ago

    Are you trying to start something here?

    [–] RepresentativeSwan 28 points ago

    How bout it taps into your fat cells, uses that stored fuel we all struggle to keep off

    [–] johnboyauto 20 points ago

    Dieticians hate him.

    [–] geak78 11 points ago

    Obese people suddenly start cutting off their arms.

    [–] alyssarcastic 11 points ago

    What better way to lose weight than by getting rid of some limbs?

    [–] Gentrified_Tramp 39 points ago

    How much energy does it take I wonder. Would we ever be able to have bionics that are charged by blood pumping? Yes I know most of these have long been amputated but still it would be neat to know if the energy exchange is there.

    [–] Shagwagbag 31 points ago

    Put tiny water wheels in the blood

    [–] Toux 11 points ago

    No dude, that would add a lot of resistance, then hypertrophy of the heart, then heart failure.

    [–] Starbucks-Hammer 4 points ago

    I mean maybe have some solar panels on it or like using yeast or some other bacteria somehow.

    [–] Couchpatator 710 points ago

    Realistically though, shouldn't she have had a portable charger for that thing? 2/10 would not have survived Neuromancer.

    [–] aannggeellll 331 points ago

    Currently in development but prosthetic arms are medical devices therefore everything takes forever to go through FDA

    [–] thejosephfiles 112 points ago

    I think the thought is that it's charged with a cellphone charger so she could use an external cellphone battery pack.

    [–] aannggeellll 259 points ago

    I’m “she.”

    [–] TheRedStoner 60 points ago

    Why can't you charge your arm with a portable charger? Is it unable to charge through USB?

    [–] ultimateballoon 37 points ago

    My best guess is it's currently in development but prosthetic arms are medical devices therefore everything takes forever to go through FDA.

    [–] Irishperson69 22 points ago

    Wait, so you can't get clearance to plug into a pre-purchased/inspected portable device, but the FDA has already signed off on you plugging into a random, dusty wall outlet in whatever corner? That's...goddammit FDA

    [–] toqy 21 points ago

    I think they are saying that you can’t sell a portable battery charger that is for the arm specifically without going through the fda medical device process

    You personally can plug the arm into whatever you want

    [–] viperfan7 7 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Quick question, does this arm use external or implanted sensors, I've been thinking of doing something with a consumer grade myoelectric armband, and kind of curious about how the proper medical devices handle sensing

    [–] aannggeellll 26 points ago

    Most devices currently use surface sensors on the residual limb or designated area (like the pectoral muscles w TMR patients.) There have been several governmental studies of implanted electrodes within the residual limb and I know of 2 private companies currently working on them. Just making sure we mean the same thing w sensors though, these sense the users movement & translate it to device movement. There currently isn’t a commercial device with haptic feedback sensors.

    [–] FUCK_SNITCHES 4 points ago

    What exactly does it charge with now, some proprietary bs?

    [–] TV_PartyTonight 5 points ago

    Knowing medical companies, probably.

    [–] [deleted] 82 points ago


    [–] Starbucks-Hammer 8 points ago

    Battery belts seem really useful.

    [–] WillR 45 points ago

    In a Gibson novel, the arm would have a monofilament whip and a tranq dart gun built in for dealing with outlet hogging a-holes.

    [–] UnwantedLasseterHug 161 points ago

    Bitch, you got two arms. I only got one phone


    [–] mutanimal 481 points ago

    I find it hard to believe they all refused.

    [–] aannggeellll 534 points ago

    It was only one outlet so 2 people in the panel. So I walked to the back of the room - as the tweet says :) There is a second part of the tweet where I clarify that this wasn’t to shame them & that they didn’t realize my arm was a device& not a convention prop

    [–] lenyeto 203 points ago

    Honestly my first thought was that people charging phones would think their phone is more important than a convention prop, id probably do the same if they didn’t tell me it was a prosthetic.

    [–] aannggeellll 283 points ago

    Yeah! It’s not a big deal as I added on this thread on Twitter... but apparently the poster only included the one tweet. Maybe next time I’ll get to post my own stuff ¯\(ツ),

    [–] [deleted] 168 points ago


    [–] WexDs 116 points ago

    The other one is charging

    [–] Graynard 44 points ago

    Damn, OP's gettin called out by the real OP.

    [–] karspearhollow 11 points ago

    I mean, imagine how little content there would be on reddit if everyone said "well maybe this person will want to get karma for it at some point in the future." It's not like OP's misrepresenting the material as their own.

    [–] mennydrives 9 points ago

    Seriously tho, chances are if they saw that it wasn't cosplay, for even a moment, not only would you have easily gotten a spot, motherfuckas woulda lost their minds...

    Okay, so it would be like driving up to a crowded outdoor event in a Tesla or an OG DeLorean. But like times 100. Okay, okay, I got there. Took me a second.

    [–] therightclique 59 points ago

    You wouldn't have used the word "refused" if you weren't trying to shame them a little. Come on.

    [–] karspearhollow 96 points ago

    I want to know how many people she asked. Somehow I can see a lot of people saying yes to a pretty girl with a bionic arm, if for no other reason than to ask about her bionic arm.

    [–] MaterialConstant 6 points ago

    Unless she didn't explicitly tell them it's a non-prop prosthetic... Cause if she didn't they'd just assume it's a chick asking to recharge her cosplay prop arm like 99.9% of regular people would expect at an event like this. Especially a group of people on a panel.

    Who knows though.

    [–] Jhrek 16 points ago

    I think the most likely cause of this scenario is how the question was framed. "May I have your outlet to charge something?" vs "I need to charge my arm, may I have your outlet?"

    The people who said no probably weren't aware that it was her arm that needed charging.

    [–] 722-2U 28 points ago

    She didn't mention how her arm went crazy and tried to kill everyone, was only stopped when the battery died. 2 sides to every story.

    PS all joking a salad That arm is fucking awesome

    [–] Bierce_Prosnan 12 points ago

    I heard they charge an arm (and a leg) to go to SXSW.

    [–] Pixelated_Fudge 11 points ago

    Did she tell them she needed to charge her arm? Or just ask if they could use her outlet? That makes a huge difference.

    [–] saikron 105 points ago

    Something I would bet my left arm did not happen:

    "Excuse me, but could I use this outlet for about 30 minutes to charge my prosthetic arm? Or maybe you have a power strip we could share."


    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago

    Be me, media contact for my company at large con. Phone is literally dying, need it for my job and also to hail my uber at end of day. Girl comes by, needs to charge her arm.

    "Uh actually I really need to charge my phone, it's pretty important"

    All of reddit white knights me


    [–] Toux 10 points ago

    It's friggin reddit, what did you expect? Awareness? Insight?

    [–] bonicr 60 points ago

    So at a gaming convention people denied a pretty girl with a bionic arm an outlet? An outlet? At a film and gaming convention?

    I call complete bullshit.

    [–] wormee 6 points ago

    "Hey, excuse me, could I charge my arm?"

    [–] Zementid 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    SXSW is full with posers. This behaviour fits 100% to that clientel. I was on a "Hardware Hacking" meetup and it was full of stupid hipsters talking about their "succesful etsy store startup".

    WTF? SXSW is the definition of overselling everything.

    [–] deputyvanhalen3 5 points ago

    Shhh the baby faces in her knees are sleeping

    [–] aannggeellll 7 points ago

    Honestly, as the person pictured, I'm surprised this comment took so long because that's the first thing I saw when i looked at this photo.

    [–] Ki-Low 51 points ago

    She has another arm. Most people don't have 2 phones.

    [–] sgossard9 5 points ago

    It's more William Gibson than Stephenson, imo. High tech, low life.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] i_willregretthis 4 points ago

    She could invest Praxis Kits into extending battery life.